Notes on 7-23-14

The Spirits went on a full-blown preachy rant. We discussed excluding it as we have before in other posts but surprisingly they wanted this one to go out. It is their opinion and honestly a good point so please keep an open mind and verify facts before I read the vitriol. Unfortunately it’s not word for word but a summary of our conversation, it went on for hours. Here are the predictions first.

“The cause of the previous storm (Typhoon Rammasun?) will cause a massive mudslide, so much horror and damage that the mudslide could be considered more damaging than the storm.” — In my opinion that would point to China.

“Typhoons and Hurricanes, yes to Florida.. China will be hit again and again and again.. next for China is unexpected.. the east will be hit.. also Indonesia.. but its Florida and the Bay of Bengal that has the greatest threat” — Other expected storms are in the North East US, and the Philippines, however nothing will compare to the other two.” — We will be asking for the details on Florida.

“The virus.. yes to its deadly threat.. and it will pop up in other locations.. but the real threat comes in fear.. fear and a cold calculated response will be more damaging.. watch for it.. we had predicted it.. vaguely.. words of security.” —  I assume we are talking about Notes on 5-28-14 as it relates to China’s quarantine.  But in their opinion we are more of a threat then the plague.

“As we observe.. we notice one glaring issue none of you are taking care of.. all of your current  disputes, attacks, and violence can be summed up in one word.. extremist. From every part of the world this word has become your plague.. elimination would drastically make the world better. The US radicals shutting down its government.. the Europeans racial isolationist.. Myanmars violent monks.. rabble rousing Russian rebels.. Muslim Uyghurs.. Israel’s stubborn unwavering pessimism.. Al Shabaab, ISIS, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and many more all fueled by liars. So let us debate the worst on that list of radical insanity and the one subject we are familiar with:

Jews believe in the God of Abraham, Christians believe in the God of Abraham, Muslims believe in the God of Abraham so when Christians denounce Islam as a false Deity they are talking about their own God. Radical Muslims burning down Christian Churches in the name of God is itself a contradiction of faith.

Jihad means to struggle and represents an internal struggle of a righteous path, radicals have some how made it an excuse for genocidal war. Humanity is swallowing lies and next to know one is verifying the truth.  For those of you who oppose the Islamic faith, have you read the Qur’an? Those of you who oppose the Christian faith have you read the Bible? Because if you haven’t your just fueling propaganda.

What has happened to those that know the truth or the moderates of the world?  Where is your voice? Where is the voice of the ‘moderate’ one? Stop being so silent, take back the world that is yours and speak the truth! It is the truth that ends this, not your guns or your political positions but a moderate path and it needs to end.”

Their message is not directed to you personally but humanities apathy in allowing a radical world to prosper, which now spirals out of control. I hope you help in always sharing the truth and the facts, but more importantly verify and research your opposing side for the sake of a more balanced opinion of your foe.

Here is a reference to the word Jihad. Yes it does have an external position of a physical struggle against the enemies of Islam but in no way does that justify the actions of todays world:


88 thoughts on “Notes on 7-23-14”

  1. Spirits rant felt like a breath of fresh air…I have for the longest time believed that ALL religion was one religion. With one God known by different names. I agree the moderates have been to silent. As I have developed my beliefs I have become more vocal with them. More confident to speak the truth. To seek good and move away from negative talk and action. It is a scary but amazing time in which we live. Guided by Spirit and God our world will heal.

    1. My heart just filled with so much joy…thank you spirit and eric…all is one in my heart and vision for the future… truly in love with humanity and always have been non of us can look at the world around us and not know there must be change..our leaders must start to realize your peoples have had enough…enough is enough…listen to our voices we are intermarrying and falling in love with each other across the boarders moat of your peoples are ready for peace grant us trust in your abilities to bring this world together we are crying out for you to stop the ancient hatred …we will diagree but it can be as loving siblings. Blessings family..

    2. A, I feel the same way! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. Yesterday, I wanted to share a post about this on Facebook and I didn’t because I did not want to offend. But I feel that I can no longer just listen and cringe when those around me use religion to judge and condemn others of other religions and opposing views.

  2. Thank You for Sharing Spirits and Eric. I totally agree with them. What’s ironic is I had a full blown “rant” of my own this morning while watching the MH-17 Hearst Procession in the Netherlands. I know that this idea/thought at that moment was not very “nice”, but this is what I told my family. “I am so tired and sick of all these terrorist/extremist/religious groups wanting to hate on and kill each other! I wish we could put them all in one country/area and nuke it!” Now I know that wouldn’t fix matters completely, and I really am not for nuking any part of the planet and that it is not very Godly thinking, but I am only human and just feel that this planet/world would be much better off without them and I myself am tired of waiting on them all to figure it out. I don’t even know if they are interested in figuring it out, looking at anything outside of their box or from a different view point, finding out what the truth is. Half of them are just plain insane I think and enjoy harming and killing others, and using religion as an excuse to justify it. I can’t help but think God is giving us all a “Wake-Up” call through the many tragedies which have/are occurring. I just hope people pay heed to it.
    As for Florida, I have family that live there in the Orlando/Lake Mary area. I will be watching those predictions closely and warn them. Hopefully they will listen. Prayers and Blessings to You Eric and Spirits.

    1. Hi jules 104 i must have a lol at your post as i did the same thing and my family were ducking for cover …thank god they know where i was coming from…with grandparents and parents like us the children are in the right place and the balance of humanity is the same so more power to the future of peace understanding tolorance and forgiveness spiced up with intellegenc and maturity. Love you …

      1. Thanks for that Rhona. I needed that input. Was feeling sort of bad for hating on the haters. LOL. Sometimes though I just want to scream and rant and tell them all to put on their big boy pants and grow up! HA…If only it were that easy. But yes I do still believe that the light (truth) will prevail in the darkness and fill the whole world with peace, love and understanding. The waiting is hard sometimes though. I can only hope that through these tragedies more and more persons hearts and minds are beginning to open up. Love and Blessings.

  3. This is completely spot on — all this extremism is nothing but a perversion of religion, culture and ideology and we do ourselves no favours in tarring the whole based on the actions of a few. As for having more of a voice I truly wish I could, I do what can in my circle of family friends etc but that’s just the smallest ripple in the vast ocean of humanity. My heart breaks with what is going on all over the world at the moment – I never stop hoping that tomorrow or a tomorrow will be a brighter day though. Thanks for all that you do.

    1. Do what you can Coroico to bring awareness to the truth. That’s key. Share the information on what we need to do to turn the tide. Make the truth aware and the voice of moderates.

  4. since the abrahmitic religions are lies, religion as itself is a lie, it is something humanity must overcome. As noble your intentions are with this page as naive they are, every human is responsible for their own experiences they also create them themselves. But anyway I guess the world is stuck, and what happens if something is stuck you pull it or hit against hit until it breaks, and that is happening I guess….
    Also lies, what are lies? Human use their toughts and believes to create truth, so they are actually living their truth that is the power of humanity, but people are oblivious of that fact. In my opnion the old wisdom has been forgotten and is replaced with “god” so humans behave like children but that is okay, as everyone has the right to learn, but it also means that one must face the consequences.
    Maybe if you see it as a purification it might be easier, as for me I am not afraid and I am also glad to live right now, the past 1500 years were much crueler at least in europe. Also people yearn for change and they feel powerless and struggle with what they have learnd which leads to extremism. Long speach short it is teh consequence of what peopel have learnd and beleived and thise believesystem is destroying itself. My humble opinion. But of course I would prefer if all woudl just say” o sorry we are all equal there is no need to fight live your life as you wish”…. but if they would do that the abrahmitic religions will die in the long run so tehy struggle to keep there power. As for the EU racial isoloisationist, they are afraid..

  5. Preach it! Two snaps and a twist! Go Spirits! We are listening!!! Thank you for loving us enough to try and help. We will continue spreading the word of Love and that these ancient books are all so similar and yet no one understands the message that the three major prophets spoke on love and respect. Not on all the hate and warmongering and judgement found in texts prior to those prophets.

      1. You are more than welcome. It is good not to feel as alone as I used to, even with all the amazing friends I have, I felt alone in having visions. I felt it was to not be spoken about. Lately I have been having the fear of Civil War as I start to see extremist “christians” talk about the “gay agenda” and that we should all be stoned or worse. That we are “sinners” and “devil worshipers”. I know this isn’t true because I am christian and buddhist and have been to heaven. But my fear is that somehow this country will reverse and an uprising will happen and that many of these wing-nuts will get their way and they will start killing or hurting people that aren’t “christian like them”. What does Spirit say, if anything about this, in the future. I know you have prophecies that go further out. But in one of my visions, I was hiding later in my future. Hiding from the crazy zealots that seem to want blood “in the name of Christ”. As if history is repeating again. The Spanish Inquisition, The McCarthy Era “witch hunts”. I feel more unsafe as a moderate gay man, than I felt before. As if all the scary people are coming out of the woodwork. I have spoken to other people, and they feel the same. I have never seen as many gnashing of teeth from southern pulpits as I do now within the media. It feels its getting worse. Will it get better? Are we safe?

      2. Jon..Jon blu..JB just beautiful.. If all the souls in the world had a heart as yours this site would only exist for loving chatter and communication. Some of our dreams are prophetic some are based in our fears .i learned a little trick studying psych a few years ago….call the dream to other words it is a lie and then visualise the outcome you desire…believe it with all your heart and drop the fear..if it comes true you still will have removed yourself from it.walk in the light dear heart and all those you love. Be mindful…i hope you are ok with this post my

      3. rhona, that was absolutely so inspiring for you to respond. That did give me much peace. I just watched a WONDERFUL documentary on Netflix called “With One Voice”. It was so inspiring to me this evening as was your wonderful word. You are like the fairy godmother. I think sometimes we need to step away from the negative just to remember we are safe in the here and now. That we must believe that this will turn the world around. Faith that the Light, the Positive, the Divine will outshine all the negative. Thank you so very very much!!!!! I read it three times 😀

      4. JB may i call you JB?…. Jon Blu i kid you not…i wear sparkley shoes and i love um….and u got goose bumps from head to sparkley toes when you said i was like a fairy godmother…tring ….your welcome your joy is my joy ….

      5. There are no coincidences. I always knew I had helpers around me. Thank you so much Rhona. Keep wearing sparkly shoes. They are bound to be good luck.

    1. Jon and Rhona – I loved reading this thread between the two of you. Rhona, I really resonated w/ your advice, “Call the dream to lie” – I will try that method myself when I have dark dreams. I even love that phrase. This helps me greatly. Being a precog has its challenges. Keep wearing those sparkly shoes! Makes me think of The Wizard of Oz. Jon Blue – I am sorry that you and others feel fear from extremists who judge based on one’s sexual preference. Duality thinking must break down before we all on this Earth know that we are all one; when we resist our brothers and sisters in judgement, we are unaware that we are resisting life/love itself. I do think we are making progress, but the media paints so much fear that we lose our true selves. love and peace to you both and to Eric and Spirit and all of those who read this thread. We are all one folks!

  6. so really enjoy this post! thank you so much. please let them carry on, a very great teaching post, for us all! since, I live in florida, I have been sensing, for some time, that we were going to get hit, has been way to quiet, for florida, with floods and hurricanes, nature and earth, seems to be so very angry with humans, cant blame them………..bless you eric, for touching others, and for teaching all of us, how to be better humans………….allen

  7. Hi Eric – I’m actually glad that Spirit busted open the proverbial ” elephant in the room” with their commentary. Not shocking at all except for any one in denial about the somewhat messy state of affairs and affairs of state. Quick question – Is the plague in question the Ebola outbreak ongoing in Guinea and Sierra Leone ? Hopefully this plague will be curtailed. Life can’t afford to lose any progressive humans.

  8. This post speaks to me on a deeper level than you can imagine. I’m constantly treading the line between people of continuously radical and opposed view points. It’s so hard to fight the categories that humanity continually tries to place on everyone simply because of one belief or another. And the hate that comes out of that segregation and labeling is incredibly extreme and insane! The one facet of life I believe in is love. Love yourself, love those around you (human and non-human alike), love your life and opportunities, and most of all love every moment like the precious gift it is.

    I hope someday soon the world starts to see leaders that are more focused on healing the world and loving our differences rather than trying to eradicate it.

    My two cents – love and thanks to all!

    1. LL it seems this is a subject so sensitive and heartbreakingly personel no one wishes to comment…im sure we have all had our thoughts, here are mine…..your emotional intent to protect these women and girls will go. A long way…surely the husbands and fathers of these our sisters in gender must want to resist this order…..i am praying with you someone with the power will intervene …bless your rage and horror into the light

      1. Eric, I once or twice noticed that it is almost like an overlay. Sometimes one event seems it mirrors another. In our same time frame, Similar -just not exactly in the same place.
        What are your thoughts?

      2. His Eric, Star48. I’ve been wondering the same thing. Like they are over layed, or just mixed somehow. Or like a year out sometimes. Or repeat of history but tweeked a bit.

        1. My overall thought is they are talking about a subject and it seems to have multiple related issues. For instance they just clarified that the list of terror attacks are two separate situations.

  9. Eric, how do you want us to go forward so that we can “weed out” one event from the other?
    Where, when. Etc.
    Do we focus on place first? Than ? What are your thoughts?
    We have put forward various places.. As Jon Blue put forward Chicago,as an example.
    Should we start a Seperate thread for each “event”? What do you think could make it simpler ?

    1. The conductor actual has a new plan of attack, with the most major or influential predictions he plans to ensure a ‘complete’ prediction, which means an event, a timeframe, a location, and other details. Watch for that, but I will make a point from here on out to mention a need to focus our actions on that. We are working on one right now, a typhoon or hurricane expected in mid Aug or the second week, we just need a location.

      1. Thank you , and spirit ..for the overview and information.
        You have my full attention and support. Blessings!

  10. Eric:

    do the spirits see a quieting ( i wont say end because its unrealistic unfortunately ) to extreme-ism? some more moderate leaders stepping up. I go to a christian study every week and the man who teaches it is a very nice man and a friend of mine and while i do consider myself a conservative, I disagree with some things he has to say, I dont consider islam an evil religion and although i’m not gay, i say to live and let live i dont hate gay people and i dont thin Jesus would want me to does spirit see a time when things take a more even tone?

    1. Yes, they have marked this year as a dark one. We will have to wait and see what they have to say but moderates do eventually take it back.
      Have you read the Quran Dave? I would encourage anyone who makes statements about a religion such as your teacher to at least read the entire body of work before passing judgement. I honestly am perplexed by the distance between the two religions, both follow the God of Abraham, both follow the angels Gabriel and Michael, and both believe in Jesus Christ even though his place in the heavens vary. You would think with all of those teaches the two religions would be the best of buddies. Just curious though how is it evil??

  11. Eric,
    yes I have actually i am catholic, went to a catholic university and my religous studies teacher (a roman catholic preist) made us do an indepth study in 2002 a year after 9-11 so needless to say the wounds were still deep and the decision was not popular. However, i was amazed at their devouteness they stop 5 times a day to pray when most dont stop 5 minutes, I feel very conflicted sometimes at bible study because this man is very nice to me, he is a friend he prays for me and my family, he says wonderful things about Jesus’ Love and he is a very kind hearted and giving man. However, he is very staunchly devoted to the exact readings on the bible and will say things about catholicism being a false religion and the pope being the antichrist and a lot agaInst other religions and that if you are not “saved” you’re going to hell, not in study he will mention things like a global economic collapse and a one world economy and the end times prophecy and to be honest thats how i came to your site because things such as this made me uneasy.. you’ll see me ask about alot of “end times” type things b/c i want to know if any of what he is saying might be true. it conflicts me greatly. i’m sorry to go on a bit of a soapbox rant but all i know is that I love jesus and the life ive been given and I just want it to continue, even though the things that he says sometimes scare me or are things i disagree with, i dont hate him because i know his heart and sometimes even though i think hes misguided and TOTALLY wrong he wants me to know jesus.

    thats why i come here because it seems these spirits actually do know jesus and can tell me what he wants.. I read some sites on bible prophecy and it scares me so much ok rant over

    1. Dave this man sounds like the people I use to go to church with when I lived in Arkansas. I was very involved in the Choir, Youth Group, School, etc. It was a non-denominational, three thousand member church but many there were from a Baptist background. I was raised Catholic but do not follow it anymore. They meant well and did a lot of good for a lot of people. But yes they preach that Catholics are going to hell and the Pope is the Anti Christ, Jews are going to hell, Gays and Lesbians are going to hell, yadda yadda yadda. I began to feel that the more I went to Church the further away from God I was getting …oddly enough. I felt this was a place that was preaching hate instead of love. That which God is exactly…Love! I unfortunately had to pull away and follow my heart and what I saw as the truth. Not what the church was telling me was the truth. But what I believe each of us have been given, free will, to search out Gods love and what his truth really is. It is not my intention to say these folks are bad people, but I had to move on down the road less travelled. Each of us are in a different place in our lives. Some find they can not move forward or it’s just not their time to do so maybe. I found that I could not stay put in that box, so to speak. I must say it wasn’t the easier thing to do though. There was a lot of condemnation from some, and a bit of a struggle. But I needed to follow Gods plan for myself and not theirs. And I have never looked back, but in sorrow for them. I hope this helps. Blessings Always

      1. Yes I have Eric and while that does give me great comfort, it also scares me a lot I know I should never be afraid of the lord but I’m also a younger man in my late 30s and the thought of all this being over soon worries me, very selfish I know. Everything is very scary to me right now

      2. I just want to have a good life and reading all of these terrible predictions and seeing more and more of them become truth by the day frightens me because although yes, eric has said that things do get better, the moderates take over and things become more peaceful, there is no talk of when but there is talk of an antichrist rise, jesus coming back and a bit of a third world war.. i’m afraid that I will never see “good times” again in my lifetime…very, very scary

          1. both of what Eric, the moderates taking over and things getting better is not in your lifetime or the antichrist and jesus returning?

  12. it really freaks me out when he talks about things like the worldwide economic collapse and a one world govt, and religon some of the things seem like they have no basis, or when he tells me if i’m not saved i will go to hell.. talks of these awful, terrible, things are what drew me here, i wanted to know if spirit saw any of these things because some nights i can not sleep thinking of such pain and suffering happening to my family and friends the worst part is, you just have to google this stuff and you find a whole bunch of people that agree be perfectly honest, there have actually been times that all of these “doomsday” predictions have actually caused me to not want to live anymore, i ouldnt do it because i believe suicide is a sin but i get increasingly more nervous with each passing day

    1. Hi Dave. I think you are right, a lot of it has no basis or it is wholly based on fear. I don’t think there is anything wrong with planning ahead for the future or possible future events. Being mindful of your family and loved ones. But when your whole life becomes obsessed with what may or may not happen in the future and you forget what you have right in front and all around you in the present, then it becomes very unhealthy. All you have to do is look and see all of Gods wonderful creations all around you and what you do have right in the here and now, especially compared to others in these third world countries, and know that whoever your God is…he does love you for who he made you to be. Not what the church or man says they think you should be, or where they think you should be on your journey. Perhaps you should search out groups of like minded individuals such as yourself, (we are all glad to have you here on Eric’s site and would love for you to continue to contribute, for all of humanity), check out other churches etc. I am not saying you should just leave your church or leave everything behind. I can’t really say what is best for you. I can tell you that when I would start to feel down all I had to do was look at those who have nothing. Not a tooth brush or bed or food, family member who loves and cares for them etc, and I’d have to say, why am I worrying and feeling so low when God has given me so much more than some. Prayers and Blessings Always

    2. The Spirit showed me once these tablets, crystal and stone, they listed every good and dark act I have ever done. They explained this is how we are judged just by our treatment of others and life. Our judgement can be summed up in one sentence that shows whether your going up or down. “If I did not exist would the world be better or worse?”

    3. Eric,
      the way you differentiate “My” lifetime and “our” lifetime, do you know when your dying?

      also, look at tons of talk about ww3 could it be putin? or do you think all of this is related to “the cuban missle crisis but on a smaller scale prediction, i.e. a lot of threats, posturing and scare tactics on every side?

      some (not me because i hate conspiracy people might even say Obama)

  13. i would hope better.. although admittedly, i’m no angel and have done some “dark” things, Eric, you don’t predict the second coming/ end of days for years to come though correct? so why worry?

  14. This man, my bible teacher, predicts 2037 as Jesus’ 2nd coming/ the end of days.. he says everything in the bible is quite literal. However, he also predicts that the pope will announce an alien savior and believes heavily in things like the illuminatti and the nephilim and that the government puts things in the air to purposefully make you ill.. so I don’t know.. he creeps me out a lot of times b/c like I said, I am catholic, i just joined his study because my friends who are not christian wanted to go and since we are close i want to support them in their coming to Christ.. however, hearing some of these things has affected me greatly. I feel bad saying this but I was happiest when I didnt know or speculate on the lords coming, i just had faith that it would one day come.. Now, even though I am thrilled to know that what I believe is predicted to come true,I feel like even though death can come anyday, if it doesnt i still feel like I’m on a time clock because i think i know when “the end” is coming its joyful but terrifying.. I felt better when I didnt know and thought I might grow into a very old man in my 80’s-90’s.. its not my belief in God.. its my idea of knowing if I dont die.. I know when it may come

    1. Dave I don’t pretend to know it all…but (in my humble opinion) I believe you and your friends, may need to attend another bible study. I have the feeling that deep down you already know this in your heart. Though your teacher may have good intentions, sometimes people end up doing more harm than good without even knowing it. (Hopefully I am not one of them). I am sincerely worried about you and am wondering if you might think about doing a one question session with Eric and Spirits to seek their advice on this very subject. Or maybe even an hour session. I can tell you that it would be well worth your time. Blessings

    2. you dont have to answer this Eric but are you older now?
      and just radomly, you should condier changing the colors of ELP on your logo so it stands out more… maybe white

      1. LOL I am 39, so I think we have some time. The ball is going away soon, the spirits already want it replaced with an oval shape stone with red back ground. with same initials.

  15. Before, i was energetic and upbeat, now i check this site about 15x a day looking for the next horrible thing to happen, reading the comments, hoping that Eric will post one day.. Good news is around the corner.. happier times ahead.. unforuntately, i dont see that happening for a while.. maybe years and I cant see myself being like this for the next ten years or so.i think I have developed Generalized Anxiety Disorder and i definitely do not want to be on meds for the rest of my life.. it upsets me so much… I pray and I pray and I pay and I pray no offense to anyone but sometimes i wish i never found this site… i worry about myself now.. i just want to be happy, I don’t want uptopia.. just my old happiness

    1. Dave,
      you and i are in almost exactly the same situation. I too attend a similar bible study and to be honest it became the root cause of all my fears, i started googling predictions for 2015 because when ISIS started to rise.. my bible teacher went on a full blown tirade how this was the end and would text the group “look up for we are in the final hours the end is nigh” scary stuff i really regret going now b/c even if i leave, i cant unlearn what ive heard.. i did just do a terrfic reading with Eric.. he put some of my fears to bed.. i meant to ask Eric about the bible study and what spirit said but.. i didnt.. to be honest, my teacher is a coach and hes a nice guy but when i told him about my issuses he said its b/c i was dealing with a sin and wasnt “fully saved” I would feel bad for leaving his study b/c he is my friend but i’m very conflicted, i dont want to hurt him or lose his friendship we just disagree in areas. try a reading with Eric sometimes, unfortunately, i’m still sacred but i do feel better

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