Predictions 3-13-17

I had a visual I was walking down the road to see houses on both sides in complete rubble.
I had a visual of the number 14 put into a box.

Where Spirit?
South America
I had a visual of multiple numbers in boxes: 14, 22,30, and 2.

We have three different predictions that talk about South America. I have tried my best to narrow it down but without success. Perhaps its the Tsunami prediction, that would explain why they have not narrowed it down.  I do believe they are marking the 14th with this earthquake, keep in mind its ‘around’ the 14th. If I am right then they just marked several dates.

Predictions 2-21-17  North West South America

Prediction 1-8-17 Chile

Predictions 3-29-16  Tsunami


24 thoughts on “Predictions 3-13-17”

  1. Eric what happened to the tsunami prediction for sri lanka? also when is this plane hijacking expected? Do you have any ideas or solutions to the time frame situation as they still seem to be way of at the minute sadly.

  2. “Astronomer Richard Nolle tells us:” Look for increased solar and geomagnetic activity including auroral displays during any Mercury-Venus alignment, and particularly any with one or both planets in their Max Cycle, putting one or both of them on the same side of the Sun as our home planet. Such is the case with the March 18 alignment, which occurs during this year’s Venus Max cycle (as well as near the vernal equinox, a turbulent time in its own right). On the geophysical level, such alignments are very likely to be harbingers of increased terrestrial storm and seismic activity, as well as a surge in solar flares, Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) and geomagnetic activity. This is a combination which I fully expect to usher in a notable increase in powerful storms, extreme tidal surges and significant seismic activity (including magnitude 5+ earthquakes and volcanic eruptions).”

      1. There have been some power outtages. NYC didn’t get hit with that much snow, but other areas of New York State, Northeast Pennsylvania, and other areas got over 2 feet of snow, schools closed, and flight cancellations. Could that be the power going out? Just a theory.

      2. 25,000 here on east coast without power. Will be 2-3 days
        to fix. it is horribly cold here. 29 degrees but with
        wind chill feels like 12. this is incredible shift. Last
        week was 70’s and springtime


  3. Eric,
    Could the numbers 14, 22, 30, and 2 be a countdown–like 14 days from now, or 22 days from now? Or are you fairly sure they’re dates?

    1. I honestly think they are dates, but that means something is expected today , if nothing happens then they must mean something else. I do question whether or not 30 means ‘next month’.

  4. I wonder if the numbers are latitude/longitude, as on a map. The 14 and 22 would put it in South America, either Mexico or Brazil.

  5. Eric,
    Do you think 14 in the list of dates (14,22, 30, 2) meant on the 14th Snowstorm Stella would impact a lot of people?
    Or could it have meant quakes? I think Guatemala and parts of Indonesia had 5.1-5.3 quakes the past few days–but I don’t know if they caused much damage.

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