Philippine Typhoon

The Spirits are predicting a Philippine typhoon. There was some debate on the timeframe of mid to late July. We are also trying a new way to bring awareness through videos. Its an easy way to bring awareness to all and share the content. Please help us make everyone aware of this video and the Typhoon.

In other news: We are still focused on predicting the coming earthquake expected in the Philippines. We discussed a timeframe of the 3rd/4th but I need to verify. We are focused on predicting the ‘next’ event and everything points to France and previous predictions they have made, but I want to make sure the details are the same.

I  asked about Brexit, and there message that Britain would stay, to which Spirit simply said “Its not over yet.”


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  1. star48 Avatar

    I was notified as a YouTube subscriber, hooray…
    For the SWC, WWP has a site now on you tube, please sign up for the future..

    Emailed out to some friends in Philippines..
    Congratulations to you and spirit for the next step..

  2. star48 Avatar

    maybe there is someone who has the ability to put running banners in the local dialects?

  3. Peter223 Avatar


    As promissed a while back, I would help translate the video messages into Dutch and German.
    Here they are:
    Een waarschuwing met betrekking tot de toekomst
    In de hoop deze te kunnen veranderen
    Een enorme tyfoon zal de Filipijnen treffen
    rond het midden van juli 2016
    Evacueer alstublieft voor uw eigen veiligheid
    Deze tyfoon zal dusdanig groot zijn
    dat alle gebieden in de Filipijnen geraakt zullen worden
    maar de zuidpunt zal het hevigst worden getroffen

    Eine Warnung die Zukunft angehend
    in der hoffnung dies ändern zu können
    Ein Gigantischer Taifun wird die Philippinen treffen
    rund mitte Juli 2016
    Evakuiere bitte für Ihre eigene sicherheit
    Dieser Taifun wird derartig gross sein
    das alle Gebiete der Philippinen betroffen sein werden
    Aber der Südpunkt wird am schlimmsten getroffen werden

    Hope this helps. If you want the translations posted elsewere (e.g. mail), just let me know.


    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you. When i receive a prediction for Belgium or Germany i will be calling on you for some much needed help. I hope that is ok.

      1. Peter223 Avatar

        That will be fine Eric. Glad to be of help.

  4. Mystery Man Avatar

    Like the video! As far as the Brexit vote Spirit said exactly what I’d thought they would say. The vote is non-binding and still needs to be voted on in Parliment.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks, when is the parliament vote?

      1. benmadigan Avatar

        God alone knows!!!
        First the conservative party (Mr cameron’s governing party) has to elect a new leader (expected 2 Sept).
        The opposition party (labour) also has to elect a new leader.
        Then there may be a General Election – nobody knows if or when!!
        The majority in the present parliament is anti-brexit.
        Who knows who will be elected if there is an autumn general election?
        As playwright Sean O’casey wrote “it’s a state of chassis”!!!

  5. Mystery Man Avatar

    No votes as of yet… here is how it could be overturned.
    Could MPs block an EU exit?
    Could the necessary legislation pass the Commons, given that a lot of MPs – all SNP and Lib Dems, nearly all Labour and many Conservatives – were in favour of staying?
    The referendum result is not legally binding – Parliament still has to pass the laws that will get Britain out of the 28 nation bloc, starting with the repeal of the 1972 European Communities Act.
    The withdrawal agreement also has to be ratified by Parliament – the House of Lords and/or the Commons could vote against ratification, according to a House of Commons library report.
    In practice, Conservative MPs who voted to remain in the EU would be whipped to vote with the government. Any who defied the whip would have to face the wrath of voters at the next general election.
    One scenario that could see the referendum result overturned, is if MPs forced a general election and a party campaigned on a promise to keep Britain in the EU, got elected and then claimed that the election mandate topped the referendum one.
    Two-thirds of MPs would have to vote for a general election to be held before the next scheduled one in 2020.

  6. Mary Avatar

    I monitored the live earthquake map and there’s the small frequent quakes in same spot ( nearby Puerto Rico )less than a day, so somewhere there will be a “pop”. Just be ready. It’ll be any time soon.

    1. Luna tic Avatar

      Hi Mary, I check a site for seismic activity I am really concerned about the west coast of the US. If you look, there has been a lot of seismic activity around the “ring of fire” except for…the west coast. I checked Eric’s posts and the 11/8/15 post stated an earthquake in CA in “3 to 4” and “7:02” (date instead of time?) and also the 10/22/15 post. I wonder if this is related to the bridge collapse? “Beyond approach” could be where the structure gives away. The words “horror and “cruelty” really struck me but the instinct for survival pushes man to do things that he/she might not normally do. All I know is my spidey senses are up and I am on edge for no definable reason right now.

      1. Mary Avatar

        I see what you are saying, Luna. It seems weigh heavily on the west coast side. I think it’s in the process as what will happen to Japan and Ca. I’m also Concerned for the volcano are being active in west cost. I keep my eyes out.

        To answer your question about the bridge collapse. It’s possible but I have no way of telling. I’d listen to the Spirits as they know what might happen to the bridge. It’s amazing how they can predict in near future. I guess they may travel in future time then come back to send the messages. 😉

      2. Mary Avatar

        11-8-15: Luna, you got my attention sharing your thoughts. I looked up on 11-8-15. The big one is 7.02 and loss 25. wondering what if it’s July 3 or 4. Then next “aftershock” is Wednesday loss 500 following the post on 10-22-15. Humm. It fits within this July time frame. It’s possible but I honestly know if that what the Spirit pointed out to this July of 2016 for Calif.

        Right now, I am seeing the increased pressure in few places these last 2 days then it will be ready to pop some where very soon. Put the buckle up to be prepared.

      3. Mary Avatar

        I meant to say ” I honestly don’t know….” my android phone recorrect it itself. Augh…

    2. Mary Avatar

      I’m biting my finger nails. The earthquakes are frequent active in few places all at the same time. It’s increasing within several hours. It’s increased the pressure like the rubber bands that stretch and ready to release the “pop”. The big one is ready to pop somewhere. Not sure which one. I definitely know that one day Calif will be next hit anytime soon. It’s gradually. Maybe Phillipines might be next as Eric predicted. Keep eyes out for a big one soon to pop. It’s anytime now and very soon!

  7. texasbelle4732 Avatar

    Failure to trigger Article 50 will prevent Britain from exiting the EU. David Cameron resigned before doing that, so it will be up to his successor. Once again, the elite will thwart the will of the people.

    1. alien Avatar

      Don’t worry it will happen rather quicker than people realise, it won’t take the two years, negotiators are already working on trade agreements with the UK, it is leaving the EU. The prediction above is not correct. The UK will enjoy having control over there country once again, more are to follow quickly.

  8. benmadigan Avatar

    PS Eric – has Spirit any insight into what will happen to Gibraltar, Scotland and Northern Ireland?They all voted to remain in the EU and risk being severely damaged by Brexit for various reasons. Will they be “dragged out against their will” (as they say) by the overall UK vote?or will the UK break up?

    1. Dawn Avatar

      I think Scotland’s (or rather Sturgeon’s) plan to go for independence and then stay on in the EU looks to be a non starter, as it would need to be ratified by the other member states. Some states have upstart separatist movements of their own. If they approve of Scotland doing that, it’ll give the green light to their own breakaway regions. Spain, for instance, has already said no to it.

  9. benmadigan Avatar

    PS forgot to say – I liked the video very much.It was very well done. Hope the message gets across to the people in the Philippines

  10. Radeatsveggies Avatar

    Just in terms of Brexit – many people in Britain are devastated at the Leave result (particularly Scotland, which voted to Remain). Many Leave voters have said they would reverse their decision if asked to vote again. Also sadly there has been an increase in hate crimes since the vote, which has left a nasty taste.

    I have to say, I work in the legal field and see just how much influence the UK has in the EU wrt legislative matters. There was this perception that Brussels is some sort of dictatorship, but that really isn’t the case. Time will tell how this plays out. Fingers crossed for a positive resolution.

    1. Mary Avatar

      May I ask? What happened to those that voted “leave” that wanted to reverse? Did they not fully understand the meaning of stay or leave? Wondering if they have received all the info before to vote, not twisted messages.

      Pray they have another chance to vote.

  11. star48 Avatar

    More information / plans. that was not released to general public until after referendum.

    1. Mary Avatar

      Ouch…not impressed. Voting matters and the persons need to know what they are voting for, not just take a pick. Hopefully they will have another. Blessings to you, Britain and to all!

  12. Lia Avatar

    I like the video, Eric. If you have time in the future, a background photo of a typhoon would help for one slide, but is not necessary. You did a good job!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks but I can’t take the credit a fan did it for me.

      1. Mary Avatar

        Thanks to tour fan for making a YouTube.

  13. Carolyn Malone Avatar

    Isis just attacked a cafe in Bangladesh today.

    1. star48 Avatar

      Yes , Carolyn, been following and posting on differant thread..
      Here is a link for you..

  14. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC
    jet stream, crossing equator..( video from professor posted 2 days ago)
    Is this contributing to spirit warning of Massive typhoon?

  15. HereIam Avatar

    hey, have any of you guys tried connecting the prediction here with the prediction psychic twins made for this year? (the full transcript).
    For instance, some of prediction on here talks about ny and according to them it says something about jfk etc. etc which gets me scared.

    1. star48 Avatar

      Herelam, FYI
      you forgot to note that to read the full transcript you have to download the app.
      SWC, it just teases you with the background..their successes , appreances,and than a introduction..
      Than the download the app to read the full transcript…

      1. HereIam Avatar

        no.the full transcript is there if you scroll down. at least on my computer i can see it. didn’t download any app.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I can only speak to what the Spirits say, I don’t know much about the twins.

      1. Mary Avatar

        Same here. About the twins. And my questions for the twins…do they know when it when it will occur? I don’t know about them as they dressed up in styles. Just doesn’t add up. Sorry as I should be nice.

        Eric is special and humble unlike other fame psychic. I like the one that was blind and she’s deceased. I’m terrible with names. Sorry my bad.


        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  16. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 JULES SWC…Tropical storm Nepactak firmed near Guam has a prijrcted path ti Taipei in 96 hrs that may meet with JPS frim north Star as mentioned in your link coukd be unterupted and meet the cold JPS from norh of equator about the 6 th of July nearer to philippines ..what do you think this could be making of typhoon?

    1. star48 Avatar

      it sounds like the right …pieces could fall in place…we will know soon.,
      Let’s keep monitoring..hopefully we will have a few days warning..intuitively we will know, if it is the “One” .

  17. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 Agreed your right

  18. anthony Avatar

    Are you sure it’s not north Korea that’s going to be hit as a major storm just formed called nepartak

  19. Luna tic Avatar

    (CNN)[Breaking News update at 9:50 a.m. ET]

    (CNN) — At least 125 people were killed and 147 others were wounded Saturday in central Baghdad, police said.A suicide truck bomber carried out the attack on a busy commercial street in the Karrada neighborhood , a predominantly Shiite area.The blast killed 25 children. It also destroyed a multi-level building that included a coffee shop, stores and a gym.
    Eric, this has elements of your 12/22/15 prediction.

    1. Mary Avatar

      Any idea what are the 3 grey sticks means? All 3 burnt and one half broken. It’s in 12-22-15 post. So sorry for this disaster.

      Also there was attack at Mosque in Houston. It was third time incident in Houston area in a week. That must stop hurting the Muslims. They are not terrorist. Pray for their safety. God said no killing.

      1. Carolyn Malone Avatar

        It looks like there was an attack at a mosque in Florida as well.

      2. Luna tic Avatar

        Hi Mary, Now an attack in Bangladesh, Iraq. I think the 3 grey sticks are 3 events. They seem to be coming so fast. Eric was right on mark about that. I want to spend some time re reading the predictions when I am not so flustered. We have been having some very strange animal events lately here and some tragic mistakes (too heartbreaking to mention) I am grateful my loved ones are safe for now. I feel that pressure like all the signs are there telling me that something big is happening. I pray it is not the earthquake but…I feel like the pressure is at the boiling point but not personally, it is more like a dread and a sadness for mankind and the earth I felt this way on 9/11. I always started the day with the news and that particular Tuesday, I did not do any media, I put on a cd, played with my daughter and enjoyed the moments until my husband called me up and asked me to turn on the news. He saw 4 F16s bank sharp over him as he was on his way to Tampa. They headed south at a high rate of speed towards Sarasota. G Bush was here in Sarasota that morning and MacDill Airforce Base in Tampa was/is a major military operations center, My husbands father was a Navy pilot and he knew enough that when those fighter planes turn like that, they are on there way to something extremely important. I think I need to stay strong and try and help decipher the information as best as I can so I can be helpful to others that have very special gifts and know how to use them for good purposes. Eric’s postings have given me hope that good will overcome evil if we try really really hard to do the right thing.

      3. Mary Avatar

        Luna, it could be a drill just to be prepared. Hopefully. We had that similar in Dallas about a year ago or so. I know the feelings. Stay alert that surrounds you. Pray for peace.

  20. twiceblessed Avatar

    Hi Eric! I believe you mentioned a “Book”person being involved with Hillary Clinton (a prediction made in early May). Well, Sen. Cory Booker seems to be on the short list for a possible V.P. spot.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That would be fitting.

  21. Luna tic Avatar

    Sorry, Bangladesh is not in Iraq duh!

    1. Mari Avatar

      hi luna tic
      Happy 4th of july!
      We are having weird animal events here in nj
      Its like they are looking for safety/shelter moreso than
      food. Squirrels birds raccoons trying to
      get into houses. Bears in the center of town Deer and ducks crossing
      the interstate. Something really strange going on. I remember right before 9/11 all the birds were flying around in circles
      They say animals cam sense danger ahead of time..

      1. Luna tic Avatar

        Happy 4th to you as well. I think the same thing Mari. We recently had an orangutan escape a large theme park in Tampa, at the same park, a man rescued many little ducklings who were jumping off of a cliff right onto a walkway in front of children. All lived and are okay except for one with a broken leg but the park will nurse him back to health. A black bear loose in a residential neighborhood in Tampa again and that terrible accident at Disney with the 2 alligators all in that last few weeks. I have lived here most of my life and although we know we share this state with the wildlife, it just doesn’t happen like this. They usually keep there distance and so do we. My cat is being looney but I expect that.

      2. Mary Avatar

        Wow…can the animals sense bad things happen like 9/11? That’s new to me. Maybe they are psychic too? It could be. So much we don’t know. Amazing.

  22. Mary Avatar

    This is awful news in NYC. The young college man aged 18 was climbing on the rocks with his 2 other college friends at the Central Park. When he came down and stepped on homemade bomb that went exploded. He lost his foot. They didn’t see anything under the grass. The FBI doesn’t know if it related with terrorism. Such tragedy.

    1. star48 Avatar

      How could it not be terrorism, homegrown or foreign?
      IED placed in random places, buried.or hidden is not an accident, that is deliberate…and at a park.. How was it detonated? Did someone use a triggering Call? Or?
      Malicious destructive-device – to cause fear, terror.— Is terrorism.

      1. Mary Avatar

        I agreed Star.

    2. mari Avatar

      hi mary
      happy 4 of july !!
      i hope u are feeling ok and are
      having a great weekend.
      My headaches have not been bad at all so i hope u are doing ok too
      Its been strange not to have the
      headaches. I remember a while back
      we were both really hurting.

      1. Mary Avatar

        Hi Mari! Happy 4th of July to you 2! I can’t believe this….same as here! Hardly any headaches. That’s real freaky…..I’ll let you one when the one bad ones come up.

        I’m scratching my head as how is that possible that we have a lot in common as on same day or the day before with headaches. It’s crazy. I’m very curious. We’ll find out the answers later when we get more documents.


      2. Mari Avatar

        hi mary
        Yup. Really freaky…finally i met
        someone like me!! Maybe this is
        also a connection…..I have not good hearing in my right ear from a childhood ear problem. I can talk on phone ionly with left ear or i cant understand the
        conversation. U think there might be a connection?

  23. caseyatthebat Avatar

    Please pay attention to this man, Charlie Johnson:

    By Charlie Johnston

    The prediction of the Storm I was making over two decades ago is not the heart of my purpose. In fact, its main importance is that the consistency and accuracy of it lends credibility to my assurance that God is not done with us and this is lead-up to a Rescue. The Rescue is the indispensable prophecy here.

    Do you know why I don’t discourage people from doing some small, prudent preparation? It is not because of the objective protection those preparations will give them. Rather, it is for the same reason that I would not snatch a teddy bear away from a frightened child. It soothes people, so I leave it alone.
    I have said repeatedly that the rules have been changed – and it will soon be obvious. Everyone who gets their primary sense of security from anything other than God will have it taken from them. Everyone. This is not just for some, but for all. If you use anything I have said to devise your own plan beyond acknowledging God, taking the next right step and being a sign of hope, your plan will be smashed against the rocks of reality. The only way you can have anything is if you have it as if having not – and if you can do that, then you can have not as if you have. Whatever “preparations” you do can only be in support of the central issue – to acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope. If you are focused on the central issue, then you know that whether you have or have not is God’s call and will be used to help you carry out His will.

    Some think they are smart and so, if they know enough, can outwit God. If you are the smartest person in the history of the world, your knowledge does not amount to the babblings of a three-month old in eternity. Others trust to their wealth and means to evade God. In these times, wealth and means are not as reliable as Monopoly money. “Give us this day our daily bread” must be your humble cry to the Lord for all the good your wealth will do you. Others think their power and prestige will exempt them. The graveyards are full of the bones of the formerly powerful and prestigious. Betting on your own power and prestige in these times is like betting on a gnat to beat a lion. Others are so certain of their own moral rectitude that they think God will exempt them from the vicissitudes of the Storm. God is going to show all of these what fragile clay their feet are formed of.

    We have gotten to a point where self-actualization trumps everything. Vanity reigns supreme. Even many clerics plot and scheme over how to manipulate those around them and crawl over the backs of their peers to gain position or prestige. It is the masque of the red death, a frenzied dance of despair for a culture that believes life has no meaning except for the indulging of appetites and the gaining of notoriety. It is the logical end of materialism. Marx finally got his way and we are buried under a bitter harvest of quiet desperation at the emptiness of it all. Yet people try all the more frantically to get the better of their fellows and colleagues.

    In the late 90’s I was told at the end of a little vision (the term I use to describe a particular type of stylized vision; it does not mean it is unimportant) that, “What you desire most is most effective against you. Desire God and all shall be added.” That is worth deep contemplation in these times.

    I warn you not to put your hopes in traditional politics. It is collapsing around our very eyes. I know that is the way we have always moved on. Not this time. If you are riding a bus and it pulls over to the side of the road because it has caught fire, the engine has dropped out and the wheels have fallen off, getting a new driver will not help with the problem. Right now, getting passionate about politics can only tempt you to sin against charity. Our problem is spiritual and cultural. It is not in our stars, but in ourselves. Salvation will not come via a heroic figure from without, but by the quiet resolve to follow God by loving our neighbor from within.

    When I speak of the rules changing, I mean that God is doing a new thing, something amazing. It is a great blessing or a great curse, depending on your interior disposition. Whatever you sincerely do or hope for another will return to you twofold. If you sincerely hope for the good of another, if you do some simple kindness for them, it will return to you twofold. If you try to attack them with malice, to undermine them with bitterness, or manipulate them to your advantage, it is yourself that you are savaging. The only way forward in these times is to deny yourself and devote yourself to the good of others. It is a primary way in which you express your love for God. That does not mean you must become a wimp. When France’s King Charles VII started dithering over peace negotiations with the English, St. Joan of Arc testily told him the only peace they would obtain from the English would be at the point of a lance. If you fail to defend those who are under attack, again, you shall reap what you have sown twofold.

    I have said repeatedly over the last year and a half that everyone will be sifted. So it has been coming to pass. I have heard from more than a few who thought they would be a safe haven throughout that are undergoing severe trials and turmoil. Don’t you know that God has little use for sunshine soldiers in these times? If you have not proven yourself when the smell of burnt sulpher fills the air to the accompanying boom of cannons, how can you know you will not lose heart in the Storm? So be glad of the trials and trust in God. He is not proving you to Himself, but to yourself, so you may walk with confident trust in Him as the din grows – and thus be a steely sign of hope to those around you.

    I have been thankful to meet so many people who have put some of their means into preparing places where those who might be displaced or homeless may come to find shelter and work. Generosity directed towards others never goes unrewarded, though it does not exempt anyone from the vicissitudes of the Storm. Most people will stay where they are for the duration of the Storm, but some will not. It is good to prepare to live in community helping each other.

    Yet I have also heard some who claim that refuges are being set aside where all the good little boys and girls will go to sit out the Storm. That will not happen. The Storm comes to all. As it is written, God sends the rain to fall on the just and the unjust alike (Matthew 5:45). If you are truly among the just, even in the midst of your trials, you will help others caught in the Storm. That is your portion, not to sit and be served by angels while everyone else suffers.

    A great dividing line has risen and everyone must choose where they stand. On Easter we celebrated the Resurrection of Christ. You must take hold of His robe to rise with Him or sink into the dust of the chaos we have made of our culture. You are called to be among the rising cohort that prepares the way for the great Rescue Our Lord is sending Our Lady to accomplish, but so long as you remain caught in your vanity, ambition and dreams of self-actualization, you just add to the chaos of our toxic culture.

    I ask you again not to over-anticipate things based on novels you have read or movies you have seen. Frankly, I think there will be a lot less violence than some imagine and a whole lot more confusion and chaos than most any can imagine, at least in the early stages. Remember that God has a plan, a plan for your welfare and not your destruction. He will wipe out the vanity of all. So long as you pray like the Pharisee, thanking God that you are not like other men, you shall sink ever deeper into the mire. When you have the humility to pray as the tax collector, crying “God, be merciful to me a sinner,” you will become a useful instrument in the Hands of the Master. (Luke 18:9-14)

    The confusion of the present age influences all. Do not be shaken if you hear something peculiar from a Prince of the Church. The rain falls on them, too. Remember that Our Lord said the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church He founded. Work, then, with your Priests and Bishops to mount the assault against those gates, building each other up and covering each other’s nakedness. Now is not the time for retreat, but to sound the charge. May every street in the world become the sacred route of a Procession of believers behind Our Lord in the Eucharist and Our Lady, who is sent to Rescue us! As even the most secular and cynical lose hope in a world visibly spiraling into collapse, let them see the community of believers walking with confident faith in our two Pillars. Many will convert and begin to participate in the Rescue because of this. But first, you must deny yourself and take up your cross – see yourself for how little you are…and then you can begin to see yourself for how much you are, what you are truly called to be: Our Lord’s own beloved.

    In July of 2000, the Archangel Gabriel came to speak to me of some elements of the Storm. I immediately began pleading with him that the Storm might pass over us. In a very rare moment of anger, he was transformed to an intimidating majesty and light. I think it was the only time his ceremonial wings were visible to me. I trembled as he told me with furious intensity, “You must tell them true – and they must choose or perish.” I was deeply thankful it only lasted a moment and he immediately went back to his normal, cheerful self. But I have pondered the meaning of what he said ever since. I had wit enough to never again plead for the Storm to pass over, but the command has remained enigmatic, both powerful and mysterious.

    I think in the course of this past Lenten season I got a little better understanding of it. You must choose God through love of your fellows or perish under the weight of your own machinations.

    I come not to proclaim a Storm. We are living the Storm – and near the entrance to the fullness of it. I come to proclaim a Rescue – and to call you to participate in it, to prepare the way. Choose or perish. I have told you true.

    1. Mary Avatar

      Thanks, Caseyatthebat, for sharing. I’m in the middle of angry storms for these last 2 nights. God has our attentions.

      Blessings to you always.

  24. Mary Avatar

    Please just hear me out. it sounds crazy but what if. I noticed the patterns of the earthquake behaviors. It’s repeating the patterns like in music or rhythms. I can’t explain it but every time I monitored. It looks all the same patterns like music or rhythms. It made me wondering what if Gaia (the mother earth) is singing?! I know it sounds crazy. I think mother earth is singing so why not. The patterns look all the same in earthquake behaviors around the world. I know it sounds bizarre but what if it’s true….hummm.

  25. Mary Avatar

    I’m very upset with HAARP. it’s so stupid that the scientists CANNOT control the weathers. Is there a doctor that knows how to treat the earth? No, there is not one doctor. Scientists maybe have great ideas but doesn’t realize what mother earth is capable of and let it runs course. Oh I’m furious! I listened to our mother earth and guided me where are the problems that hurting her. We also have aliens ( I was skeptical ) that are watching closely. They will do everything in their powers to protect the mother earth.

    1. Mary Avatar

      I think the aliens need to destroy the HAARP. it’d not be hard thing to do. Excuse my bad manner.

    2. star48 Avatar

      I am interested to know, if you will answer.
      Have you ever seen a UFO?
      Actually I wonder how many on this site have seen a UFO?

      1. Mary Avatar

        I never seen UFO or an alien. I think most of YouTube are fake making look like ufo or aliens. Long story short. I may have as a teen but my memory was very vague. I lived just less than half a mile from Tinker Air force base in Midwest city, Okla. One dark night, I went for a walk while everyone’s asleep. I saw the huge round shape hovered over my neighbor ‘s house. I quickly saw thought “whoa that’s way low above the house.” It could crash. It didn’t speed. It was just above the house and moving real slowly in circle. I quickly walked to have a closer look to go around the block and the large trees blocked the views.. That’s weird. …where did it go? I just walked fast in curiosity like 1 or 2 minutes to get there. I would thought I may see it moving toward to the to Tinker air force base but no. Its vanished. It just doesn’t add it up. I told my family. No one know what to say or what to believe. At that time, I didn’t know what the alien or ufo was. It was in the late 70’s or early 80’s. At that time, ufo was rarely spoken or unheard of.

        In my opinion, if there’s life on this planet, there’s definitely life on other planets in different forms from us.

        No, mother earth didn’t show me the vision of the aliens. I meditated and give my light energies to the roots to the core of the mother earth. She depends on our light energies to survive. We are like her children as we’re the light workers. Somehow, the vision came to me as I read and monitored the earthquake behaviors. It clicked like singing in rhythm. It looks all the same patterns as if she is singing. Also I remember the whales sang too. They sing to the mother earth. It brings harmony and peace within themselves.

        When I go through the YouTube. I have heard about HAARP but did I fully understand the purpose?. No, I didn’t understand at all. I looked for the unusual sounds that people doesn’t know where it came from. Also why many animals even bees and earthworms died in certain areas. What caused to stir the weathers? Also try to visualize the inner core of the earth and the relationship with other planets that surrounding, also a lot of unexplained things happened to Atlantis that is underwater. It was destroyed for a reason as archangel Michael mentioned. He explained that we came to earth with no memory. But what happened to Atlantis (hopefully will find out what the answers from archangel Micheal will say about that. Another thing…He said they can see us as we see them. My question is where do they see us, is it from the sky, is it the trees, flowers, that see us? I do know that my dear friend experienced the energies as he touched the grass. It communicated to him. There are energies in everywhere. Again a lot of things that are unexplained but the more I explore then I will know the truth as the time gets closer. So I believe there are aliens out there that depends on earth for whatever they need to use. I was upset about the HAARP thing that harms the mother earth. It screwed up her natural process and would be a long time to fix it to get it right. The scientists should not be messing around by Controlling the weathers especially in Alaska. We don’t need the heat like a microwave towards the sky by dissolved the glaciers. It creates the chaos around the world such as increased the tropical storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes and earthquakes even tsunamis. If the government won’t cease the HAARP then who will? If there’s alien out there that can destroy it. That’d be awesome great. Cuz we don’t need it ( HAARP).

        I spend time visualize with mother earth. I get pieces of pictures in my head from her. It comes and goes. Depends on my commitment to her. I wanted to be useful to help her while I’m here. Otherwise I would be “wasted” as not being useful here except my family as all I have. I know I am here for a reason. Does it make sense, star? If not I will try harder to explain that makes clear.

        Blessings to you.

      2. Mary Avatar

        All I remember that the space thing barely on top of the house. It was huge and thought it was gonna crash. It was huge and remembering the feelings of “omg….what’s gonna happen?” It happened so fast then it vanished. I was disappointed as I wanted to see it everything and I was just about 4 or 5 houses away. Then I remember the feelings of “present” as it was watching me. What if it was invisible? I felt it was there and was little scared running to my house. I looked and couldn’t find it before I ran. My house was just 2 houses away. I never forget that but in details all vague in description. I remember it was right on top of that house. It barely touched it. It was hovering. It moved very slowly in turn.

  26. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 Jules Swc can anyone help me find the philippines earthquake prediction ..not having much luck
    thanj you

    1. star48 Avatar

      Rhonda, 6-13-16.
      Damaging Philippines earthquake, so far we have a timeline of the 23rd-29th but we need to narrow it.

      1. rhona Avatar

        Thanks Star 48 thanks for thread info a lady from philippines needs to see thisfir heads up at home…between quake and typhoon….

  27. anthony Avatar
    right beside the philippines. looks like taiwan is going to get it. will try my best to swing it right

  28. star48 Avatar

    Anthony, SWC,
    I am annotating this here as report mentions Bashi channel ( shipping lanes between Philippines and Taiwan.will be affected) on its path to China..

    This is the first Super typhoon of season– category 5
    Taiwan issues sea warning as approaching Typhoon Nepartak causes high winds, rough waves – Focus Taiwan

  29. Mary Avatar

    Hi Mari! Cool that we have a connection as we both have hearing problems. Also I’m wearing glasses for reading. My eyes are getting cloudy. :/ but hey that’s life. 😉

    Here’s goes again. My headache is spiking now. I’m feeling nausea. I think it had to do with heat weather. Its so hot in Dallas and i was helping strangers ( actually my neighbors and I don’t know them) packing as they are moving. Poor mother of 4 little children ages from 1 to 8. I didn’t mind helping her and man I was exhausted. How’s yours? Any headache?



    1. Mari Avatar

      hi mar
      yup. Bad headache. Its mostly on left side of my head and neck. So hot here too
      Was 104 today. Yikes!!
      Maybe tmrw will be a better day. Lets see what happens between now and then. . I hope Its not something horrible. Are there any earthquakes
      coming that u know of?
      I hope u feel better soon

      1. Mari Avatar

        also lets see if my headache spikes more after yours goes away. Mine usually get worse as yours are getting better

      2. Mary Avatar

        Hi Mari, mine headache is getting better now but got stomach ache. I’m feeling very tired and my eyes are blurry. My energy is worn out. We’ll see what happend tomorrow. Today was like 100 something. Hope you sleep well. ♡


      3. Mary Avatar

        When I had spiked headache this afternoon. I laid down in tub with washcloth covered my eyes and forehead for an hour. I can’t remember which side the pain was but I was nausea and had chilled after I was soak in tub. (Sorry people had to see this… but I’m glad I don’t reveal my face. lol). 😉

      4. Mary Avatar

        As for earthquake, I monitored and see nothing big one yet. Mostly up to 5 magnitudes. They are mostly all over the rings of fire. Incredible active. So we’ll just wait and see.

  30. Elaine Avatar

    I have seen a UFO. It was in the spring of 1965 or 1966. My husband and I were returning to Stillwater, Oklahoma after a weekend at home so it had to be a Sunday. It was cloudy – no stars, no moon. We were outside Sapulpa, where we made a right hand turn north. There in front of us was a big bright ‘star’ (couldn’t have been because it was cloudy). As we watched, three separate red dots fell out of the “star”. Each one fell for a short while, then each made a right hand turn to fly across the horizon, and when it did, each turned white.
    Then there is my great grand mother, in the time before airplanes, was out in the fields close to the Tennessee – Georgia picking cotton. Suddenly up in the sky she and others heard this terrible noise. It went from one horizon to the other. She said it sounded like running horses dragging chains. Everybody fell to the ground crying, thinking the world was ending.

    1. Mary Avatar

      About your great grandmother, the noise…did it sound like from earthquake as it rumbling? What did she see in the sky before she heard the noises of the running horses dragging the chains. Must be scary at that time. I believe you and thanks for sharing Eliane.

      1. Elaine Avatar

        I only have my mother’s recounting of the story. I do wonder if it might have been supernatural since I was told the family did some farming on the Chickamauga battlefield.

      2. Mary Avatar

        Elaine, the description as it sounds like it could be a meteor (sorry about spelling ) as described in Russia in Feb of 2015. They saw it bright light then heard loud rattled sound. I’ve seen the awesome fireball and thought it was a firework. First it was blue then red then it turned white and dissolved.

        Thanks for sharing and loved to hear a story like that. Fascinating. 🙂

    2. swampy11 Avatar

      Elaine, when you say “UFO,” do you actually mean a flying saucer or UFO (unidentified flying object)? Thanks!

      1. Elaine Avatar

        It looked like a blinding white star which it couldn’t have been on a cloudy, moon less night. The UFO part were the three separate red dots that fell out of it. They seemed to have some control since they flew across the sky. Since they turned from red to white, I wonder if the engines had to warm up before they flew or was it to make them harder to notice in the sky (if it hadn’t been cloudy).

  31. Jeypai Tei Avatar

    I dont get it eric.

    The spirits want to help but they play some games, saying things in riddles? They wont even say the specific dates. Why are they just not clear?

    Also how can they expect the whole country of Philippines to move? Go where? Live where? The spirits need to be more helpful. Why don’t they just communicate clearly?

    If they can’t communicate clearly then how can you so easily read peoples personal prediction reading? Or is the personal reading different and easier?

    1. Mary Avatar

      Jeypia, please don’t be hard on the Spirits as they all knew how to speak in their language. For example: when Eric asked to narrow down where in Texas. They gave the symbol of the “star” which could represent several things instead of the name of the town. Hope that helps to understand their limited language.

      Shalom to you.

  32. star48 Avatar

    Eric, update on Typhoon impact.
    Public and private classes in all levels suspended Friday in Muntinlupa, Philippines, due to Typhoon Nepartak (known in the Philippines as Typhoon Butchoy) – @OFFICIALMUNTI

  33. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, SWC,
    regarding EQ in Philippines 6-13-16
    See.Preliminary magnitude 5.2 earthquake strikes about 4 miles north of Aurora, Philippines – USGS

  34. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, SWC,

    2 nd EQ in Philippines..
    4.7 mag (smaller than the one in earlier comment, )
    My concern this one was deep. 93.5 KM. (@58 miles deep) that usually means there will be a shallower EQ coming..Shallower can mean damage…


  35. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 thanks for philippines quakes update Auraura is 223ml NW and sarangarni is 195 ml SW as the crow flies from Davao …im still.feeling the larger shallower one as you stated …will be around Davao or as close to as thses two are…

    1. star48 Avatar

      Rhona, Mary, here is the latest.( 3rd)
      4.8 mag.39.7 km deep..
      Still open for he shallower quake.

  36. Mary Avatar

    Did Eric mention to watch for earthquake in Philippine? It’s increased 3 quakes today (5.2, 4.5, 4.2). Keep eyes out just in case and stay safe.

    1. star48 Avatar

      on 6-13-16 post he mentioned Philippines..
      Thanks for update…

      1. star48 Avatar

        Should read 6-16-16

      2. Mary Avatar

        Glad you got caught up on earthquakes. I just now saw your precious Comments. You are busy bee. 😉

        I have the time as its my summer break from teaching. You won’t see me much during the school year. Keep up the good work! ♡

      3. Mary Avatar

        Aw… here’s goes again my phone recorrected it. I.meant to say “previous” not precious comments. And yes your Comments are precious too! 😉

        1. star48 Avatar

          Hahaha 😍

    2. star48 Avatar

      Mary, there are two references..6-13-16. And 6-16-16
      Not massive however damaging..

  37. star48 Avatar

    4 th EQ Philippine
    4.6 mag EQ .another deep one, 59.1km

  38. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC, Brexit….Cameron resigning Wednesday..

    David Cameron to step down as UK prime minister on Wednesday; Theresa May to succeed him – BBC News

  39. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, jules104,
    Now on this thread for back channel.,per Rhona req..
    Note.Volcanic eruption..East Russia..

  40. star48 Avatar

    Researching date ( new Madrid)
    This map from the U.S. Geological Survey shows the various water-soluble rock underlying different areas of the United States that are prone to sinkhole formation (Description of map and colors in SHNS map courtesy U.S. Geological Survey). Sinkhole damages are the highest in Florida, Texas, Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Wow Thanks Star48. I think you and I may actually be safe from sink holes. I’m surprised at what the maps are showing for the middle of the country though. Interesting.

      1. star48 Avatar

        fits into that Scenerio…Cayce’s and many others have envisioned..
        Strange before we had equipment to even look, they “saw” it.
        So I have been looking for some references to possible timeline interesting possibility I ran across stated 2020-it would start.. We will see.

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Just saw your replies Star48. Missed them earlier. Are you saying you found something from Cayces writings that he saw sinkholes then, or what are known now as sinkholes? I sure hope we don’t see a lot more but I’d not doubt it the way everything’s changing.

  41. star48 Avatar

    Rhona,Jules104, source background on previous material

  42. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules104,
    Underground booms and sounds..( alhambra mentioned more than once.)

  43. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules104,
    here is that information on Northern CA,near SF.
    underground sound ..just one of many since 2012,

    1. jules104 Avatar

      I just remembered this Star48. It was when my sister from Florida was visiting after Memorial Day the beginning of June sometime. We were standing outside in the garage getting ready to walk out of it when low and behold there was that loud boom and the whole house rattled. We were like “What was that?!” My immediate thoughts were that it had to have been a sonic boom or something. But when I lived in VA near Langley Airforce Base in the 60/70’s we had a lot of sonic booms and I don’t recall them making the house rattle that much. Maybe it’s the different types of rock and soil though. Anyway now I am wondering if this boom that I experienced here on the Oregon Coast that day was felt in CA or elsewhere.

      1. star48 Avatar

        since people can now communicate through Internet and make note of events.
        We can now pay more attention.,
        To Let us be more aware of possibilities., EQ swarms were noticed by locals before, not now. And yes the earth makes sounds during even small EQ’s..a Read my comment to Rhona about my experience with freight train sound coming through the ground..I have never forgotten it.

        1. jules104 Avatar

          I doubt I’d forget a freight train sound coming up through the ground either Star48. Wow. That is out of this world sort of stuff. I only had a large boom and automatically wanted to duck as though something should have been falling from the heavens onto my head. I’ll pass on the freight train sound coming from under my feet! 😐

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Star48/Rhona, this USA news article from 2012. What I found interesting is the USGS stating that these loud noises and shaking were from an earthquake swarm. Sorry video has add first.

  44. star48 Avatar

    Philippine Med EQ 4.3 magnitude.– 67.3 km deep….

  45. star48 Avatar

    Mary, Elaine, swampy,
    Thought you would like to see what ISS (International.. Space Station)
    saw..coming than
    The object stopped…funny thing NASA cut the live feed.just as it stopped. it came into Earths atmosphere.

    1. Elaine Avatar

      I saw that. Once they showed an object coming out of the sun. It wasn’t a flare. I don’t know if I remember it right, but I think it showed the the object entering the sun, and coming out on the other side.

      1. star48 Avatar

        Interesting amounts of reports…I would have to say, there is a good chance…something has ” located us”
        I guess the question is – will the powers that be let us know more? Your thoughts?

  46. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, jules104,
    3 mag EQ near Carrizo Plain and Elkhorn Scarf. 22 km deep.

  47. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules104,
    Check out …List of Volcanos. Activity, scroll to go to Red and yellow list..
    Jules you will love this Island Park Caldera, latest activity…July 5,2016 !👍🏿😳

    1. jules104 Avatar

      So what was the latest activity from July 5th Star48? An earthquake? Wow that was/is huge! Does that run under you or are you above that area? Not that it would matter at that point really since I think I’d be seeing ash from this one. :0

  48. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 Jules 104 thanks fir letting Jules know Star about our switch to this thread
    Hey guys i just finished reading the Mystery Boom link and what cheekily starts playing as im asking mental questiins what is it whats causing it ” Is it an Earthquake” never even heard the song before …oh the DJ just daid it was Frank Sinatra funny for me..
    I noticed that the dates and areas almost custer ..even if they are hundreds or thousands of miles apart it is on the same date…
    eg.Oklahoma New Jersey..Massachusetts.. then all the way over in Seattle 12th of March. makes you wonder if mostly atmospheric..I dont know….
    Alhambra seems to be raising her voice for attention ….under ground SF…Island park culdra …wel at least we are listening to mother earth and noticing what she is saying though interpretation is difficult..
    I havent checked on exact licatiin for Pilippines 4.3 quake yet ..will take a look..
    Star i know you comented with pink about rooster on Paris thread but will say here ..Every Rooster deserves the chance to crow..mind you im scared if chooks since they stole my dummy when i was 2 so he may have terorised me had i been silly its a shame since they have been going to matches so long..
    thanks for all the links..stay safe you two..

    1. star48 Avatar

      a chick stole your dummy? Strange stories! Hahaha

      Regarding the Island park caldera..I saw a posting on another blog( trying to confirm)
      That there was A sulphur dioxide plume that emitted from around that are..
      Still looking for corroboration.

      Regarding the sounds I found it intriguing . will try to keep up with more data..

      When I was young , in 1952 in CA there was a EQ that I experienced, the sound that came through the earth before it hit sounded just similar to a train..
      I think that is when I started asking about EQ’s from family members, experiences they had etc.,my grandmother,mother went through the 1933 EQ near epicenter..
      They were the ones to explain liquification…and severe ground movement their memories and experiences are still vivid in my mind..( also about the neighbor being so scared he ran out of the was only hrs later did anybody note that he was naked..he had been in the shower)

      1. jules104 Avatar

        I had to look up both the 33 and 52 earthquakes Star48. Those did a lot of damage. Glad you started asking questions after the 52 quake. I am interested in your finding out about that sulphur dioxide plume. That wouldn’t be good. That’s a funny story about the shower man. I bet everyone was so terrified from the earthquake though that they were in shock and didn’t notice much except that they were alive still. lol 😉

        1. star48 Avatar

          actually after the ’33 EQ us when they started changing the building CA.,
          because of the people hurt from falling chimneys and masonary.and collapse.
          My grandfather built his house earlier before the EQ and he bolted the house to the foundation.,my grandfather said he was ridiculed at the his neighbors.

          Jules104, it was such a violent experience..that my grandmother and mother tried to leave the house..but the door handle was going up and down so much they could not grab it.
          They could not stand, they looked outside and the ground was moving like waves..
          The dresser in bedroom was thrown up onto the bed..the refrigerator was tossed and on it side to the other side of the kitchen.,everything breakable was broken.Chimneys, walks, and fences going down throughout the area.pipes bursting, smell of gas..

          To say people panicking is an understatement..and everyone was afraid to be near any structures for fear of collapse or more damage, so everyone slept outside for a couple of days.,
          Remember this was the first EQ many people had experienced in Southern CA.
          There was a lot of dust and sand thrown up in the air..hard to breathe and caused like a fog..hard to see. It was early in the morning.

          But he (my grandfather )told me later he had the last laugh..his house was the only one still on its foundation,
          They never laughed at his strange notions again..

          1. jules104 Avatar

            Wow I hope I don’t ever have to experience an earthquake that violent but you never know. Your grandfather sounds like he was wise beyond his years. I can’t believe he bolted his house to the foundation back then. Crazy notions have become the norm. I bet they never did laugh at those notions of his again. Thanks for sharing that with us Star48. I love listening to stories like that. Oh and that sound of a train…that’s really amazing. Scarey but amazing. Blessings

  49. jules104 Avatar

    I read this today. Security fears about the RNC. It looks like they will be prepared for an all out “war”. Just found this interesting. I hope it’s peaceful protesting.

  50. Luna tic Avatar

    The following shows a high risk for an earthquake today in the Napa area in California. Just came across this when looking at recent activity. The amount of quakes 4.0 and above in the last week has really increased and there was one today at a 6.3 but not deep in the Kermadic Islands.

    1. star48 Avatar

      Luna tic, hi,
      Actually there were 6 of them in New Zealand territory.. Between Raoul a Island and Tonga, near that Kermadic isl area.
      5.7, 6.3,5.7, 5.1, 5.7, 5.0. They were 17-10 km deep..
      I put update earlier on

      I also have noted A 3.0 at the geysers hit CA..Cobb hot spot has been active earlier
      and yes, I think it is close..Luna tic..your on the same page! 😄

      1. Luna tic Avatar

        Thanks for all the info star 48. As I read your stories, I was reminded of one my dad told me about where he woke up on the other side of the bedroom during a quake. The 1952 S. Calif. quake fits the same time frame. He lived in the Irvine and or Burbank area at the time.

        1. star48 Avatar

          Luna tic,
          that whole year lots of activity, as well as lots of mid 50’s
          The Other side of the bedroom! Oh that is unbelievable..did he get hurt?
          The power of the earth…is nothing to ignore that is for sure..Always have to be prepared..

  51. star48 Avatar

    Luna tic, a side note..
    The European reporting agency.CSEM-EMSC
    Recording the EQ ‘s at higher magnitudes..
    6.0, 6.3, 5.6, 5.1, 5.8, 5.0 I would think they were more correct.

  52. star48 Avatar

    2 EQ’s 2.6, and 2.8 on flank of Moana Loa..just now..
    CA here it comes?

    1. star48 Avatar

      another today..2.5 Vicinity Moana Loa..

  53. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules104,
    research note
    Earthquakes can jump long distances.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks Star48. Very interesting info on those doublets. I’d bet they will find more if they go over their past data from old quakes. I liked the “essentially the worlds longest long jump.”

  54. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 the doublet research is a step in the right direction glad there are some forward thinking people in these places with a smack of intutiin to even think of looking at it seeing as it goes against what they are taught ..well done on their part.
    Im wondering if Kermadec swarm will move south west of NZ and trigger somwhere near New Plymouth ..we will have to wait and see…
    Monoa loa hmm watching closely

  55. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 thanks for sharing your story if your grandad and granmother ..what a brilliant idea thats just so forward thinking for his time actually quite wonderous scary would that quake have been and to be able to recount the story to all if you ..sounds like a round the campfire with a hot chocolate story the true ones you love to hear retold….

  56. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules104,
    A little bit of interesting news. -(- how and why)
    A massive fracking explosion 36 wells, in New Mexico..

  57. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, jules104,
    in train with the above comment..
    Oklahoma regulators are putting the brakes on fracking…in an area
    Where EQ’s have increased as well as in severity..

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks Star48. Interesting info. Hope it’s not all to late for regulations at this point.

  58. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 i like hearing news that fracking eartquakes are being taken seriously …here is hoping it gains momentem..( parden the pun) ….
    Hi Jules 104 how you doing? been thinking about you ..
    stay safe …

  59. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules 104,
    Another 4.6 EQ off the Philippines, deep 54.5 km.

  60. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules 104,
    a sinkhole in Sunnyvale…northern CA..
    Not a good location to the faults(s)
    Photos: A sinkhole on an expressway in Sunnyvale, Calif. – KRON

  61. Elaine Avatar

    Hi Star 48, sorry I took so long to answer. I’ve been without electricity for two days do to a storm.
    I don’t think we will learn anything from tptb. Seems they get most of their knowledge from covered up crashes. I think any aliens would be dumb to willing come out. It would be like that alien ship that came to help earth in “Independence Day Resurgence”

    1. star48 Avatar

      I have not seen the movie..but I get the drift!

      One of my all time favorite movies as a kid was..
      ” This Island Earth” @1957 I think it won an Oscar for effects..
      Long story short..Alien needed help for his world..when it was apparent it was too late..
      He took the ” humans” back to earth.(a selfless act.) his own peril…I cried as he crashed into the ocean..

  62. star48 Avatar

    Side note.. Bromo volcano in Indonesia ..erupting again..
    Aircraft being diverted

  63. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules104,
    Dz of seabirds dead, Vancouver Island shores..

    1. jules104 Avatar

      I wonder what happened. They have “blue algae” alerts here in Oregon where drinking water that has this natural toxic phenomenon can kill animals and people. I wonder if it could be something like that. Here is another problem I just saw. A Superbug that’s spread by seagulls. Sounds pretty bad. Here’s the link.

  64. star48 Avatar

    Rhona,Jules104, SWC.
    Research background..

    In the last 24 this litany of incidents.
    ++++Colorado, -Pueblo County..
    Outbreak of Tularemia- ( bacterial infection)Rabbit host
    ++++Idaho- (Bannoch county) southeast Idaho .
    Outbreak of Rabies…2nd Bat host
    ++++California-San Mateo County
    Hantavirus – deer mice- host
    ++++New York- ( Oswego County) towns of Constantia,Albion,Minetto,Scriba
    Rabies- bat and other animal hosts
    +++++Utah- Utah Lake- toxic algae bloom. 3x the amt needed to close..
    Oh forgot
    ++++Vietnam,Prov ( Thua Thien Hue). Water event ( 2 nd) 1/4 less oxygen in water..

    Cannot wait to see what the next 24 hrs bring…( Being cheeky!)
    Lions,tigers and bears!

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Star48/Rhona, just sent a link on the seagulls superbug. Here it is again.

      And those nasty toxic algae blooms. I went to a site (can’t recall what it’s called right now) and signed up for their alerts for hazards here in Oregon. I guess it’s pretty common in the water during certain periods of time and a lot of people don’t have a clue. Does a lot of pets in.

  65. star48 Avatar

    Rare EQ off Florida coast between Jacksonville and Orlando-
    I can see people becoming unglued!
    USGS called it Daytona Beach shores, FL
    3.7. Magnitude, 5 km deep..

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Oh strange. Have they had earthquakes there before Star48? Yes unglued is right if that becomes the norm. Need to keep an eye on that. My Sister and brother in law live in Lake Mary area north of Orlando.

      1. star48 Avatar

        the last time one hit around that area was 1975…around same mag..

        I will send you a background article to put in perspective how rare..

        Here is the list ..and you’ll see..

        1. Jules104 Avatar

          Star48, that’s funny I was basically just reading the Florida earthquake history page on USGS. I guess it’s happened but…did you notice there were three in Puerta Rico also?

          1. star48 Avatar

            Jules104, Rhona, SWC..

            I got sidetracked simultaneously occurring EQ.’s in PNW..and the same magnitudes..

            1st..Canada near Vancouver..

            1. jules104 Avatar

              Star48, Just saw 3.2 in Aloha (Portland), Oregon.

            2. jules104 Avatar

              Sheesh on same page Star48

      2. star48 Avatar

        Jules104, Rhona, Luna tic,

        Strange chain of events..days later there is report that that EQ off the coast of Florida..
        Is not all it was reported to be!

        I know how long to we have to wait for information…
        Today..they reported not EQ put Navy test!

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Star48, I am almost positive dutchsinse has brought this up before when he heard they were preparing to do these tests. I think they had one in June already of this year didn’t they? I’d say not good at all.

          1. star48 Avatar

            right in line with this train of thought…this came out today..

            Navy sonar used to detect enemy submarines broke whale protection laws, San Francisco federal appeals court rules – BBC News


            Remember the proposed explosions off the east coast they wanted to do everyday..

            Yes, usgs scrubbed 3 EQ’s in 6 range completely off pac Ocean military maneuvers..

            1. jules104 Avatar

              Star48, I couldn’t get the link to open. Yes I remember now…explosions every day. What the hey? USGS scrubbing EQs, not good. Sounds like they are doing a lot of covering up lately. Keeping people from asking questions, in the dark eh? I feel like the planet is just taking a beating and the animals/mammals to. Going to have way more consequences than anyone can imagine I bet.

              1. star48 Avatar

                here is a differant link..for Navy ruling.,

                Also. Correction
                .the proposed explosions was not Navy..I believe oil company proposal.

                1. jules104 Avatar

                  Thanks Star48. It’s no wonder the whales are swimming away and beaching themselves. Geez. Those poor mammals.

  66. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules104
    note…Y.S.. Norris Basin uplifting like 2014.

  67. star48 Avatar

    EQ in Tenn…( USGS not showing..also there feed was down 9 hrs yesterday)
    and CA.. Check all the way down list..

    1. jules104 Avatar

      So that’s strange. The whole feed was down? I wonder what their explanation is for that. And Tenn… Why not just show it.

      1. star48 Avatar

        Jules104, new Madrid is being under reported…

  68. star48 Avatar

    Jules104, Rhona, SWC..
    Background on Florida…
    History and tectonics ..

  69. star48 Avatar

    Jules104, Rhona, SWC,
    Simultaneous 2nd EQ in Oregon..Same magnitude..3.2. Have to check depth ..

    1. star48 Avatar

      Just as I was checking depth they downgraded to 3.0
      @27 km deep

      1. jules104 Avatar

        All very…fishy of them. Hmm… On that note feel the red to expand…went to a “July Jubilee” today with the grandkids. They had a fishing area for the little ones to get some trout. Grandson caught one, we’re all ready for the “catch and release”…nope, nada…pulled the hook out, fish was all bloody thru it in a bag flopping all over until it drew it’s last breath. Ugh. Grandson you know looking like what the heck? I’m looking like oh my gosh poor fish can’t believe they didn’t throw it back. They say you can take it over to that man to be gutted and filleted. I’m trying to think what to do? Well I think the fish is dead, a boy has to be a boy and fishing may be part of it I guess, keep my two cents out of it. We hand it to Auntie to do the dirty deed. Grandsons only 3.5, grand daughters 2. Don’t want them to see the fish tortured even more. Anyway, by this time we’ve all decided that we now must eat this fish that sacrificed for us. Ugh. Went home cooked it up. Grandson ate it. Later he says “Let’s not go fishing anymore and make the fish all bloody”. We all agreed! Funniest part is here we are now living in this commercial fishing town and we are wanting them to throw the fish back in. They probably think we are all a bunch of loons from Colorado! Sorry if that got long winded Star48. And for the record, I’m not against eating fish or fishing…we were just feeling a bit traumatized for some reason. Hmm…😐

        1. star48 Avatar

          Jules104, I understand..
          Years and years ago.before being PC Was the rule I had a chick given to me at Easter..
          I was living in suburbia at the time..So my Aunt said I will raise it..she lived a little out of town.
          I would go over and visit her and the chicken –by this time grown chicken..
          I was about 11 yrs old.,one day I stopped by and my aunt said what do you want to do with the chicken..I just looked at her like huh? So she said “let me show you what we did on the farm.”
          .( she grew up on a huge farm)
          She commences to grab the chicken by the neck and starts wheeling it above her head in a circle..
          I was stunned…watching her wring its neck…she stops and says what’s wrong?
          I was speechless..I guess she realized I was in shock..She told me chickens are not born in Plastic trays.
          My mother intervened at that moment…took me home…I tried to understand my conflicting emotions. I knew my aunt was a loving person..I thought about what did I learn..
          Well …I have eaten chicken..probably not as much as other people;
          yet my intellect says that is the way of the land.,

          I think it is important even at a young age for children to visit a farm, visit the animals,
          learn to grow ie carrots,or something they like…
 they understand not everything is born or sold in plastic trays..or bags in the grocery store..
          I remember in kindergarten I felt victorious at my ” carrots I grew”
          Looks and sounds like I am non- PC…person…after reading this..oh well..

          I do understand.your feelings –

 generation had parents that lived through the depression…they wanted us to be prepared for what ever happened..the Cuban Missile crisis was another “lesson”. My father was a newspaper man…was in the know of what was really happening not just possible.,I will never forget the instructions he gave he prepared us…deadly serious.. To a young teenager – I saw the truth in his eyes..

          1. jules104 Avatar

            Thank You for sharing your story Star48. I think we are on the same page. I had to google PC, I am such a dork I guess. Anyway, I just told my daughter the other day that the grandkids need to learn how to garden and grow food so they know where it comes from besides the grocers. It hit me as we were in the store getting veggies and fruits that they have no clue. Now about a month ago we actually started some carrots and celery in some cups inside just so they can watch them grow and get an idea of how it works somewhat. But I suppose they need to go visit a farm like you have mentioned. I totally agree. I was also thinking that probably most children in America think their food comes in a box, can or a plastic bag and that’s that. Though I believe there has been a push over the last few years to reintroduce gardening to children so that’s wonderful. One thing I have noticed being here in Oregon is that most people have a vegetable and/or flower garden in their yard. I hope to have one myself soon. Now I’m not much of a meat eater myself but don’t judge those who are and do see the need for being prepared and learning how to survive off the land. So I don’t know about all that PC business either, I just am, and try hard not to offend others. Maybe when the grandkids get a bit older we can explain to them where the meat comes from. I think they’d be traumatized to know that anyone actually wanted to shoot Bambi and eat him. 😳 Also just something I’ve noticed over the last few years being with the grandkids and around other kids…a lot of them are not interested in eating meat. Mine are not mostly. They actually fuss over it and refuse to eat any type of meat. And I don’t add any of my two cents in. I just find it odd. As if there is a new generation being born at this time who come from…I don’t know where. Just something I’ve noticed is all. Have you noticed that at all? Just curious.

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Star48, are you getting my replies? Just sent that. Just curious. All seems strange.

      1. star48 Avatar

        I think we were posting at the same time..

        I had to go lower on the thread for the second EQ info..a delay..

        Not to worry..more activity above 2.7 , and 2.8 CA
        Than these 3’s in OR and Canada same time…

        We need to monitor..
        Keep your fingers crossed!

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Crossing my fingers and my toes Star48. I’ll try and keep watch much as I’m able. Thanks.

        2. jules104 Avatar

          Star48, I just wanted to mention something I remembered from a dutchsinse video. He was talking about how the earthquakes will eventually travel east and release at the Mid Atlantic Ridge. If you look at the path that’s what it seems to have done. I believe there was one in Oklahoma also. Besides that though there was the one off Florida, three for Peurto Rico, one British Virgin Islands then Mid Atlantic Ridge at 5.2 I think. Pretty interesting transfer there. Do you remember dutchsinse talking about this at all?

  70. star48 Avatar

    Jules104, yes,
    I believe that is exactly what he will talk about on live stream tonight at 10 central time..8 pm Pacific time.. On Dutchsinse on YouTube…definitely getting popcorn. Need to understand his insight on the CA ,OR-Canadian EQ’s .
    You going to watch too?

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Well I am maybe going to have to …ask you later? It’s been a long day with grandkids. I think I watched some that were from previous live stream. Does he have recorded live on Youtube? I may still try and watch though, should be interesting. I probably need to be paying attention better being on the coast and all. I’d like to see what he has to say about Fl for sure.

  71. rhona Avatar

    Jules 104 Star 48 i have just caught up with all your posts Im roaring with laughter Jules ..oh wow and he ate it what a brave lad ..the visuals i had reading were so funny ..yep here you are aunty deal with it ..we had a fishing show in aus where the guy would kiss the fish before throeing them back..your commercial fisherman would laugh you out of town ..
    Star 48 i had to laugh at your story though i can imagine the trauma yes all kids need to know the truth and how the food chain works sister and mother kept chuckens and i saw at an early age how they were strangled then i learned ti pluck them grandkids loose it in laughter imagining nan pluck a chook . …My brother showed me how to skin a rabbit that was hen i was 10 do not ask me to do it now …same story parents went through war and depression …

    Now earthquakes in Orlando Florida hmm im going to pinder on that one ..It doesnt surprise me they are playing down New Madrid though its just not right …Tennessee watch for more for sure ..strange about the feed going down ….im a litle concerned at Seagulls getting a superbug what else is going to be thrown in …our Koalas habe clamydia .wiping them out …
    The singer has been really quiet ..except to give a song for all SWC Diamonds in the sky ..he says we are
    blessings im off to my litle Elvis gig lol…

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Oh I like that Diamonds in the Sky. Have great fun with little Elvis Rhona. Blessings

    2. star48 Avatar

      Jules104,SWC, Rhona

      I cannot top this.. What The singer…has given all of us..SWC..
      Video with lyrics…

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Thanks for the song Rhona and your Singer Spirit Guide. Very uplifting just when needed 😉

    3. star48 Avatar

      thanks for the feedback

      Side note..2.5 EQ in Missouri,also today McMurdo Station hit..5.1,,lots of EQ areas
      Not usually active..
      The west coast in US is becoming active after quiet..I think 7 hit in 24 hrs..
      Above 2.5,,

      And you know that closed Utah lake.,just because it is closed ..people ignore postings..
      8 people sick.. See

      Did you get comment about Japanese EQ? Is that the one ? If so it is confirmation of your comment…

      I wonder why the singer is quiet? Blessings to you..
      ( ps having hard time deciding on Jules song..still searching..)

  72. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 Jules 104 Sukiyaki played and Happy Happy Talk ..was that frim south pacific ? and little one at his party asked if i wanted to play Ninjas that three flags Japan ..

    1. star48 Avatar

      Rhona, Dutch your time period..,

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Rhona, Star48…I looked at USGS and there have been some earthquakes in , Hawaii, Japan…one below you in Belleny Islands. I’ve never seen that before. Just wondered if you two find that different. Here’s the link.

      1. star48 Avatar

        I was checking swarm 5.5 and 4 others not showing on feeds except ANF in North Pacific Basin.,
        Than I think doublet situation at McMurdo Station.,(
        Check out source..( click on red circles for information..)

    3. star48 Avatar

      I had to give you update since my comment to you..earlier this morning about Japan..
      I wanted to let you know there have been 5 EQ in Japan..
      I have a question for Singer? Is this a lead up to a larger one? Today, or in 48 hrs?

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Yes my thoughts also Star48. A bigger one ahead?

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Wow hope there isn’t a bigger one about to happen.

  73. star48 Avatar

    have that reference to possible doublet near Antarctica,
    Can you help me.,getting distracted with breaking news..,
    Can I post the notices about the two EQ can you check if Lat and long are differant? Please?

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Star48, very close.
      1st –
      Coord – 62’39, 720,164′ 11.580
      Depth – 15km
      Location – 1657km from McMurdo Station

      2nd –
      Coord – 62’28,866,165’49.518
      Depth – 10 km
      Location – 1662km from McMurdo Station

      Sorry it’s late. Went on morning walk with daughter.

      1. star48 Avatar

        Jules104, no problem…so it is 2 …the USGS is only reporting 1
        Your right about unusual…not many down that far I think maybe one a few months ago..
        I will have to check.,thanks for the help…🌺

        1. jules104 Avatar

          No problem Star48. Thanks for doing all the monitoring. 🌟💫

      2. star48 Avatar

        Jules104, Rhona, SWC… Research..background..
        background on EQ near McMurdo station,,

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Thanks for the link on info Star48. That’s interesting. I wonder then which type of quake that was. An earth or an ice? Hmm. Either one seems bad.

  74. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, jules104, SWC
    I do not know where to put this tidbit..ship reappears after 90 years!
    Definitely TWILIGHT ZONE
    But as soon as I read the name of the ship..Rhona…I had post ( you will understand)

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Star48, read this on snopes. It says that is a fake news release. Here is the link.

      1. star48 Avatar

        thanks so much.,with all the ” traffic” did not verify source..should have was sent by a friend to my FB..
        Oh well, it s good to be human!

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Yes it had me going for a minute there. Say what? LOL. (Que twilight zone music). Very good to be human! ❤️ No worries.

          1. star48 Avatar

            this whole situation,this time period has been challenging and we have so much to deal with soon.
            ,,has me listening to this song…”where are we going from here”
            I can hear people saying this to themselves..strange I know.,

            Fortunately..we have Eric, Spirit, to assist and having the SWC working for a common goal has been and will be an exception episode for me..
            ( no this is not your song..)

        2. jules104 Avatar

          Star48, I would say the troll is all very predictable. I’ll tell you later. I’d not give them any more of my time, they enjoy it.

          1. star48 Avatar

            it was like having someone coming in to our home and he pissed on the rug..

            I will tell you this I engaged because I was appalled at his trash on Eric and spirit.
            Begone, was as far as I was going to go..I even planned to put a devil face after that word..but I said no..that was emotional..hah.

            I am chanting..—Om Namah Shivaya….

            1. jules104 Avatar

              I agree Star48. No peeing on the rugs in someone else’s house! Except for grandbabies. LOL. Troll man had a whole other agenda and it wasn’t feeling good. A Spiritual Warrior of the Light knows immediately. I felt it to as did others. No matter how many big words or number of pages someone writes, it doesn’t cover up their true intent. Blessings…and I looked up your chant. Learning, learning. 😉

  75. jules104 Avatar

    Yes, fortunately we have Eric, Spirits and SWC and a common goal of helping humanity along to a better place surrounded with much peace, light and love. I know we will make it “home” Star48. Thanks for the song.

  76. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 Jules what troll pissed on the carpet?Rub their nose in it and chuck them outside…though i wouldnt do tha to a dog… Which thread? or was it face book..?
    I was reading cotopaxi ship story and yes cheeky singer chimmed in on radio and “Ghost Busters ” played…..could be a flag?
    Yes Japan a bigger quake ..didnt do the dutch site im having tech probs …
    Juless ine of my daughters is like that with meat and i couldnt eat it when expecting her she is the one that eminates light and mum of little Elvis he is like that too..i think it genetic..
    Though i love my meat i have noticed alot of newbies are like this. ( not inti meat..When we were kids my mum and dad said that animal died that you might have lifes nutrients and so be thankful..sounds a bit plains indian but celtic too ..all the kids have passed this in to their kuds and they can still pat a lamb …though i totally understand people who prefer a meat free diet..
    Star I guess even trill are trying to find their way hime or they wouldnt visit
    I like the song and love he band…
    Your just having a moment and i would like to chime in with my song fir Jules but your nit off the hook ..Rainbow connection Jules…
    Guys im having trouble with interference from local signals from people with fox tel and sattlelight discs ..hope to fix soin its affecting all our internets…the tech guy said people in area are installing cheep imports and the signal mucks up ours …we have regulations but hard to police and its at the import level annoying…This is second attempt at posting this ..i had a internet crash and its happening all the time…..

  77. star48 Avatar

    thank you for making me laugh..
    This is also my second attempt to write and comment.. Strange..
    I usually do not engage as you know with T’s you and I know they have there own agendas..
    I just could not let stand the smear..
    One smear okay…but a litany…I got this feeling of weird energy..
    I have been reviewing my action and wondering …why..Begone, was my reaction.

    This is what I read..that took me into an escalated engagement..
    “His words–
    -No, this is just a statement of fact. Eric’s spirit guides have misled his readers on a number of occasions and this is one of those times where proper context is not being presented. I felt it was irresponsible not to say something in response. He’s getting his words from his guides and they are either being willfully deceitful and flat out ignorant. If you don’t take into consideration the context in which these shootings are happening, then you aren’t telling the whole story. “Unquote…

    I am shaking my head.i wished him a pleasant journey..and let it go..

    , that was when the picture of coming into our home and peeing on the carpet came to me… I had actually envisioned him coming in chat with clenched fists and blood in his eyes..strange..
    I cannot explain the unexplainable ….
    I immediately started chanting..after the release..or terminating contact..
    You think I have tipped into being too sensitive? Strange reaction for me..

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Rhona & Star48, did you read my replies comments. I to had weird energy feelings. Dark dangerous person. Did not like the energy at All! We are wise to listen to these feelings I believe. It all seemed very harmless to some I’m sure…except to those of us who know better. It is not like me to be somewhat in your face leave ” begone”, but I felt it then and when you said it Star48, I knew you felt the same thing I was feeling. Not good at ALL. I’m sorry if I offended others but I just could not stand by and say nothing this time. To charismatic and dangerous. Maybe I’m over reacting but I don’t think so. Hmm.. Anyway yes Rhona what a hoot you are. Who peed on the carpet? Throw them out…but not the dogs…leave them be as they are dogs and mans best friend…they have earned a good pee on the carpet. LOL.

  78. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 Jules U must have been meant ti miss that ine so i could lughten the spirits after the fact ..i usually check Paris thread ..Hey guys ou can watch my back anytime and Sara ..Begone ??? Yep you most certainly must have sensed simethung there but i have past lufe for you with this person when i read all your vebarge …yeah past life ..path crossing swords brandishing ..hmm Martin Luther had a dream and this guy wants it to become a night mare..we alk know that there are some people in theforces that should not be there butcome on like like Sara or was it you Jules you dint punish another for someone else’s actions ..that like me getting a smack in the mouth because my neighbor doesnt like the guy across the road ..not on …
    Well did you get my song for Jules
    Rainbow connection….
    Love you guys and Star you old wizzard you ..Begone is just sorry like im laughing …is that o.k……not like you at all ..Where’ the Glen 20 …disinfectant ..

    1. jules104 Avatar

      I got my song Rhona and love it! Thank You. “Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection…the lovers the dreamers and me.” Thanks for keeping Star and I uplifted. You must have been meant to miss that one for sure. I hope little Elvis birthday was a happy happy one. Blessings ❤️

  79. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 Jules that should read at top of my last post ……I must have been meant to miss that one…

  80. star48 Avatar

    Update on Brexit plans going forth.,trade deals for 2019..?

  81. rhona Avatar

    Jules 104 your welcome and yes the little elvis had nan out the back yard kicking the football ..he got the most points of course He was a very happy young man ..
    I just noticed N.S.W here in Aus has had a small earthquake swarm nit far frim Newcastle is where we had a destryctive quake in 1989 which raises concerns after Erics prediction earthquake in Australia …iwilk havetolook for it .

    1. star48 Avatar

      with the amount of rare eq’s different locations…
      I say that is a important.
      Having a swarm right now in northern CA..Ridgeway…

      Thanks for Elvi sightings! Makes my heart warm..he is happy…
      Side note..,world doping agency is recommending banning all Russians from Olympics..
      I wonder how mad that would make mr P.

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Just saw that swarm you mentioned Rhona. Wow that moderate earthquake in 89 did a lot of damage. Must be the rock/soil? Stay safe. Praying for calm planet.

  82. star48 Avatar
    1. jules104 Avatar

      Holy Guacamole Star48! Hopefully it will calm down soon without any big ones hitting b

      1. star48 Avatar

        jules104, Rhona, Luna tic,
        Ridgemark,CA (my mistake calling Rideway before) is on SAN ANDREA fault.

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Dutchsinse called it right then. Do you think his will lead to a bigger one then Star49?

          1. star48 Avatar


            North Philippines, Is a watch area.

            .just now another watch area he mentioned last night just this second got a 6 mag, Vanuatu.
            I am caught between Philippines, Japan( Rhona-singer), CA…

            If we get a chance can we review the CA new predictions.

            When Japan gets a bigger one than CA /PNW would be next up..
            It could be one of those west Pacific ,East Pacific scenarios.
            So there could be two EQ’s that happen…within hours or days or more?

            1. jules104 Avatar

              My thoughts also Star48…the West Pacific to East Pacific movement.

  83. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, jules104,
    I let Luna tic, know about our background info on Sumatra thread,
    Hope it is okay? I just felt like I should do it..

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Yes absolutely okay to do invites Star48. The more info the better.

    2. Luna tic Avatar

      Thank you all. I would definitely like to be a part of your discussions. I went through a lot of the Sumatra thread already. At first I wasn’t sure what I could contribute to the thread but your dialogs about music as signs from the spirits got me intrigued. My husband was a very talented musician and I feel like he gives me messages through music. Can’t really explain because they are very personal and at times, very funny. Incidentally, when I read your invitation, Porcelain from Moby was playing. I have heard the earth’s crust breaks like porcelain from an earthquake.

      1. star48 Avatar

        Luna Tic,
        welcome to our little reference cafe..where. Music is in the background as flags or messages from guides, friends, and loved ones!
        As you could tell from the thread we explore potential see if can be helpful
        In our attempting to understanding or identifying answers for some obscure parts of some posts..
        As well as collectively getting messages from our guides to put forward..
        Sometimes it works, but I will let , Rhona, Jules104, comment .
        Again looking forward to your imput!

      2. jules104 Avatar

        Hi Luna tic. Glad to have more input. Thanks for sharing your story with us. I think it’s so wonderful that you get messages through music from your husband. What a gift. Looking forward to discussions. Blessings

  84. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 absolutely hope luna tic finds it informative as you sad there is alot of infi there
    cheers.. .

  85. star48 Avatar

    I thought if she was interested enough to read all the background information than she would be able to join us..sort of like a step of education…101

    Anyway Side note..
    New report…on low frequency EQ also tidal influence on faults like Jules PNW , SANAndreas,
    And Rhona I thought of you and your new activity….

    Gravitational tug of Sun and Moon!


    1. jules104 Avatar

      Definetly if lunatics interested. Need all the help and minds we can get right? I totally missed the chatter on the VA quake today. To busy with grandkids sometimes. That’s really interesting. I wanted to mention that my Sister in Fl said they were awakened by a big boom lastnight. I had recently pointed out the EQ off Daytona to them. Wasn’t on their news at all per them. Anyway they said they were told later that Cape Canaveral sent some rocket up and it caused a sonic boom. Now I’m wondering is that true? Hmm… After all the cover ups by USGS I’m beginning to wonder what the hey is going on?! Jeepers.

      1. star48 Avatar

        in this case there was a big boom that carried far fact it scared a lot of people…maybe it was atmospheric for louder sound..anyway launch..Dragon

        See schedule …for you and your sister so you will no what to expect

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Thanks Star48…I have relayed info for expected big booms. lol

  86. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 Jules Luna tic ….Asked this morning for infi on Hayward fault
    First flag came in one hour later singer nudge me to shops …….U had been planning on waiting till after lunch …As i walked in loud and clear on piped intercom music
    Hotel California …first flag …two to go
    i was asking if swarm was a worry or not
    will keep you posted..
    Till then stay safe

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Rhona interesting dutchsinse is calling for movement somewhere between San Fran and Gorda Escarpment over next seven days I believe. Possible 5.? Think I was on live stream from lastnight. Correct me if Im wrong Star48. Also, Rhona are saying the EQ in your area they are saying is from mine? Because that’s what they are saying for the EQ that happened in VA also. Dutchsinse says no way. It’s from fracking waste water etc. just curious if common misleading.

      1. star48 Avatar

        your on target!
        He seems concerned with the Gorda Escarpment..area to CA,
        Also mentions Vancouver area .
        The coordinates the European Monitors used is completely differant than the USGS used hrs later..quite a distance away..the USGS has been caught scrubbing EQ’s before..
        That is why they dispise Dutch.. He has caught them –and now others are aware of it because he is the one that brought awareness of what they are and were doing.,

        they have smeared him..and gotten intermediates to do the same..than months later..use Dutch rational or ” discovery “for themselves
        It is painful to see.,
        That is why he checks latitudes and longitudes , via google earth..also gets others to screen shots it makes it difficult to ” as the kids say desempier..”.EQ’s ..

      2. star48 Avatar

        side note.. Regarding Fracking..
        A report.. That will merit some more study..
        Fracking and asthma.

    2. star48 Avatar

      thank you..for heads up!

  87. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 if you mean new activity for Neecastle in Harvey fault yes im really concerned they didnt earthquake proof any existing structure nor put a building code in place as far as i know …after the 1989 quake its not going to take much a 4 .5 would cause trou ble
    thank for your thoughts alway in gratitude.. After thought it could be mining but they thought that last time and caught them out…

  88. star48 Avatar

    EQ in Richmark, CA just where Dutch said.
    First reported as a 4.4 downgraded to 4.2.. And FYI, apparently Navy, is stating that EQ off Florida was an explosion for testing a ship.
    Will love to hear Dutch about this…hahaha

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Star48, my sister told me that this am. I remember dutchsinse had mentioned something about these planned explosions (or he may have even called it drilling/fracking not sure really) but I remember him not thinking it was going to be so great since you’ve got the Mid Atlantic Ridge over there. Hmm…

  89. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules104, Luna tic, storm..usually more EQ’s during this time – please read data..
    Worried about Philippines, CA…

    1. Luna tic Avatar

      I wonder what magnetic pull the solar storm and the full moon could produce…hmmm? I started looking at Youtube of Dutchsinse and was really taken that he spoke of the then, EQ off of Daytona Beach FL and even commented on how the Navy had done maneuvers out there and that it was located in the Bermuda Triangle. He even mentioned gas explosions. I guess the so called EQ was 5 km deep which would put it at 3 miles deep. I wonder why they had to do the same test again when they had previously tested on 6/10/16 for the same maneuver. I don’t understand the logic but then again, I’ve never been in the Navy. Maybe they are looking old ships and planes or for gas deposits. That is how “s”hell found the civil war era submarine in the Gulf of Mexico.

      1. Luna tic Avatar

        “for old ships…”

      2. jules104 Avatar

        My guess would be looking for gas deposits also. Stars article said testing their subs, ships, etc…but I have my doubts.

  90. Luna tic Avatar

    Predictions on 10-22-15 California Earthquake / Meteor Strike
    I felt the ground shake under me as I slept and it shook heavily.
    That implies an earthquake
    I asked Spirit Where? They responded with.. San Francisco
    In 3 to 4.. the earthquake is coming.. soon.. its big.
    The 25 will be lost to this.

    Notes on 10-14-14 “Earthquake.. wed.. 1 left.. over 500 losses.. North California, San Francisco area.. such horror” — Spirits Voice
    I had a visual of people gathered together, then the ground shook and people began to scatter in different directions, people stumbled on each other and you could hear screaming. (Are they saying Wednesday?

    Could 7:02 be 7/20/16, Wednesday? State Route 25 runs parallel to the San Andreas Fault from Monterey County to Santa Clara which is where I think Silicon Valley is located near (the San Jose area?). San Francisco is to the north. SR 25 passes through Hollister CA which guess what? Nearby had a 3.7 EQ on 7/18/2016 and 2 more on 7/19/16, a 3.3 and a 2.7.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      I think you are onto something Luna tic. I’m not sure about the 7:02. I sincerely hope not though.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        One of the hopes in predicting the ‘now’ events is to remind us at the right time when old predictions are around the corner. So my hope is that when its time we can warn everyone right before the quake.

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Thanks Eric.

    2. star48 Avatar

      Luna tic
      I believe there is a another post that added information..I think, Jules 104, please correct my recollection..
      East of San Francisco….I will try to find it.. It could be ..

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Yes I remember that somewhat. I will have to catch up in the am though, nodding off. Hope there’s no earthquake coming up for CA

  91. star48 Avatar

    Luna tic, Rhona, Jules104,
    This a earlier post, will look for more..
    This mentions central CA,,

    1. jules104 Avatar

      You’re quick Star48. There’s the number 3 again. Sheesh.

      1. Luna tic Avatar

        and 25. I’m getting the Twilight Zone theme running though my head.

  92. star48 Avatar

    Luna tic, Rhona, jules104,
    One of the old predictions..
    I was struck with some of the myriad of flags…

  93. Luna tic Avatar

    “one left” so maybe 2 significant EQ’s one in central CA (a warning) then northern CA?

  94. Luna tic Avatar

    I mean “1 left”. I somehow feel that the unique ways that Eric writes down his visions and notes are part of the predictions.

  95. star48 Avatar

    Jules104, Rhona, Luna Tic..
    Me too long day.,
    spent hrs updating / backing up my equipment,phones etc,( off site )
    had meetings and have some things set for tomorrow.,, I am beat..
    I will ask for help in meditation…before retiring.,

    I will tell you that there has been a lot of missing pets, lost pets, dogs ,cats, horses..
    On the local blog..they post pictures of the ones they have found, in hopes of identifying their owner…in the past 2 weeks are is everyday…that is just not normal…for this area..
    So I think something is up. As they say…

    1. Luna tic Avatar

      Have a good night.

    2. star48 Avatar

      As a followup this morning, I went to blog I am follow / share(The fires last yr lead to this group at Spirit Lake…) I know I think that why they are a great group..
      7 animals since the 16 th..are lost, or ..missing. 2 cats, 5 dogs..the horse was a week ago..
      Spirit lake is 40 minute drive south from me..31 miles..will follow..and ask my sister in law to check in CA..areas..( my family is everywhere)

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Strange indeed if out of the normal every day I’d say. Though I have always noticed more animal losses during the summer/winter vacation time periods. Do you think it could just be that? It sounds like you just are picking up on something unusual though Star48.

        1. star48 Avatar

          I call them mind puzzle worms..hahaha..
          It started with the lady in Ohio, and her animals acting strangely, and the lady near St. Louis ,
          Than others chimed in…thinking it is more than regional.

          Next added piece of puzzle..Lady and son commenting that in the past few days there is a 7 degree change in their compass in Salt Lake City..
          I have felt disquieted with the severity of weather in all parts of the globe..
          Than the uptick in volcanism…since 70’s when I started watching..
          Now the earthquakes…
          Than the sun goes in a minimum cycle…
          ..than there are the Swarm findings on Magnetic field.,

          I know this sounds strange but about 3 weeks ago..out of clear blue I jumped up because the sun was setting was a disorienting moment to far north! I know it sounds insane.,I went to get my compass to start recording..

          That when I noticed that there were reports that the Inuits were distressed because the stars are wrong in the sky…
          You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know..uh oh..

          I think that the missing animals are another piece..and I think it ( whatever it is )
          Wobble of the earth , or tilt or -Sun- or the plasma in the core has …(.?)
          Is unfolding…faster or more severely than anybody knows..I think the animals mean that something is eminent. I hope I am wrong..
          However I will tell you I scored the highest in abstract …category…in testing..
          So keep me anchored here..tell me I need more information..this feeling of unease, is growing..

          1. jules104 Avatar

            Wow lots of “puzzle worms” Star48. No I think you are anchored Star48 and using your God given intuition, which totally includes the high in abstract category. I had not heard the info on the Inuits before now, that’s a hair raiser. So you noticed the sun setting to far North? I need to pay better attention I guess. I think there is something going on with the whole planet which we are going to discover soon enough. I wish I had more time to research, but it’s not possible when watching 2-4 year old grand-babies all day…not that I am uninterested for sure. Don’t want you to think I’m just relying on you to do all the work all of the time Star48. My replies and comments probably come off as mishmash a lot of the times, but I have to reply when I can. LOL (Probably TMI but just wanted you to know so you aren’t wondering where I am at sometimes.) I have a question though…how do you do a recording on a compass? Like on your phone? And how would I check anything if I was going to? Hmmm….sounds interesting.

  96. Luna tic Avatar

    Mysterious “boom’s In Sonora CA This is 130 miles to the NE of Hollister CA

  97. star48 Avatar

    Jules104,Rhona ,Luna Tic,

    I went to find the article about the Inuit sending a letter to NASA..from last year…
    I found followup articles…about EQ 2011 changing the axis 8 inches…

    I am amazed here I was just mentioning it to you as a oh by the my list..

    So obviously my ” guide” pushed me to find ref to share…
    now there is more info gathered..I just read some repeats..but each has a little extra..
    Interested what you think..
    I especially was struck by the sun more northern! I just read that.
    .in the original article I read last year they just mentioned the stars were in the wrong place..

    I just noticed the sun myself 3 weeks ago.. And even mentioning it now was because that lady and son posted that their compass showed 7 degrees move…this week..
    Here is the first of the ref articles..

  98. star48 Avatar

    Eric, Rhona,Jules104,
    I was posting to older thread.
    .a recent article on a differant subject when I ran across this—-

    Found this reference to pole shift.. In the same thread I was posting on.,my eyebrows lifted..

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Good catch Star48. Those articles on the Inuit are really interesting. I actually remember hearing on the news after the big Japan earthquake that the planet had shifted. I don’t think most people actually understand how an earthquake can throw the whole planet off. And Spirits mentioned it also. Thanks Star48.

  99. rhona Avatar

    Luna tic how special the songs cimmunicated to you must be …I kniw what you mean about it being quite humorous sometimes …and the timing is indisputable have you found its so… blatant when it comes through …i know its like my singer knows everything i do feel and experience in my relatiinships and daily events …..this is wonderful you experience this too
    blessings to you lovely lady…

    1. Luna tic Avatar

      Thank you very much!

  100. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 Jules Swc here is another Kryon channeling where he goes into our new positiin in galaxy affecting magnetics ..unteresting read ..yeah i toi have read the inuit observances but im nit worried about it ..
    I do remember the threads we all talked about the magnetic shifts before and i toi noticed the sun rising in a different spot my family thought i was odd

    1. star48 Avatar

      I got your comment about Paris…Deep breaths! Do not freak out!
      Dimensional time windows are mind boggling….I have had those experiences …great gift…
      Tell me how your feeling on this thread…when you get a moment…
      What you are experiencing is a good thing……Waiting to have you share..
      Here to support you! 🌟

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Thank You for the link Rhona. Beautiful wonderful message. I love it! Blessings

  101. star48 Avatar

    Rhonda, jules104, Luna tic,
    found article than study about super volcano.- time for super eruption.
    Published yesterdat.
    Based on a study Long Valley Calera- tufts..( near Mammoth)

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks Luna tic. That’s also right across from the Gorda escarpment area.

  102. Luna tic Avatar

    Maybe I’m up too late but I get Palo Alto running in my head.

  103. star48 Avatar

    Philippine EQ..Med range..4.9 magnitude

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Star48, just wondering if you noticed anything weird in earthquakes yesterday, lastnight, maybe even today…with a lot being within the same range, and the triple junction did not show on my USGS world map until I clicked on it. I saw it last night so I knew it was there. I saw red flags for some reason lastnight. Went to check it out this am and was like…where’s the dot on the map? Went over to side bar, looked for it and only after I clicked on it did it show up again as a dot. Just strange to me. Why would it (they) do that? Maybe it was just showing today’s? But no it shouldn’t have been I think. Should have been what was in list on side bar? Sheesh confused. Also the two quakes in Alaska. One right on top of the other. First one was maybe deep second maybe 1km deep. (sorry on my phone if I leave reply to check info, will lose reply:(). Maybe it’s just a drilling site. Any updates on dutchsinse? Do you think Philippines quake is precursor? Blessings

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Star48, Rhona…My younger daughter just had a “time shift”?? Not sure if that’s what you’d call it. Right before the Munich Attack started she had been meditating she said there was an old man with a beard which she thought as Nostradamus speaking in a poem metaphorical way. He showed her an image of a big dead tree with a big rock slab type of alter thing. It seemed like a beautiful place like Stonehenge but then she turned around and a bunch of people dressed in black were stabbing this white sheep. She thinks there were three who she said were really “pissed off”. Then shown a rider dressed in black on a black horse riding through a desert at night the earth was “super”cracked and dry. Behind him was a big dark shadow coming. She got the feeling of things planned and he was the leader. He has come and he was going to lead them now. Then she was taken to this area on a corner where she was shown all these people fleeing with a big white building and this shadow man darting through the people and would touch the people and they’d like disappear. It was a really disturbing feeling she said. The shadow man there was completely dark except his eyes lips were cracked and gross looking. He was chanting something but in like a whisper. Then she was hearing feeling there would be three days of death. There was more but she can’t remember right now. She remembers looking at the time and it was 10:02. She was baking bread and her timer left said 10:02 also. She feels this time is significant somehow. Did I mention she came out of her room and saw this in Munich and freaked out? And I started to explain that I had been discussing time shifts with my site family and that I think you had a time shift maybe and began to explain it as how Nostradamus would go into the future and see the future. Then she thought it was strange I mentioned him as she felt the older man was him. Shes also been getting an image of the American Flag but the red on the flag is bleeding out. Not a good image. She said that her meditations are usually warm and fuzzy so this one was really different for her. Sorry if that was mosh madhed. I wanted to get it written down before she forgot it. She wanted me to put it on the blog. Any thoughts advice for her? Thanks. Blessings.

      1. star48 Avatar

        Jules104, ( having ATT issues again)
        I will have to keep this succinct..
        You need to get her a journal only for her time/ visions..making notes on how it started,what she was doing, as well as how she felt before-all she —saw, felt ,heard or smelled. Time references –
        Are important to track missing time and or duration of window….
        Tell her not to freak…not to fight is a gift…
        She ( this is important) must not be fearful.
        There are many people having all kinds of experiences…
        Give her reassurances she is not alone…
        I will have to wait til Monday, hopefully my electrical aura will settle down.. ( had to call the electrician again…) differant room —
        And my data issue will be addressed…keep good thoughts.
        Tell your daughter she is lucky! She is not causing sparks..!😳

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Oh gosh chuckling at the Sparks Star48. Sheesh I had t thought of that. Ugh electrical issues. Thanks for the quick reply. I should have added that I did not expect for quick replies but just wanted to get that out as she told me it. She wasn’t so much scared but it was sort of like a shock since hers are usually warm and fuzzy as she stated. She’s been meditating for years now and don’t think she expected it was the main thing. She said I think the number three is important for some reason. Sheesh really? There’s that number three again. So is there going to be another attack. Wasn’t it the subway and the mall so far? Anyway hope and pray not. I will forward on to her what you have said about the journal etc. Also I thought I’d heard someone mention earlier that there was a journalist who was at the mall area but hid. I want to check that as this keeps occurring and reminds me of Erics France prediction. Is this a timeline also? Seems weird repetitions lately somehow. Blessings and Thank You Star 😇

      2. swampy11 Avatar

        Jules, that was a vision packed with a lot of info, it looks like. Earthboppin’ is a website where people share dreams and visions, too. Folks will chime in and at times, it can be enlightening to get these other perspectives. It seems there is so much to observe and each of us trying to find our places in all this. It’s also easy to let the fears take over and be a “chicken little.” LOL! But, this is something with a lot of messages in it. Rhona, I thank you for your perspective, especially. I have trouble with metaphorical stuff. You’ve clarified quite a bit.

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Thanks swampy11. Everyone has been so helpful. I will pass on the Earthboppin website to her also. She’s been meditating for a while but that last experience was more of a shocker to her. She was shown these dark entities and then the people running away from the mall area and then came out where I was watching the news and saw it in real live streaming. I think she’s use to just being shown things in symbolism? Not real life scenes. I don’t know how Eric does it all on a daily basis. I know his Spirits will filter some things but… Very Thankful to him and All that are here on his site. Thanks again swampy11 for your kind words.

  104. rhona Avatar

    Hi Jules 104 from what you relayed of your daughters vision it was nit a true time shift experience where your awake not in meditation but all your awareness is moving through another day similtaniously ..Star mentioned dimentional time window which is like her experience..time for yourself durung the vision can alter when the meditating and visiin is over you may have lost hrs though it seems minutes…thus has happened in my days of meditating often and i saw 911 happen 2 weeks before the event stays with me …
    The vision is not always clear and exact as we know with erics opinion is the ancient she saw is something from her own akash which is symbolising her inner shaman from long ago and is indicative of a precognitive vision …she may see him before each vision …yes a journal would help and making notes of her thoughts and questions worries for the world and humanity through out her day as the visions may relate to answers of these thoughts ….in time the symbology will become more clear when there is a repition of certain charcters in her visions ..sometimes these visions are personal relating to what you are experiencing in your life desert could imply barreness and feeling derselet in current curcumstances an overview of her situation may shed light on some of the vision …if non relates to that it might well be a precog world event but maybe ask for clarity in next vision ..sometimes it happens that way it comes like a bolt of lightning out of the blue ..but on some level your daughter must have wanted answers to her thoughts
    I believe as we progress as a more compassionate enlightened society more and more of us will display and experience these visions and insights its where we are headed ..I am not sure how much I have helped its like a game of charades in mine sometimes like they showed me a tandem bike once and then i said bicycles and then they showed more a clock ..i had asked that day how time works …its on bicycles ..cyclic ..past present future i wanted the physics of it…..tell her hugs and a kiss in both cheeks as a greeting
    blessings to both of you …oh yeah sometimes when it first starts and is so out there it only makes sense when the event happens with time it wilk get easier or like Eric started a blog ti help him decipher his …

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thank You Rhona. Yes I believe more like a dimensional window. I will pass on to her all of your wonderful wisdom and a kiss on both cheeks. She will take these to heart I know. Blessings Always

  105. rhona Avatar

    Star48 I shot an email off to Eric thanking him for forwarding your contact details but i may have sent it ti wrong address
    Eric I sent it ti your requesr a reading email adress did i do it wrong did you get it ok to do this …
    Star i copied this to my url at midnight last night saw the mamoth lake swarm thought magma ..didnt know about the risk of Hazardous volcanic gases causing such a problem there Mazuku they call it ..co2 levels ..amazing I include the link
    as i know you live a read Jules 104

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Star48, Rhona, Luna tic….So holy cow. I just finished reading Rhonas link (Thanks Rhona, yes loved that read) on Mammoth Lakes and went back and read your article Star48. Does not sound good. That would be devastating to a lot of people I’d think. The mazuka sound really crazy. I found the degassing the French are doing at the other lake areas very ingenious. But I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near that when if it happened at Mammoth Lakes. Really though that super eruption sounds worse. Weren’t you told by your Spirit Guide to leave The Mammoth area Star48? Blessings to All.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Did you send the request for a reading to

  106. rhona Avatar

    Eric ..short…
    Ling answer ..there is nothing i would like more but we dont di credit or debit cards so that counts me out..
    So have i made a mistake with how these details of Stars can be passed on to me ..I did use that email addresss there another way …sorry if im being a pain ..

  107. rhona Avatar

    Eric what I didnt explain is how i do everything on my phone which is ancient and has little memory for any more apps so i dont have twitter face book etc not that they are very private ..
    That is how it is for me computer or tablet …oh well ..thank you anyway..

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      You can email the request to , where did you send your request??

      1. rhona Avatar

        Eric thank you yes that is the address i used …just sent another

  108. rhona Avatar

    Star48 jules 104 luna tic see Kuril 5.9
    Guerrero mMexico ..5.5
    Sumatra 5.4 @1km and 5.4 @10 doublet maybe
    Hawaii 4.9 i saw it was near Muana Loa but lost link
    Alaska Pen 5.7 200 km depth

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks Rhona. It’s sort of what I noticed the other day but these are 1 mag higher it seems.

  109. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 Jules Luna tic Pavlov Alaskan pen worth a watch

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks Rhona. Just curious. Did you mention a Penn recently? I vaguely remember someone mentioned that.

  110. rhona Avatar

    Jules 104 the penn converstions i remember are when eric’s spirits wrote Pen all on it’s own and we wondered if it was pensylvania and we postulated hotel in New York and train station was to do with attack ..but we werent sure if the Pen related to the bulk of the post
    Swampy ..thank you for your words of encouragement
    Jules im addung this puc because it is beautiful.frim our paper ..scrolk down to kangaroos and as im posting the singer is chiming in with ” Waltzing Matilda on radio” you gotta live him..

    1. jules104 Avatar

      That picture is gorgeous! I liked the amateur photographers story also. Him saying he thought it had to do with karma since he had rescued a lamb by the side of the road earlier that evening. Perfect picture and perfect song by your Singer to go along with it. Thanks Rhona.

  111. rhona Avatar

    jules 104 glad you liked it.I like that story too ..what a nice man…

  112. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 Jules 104 Luna tic
    south pacific going off Tonga 5.8 ..5.6..4.9
    Png 5s and high 4s though deep at present shallow ones to follow moving west as dutch would point out that righ?..Hokkaido 5.3 100depth…Honshu4.5 ..60 depth..and 4.9 ..10 depth..

  113. rhona Avatar

    Swc 3 flags Alaska but im getting moderate

    1. rhona Avatar

      Luna tic Jules
      west Indian Antarctic Ridge 6.1 depth 15 klm
      I have had 3 flags for australia
      Waltzing Matilda
      Little boy lost about N.S.W in 60’s
      Still call Australia home

      Im thinking may southAustralia seeing as WI ridge
      but im not ruling out N.S.W …
      PNG is a watch and Sumatra…

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Hi Rhona. The USGS has the WI Ridge at 5.9. Down graded? I havent watched dutchsinse for a few days. I will try and take a look and see what his watch areas are, his thoughts on it. I hope your Singer is “off key” but… I will be praying for calm down under. I’ve noticed Star48 hasn’t been on. I hope it’s just tech issues and he is doing well. Blessings

  114. rhona Avatar

    luna tic Jules from n cal to central and south cal releasing little bits of pressure in low 2.s Mamoth lake has gone quiet ..maybe an inbreath hmm we will have to keep tabs on that magma flow…

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks for the info Rhona. I just checked Mammoth Lakes for today, there have been five in the low 1 mag. I hope that’s a good sign then? I’ll try and keep watch. Blessings

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Rhona, SWC… Just watched the 7/22/16 7 days out Earthquake Forecast on dutchsinse. Gosh to many places to mention. Things are getting “bumpy”all over. Here is the link if interested.

    3. jules104 Avatar

      Rhona, Luna tic… 6.4 off Papua New Guinea.

      1. rhona Avatar

        jules104 luna tic ….thanks Jules i will check out dutch ..the inly reason i dont sometimes is so i can be clear on my messages from the singer …
        ii got 3 flags for Argentina
        and chilli quake 6.1 they said on news and some buildings damaged …i have not got the link to that yet ..will do though….

        1. jules104 Avatar

          I totally get that Rhona and had actually thought about it already wondering if it could squee your senses somehow. I’m not sure if that made sense, lol. But anyway, I will keep track and am almost positive he will be issuing a forecast where Eric is saying there will be a big one. I’ve noticed that Eric and Spirit are way ahead of dutchsinse even. Just find it really interesting. I feel as though I should send dutchsinse a link to Eric’s site. I bet he’d find it interesting to see how the science and the spiritual work along side each other. Hey have you heard from Star48? I hope everything is alright with him. Blessings and thank you for always having the right thing to say to others on this site in such a graceful manner. Truly a light worker. 🙂

    4. jules104 Avatar

      Rhona, Luna tic, star48…here’s an update from dutchsinse for 7/25/16. Found it pretty interesting. Two of the forecast areas hit today already. Chili and Papua New Guinea. Calling for watch in San Fran area off coast of N CA up through Southern Oregon possibly and Vancouver Island area I think it was. Said he would do another update live this pm. I am going to try and keep track with what he forecasts since these 6. Mag EQs. I bet soon enough it will match up to where Eric is predicting a large EQ in Indonesia. Here’s the latest link. Not to long really
      Okay I’ll reply again with the video. Be back. Blessings.

      1. rhona Avatar

        Hi Jules 104 thank you so much for kind words itsa bonus to be appreciated….
        I have not heard from Star 48 but i feel he is sending us messages in his meditations and thoughts …it must be driving him bonkers
        I just finished reading Eric and spirits latest on big quak philippines or Indonesia …
        one of our SWC recently posted a dream saying it went alk the way across frim PNG to Bali i think
        who ever you are could you post again with your dream …sorry i dont recall your name ..
        yes I thought Png and philippines lets see if singer chimes in?….I have been worried about Sumatra for weeks now just a nagging hunch…
        I also remember a tsunami dream i had sometime ago and that was in the indonesia area…
        thanks again Jules keep well and ontop of it all

        1. jules104 Avatar

          You are very much appreciated here on the site Rhona. 😇 I remember your mention to Sumatra. I bet your Singer will be chiming in soon. Praying People are reading Erics site and the information is getting out to them to prepare and be on watch. Blessings

    5. jules104 Avatar

      Here is the updated dutchsinse link. Hope it works

  115. rhona Avatar

    Jules 104 luna tic Star where ever you are..Seems stars ATT are still out.. hope its not a precursor for something further down the caost …
    anyhow news report was wrong they daid no damage from Chilli quake

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Rhona, Luna tic… Thought I remembered seeing something about a storm on our local Northwest News channel. Looked it up just now. I think this may be what’s going on with Star48. Poor thing. Power outages, trees down, etc. Hope he’s alright being up on that mountain top and his eagle with nest is still up in his tree. Praying for Star48. Here’s the link.

  116. rhona Avatar

    Jules104 thanks for the link of sorms will send light and prayers for the area Star so frustrated ..hope he is safe ..yeah hope his eagles tree is still standing …we all miss his in put ..
    thanks for Mammoth lake update ..dont know what i was looking at thougyt it quietened will take another look
    stay safe

  117. rhona Avatar

    jules 104 Swc …jules im adding a link that is a beautiful channelling it needs to be audio downloaded but well worth it .the download is free please get your headphones ready ..this guy has been to
    united nations to channel .
    The second Audio is the one that is most informative
    Saturday main that is

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks Rhona. I shared with my younger daughter also. Can’t wait to listen. It may have to be tonight after grand babies time though lol. I looked up the website for the original Lee Carroll Kryon channeling which I think is the same. Can you tell me if this is the site which you go to for the links added here on Erics site sometimes that are written down? I find those very informative and interesting also. Blessings and many Thanks. Have a great day (evening?). 🙂

      1. rhona Avatar

        Jules 104 yes that is the same Lee Carol channeling kryon that i post a transcript of his chanelllings ..if you explore the site it goes back. past 2004 ..nit all are audio but a great deal are …in1989 i read some of his work and then in 2011 again and i didnt click it was same person …there was a time i did automatic writing and the otes i took were confirmed two and three years later in his channellings ..questiins i had asked of a physics nature from when i was a teen that i recieved intuitive answers were confitmed in his channelings ..especially talkung to your cells ..i had cancer 20 years ago and astounded my oncoligist with a healing by 3 days before they operated….ling story but a here to tell the tale

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Wow Rhona. Cancer and you cured it. Amazing. It’s amazing the amount of wisdom that has been given by channeling, psychics, etc, and so little has been used by the medical community so far. Some day right? You are an amazing woman (warrior) Rhona. I’m so glad you were healed long ago. You are most assuredly an old soul. Blessings to You.

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Rhona, I listened to “Prepare for You”, Kryon Channeling lastnight. Very informative and uplifting. I can really relate to it. The go vote part rang true with me. Had already gone through that and decided I have to vote. I really really love how uplifting it is…as I am guessing you knew I would. lol. Yes we are not in this alone for sure. I am going to try and listen to the other ones tonight. Thanks so very much. Heaps of Blessings on You 😉

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Star48 saw this on Space weather and dutchsinse. I know they can correlate with earthquakes. Down the page there was a small coronal hole facing earth on 7/23/16, said to arrive in three days. Today?

  118. rhona Avatar

    Jules 104 Star pisted just above this pist ..he is back but very quietly
    are you ok Star 48…..thanks for philippines update….did you catch my welcome back on other thread …

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Rhona I think I jumped on your thread for a hello to Star48. I feel bad for his data, satellite dish, drive 80 miles to try and fix it issues. These communication companies are not very compassionate for those of us who live out in the remote areas. It seems all of their problems become your problem since you aren’t in the big city so to speak. They have an issue? Must be where you live of course and something you’ve done. And then there is the trying to keep track of who said what and when…but now…they didn’t. LOL. Poor Star48. I am going to pray for him to get this fixed today and that whoever he deals with shows him some compassion and mercy. Seems so minor but… 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

      1. rhona Avatar

        Hi Jules jump in any time im good with it ..The Telco companies are the same here and your right if your remote ..they advertise their coverage then when ut fails its not their prob ..and this is the spiel they give ..” can you just explain all that to my collegue ” and you have to go over the same stuff with someine new then they pass the buck too..
        yeah here is hoping Star gets some compassion…
        yeah i feather of bravery for my coup stuck with a notch for the cancer days ..
        Its amazing what fears we face and then realise we come well equiped and its not so scary grace seems to betow you at those times…old soul for sure Im so blessed to have come this far but im only half way round the block s have quite a few mile left to walk…but I never walk alone ..we are all here together …
        Hey! i like that warrior woman..
        dont get me wrong i have a great belief in wholistic medical approach and working with the doctors and their gifts too and i have never feared a recurrance what God and God within fixes stays fixed…
        enjoy and blessings…

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Rhona well said. Oh my you are sooo much a Spiritual Warrior! I am very Thankful you found Erics site. Yes we never walk alone. I just have to share this with you. I found it hilarious sort of in the moment. Keep in mind I am now what most people would say was poor financially. My 21 year old is filling out papers for her third year in College where she will transfer to a University. I’ve been helping her as much as I can. So I say to her, I sheltered you way to much in life. We are joking because yes she relies on her Momma to do a lot of things for her still. She says well you have to look at where I came from…I lived surrounded by million dollar homes (no not mine), and you didn’t let me go out when I wanted to….. I just couldn’t stop laughing. Oh my my, it’s worse then I thought. This must be my Karma I’m receiving now. Well I must say she doesn’t get in trouble or do drugs. I said Is that what you think sheltered is? Sheesh I grew up so poor my sisters and I had to gather wood to heat the home, never knowing where our next meal was coming from. I guess it’s all in ones perspective right? I just thought that was hilarious about not letting her go where she wanted to equating to being sheltered. Hmm though I do suppose it is all about where you are coming from huh. I got my work cut out I think. LOL 😳🤔🙄

    2. star48 Avatar

      thank you I read on Paris post…
      I wrote you a reply..will be having to go resolve missteps by 2 companies today..that will take me — offline for most of today..I hope no longer…
      So I am keeping good thoughts that ATT can stand up for the missteps of Another co they own..and is part of thier package! The other company has messed up so badly…
      It is going to take visual aids to untangle it…as well as make it right..

      I just want the unlimited ordered 4 times !
      I ended up buying my own Direct TV dish to comply with thier (ATT)requirements- service with Direct TV- and prove I could get signal.- since Direct obfuscated to ATT

      Now that I did that got great signals..I caught them .in untruths- than they switched out brand new dish with another dish..( what am I to do with 2 dishes)
      .NOW..they messed me up…with ATT as they cancelled my orders with ATT saying they could not do it. Which has messed up my plan..
      So tell singer need a little song to untangle this horrendous experience..and make it right
      To get my Unlimited from ATT as first ordered, and ordered again,and ordered again,
      And Ordered AGAIN..All my orders Cancelled by Direct TV..if it was not so insane I would be laughing…

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Star48…been there done that. OMGolly gee! I know how frustrating that is. Argh! I posted earlier…Praying, sending light and love energy to bring forward a compassionate and understanding with sound mind, Representative to help with untangling this problem you are having. Blessings & safe travels.

      2. rhona Avatar

        Star 48 i will postthe singers song as soin as i get it….good.luck SWC miss you.

  119. rhona Avatar

    Sta 48
    hope yor drive for sat dish was trouble free ..
    the singer gave me two songs …the first is the cheekiest he has ever been but is laughing and hopes you do too
    The big O
    There once was an Indian brave calked Yelliw Hand …remember you said say yellow to the singer instead of hello
    now he brought this through same time I got an email frim Eric
    He also sid he did kniw Roy and that was relayed to me crypticly durung a reading 5 years ago by a phsycic..He was name dropping at the time hahaha Indian Wedding ..thats what is called
    The second song relates to your telecommunicatons
    You can call me petulia clark….sounds like your going to get it sorted
    blessings for the new day ahead have a goid night

    1. rhona Avatar

      Jules 104 thanks for sharing about your daughter its truly incredulous what comes out if their mouths at times im smiling ….you love her heaps its obvious …and why not aneithatist assistants son ..ince an inspiring dreadlocks aspiring muso ince said to all of us thunderstruck ..oh i pretty much brought my self up ..yeah he nursed himself though collapsed lungs premmy baby ..chronic acute asthma and all the teenage dramas etc we list it and seriously laughed…He is now a great dad and husband and says he has no idea why he said that..
      so yes Jules you can look forward to epiphanies in her senior years have been a loving supportive mom your sense of humor has seen you through ..I love how you crack yourself yourself up …
      blessing to you and your girls.

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Oh yes. I am most certainly looking forward to those epiphanies in senior years. Hahaha. Thanks for sharing your story also Rhona. I bet you all were laughing! Just the look of seriousness on their faces does it for me. But then that’s when you know they have a lesson up ahead to learn and you have mercy on them. Oh my I’ve had my share of lessons. :/
        So yep…Children…such a blessing to keep us rolling in laughter.

  120. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules104,
    Fuego erupted. ( 70 miles from Guatemala City)

    Photo: Fuego Volcano erupts in Guatemala – @HombreNoticiaGt

    1. rhona Avatar

      Thanks star48 given that Terrialba is only 580 mls from Fuego It wouldnt be a surprise! if Terrialba starts too th QKHRPgDEsQFggLMAA&usg=AFQjCNGrA ey have done it in the past ..add link for interest

  121. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules104, updated
    Fuego ash map of eruption..huge..

    Map: Shaded in yellow, area of Guatemala affected by ashfall from latest volcanic activity from the Volcán de Fuego – @ConredGuatemala

    1. jules104 Avatar

      That is a huge area Star48. I wonder how that is affecting their crops, water, animals etc. let alone respiratory.

  122. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules 104, SWC,
    Unprecedented amount of EQ at Norseman, Australia. 33 in one month.
    Still trembling..

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Star48,Rhona- It states it’s a classic earthquake sequence. Where you have the main one then smaller ones sometimes for months or even years after. Sheesh. Well I hope they are right.

  123. star48 Avatar

    Jules104, Rhona, SWC,
    Disturbing trend happening in CA..Lake Elsinore has been closed..

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Star, Rhona- see 7.7 Mariana Islands
      There was. 4.7 for Indonesia prior.

    1. star48 Avatar

      Jules saw!
      Mariana danger of Tsunami at 188 km deep..

      Wow that strong at that depth…

      This does not look good for shallower aftershocks….

      1. jules104 Avatar

        No tsunami warning for Hawaii. Not sure about other areas. Thinking not. Pray. There was a 4.7 right before in Indonesia. So you think we’re looking at shallower more destructive ones now Star?

        1. star48 Avatar

          yes, I jumped on Dutch site..
          Alerting —-Southern Japan as activity has been all around it .
          Also northern Philippines..
          He hopes for swarms of smaller ones. 6’s
          Because of the depth..he felt an upwelling would affect volcanos in The area..

          the time frame for the East few days …Central America to Canada in play..

          At the same time this EQ hit a rare 3.0 hit in Utah!
          So he wants us to monitor this weekend..

          1. jules104 Avatar

            Star48, one of the dutchsinse forecast areas hit already. Concepcion, Guatemala 4.5 mag.

            1. star48 Avatar

              i know it is amazing to see his accuracy..
              I think that is why the professionals do everything they can to discredit him.,
              I admire his pluck..he just continues with his explanations.
              And continues with his work.,sure he complains about the trash thrown at him..but he persevered .

              1. jules104 Avatar

                I agree Star48. He has grit. Also, I meant to comment on the toxic algae link/info you had on yesterday. I want to reread that link. They have a lot of that go on here in Oregon but they act like this is normal. I actually got signed up for “Alerts”. Want to look and see how how long it’s been going on for. The main one I hear is called “blue algae”. Very toxic to animals also. This is what the Vet told me may have killed my black lab. I’m not sure about that but there is a lot of water around here. Side note…I just saw there is a city called “Mons” on the BBC news. It was about a terrorist arrest. Gosh a lot going on in my reply. lol. Have a great day!

    2. star48 Avatar

      just now2:48 PST.
      USGS. Just corrected it’s depth to 212.4 km..
      I jumped to Dutch site he is actually initially showing 2 EQ’s at differant depths..
      Will go check it out..

      1. jules104 Avatar

        I got two for Indonesia on my tsunami alert app but only one shows up on USGS. Going to check again.

  124. star48 Avatar

    Jules104, July 16 th I mentioned Utah lake closed for same reason as above,conditions..

  125. star48 Avatar

    so far just one..north of Guam..Mariana Islands ..Dutch says..definitely having a EQ on East a Pacific side in next few days..
    He feels because of the depth 212.4 km the upwelling could affect Indonesia…or surrounding areas…
    He said southern Japan could have significant movement to watch..also northern Philippines..
    And of course West US… Just as that EQ happened a rare 3.0 happened in Utah!

    1. rhona Avatar

      Jules 104 Star 48 that was a jolt and a half wasnt it…The Challenger Trench ..Mariana Arc 2550 klm long from Japan to Guam .69 klm wide Touching on Izu-bonin Islands …Izu Bonin Trench into Japan Trench ..The Shikoku Basin under Tokyo land mass concerns me ….as stated a couple of days ago I see the Aleutians above a 5.00 mag soon that whole area is so interconnected ..and thenphilippine plate movement and north philippines comes into the mix …
      you have probably caught up with Mexico being Tabasco area with foods and mud in Erics prediction about a hurricane for mexico Jules but thiught i would add Tabasco to our memory…
      blessings guys im a ltle late catching up ..time has been short this weekend .