Senior ISIS Leader is Dead

This prediction has happened, to the date. Now we know 9:57 means September 7th. Any other clock like numbers presented in this fashion is a reflection of the month first followed by a date.

Predictions 5-3-16  “The Butcher is dead. Many will celebrate his demise.” – Spirits Voice   9:57

The Facts: An airstrike has killed a senior ISIS leader who, as the group’s minister of information, produced some of its gruesome execution videos, the Pentagon announced today. A U.S. official described “Dr. Wa’il” as one of ISIS’s top leaders who had special access to ISIS’s senior leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The confirmed death of “Dr. Wa’il” is the second strike in the last two weeks targeting a senior ISIS leader involved in ISIS’s media operation.

“On September 7, coalition forces conducted a precision strike near Raqqah, Syria, that targeted and killed ‘Dr. Wa’il,’ also known as Wa’il Adil Hasan Salman al-Fayad, one of ISIL’s most senior leaders,” Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said in a statement today.

“He operated as the minister of information for the terror organization and was a prominent member of its Senior Shura Council — ISIL’s leadership group,” he added. ISIS is also known as ISIL. Quoted by:–abc-news-topstories.html


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  1. Do you have any more information on the attacks you predicted on Sept. 10? Will they happen this weekend?

      1. I told the FBI about the Miramar prediction too. They should have someone monitoring your blog!

  2. Posted on September 10, 2016
    by Eric Leigh-Pink
    “The bomb will detonate soon.. by weeks end.. A second device exists in the area where everyone is heading.. joggers.”
    This prediction has happened today Sept 17 see news story
    Device Explodes at Marine
    A device exploded in Seaside Park, New Jersey, Saturday morning as about 5,000 people were set to run a 5k Marine charity race and police are investigating another suspicious package in the shore town, authorities said.
    The explosive device went off in a garbage can on D Street and Ocean Terrance at about 9:30 a.m., police said.
    New Jersey State Police Bomb Squad are investigating another suspicious package near where the first explosion went off on D Street near Ocean Avenue.

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