Train Crash

This tragic prediction has happened. However their prediction pointed to Germany?

APX 3 days

Predictions on 6-3-16   Spirit again pointed to the train: I had a visual of a train that had the colors of a German flag. The train showed multiple cracks like a can that was ripped open.


11 thoughts on “Train Crash

  1. The Belgian train accident happened at the same spot as a previous event
    both the Belgian and German flag carry the same colours: Belgium: Black Gold and Red (vertical striped) and Germany: Black Red Gold (horizontal striped)

  2. Many of the European flags are very similar. Perhaps drawing a picture of what you see, in those instances, would help others to clarify?

  3. Eric, I believe you might have accidentally posted footage from a previous train crash in Belgian which left 18 dead. The news I have found regarding today’s crash has stated 3 dead. Both have overcast footage but one has snow and the other does not. The accident where 18 were killed took place in in February a few years ago which would be the reason for the snow. Regardless, your prediction still happened, thankfully with less loss of life than you first thought when posting about the accident.

  4. Question: If spirit is seeing the potential of events to predict the future, why did spirit not realize that you would intuit the train being a German train?
    Not necessarily expecting an answer, but it gives me something to ponder.

    • I would say its a blunder on my part, they even showed the colors going down, which at the time I thought odd. So if I didn’t add my opinion it would be fairly accurate. To answer your question its important to understand the process. I have to meditate for several hours, clear my mind of all thought, and then at that brief moment of clarity, its as if a window opens and for just seconds information comes in. Then the process starts all over again. The predictions for that day took 6 hours to complete. Then its important to understand there isn’t one Spirit but several of them, reporting back from different parts of the world, and in some cases different times. So when one spirit gives me a message it will be followed by another giving another message about another topic. Note how they always change the subject. But I would ‘assume’ that they trumped giving new information vs fixing my obvious blunder. A lesson I don’t plan to repeat. Over time and experience that window of seconds will grow into minutes. Experience will improve my overall communication with them.


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