Venezuela Crisis

This prediction is starting.

Predictions 2-14-16 “There will be an economic collapse for the nation. The president failed to make changes. It gets worse as he turns on his own people. They need to ask their neighbors for help.”

Spirit did not say which nation has the economic collapse but the implication was Venezuela.

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  1. This economic crisis is not new. This has been going on for some time – at least two years, whereby its citizens are unable to get their basic needs met, from diapers to prescription drugs. Families in Venezuela beg those who come from other countries to smuggle in goods that are vital for survival. This country is in a very precarious condition.

    1. Oh my… praying for them. Is it similar as Greece? It’s hard when economic shut down.

      I don’t understand how people afford to pay for hand phone bills…it’s crazy and should limit the conversation on phones and reduce the bills. Sometimes we need to make sacrifice to take care of our basic needs. We don’t need TV. People are hooked to TV, computers (including video games) and hand phones. And what else?

      Praying for mother earth be at peace with quakes, volcano, global warming, etc. Especially pray for Putin be at peace and not use his angers to trigger war. Pray it won’t happen.


  2. How come your spirits didn’t warn us about the plane crash that has just occurred ?

  3. For my part, I am puzzled by the lacking parts of the information. If the “spirits” can warn of something such as this, why can’t they be specific as to the country they are referencing? What is the problem? Are prayers needed to help the “spirits” give more inclusive and clearer information?

    1. No prayers are needed for us. But they said Venezuela so I am not sure what you mean? There is a crutch in our system. That is I only have seconds of time during my multiple hour meditation before I lose my link with them, which allows limited time. But we are working to gather more and more details as time passes.

    1. Hi anthony
      This is really weird.. I posted something
      almost identical this afternoon under the
      egyptair bombing header that i pulled
      out of my memory bank..,
      now i am certain i am correct.
      i hope we can all work together
      and try to make things better
      Good thoughts

  4. France will be holding the Euro 2016 Championships during June 10- July 10. Supposedly draws 2 million people. France extending their state of emergency. Germany also warning of possible terrorist attacks on teams from so called “Crusader Nations” during the games. Tour d France coming up also. Praying for France.

    1. Oh my. Isn’t this the same country that’s in an economic collapse with food ,diaper shortages etc.? How much is that going to cost them? Sheesh! Is the President crazy?

      1. Jules104,
        as a matter of fact the opposition called him crazy…

        ( my opinion) is that he is going to squash all the country..
        demonstrations, food distribution…etc..ugly moves…just my opinion.
        What else would he plan something like that ;except to take a ” hardline”.
        We shall see. —
        Side note—
        did that link open for you? Did you see Ridgley EQ’s? What do you think?

  5. Jules104,
    sorry, did not get to explain.,
    Each named area is where a sensor is.. The date is ” the page” showing graphs..when you see a graph spiking…that is a EQ, –there is a signature to tell if harmonic…
    I should have mentioned about the raw data.

    .strange things have been happening.,some sites were saying a significant EQ happened..and during the time Everyone was looking to confirm,
    All the sensors where turned more than 3 agencies that it could not be confirmed…we are talking about people who have been ” reporting for years” all of a sudden- they did not know if it was hoax or a deliberate .misleading excercise…
    so in this crazy time of checking 5 sites…to verify, and not having any data available to confirm or deny..
    .( I told you about major omissions by certain agencies. I thought it was not true, until I found some discrepancies. Now, not sure if caused by ” new system” or massaging data..strange )

    I felt we needed to have a window…in case..
    Dutchsinse, 3 other sites,.. Were blinded–, on purpose is the question.?
    as of this hour no confirmation if it was real or memories…

    Why this whole excercise-?
    if it did happen where it was reported initially and the would have been a major uh oh,
    I hope this helps to explain my preoccupation . Blessings..

    1. Thanks for the explanation Star48. I see how it works now. I’ve read/seen on dutchsinse before where this has happened. He shows a screenshot of the EQ on the USGS site before it’s taken down. A bit odd right? I hope they aren’t purposely hiding things.

      1. Jules104, yes,
        I belong to a group that is focused on Cascade and Yellowstone..( on FB)
        I posted for the group real early..I kind of figured that you were on top of it..

        Side note– I am really concerned..Dutchsinse live feed has been shut down..
        Alot of his posts have been deleted on YouTube and FB — for the past few days..
        .he is AWOL…have you noticed? He must have stepped on some very sensitive toes….(every since his hypothesis EQ vs CERN..). Maybe he needs to fashion a tinfoil hat? I throw up my hands sometimes…what happened to letting raw data be given to the public..? Shaking my head…
        America has changed so much..I grew up with Scientific America,and having access to data for study…Apparently that is now fround on…only the chosen can read data now..
        oh well, another day another adventure…thanks for listening to my frustration..Blessings..

        1. Star48 I read that about things being deleted etc. I think people are mad yes. How dare he right? Sheesh. I don’t do his Facebook page to much, just the site. I did get the latest in my email box this am though. I’ve read up on the Cascadia subduction zone and try to keep up with stuff but since I watch my 2 and 3 year old grandkids during the weekdays it’s hard sometimes. My brain gets discombobulated big time with chatter box lingo. lol. I am going to go to a lecture tonight that is about the Cascadia Subduction and volcanos in your backyard how to prepare etc. You can look this guy up on the USGS site. “Seth Moran”, think he’s the head of it, he’s giving the lecture. My daughter asked me to go and I think it will be interesting to say the least. I will report back to you. Haha. Should I mention to him it would be helpful if the city fixed their tsunami sirens? I think the whole state has a budget issue with financing these sorts of issues, though it’s sort of as if they’ve already written off the coastal areas you know? I’m beginning to feel like I live in New Orleans. And never any worries in the frustration department Star48…I totally understand.

          1. Jules104, sounds really intriguing!
            Please to get your feedback on an aside you could ask him if Kayaks should be tied to trees in the back yard…
            ( that is how the indigenous survived the last event.,tied their canoes)

  6. yes it is rare Jules and yes my left heal buzzed quite loudly and i felt a bit woozy yesturday and i went very quiet and wondered what was wring with me
    we are having a large storm here todaythe strange thing is i feel there wilk be a response off shore indonesia for this i dint know why just intuition ..

    1. Rhona, Jules194, SWC
      we will have to watch together..

      .spirit mentioned the 20 th on post 5-10-15 (CA EQ)

      Than they said 21 st is marked… 21/22 nd is full moon

      ..Armed forces day, Memorial Day ..all days associated with out armed forces…NY, Boston etc..actually I have that watchful minimal sleep..until it starts to unfold.. I am hoping we have done all we can…alerted,informed,and prayed

      I feel this period will hopefully transition Eric and the site to even more people and notice..—-
      Expedential growth will serve spirit in The future. So I have to pull up my big boy pants and be ready…oh and put my boots on— I am on watch…

      1. Well I will be praying nothing happens Star48. I’m still picking up things for meteors. Another cartoon on “meteors, meteorites, and asteroids” today. I was like really? This is to weird. I heard them say something about how sometimes asteroids get kicked outside of the belt…and I changed the channel! So let’s hope and pray my boob tube is just whackadoo.

    1. Rhona, please not he said rare..
      Dutch did mention it and put out post on site –Adepto Perfectus=Dutchsinse

  7. Hi Jules 104 the lecture sounds great ..looking forward to info you get..
    Star 48 which link does dutchsinse mention it? yes pull up those boots puting out same energy for all events tabled be safe everyone .look and listen ….im feeling the same ..i dont like it when i get this sudued quiet feeing ..i got it before 911 so i usually channel it into a prayer of loving grace seems the least we can do

    1. Thanks Star48. You are wonderful. About the lecture Star48 and Rhona…what I took away from it was “Glacier Peak, WA, for you Star48. Did more damage than Mt St Helens and would affect Idaho greatly. Most don’t even think about it. Recently put a lot more sensors on the Newberry Crater. The USGS doesn’t have enough instruments and/or funds to monitor the volcanos properly. They strictly try to adhere to the green, yellow, orange, red chart…because “usually” volcanos don’t just erupt…except they do, to include Mt St Helens and Mt Pavlov in the Aleutian Chain Islands recently, and they don’t want to cause a media stir unless necessary. And they are basing things on “past history”. So the recent tremors under Mt Hood are tectonic and not volcanic…based on past history. Sounds dangerous to me. Hmm..what else? Well a quote by Will Durant. “Civilization exists by geological consent subject to change without notice.” Agreed! Anywho, all in all I thought it was good. Could I have done a better job? No. I heard a Pastor say once, to ask yourself before you criticize those in charge, could you have done a better job? I really think they need funding for what they feel needs to be done properly, but those in power aren’t in agreement of who needs more funding. Scientist are probably low on the priority list unless it has to do with the Defense Dept. Sheesh right? They even had a donation jar. OMG. Let’s hope they wake up sooner than later and Congress doesn’t think that’s how any things going to get done. Ugh. Sorry if I went on about it. I really did enjoy it. Blessings All SWC. Will be watching and sending light and prayers tonight.

      1. Jules104,
        thx for information , checked on google maps…225 miles from it around 3 hrs 47 minute drive.,I am so sorry..he thinks they are ” Tectonic ” I should have given you pages and pages of seismographs showing movement of magma. or they are “recharging…”
        Or are they lying to the press too.! So he had a tin cup…well that fits..Blind…
        It has always been this way..mind set..,ugh..
        this is why Dutch is turning geology on its ear..
        He has an open mind.., glad you went.,he sounds just like my cousin..,
        nothing is going on that is unusual,
        It will be fine…not to worry..”..Dante’s Peak” mentality…….over 40 volcanos are active…but everything is fine..nature goes through changes all the I wave graphs..showing magma.,

        1. Yes hated to say it but…think you may be right. To give him credit…he did mention magma, “but that will take years we think”…and the magma in either the Newberry Crater or Ringo Butte, well it is probably what’s still cooling/left over from how many years ago? Huh? I agree on dutchsinse setting them on their heads, upside down and inside out. Sort of like what Eric and Spirits are doing. Guess they need some of those big boy pants Star48. lol

  8. Star 48 thank you very much for the Duchsinse links
    i would like to add some info of the area un Australua that is in the zone for thise interested especially Ausies reading
    Yulara is a town near epicentre that was built to take the traffic of tourism away ffrim Ularu Rick in our great Centre
    it has many tourists coming and going and has a population of 800
    Tennent Creek 3,500
    Alice Springs 25,186 residents + tourists by thousands
    these towns are all in the zone
    the plate bounderies of Aust/SEAsian plates are capable of submarine land slides and a 9+ earthquake is plausuble according to studiesand is tsumamigenuc Darwin poulation of 136,245 could be at risk aling with north western coastal towns Port Headland Broome etc..
    most quakes originate off shore Indonesia New Guinea but i believe a land generated quake in the correct licatiin may trigger movement enough to cause a submarine landslide on the above mentioned plates..

    there is also a faul recently mapped called the Simpson Scarp Fault ..i am adding a pdf for anyone interested

    1. Thanks for the link Rhona. I love to learn from the people that are actually there in the country. Praying for the whole of Australia. Praying for no under water slides. Blessings.

      1. Jules104, Rhona,
        have you been watching CA for EQ over 2.5?
        NOTHING….toooo quiet…..I am restless….
        Rhona, I am sorry, have not read PDF yet…I am so focused…
        I will read it in morning..when I am fresh…keep good thoughts…

    2. Rhona, what kind of storm hit Perth..and area
      reading reports 50,000 w/o power…
      You okay?

  9. Star 48 Jules 104
    star im cool with that
    jules it still was informative for you by the sounds of it but i agree with the magma movement its moving so i guess its hot and gases forming not old …well goodnight guys staysafe

  10. Star 48 i wont have to watch news tonight thanks
    yes its been pretty blowy all family andfriends safe my sister is mundaring and daughter was o n freeway she said it was horrific ..she had to go pick her computer up after repairs she needs it for work
    so far our power is still on ..
    the wave at beach eere 8 meters high and no easterly wind so those guys surfing were not going ti get the wave form.they were after ..not the best idea in these conditions ….unbelievably sitting under a blue sky at the moment..

    1. Oh Thank Gosh. Just saw Star48s messages on storm. Glad all is good there with you Rhona. Those surfers are a bit off I think. Sounds like the crazy people here who head to the beach during a tsunami warning. Must be in the genes I suppose. Like I told Star48…my idea of fun…a good book…lol

  11. Star 48 i know its late but i forgot ti answer your questiin about what kind of storm we had..
    it was a seasonal cold front first one for the year where the cold front fom southwest meets the warm northern air and we get a storm.
    he north is warm during our winters cyclone season but this was just a seasonal storm we have a mediteranean climate in Perth..

  12. Star 48 SWC a series of after shockss nor central Ranges
    20and 40 mins ago
    2hrs ago
    4hrs ago
    7hrs ago
    11hrs ago
    must have been a good shakup so ling as it doesnt creep into mining areas..

    1. Thanks for the info Rhona. Must have been a pretty good shake up. Let’s hope and pray no creeping into the mining areas. That wouldn’t be good.

    2. Rhona,
      sorry for delay getting back to you..I was trying to use your information in an overlay with both USGS and EMSC…
      Usgs only showed 3 yesterday Emsc a few more…nothing of the amount you were reporting..
      Today I checked USGS shows 2 today 4.4. And 4.2 nEMSC shows none…
      I am ……what is going on ! Can you send me your link? I am astonished that USGS
      Is not reporting ..even ones over 2.5. …

  13. hi Jules 104 yeah i would be concerned for my hysband and work collegues he is on a two on one off roster …its open cut but would want to see them all safe …

    1. Hi Rhona saw your EQ graphs also. Wow lots of aftershocks there. What is open cut? Like working outside and not under ground? I would very much dislike working underground. Yikes. Not for me. I will be sending lots of light energy your way to wonderful Australia and for your husband and his colleagues. Also I saw where you said in Perth they have a cyclone season? So like a hurricane season such as in US or more like just tornados due to hot and cold air hitting? Just curious. Blessings.

  14. hi Jules yeah its more up north near Broome we get the occasional one come down the coast but most of our storms are gnerated from.cold fronts coming from.the south …so no where we sit is very mediteranean sunny sunny sunny does get pretty hairy when it does happen though our southwest gets battered..those winds usualky blow in a straight path they can get scwally but mostly just charge through everything like get out of my way im coming through…
    cyclones usually hit north eastetn aus and northern territory ( Darwin ) nov to may at latest …thanks fir asking

      1. no Star 48 thats more than usual and we are being warned of another storm tonight

        1. Rhona,
          Having foreknowledge is good…at least you know where everyone will be. And you will be prepared…it is distressing that people lives could be overturned…let us keep good thoughts for a positive outcome..
          Lots is storms and weather in US last week and this week..getting pounded.
          So we are all in the same boat.,,.i hope it is not a leaky one! Aye Captain?

      2. with a poulation of over 2million we did alright heres hoping tonight is merciful…

  15. Yeah Jules 104 the mining is all above ground my husband says he would never go undeground cut they vertually dig a great circle that has levels stepping down its al exposed ..

  16. Eric awe thanks for asking all safe and sound…
    blessings to you and love to spirit Rhona says hi…

    1. So just to clarify they can just evict people so they can drill in the area??!! Shame of them for doing all of that. Thank you for sharing this information.

        1. Star48 I think that’s all the more reason to wonder what’s happening out there. I wouldn’t believe what the big businesses are saying. “Nothing worth digging up out there”. They are in it for making money. I wish someone could look via satellite and see what’s been going on out there since 2015. Sort of check like dutchsinse does. He usually can find the fracking sites, a lot of times multiples which have been installed, right where the EQs have occurred. It sounds like people were paying attention in 2015, lets hope they still are. Blessings

      1. Yes my thoughts to Eric. Sort of like our imminent domain laws in a way but with way less compensation and benefits I guess? Sheesh.

    2. Rhona I’m certainly glad someone got that picture. This is exactly what’s happening in Oklahoma, Colorado, all over the US, just watch the dutchsinse site. He’s already proven it. And when these companies get to greedy they end up causing super fractures. It’s so disgusting to me how greed is taking over. I hope people band together to stop this. I believe it’s begun already though. People are tired of sitting back and just watching the big businesses and politicians ruin the planet with their greed. I also noted in the link that the Prime Minister referred to the indigenous peoples there as the “blackfellows”. I thought, I must be reading this wrong, but no I wasn’t. Is that normal speech in Australia? I found it rather offensive and I’m Caucasian and not even from there. Is it just me or what? Something I’m missing since I’m from the US? Hmm..just seemed weird. Anyway thank you for the link. Very interesting.

  17. SWC the link i posted on fracking in N.T. contains inappropriate content toward our indegenous Australians ..i apoligise for including this link i should have read it all the way through in no way is a reflection if my own attitude to our indegenous people …i had to read it three times to believe what i was reading very disrespectful..
    blessings to all

    1. Oh my…I just got to this comment of yours Rhona. See previous reply from me. I was wondering? Not about you but just about what the Prime Minister said. That was him that said it right? Oh my gosh I was like what??? You know there is a reason for everything though. I found it very enlightening myself. Thank You. I hope nobody was offended or thought you intended to offend because I know that’s the furthest thing from who you are. Light and Love Rhona.

  18. Star 48 i dug up some info on quake in central Ranges …there is a range called the Petermann Ranges that have also had some minor quakes 2 -3.8 registered now apparently the 6.1 has been filed under both central and Petermann Ranges the latter being 78 miles from Yulara..
    They call the Peterman Ranges Mysterious as they werent sur how they formed and they are thinner at the crust than most ranges..they beleive they were once as big as the Hymalayas and erosiin shaped Aust..
    they now believe India collided on an angle nd caused the ranges to form running East to West and confirmed faults trending.the same
    these are ancient 500million year o ld Godwana movements …so this is mind blowing activity
    here is a short article -qAHu6GSOgasNdJGqUWJLlcBWg

    1. Rhona,
      wonderful……how lucky can you get? Hahaha…
      Your right mind blowing information…all of…lots of implications for the future…,

    1. Rhona,
      it was lovely..—brought a lump to my throat…
      The first time I heard a cover of that song was in Hawaii…
      .many years ago…many good memories, of people now gone..thank you..

    2. Rhona Thank You, I love it! I also looked up the group who did the song “The Liberators International”, So wonderful to have a group try to unite the planet through song. Blessings and I have already passed the song on.

  19. Star 48 its one of my all time favorites i sing it all the time and have a music box clown dressed in turquoise that plays it and one day after my mother passed and i was very blue it started turning
    im glad it brought happy memories to you
    Billy Thorpe is my favorite cover.

    ..Hawaii ! my.spiritual.home. i can still hear my dad play it onbhis banjo …yes he could play it in a very special way …

  20. Jules 104 thats fantastic happy you enjoyed and passed it on…did you c the one where they got everyone.up and dancing…. lovely boys …warm hearts

    1. I haven’t seen that one yet Rhona. But my grandbabies and I relistened, watched rainbows on YouTube and danced today. Much fun! Love the mission of the group. Thanks Again. Blessings.

  21. awe Jules 104 how good is that ? all those thousands of miles between us this techo age has its down side but it comes into its own when it bridges the distance and brimgs joy
    blessings to you and your beloved grandbabies x

    1. That is a good question Star48. I wonder if it’s ever happened there before. Keep watch for other strange things animals are doing. Thanks for link.

  22. Star 48 Urulu is a magnetic rock = rare quake now as you say gathering of fleas flys and bats
    back to urulu i know i read somewhere the magnetics get quite excitable up there ..i will c if i can find something on it and get back to you
    we used to have a fogger gi around Darwin after Cyclone Tracy wonder if it would work for fly infestation

    1. Rhona, fascinating.
      …it brings to mind the sacred 3, also the three Pyramids ..
      As above so below. —-
      Just thought of …has anyone done a correlation of stars and monoliths?
      Just a thought…apparently there are theories of where the skies are aligned in time .
      Finding that new city lately, as well as when the sky above the pyramids were aligned (
      I think 10,500). Just a random thought..not important..

    2. That is really interesting Rhona. I never knew all that. So many things we don’t know or understand yet. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Star 48 yes i had one to post but quite franckly it was too long winded so i will spare you that
    odd you should mention as above so below that is also an indigenous Australian saying depicted in steller rock painting and hole boring making the cellestial map at Kariong N.S.W
    i have included a smalk link on known vortexes uluru being one with Sedona

  24. Jules 104 your welcome we share an enthusiasm for knowledge of our planet and its surroundings
    i can get a little too enthusiastic sometimes ..

  25. SWC, just now..
    the OAS is having an emergency meeting
    See.Organization of American States head calls emergency meeting of regional governments to evaluate Venezuela’s respect for democracy – AP

      1. Eric,
        it is hard to be able to see what is happening, and not be able to do anything..they are a sovereign country. Their neighbors may still help? But you and I know when people starve, that is when anarchy breaks out.,than what? Coup?
        Organization of American States (OAS) or UN.,? What a nightmare..,

        1. Wasn’t there a past prediction for a leader to be elected in South America who will at first be loved by the younger people but then turn into a tyrannical dictator? Has that happened or do you think what’s happening now will lead to it?

          1. Jules104,
            Is this what you remembering -your ref?
            “Cuba, Cuba, the new leader will speak of liberty and democracy and deliver tyranny.
            The youth will back him
            Later he will be horribly ruthless.” That is from post 9-12-14

  26. SWC, here is the latest. ( in Spanish)
    Foreign ministers of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay sign declaration condemning violence in Caracas, Venezuela – Gobierno de Chile

  27. Eric,
    announcement..Opposition has enough votes for recall.

    See.Venezuela opposition says it has enough signatures to hold a recall vote on President Maduro – AFP

  28. Eric, SWC,
    Thousands of Venezuelans lined up to cross to Neighbor for food and medicine.

    See.More: More than 6,000 people cross Venezuela-Colombia border to purchase food and medicine as shortages grip nation – La Nacional

  29. Eric, SWC,

    The Time Has Come: Venezuela May Be In Default In Under 48 Hours

    This past weekend, Venezuela failed to make $237 million in bond coupon payment, blaming “technical glitches” when in reality it simply did not have the money (or wish to part with it). Adding the $349 million in unpaid bond interest accumulated over the past month as of last Friday, that brings Caracas’ unpaid bills to $586 million this month, just days before the nation must make a critical principal payment. And, as BofA sovereign debt analyst Jane Brauer writes, while the bank’s base case assumption is that Venezuela will make its debt service payments this year, “the probability of a short term default has increased substantially with coupon delays” and it could come as soon as this Friday, when an $842 million PDVSA principal plus interest payment is due, and which unlike typical bond payments does not have a 30 day grace period but instead is followed by a second $1.1 billion PDVSA coupon on Nov 2, also without a 30 day grace period.

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