Mexico School Shooting

This prediction has happened, please pray for those in Mexico involved in this tragic nightmare.  Is 19 a date?  Monterrey city is located just east of Saltillo. Some of you have stated that the schools team name is Santos, however that is unverified.

On Predictions 1-18-17  I question whether or not I made a mistake, in the post they said; “In less than 2 minutes.” which I assumed was connected to the US flag falling. But right before they gave that message they were talking about situations in Mexico, could the’ 2 minute’ message be about this situation?  Here is the prediction:

Predictions 1-3-17 :   I had a visual of Mexico, then Spirit circled the central northern area. “Rage.. chaos.. an explosive nightmare.. Santos.. 19 minutes (days)” — Spirits Voice   From a map that would be an area by Torreon and Saltillo. The estimated time frame of 19 days would be sometime between the 22nd and 23rd.  — ELP


About Eric Leigh-Pink

Predicting the world events of tomorrow in the hopes to alter any tragic outcome through awareness.
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44 Responses to Mexico School Shooting

  1. Linda Blair says:

    Eric, the video looks fake….is this true?

  2. RUSTI says:

    Hi ERIC,

    Just letting you know I still haven’t received the invoice for our reading tonight at 5:30 PM.

    But I do receive it I’ll go online immediately, thanks! Rusti

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Observer227 says:

    I don’t think this was the event Spirit’s warning alluded to.

    Yes, I believe one of the four major attacks will occur in this area very soon, but this doesn’t seem to be massive international news like I predict the coming attacks will be. This shooting’s probably not coincidental, however. It may be a signal from the universe warning of a far more devastating event to befall this region.

  4. Luna tic says:

    Mexico just extradited “drug lord” Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman to the U.S.. He has legendary status as sort of a Robin Hood in Mexico. The move is thought to appease the incoming Trump administration even though there are 4 appeals against the extradition. This move may cause upset in Mexico and also there is also a town in Baja Mexico by the name of Todos Santos which is on the mid northern Pacific coast .

  5. Randy says:

    Eric I just want to inform you..
    Do you remember the prediction where it says: “In one, the rain will pour.. The US is under attack!”
    Well here’s the thing: I just saw the report in media that during the inauguration of Donald Trump, it’ll be raining.. Do you think that terrorists will strike the nation during the inauguration? I do not feel so good about the inauguration actually..

    Sorry for bad grammar

    • Jorgen says:

      Something might happen of course, but i’m afraid we can’t do much more than to just wait and see at the moment

    • Observer227 says:

      This is what seems the most likely, I’m sorry to say.

      I’ve had visions for the past couple months regarding major terrorist attacks/assassinations which start before (or while) Trump’s sworn-in.

      I was hoping this wasn’t the case, but now everything seems to be pointing to this conclusion. Since Obama, Trump, their respective family, and cabinet members will all be in that same enclosed area … by god this will be nothing short of a catastrophe. I’m not sure how a terrorist would manage to bypass the immense security measures, but I can only think of two extraordinary possibilities: A 9/11 style plane attack, or some kind of enormous bomb smuggled into the perimeter several days/weeks prior to the inaguration. Even so, pulling off these two despicable acts would require near perfect coordination. Therefore, I fear a few powerful individuals close to the U.S. government will play an important role in facilitating these attacks. They won’t be directly responsible, but they will promote such an event in order to take advantage of the resulting chaos for their own selfish interests.

      Be careful everyone. If the worst is realized, don’t panic. Fear and irrationality is what these madmen desire. Don’t let this horror-show bring you down to their level, lest we no longer consider ourselves decent citizens.

  6. Francine says:

    Four dead, more than 20 injured after man deliberately drives into a crowd in Australia. Police are not calling it terror-related.

  7. Mary says:

    Eric, I’m deeply touched by the movements of the Women’s March from all over the world on behalf of US. I was speechless with all the world’s supports and love pouring out to USA. Brought tears to my eyes. I was just thinking about the Spirits and what do they think when they seen the world fills with love and spoke up for their rights. Does this surprised them? What’s their responses to this incident?

    Thanks and God blessing to the world. Deeply touched and thanks for all your supports and love for USA. Very humbled…thank you. ♡

    • Tot says:

      It was wonderful. There was even a march in Antarctica. We all stand side by side with the women of America.

      • Luna tic says:

        Thank you Tot. Personally I’m not against the new POTUS but as a woman born in America, I am not about to give up any personal freedoms gained by the 50.8% of women here. I wouldn’t like it if some other country tried to dictate our rights and I won”t stand by for “any” president that doesn’t show respect for all the citizens of our county. He is going to have to change his ways for the better.

  8. Carolyn says:

    Eric, like Mary above, I would love to know what the Spirits think of the Women’s March and if they think any good will come of it. It was truly inspiring to watch this.

  9. anthony says:

    how about we take the 14 billion from the mexico drug lord and build houses for the poor in mexico without anyone knowing about it or were funds came from

  10. Mr.XY says:

    do you have any updates on the US attacks prediction?

  11. star48 says:

    My thoughts are with you…👁.⛑ get lots of sleep💤😴 And rest…
    Take care of yourself..,

  12. mk says: This prediction is now in the time frame. Also unrelated but I couldn’t find the previous posts regarding Brexit.

  13. mariakaos says: We are in the time frame for this prediction.

    Also in the UK Government loses Brexit vote appeal. Now has to have it agreed by parliament.

    Eric rest and take care.

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