Cyber Attack

This prediction has happened. Unfortunately wrong month.

Predictions 9-7-16    Also: “There will be a major hack.. huge.. soon” Spirit implied the US would have a major cyber attack in September.

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  1. I do not think this is correct. A hack is very different from this current DDOS attack. If anything, this current situation is a testing of systems response to plot a major hack. This is not what the spirits are talking about with a hack. This is the lead up to the major hack.

    This is a computer program that make anything with an internet connection that is not password protected go to a certain site to knock it out. Security cams, baby monitors and web cams that are not inside laptops are rarely password protected because people don’t see the danger with them. There are websites that anyone can go to and watch security camers baby monitors and the like because the owner did not password protect it to the network. You could be sitting in your living room right now and have your stuff be involved in this attack and never know it.

    Use this lesson to go password protect anything that goes online. Seriously, protect yourself from any dirtbag who wants to remote access your items.

    Would they use the term “hack” as a generalization for cyber attacks because people know the term?

    Or it could be in response to Assange getting his internet cut off.

    1. No country was responsible it was done by some groups associated with anonymous in relation to threats against Wikileaks and their founder. Despite what a political candidate would like people to believe russia is not hacking the election or responsible for what is being leaked, leaked is the big word there.

      1. Anonymous doesn’t take credit for this so this must be just your opinion. You might read this article John McAfee (a highly regarded expert) thinks it was N Korea. He also says that Iran may have been the one to have hacked the DNC. Anonymous has only posted recently about the US doing away with the 2 party system, a long overdue approach to the broken US political system imo.

      2. ah no Lunatic, I didn’t say Anonymous took credit for it, I said it is a group associated with anonymous, and actually I know pretty well what I am talking about there and I know for a fact the group involved have stated as much.

        And no Iran and north korea did not hack the DNC. There was no hack, the information was freely given to Wikileaks by a source, something that they have basically stated and given hints at the who gave it to them and that he was murdered.

        Oh btw, I can guarantee you that the people I know and exist around know far better than any article you could read online.

  2. Eric,
    Another large scale ycyber attack underway…

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