Typhoon Mangkhut

This prediction is happening.  Please pray for the safety of those in the Philippines and Taiwan. I will try and confirm the exact trajectory and who will be affected the most, however time is not on my side. The two land masses are the north end of the Philippines and Taiwan. The storm is expected to cross in between those two land masses, it has already struck the island chain of the Marianas.

Predictions 12-26-17  I had a visual of a Typhoon or Hurricane in the ocean. (This late in the year??)

The Typhoon went through a set of Islands and then crossed through two land masses right next to each other, almost as if it was going through a canal.

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  1. Eric,

    There are 7,000 islands in the Phillippines.I have relatives outside Manila in the next island over,

  2. Eric,
    Update: ✔️::
    Super Typhoon “Mangkhut,” known in the Philippines as Ompong, is expected to make landfall in northern Cagayan, Luzon, Philippines on Saturday morning (local time), September 15, 2018 with maximum sustained winds at or near 250 km/h (155 mph).


  3. Eric,SWC,

    The fast-moving typhoon, the equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane and more powerful that Hurricane Florence in the Atlantic Ocean, was centered 280 miles from the Philippines early Friday, after passing through Guam and leaving rainstorms, power outages and landslides in its wake.

    PAGASA, the Philippines’ government weather service, said the storm is accelerating forward and will bring torrential rains, very strong winds and possible storm surge.

    In a Friday weather advisory, PAGASA said the storm, known in the Philippines as Ompong, is expected to make landfall in Cagayan-Isabela province early Saturday. Residents were “advised to take appropriate actions against possible flooding and landslides.”


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