Prediction: Canada Attack

From a distance, I had a visual of a plume of smoke.

I had a visual of the number 26

“Immediate.. bombing.. in 2.. Canada.. Mon–.”

The Spirits showed a very angry young man on a train, but they also implied the target had something to do with an Airport?

We need to refocus on a more exact location, and the intended target. They also clarified that the ship bombing, and hijacking all seem to happen on separate dates.

In 2 could be in 2 days putting it around the 11th or 12th? But that puts 26 in question?

64 thoughts on “Prediction: Canada Attack

  1. I live in Vancouver and this just makes me sick…we have a train which goes directly to the airport from Vancouver. Do you have any sense of where in Canada this is to occur?

      1. Ok usually i reserve strictly to lurking and if i can secretly help on the sidelines i will… But remember the man who had passed when you did a personal reading? Who would not wait his turn? Supposedly was always right behind me as you put it. He isnt the spirit that mentioned the 7 7 7, right? Cuz coming from him…. It would have an astronomical meaning.

      2. I know this has nothing to do with attack or bomb but sometimes i come across your exact wording in news clips,.
        Its amazing.! .,,Today there was an accident in montreal on Metropolitan near route 26

        “The plume of smoke ” was visible from as far away as Chambly, 30 kilometres southeast of Montreal.

  2. Hi Eric,

    Could this be Montreal ? I took the Montreal Metro (subway system) a few months back and I had a visual of a person with a bomb on them and saw smoke and also felt the terror …Montreal Metro – ticking time for a terrorist attack – lone wolf I saw.

    I fear Montreal, Canada is a ticking target… Toronto too but Montreal more …. Can you confirm the Montreal Canada location ?



    1. It would be a good guess, but without clarity MON could be several different things. Can I have the link to that other metro attack, I don’t remember that and I read Canadian news all the time.

      1. Maybe means in 2 (weeks) on a Mon(day)? You did say they were giving you events within a 10 day time frame. 2 weeks is close to that time frame.
        Or in 2 (cities). ?

        God bless you Eric…

  3. Eric,
    Just a little confused. By the hijacking are you talking about the UK, and the ship bombing the U.S.?

    1. The UK has a bombing, then there is a prediction about ‘british.. air’ but that could be the type of flight. Then there are two separate attacks one involving a port in the US, the other involving the sea gulf of Saudi Arabia. Clearly they are talking about one massive surge in terror attacks.

  4. “In 2”, “Mon”, “26”….Could this mean in roughly 2 months? September 26 is a Monday…

  5. Hi Eric&Friends,i don’t generally comment on here..but read everyday.I don’t have the”gift”most of you(especially Eric)have,but i would like to share a dream i had several months ago.I have always wanted to visit the Parliament buildings in Ottawa(i live about 2 hours away).I dreamt that no one would take me there,everyone i asked said don’t go.I decided to take the train,i left the train station and walked to the location,i stood ontop of a small hill and just admired the beauty of the building and cried because i was so happy to be there..i started to walk towards it and all of a sudden there was an explosion and it crumbled to the ground much like the “Twin Towers”this dream was so real that i no longer wish to go there :(..this dream doesn’t have any of the markings of your prediction Eric e.g numbers and letters MON..but i just wanted to share.I will be following this thread and praying it is averted some how…i am Canadian…Blessings to all of you for making a difference.

    1. Wow that was a powerful dream rose. Thanks for sharing it with us. I sure hope that doesn’t occur. I pray we can stop any terrorist attack plans for Canada. Blessings

      1. me too Jules,thank you..i find it amazing that something i have always wanted to do…now has changed,just from a dream…Blessings

  6. In the past, some of your predictions have included a number that has later turned out to be the number of casualties:-(. I have felt for some weeks that my mid-September trip to Greece will not be happening due to grounded planes.

  7. Eric, I don’t comment on here too often, but I do check this site regularly…thank you for all that you do. But I too wonder if 26 could be the number of injured or otherwise if this event happens?

    1. It was presented oddly, at first on a digital machine, i didn’t give it much thought, but then they showed it again, as if writing it in a book, clearly they insisted that it be apart of the message.

  8. Eric, I’m not as focussed as you but I do get premonitions. I’m in Ottawa, I work on the 10th floor of a gov agency building not far from the airport and I have an uneasy feeling and visions of a lockdown/shelter in place, which is what happened during the Oct ’14 shooting at the War Monument and Parliament Hill.
    BTW, Monday September 26 is a sitting day for Parliament. Right now they’re on summer recess.

    1. I immediately thought of you yesterday Joy when the terrorist plot was foiled,so many rumours about where the intended location for the activity was.I will continue to pray for all terror activities to be foiled…may all your uneasy feelings never ever come true.Take care from one Canadian to another 🙂 Rose

      1. The mayor stated yesterday that we were never the target–and if public transportation was his goal, we’re building a huge LRT, so our current system is in chaos and frankly, much underused. But then terrorists aren’t the sharpest pencils in the box, right?

  9. New 110-111 are 11 and 12 agoust.Next 19 agoust. 110 , in the past the armed Basque terrorist group attack 110 or one day after 111. 11-m and 11 – s was in 110-111 days . Regards.

    Enviado desde mi iPad

      1. Yes everything worked out and there were no bombs. Not to much information except one of the planes was from Oslo. In other news however in NY a young man just climbed the Trump Tower up to the 21st floor before police were able to get him in the building. By the way he fought, he could have been angry. All they know now is that he is from Virginia and wanted to speak with Donald Trump.

  10. Just read on my Global news alerts RCMP halt credible terrorist threat to Canada. I wish I knew how to post the link. The RCMP are our national police force, for those of you overseas.
    It said they received information. I hope this is what Eric was seeing, and it has been averted.

  11. Eric, SWC,
    More: Canadian police release statement regarding ‘potential terrorist threat,’ say ‘proper course of action has been taken to ensure that there is no danger to public’s safety’ – @CBCKatie

  12. It now says that the man was arrested in Strathroy, Ontario. He was affiliated with ISIS and had planned to carry out a suicide bombing in a major Canadian city targeting transportation or public spaces where he could wreak the most havoc. Strathroy is quite near Toronto, Canad’s largest city.
    Eric, do you feel that this is your prediction?

  13. Eric, SWC
    ( came over the wire 2 minutes ago)

    Police official identifies terror suspect killed by officers in Strathroy, Ontario, as Islamic State sympathizer under earlier court order to not associate with any terrorist organization – AP

  14. I can’t believe how much irrationality, and hatred I’ve seen since last year. I was studying who this Mike Pence was, and I was disgusted for what he did to his state, and unbelievably people will still vote for them or the other side. I’ve never seen people this desperate that they are willing to sacrifice their dignity, and respect to give them a vote. I’ve also become disgusted the fact I’ve recently learned there was a American Nazi Party.

    Americans are acting foolishly these past few years, and this political system really needs to dismantled because it’s poisoning the heart, and mind.

    Though..there are countries that have it much worse than America, but it makes me frustrated such vileness is allowed to exist.

  15. He was targeting the Toronto transit system, planning to set off a bomb. This prediction seems spot on.

  16. Billy Bishop Airport is only a few blocks away on the island. If he’d have targeted Union station, probably the busiest with both subways and intercity buses it would have been visible from the airport.

  17. Please don’t get mad at me, this is just IMO, but I don’t think this incident in Strathroy ON. is the prediction Eric had. The authorities contact the TTC and airport as they always do when there is a threat, “As a precaution, we issued a ‘see something, say something’ vigilance notice to all TTC staff, as we do after incidents that occur around the world or if advised of threats closer to home,” said Brad Ross, executive director of the Toronto Transit Commission. Toronto police spokesman Mark Pugash said Thursday morning that there is “nothing at this point to indicate Toronto was targeted,” Eric had said ” The Spirits showed a very angry young man on a train, but they also implied the target had something to do with an Airport?” None of these were involved. Eric also said “Immediate.. bombing.. in 2.. Canada.. Mon–.” “in 2” we’re not sure what this means at this point, Eric posted this on Aug. 9 and this happened on Aug.10 that’s only 1 day if “in 2” means days, also “Mon” doesn’t work because this happened on Wednesday, if “Mon” means Monday or if “Mon” means Montreal. I live in Ontario and would want nothing more for this to be the out come of his prediction, but nothing the spirits mentioned in his prediction adds up to what happened in Strathroy ON.

    1. I was just really hoping that this prediction was stopped in its tracks. Predictions are made but sometimes we just don’t know how it could play out or where. He didn’t actually carry anything out he had plans to do so. I am sure more information will come out. There is an airport in sarnia London and Toronto that would be available to him. Anyway sending love and light to the world xo

    2. Hi Rhonda …no we would not get angry at any SWC input ..your opnions and points are very important to all of us …
      i did find out though
      He worked for Leos taxis and luggage was involved ..the Stathroy airport in only 1.9 km from Strathroy ( Beyond Yonder)
      maybe he wss heading for there
      FBI notified police and there was also warnings went out to commercial transport and International Airports Mon yes well thats still a mystery
      within 2 Erics predictiin was posted on 9th of August …two days roughly have passed..
      I hope you keep disecting this way its the only way to hine our skills thank you

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