Notes on 1-21-14

“Gay individuals.. mid night.. more time.. targeted.. bagged.. criminal act.. they will see defiance in droves..” They showed a man carrying a massively large bag, he opened it up and rainbows poured out.

Test run of the new type of prediction, the event, the place, and timeframe:
President fails/falls — Ukraine — Now
Dozens killed.. intelligence.. he has no one to blame — South Africa — 4

They talked about Oklahoma US, a situation that would unfold soon, and county jail /corruption, but the message was hazy and unclear.

Eric’s Comments: I would guess the first prediction is about Sochi Olympics. The new type of predictions were presented as if I was reading a drawing from a book, so I am not sure if I read “Fails or Falls”. “Now” should be a timeframe less than a month. I believe “intelligence” means a police. We still plan to ask about the terrorist threats that concern the Olympics.

20 thoughts on “Notes on 1-21-14

  1. Eric i am wondering if this could be related somehow to the Nazi Flags prediction. There seems to be a lot going on in the Ukraine right now. Seems like a tipping point in history to me. The President now, is in opposition to this other Political Party called, “Svoboda”, with this guy, Oleh Tyahnybok, as their leader. It sounds like he could have a good chance of being elected President in 2015. And that can’t be a good thing. Him and his followers seem somewhat evil. Hopefully nothing will happen to the Ukrainian President in power now where it would speed up the election process.

  2. Eric I thought this was interesting since you spoke of a man with a large bag and rainbows coming out. It sounds as though it would just be about demonstrations and protests. But is it possible that the terrorists could get a hold of some of these uniforms and use them as a means of getting into the Olympic Games/Village unseen but in plain site?

  3. I believe this has happened. Nigeria, 14 men dragged from their beds and taken to the police whilst being beaten for being gay. Feb 15 🙁

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