Edmonton Canada Attack

This tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for the victims in Canada.

We need to refocus on our locations.


I had a visual of a sinister man holding a large knife. He was planning a horrible act

‘Attack on a stadium’






Prediction: Canada Attack

From a distance, I had a visual of a plume of smoke.

I had a visual of the number 26

“Immediate.. bombing.. in 2.. Canada.. Mon–.”

The Spirits showed a very angry young man on a train, but they also implied the target had something to do with an Airport?

We need to refocus on a more exact location, and the intended target. They also clarified that the ship bombing, and hijacking all seem to happen on separate dates.

In 2 could be in 2 days putting it around the 11th or 12th? But that puts 26 in question?