Brussels Terrorist Planned to Attack France

Brussels bombers ‘initially planned to target France’

With the Facts now available I have to question how this prediction was written on  Predictions on 11-16-15 they said there was a threat coming to France, but then on Prediction 11-25-15 Belgium Bombing they changed their position saying its not France that was under threat but Belgium. I still want to verify the information. But it sounds to me like Spirit changed their position just as Daesh did.

Here are the original predictions:

Predictions on 11-16-15
“France.. the lou is in danger.. protect it.. and the area around it..
Manipulative.. they will draw your attention elsewhere and then try to destroy (or damage it).. Fire.. 24.. 25” — Spirits Voice
This message in my opinion is talking about the Louvre

Prediction 11-25-15 Belgium Bombing
“It’s not France it’s Belgium.
Raid.. Protect Lou.”
I had a visual of a bomb that went off all that was left was rubble.
I had a visual of 3 gray sticks.
I tried to ask where? and again they talked about Lou, followed by two other messages.
I had a visual of coffee grounds on the ground
I had a visual of a cross in the skyline, perhaps a church or school.

Predictions 12-30-15
“Unfortunately the wicked people are still there.. Belgium.”
I had a visual of a bomb that went off all that was left was rubble.
I had a visual of 3 gray sticks.
I had a visual of coffee grounds on the ground
I had a visual of a cross in the skyline, perhaps a church or school.
In the visual they showed what looked like a Belgium Flag.

Predictions 12-21-15   Spirit showed a map pointing to three different locations in red.
They seem to imply another attack, 3 of them back to back.
Sorry but I could not remember the location of the map.

I had a visual of a massive storm engulfing Europe, they showed a map and to the left of this massive storm was the word ‘Belgium’.

I had a visual of a clock, but the numbers that circled the clock where different. The 12 was replaced with 21, and the 11 was replaced with 4. As if to say 4 21.

It could be a simple message of ‘for 21’ which means one of these predictions will happen today or tomorrow. Otherwise the message represents something else April 21st?

Predictions on 9-28-15  I had a visual of a dark figure sitting on a train. A message that this prediction below is coming soon. In the vision it seemed like a woman, but the figure could simply be a message of this dark prediction unfolding. Tuesday was mentioned in the set of predictions as a possible timeframe.

Predictions 3-17-16   I had a visual of both hands of a clock reaching 12. The clock rang out with a large bell, once.   The countdown was now complete.

Also a couple of small messages from Spirit:

“Jim Jones is coming, Jim Jones is coming.”

What about the earthquake in China?

“Your too late.. Asia.”

The first message implies a mass suicide of some type. We need details. For those that might not know; Jim Jones was a 1970s cult leader and architect of a mass suicide of over 900 people.

There was a large earthquake today in Tajikistan on the border of China. I have to believe this is what they might be talking about. But that is a very inaccurate prediction on our part.

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  1. RUSTI Avatar


    It is clear to me that your predictions are correct with respect to Belgium and France. As we now know they are entwined. The raids in Belgium prevented an another impending attack that was planned for Paris.

    It is very difficult to be exact because there are too many variables where human choices are being made. Things can change.

    Very Best Regards, Rusti

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank You.

  2. star48 Avatar

    new specific targeting information in article today.
    “The French targets were La Défense, a large office and commercial complex just northwest of Paris, and an unidentified Catholic association, said Claude Moniquet, a former French intelligence officer who now works in Belgium and who has been in regular contact with investigators.”

    They mention they are also concerned for Germany and UK…specifically at this time..

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      No Lou?

      1. star48 Avatar

        that is all there saying right now….
        they were purposely vague on the Catholic association..
        So we only have preliminary comments..that is why I wanted to inform you rightaway.
        I will monitor if more info comes up..
        so can other individuals on this site,,( challenge them)

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  3. star48 Avatar

    Eric, for the record..
    USGS moved epicenter and downgraded,know Afghanistan..
    So the report from me,Rhona and who know who else has been changed..

  4. jules104 Avatar

    Eric is the Jim Jones related to this 2014 prediction. Mass Suicide unfolds for nothing but a lie America…south? Here is the Post

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I was thinking about that, but we will wait for the details to come in.

      1. jules104 Avatar

        I always think of the FLDS. A lot going on with them in the news recently.

  5. star48 Avatar

    Canada aboriginal community declares suicide crisis emergency: media | Reuters

    11tried to take their lives on Saturday
    CTV News reported on Sunday that the remote northern community of the Attawapiskat First Nation in Ontario experienced an additional 28 suicide attempts last month. More than 100 people in the community have attempted suicide since last September, and one person died, according to CTV.


    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the info.

  6. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC.
    Update on terror targets..( plural)

    Another bit if information—-terror cell planned to attack Euro 2016 tournament .


  7. star48 Avatar

    Eric, not a cell of terrorists..
    A supercell..more than 50 /90 is a terrorist group.. Many not accounted for or identified.


  8. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 thank you for the link it begs the question wether technology has hindered the cognitive skills of authorities to dispense with these people before they become a threat to national security as was done during ww11 to protect the citizens from harm..This in no way is a slight to our brave men and women fighting these cells bless them in their mission

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      sounds like your right.

  9. rhona Avatar

    Eric its actually yunan /myanmar boarder maybe yunan will register a quake soon..

  10. star48 Avatar

    strange occurance.. Or suspicious?
    .UK rescued 2 Iranians crossing the channel in a rubber dinghy., off Dover
    .that’s funny, I did not know that Iran was at war…(?) Migrants? (That is debatable . – my opinion)


  11. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    the thread from Brussels/Paris. Continue to be unraveled..
    Arrests made in U.K. Related.


    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the info.

  12. star48 Avatar

    Eric, part of the massive storm in Europe..
    Finland. Alerts to racism and extremism…terrorist threat..

  13. star48 Avatar

    SWC, part of massive storm..four detained as planned to join ISIS..
    Planned attacks in Belgium.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will take a look, thanks

  14. star48 Avatar

    part of Massive Storm?
    Tourist bus sprayed with bullets in Northern France.
    6 injured..

  15. star48 Avatar

    Eric SWC,
    a strange 2nd occurance..
    on this thread in April I posted about Iranians in a boat crossing the English Channel..
    almost like special ops.
    ACT 2… 3 Iranians this time
    ( my opinion — uh oh)

  16. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,

    3rd strange occurance.. Ominous….is it just me ;this seems…
    Out of the norm.., I keep thinking of supercell of 90 plus mixed nationalities,
    Roaming Europe..

    Iranians — efforts to get to UK…why not mic with migrants why stealth..
    Like special ops…1 St attempt ,2 men
    than 3 men attempt —
    now 6. It sounds like an effort to put team in place..

    in April 14 th ..2 rescued .Iranians in channel in rubber dinghy…

    June 8 th..3 Iranians in rubber dinghy

    NOW..3rd — time…the French detained them..
    SIX men..
    French coastguards say they intercepted 6 Iranian migrants en route to Britain on a rubber dinghy – AFP

  17. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    In this thread I informed you Iranians were caught
    . (3 times) in “Special ops type boats” Zebras?

    Now comes word the Royal Navy will be patrolling the channel for terrorists and people smugglers

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Sounds like You were right on that one Star48.

  18. star48 Avatar

    Belgium prosecutors charge 3 men with terrorism offenses following overnight raids – Reuters

  19. star48 Avatar

    Eric, Spain..
    Terror attack? Sept 5 th..

    Environmental Terrorism…fire deliberately set in multiple locations at the same time..

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