Canada Shooting

This incomplete prediction has happened. The last number represents the loss of life, my heart goes out to those in Canada.

Prediction 1-8-17   I had a visual of a person holding out a large bullet. “6 minutes??” Then Spirit wrote the numbers 7 6 .


13 thoughts on “Canada Shooting”

  1. Prayers for everyone who was hurt to make a full recovery. And to give the families of the dead strength and peace in the days to come.

    Murdering innocent people–there’s not a bad enough word to describe that.

  2. Eric– first let me say that I believe you get real information and the cause is important. So I hope you’ll take this comment as it is intended (as hopefully constructive feedback, rather than criticism or disbelief of your connection). How do you determine that a prediction is related to a specific event? This post is a perfect example of one that I just can’t possibly understand how you could be sure– though this happens quite frequently if I’m being honest. Do you feel spirits confirm to you that this event was what we were telling you, or is it your own interpretation? I ask because if someone is the least bit skeptical in general they will read your prediction plus claim it happened and think you could (and would) have just applied the “bullet” vision to the next shooting that happened… and we all know one was bound to happen soon given the frequency events like this occur. It doesn’t exactly take a psychic ability to see something involving a bullet to occur. So when you post and say this prediction has happened it screams that you’re either reading into things, scamming, or it’s just a coincidence. It will not he’ll gain followers and supporters but I fear lose them. Even me, who believes, gave a side eye to how you think these two things are definitely related. (And it’s not the first time I’ve felt that way). Now imagine someone who isn’t sure they believe you to begin with? You need a clear track record that doesn’t feel open to interpretation or is soooooo eerie on point that you HAVE to at least wonder if you knew, even if you don’t believe in psychic abilities. That’s how you will get the type of mass support in the long run to really prevent tragedies.

    Sometimes it’s blatantly clear (the Ohio terrorist attack, earthquake of the exact magnitude as numbers you were shown, etc). From my perspective THOSE are the only ones you should “claim” as knowing/predicting (at the very least without further explanation as to how you know the prediction is related to the event if there’s more to it you’re not claiming), otherwise you seriously run the risk of hurting rather than helping your credibility and assisting in the way you hope to with your predictions.

    Just my perspective… but I felt important to share because this is not the first time I’ve felt this way when seeing you say “this prediction has happened” and it felt important to share this feedback.

    1. First I would hope that anyone who reads this site looks at the entire sum of my work not just one prediction. It is the sum of the work that verifies my connection to Spirit. That sum includes my own failures. This prediction is incomplete and a failure on my part. I am posting it to reflect my failure to finish the details. My failure to help those in Canada. I would argue that if I only recapped predictions that were completely accurate and ignored our mistakes it would present an air of dishonesty. The number 7 6 unfortunately represents the loss of life. There was mention of Canada but we never linked that message correctly so we never posted it that’s why I believe this is that prediction. If I am going to create loyalty with my followers and fans I must be honest just as I post the accurate messages I musr also post all the mistakes, incomplete predictions, and inaccurate messages work so I can better my practice.

      1. This makes complete sense. Again I really hope you know my post was genuinely intended as contructive feedback/perspective and not criticism. I was just picturing journalists or police seeing this as “proof” of you knowing something and not helping when we need them later. But your perspective also makes complete sense. I would say please don’t be so hard on yourself! You can only know what they give you, and beyond that there is also just as much risk of connecting things that shouldn’t be connected or filling in your own story as there is of not connecting things before things occur. You do incredible work.

  3. For what it’s worth, I appreciate you giving us all the information that you can, the fragments as well as the whole predictions. Even with the incomplete ones, it gets people here brainstorming, trying to figure it out and maybe over time, it will help hone our detective skills and get us better at narrowing things down.

    1. Francine – I appreciate this too. My comment was not meaning about the info we get being in fragments so much as tying it back to a specific event after it has occurred.

  4. Hi Eric and SWC,
    Maybe the fragments point to other predictions that are near. I can’t quite put it together yet but there is a repetition to the dates, symbols and sometimes the events. One may lead to another. Eric, you have recognized the symbols you were given as having predicted this event. Could this mean that this event may lead to another very soon that is listed within the text of the one that just happened? I am rereading the 1/3/17 prediction which is referencing this Canada event and I see Israel attack… 19 plus Mexico, rage and Russia and tattered flag. The 1/8/17 predictions that corrected 1/3/17 predictions and stated a very old prediction was about to happen. At this moment I am also intrigued by 10/6/16 US Terror Attack 3 prediction as It references “papa john moment” and their founder and CEO John Schnatter just released a book that could be somewhat controversial. The predictions that references papa john also mentions Washington and plane used as a bomb…Texan plane. I do know BA has a 777 from Austin to London.

  5. Hi! Eric! Last night Headline on news in Malaysia, our special Branch under cover police arrested a security guard working at KLIA international airport Malaysia who has links with ISIS! According to our under cover source they have plans not only for Malaysia but other parts of the world too! All under progress and ready to be executed!

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