French Police Stabbed

This tragic prediction has happened. Unfortunately its the wrong location. Please pray for the victims.

Predictions 4-2-16  “Brussels.. On Tuesday.. next Tuesday.. the policeman will be attacked in the most heinous way.” Spirits Voice

Predictions 4-1-16   “Again the second time really!” The spirit said with an angry dismayed voice.
“Brussels.. bloody.. butcher.. the meanest way to commit horror..”




12 thoughts on “French Police Stabbed

  1. you feel like crawling into a hole and shut the door sometimes. Walking the path is much different then talking the path. Those preachers sit silently while this whole mess unfolds. The government does nothing. The end of this story is coming soon and i can tell you with certainity many preachers who are teachers will be thrown out. Even i have had my moments, as i watch in horror these senseless events unfold. My vision and thoughts have always been positive but these events are really pushing one’s boundaries. Bring in the golden age.In the name of god. amen amen amen amen. And so it is.

  2. Not sure if there is any significance but the police officer was stabbed whilst Belgium were playing there match in France for euro 2016 this may be the connection with Brussels

  3. That’s awful cruel!! Shame on sick ISIS/ISIL what’s the difference. they said ” ISIS get the credits.”

    Our deepest sympathy and prayers goes to the police officers’ family and friends. We are so sorry for their loss for no reason. ISIS are just psycho sick. Praying for love to over come all evils.

  4. Anthony Swc im feeling like you …stay strong in your love and light i know you will …..dont even let them take that which is who we are down even a notch my heart i celebrate the policeman and his wifes life and thank them for the service they gave and much love and gods light to the children …and families
    blessings of strength to us and humanity

  5. It’s reported that both French and Belgian security feel that a wave of attacks is imminent so it’s likely not over yet. there was another one off attack in the French city of Rennes, done in the name of ISIS.

  6. I think it’s time for me to transform. Open up my third eye. Father’s day is coming. Banish the darkness within your heart. As for isis attacks in Europe. I ask ancient of days to send his army of angels to make aware those in Germany and france uk and beligum that would bring harm to others thru acts of violence. In the name of god I ask this. And so it is. Signs will now be given from heaven above starting Friday. May those evil souls recognize these signs and put down their weapons and banish there darkness. Amen amen amen amen

  7. have a dream request. I want everyone who follows this site to imagine these people with guns which includes everyone such as the terrorist isis cell throwing them down on to the ground as they pile up like garbage.


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