Predictions 3-17-16

I had a visual of both hands of a clock reaching 12. The clock rang out with a large bell, once.   The countdown was now complete.

We are expecting one of our major predictions to happen between now and the 19th. But Spirit also shared that another prediction would happen right after this countdown, two separate events back to back. The only clue given on which prediction they are referring to is 1 444 and another message of a failed prediction that was now becoming a reality.

There is a large earthquake coming in western China.

We need to try and narrow that down to a city or region.

Where are the new predictions? All is well, but I just completed a small surgery and am recovering, the Spirits are patiently waiting in the background before we focus back on the world, and get back to making droves of new predictions.


70 thoughts on “Predictions 3-17-16

  1. Just wanted to say thank you Eric for all that you do. Also on another note… I haven’t seen Johnblue (comments) in quite a long while he was interesting to say the least.

  2. Hi Eric. First and foremost…Prayers for a speedy recovery! Second, do you have any thoughts on what the one right after another predictions could be? What comes to mind for me are the meteorite that hits South America and then the earthquake for Northern California maybe? Weren’t those two suppose to be first one followed by the other? Thanks for all you do. Blessings.

  3. hey eric hoping you are feeling better.! have you called, on some of them for healing? can you ask, about your area, where you live, about water damage? weather changes are picking up, energies, are changing, I know, it is not good, to talk about politics, but, if they change the rules, in a couple of months, that it will start a chain of events, that will cause, a whole generation, not to have any respect, for our government, and the way, it carries itself. without, causing a whole amount of drama, on this page, can you ask, if this one thing, one event, can have a massive amount of disruption? happy to see you are back!

  4. Speedy recovery love light and prayers to you Eric….
    Im having a proceedure to have a cerebrel stent for an aneruism in my right side artery in my head on tuesday 22nd march…i was diagnosed 15 month ago with routine ct scan for provoked clot in right arm from a drip being put in .so im lucky it was found…had to wait until clot risk passed…
    Blessings to you…

    • Wow just the discovery process involved with finding that sounds somewhat like a blessing in disguise Rhona. And if anyone deserves a heap of blessings it’s got to be You! I will be praying for a wonderful outcome with quick healing afterwards. Sending light and love your way. Keeping You in my thoughts and prayers.

      • Star 48 …That is so heartening to hear…apparently the procedure will take 3 and 1/2 hrs as the aneurism is in the circle of wilis and there is another vein feeding the aneurism…im in good hands my sons mother inlaw was the director if nursing where im to be cared for and she is still in the hospital in a different roll..
        Was your mothers stent placed in her head as well?…thank you again for letting me know…

      • Rhona,
        by the time my mother had to be operated on he was the only one that could deal with it..
        It had grown to the size of a fist., in her head.
        Dr. Gary K.Steinberg has practiced neurosurgery at Stanford for more than 28 years. He has pioneered microsurgical techniques to repair intracranial vascular malformations and certain aneurysms that were previously considered untreatable. He has also refined revascularization techniques for patients with cerebrovascular arterial occlusions, as well as moyamoya disease. He is leading novel clinical trials of stem cell therapy for stroke and spinal cord injury.
        He is an amazing well as compassionate man.. He was also working on making stents more effective..
        I know you will be in the best possible hands, and with all of us sending positive thoughts, prayers..

        Only the best for your higher good…will happen..

        If you get a chance you can Google him..I will not post it here..but at the time he had done an operation in Japan…and Is world famous..for his work..

    • Rhona,
      just read about stent. I am familiar with the procedure..had my mother at Stanford, get one…I talked to her during the procedure , standing right next to bizarre .
      It is the aftercare that is crucial …I will pray and meditate, for your complete recovery…
      My thoughts and good wishes…to you …Blessings!

  5. Hi Eric, thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. I recall a prediction regarding a military base being bombed and referencing the Philippines, In January the Philippines Supreme Court approved return of US troops and reopening of closed bases. I am wondering with all the tension with North Korea and the recent threats and launches, if this might be connected, in that there may an attack on Philippines by North Korea?, Let’s hope not. . .

  6. It was Jules and i feel very blessed to have the gift of extending my life…they have put me through every concievable test and im healthy in all respects otherwise.. Thank you for your prayers i will take them into my heart..x

      • Eric i will recieve your prayers with a most.welcome heart.
        Popi your loving thoughts and wishes mean alot to me thank you.

  7. Eric, I thought that lots of regulars like John blue and others went over to your Facebook,
    (NO.. I do not go to your Facebook, I like it here)

    I was worried that it would be here very quiet, I really liked it, when lots of us, thought about different solutions, hope they come back, I really did appreciated JohnBlue and Jules and others opinions.

  8. The Spirits implied the ‘assassination’ prediction is coming soon. Which is something they said before as I recall. We need to find that previous message and see if it lines up with the countdown.

  9. Eric/SWC, Here is one that is about an assassination and says “The failed prediction will unfold”. It doesn’t say its a female leader though. Are we looking specifically for the female leader prediction then? Here are some previous predictions I found. Hope it helps.
    Here is another one for the Spanish speaking Latin American and a speech
    Another possibly for Kim Jong Un
    Another with the Lee Harvey Oswald mention
    And this one which you already mentioned, getting the female (Her!) back in the car

  10. FYI US, Philippines agree on locations covered by defense pact
    WASHINGTON (AP) ” The U.S. and the Philippines have agreed on locations where American forces will have access, as the U.S. looks to reassert its presence in Asia, officials said Friday.
    Posted Mar. 18, 2016
    . . Senior U.S. defense official Amy Searight said there was agreement on five locations to be covered by a 10-year defense cooperation agreement. She did not identify them. . .
    The U.S. shut its bases in the Philippines in 1992 amid a tide of Philippine nationalism, but the resurgent territorial dispute with China has since prompted Manila to reach out to Washington. .

  11. Thanks lori…..I wasnt going to say anything but thats not being part of a family SWC….and we need to learn to recieve as well as give…so im open ti recieve all the blessings…

  12. Air plane crashed in Russia, seems it missed runway.
    Predictions on 12-4-15 “Oh Russia.. Again! I had a visual of an airplane in flames crashing to the ground ” is now completed.
    Prediction 1-5-16 “Russia.. Moscow.. Check the airplanes for bombs.” Is this prediction connected or separate? It wasn’t Moscow…

    Pray for all the people and their families.

    Predictions on 12-4-15 “Oh Russia.. Again!” I had a visual of an airplane in flames crashing to the ground.

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  14. Reblogged this on melbrake and commented:
    Eric, speeding recovery.. very interesting prediction with a possible date of March 19th/20, a loud bell sound and the number 1444. Maybe going off on a tangent but this relates to personal vision of an energy wave traveling on the earth’s lay lines and effecting the 144,000 souls which is to happen on the Vernal Equinox March 19/20, 2016.

  15. Eric, more info…
    Apparently shots fired shouts of Allah Just before explosions.
    At American Airlines Check in area…still unfolding…

      • Star48…and with good reason I believe. Now hearing about the US being on high alert. Can’t wait to rid the Universe of these crazy people. Also did you hear there was a third explosion at a subway station there in Belgium besides the two at the airport? CNN is announcing this. I’m not sure if it’s been verified but wondering if that could be the third. Actually is this as “three locations” then? I really believe the Louve is the next target and don’t want to imply that’s not happening still.
        I was going to mention thoughts of Rhona previously but wasn’t sure if it was the place to do that. So I am glad you brought it up. 😉 LOL. I have been praying for her and just know she will come out of this healthier than ever. She gives others so much joy, love and blessings each day and know she in turn will be blessed like wise. Prayers of love and light, with healing hands placed upon her today and always.

      • Jules104,
        I am sort of glad that she is missing all the gruesome details..
        Maybe it’s better she is medicated at this time…
        Between Eric and Rhona…we need to make sure they take care of themselves…
        To make sure – SWC. Does as much as it can to help…by encouragement, information, sending energy, prayers…from this site.,,Blessings

        I posted a couple of comments on some threads…I keep getting them confused..
        About the 3 bombs at airport (2 live/1 dismantled) 1 at Metro station…for a total of 4.
        (Again a reference to 4). I think. Paris,/ Holland/ UK are in trouble.( my opinion)
        US…NY/Bos/SF. …
        .I am so glad that I followed my instincts.and felt driven taking my family to Europe as many times as possible before this madness…it is a lost world naive. At least I will remember with fondness my childhood..reading of the different cultures, the history, the quest to explore,
        My fantasies fulfilled, before Hate came to take up all the oxygen.

      • I was thinking the same. Glad Rhona does not have to think on this right now. I wish Eric didn’t have to also. He does so much for others and needs to take care of himself especially during this recovery time period. I personally don’t know how he does it all! I believe you are correct on the threats. Hopefully the authorities take notice of Erics site and are forewarned by Spirits/Erics messages. I can’t find the exact post I had read on something much bigger happening. I found a lot for Turkey but it seems to me this was a recent post. Or I’m just confused. It’s a lot to take in and keep up with but I try the best I can. I really would like to eradicate these spiders from our planet! The sooner the better for those of us with a conscience,empathy, compassion, love and any who are filled with light and not darkness. Blessings Star48

      • Thanks Star48. Hope they get that shut down. I read that these atacks were possibly pushed up due to the fear of being betrayed by the Paris attacker they recently arrested on Thursday. I hope they find this third suspect quickly.

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