Predictions 6-24-17

I had a visual of the first major Typhoon of the season strike the Philippines. The Typhoon struck the bottom 3 land masses. Prepare yourself please, it is expected in the coming weeks.

We are sorry Eric, its coming very soon… terror.. terror..

“The repugnant era of today will pass. Nicer days will return.”

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    1. Yeah we get it, you don’t like Trump. Get over it. I had to deal with Obama for 8 years. I’m pretty sure they’re talking about all these terrorist attacks. Which is a lot more important. Can’t wait till they end. Sorry Eric. I’m just tired of people turning things political for no reason.

      1. Okay everybody, please don’t fight about politics for now; focus on other predictions.

        I sure hope the ‘end of the repugnant era’ means there will be a drastic decrease of terror attacks, and that groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda and Boko haram will be defeated. Groups like that have murdered too many people already.

      2. Another Trumptard getting defensive about the inevitable…

        So you didn’t like Obama because he tweeted nonsense, didn’t get anything done, acted like a 3-year old, clueless about everything, pissed off the world, selfish and put himself first before others, enriched his business and his family’s business, sexually assaulted women, refused to release his tax returns, lied every two seconds, suppressed freedom of the press, ruin the environment for our younger generation….. oh wait, that’s Trump. Obama’s skin color was just not fair enough for you I guess.

        And Sara… no more meditation comments from you please. Just let us be.. We can fight to stop attacks and also speak out against those with no common sense and decency at the same time

        1. Sean you just gave us an example of what the repugnant era looks like. The absurd notion that it’s somehow ok to viciously attack another person for no other reason other than to be mean. My gift allows us to strive towards such noble acts, we could help so many people, instead we are obsessed with politics.

      3. With all due respect SeanB, calling someone a “Trumptard”, and automatically assuming that because they didn’t like Obama they must be racist doesn’t exactly demonstrate “common sense and decency” either.

        In any case, Eric’s prediction about the repugnant era leaving is welcome news for everyone. Especially if it mean less terror attacks and murder; seeing this stuff on the news and worrying about it happening wherever we live is wearing us all out.

        We’ve all been feeling helpless and scared when we hear about ISIS attacks, or hate-crimes or whatever. But we all want things to get better, and we can make it better if we try.

    1. Hello Eric, SWC and Everyone!
      You are Totally right Kim! This message is a glimmer of hope for our world ..for sure!
      AND for me, I also PRAY PRAY PRAY that this means a Much More LOVING and KIND, more Gentle and Caring future for our Precious Wildlife, Animals and Environment- Lands and National parks,- not only here in America but All of the world- ALLLL over the world in Every Country- in Every city and town.
      Kindness, caring and LOVE LOVE LOVE- BIG HUGE LOVE, shown to our Wildlife, Our Animals, OUR Lands and Parks and Oceans.
      I PRAY for our VOICELESS- of every kind- the disenfranchised and Abused, Tortured and beaten- people all across the globe going thru these atrocities and brutalities, and being suppressed- but ALSO and just as importantly- OUR PRECIOUS WILDLIFE AND ANIMALS- on land and in our seas.
      I Pray to Spirit that these INNOCENTS are Saved and Protected from the Slaughter, Brutalities, the Suffering, Torture and Killings they are going through NOW in every country.
      WE- humans- are the Stewards and should be PROTECTERS of our Wildlife and Environment- Saving and Securing them from Evil Cruelty, Torture, and Slaughter and Killings.
      I Pray to Spirit that the nicer days ahead- means the same for our wildlife and environment too.

      1. I have been extremely upset, crying and stressing out over the DeListing of Our Endangered species- most recently these Evil Laws and bills passed to Delist our precious Bears in Yellowstone, Our beautiful wolves, the Evil killings and the allowance of slaughter of our bears and Wolves in the Supposed -to -be Protected Alaska Wildlife Refuge, and the careless actions towards our Endangered Species . I pray to Spirit and God that somehow, some way, our Endangered Species can be and will be secured and protected so they can live and thrive in peace.

      2. And I totally forgot to add- Saving Our Majestic Wild horses, and Our Beautiful Elephants…Oh so many to mention- so many to look out for…

      3. Cat, is this happening in America? Why oh why would they not protect the animals? Your government is hell bent on destroying everything that is good.

      4. iamtot-
        I know!! This is heartbreaking !- Those who have the power, either they just don’t care or else..they really are hell bent on killing and slaughter just because…for whatever reason-
        WE as Humans Can do SO MUCH BETTER-!!!!
        WE. MUST Take Care of our WILDLIFE, ANIMALS and ENVIRONMENT!
        we must do it.

    1. I think it’s broader then that, an era when terrorism means cutting off heads, when terrorism is the norm. But most of all an era were it’s perfectly ok to verbally bash and attack each other in the most hurtful fashion. When did that become ok?

  1. Eric,
    When the spirits said “it’s coming very soon”, what time-frame are we looking at before the attacks happen? A few days? A week? A month?

      1. Uh-oh.

        Everyone, here are some steps you can take to help prevent attacks:

        1) Alert police if someone leaves an unattended bag, backpack, or suitcase in a public area.
        2) Alert authorities if someone goes into areas they’re not supposed to be in–access areas for planes at an airport, subway tracks, stuff like that.
        3) Make note of emergency exits in any area you are, and have a plan on what to do and where to take cover.
        4) Be alert for any odd behavior–like someone wearing a heavy coat on a hot day, someone acting furtive or hyped-up.
        5) Talk to family, and discuss what to do in emergency situations.
        6) Carry pepper-spray or some sort of self-defense weapon.
        7) In light of truck attacks, be especially watchful of large trucks or pickups or vans near a crowded area.

  2. After hearing that one of the Supreme Court justices plans on retiring this summer, it made me think about your prediction concerning the travel ban and how it won’t be effective in preventing the next terror attack — that is, if it goes to the top courts it’ll most likely be approved since there will now be a Republican majority presiding it. Not sure what major terror attack prediction could be linked to this travel ban not being effective.

  3. Eric, do you have any information relating to the gay prides that are coming up? especially the “World Pride” taking place in Madrid the coming week. They expect 3 million people attending the parade and parties. Let’s hope and pray nothing will happen! God bless you and everyone taking part in this actions to prevent bad things from happening! Greetings from Germany, F.

  4. To me the repugnant era is people not able to be civil with each other just because they disagree about politics, religion, etc. And make no mistake, there is real blowback from our collective inability to treat each other with respect. I believe in terrorism is rooted in our inability to see the humanity in people who act and think differently from us.

    Truly we are one race and we better start finding a way to see where we agree instead of just disagree.

    This isn’t TV it’s real life and real people getting hurt on both sides. It’s time to treat each other with respect, even if we disagree on politics. Rant over.

    1. I asked some friends of mine who are older about the lack of common decency towards people, when was it as bad or worse than it is now (because in my lifetime I have never seen such), they all separately said it was during the Civil Rights Movement. So I’m not sure if the lack of decency ever went away or just went underground or what happened to make it flourish or at least seem to be accepted as normal conversation.
      I would love to see the world change where people stood up against evil for their fellow men and women instead of sitting behind keyboards and phones bashing each other. It seems that many either didn’t learn from history or didn’t study it. Either way it exhausts me to see the same arguments over and over again.
      I do hope this means an end to terroristic acts being commonplace, as well as arguing among adults with regards to politics. It’s fine to stand up for what you believe in, it’s fine to state those things in appropriate settings, but if you reduce yourself to calling names or making fun of others who believe differently, your argument becomes invalid. (By you, I mean all of us, not specifically you.)

    2. mhb,

      I agree completely! People can disagree with each other without turning to name-calling and insults. (And adults honestly wonder where children and teens learn this behavior from?)
      Part of being a democracy means letting other people speak, debating civilly, even if you dislike their view.

      We have the right to yell and scream at anyone we disagree with, of course,…but it doesn’t solve anything. All it does is make adults look like pre-schoolers…and even pre-schoolers would handle conflict better than adults, because they’re at least willing to try to get along if someone offers them a snack!

      The political world and the media sort of thrive on drama–the media, because it sells and draws viewers, politicians because it rallies people around to their side. But it benefits no one else.

      1. Exactly. 🙂
        We have to make a choice to focus on what we have in common instead of that which separates us and divides us.

  5. Eric has it been narrowed down that there will be a terrorist attack on a theme park? It makes me think somewhere around the 4th of July, so many celebrations around the country, the US anyway.
    Have you heard anything else about the trains?
    I can’t seem to put together the predictions that haven’t happened, that we are currently still waiting on besides these two and the one describing the plane (if it is still in play-for lack of a better word).

  6. I couldn’t reply to your comment Eric, the site has the comments all running in to the blue again, but I did want to say a more humble time sounds wonderful to me. I believe it’s time we go back to helping each other, gardening and taking care of our neighbors. We still have so much to learn from the Native Americans, as well as our own ancestors.
    I do hope the attack isn’t centered “in” a theme park. I fear the amount of killed and injured if we can’t alert authorities in time. I pray for you that you see such violence and feel helpless to stop it. You are certianly a very brave man. I do hope we can stop or alter these predictions.

  7. Again, the “days” timing is alarming. Here in Canada, we’re celebrating the country’s sesquicentennial (150 years). Expecting close to half a million people on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill. That might not sound like a lot to Americans but it’s the most ever for a Canada Day celebration. They’ll have closed down all the downtown streets surrounding the hill by midweek. Plenty of security measures but nothing is 100%. I think we’re the only country involved in the Middle East that hasn’t been hit, save for a lone wolf attack on the Hill a few years ago. It’s daunting because it’s the first time officials have been this open about the need for security. We’re not used to it, we’re historically peacekeepers and every country’s friend.

  8. Hi cat…regarding our endangered wildlife…I get knots in my stomach every time I read of another killing, another mandate to rid this country of special gifts that are ignored by our mustang, bears, wolves, eagles!….I do not and never will understand the killings of these beautiful creatures…I just down get it!!

    1. hi Linda ! Blessings to you and I Totally agree with you – in every way! I just cry and cry..and yes feel helpless- and then I go back to Praying to Spirit and GOd- I go right back to asking God and Spirit and praying to them for help and a Solution because I do not know how to stop all of this hate and killing and slaughter and I believe that Spirit and God will ALWAYS show us the way! Spirit and God KNOW how to stop all of this destruction and slaughter.
      I believe demonstrating LOVE and kindness and compassion and showing caring and cherishing our animals and wildlife..this is a great start on solving this! …I hope! 🙂

      1. Linda, We have to keep looking forward , keeping the little glimmers of hope in our sights, and pressing matter what-
        We cannot give up hope.for our precious animals and wildlife . We are the only ones who can save them and our Environment …They all need us to press forward now more than ever- 🙂

  9. Thank you, cat. I cry when I see the lack of care and sympathy. …I just don’t know what to do and how to help our beautiful animals

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