Notes on 3-16-14

I had a visual of what looked like a map of Spain, but they made the map into a puzzle piece and put it right next to Israel. “In the west banks.. Israel.. Palestine.. Lebanon..  a massive earthquake.. damaging.. a big one for 2014”

“Look to the south..”

“Passenger 45.. is to blame.”

“Along came a spider.. the spider crawls now.. multiple people are shot.. most of them in critical condition..  James.. Street.. Russia(n).. very ugly.. things going horribly wrong.”

“Tuesday.. the 18th/19th and the 23rd are marked.”

Glossary Reference: Spider

Eric’s Comments: There is going to be a damaging earthquake in or around Israel. The odd part is what does Spain represent. Are they talking about two earthquakes Spain then the middle east back to back, or does the land mass that looks like Spain but sits in the Middle East carry the brunt of the damage. I can’t help but notice the ties to this prediction and Predictions for 2014 where they talked about a massive quake in the West Banks.

Passenger 45 or 4 to 5 passengers are to blame.

The last prediction could be tensions boiling over in Ukraine and might fit with Notes on 3-13-14. Or is it a terror attack.

Notes on 1-21-14

“Gay individuals.. mid night.. more time.. targeted.. bagged.. criminal act.. they will see defiance in droves..” They showed a man carrying a massively large bag, he opened it up and rainbows poured out.

Test run of the new type of prediction, the event, the place, and timeframe:
President fails/falls — Ukraine — Now
Dozens killed.. intelligence.. he has no one to blame — South Africa — 4

They talked about Oklahoma US, a situation that would unfold soon, and county jail /corruption, but the message was hazy and unclear.

Eric’s Comments: I would guess the first prediction is about Sochi Olympics. The new type of predictions were presented as if I was reading a drawing from a book, so I am not sure if I read “Fails or Falls”. “Now” should be a timeframe less than a month. I believe “intelligence” means a police. We still plan to ask about the terrorist threats that concern the Olympics.