Veracruz Mass Grave

This tragic prediction is unfolding. Please pray for the families in Mexico.

Predictions 1-18-17   “Dozens upon dozens upon dozens of bodies found in Mexico. A mass grave. That will unleash a rage from the people of Mexico. ”

The Facts reported by AP:   MEXICO CITY — The top prosecutor in Mexico’s Gulf coast state of Veracruz confirmed Tuesday that more than 250 skulls have been found in what appears to be a drug cartel mass burial ground on the outskirts of the city of Veracruz.

State Prosecutor Jorge Winckler said the clandestine burial pits appear to contain the victims of drug cartels killed years ago.

“For many years, the drug cartels disappeared people and the authorities were complacent,” Winckler said, in apparent reference to the administration of fugitive former Gov. Javier Duarte and his predecessors.

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7 thoughts on “Veracruz Mass Grave

  1. Rachel Maddow supposedly has a bombshell regarding Trump’s tax returns. What do you think?

      1. Can’t link to it but it says Trump paid 38 million in taxes in 2005 on 130 million in income even after the reduction from depreciated real estate and losses.

  2. 250 victims in that grave?
    No words can say how horrible that is, and heaven help the families when they get the news.

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