Former President Fidel Castro Dies

This tragic prediction posted on 10-7 has happened. Red? Communism? To the people of Cuba my heart goes out to you.  Prediction: Second Florida Hurricane

Castro will pass soon.

Predictions 11-24-16   We are expecting a prediction to unfold around the 25th-27th of November based on the countdown they have been running, the countdown right now sits at 01, implying its almost at zero . I asked which prediction is coming and they responded with ‘the room ( or place) will be red’.  In previous predictions red represents an emergency, for instance red and blue lights.



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  1. Mary Avatar

    Prayers go out to the people of Cuba from USA.

  2. melbrake Avatar

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    Fidel death was coming…

    1. Mary Avatar

      Melbrake, There is fire spreading in Isreal. Caught several arsonists. Does this mean death caused by evil doers?

  3. anthony Avatar

    He provided numerous doctors based upon free eduction and healthcare. These doctors have helped out other nations which could not afford training. I see a partnership coming down from canada in taking care of the elderly(nursing homes) in need of much warmer climate which helps the medical community with much needed income.

    1. Mary Avatar

      It’s a blessing that Castro provided medical. I read an article that the victims suffered with breathing difficulty that caused by 9/11 incident. Doctors tried everything with no little to no success. Castro gave permission to Americans to come for a cure and only stayed for certain amount of time. They were feeling so much better and happier. Beautiful testimony! Thanks Castro for being kind toward to humanity.

      1. Francine Avatar

        It in no way offsets the despicable way people in his own country were treated. He was not a good person, but hey, even Hitler had a dog that he treated well.

      2. Mary Avatar

        Thanks for sharing that as I do not know how badly he was to his people. I would love to hear from their stories. So sorry to hear that. Hitler is no good.

      3. freestonew Avatar

        I read that next to our bad prison, gitamineo, there in our Cuban base, across the fence on the Cuban side is another prison where the political prisoners are kept. This prison makes ours as plush as a top resort hotel! A place you go to die, slowly and horribly!
        The left new age media love him so. Just read some of the articles from escaped dissidents! Wall Street journal had a few. And his brothers and sons will keep this regime going.
        I read he survived HUNDREDS of attempts on his life. He was protected by spirit, I feel.
        Probably JFK,s death was partly due to him! No one could kill him, the bay of pigs was a totAl disaster….
        someone once wrote, years ago, that he was really a voodoo master. If so, voodoo 100, Christianity 0 !
        Why was he so so important. Was it that he thumbed his nose at every large world government that had to do with the USA? He was for the poor working man, to overthrow their governments to bring pure socialism. So many liberals like him for this! Of course if he won a country, anyone living there would have to be a 100 percent true believer, or else!

  4. Sara Avatar

    Do you think Castro’s death is the prediction expected 25th-27th?

    I just wanted to suggest “the room will be red” part of the prediction may not be about communism, because there could still be terror attacks planned which, as you said, could signify an emergency. Just a theory, but thought I’d mention it.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes I do. Another one is expected at the beginning of next week, but that countdown is a little less focused.

  5. Observer227 Avatar

    Eric, I sound like a broken record by now, but I highly doubt this could be the event you and some of us predicted.

    I should’ve shared this info with you when I first gathered it, but I was doubting it’s legitimacy. Now, something’s VERY wrong and this precognition of mine seems to be unfolding rapidly.

    I’ve practiced with a technique where I look at a world map and ask to hear music from a specific country. Depending on how this music plays in my mind, will determine that country’s current AND future state of prosperity/unrest. It doesn’t offer much in terms of details (I need to practice more to learn more), but it’s surprisingly accurate as to WHEN an event will occur and it’s potential SEVERITY.

    Now that I’ve cleared that up, here’s what I’ve been hearing lately. In the days leading up to the election, I heard suspenseful music emanating from the United States. The song was similar to when a character in a horror film is about to be attacked by a monster. I didn’t understand it at the time, but after Trump surprised EVERYONE by winning it made perfect sense.

    For a little while after the music became much more toned-down. Then, the suspenseful music began again. Except this time it just kept getting louder, and louder, and LOUDER. I thought to myself “What could possibly happen next that makes the election results seem this TAME in comparison?!” I expected the worst until, in an instant, I heard something completely shocking: Silence. No matter how quiet, music always plays in every country I’ve analyzed. But, for the first time, the United States had absolutely zero sound.

    This eerie silence started only three days ago. During this time, other major countries started playing suspenseful music in unison. It’s as if this event in the United States will create an immediate domino effect of disasters around the world. Today I even had a rare visual while viewing the United States: The country literally broke into pieces and it’s center imploded into a hole.

    I realize this sounds awful, but my other means of prediction assures me that the country and the world will survive. However, this event will be the closest yet this country’s government almost collapses. Order will be restored in less than a month, but the damage to our nation’s image will never go away.

    Eric, there must be some way you can see the severity of events to come, correct? Preventing these local shootings and deaths is very noble, but we must come to the agonizing conclusion that some tragic events must be prioritized over others. I hated writing that, but I hope you understand what I’m trying to express comes from a person who wants a better future, not a twisted world.

    1. Em Avatar

      I’m so sorry that you had that horrible precognition. It seems to common recently, and is rightfully terrifying and foreboding. But I believe we see these things for a reason, so that we can change them. Are you speaking of an explosive event like a huge terror attack, or possibly the revelation of something huge that will cause a series of bad events (about our gov’t)?

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you for sharing your prediction, do you have a time frame? There are several expected nightmares coming like the message about an assassination of a world leader, but have not picked up any massive collapse of government. But maybe you know something i don’t. As for the Spirits focusing on just massive dyer circumstances,.. its important to understand that their mission is change through awareness, to them the size is secondary, they are always seeking out opportunities to alter tragedy no matter how small or large, everyone counts in their opinion. Hope that make sense.

      1. Observer227 Avatar

        This reply is for Em as well.

        Since I haven’t experienced this “silence” before, I really can only guess as per the timeframe. I thought of something which may offer a clue, but I admit it’s shaky at best. In the Bible’s “Revelations” there’s a quip saying “After he opened the seventh seal, there was a silence for half an hour.” Biblical themes tend to permeate in global tragedies, so maybe ‘half an hour’ is a metaphor for ‘half a month’? Assuming biblical ‘minutes’ mean literal days and ‘hours’ mean months.

        If the silence definitely was playing four days ago, and half a month is around 15 days, we have at most 11 days until the event occurs. The silence may have been going on for a couple more days, as I was too busy with family issues to give the anomaly any mind. I can say for certain that the silence didn’t start before the 20th, as I distinctly remember the “suspenseful” music still playing on the 19th. Therefore, the event will occur in between nine and eleven days (I swear I wasn’t intending to spell out “9/11” when calculating this, but that’s what the math says).

        If I were to predict WHAT happens in this event, based on other unrelated methods of divination: It will definitely involve an act of terrorism as the trigger. I keep seeing a huge explosion, but it’s hard to tell where it’ll occur. I don’t see this terrorist attack being deadlier than September 11th. However, the level of tumult throughout the nation after the upcoming bombing FAR exceeds that of 9/11. The only explanation that makes sense is that the bombing victims are VERY influential in politics or commerce.

        What happens AFTER the trigger is the part that explains the incredible negative images I saw in the world map. It will last less than a month yet will reverberate for DECADES to come.
        The United States, I fear, will experience a disorganized yet incredibly vicious rebellion.

        I still cannot comprehend how this could occur in a nation like ours. A disturbing thought, however, always crosses my mind: The bitter hatred of Donald Trump by liberal America, and the fanaticism of his supporters. If, god forbid, this explosion happens to Trump … he obviously wouldn’t become president. I’ve read up online: Common procedure (if a president-elect dies before the Electoral College officially votes in December) is to freely choose who they alone think should become president in his stead. The vice-president won’t necessarily be next in line in this scenario, so just guess who they’ll pick … Hillary Clinton.

        Think what goes through every Trump supporters head upon learning their greatest enemy will SO CONVENIENTLY become president after Trump’s death. Remember, these supporters DEEPLY distrust the government. Whether Clinton actually coordinated the bombing or not, it won’t matter to her most staunch opponents. They’ll “find” all the evidence they need to launch a nationwide assault on “the establishment”.

        This is the scenario that makes most sense to me. I just want to remind everyone this can all be prevented if Trump survives, assuming the prediction’s correct in the first place. I have no good reason to think all these visions and signs are just a mistake, however.

        I’m very tired after writing this, and I won’t be able to respond until tomorrow afternoon (my timezone is CMT, in the United States). This information was too important to keep to myself any longer, and I just kept writing and writing. Let’s hope and pray for a better tomorrow. Goodnight.

    3. Katie Avatar

      Observer, I find your comments very interesting. A pastor I listen too said hillary would win by default. Trumps assassination is one way for that to happen.

  6. Em Avatar

    No good, sane person should mourn Fidel Castro. The world leader who are are themselves corrupt and abominable. He was a horrible despot and dictator, who killed, tortured, and repressed his own people. He committed atrocities that constitute his rightful status as a heartless, monster. Any good deeds he committed don’t atone for the horrible things he did. His death should signify hope and renewal for the Cuban people, who have suffered far to long. God have mercy on his soul.
    I do pray for his family and the people close to him, who loved him. Hopefully, Cuba has a brighter, more prosperous future ahead.

    1. Francine Avatar


  7. Thomas E. Wolke Avatar

    Your heart goes out to the Cuban people? Because a murderous despot has finally gone to hell? Seriously? My only regret is that he didn’t go much sooner.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      What does that have to do with the people of Cuba, no one here is condoning Castro, just standing with the people. We could all use a bit more decency and sympathy including the late castro.

    2. Sara Avatar

      Hi. I don’t think anyone on here condones the things Castro did….but for many Cubans, whether they loved or hated him, it’s probably a really confusing time for them right now. Whether a big political figure is hated or loved, their passing can cause uncertainty and mixed up emotions for everyone in their country.

      I think that’s what everyone means when they say “their hearts go out” to the Cubans…hoping they can sort through whatever emotions are flying around like ping-pong balls.I have empathy for the people who are glad he’s dead, and empathy for the ones who felt differently, because this is a big event in their country and they’ll be figuring out how to handle it.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Thanks Sara, i do agree with you Thomas, he was more concerned with control then the well being of his own people making him a horrible leader, but supporting the ‘people’ in their turbulant times is also important.

  8. Mary Avatar

    At 1:30AM Sunday, shooting took place in New Orleans. 1 death and 9 injuries. Too soon to tell who was the shooter(s). Will follow up more info in early rise.

    Such Tragedy and pray for their healing.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      What ever it is we are expecting it today or tomorrow.

      1. benmadigan Avatar

        Ohio State University is telling students that there’s an active shooter on campus on Monday morning and they should “Run Hide Fight.

  9. Luna tic Avatar

    Hi Eric & SWC,
    Could Castro’s passing be the sign to coincide with one or several events about to happen? Maybe 4:00 is a literal time that could pertain to the train crash, bombing or eq? There is a lot of holiday traffic at the airports especially around the 18 of December. I just got the impression that the comment about Castro was to give us a benchmark of sorts so we know what is coming up.

  10. Michael Cullars Avatar
    Michael Cullars

    No predictions is conclusive; especially when it involves a lot of grey areas open for someone else’s interpretation or whatever some believe to first the situation.

  11. Michael Cullars Avatar
    Michael Cullars

    No prediction is conclusive; especially when it involves a lot of grey areas open for someone else’s interpretation or whatever some believe to fit the situation to be right. Spirits are not all knowing. That is God and even Jesus did not know when the end of the world will be. So predictions is like throwing dice! Hoping you will hit a 7 or 11 or lottery out of chance. Same rules apply in spirituals world. Vague predictions and hoping for a hail mary!!

    1. Luna tic Avatar
      Luna tic

      I’m sure you’ve read about the Ohio State incident by now. Eric’s conclusions for the predictions he posted on 10/7/2016 seem to be occurring now. I agree that no prediction is conclusive but this one seems to be pretty specific. Blessings.

  12. Mary Avatar

    Eric, SWC, is someone very important person going to die in USA this year? Because of unfolding with assassination. It’s not like I’m waiting to see if it’d fold but always look out for a place, who and when is challenging.

    Blessings To You And Spirits. This is hard work, Eric. You have so much support and love. Don’t give up your tireless work. It’s a rare gift. Thanks for all you do to help the world.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Unfortunately they did not say where only that it was as tragic as the Kennedy shooting.

  13. Carolyn Avatar

    Just heard there is an active shooter situation going on now in Ohio, at Ohio State University. No details yet.

  14. laurence Avatar
    laurence gunman on the loose ohio university

  15. Sharon Avatar

    7 dead on Ohio Campus. Have you seen it?

  16. Sharon Avatar

    Sorry if this comes up twice I don’t think it posted the first time . They say seven dead on a Ohio campus. Have you seen it?

  17. Francine Avatar

    Eric got another one right.

    I feel a little weird for guessing that it would be on a college campus.

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