Notes on 3-16-14

I had a visual of what looked like a map of Spain, but they made the map into a puzzle piece and put it right next to Israel. “In the west banks.. Israel.. Palestine.. Lebanon..  a massive earthquake.. damaging.. a big one for 2014”

“Look to the south..”

“Passenger 45.. is to blame.”

“Along came a spider.. the spider crawls now.. multiple people are shot.. most of them in critical condition..  James.. Street.. Russia(n).. very ugly.. things going horribly wrong.”

“Tuesday.. the 18th/19th and the 23rd are marked.”

Glossary Reference: Spider

Eric’s Comments: There is going to be a damaging earthquake in or around Israel. The odd part is what does Spain represent. Are they talking about two earthquakes Spain then the middle east back to back, or does the land mass that looks like Spain but sits in the Middle East carry the brunt of the damage. I can’t help but notice the ties to this prediction and Predictions for 2014 where they talked about a massive quake in the West Banks.

Passenger 45 or 4 to 5 passengers are to blame.

The last prediction could be tensions boiling over in Ukraine and might fit with Notes on 3-13-14. Or is it a terror attack.

Notes for 4-3-13

Here is a very small message from Spirit.

I had a vision of murky raging water, the water consumed port like areas and damaged various places around it. “There will be a bad flood in Spain”

In case you’re wondering what happened to the dates and timeframes for our predictions we are working on yet another new idea. Because we have struggled with dates and time, we have decided to revisit timeframes as we get closer to the event we predicted. Instead of presenting one vague number at the beginning, it will be presented more like a countdown.  Our hope is to get a date or time that is far more exact than our existing reputation of being off by a few days. We are determined to alter the tragedies of these predictions, and with you help that previously lofty goal has an ounce of possibilities. Getting exact dates will be pivotal to accomplishing that goal.

Summary of Prediction 14

Prediction 14 has happened. Its no longer an unfolding prediction.

Prediction 14 Posted April 24, 2011 and originally posted on youtube August 12, 2011 reads:  Spain will need a bailout from other nations as its economic woes are worse than expected.  Historically it will seem similar to Greece.

AP News Reported June 9 2012:  MADRID (AP) — Spain will ask for a bank bailout from Europe, becoming the fourth and largest country to seek help since the single currency bloc’s debt crisis erupted.

Sites: News / Original Post / YouTube Prediction about Bailout

Prediction 14; New Bailout

Spain will need a bailout from other nations as its economic woes are worse than expected.  Historically it will seem similar to Greece.

This is an old prediction originally posted 8-12-2011. It was considered a wash but now they are saying it will unfold in the near future. The original post is on YouTube. This video shows Spains prediction, the date the rebels take over Libya, Heat waves of 2011, and a precursor to Hurricane Irene.