Orlando Shooting

This tragic prediction has happened. I do hope we take caution as we move forward as Spirit has pointed to multiple locations still expected.

We failed to mention Florida, I have to assume this is the 4th location, among the other specific locations mentioned.

Predictions 3-29-16   “The bloody Sunday.. your bloody Sunday is coming soon.”

I had a visual of a wolf sitting in the gutter.
Wolf in the past has represented lone wolf. Gutter I have no idea?

Notes on 1-21-14
“Gay individuals.. mid night.. more time.. targeted.. bagged.. criminal act.. they will see defiance in droves..” They showed a man carrying a massively large bag, he opened it up and rainbows poured out.

Predictions 5-30-16  “It is like a war zone, multiple targets attacked back to back.”

Spirit has clarified two different time frames, the first is close, weeks away and the second in December. Keep in mind its also possible these events could unfold on multiple dates  in the following weeks. Some imply a sacred holiday perhaps July 4th. However in previous predictions any time they present the spider the event unfold days or weeks away,  That implies the middle of June.

Predictions 5-28-16   I had a visual of  a black spider with a fat belly crawling towards me.

“The multi attack in the US.. their plans, its acts now coming together… Soon it will unfold.”

It’s unclear whether the lockdown is connected. But now Spirit is just flat out saying that San Diego city will be one of multiple targets. Keep in mind we have other clear targets predicted from our past. I am planning to ask for a clear time frame. Then I will post the multiple possibilities predicted about a US attack. Please note the pattern as they predicted attacks in France, then Turkey, then Belgium, now the US.

Predictions 5-28-16   ‘In 18 days’ mid June



70 thoughts on “Orlando Shooting

  1. Eric could the sacred holiday be Eid the end of Ramadan? Rather than 4th July, which is not really a sacred holiday, rather a national holiday.

  2. Please pray for all involved in this horrific event.
    This one hit too close to home. My heart is broken What could possibly compel people to be so evil and think what they are doing is righteous? I just don’t understand.

  3. All I can say is his whole isis thing is pushing Christians to the wall of madness. Bring back pope 1. He is not confused.

  4. As you can imagine (for those of you that I communicate with on here), I am devastated by this news. The biggest mass shooting in this country’s history! And LA Times just noted a man heavily armed was just arrested as he was heading to Los Angeles Pride Festival. The terrorist are in our own yard. http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-gay-pride-la-weapons-20160612-snap-story.html
    I am so grateful the two friends that I know go to that club did not go last night, yet I am in great mourning that there are people that want me dead just because I am gay and their religion says to kill me. I just don’t get it! Thou shalt not kill. (PERIOD). There is a period at the end of that commandment. How do these radicals not get that?!?!
    As you may know, Eric, San Diego Pride is July 16 then there is the street festival later in the month too. Maybe that is what Spirit is talking about. Maybe the jihadists psychopaths are targeting LGBT and the many supporters that believe in Love instead of hate.

  5. Eric- Did you not say…

    “I was looking down at a digital watch, it said 2.”
    You questioned time in months/days or the real time. Orlando shootings were at 2 am.

    Prayers out to the family and community.

  6. The ‘defiance in droves’ makes me think of the 100,000 people that are still showing up to LA Pride today and all the vigils planned in cities across the country. We gays are DONE being the target and bullied. The wonderful mayor of LA is just quoted as saying: “As Americans, we will not shrink away, we will not be stuck in our homes, we will not go back in our closets. We are out here to march, to celebrate and to mourn,” LA Mayor Eric Garcetti said. Like many at the parade, they swallowed their fears, donned rainbow bandanas and necklaces and walked out the door to march in the parade. This lone wolf opened his bag and rainbows did come out because this terrorist tried to end the Freedom in the country. Yet, instead more people are showing up with rainbows in memory of the victims and the long journey to equal rights we are granted in the USA.

    • So beautifullystated Jon Blue! My heart breaks from this madness. Thanks Eric for all that you do! Pray for peace!

    • Jon Blue, here, here!
      Well said…Fear is destructive.. We cannot bow to it…
      .Blessings to you and yours..

      • Love over all and prayers. I cannot imagine being that filled with hate; it must be horrible and dark! Its hard not to FEAR, but that is what the hate filled people want! The festivals and events must go on! Darkness will not prevail!!

    • Fantastic post. March on, as time goes by, the light is winning, even though there are still episodes of darkness.


    • Well said, Jon Blue!! Yes, be NOT AFRAID OF WHO WE ARE!! Be Bold!!! No more racism. Sick and tired of it. My family members are gay. Do not hide identities. Be bold!!

      Praying for peace.

  7. Please pray for all the people affected by this horror! All the mothers waiting to hear word if their son/daughter is still alive; no mother should EVER have to feel this pain. The only thing that can overcome hate is love. All the potential of these young people gone too soon. Pray that these people that are filled with so much hate and rage will soften and turn away from these bad acts of terror. Pray that God will look over our world and take care of the people who want to do harm to others, to turn them around so they won’t hurt others. Pray for the mothers and dads of these people that they will find comfort and peace; and for strength. Pray for the victims for a fast recovery. I woke up to this news and thought of my sons and their friends and what would I do if I could not find them or find out how they are after what happened? These people STILL do not know. Terrifying and tragic.

  8. the power of love, is what made the universe and all of us, never, ever, forget this! when people SEND out prayers, they are really THOUGHTS and ENERGY, that is heard by ALL, in the spirit world, and other highier realms , as well. these shootings will make us stronger, and most importantly unite, please don’t fill your hearts with fear, GOD does have a long range plan, but all of these bad things happen, are not happening in vain, so please everyone, send the word out, send YOUR THOUGHTS, to GOD, and always have love in your hearts, and never anger or fear. it is good to hear from you again, jon blue, ! thank you as always eric and the group, for making a difference…………..

  9. Jon blue Gods arms openned wider .hugs were longer kisses softer when the music played it was louder when the children of the special ray returned home …may the sun catch all theb tears loved ones and alike are shedding and cast rainbows in their eyes and faces
    love light and prayers to loved ones

    • Rhona, I like this, rainbows and love all around! I hugged my kids a little bit longer tonight. Saw both of them today and made a special effort to tell them how much I love them!

  10. Donna B me too i rang my children and extra hugs for grandies ..
    blessings to you and yours
    True Love knows no.boundaries x

  11. Thanks Rhona, blessings to you also. True love is awesome and a Mother’s love is eternal, it outlasts death.


    KEEP PRAYING! !!! Keep praying! !!!

  13. Sending each of you loving people love and light as well. I cannot begin the express the outpouring of love I have felt from this tragic event. Vigils around the country were held. Probably a million people gathered throughout the world to pay respects to victims and their families. Terrorists are outnumbered. I did not stay indoors. I went to the San Diego Vigil tonight. My cathedral (St Paul’s Episcopal) rang its bell 50 times to honor each soul. That is the humanity of Love. I realise more and more, I am not alone. I am loved just like you. Let’s all get along and enjoy this wonderful gift called Life. America still stands strong as do our allies. Thank you, all of you for your love and support to each and every soul who mourns tonight. I think of the two mothers who received texts and phone calls as the tragedy was unfolding as they later received news that their 20 something year old sons were dead. I cannot imagine what that must feel like to lose the most precious piece of you to something so hateful. Tonight my prayers go to lift them closer to Light and Love. We are One. We are Love.

  14. president obama needs to resign and alot of dept heads at nsa,fbi,cia as well.If they take their directions from the top he is responsible. My view is father like son. Take the father and give him a parachute back to afgan and revoke his passport along with entire family. Until american leadship wakes up you are in a slow death. Death to america is marrying a muslim.How much longer will one tolerate hate speech then they point to the charter of rights. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3637968/Father-America-s-deadly-mass-shooter-wanted-Afghan-president-job-TV-showed-support-Taliban.html

    • I fully agree. This month in particular is one of breaking away from the old ways and energies. I think of it like the the witch in the Wizard of Oz – ‘I’M MELTING…!’

      • I was just wondering if there was anyone that did anything simular to yourself most sites I’ve came across just tell you there predictions for the year ahead and no great detail
        Your site is great by the way

    • Hi Laurence. I have actually never come across one like Eric’s. It’s hard to find his level of commitment. There may be something/someone’s site out there that’s similar, but exactly like this and with Erics/Spirits level of commitment and dedication to humanity and the planet….I’ve not seen it yet. Blessings Always

      • I agree with Jules. Eric is the only person that is 100% commitment working with the Spirits for the world. I have not seen others unlike Eric’s blogs.

        Blessings to them!

    • R2D2, ( my opinion)
      what was that term, that was used in the movie Independence Day ?
      Oh I remember..Plowing the road ?
      They ( spiders) are looking to prepare the way…
      Watching, learning,waiting…how we respond,each and every time ..

  15. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Genesis+19

    sodom and gomorrah – well gods angels destroyed the town when wicked men wanted to have sex with them. What would you do if you were an angel of god.They warned these men and did not listen. The moral of the story is really this. You will die! “This fellow came here as a foreigner, and now he wants to play the judge! We’ll treat you worse than them.So the moral of this story is when gods angel shows up under any circumstance and is challenged prepare for death. people have to look at this story differently. Same thing would apply if these angels were theatened by guns,jail,threats like knifes or any weapons etc etc etc. arch angels are immortal. they cant die. forgiveness is the key! all arch angels are pure and should be listened to.

  16. I wanted to share this link as an emotional Anderson Cooper reads the names of all the victims. He refuses to use the murderer’s name and he is not mentioned at all. This is about the beautiful lives that have entered the beauty of heaven. That I can assure you from my own near death experience years ago. Please watch, mourn and hug everyone you can and remind them they are loved. Peace. http://www.cnn.com/2016/06/13/us/anderson-cooper-reads-orlando-shooting-victims-names/index.html?sr=fbCNN061316anderson-cooper-reads-orlando-shooting-victims-names0900pmVODtopVideoWatch

    • I agree. Anderson Cooper did the same thing with the Sandy Hook shooting. He refused to use the shooter’s name, so the reports don’t take away from the victims and their families. Also, not to add the the glory-seeking of these terrible acts.

  17. Jon Blue, thanks for that Anderson Cooper link, HUGS to YOU! They keep showing that idiots “selfie” on TV, as a result I do not even want to turn it on! Its what they want attention. Lets give the victims and their families, ATTENTION and DONATE to a REAL website that will help the families with expenses. So young, so much earthly potential lost. Most of them my son’s ages. I just want to hug their parents, and comfort them the best I can!

  18. SWC, another tragedy in Florida.,
    1 St the singer 2 the club..3 a child has been dragged into water by alligator at Disney resort,and Spa. They are looking for the child,,now..,
    Florida, Florida, this is unbelievable…

    • This man is a statesmen. We do not have statesmen any longer in the U.S., we have politicians. This is the speech the supposed leader of the free world should have given, but choose instead to lecture and scold. May God Bless And Protect US All. Please St. Michael the Archangel defend & protect us from evil.

      • Please know that we have the best president. OBAMA is very caring and very presidential. Maybe a lot of people disagree or disapprove of him but he handled it very brave as any president should be. I salute to him. He has my respect.

        Blessings to all!

    • DEAR SAN DIEGO,STAY ALERT!! this is not to take lightly. Praying it will be foiled. Everything in Eric ‘s predictions are real and stay alert! Especially watch for the military base. It’s a matter of when and could be any day or week from now. Just stay alert. If anyone in SD see or hear any unusual….please report it to the police, FBI and let us know in Eric ‘s threads.

      I’m glad someone caught the Craigslist. Pray for San Diego to be safe!!

    • Good for them to turn down their sales from “odd” customer(s). When they see a red flag, they reported to the authorities.

    • Thanks star for the link. I read on including the comment from the survivor said there are 2 others (shooters) inside the club that escaped. It did not mention in the media to avoid the public panic. Oh dear…keep praying!! I’m not here to stir the emotions. We are dealing with reality. Face it and stay alert. Pray that it will be foiled in SAN Diego and else where…..pray for love to over come all evils.

  19. Mari, now I’m having a real bad headache and put bag of ice on my left temple side. Probably your may come in a day or 2. Let me know.

    Blessing to you! (I wish I have the pictures of flower, sunny face, thumb up, etc to share with you). Thanks for the pretty red rose. So sweet. 🙂


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