We are Wrong

We are wrong with the elections as a whole. I need to regroup, take some steps back from making my predictions and figure out what happened to our level of accuracy. For a good time we had several very accurate predictions in a row but lately we have continued to be off.  Its a huge blow to our mission of change, and our ultimate goal on this site, as we strive to alter the tragedies of tomorrow.

Predictions 5-6-16   The next US President will be Hilary Clinton.   Minorities in the coming months use a much louder voice than any of you could anticipate. Never before has several groups of minorities pushed back so hard.  During her path.. health takes a toll.


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  1. Francine Avatar

    Eric, you’re a good guy with a really pretty good track record. Everyone has a misstep now and then. Get some rest, take care of yourself and come back whenever you’re ready. We’ll be waiting. 🙂

    1. Francine Avatar

      Wanted to add a small joke: The Hubble telescope could not have seen this coming.

      1. Carolyn Avatar

        Good joke. We need it.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you!

      1. Bea Avatar

        Erik, I’ve been following your page for quite some time now and always am impressed in your work. I don’t know if you know about this, but the chances on Donald Trump not being officially president on December 19 is becoming very high. There’s a petition going around that I think you should look up, not that you have to sign it, but interesting! “Electoral College Electors: Electoral College Make Hillary Clinton President on December 19”

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


      2. bga28blog Avatar

        Erik, I’ve been following your page for quite some time now and always am impressed in your work. I decided to sign up so I can let you know that maybe, just maybe, your predictions aren’t wrong. I don’t know if you know about this, but the chances on Donald Trump not being officially president on December 19 is becoming very high. There’s a petition going around that I think you should look up, not that you have to sign it, but interesting! “Electoral College Electors: Electoral College Make Hillary Clinton President on December 19”

      3. bga28blog Avatar

        Think about all the protests. (Minorities in the coming months use a much louder voice than any of you could anticipate. Never before has several groups of minorities pushed back so hard.)

  2. Raymond X Avatar

    Maybe you saw her win on another time line ? RaymondDallas

    1. benmadigan Avatar

      many futures are possible raymond as we don’t know what variables can play into developing situations – eric saw one possible future but another happened.

      1. Cee Avatar

        Yes, and soul agreements and life contracts can be changed – we really don’t know what happened – to me, the prediction was on track until the FBI letter was sent, then the energy and momentum went out of her campaign and it never really came back in full. (Also affected the democrat down ballots). I’m sure that was not the only contributing factor, but it was a very noticeable deflation of the energy around the campaign. I will be very interested to hear what spirit has to say about these energies – Eric, once you have rested and taken some steps back. It is interesting, Spirit predicted the referendum vote in Greece last summer “incorrectly” but then the government took action in line with the prediction, and we are waiting to see if Brexit will go the same way. Obviously, HRC is not being elected at this point, but it does feel surreal as the outcome was so unexpected.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That was a thought, or perhaps it was simply altered.

  3. BV638 Avatar

    One of your goals is to help people change the anticipated course. I think that happened tonight.

    I know people that were praying – intently – for a different outcome than predicted.

    I think there is free will. Your posts are helpful. I don’t think one can call this a miss. Perhaps it helped people to wake up and cause a shift.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      A good point, they always say the future is unstable. Thanks

  4. Orchid Avatar

    Fighting, Eric!! We’ll always be cheering for you! 🙂

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you I very much will, its just a set back.

  5. Pete Medium Avatar

    Eric we can’t control Spirit, nor can they control the free thinking of the individual. There was a mass of energy out there, in the public arena, influencing those voting and those who chose not to vote.
    Please do NOT blame yourself or your brilliant team of Guiding Spirits. There are times when even the Highest in the Angel/Holiest of Spirit realm don’t get informed of ALL knowledge.
    There are reasons beyond our understanding.
    I believe there is much more to come and the last thing your Team needs of you now is to have doubts concerning you or them.
    As Francine said “Get some rest, take care of yourself and come back whenever you’re ready. We’ll be waiting.🙂”.
    But please don’t leave it too long. The mission is anything but over.
    Pete Medium.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Pete, I am not worried about myself, I am content with what I have done for others. For me its about a set back, for a good time we were finally getting to that place where we could alter the future, I could convince many of you that now was the time to bring awareness to the tragic events and many of you committed to that, with this mistake that now throws doubt into the mix making changing the future much harder.. but not impossible.

  6. Pete Medium Avatar

    As you know I am an Australian and it was late Wednesday afternoon here when the news broke. We are a day ahead of the US. The first thing I felt was ‘this is the death of all that the Statue of Liberty stands for. Then I remembered the prediction of the assassination of the woman, I thought was Hillary Clinton. Maybe it was all that the US has stood for that is about to be assassinated, represented by the woman in New York welcoming ‘the huddled masses’ etc. Just a thought.

    1. Blessings Avatar

      I see your perspective Pete. I “feel” your perspective too. As a female who works in a world of men in banking, my heart broke a little for my daughter’s sake. I work daily in the “men’s club” where male customers still ask me if they could talk to a male loan officer instead of me. Yes ….. It still happens every day in the US. That is what makes me sad. I am tired of listening to men say that a woman can’t be President. I am tired of seeing woman and children being abused and cast aside world wide!! Maybe Hillary wasn’t the right woman for the job, but I certainly hope that her loss does not flame the male ego into thinking that “the US doesn’t think that a woman can do the job”….. Love and light to all my sisters of the world!! I must keep faith that things will change and that the hearts of ALL men will someday soften.
      Eric, please keep up the great work that you do! You have an amazing track record. do not be discouraged.. Love and light to you always!

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Thank you, I just need to brush myself off, get up, and get back to work.

  7. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Divided country.
    Video: Protesters shout ‘not my president’ in Oakland, Calif. – @AndersonLanham


  8. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Photo: A woman reacts as she watches voting results at Hillary Clinton’s election night event at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York – Getty Images


  9. Katherine Avatar

    I told you earlier you where wrong on this, just like Brexit

    1. Pete Medium Avatar

      So were you telling Eric or his Guides? Do you understand the difference? I think it is important to look closer as to the Source of psychic messages and in particular the channel through which they inform.
      “Eric’s” record is extremely good.

  10. Carolyn Avatar

    I am in such shock. You have no idea. I’m truly scared for America’s fate.

    1. Laurence Avatar

      Why Clinton is worst, she’s a snake that does things behind people’s backs at least you no what your getting with trump
      People love scaremongering man and everyone seems to a political expert these days

      1. Pete Medium Avatar

        The world has always seen America as egocentric. Even when the news broke of Trump’s win, very few Americans seemed to hear of the massive shake felt through the awakened countries of the world. There is strong talk that a number of countries could switch their allegiance to China in the South Pacific region. Early days yet, but the stone in the pond in the US effects far more than the US borders.

    2. Linda Blair Avatar

      Just saw this..I, too, am in shock…pray for America

  11. Paul Avatar

    Eric I know you long time , I cannot see how you not see what was going on , the public was very discontent and Hillary is the elites and establishment not the people, shocked the spirits not see all this is was very clear from the rallys the anger and frustration of government working for themselves and not the people, I think you need to be careful what voices you are following maybe some joking spirit not let you see what was very clear long time ago.

    1. Laurence Avatar

      I think the spirit was called vodka

      1. star48 Avatar

        I believe she will win the popular vote..

    2. Annie Avatar

      Well said Paul. Many found out via the e-mail releases that she had one voice to the public – and the complete opposite voice to the pay to play “special interests”. It has been crystal clear for a long time…and the people were so weary, and needed to be heard. Very glad that they decided their voices still counted, even though the media parroted that it was a done deal for Hillary to win – often pushing the all too fallible polls to make their case.

      I think Mr. Trump’s acceptance speech was graceful and dignified; and called for unity among all people in the country he loves. I feel that all of us in turn have to look ourselves in the mirror, and decide what we stand for – unity or divisiveness; love or hate (remember it’s the wolf you feed…from the poem). Supporting a President and lifting up your vibration brings a better future than fighting just because you can. In the end, we only really control our own actions, speech and thoughts, and choosing the positive benefits everyone.

      In Eric’s defense, the future is always malleable and thus subject to change – which is why our thoughts and vibrations that we add to the collective consciousness, matter now more than ever.

      #nomorehate #nomorewar

      1. susan gortva Avatar

        beautifully said.

      2. Francine Avatar

        Perfectly put and on point.

    3. Pete Medium Avatar

      The calibre indicates the calibre of the Source. Eric has shown that he and his quality of Guidance is not the ‘problem’. In my 40 years of public work as a psychic medium I have had many an instance similar to this. It would take a lifetime to impart all that I know of my spiritual work, but enough to say that Spirit of this calibre cannot lie. So if they were to have information that we ask them on, and they couldn’t tell us, they’d be in a dilemma. So the System works on levels. Using Walmart as an example, the person at customer level doesn’t know what the management level knows. And again it is far too complicated to explain in one or two postings here. Pete

    4. Pete Medium Avatar

      So are you suggesting Eric made this up, out of his own thoughts, independent to what he has repeatedly claimed concerning Guidance being his Source?
      We are animals and anyone knows that when there is clear and present danger, such as earthquakes, major tsunamis, volcanoes etc that birds, cats, dogs and other animals were the first to leave for a safer area long before the disaster struck.
      Have you tried tuning in to your deeper thoughts, analysing where your thoughts come from, and determining which ones are of a negative/unhelpful nature to those that are very beneficial? Worth the try.

    5. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Who the president is, isn’t as big of a deal as having a stream of accuracy. For me its all about being accurate, on a side note they actually joke a lot, not something I share with all of you because of the seriousness of the conversation.

  12. bernie Avatar

    I can’t believe what im seeing says president Trump. Spirit ktselfmay have been misled.but what happens now? We can’t reverse what has happened, we must focus on what happens from this point. The world outside of America is stunned and scared. Don’t care how many voted for him, the consequences are long reaching. Hillary wouldn’t have fared much better in global confidence.

  13. Michelle Record Avatar

    Since I have started following you I have come to know you genuinely care. I am very thankful you are wrong because she scared me. I do understand the need for accuracy though so people will take these predictions more seriously. As much as we need the accuracy, there will be mistakes along the eay.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I totally agree, no one is perfect and there has never been a psychic who is 100%, no one. However for me we were on the cusp of breaking through in altering the future predictions. The Florida Hurricane was one of the most shared predictions, we seem to be on track to alter the future, then this hiccup.

  14. Maria Sforza Avatar

    Thank you Eric for your continued devotion to this mission. For the good of our country and the world, we should accept the outcome of this historic election. Let’s come together with peace and love in our hearts.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you.. all smiles.

  15. pat45 Avatar

    A lot of ordinary people don’t comment on twitter or any social media and keep their opinions to themselves, this was how the world got the Brexit result totally wrong. Stop thinking the public opinion starts and ends on social media and with the comments of celebrities. The world media has done their utmost to promote Clinton and bad mouth Trump, as they did with staying in the EU and leaving. Farage is still vilified whenever he appears on TV or radio, as are the people who voted to leave, perhaps if they let the public make up their own minds instead of pushing an agenda that suits themselves things might have been different I seem to recall someone saying this is the time for the people’s voice to be heard and it is happening all around the globe. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. Unfortunately, most governments around the world forgot that saying and made fools out of their civilians and as a result are now out of power. I see this change as karma, pure and simple.

  16. Annie Avatar

    I have some thoughts I would like to share, even knowing full well they may be dismissed…
    Eric, please do sit on this message, and see how it resonates in a few days.

    Oftentimes on this Blog, I see people worrying, anxious, and fearful, but working together to try and avert the next tragedy Eric has predicted. While his intentions, and those of his readers are most noble indeed – carrying that energy daily must be both exhausting and depleting.

    If people are always expecting a tragedy, then they are also sending their energy to those expected ends.. Energy creates.

    Perhaps if Eric & Sprit were to focus on the positives to come…just think of the changes a collective group could make – it would be a huge impact on humanity to pursue this effort.

    I. too, wish that every bad event could be averted, but the randomness of life means that is impossible…the change comes in recognizing -why- they happen, and getting to the causes.

    For example – if there is terrorism, ask yourself why? It is not as simple to blame a country/race/religion, when they have very real families just like you who have lost so much due to wars perpetuated in this world.

    If there is crime – ask yourself why? Could the solution be as simple as alleviating the poverty and hopelessness – that some families have experienced for generations?

    Get to the very roots of the wrongs you see, and help to bring light to the changes that are needed. This world needs more light – and every light together, energizes like the sun.

    1. Linda Avatar

      Beautiful – thanks Annie

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I believe as time passes more positive news will come in, we did predict advances in AIDS and cancer. But unfortunately I can’t control the negative tone of the world only predict its arrival. But I will share your thoughts with Spirit.

      1. Annie Avatar

        Thank you for considering these thoughts Eric, I cannot ask for more than that. 🙂

        Just as many hands make light work of the negatives, many hands also raise vibrations with the positives, thus creating a snowball effect of expansion, ever outward.

        Blessings to you and Spirit both.

  17. Kim Avatar

    Eric, The Spirits saw her winning, but with all predictions, things could change. Everything happens for our higher good, which also means, America deserves Trump. We are in for some pain.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  18. Coroico Avatar

    Honestly I don’t know what I did to arrive in this particular universe with Brexit and Trump. Somewhere out there is a much happier place where your predictions were right on both counts. I truly wish with all my heart that they would have been. I really feel like I am grieving for the world at the moment.

    1. laurence Avatar

      comments like this make me laugh , what exactly bad has happened since brexit was announced ?? infact the city of sunderland was massively criticized as this was an area where most people wanted to leave the EU it has the biggest car manufacture in europe (nissan) we were told by all the scaremongers that this car plant would be affected and numerous people would lose there jobs so the people of sunderland were stupid.
      Only last month the complete opposite has happend a new multimillionaire dealership has been struck and nissan is employing more staff .

      So why don’t you wait and see what happens with trump instead of throwing your toys out of the pram?

      1. Coroico Avatar

        Lawrence, I’m not going to get into a long political debate – but if you think Nissan staying as a result of government bribery is a validation of the Brexit result you are deluding yourself. The thing is Brexit has not yet happened but when it does I don’t expect anything good for the UK either for the economy or more widely. I very much hope I’ll be proved wrong but I don’t expect to be.

        As far as Trump is concerned his election is a rejection of a cohesive society that cares for each other rather than only being interested in oneself. It is the election of an openly racist bully and a self evident authoritarian demagogue.

      2. laurence Avatar

        there are numerous countries in europe which are not in the EU and survive just fine what makes you think the uk can’t ? at the moment your basing everything on assumptions no one knows how things will pan out

        All i see from people who didn’t want trump or didn’t want to leave the EU is doom and gloom when in reality nothing bad has happened

    2. benmadigan Avatar

      hope you enjoy this post – particularly the pic about trump to the left of me and brexit to the right, stuck in the middle with you!!!


    3. summerpum16 Avatar

      Why have such a negative response to Trump? We won’t change anything unless we calm down and have the highest vibrations we can.

      Looking at him from research as well as Clinton, he has an immature backlash to governmental establishments to many people. Clinton is of a secrecy and attempting to mask that even with tons and tons of her wrong doing has made people snap.

      Many of my friends voted 3rd party or did not vote due to not even wanting to represent the old system anymore. Many want to crumble it for a better world! They see what good can come from it! That’s awesome, isn’t it? I believe it’s what we need and I’m meditating in the positivity it gives me.

      And also many people were concerned with WW3 with Clinton. If people want peace, and the election shows this, we are headed in a positive direction in my eyes. The only negative aspect is the fact that there is immigration policies that would be rather unfair in some areas.

    4. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I would wait to see how it plays out first.

  19. Margo Avatar

    Go Mr Trump who will help heal the world instead of taking off other people like a parasite. So disappointed by this site. Pretty much guessing. Good luck to you

  20. Donna Avatar

    Eric she won the popular vote. So perhaps that is what was meant. You honestly care and please do not let this prediction discourage you! Also the comment minorities push back? They are already saying things like not my president!

    1. Mauree Avatar

      I also think that Eric was correct, she did win the popular vote.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Donna.

  21. Kacky Avatar

    I still strongly trust in your predictions and maybe time will tell.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  22. Elaine Avatar

    We now have a dictatorship with the Republicans controlling everything: President, Senate, House, Supreme Court. Not to mention all of the Republican governors.

    1. Linda Blair Avatar


    2. myseventh Avatar

      The democratic party had that from 2008 to 2010. What’s the difference?
      Maybe it’s only OK if it your party that is in charge.
      To me it’s too early to tell, who knows it may be the best thing that happened in a long time or could be the worst. My thought is that there will be little noticeable change and only time will tell.

      1. KAREN Avatar


    3. Hope Avatar

      @Elaine. Like in 2008? When Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress and Obama (a Democrat) was elected President? You mean like then? So following your “logic” the democrats were “dictators” who controlled everything, at least for 4 years until 2012, when they were voted out of their majority in the Senate.

      Eric…this is for you. Your supposed “spirits” are not of God. They have led you down the garden path and have allowed you some successes to draw you in. Hasn’t that dawned on you yet? You have no idea who or what you have allowed to enter into your life. Consider, if you will, that this “failure” is a mercy from God himself and an opportunity to turn away from this very pagan/new age “spirit” nonsense. Trust God…..

      1. Kacky Avatar


        If you believe that, then stop coming on this site. Try Betsey what’s her face. She sounds right up your alley! Peace be with you!

      2. Elaine Avatar

        No, in 2008, before Obama took office, the republicans said they would not help the president, and would work to make him a one term president. If the republicans had helped the president instead of hurt, maybe we would be in better shape. Now the republicans have free rein. What will they do to social security, which they keep wanting to change? “We need to cut entitlements”. The republicans have been saying that for years. .

  23. L Avatar

    thank god you were wrong. I have lost my faith in this site not only in its lack of accuracy but I didn’t realize how liberal it is. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I hope you all find peace!

  24. Mitmits Avatar

    Eric. Some doors need to be closed… The power of prayer in this country at one time was huge! It’s real… I’ve seen miracles take place right in front of my eyes from prayer. Really pray to God on which negative doors are open, and how to close them. Remember… You have an amazing gift, and you need to protect it! Through God, and not through spirit… Otherwise any spirit from any realm can come through to quide you wrong…. Make a joke of you, discredit you… Your honest predictions are not all coming from God. But now is when you need God the most…. Let him use you in the way he intended. Pray and close those other negetive doors that have opened. Xx

  25. laurence Avatar

    i honestly think people need to calm down and relax let the dust settle and see what happens .
    People are just assuming the worst for the future with no evidence to back it up lets see what happens in the next year or so then you can criticize until then stop getting so upset .

    As for Eric he has got a very good track record and i’m glad he is looking into things for the future as predictions have been a bit wayward and confusing recently

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes I totally agree, I have had a good track record until recently, and its time to take a step back to iron that out.

      1. Laurence Avatar

        Hi Eric glad your still ready to carry on it must difficult to translate what the spirits tell you and then inform us what you think they mean when things arn’t clear so chin up you’ve done a good job .
        Obviously politics is a very touchy subject and everyone suddenly becomes an expert over night be nice when all this has blown over

  26. Mary Avatar

    I am dismayed that the people voted for Trump as if it’s okay to rape a 13 years old girl. His tongue is worst as a snake. You are equally as Trump. Very disgusted. We can forgive Hillary but you approved Trump’s wrongdoing if he didn’t do anything wrong. Leave Eric out of this. Praying it all turning around for a miracle. Trump is no president to me. He is hell and evil as half of USA. Shame..shame on you.

    1. laurence Avatar

      what the hell are you on about man , i said eric has a very good track record which he does and that his predictions have been wayward recently which he said so himself .
      I suggest you get a grip of reality

    2. myseventh Avatar

      Mary, if what is being leaked out about what is on AW’S laptop you may find yourself in shock and have to reconsider this position.

      1. laurence Avatar

        Totally agree people just say anything without knowing the facts , and when stuff like this doesn’t go the way people wanted all hell breaks lose people go way over the top

      2. Tot Avatar

        Who is AW and what was on the laptop?

  27. Mystery Man Avatar

    I’m done here

  28. anthony Avatar
    1. anthony Avatar

      Gen 1:11 And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.

  29. Joey Avatar

    If there’s anything I’ve learned about predictions it’s that they’re never 100% Even other psychics predicted Hilary as the future president. Here’s one: https://www.jeannemayell.com/more-long-range-world-psychic-predictions-2016-2060/

    Note this text:
    1/20/17, Inauguration Day : Hillary is smiling. She’s made it. She’s always wanted it

    And although I’m not a professional intuitive I thought that Hilary was going to win as well.

    So please don’t beat yourself up, the most accurate psychics in history still couldn’t hit 100% accuracy rate. Ultimately we have free will and we have the ability to make corrections and change our course.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  30. Chuck Avatar

    As much as I enjoy this Eric’s musings, we should listen to Erik Medhus, he predicted Trump on or about October 12th. When his mother, Elisa, channeled Hillary ‘s higher self, Hillary lied. The woman can’t tell the truth to literally save her soul. And she has Parkinson’s. Pray for Hillary, and I mean that literally, the country will be fine. We survived 8 tortuous years of Obama.

  31. Francene Bishop Avatar

    Please don’t feel about this, a whole lot of physic mediums predicted this same result and felt the same also. Instead of not believing in ourselves let’s concentrate on seeing where we go next. I woke up very surprised my guide told me Clinton would win too.

    1. swampy11 Avatar

      Well said, Francene. But, this is not over yet. There are still some loose ends to be tied.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks and your right no one is 100% right all the time.

  32. Christophilos Avatar

    Let me suggest a different take on this. The predictions on this site are nearly all of disasters, given with the suggestion that we can change them. Perhaps election of Hillary and a Democrat Senate was also a prediction of a disastrous situation? But prayers changed it.

    Just a thought!

  33. kindly yours Avatar

    I only think it’s about time that you wonder who is that “spirit” that ‘gives” you this messages. I’m not being mean, but I definitely don’t think it’s from God. God doesn’t “work” like that, sorry to tell you…Please pray more and try to ignore this spirit and your life will be better.

    There are things that we people don’t need to know before it will actually happen, this is how God’s will work…

    Wishing you ONLY the best in your life and to open your eyes before it will be too late for your soul…

    1. Lauren Avatar

      Amen. This whole election has drawn me to the same conclusion. Only god knows our path.

  34. Tropic Trail Avatar

    I am passing my daily reading from Doreen Virtue on to you Eric.
    “Keep the Faith, no matter what! Your positive energy is more needed now than ever.
    Spiritual teachers and healers like yourself are role models of peace . . . so please make time for your self-care practices, so that you’ll stay peaceful and keep your positive energy high.
    Remember: if earth life was perfect, there would be no need for you to be here at this time. You signed up to be a spiritual healer, and it’s time to get to work.
    Please ask God for your divine assignment for today, and amazing doors will open for you. Love, Doreen Virtue”

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you!!

  35. alcamoholic Avatar

    I don’t think you were “wrong” at all. I think Spirit may have been using the election as a metaphor for something else.

  36. texasbelle4732 Avatar

    Eric, don’t step away. I think it’s entirely possible the Spirits showed you what they wanted broadcast. There are people (trolls) following you, who would have used news of a Trump win as a signal to do unspeakable evil in order to assure a different outcome. At this point, let us hope America can turn its face back toward the truly spiritual and the path God would have us follow.

    You are a “receiver/transmitter” by God’s design. Continue to use your gift and know we all care and support you.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Oh no I have no intention to step away completely just take a small break and reflect. But the Spirits have already said I need to brush myself off and move forward and that is what I will be doing!

  37. Holy Spirit Avatar

    No one can predict the future accurately. We can make educated guesses. The future lies not with spirit, but in God’s hands.

  38. Linda Blair Avatar

    I hate seeing Eric being bashed. He has been very accurate in his predictions. Clinton did win the popular vote….it seems that the hate and rhetoric of the trump campaign has taken it’s toll with people doing the exact same thing on this site. Please think before posting such mean spirited words.

    1. Laurence Avatar

      Not entirely sure where Eric is being bashed to be honest
      He’s been very accurate with a lot of predictions in the past but I just feel lately things haven’t been as accurate and also major events such as Italy earthquakes wernt picked up on

      Anyway maybe Eric needs time out aswell

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Linda, and thanks for everyone for the support. The support has greatly outweighed the negative feedback.

  39. Lisa Avatar

    Eric you are always amazing to me and all who read your predictions on your site, so don’t feel bad you were just telling us what the spirits told you and they may of not been entirely wrong at all with what they told you. There are many different paths in life, different lines we follow so one change in events even being only slight may of change the future by giving trump his win. Maybe the Fbi did not help this with the emails being re investigated anything can change events. I well still always follow you and this site by giving you my surport to warn us of future events to come massive hugs Eric x

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you very much! Hugs to you!

  40. Edd Avatar

    clif high webbot was correct he predicted Donald Trump!!! I though he will be wrong about this one! Cliff here we have – correct again. Looking to see if bitcoin gets over $1000 now 🙂

  41. Heather Avatar

    I have enjoyed many psychic readings but have always wondered how the reader’s personal leanings affect their interpretations. Hopefully, you can learn to separate your expectations and desires from spirit’s messages.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      And that it is a possible reason for the failure, one I should consider.

  42. Sara Avatar

    We all need to give Eric a break…lots of psychics have gotten this wrong–we’re all human, and if there’s one thing humans are good at it’s making mistakes!

    Eric, I don’t understand how psychic stuff works, but I have a theory on why the spirits got this wrong. Maybe everyone in America, their emotions and plans on how to vote were changing day by day, maybe everything was too much in flux (as it were) for the spirits to be able to pin this particular prediction down.
    Maybe their information was correct at one time, but then public opinion shifted suddenly or something. Just a thought.

    For what it’s worth, I was totally blindsided by what happened too.

    Eric, a lot of your predictions have been right on the money. While I still don’t know what to believe or think about psychics or spirits, I don’t discount anything. And lots of events you’ve warned about have happened, so I think you’re on to something, even if this particular prediction was off.
    Don’t give up.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      No worries, not giving up at all. Spirit has made it clear that we fell and now we need to pick ourselves up, brush it off, and move forward with our work. That is exactly what I will do. The predictions and work will continue in droves.

  43. leonzita Avatar

    So say all of us Lisa. I don’t like to see Eric getting a bashing either. His good work and generosity of self in order to help others by bringing messages from Spirit have helped countless people. This is just a signal to stop for breath, regroup and come back stronger than ever Eric. Keep the faith, keep up the excellent work. Don’t lose heart in this moment of doubt. It proves just one thing, you are very human. Liable to make mistakes and little slips like all of us. I think maybe we should stop focussing on the negative, the bickering and squabbling among each other and lets get back to the job in hand. Averting the disasters of tomorrow. I, too, am a little flabbergasted by the outcome of the result, but if this is what the people of the USA have chosen, then so be it. I don’t understand why they would have made this choice but I am an outsider looking in. Whilst I think a healthy debate is a good thing, name calling and hissing and spitting like a pack of wild cats is not!! Let’s focus on calming the situation. Let’s put this campaign behind us now and focus on today and tomorrow. May your God bless you all. With much love from Ireland.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Very well put. I have every plans of moving forward. Even though some out there are taking this opportunity to bash the messenger, the positive messages far outweigh the negative and I am truly happy for the outpouring of support like you leonzita. Thank you!

  44. Linda Avatar

    We love you Eric no matter what. Stay strong.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks! The love goes both ways.

  45. kelly714 Avatar

    Eric I also belive that the power of people’s intentions and prayers can change the outcome. With that said Thank you for all you do.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That is a heavy handed possibility.

  46. Eibhlin Avatar

    You do great job. Perhaps Spirit averted a disaster that remains hidden from us. Or we may need to go through this to learn a lesson. You have a great gift, do not be disheartened.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you, I will get back to this work very soon!

  47. Marikins Avatar

    Eric, you do a great job and for all we know it might have been the future at the time you did the reading. I have an idea, why not ask spirit what happened?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I have, they simply said to wait. But honestly from previous mistakes they will always want to push forward and acknowledge that nothing is ever perfect.

  48. Mary B Avatar

    Thanks Eric! Your heart is in the right place!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  49. freestonew Avatar

    Really really wrong. And I could tell that the spirits really sounded correct. Only one small problem, though, just because one dies and goes to heaven, to a heaven, does not mean they become all wise! Paul was taken to the third heaven, I read. There are threecheavens, at least, like floors of a building. Probably each one higher is more evolved.
    This is why the injunction against the witch of endor, in the Bible!

    Time lines? Probable realities? I think there must be some great energy needed to change a time line.

    But I myself suspect this. It might be a very productive thing to ask the spirits about time lines and probAble futures and just what do they think about these and is trump winning so much, one of these changes!


    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you and very good points.

  50. Cole Avatar

    To everyone here posting negative comments: The day before the elections there were many groups and prayer request to all pray for the best outcome and the highest good of our country and the world. Social meeting sites were all asking to send light to this election for our highest good whomever that may be. I think that is what changed this election and if we focus on this as a positive thing it can only be a good thing for everyone. Lets take this as a sign it is good for our planet and stay in positive energy. Just like Eric said , we can change most outcomes. Negativity will only make it worse.

    1. Alien. Avatar

      Nothing really changed, those of us who have been predicting the fall of the cabal have predicted Trump right from the beginning. You will also note Brexit will take place quicker than people realise, the court decicions last week will be over turned.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you, and yes very true.

  51. Shannon Avatar

    Eric, do not be hard on yourself. You do a really good job. There was so much energy out there with people expecting Hillary to win. I don’t know how it works but I agree with Freestone as there are probably many different realities out there and who for sure knows how they change?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you very much. I just need to get back to work here.

  52. Shadewolf Avatar

    Eric, it’s not over yet. The electoral college still meets and votes again on Dec 19th. That could overturn this current result if some of them change their votes. Or the scenario where Trump gets assassinated before he takes office could happen. Just watch and wait since things are not yet fully solidified.

    1. Tot Avatar

      Can the electoral college change their votes? Wow, the people would be in uproar should that happen!

    2. Laurence Avatar

      Jesus christ your relying on trump being assassinated??? And they say Americans go over the top !!

    3. ER Avatar

      Yes, that is true and seeing that this year has been crazy anything is possible. Electors could change the game. It all depends on how Trump acts between now and December 19, and whether electors just plainly decide to vote against their states popular vote. We’ll just have to see what happens.

    4. pat45 Avatar

      Good grief, you sound like you want Trump to be assassinated just so Eric’s prediction would be right. People of both sides need to lose the hate and vitriolic comments that are constantly posted onto social media sites. Remember, not every person who has a vote shouts out their voting preferences onto the likes of twitter and facebook etc; what I found totally disgusting was the celebrities supporting Clinton who made a music video blaspheming God and Jesus and telling people to vote for Clinton, I won’t bother to repeat what obscenities they uttered, but no one in the media seems to have commented on how disgusting it was, now that I find disturbing in a country that is supposed to be Christian, or is Christianity a word that is not acceptable any more in America?

      1. Ellie Avatar

        I don’t think shadewolf necessarily wants that to happen. I think it’s just a fact/info. The government has put that into place for presidential elections. It says that electors can change their vote contrary to what the state chose. They also go on to say what would happen if they were assassinated. It’s just different scenarios that the government planned out.


      2. Shadewolf Avatar

        No Pat, wishing Trump to be assassinated is ridiculous. I merely make an observation that there is still another electoral college voting session coming. Anything can happen between now and then. Triangulate what Spirit says against what Clif High’s November Web Bot report says, and it shows that we need to be vigilant because chaos approaches.

    5. Linda Blair Avatar

      Shadewolf, I agree….I think, going forward, this is not over with yet….just a feeling I have.

    6. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Lets not hope he gets assassinated, no one deserves that.

  53. Kacky Avatar

    Eric did say the Spirits mentioned “62” and Eric wasn’t sure exactly what it meant and as it stands now the CNN Electoral map projection is 290 Trump and 228 Clinton, a difference of 62.

    1. mariakaos Avatar

      Well spotted!

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I noticed, its all a bit odd because a lot of the little messages did come true.

  54. Karben Avatar

    You know Eric, something is wrong. Spirit didn’t send the same message to others who heard the same results. As mentioned by Shadewolf, it may not be over yet.This whole thing just doesn’t feel right. Please don’t beat yourself up,you do an awesome job keeping everyone informed. I look forward to your posts. Thank you!

    1. Maria Sforza Avatar

      The power of prayer turned this election around!
      You are projecting a very negative and hurtful tone on this forum.
      God will protect President elect Donald Trump.
      Why do you have such hate in your heart? If the shoe was on the other foot, would you like it if I wished Hillary to be killed?
      If Hillary had been elected, I would not have been very happy but would accept defeat as a mature adult.
      We must all come together as a nation and pray for the future of our country and peace in the world.

      1. Shadewolf Avatar

        Excuse me Maria, but I am neutral in this, and Canadian. You are dead wrong in how you interpret my words. Do not read into my words what is not there. Do not assume I have hate in my heart because that is not there at all. In fact I would be thrilled if Trump can route the corruption from the White House. If he can accomplish that, he should come to Canada and perform the same service. There’s a whole lot of emotionally enflamed Americans right now who are reading all sorts of things into what people are saying. People are being set off at the use of plain language and mistaking it for being negative.

    2. Karben Avatar

      What I meant to say is, Spirit did send the same message to other mediums regarding the results. The way I worded it was confusing. 🙂

  55. anton2a Avatar

    To the religious people please don’t advertise here your believes, please do that in your church.
    we don’t need that here.

    To the people who are attacking ERIC, we take you only serious if you write also your real name under you posting just as Eric does, but … so long you hide behind a nickname, it is easy to say nasty things and we ?, we don’t take you serious.

    And Eric, time will tell, why you and others had it wrong, it looks like it is as bloodpressure, every hour changes that, so don’t worry, Yes, Anton Carbett.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Anton2a.

  56. Francine Avatar

    Hillary conceded. It’s over. And next in line behing Trump is Pence. It isn’t changing

    If the media had taken a more serious look at the massive turnouts for Trump rallies as opposed to the surprisingly unimpressive turnout for Clinton’s rallies, they might have looked askance at all those “expert” polls, and this outcome would not have been so surprising to so many.

    The Democratic party got a hard, well-earned slap in the face. These millions of people who voted for Trump and Sanders and Stein, etc. are AMERICANS, period, and the DNC better figure out a better way to try to connect with them instead of writing them off as stupid or lesser than, simply because they aren’t card-carrying members of the Democratic party.

  57. Barbara Avatar

    I walked in to vote yesterday and absolutely felt compelled to
    Change my vote. So I did. I voted Green party and felt immediate relief.

    1. Mary Avatar

      🙂 to Barbara!

  58. mariakaos Avatar

    It’s another Brexit. It’s not over yet. Hilary made an interesting comment in her standing down speech. She said that women do not give up we can still break the glass ceiling and it could be sooner than expected. I am just watching with disgust the protests taking place, The negativity that has abound today and the personal attacks on Eric on his own site!
    Eric your in my thoughts and with every one else await your next post.
    Right now 01:34 Uk time a huge crowd is outside Trump Towers shouting obscenities. It’s very likely his young son is in there with him. If he is aware of whats going on he must be terrified.
    If I were Donald trump I would at the unfolding situation and say you know what I don’t want to be your president your not worth it.
    Eric don’t write off your prediction yet.

    1. Francine Avatar

      Hillary lost. When she said women don’t give up until they break the glass ceiling, she’s talking about other women in other endwavor. She conceded and she is through.

      And just because a bunch of psychotic looneys are throwing violent public tantrums doesn’t mean that Trump will or should give up the office he won. He would never do that without a fight.

      1. Francine Avatar

        *other endeavors

      2. mariakaos Avatar

        Francine I am angry. So many people have died and many brave souls have risked everything to expose the depth of treachery and treason of previous government officials. There was so much for Americans to be furious about no reaction at all. Donald trump is fairly elected and all of a sudden it’s erupting every where.
        My comment regarding it may not be long is these satanists talk in code to each other. Within hours a George Soro’s “spring arises”.
        I agree Trump is not going to cave in at the first sign of trouble and nor should he but he will put his family before America. If these people don’t get off the streets they will play into the globalists hands. Before you know it they will be met with counter protests. With all the information available to them surely they can see that the elites have every reason to prevent Trumps presidency.
        I will believe that Hilary has conceded when I here she has drawn her last breath.
        I apologise as I didn’t want to get drawn into a political discussion but this is so serious. The middle east is a living hell and there was a chance today to bring some of the despair to an end. I can’t imagine what they will make of this.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you!

  59. Ken Avatar

    Eric, you do a great job and I feel your prediction was accurate,So thank you and spirit for letting us know so we could get the word out and pray to alter this horrible tragic prediction from ever coming about.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Ken.

  60. anita Avatar

    What about the prediction ” Trump.will fall. thruth exposed.. scandal.. all turn on Trump..”
    If there will happen something.. many strange, secret things in Trump´s life… also connections to Russia.. Russia been hacking.. maybe corruption.. read articles about this. in net.
    Maybe there is also something dishonest in polls?

  61. swampy11 Avatar

    Thank you, Eric, for being so candid. Hang in there. You’ve got a good record and helping in so many ways doing this. I, for one, have been learning a lot from your works. And that helps positive energy to come through in ways it wouldn’t have otherwise.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you very much for the feedback!

  62. myseventh Avatar

    Eric, do you think that your subconscious is interfering whit the message? Being that this subject is opinion based and living in the US you were constantly bombarded with who is going to win. With wikileaks showing that the Clinton campaign was working with the media made the exposure even more biased towards Clinton. Therefore your subconscious was just repeating what you were exposed to.
    My thought is that you predictions about other subjects will be more accurate because you do not have a exposure to opinions of the subject and the subconscious is not interfering.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It is a thought, I always noticed the most accurate prediction are the ones I am not attached to in any way. Personally I was not a big fan of Hilary’s politics, however being Hispanic I had a bit of distain towards Trump. Did that creep in? Even though I was determined for it not to?

      1. myseventh Avatar

        Controlling the subconscious is almost or maybe impossible, it may be easier to avoid predictions such as elections. There is just too much room for the subconscious to play a part.
        Also, those types of predictions do seem to touch the emotions of your readers and draw out the side that is less cordial.

  63. Alison Avatar

    Eric in peace and love I greet you and wish you only the very best, you are a pure soul with a beautiful gift and have done many a good thing in the past and am MOST certain you will do even better things in the future. God bless you. I am so priviledged to know that a person like you sacrifice soooooo much for the wellbeing and lives of others. Stay strong.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you very much!

  64. anita Avatar

    I am from scandinavia and really can´t understand how in USA even Obama´s politics is called
    ” communistic”.. it has been normal here to have free education and health care and social help
    people are equal, and also women can rise to the top with their mental skills ( not to be only some beauty doll in the sovinistic system!) It is impossible to vote the president who is like Trump here! Most of people( over 75 pros.!) are against Trump in all scandinavian countries in gallups!
    Also the ” green thinking” is normal here, to care and love the nature! We do not like materialists like Trump.

    1. Tot Avatar

      It is normal to have free health care and education where I am from too.

    2. Lisa Avatar

      What don’t you get?!? When you take money from people who earn it and give it to others who don’t earn it.. it is socialistic/communistic!! There a reason why people want to immigrate to the USA. We reward hard work! You have opportunity! Your life isn’t planned out for you based on what the government gives you. You are an individual and have freedom to choose. You cannot make things “fair” by the rule of law. The rights you have and that cannot be taken away are life, liberty and pursuit of happiness! NO ONE can take those three things away from you!!! Life by its very definition is not fair.

      You speak as if you know Trump personally? Materialistic? Because someone has wealth does not mean they are materialistic. Did you know his wife Melanie cuts his hair? He doesn’t even drink for crying out loud!

      I really don’t understand people who make such inflammatory comments and comment on things as if they are facts. It is mind-blowing!

      1. Tot Avatar

        What did i say that was inflammatory ffs!

      2. chiron Avatar

        Many right wing politics in Usa are catholic or religious..
        however they do not live and talk and their values are NOT how Pope Fransiscus speaks and thinks, or St Franciscus or Jesus Christ!

      3. anita Avatar

        Many ( right wing) politics and people in Usa are catholic or religious, but they do NOT live, think and talk at all like Pope Franciscus, St Fransiscus, or Jesus Christ!

  65. Em Avatar

    The protests aren’t going to change anything. Donald Trump is president, fair and square. He won the electoral college. People need to move on and be united.

    1. Cee Avatar

      Em – this is simply democracy. As long as peaceful, people have the right to protest.

  66. Em Avatar

    Eric, everyone
    5 people shot in downtown Seattle a few miles from Trump protests. No word if it’s related or about the suspects.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Can I have the link please.

  67. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,(Spiritual Warior Clan)

    Could this have been a contributing factor?

    Kremlin; Clinton victory would have lead to WW3 between USSR and US..


    1. Luna tic Avatar

      Russia is a powerful ally to have. Perhaps you are on to something here. It reminded me of a Nostradamus quatrain about the eagle and bear. I could not find it but I found 2 others that gave me pause from Century I
      The false trumpet concealing madness
      will cause Byzantium to change its laws.
      From Egypt there will go forth a man who wants
      the edict withdrawn, changing money and standards.
      The trumpet shakes with great discord.
      An agreement broken: lifting the face to heaven:
      the bloody mouth will swim with blood;
      the face anointed with milk and honey lies on the ground.

      1. Tot Avatar

        Putin wanted Trump to win as he will see him as weak. Trump threatens to pull out of Nato so Russia will virtually have free rein to do whatever they want. A very dangerous man.

  68. LLG26 Avatar

    I have been thinking the last few weeks that Trump represents the energy of the old political and social structures that need to fall before we humans evolve into beings who take care of each other and Mother Earth with love and compassion for all. Just my opinion. I also feel that people resist change because they are fearful, and can’t handle things being turned upside down from what they’ve been raised to believe in. Fear is a huge motivator for a last minute huge turnout of scared white conservatives who feel they are losing their country to minorities and other religious groups… Free will can change any prediction. It only takes a split second decision and free will to change the course of history again and again. Eric’s track record so far is amazing when you realize this. God gave us free will to learn from our mistakes. What have we learned? The country is scared and angry. How to stop the fear? Realize that the “other” you are scared of is part of God also. Realize that all of us on on the same Mother Earth for a reason–to learn to love each other unconditionally. We can all die together on Mother Earth or take a few steps toward peace.

    1. Alien. Avatar

      trump actually doesn’t represent the energy of the old system. Further from it he has never been part of cabal. The clintons are part of the old political energy, part of the ruling elite. No fear involved, as we are seeing with brexit and clinton loosing the old energy, the cabal are loosing their grip on control. Eric is always putting out low vibration predictions, war, terrorist attacks, that seems to be common that those putting out those predictions all got this election wrong, but those focussing on the higher vibrations actually got it right.

      If clinton had of won, you’d be facing more wars and destruction.

      1. Miko Avatar

        I agree Alien, I feel rather the sudden change was from many putting out positive vibrations, at least I did, lol! I meditated for the best outcome I could! And with this huge nexus point, there are so many different timelines that people will experience, good, bad, neutral- we are probably experiencing a version of Eric that got it wrong. The further we get in the years, the more and more timelines and nexus points will exist! Stay positive and loving!

      2. LLG26 Avatar

        Alien, I understand what you are saying, but I guess I am speaking of more primitive energy such as white male aggression and domination over those weaker, such as women, minorities, as well as white male domination in politics. I understand the Clintons are not new energy in politics, they have their own problems. Perhaps my wording wasn’t the best… I see Trump as problematic, because so far he hasn’t cared what he says, how it affects people. Right now the most lowest vibrational people who supported him feel emboldened to pull hijabs off of muslim women and other divisive acts. Clinton is careful in what she says because she is a better politician as you say, but she will not cause white supremacists to feel like the have more freedom to come out into the open.

        Perhaps Clinton as president would lead to what you say, but no one knows that for sure..just like I don’t know if a Trump presidency is all that horrible…I just know I am a sensitive person, and I feel pretty horrible right now..

        Eric’s predictions are not low vibrational predictions, they are a probable reality. We live in a world with low vibrational events happening all the time. If he only predicted high vibrational events there would be no need to try to stop them or thwart them so we need him predicting these horrific events.

        Eric, I think you’re a kind and loving person and I hope you figure it out…but if there is no clear answer, perhaps realizing that there may be some percentage of predictions that miss the mark due to some variabilities or events that can’t be accounted for is best.

  69. anita Avatar

    Look at the links in net.. Julian Assange has informed the election will be rigged.. and Trump behind Clinton´s emails leaks… and FBI who supports Trump.. Assange´s internet has been closed after this information!
    Also links to lawsuits Trump will have! What the self – projection he made Clinton the criminal all the time! Nothing is what it looks like!

    1. Alien. Avatar

      ah no, wikileaks has never said Trump was behind the email leaks, actually what they have hinted too is that it was people within the DNC and one who was murdered. And wikileaks and Assange never talked of lawsuits Trump will face. so many people here focusing from the ego instead of spirit

      1. anita Avatar

        There are news about lawsuits coming, because of Trump´s foundation and other unclear things.. not from Assange but open news!
        Assange said that elections are always rigged in Usa.

      2. anita Avatar

        FBI is on Trump´s side. That was reason Comey started to speak about Clinton´s emails just before election, Clinton was leading…and it was 9 days before saying there isn´t anything criminal! That´s why Clinton did not win.

      3. Tot Avatar

        Thanks Anita. The fBI shouldn’t be on anyone’s side. They need investigating.

      4. Francine Avatar

        Anita, the FBI is on *justice’s* side. You really sound like you haven’t read any of the leaked documents. If you had, you would understand why Hillary was and why the Clinton Foundation continues to be, under investigation.

        Hillary’s own running mate, Tim Kaine even said, when asked about the emails, that he has nothing to worry about since he hasn’t said or done anything wrong in the first place. And that’s the bottom line. The Clintons have a lot of dirty deeds to answer fot.

    2. Tot Avatar

      Is assange saying that Trump rigged the election?

    3. Francine Avatar

      The investigations are into the Clinton Foundation. I think you have your news stories mixed up.

      1. anita Avatar

        You can look from net.. i found many articles about Trump´s lawsuits in the past and in the future!
        From google ” Dive into Donald Trump´s thousands of lawsuits over three decades..”
        ” How 75 pending lawsuits could distract Donald Trump´s presidency” and many others!
        Media hides things!
        I didn´t want to say this, but all looks like the narcistic disorder!
        By the way, in Scandinavia i neither can understand guns in Us.. Trump wants them more free! Here nobody walks with a gun or even have it! We care about climate change.
        We do not admire money, but more intellectual and cultural things.
        And – Trump really has made some deals with Putin and Russia which are dangerous to us!
        By the way, Bod Dylan has got the Nobel litterature prize, coming to take it from Stockholm.
        That shows something.

      2. Francine Avatar

        Anita, the media has not covered for ANYBODY the way it has covered for Hillary Clinton

  70. anita Avatar

    Ps. The prediction was ” Trump will fall.. exposed… scandal, all turn on him..”(?)

  71. Cris af Enehielm Avatar

    I think Trump will fall

    1. Maria Sforza Avatar

      Our country had to endure 8 years of the Obama administration. I don’t recall any demonstrations! Predicting that President elect Trump will fall? Give him a chance to tactical the many issues facing our country and make America shine once again!

  72. Cygnuspix Avatar

    I will reiterate what has already been stated here: the electoral college doesn’t actually vote until December 19th. “Faithless electors” have gone rogue many times in the past but never to the extent that it effected an election. This could be yet another unprecedented moment in this fun-house election, thus making the prediction come true. That said, the electoral college does not effect senate/house elections.

    1. Francine Avatar

      It is highly unlikely that enough electoral votes would switch to give her the win. She would need at least 40. It’s over, he won.

  73. Ssyoki Avatar

    Only God knows with 100% accuracy.

  74. Ssyoki Avatar

    Only God knows 100 percent

  75. aleafinthewind77 Avatar

    The planets were aligned in his house to win. So many thought Hillery would win, it makes one doubt themselves. I posted this on my Facebook page but the reaction was crazy so I keep silent

  76. Shanna Avatar

    Hi Eric,

    I tend to see this entirely different than you “were wrong”. I tend to think – you are right. I will explain. Firstly, I know this because Spirit will never give you “incorrect” information, as you know. It is merely how you interpret and translate that information.

    Secondly, you have given readings to my entirely family and they were beyond spot-on. You are never wrong – find a more empowering way to view your work. You simply translated the information in a different way. That is all. You always come from your heart and without ego – this is why you are different <—- and that matters.

    Third, I submit your prediction below on "The Fall of Trump"…

    “The two leaders will not see eye to eye at all.” The visual shifted to two men on a stage waving at fans. (A reference to the vice president.)"

    Is it possible that the two men on stage waving to fans …..were (are) Trump/Spence in their acceptance speech? (Again – you were given correct information as always, it is simply how you chose to translate it).

    “Like the reign of Howard”

    This could go so many different directions – but I feel this implies Clinton would do so well (like Howard) then it would all be for naught.

    I had a smiling face of Clinton with the number 62 by it. — Spirits Voice

    Again – this is also "correct". Clinton DID smile at her concession speech. She DID need 62 more votes to make 270. She finished with 218. If you add 62 — that would have brought her to the magic 270.

    And finally – you predicted that Hillary would win the election. And in fact — she did. She won the popular vote. She won in that sense.

    I have never posted on here but feel so led because I don't want you feeling down on yourself. You're a good person and you are never given inaccurate information. Everything you said about the election – was in fact, correct. I think you are still a psychic rock star and hope you are doing well. Thank you for ALL you do in the name of Spirit and protecting our world.

    The Fall of Trump I had a visual of people sitting around a business like table, several of the people left. “We are done.”
    “The truth will be exposed.. scandal.. everyone will start to turn on Mr Trump.. things begin to spiral downward.”
    I had a visual of Trump writing a check to himself. Then it shifted to show a giant hole in the sand of a beach.
    “The two leaders will not see eye to eye at all.” The visual shifted to two men on a stage waving at fans. (A reference to the vice president.)
    “Like the reign of Howard”
    I had a smiling face of Clinton with the number 62 by it. — Spirits Voice

    1. Blessings Avatar

      I 100% agree with you.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you very much!

    3. Zethkal Avatar

      There is still that matter with scandal, I agree with that. Maybe we all missed something or it was simply canceled. Maybe this prediction should a little more focus.

  77. chiron Avatar

    Astroiogical transist are not nice in his chart: Saturn conjunct moon, opposition sun and moon node in 10th room! Pluto going opposition to saturn and venus!

    1. Karben Avatar

      chiron – What does this mean?

      1. chiron Avatar

        There will be struggless, he gets very strong critics, in Usa and abroad.
        Very stressful transits. Realities, facts.. he cannot keep on playing the show.
        Also things hidden now which will be troubles…things not good for his image!
        He is also against the climate change! He wants more weapons, the relationship to Russia.. many things
        which the world is against..Also the whole Europe( the whole world !) is already now very skeptical about him!

      2. chiron Avatar

        It seems he is not spiritual, cultural person! he cares only about money, do not care about nature. His values are very hard! It is not good for this world and not good for Usa!
        He is trying to do changes he wants but gets very strong attacks because of that.

  78. Cindy Avatar

    I believe in you Eric, and I believe in Spirit. This was a difficult one because of the emotion attached to this situation. Emotion clouds our ability to see things as they are, and unfortunately you had to deal with the high emotions from your fan base, as well as the views and emotions of the whole world. I feel your humility, and for that my friend I am by your side , I too feel humbled. But it’s ok, we will move forward and past this, just as we do in all life situations. Your work and mission in life is so needed, chin up, all will be well, and this too shall pass.
    With a grateful heart 💜
    Cindy 🇨🇦

    1. swampy11 Avatar

      Cindy, that was put so well! God bless you!

      1. Cindy Avatar

        Blessings to you as well Swampy11. And thank you for your positive contributions on this post. Keep spreading the Love. I understand all sides of this situation. It is perhaps easier for me because I am not a US citizen, but by no means do I not feel their pains, frustrations, and fears. The world is united with you all, what affects you, affects us. We are all one after all. I pray the banter and negativity subsides so we can get back to supporting one another.
        Many many blessings to you Swampy, Eric, and all.
        💜 Cindy

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you! Clearly from all these comments I have a great group of fans and followers who support us and I it warms my heart. We will continue our work here. We will move forward.

  79. Thankful Avatar

    I keep thinking about your post Nov 7.. “The Donkey, doubly happy as it takes both wins.”
    You think Spirit was referring to Trump rather than the Democratic party with that donkey reference? 🙂 Just a thought..
    So Trump won… Whether we like that or not. We do have violent response from many areas of the country. This particular election divides the country in spite of the usual post-election speeches to bring unity. On occasion, they have made corrections to a a prediction where timing or something was misunderstood. Maybe they can offer insight. Corruption in election process? Voters change of heart? If Spirit comments on the election outcome, we would all be interested.

    You are right so much of the time that people are a bit astonished if there is a prediction that does not pan out. Thanks for all you do. Keep on posting, as we are all very grateful for the work you do with Spirit. Please pass on to Spirit our gratitude.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you very much!

  80. Deborah Avatar

    On dec19 the electoral college can cast their ballot. They can vote for trump again or Hillary. Even if their states don’t allow their vote can still be counted. I just google electoral college dec 19. So Eric may not be wrong after all . We just have to wait and see.

    1. Francine Avatar

      I think if that happened, the violence that we are seeing in the streets now would be NOTHING in comparison to what would happen in that case.

  81. Lia Avatar

    Eric, can you ask spirit what the lesson is in Trump’s win? I mean, life lessons from a spiritual point of view. For the first time in my life, I do not feel ‘safe’ with this President-elect, and feeling fear and grief after the outcome of an election is a new emotion for me. And at this point, it’s not about a republican policy. I feel unsafe.

    1. Rhona Avatar

      Hi lia
      Forgive me jumping in here but your question raised a subjective point with me ..
      long shot but the fear some of you are now feeling and the trend to immagrate to Canada is very much the same emotions that surroundin countries people have when they want to come to the U.s. to get away from their governments …
      Im not saying im right ..but a lesson in empathy and compassion for what they have tried to escape from for years …
      I wish you well Lia
      I wish America well …

      1. Lia Avatar

        Hi Rhona thanks for giving a new point of view. It did give me pause. I was doing some EFT Tapping this am, which I found recently to be an amazing way to release stress simply and so FAST! Anyway, this am, I was doing the tapping and I had a sudden epiphany for me; for me, the election results conjures up the lesson of ‘failure’. So, my higher self provided the answer to me through the tapping – wow! For others in this country, dealing with ‘ failure’ might also be a lesson. For Eric, his acknowledgement above of perhaps his subconscious being influenced by his Hispanic roots & trumps disempowering rants against his heritage…that could be another lesson. For me, failure and how I decide to accept failure and acknowledge my drive for success, is probably a main issue. Thanks for your input again – you certainly were right. Persons from other countries have experienced disempowerment & this theme is new to some of us in this country. Peace.

      2. Lia Avatar

        I had another thought, too. Perhaps another Trump lesson is one of self-esteem. The loss of self-esteem by those disenfranchised by a system that did not support them in ways that they were led to believe would be true. Anger, fear and a sense of betrayal about their lack of success and empowerment. Anyway, many of us are not operating from our highest selves these days. These are indeed dark days. Choosing the higher vibration of light and truth in the shadow of fear and falsehood is a higher call for each and every human being on this planet.

  82. Derek Avatar

    I see king Eric has went into hiding after his failed prediction Eric where are you????

  83. Zethkal Avatar

    Hello Eric! I apologize if I may have offended somehow, I was wondering why my comments were not getting through. If I said something out of turn or was misunderstood then I apologize deeply.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I have to approve of them at times but I only erase comments that are over the top or have profanity. It might just be a delay in reading through everything.

  84. Maria Sforza Avatar

    I still believe and support Eric.
    He hasn’t gone into hiding, he mentioned he is regrouping and what happened with the prediction.
    Eric, take as much time as you need, we need you back!
    love, peace and hope

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you all for your support!


    I think all prophets were seeing the outcome to the path of disaster, its possible that the path was changed with prayers. Or something more is to come, it may not be over yet.

  86. Veronica Avatar

    It is Mr.Trump’s karma that led him to white house . In a previous life Mr.Trump fought political corruption. He got killed for doing so by his own people. In that life he was a great man, full of heart , he helped a lot of people. He accumulated a lot of good karma and this is what has led him to White House . He is not the wrong candidate he has earnd this position by merit, by his past good deeds. It remains to be seen what he will do this time. It is fate, destiny out of our hands. We must accept it as divine justice and pray for him to do the right thing.

    ll do

    1. Gwenyth Avatar

      I don’t know how making fun of disable people, putting Muslims in a database, grabbing female reproductive parts and bragging about it, deporting hispanic people and building a wall is good karma. I think your statement applies to Bernie Sanders.

      1. Francine Avatar

        *deporting illegal aliens, not specifically Hispanics.

        Otherwise, good points.

  87. Marina Avatar

    Eric. Eres hispano? :O. Hablas español?? (no sé si entendí mal en un comentario anterior). Yo creo que tienes un don muy valioso que has puesto al servicio de los demás sin esperar nada a cambio y eso tiene mucho mérito. Nadie te tiene que poner en prueba a ti y a tu precisión. Tu don es algo personal, un regalo de Dios que has querido compartir, por eso no tienes ni el deber de hacerlo y mucho menos la obligación de acertar. Yo creo eres un canal de comunicación y hay cosas que es voluntad de Dios que te sean reveladas, de forma espontánea sin tú preguntarlo y otras que no. Depronto funcionará si tú simplemente recibes los mensajes que te quieran dar, sin “preguntar” deseando saber sobre algo en específico. Es una opinión respetuosa. Graciaas!

    1. Mary Avatar

      will someone please translate Marina’s language? Thanks and blessings to you!

  88. Bob Avatar

    Hi Eric,
    We respect you, we trust you.
    Go on.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks so much Bob.

  89. anita Avatar

    The president like Trump and his friends – Bannon, Palin and so on – do not make America great but stupid idiot! So it looks out to the world!
    Also women should only please men and their eyes! Abortion forbidden even if you raped or do not want a child( to suffer in poor conditions or without a father!) at the same time you want more guns, weapons, killing!
    The laws of the jungle: beasts win and only the winners are good!
    Sick! Also Trump´s personality and behavior is exactly ” narcissistic personality disorder” – and without emotions.

  90. Chewdy Avatar

    I think the spirits’ “ultimate goal of alter(ing) the tragedies of tomorrow” was a great success. Because of their prediction we altered the disaster of a Hillary win. Although when thinking of the aftermath of the elections my guides said: ‘A turn for the worse’ whatever that might mean.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That is very possible.

  91. anita Avatar

    How can anyone respect the person who wants more nuclearweapons and ” why we do not use them when we have them!” And use more ja more the nature to the end…
    create useless status things!
    I do not want to live – even if given to me! – in that kind of golden cage, where superficial beauty, money and success and power is the main goal! Women are only objects. He should read Dalai Lama and Erich Fromm!
    The real existense is mental, spiritual and immaterial things is richness! We are spirits!
    What kind of heritage he leaves to this world – mentally!
    This is the time when needed totally OPPOSITE direction than his!
    Maybe this happened that people wake up!

    1. Sara Avatar

      I totally understand your frustration…I didn’t like either of the two candidates, and I wish others had been able to run instead. Sadly, Americans were forced to make a hard choice, and we’re all afraid and angered by the way things have been going.

      I think it came down to that some people were so upset by the status quo they felt Trump was worth the risk, and others felt that Trump is too unpredictable even if things are bad.
      I got the feeling supporters of both candidates so desperately wanted a candidate to believe in, they glossed over their faults…because otherwise, they’d have to face that the election choices were abysmal. (That’s my opinion, anyway! I voted 3rd party!)

      Don’t lose hope…voters on both sides are typically good, generous people who had to make a difficult choice. Even if the candidates aren’t great, the American people are still good at heart. We’ll get through all of this.

      And I agree–the real existence is mental/spiritual. I heard a quote once–not sure where–that said “All seen things are temporary. But unseen things are eternal.” All this stress is “seen” and is temporary. But I like to think goodness is “unseen” and eternal.

  92. RJ-DWA Avatar

    The spirits said “Wait.. Wait” and they felt you “need to wait till the dust settles. They imply something else is coming around the corner (your words).” The electoral college doesn’t vote until Nov. 19th, so there could be an upset. That would, for sure, create a huge social upheaval. My point is that it’s really not over yet, so the prediction may still be right.

  93. freestonew Avatar

    Maybe you could be right after all! !
    In the news…….”Stein and the Green Party said Friday they raised more than $4 million in three days to support recount efforts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, three key battleground states where Trump narrowly defeated Clinton……”
    If a recount makes Hillary the winner, in these states, ’tis possible rhat Hillary could then be the winner of the election, by electoral votes.

    Could we all stand another shock?!

    As it is now, the aftershocks of trump winning are only just beginning.
    ……. The pipeline demonstrations on the Indian reservation! Probably trump will push for complete pipeline activities in tecreservation, large companies Rule andcthecindians should just Ll move to Chicago and Americans, just like the Irish and the Germans and thecother immigrants have!
    ….internet neutrality. Trump would probably favor rhe large media companies, the bigger you are, the more bandwidth you need.

    But under Hillary both problems might go the other way . Collectivism would then rule more, and the social state would have the power , not the companies nor an individual.

    I was told recently in a dream thatvi would die in a war. But I live in the USA! But I live in the capital city of Florida. War would probably mean a nuclear missile! I wonder which president might bring on a nuclear war?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We need to try and ask Spirit about that pipeline

  94. freestonew Avatar

    Yes eric, this pipe line thing is huge with these Indians. Seems they were given this area as a treaty place to live. Then the government used over half of their land for a resouvour lake! The very best land was taken, forcing them to live on the worst land. And none of rhe water is used for them. Yet another example, they say, of white man abusing the Indian. Thus this pipeline is a near final straw for them! It is do or die! Their entire treaty land could be ruined by a leak in it!
    Plus sacred sites will be used for the actual route. I wonder if they all should just throw the towel in and all move to like Chicago and accept becoming white people and to live the American way as residents of a vibrant huge urban multiplex ! No more nature at All! Indoor offices and warehouse work, to learn to love opera and media tv.
    Then the sympathizers! The demonstafors. They see huge corporations taking over. Of course! The larger you are, the more power you have and often you need to bulldoze your way to get what you need. And that oil and gas is needed by the vast majority of citizens!
    The hidden message to the demonstafors……is that how you had your chance to become big boys and you chose not to, thus you have to accept being bottom feeders all of your lives. Of course to be on top, often means…power…control…no integrity…etc..etc! But not everyone can claw their way to the top. Winners means that there has to be losers! If no one wins, evolution stops, progress halts!
    Thus this pipeline issue is far huger than it might other wise Appear.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the info.

  95. persefone Avatar

    WHY some lawyers try to stop the re- count of votes if everything is ok! Corruption!
    I think there is something really strange going on!
    Already now Trump has made many mistakes.. stupid calls and comments! is it possible
    the electoral college will turn on him.. aS predicted something like this and scandal!

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