Texas Shooting

This tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for the safety and recovery of the police and their families.

Their details are in question; coach?  ‘In 5’ could be seen as in 5 months, the post was made in February. The star is probably related to the police and not the capitol.

Predictions 2-19-16 Texas Shooting    I heard gun fire while people scrambled for safety. In the background was a van or mini van.
“Coach.. uniform.. 16”
“Get your hands off me!” I also heard what I believe were dogs barking in the background.
“In 5”
Assuming its a countdown that should be sometime around this Monday the 22nd.
“Texas” I had a visual of a small star in the palm of ones hand implying the capital Austin Texas or an area around Austin.
It was implied;  a campus




33 thoughts on “Texas Shooting

      • Thanks Mari. Thought the same too. I think one got away. Cuz it was reported from 2 different angles possible from the garage parking lot. So sad.

      • It makes sense. Cuz of the incidents in Minnesota and Louisiana that the white cops shot the black drivers for apparently no reason. So the bark was loud as saying “enough!”. I can understand that as this is hurting on black people as their hands are tied and crying for help as this got to “STOP THIS HATRED”. I am hoping this situation will put to a halt and change it so it will not Continue the behaviors of hatred. It’s very heartbreaking. I’m learning more I found as why this occurred in Dallas shootings and put pieces together in this story.

        Another thing, I know few Dallas cops. One of them a female in her 25 as she is a security guard for a middle school. She told me less than a year ago that she is afraid of being shot at because of her wearing the uniform. Dallas PD is frustrated that they feel not enough support from Dallas. We all are standing up for them to support them and grieved for their loved ones passed away. We will not forget this unfortunate tragedy event. Also, I just learned from.my daughter that her closest friend’s sister was in protest and was shot. She will be okay. She ducked behind the bushes and got shot. She is in her early 20’s and white herself marching friendly protest with her friends.

        Please keep your prayers for those that were shot and deceased for their families and close friends at this difficult time. My whole heart are heavy with them. I sensed great sadness in the atmosphere. We all matter and love you. The one who shot is forgiven. May God be with you all.

  1. I’m still at lost in word’s. I read this prediction just about everyday. If I had known it’d be in Dallas. The Dallas police department would appreciate to know in advanced warning. I don’t think they know it’d be coming that day for them. Their lives can be spared. It was ambush as it was a big surprised attack. It’s no one fault but I’m still at lost in words. This is the purpose to spare a life. It could have been prevented. I’m not mad or angry but I saw this opportunity as it could have been avoiding but it didn’t. People in Dallas are very sad and heartbroken that the killings were not necessary by bitterly angry and hatred.

    Just keep your eyes out on Black Lives Matter protest on next activities event. We can’t take any more killings on white officers. I’m not angry at black for killing white officers. Please stop the hatred and pray for healing for all people. Love can conquer all evils. Hate don’t win. Hate lose. Love brings peace.

    Mother Mary says we must pray. USA is in big trouble. Pray…

    • I hate who ever started group black lives matter. Someone should start a group called all lives matter. I understand why they started group. Same goes for troops in Russia. Same goes for the invasion of Ukraine. Same goes for higher tensions in china and Korea. Obama should not have been president of the usa back in 2012. That’s the problem. So were in the abyss. There are leaders who should not be leading at this time including the pope of rome. Obama is the last president. he should resign. He needs a good kick in the ass. His ego. His soul signature does not match what needs to be addressed. That’s the problem. Nothing wrong in resigning. Get out of the evil before it consumes your soul. I would rather be with friends and family and loved ones than be involved with the outcome of things to happen. When people blackmail you they have their own karma issues they have to deal with. You either walk away and say have a nice day or you become part of the evil circle they created.
      They are no different than the pope of rome acting on behalf of god or inmans. Clueless. What is crazy is one man leading a nation of 360 million people. That’s crazy. Congress will be replaced and so will the senate. Divine council set up acting as one.

      • This is political rhetoric in the form of hate. Very thinly veiled hate, I might add. Please stop the hate. Manifest love, kindness and peace. This is not a political forum. We are supposed to be changing our thoughts to change the world. I venture to say perhaps Anthony may need a kick in his posterior for drumming up more negativity without factual backing. There is enough horror in the world; we don’t need more! To Eric..I appreciate all that YOU do!
        Pray for Peace!

      • Thanks you, Mary for positive statement. Praying for all to be peace.

        I’m just shocked it was point Dallas as I assumed the prediction was pointed to Austin. There was replies that it could be Dallas as the football helmet with the star. The post was in Jan ND feb. Then it said “now” about the Texas 1 or 2 weeks ago. The Spirits tried very hard to communicate in their language as all they knew how. We as SCW are learning and striving to make the best team working together to narrow down as where and when.

        Right now, more attack to come. It’s Germany, CA, néw York, that need our immediate attention. It’s NOW anytime. We are not perfect but we’ll get better as we understand more of our mistakes.

        again thanks Mary for your loving and kind spirit.

        Blessings, Mary “K”

  2. Eric, the star could be the symbol for the Dallas Cowboys. Maybe that is why they used the word coach. I try to look at the predictions as 2 people trying to communicate when they don’t speak the same language.

  3. El centro collage building is where the shots were being fired from.Maybe that where the campus reference from spirit is coming from..

    • No one taking the credit. It’s a sin to kill that do not take a credit for this. Killing is wrong.

  4. I am thinking that this is still in the early stages and this is being stirred up by the puppet masters. As I stated in a comment last year, this is following the Ukraine and Iraq model, they take out the police/ police stations you have no law and shortly after no order. Once you have that you can use extortion against the public as well as end up with a dictator come to power like Castro or Chavez or have some foreign entity demanding cash for protection.
    Hang on people life in the US is fixing to get real tough and the days of feeling safe doing normal things like going to the local store will soon end.

    • Unbelievable. This is the first I seen this. Didn’t show here in Dallas news or maybe I missed it. People are still grieving here in Dallas. They posted on social networks supporting fund raising for the families that lost their loved ones.

  5. Hi Eric,
    One of the last comments said something about New York, CA, & Germany. Can you possibly give a brief reminder of what you think is coming in the immediate-(month or so) future? If possible, thanks.


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