Predictions 8-29-16

I had a visual of Greenland, then I had a visual of a red line plummeting downward.

It sounds like an economic crisis.

I had a visual of mass destruction, houses or buildings torn apart. There was a massive storm perhaps a tornado.

We are trying very hard to narrow down the location, but it is expected in a matter of days. Hopefully we can get the information before its too late.


32 thoughts on “Predictions 8-29-16

  1. Eric, tropical storms and hurricanes spawn many tornadoes. Ironically, TS Hermine in 2010 (Sept. 7-9) spawned 13 and TS Lee in 2011 (Sept. 3-7) spawned 46. Maybe it is the tropical depression #9 that is likely heading for the west coast of Florida that you are seeing. All it needs to do is slow down in the gulf and the sheer will relax making the storm stronger. I am telling everyone I can to take this one seriously. I was the only one at the recreation center getting sand bags this morning though.

  2. August 23, 2016

    Russia Orders Ships Away From American Waters, Warns “Storm Of Century” Likely To Strike. An interesting “urgent bulletin” circulating in the Kremlin today issued by the Ministry of Transport (MoT) is “warning/strongly advising” that all Federation maritime concerns “remove/displace” their shipping vessels from the Atlantic Ocean region as sometime during the next fortnight (14-days) a catastrophic “storm of the century” event is likely to occur along the Eastern coastal regions of the United States.

    According to this bulletin, MoT experts have identified an Atlantic Ocean “disturbance”, known as Invest 99L, that is being “severely and abnormally” affected by what is called the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA) that stretches across most of South America to the Southern part of Africa.

  3. There are a lot of economic crisis’s going on all over the world with the potential of many more to come. Many of these could become quite severe and bring down other economies with it. Any chance the spirits could be more specific, is this local or wide spread. If the situation is bad enough it could lead to great hardship or much worse. In the past severe economic crisis have lead to the rise of evil men and world wars.

  4. I came across this to give us hope,,
    “I was told that the world could be saved, not by its leaders, but by prayer groups throughout the world. I was told that the prayers of a group of twenty could save a nation from war. I was told that the fate of mankind rested on our ability, individually and collectively, to change the direction of mankind
    (Ned Dougherty)

  5. SWC no wonder the weather bureau is concerned for 9L and 8
    These two storms …9 is going to be chasing 8 on 1st and 2nd Sept..
    8 lat 37.5n – 71.10w on 1st
    9 lat 27.2n – 85.8w on 1st

    8 41.5n – 61.5w on 2nd
    9 30.1n – 75.5w on 2nd
    I Recieved Dark Island Florida from my guide a couple of weeks back for severe storm damage which is in direct west line to Jackson as eric and spirit said in a prediction …
    Praying love and light to Florida and Louisiana and the delta areas …
    Blessings all…r.

  6. “I had a visual of Greenland, then I had a visual of a red line plummeting downward.”

    Greenland economic driver is the fishing and seal industry. With climate change and ice caps melting warming the waters the fishing industry will change and disappear effecting their economy.

      • If this is a long range prediction I could see where this could be the case. My understanding is these are now near term predictions, going into winter the Greenland ice will not melt but become larger. So in the near term I’m confused what this prediction could mean. In my humble opinion more focus needs to be given to economic predictions when they come because of the potential deviating impact.

      • On 29 August there were two unusually large earthquakes in Iceland. There is concern there that the Katla volcano will erupt which has not occurred since 1918. It’s possible the red line (symbolizing lava) was a volcanic eruption and if huge could have a detrimental impact on the region. Greenland is very close.

    • The planet goes through cycles of warming and cooling and there are cycles within cycles, all based on the sun. We were being told by governments that the planet was in a global warming status and that was true to some extent but not due to CO2 emissions. It was a natural cycle. Now they have changed the title to climate change. What is not being disclosed is that the planet has entered a 206 year cooling cycle. Some believe we entered this cycle in 2015 and it will run through approximately 2045. There is much evidence to support this by scientists around the world and more are coming forth and putting their reputations and careers on the line to get the truth out there. The ultimate impact this cooling period will have on humanity is to agriculture. With 7.5 billion people to feed it is going to get rough for many. This cooling period is called a Grand Solar Minimum and the characteristics are reduced sunspot activity. The effects here on earth can already be seen by more rain and flooding, larger and more horrific storms, earlier winters, freak snow and ice storms at times of the year when there shouldn’t be, more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Volcanic eruptions can also affect the temperatures as the fine ash particle clouds reduce the amount of sunlight that can warm the planet. Two channels are key on Youtube if anyone wants to educate themselves. Suspicious0bservers and Adapt2030.

  7. Hang a long pendulum from the ceiling, 7 feet or whatever, as long as possible. Then if it starts to sway, an alarm goes off or place it in a circle of terracotta pots. This would either mean an earthquake or a severe wobble leading to water inundation and wild weather patterns.

  8. Eric have you seen the news about the earthquake in New Zealand 7.2. they are now warning of a tsunami sounds really bad, they are advising that people move up to higher ground.

    • Pat45 hi,
      I put info on 2 threads..
      11-8-15 and 8-23-16. All information plus video with background information..
      Updated evacuation..and tsunami mention of aftershocks (5.6,5.7 and more( 50 so far ).

  9. I had a visual of Greenland, then I had a visual of a red line plummeting downward.
    It sounds like an economic crisis.

    What I think :
    The prediction referred to the Antarctic, not to Greenland,Because the nature of the place is similar.
    The red line plummeting downwar meant a massive crack in the ice.

    Facts :
    Imminent birth of vast iceberg threatens to ‘fundamentally change’ Antarctic

    The separation of what is expected to be one of the largest icebergs ever recorded is becoming more and more imminent after the extension of a fault for about 180 kilometers in Antarctica.


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