Typhoon Mangkhut

This prediction is happening.  Please pray for the safety of those in the Philippines and Taiwan. I will try and confirm the exact trajectory and who will be affected the most, however time is not on my side. The two land masses are the north end of the Philippines and Taiwan. The storm is expected to cross in between those two land masses, it has already struck the island chain of the Marianas.

Predictions 12-26-17  I had a visual of a Typhoon or Hurricane in the ocean. (This late in the year??)

The Typhoon went through a set of Islands and then crossed through two land masses right next to each other, almost as if it was going through a canal.


Predictions 12-26-17

I had a visual of a Typhoon or Hurricane in the ocean. (This late in the year??)

The Typhoon went through a set of Islands and then crossed through two landmasses right next to each other, almost as if it was going through a canal.

I can only think of one land mass that would fit and that is Malaysia and Indonesia, where Singapore sits. 

In 3 .. I had a visual of someone putting a bomb or device together. Then the Spirits said  The bombing is huge, massive in size.

Tomorrow the 27th is marked. I really do hope its not the airplane attack.

They also talked about “Australia being affected” at first I thought they were talking about the terror attacks, but its more likely they are talking about the coming Tsunami. I will ask.

Earlier today I posted ‘ World Predictions of 2017″ I am asking for everyone to share that post with everyone you know. This post goes to the heart of what we are trying to accomplish, as we work towards altering these tragic predictions through awareness. Showing them our accuracy takes us one step closer to that mission. 



Predictions 6-24-17

I had a visual of the first major Typhoon of the season strike the Philippines. The Typhoon struck the bottom 3 land masses. Prepare yourself please, it is expected in the coming weeks.

We are sorry Eric, its coming very soon… terror.. terror..

“The repugnant era of today will pass. Nicer days will return.”

Philippine Typhoon

The Spirits are predicting a Philippine typhoon. There was some debate on the timeframe of mid to late July. We are also trying a new way to bring awareness through videos. Its an easy way to bring awareness to all and share the content. Please help us make everyone aware of this video and the Typhoon.

In other news: We are still focused on predicting the coming earthquake expected in the Philippines. We discussed a timeframe of the 3rd/4th but I need to verify. We are focused on predicting the ‘next’ event and everything points to France and previous predictions they have made, but I want to make sure the details are the same.

I  asked about Brexit, and there message that Britain would stay, to which Spirit simply said “Its not over yet.”


Notes on 7-23-14

The Spirits went on a full-blown preachy rant. We discussed excluding it as we have before in other posts but surprisingly they wanted this one to go out. It is their opinion and honestly a good point so please keep an open mind and verify facts before I read the vitriol. Unfortunately it’s not word for word but a summary of our conversation, it went on for hours. Here are the predictions first.

“The cause of the previous storm (Typhoon Rammasun?) will cause a massive mudslide, so much horror and damage that the mudslide could be considered more damaging than the storm.” — In my opinion that would point to China.

“Typhoons and Hurricanes, yes to Florida.. China will be hit again and again and again.. next for China is unexpected.. the east will be hit.. also Indonesia.. but its Florida and the Bay of Bengal that has the greatest threat” — Other expected storms are in the North East US, and the Philippines, however nothing will compare to the other two.” — We will be asking for the details on Florida.

“The virus.. yes to its deadly threat.. and it will pop up in other locations.. but the real threat comes in fear.. fear and a cold calculated response will be more damaging.. watch for it.. we had predicted it.. vaguely.. words of security.” —  I assume we are talking about Notes on 5-28-14 as it relates to China’s quarantine.  But in their opinion we are more of a threat then the plague.

“As we observe.. we notice one glaring issue none of you are taking care of.. all of your current  disputes, attacks, and violence can be summed up in one word.. extremist. From every part of the world this word has become your plague.. elimination would drastically make the world better. The US radicals shutting down its government.. the Europeans racial isolationist.. Myanmars violent monks.. rabble rousing Russian rebels.. Muslim Uyghurs.. Israel’s stubborn unwavering pessimism.. Al Shabaab, ISIS, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and many more all fueled by liars. So let us debate the worst on that list of radical insanity and the one subject we are familiar with:

Jews believe in the God of Abraham, Christians believe in the God of Abraham, Muslims believe in the God of Abraham so when Christians denounce Islam as a false Deity they are talking about their own God. Radical Muslims burning down Christian Churches in the name of God is itself a contradiction of faith.

Jihad means to struggle and represents an internal struggle of a righteous path, radicals have some how made it an excuse for genocidal war. Humanity is swallowing lies and next to know one is verifying the truth.  For those of you who oppose the Islamic faith, have you read the Qur’an? Those of you who oppose the Christian faith have you read the Bible? Because if you haven’t your just fueling propaganda.

What has happened to those that know the truth or the moderates of the world?  Where is your voice? Where is the voice of the ‘moderate’ one? Stop being so silent, take back the world that is yours and speak the truth! It is the truth that ends this, not your guns or your political positions but a moderate path and it needs to end.”

Their message is not directed to you personally but humanities apathy in allowing a radical world to prosper, which now spirals out of control. I hope you help in always sharing the truth and the facts, but more importantly verify and research your opposing side for the sake of a more balanced opinion of your foe.

Here is a reference to the word Jihad. Yes it does have an external position of a physical struggle against the enemies of Islam but in no way does that justify the actions of todays world: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jihad