Predictions 1-28-17

“In 2 to 3 minutes (days) ” Then I had a close up visual of blood on the ground.

Spirit seems to be referring to an old prediction, and making the point that a major event is around the corner. The question is which one?

I had a visual of a row of stars on the ground in a long hallway, the stars seemed like the stars on a US flag. I was standing right next to the last two stars.

It seems to imply the same exact message, a countdown that leaves with the number 2.

“Chile.. Earthquake.. 7”

“Blood will spill in the holy city.. 5” I had a visual of the tires of a vehicle.

We are back. After several days of being ill, I finally feel I have recovered. Now we need to catch up with our work. I need to ask about the attacks, while catching up with new predictions. I do have a favor to ask of all of you, please end the vitriol on our site. We went from a daily bashing of Hilary Clinton to the bashing of Donald Trump. These ugly comments are counter productive, it goes against everything I am trying to achieve, a united group of followers that can help alter the future tragedies. Instead the conversation seems to be a forum of arguing and vitriol against each other. If we can’t respectfully have a conversation among each other how will we ever come together to alter these nightmares.


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  1. karen Collins Avatar
    karen Collins

    Of course tonight, the nightmare is caused by T***P.

    1. Francine Avatar

      Guess you decided to ignore Eric’s request.

      1. Maria Sforza Avatar
        Maria Sforza

        If any of you can’t abide by Eric’s request and behave like an adult, I believe you should leave this site. There are many ways to rant on social media, this is not the place.

      2. Francine Avatar

        And Maria, I don’t believe it is Eric’s wish for people to leave this site. Reducing his audience would defeat the purpose of what he is trying to do.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The very first comment, just totally ignored my request.

      1. Francine Avatar

        Unbelievable. I guess all you can do is ask that people respect your wishes.

  2. Rene Moraida Avatar

    I was just wondering about you and what your guides were tuning into. I am glad you are healing. With all this refugee ban, Holocaust remembrance and images of the Statue of Liberty reminding us of our past welcoming immigrants, I am wondering if this event refers to the “American” flag will fall. Peace, love and light to you and all

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Its just a guess but I believe with there constant reference to ‘rows’ and ‘lines’ the prediction is talking about the hijacking of the airplane (s), the prediction talked about 7 7 7 , a hijacked plane followed by a port attack. I believe the flag connection is the prediction that talked about the US flag falling.

  3. Raymond Avatar

    The last two stars might be a reference to Alaska and Hawaii. The last two states admitted to the union.

    1. dopeanddiamond Avatar

      great observation.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Very interesting take.

    3. Diana Avatar

      That was my first thought – Alaska & Hawaii.

      1. Kum Avatar

        My first thought as well!

      2. Diana Avatar

        OR if you are walking down a hall full of stars that are like the ones on a flag and each star represents a state, but then you stop walking after you pass by 48 & there’s 2 left (Alaska & Hawaii) it could also signify mainland USA (because you didn’t walk past the last 2).

    4. WorldoWords Avatar

      My initial thought was also the reference to Alaska and Hawaii; however, my other thoughts are:
      i. “2 nights left”
      ii. “the 2 upper/lower-most US presidential officials”
      iii. “an event which will result with ‘someone being close/next to [2] the starts (i.e., heaven)’”

  4. Pamela Avatar

    Eric – I’m glad to hear that you are recovering…..

    do you know which holy city?
    Rome? Vatican? Jerusalem? Bethlehem? Mecca? ??

    Do the Spirits ever see hope for the future? Will we only ever have death and destruction?

    light a candle in the darkness…..

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The implication was Jerusalem. YES! We have several distant predictions that we have not published that talk about world peace, an end to starvation, an end to racism, so yes the future is awesome.

      1. Peace in the Garden Avatar

        Thank goodness! Thank you!

      2. Francine Avatar

        Jerusalem..and Trump wants to move the U.S. embassy there. It seems like such a move would provoke attacks.

      3. pat45 Avatar

        Maybe it would lift us all if you published these distant predictions, it always helps in the bad times if people can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Take care of yourself Eric. Just an observation, if we constantly vent anger and hatred then it comes back on us tenfold. We need to think kind thoughts towards people even if we don’t like them or agree with their views.

      4. Kimberly Avatar

        I’d love to to read them!! Hopefully, soon….
        Thanks, Eric! Xo

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Let me try and ask about something coming soon. I know world peace unfolds in the next century and is ushered in by a great spiritual leader. I know that seems far away but when you think of how long war has existed its exciting to think that it’s the very next century that brings such awesome change. I hear you though, this blog tries to hinder the nightmares coming but that requires my efforts to seek out the darkest circumstances.

  5. Randy Avatar

    Good to have you back Eric!

    — So, what about the assassination prediction? Are there any updates about it?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      the belief is that the 777 prediction and hijacked plane is coming soon, so I am trying to verify that.

  6. Mary Avatar

    The question is where?

    Glad your better, Eric. Drink plenty of fluids and juices.

  7. Tot Avatar

    Are the stars on the ground a reference to the end of the US as we know it?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      No, our nation will continue for a long time.

  8. Samanthas Avatar

    There are stars at the south entrance of the White House. It’s not in the house though, it’s on the side walk.

  9. Molly McKee Nickson Avatar

    I follow a few different psychic blogs and a theme I see is that this current administration and the affect it has on our culture is going to continue till at least 2025 where then things start to look up. This is a tough pill to swallow given the panic, anxiety and depression that are rampant. But I also get the sense that we are painfully and brutally ending a cycle of human history. Other countries have already begun a switch to a more logical and peaceful way of being. Do you have any thoughts on this as far as the next 8 years goes?

  10. Mary Avatar

    Wait….stars represent Washington DC? ? Is the white house under attacked and fire in it…it was mentioned in older post that is unfold. Also assassination is still unfold.

    Maybe the stars represent the air force planes? Keep in mind that Trump made personal phone calls with the world leaders today. Also banned the international flights….etc…anything that made others mad at Trump to ignite the attack? If it’s not Trump then who and what? I’m out of ideas.

    1. Mary Avatar

      Also the King David was mentioned in the previous post. Wondering if any connection with the stars?

    2. Mary Avatar

      It’d be horrible and wrong thing to assassination of Trump. Why? Cuz Killing is not the answer.

      1. Elaine Avatar

        Not only is it wrong, but it would only bring up the VP, and the Speaker of the House. No hope anywhere. Other psychic says we are under a dark cloud until at least 2025.

  11. Rhona Avatar

    happy your health has returned ..
    may you enjoy good health in the future..
    Swc Im thinking plane hijacking could be related to recent executive order of president Trump too .
    maybe way off but its possible .
    Hi Mary good to hear from you
    hope all is well with you and yours …blessings

    1. swampy11 Avatar

      That crossed my mind, too!

      1. Rhona Avatar

        Hi swampy …It just seems to sit with me as a real posibility ..
        Its like a warped idea of a protest type Hijacking ..thats what im thinking ..not psychicly ..
        just a thought …

        stay well and safe you and yours

  12. Lisa Avatar

    Glad to hear you are better Eric, I think it could be to do with trump singing those excective orders to ban Muslims entering the USA. I feel this is going to increase terrorist activity not slow it down.

    1. Sheree Avatar

      The #1 job of the President is to protect the people of his nation. Are we in America honestly to believe that we are hated more than we already are.? Muslims believe ALL non-Muslimes deserve nothing less than death. There is no “making” them more angry.

      1. Debbie Avatar

        Do you even know anyone that is muslim? If that is true than it’s the same as saying that all christians are the same as the westboro baptist church or the kkk. At the end of the day we are ALL human beings. The hate needs to stop on all sides. Stop being so afraid and love one another. Let it start with you.

      2. Julia Avatar

        I have plenty of Muslim friends and they certainly don’t think the rest of us should die! Have you ever even met a Muslim?

      3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        This would be the type of conversation I have asked e everyone to stop. To make the claim that Muslims want death is pure vitriol that has absolutely no truth to it. Please stop making divisive comments.

      4. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Sheree, it is unfortunate that you would disrespect me so directly, oppose my request in every way. This hate speech is the opposite of the united front I am trying to keep, and as such, with regret, you have forced my hand to be more assertive, you are banned from comments until you can show others basic decency. This site will not become a forum of bigotry and hate.

    2. Francine Avatar

      There are at least ten Muslim majority countries that are not on the list for suspended travel. This is not a “Muslim ban.” These countries were specifically selected, and have been monitored by the US for years.

    3. Karen Avatar

      I believe this as well, it certainly gives cause for the “homegrown” terrorists or lone wolf ones who are American citizens, not to mention an excuse for Americas who aren’t accepting of others to lash out at any person they perceive as Muslim who are also American citizens. The continued ability to divide Americans and pit them against each other by many politicians is what I can’t swem to understand. Prayers for safety for everyone and may we all realize on the inside we are more alike than we are different. Peace on earth is what I hope countries would strive for now.

  13. MotherofanAngel Avatar

    Stars in the floor? My first thought was the Library of Congress. The Zodiac signs are inlaid in brass in the entryway of the Jefferson Building. Many of the Mosaic tile work on the floors in other parts of the buildings have similarities to stars, tho not your typical 5 pointed variety found on the flag.

  14. Carolyn Avatar

    Eric, I’m really frightened by Trump’s ban on Muslim immigrants. I feel like this is just the tip of the iceberg and things will only get worse. What do the Spirits have to say about Trump’s intolerance. I am Christian, yet I believe that we are all equal and that everyone regardless of faith, race, color, or religious creed has a right to live here. To ban people after they have been vetted and after they have their green card is sick and scary.

    1. raynbowgirl Avatar

      Ok…I do not want to argue…but I have to correct this language. What Trump did was suspend immigration from 7 nations (Libya, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, and Sudan) for 90 days. Not all people who live in these countries are Muslim. This is not a “Muslim” ban. This is a 90 day pause in immigration from these countries so we can implement a better vetting system. President Obama signed the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act as part of an omnibus spending bill. The legislation restricted access to the Visa Waiver Program, which allows citizens from 38 countries who are visiting the United States for less than 90 days to enter without a visa. At the initial signing of the restrictions, foreigners who would normally be deemed eligible for a visa waiver were denied if they had visited Iran, Syria, Sudan or Iraq in the past five years or held dual citizenship from one of those countries.In February 2016, the Obama administration added Libya, Somali and Yemen to the list of countries one could not have visited — but allowed dual citizens of those countries who had not traveled there access to the Visa Waiver Program. Dual citizens of Syria, Sudan, Iraq and Iran are still ineligible, however. Trump did not invent these countries. Obama himself said that these countries were to dangerous to accept immigrants from. Also, what do these countries have in common? Except for Iran, they all have destabilized governments. How can we do background checks on people entering our country when there is no government to work with to do the background checks? So, I ask everyone to do your own research on issues instead of listening to the media. The MSM is never going to report accurately what is going on in our country. It is your obligation as a citizen to research what is going on so you can be informed. People are causing mass hysteria for incorrectly stating it is a Muslim Ban…when the order explicitly says it is not. Eric ask everyone not to fight about politics so we can come together to stop these predictions. I agree…but in order to stop these horrible predictions, you must do your own research to find out the truth.

      1. Sara Avatar


        You said the same things I was thinking! I don’t like or support Trump at all, but I am bothered by how the media makes it sound like he’s banning Muslims, when that’s not the case at all.

        That being said, he should have given more time for green-card holders/visa holders to plan to travel or not, so they wouldn’t get stuck at airports or abroad.
        He’s doing a sloppy job, but he does have a point in that we need to slow down and fix the holes in the vetting process.

        The media’s making it sound like if people support slowing down and fixing the vetting process, then they’re xenophobic bigots, but that’s not true. I dislike Trump’s recklessness of suddenly doing this, but if you look at it logically, we do need to fix things.

        Sadly, unvetted migration has caused problems in Europe, such as the Cologne New Year’s Eve assaults, the rape of a Swedish girl recently, and increased terror attacks. Most migrants are NOT like that, but we need to be able to weed out those who are.

        The German victims in Cologne, the victims of terror attacks, have just as much right as refugees to be safe, and there are other ways to help refugees, like supporting Middle East safe zones, or providing aid to the humanitarian groups that help. Unvetted migration won’t help refugees if they get here, and then a disguised terrorist kills them in an attack.

      2. Sara Avatar

        Sorry, didn’t mean to start a politics discussion when Eric said not to, so this will be the last political comment I’ll make!

      3. Francine Avatar

        Exactly. When you look at the details of it, it is not nearly as unreasonable as some are making it out to be. Sara makes good points as well.

      4. swampy11 Avatar

        Thanks for clarifying that!

      5. Karen Avatar

        I don’t think the argument is about politics, I have done my research, my conclusions are different than yours, but this site isn’t about that nor should it be about lashing out or complaining that people aren’t doing their “research”. I feel the issue is that people are scared of where we are headed as a country, whether you agree or not, and are looking to Eric to help clarify what the Spirits are telling him. Your post was a bit harsh in nature and tone. Please understand people are scared and unsure and we truly have no idea if they have family who are being detained and not allowed back home or who cannot travel home to see their sick relative because they will not be allowed to return to finish their education (in college missing a week is much like missing half the semester) or return to their home to be with their families in America. Please have patience and understanding that just because a person views something differently does not mean they are wrong and truly no one knows what others are facing or battling in their lives. I pray for peace, acceptance, love and understanding during these very troubled, stress filled times for our world.
        Peace be with you

      6. Kacky Avatar

        The media covered a true story of a family that was sent back to Syria from a Philadelphia that were properly vetted and followed all the rules to be in this country. A family that included 2 children. Muslims and Christians are being turned away and sent back to Syria. The media is not lying to you but Trump is. Families are fleeing Syria because they fear for their safety and we turn them away. How very Un Christian like.

      7. MotherofanAngel Avatar

        Unfortunately, Rudy Giuliani admitted on Fox News that Trump asked SPECIFICALLY how to block Muslims from entering the US, and this action was the result of the think tank Giuliani put together to do so legally. The video of him admitting this is readily available. I too have done my research, and have very different opinions on what has transpired. As I noted previously, one of my first impressions when Eric mentioned stars in the floor was the Library of Congress. It records the history of this nation, and houses documents, like records of some of my ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War. They did so to help create a country were everyone was allowed to practice freedom of religion. The Library of Congress’ zodiac also in my mind spurred a possible time frame. Eric saw the last two stars. The last two constellations in the zodiac are Aquarius and Pieces-our current time frame and the following month. The US turned away refugees fleeing Europe at the start of WWII, and it has been a national shame which altered our history. We turned ourselves around and became the country that accepted the most refugees in the world, setting the standard for others to follow, even while we vetted these refugees more thoroughly than any other country. Spirit has also told Eric (and others) that there would be things that Trump does which may seem small, but will grow and become major issues. I don’t believe we’ve seen the last of the Russian issue, and I believe this issue is one that will also continue to grow and have repercussions not anticipated by the White House. We’ve spent over a decade cultivating a network of Muslim allies who are aiding our troops, trying to rid the world of extremists, and Giuliani’s comments, along with Trumps insistence that Christians be given exemptions in these same countries has given the terrorists new sound bites for recruitment, and fueled their desire to strike the US and our allies. Even our closest allies, like the UK and Australia are speaking out against this, and stoking the Islamophobia causing more incidents like those in Quebec last night. This executive order was a case of throwing a smoldering match into the matchbox.

  15. M Avatar

    Thank you Eric.
    I think its important to clarify our focus as well. There is a war going on.

    The fight is NOT Trump vs. Clinton, Repub vs. Dems, Urban vs. Rural, Elites vs. Non Elites.

    This is good vs. evil, light vs. dark.

    We, as Americans, as humans, must not be divided by darkness. We must focus on hiw we alike, what we agree upon, what we can do to help Spirit help others.

    We are so focused on who did this, who is a part of that, etc… it’s all a plan to keep us from uniting.

    Listen to your heart! Not your fear! Your opinion is not the only way, there are other perspectives and beliefs! And its ok to agree to disagree and with civility!

    We should focus on the people, the nation and unite to do whats right, whats lawful, what Spirit guides us to do. We are being put to the test, be your best to yourself and others. Thank you. Love and light.

    1. Sara Avatar

      Amen to that! Your post was a wonderful, refreshing one to read!
      We’re all human beings, and need to remember that we all want life to get better, we just have different ideas on how.

      Peace, calm, understanding, and empathy to everyone.

    2. Sharon Avatar

      Oh so well said “M”! Great insight. I will actually start reading here again if all the harsh political talk stops!

    3. Tracy L Rowe Avatar
      Tracy L Rowe

      Hi, new here. Been reading through the comments. Interesting stuff. I just wanted to add my 2 cents. The way I see it, there is a new, light energy hitting the earth. It is growing in intensity, and one of the things it is doing is revealing the darkness. The things that are happening in Washington are not new, but now they are being revealed, with a glaring spotlight shining on them. This is actually a good thing. You can’t fight the darkness if you don’t know where it exists. There have been many leaving the earth, my thought is to return to usher in the new world. Our job now, is to meditate and bring in more light and anchor it to the earth. We can be proactive in the fight to bring peace and love back to the planet. Just anchor light. Light will always defeat the darkness.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Thank you!

  16. Shirley Vickman Avatar

    Love and respect one another. M says it best. Above. Thanks

  17. Mary P Avatar
    Mary P

    Happy you are feeling better Eric! Thanks for all that you do! Pray for peace and raise the vibration of our planet so that the future predictions of love, peace and enlightenment become the norm!

  18. mariakaos Avatar

    My first thought re: stars The Hollywood Walk of Fame comprises more than 2,500 five-pointed terrazzo and brass stars embedded in the sidewalks along 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and three blocks of Vine Street in Hollywood, CALIFORNIA Ties in with LA.

    Another thought was that your law enforcement wears stars on their uniforms.

    Then in this prediction we have the number 2 again. It is worth watching as I think when the spirits say in 1 or in 2 etc it could mean the month of the year. Need to watch for more predictions that fall in the month of the number given.
    The golden gate Bride also falls within California.

    Predictions 12-27-16
    Posted on December 27, 2016 by Eric Leigh-Pink
    I had a visual of a massive spider, sitting in a position to give birth to new spiders. Four Americans were tied up and kept held against the leg of the large spider, waiting to be attacked by the baby spiders.
    I had a calendar sign that was transparent, someone tore off the top paper, the next number showed ‘2’
    Spirit pointed to LA on the map.
    “Not yet.. soon.. protect the bridge!”

  19. Tot Avatar

    Eric, there are stars on the hollywood walk of fame. What if there is an attack on the Oscars. Alt-right are very angry with movie stars complaining about Trump, and may decide to use violence.

    1. Francine Avatar

      There is anger and loose cannons on both sides of the aisle. And there hss been more success attacking unexpected, lower profile places that aren’t crawling with police and security.

  20. Shannon Avatar

    Glad you are feeling better Eric!

  21. mariakaos Avatar

    Just a thought. As we come here from all over the world how we interpret things can have a cultural bias. For example Eric mentions the Holy City which to us in Europe would be Rome. For the Arabs it would be Mecca. The Americans go for Jerusalem.
    It’s important that people who come to the blog feed in any thoughts they have as we all have such different ways of interpreting things.
    Eric may come across something previously unknown to him that makes sense of what he sees and can narrow down the locations/timings.

  22. Tot Avatar

    Eric, a world leader is tweeting about WW3. Are there any predictions which indicate that this may be a possibility? Glad you are feeling better 🙂

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  23. Cory Avatar

    “I was standing right next to the last two stars.” = “In 2 to 3 minutes (days) ” left before the “U.S. flag falling” event. Also, if this event is possibly about the JFK assassination reference, then why won’t the spirits directly name the person who’s in danger (e.g., they mentioned both “Clinton” and “Trump” by name in previous predictions, if I recall correctly.)? Do they not name the person because it’s irrelevant or maybe because the event is too significant for us to curb it from occurring? Just curious.

  24. Ellie Avatar

    Hello Eric,

    Do the spirits see anything on immigrants, more specifically Hispanics? The executive order, from what I’ve read, makes it possible for local police to deport removable aliens, meaning legal residents who have a charges and all illegal immigrants (because it was a crime to cross). While I do think removing illegal immigrants with felonies is good there are those who have done nothing else and lived half of their lives here. There are those who pay taxes, don’t leech off the system, and who will leave family members if this happens. I feel for them. Also please no negative replies 🙁 . I’ve heard it all and I know immigrants is a touchy subject. Thank you. Have a great day all 🙂

    1. Karen Avatar

      First let me say my heart breaks for everyone who is dealing with the stress and uncertainty at this time. I am unsure how it would be physically possible for all illegal immigrants to be rounded up and deported, as there is no registration, to my understanding, as to current addresses and things of that nature, so I couldn’t imagine if someone is here illegally how the government could find them, unless they were to knock on every door in the country, if that makes sense. I pray for peace for you and for all of us. I pray families will not be torn apart. I pray for love and acceptance of everyone. Please keep in mind that there are many wonderful stories of humanity and people standing up for what they believe is right and that should give us all hope. I pray we find peace as inside we are all much more alike than we are different.

  25. coryrice082489 Avatar

    “I was standing right next to the last two stars.” = “In 2 to 3 minutes (days) ” before the “US flag falling” incident — that’s what I gathered from it. Also, in terms of the previous JFK reference, what’s your take on why the spirits won’t specify who it is that’s in danger? Is it out of respect, the name’s irrelevant to the overall message, or because the task to curb it from occurring is futile because of how high up this event reaches?

  26. Tom Wyllie Avatar
    Tom Wyllie

    The year of rooster began yesterday.

  27. anita Avatar

    It seems Trump has hard plans which will not be accepted in the world, that´s why he already now cuts all connections! Also he is going to start strong military attacks to destroy Isis( but there will destroy others, too!) that´s why he denies muslims to come in Usa; he is afraid of revenges.
    But this racism to muslims makes things and threats much more worse!

  28. Karen Avatar

    Eric you had a prediction on 5-28-16 in which the Spirits were talking about attacks on airplanes, but you also had this sentence, “I had a visual of one massive lockdown, then I could see people in airports stuck unable to move at all, sleeping in chairs.” I was wondering if this was part of the attacks or a separate prediction and if it is separate could it be about the people who are stuck in the airports and not being allowed back in to America?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I was thinking the same thing.

  29. Karen Avatar

    On 4-23-16 your prediction was listed as An Attack on US, this sentence caught my attention, “I had a visual of military base. “Miramar will be attacked, Miramar.” Along with the prediction of an assassination and this was in the news, albeit a stretch I wanted to bring it to your attention just in case it has anything to do with either prediction.

    1. Karen Avatar

      Sorry, I see it’s two different places, but it was an assassination at an airport. Lack of sleep is catching up with me.

    1. rose Avatar

      p.s i’m glad you are feeling better

  30. Tot Avatar

    5 dead after gunmen burst into a mosque in Canada while people prayed. Not much information yet 🙁

  31. Shay Avatar

    Eric, I was wondering what happened to you. Any ideas on who’s blood in the first part of the prediction?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I have been very sick. I believe the blood is symbolic to a ‘bloody’ event.

      1. Sara Avatar

        Any idea of a time frame for the major event that you mentioned? Is it the same thing as the ‘bloody’ event, or are they separate?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I believe they are the same, I expect it sometime this week.

  32. Luna tic Avatar
    Luna tic

    I wonder if this is the Papa John moment referenced in the 11/6/16 prediction ? The prediction also brings up the airplane and British Air has a Austin (Texan reference) to London 777 flight. Is this the sign that it is about to go down? Praying for good to overcome evil.

    1. mari Avatar

      what about a papa john moment….like pizza reference for football game?

      1. Luna tic Avatar
        Luna tic

        Here is the link to the 11/6/16 prediction

      2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        When you look at it there are several football references.

  33. Mari Avatar

    what if the stars are part of rhe US postal
    service. emblem. ..the old
    Post office in DC is now a trump hotel. it
    still holds the bell tower with the congress
    bells and the bell view from the tower
    overlooks pennsylvania ave. Also it”s known
    for its second floor mezzanine

    1. Mari Avatar

      It also is a very old building with a glass
      ceiling and i suppose emblem could
      be where bird

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Are you talking about New York? Interesting take

      1. dopeanddiamond Avatar

        I believe she is speaking about the trump hotel very near the white house

      2. mari Avatar

        DC…and also the Ford’s theater where lincoln was shot is directly behind it…

      3. Mari Avatar

        The papa john moment . I know it. . Now i remember Pizza delivery.
        On sept 11 papa johns made a pizza delivery to the world trade
        trade center. 2 plain pies. The reference to september
        is sept 11. A 9/11 type of act. An
        airplane into a building. Washimgton
        Pentagon also had a plane crash into
        it on sept 11. The reference to stars has
        to be u s flag. DC. Nations capitol. The bird
        The american eagle. Trump splits time
        between nyc and dc

  34. MotherofanAngel Avatar

    I don’t follow football any longer, but happened upon a story today about the upcoming super bowl. Apparently the Patriots are playing and the game will be held in Houston. Both the thought of Texas and the Patriots made me see stars. Two stars-the Texas flag and the Patritot’s mascot. I don’t believe that the super bowl will be a target because of security, but I would not be surprised to find that terrorists may target smaller venues that will be busy-sports bars and the like. Or even a large unrelated target to take away from the US event, or to make sure they have a large audience- as such an event would be noted during one of the most heavily watched tv events like the bowl.

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  36. Randy Avatar

    Update Eric
    A school shooting plot was foiled by the police in California.. Investigators said that the plot was ‘bigger than Columbine’ as both suspects would shoot their classmates during a soccer match

  37. pat45 Avatar

    Eric, an old prediction about the Louvre, can’t find it but something about keeping it safe, this has just broke

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