Notes on 3-16-14

I had a visual of what looked like a map of Spain, but they made the map into a puzzle piece and put it right next to Israel. “In the west banks.. Israel.. Palestine.. Lebanon..  a massive earthquake.. damaging.. a big one for 2014”

“Look to the south..”

“Passenger 45.. is to blame.”

“Along came a spider.. the spider crawls now.. multiple people are shot.. most of them in critical condition..  James.. Street.. Russia(n).. very ugly.. things going horribly wrong.”

“Tuesday.. the 18th/19th and the 23rd are marked.”

Glossary Reference: Spider

Eric’s Comments: There is going to be a damaging earthquake in or around Israel. The odd part is what does Spain represent. Are they talking about two earthquakes Spain then the middle east back to back, or does the land mass that looks like Spain but sits in the Middle East carry the brunt of the damage. I can’t help but notice the ties to this prediction and Predictions for 2014 where they talked about a massive quake in the West Banks.

Passenger 45 or 4 to 5 passengers are to blame.

The last prediction could be tensions boiling over in Ukraine and might fit with Notes on 3-13-14. Or is it a terror attack.

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  1. Wondering whether perhaps an earthquake in Spain might be like a precursor event to the Israel one, a shift in the African plate might cause quakes in both areas. There have been a lot of quakes in Greece lately, especially Lixourion which is on the Eurasian / Africa plate boundary. The boundary between the African and Eurasian tectonic plates passes just to the south of Spain, pretty much sort of between Spain and Morroco across the Strait of Gibralta. In fact, looking at ISIS there was a 4.7 in Morroco on a few days ago on the 11th.

  2. Just saw this article:

    “The Telegraph quoted a convicted al-Qaeda member as telling a court in London last week that four to five Malaysian men had been planning to take control of a plan…”

    Court told of plot by Malaysians to hijack plane

  3. Big earthquake just went off in Chile, mag 7, 32km deep, no reports yet. It just popped up in front of me when I was looking at USGS thinking about the Israel prediction above. Not sure if this came up in the predictions – there was the one with the chilli pepper but I think that one ended up being Peru?

  4. If you look at the map, Portugal and Spain are somewhat similar border wise to Lebanon and Syria and/or Israel and Jordan. In other words, smaller country (Portugal, Lebanon, Israel) bordered on the East and the North by a larger country (Spain, Syria, Jordan). Lebanon also had a series of small earthquakes last month. Did they indicate if the damage was solely in regards to infrastructure?

      1. I just remembered there is also a major Palestinian refugee camp in the South of Lebanon, not horrendously far from the Israeli border and in the same area the earthquakes last month hit.

  5. Eric, Wow! I wonder if this may be what they are talking about. I had no knowledge of the deep ties between Spain and Israel and Sephardic Jews which were expelled, in 1492 I believe, until I started researching and this came up in recent news. It also talks of the Muslims which were expelled during the same time but have not been invited back as of yet. There is also some interesting info on how this relates to the “Blood Moons”. I’ve included the article only because I keep hearing about these events coming up in 2014 -2015, which are to be very important events historically.

  6. Could , ” look to the south ” and ” passenger 45 is to blame ” , have something to do with missing flight MH370 ??

    1. Kirsti, I was thinking the same thing. Didn’t they just expand the search grid south and closer to Australia?

      1. They’re searching an area the size of France off of the coast of WA out of regional courtesy. No one really thinks they’ll find the plane there. The number 45 is not a seating allocation. Planes usually 1-5 with a letter at the start for row, eg. A1, G2 etc.

  7. I just saw this updated comment from that psychic sessions blog:

    “what you shared here very much resonates with me. Where are you from? I also feel that 4 persons with evil intentions were on that plane.

    The weirdest fact is, that 5 passengers did not show up for the flight ( no show, no check in, no luggage) and 4 other people boarded the plane. The company said they were on a waiting list and this is weird, Boeing 777 has around 290 seats ( or more), total passengers boarded were 239 ( with those four included) so there was no need for a waiting list………………………….”

      1. Welcome- I take it my other post did not get through? It seems I’ve been trying to post several times a few days ago.

    1. I used to be a flight attendant for a major airline for 10 years. The waiting list is for what are called “non revs”–meaning employees, family and friends that fly on buddy passes. Also passengers are put on waiting lists if they miss a previous flight and their ticket is non-refundable. Another way one can get on the waiting list is as a upgrade, meaning, they wish to take an earlier flight and are status holding passengers or paid full fare or have a family emergency. Airline rules are my specialty. But that is a great theory.

      1. it is most every airline’s policy to NOT rebook passengers for missed flights or for flight changes where there is no additional fee even if there are tons of open seats and the requirement is to put them on the waiting list (it covers the airline should anything happen–indemnity clause). Even passengers who hold reward status with a particular airline do not get an automatic seat booking and must got on a wait list until 30 mins before the flight. It allows the airline to continue to sell seats up until a 40 minute window. i.e..passengers not scheduled for that flight may receive less compensation for any disruption…I could get more detailed but that would be boring.

  8. @AussieGal, I think it depends on the plane. I was on a flight two months ago and I was seat 39A (to) and seat 42F (return). New information was just released from Thailand indicating an unknown aircraft entered their airspace flying south a few minutes after disappearing from Malaysian airspace radar. The aircraft then veered due north before disappearing completely. I tend to agree with you in that it likely won’t be found close to Aus. It’s unbelievable how large the search grid is.

      1. Heya, Eric. 🙂

        Is there any additional news on the earthquake due to strike the ME? Also, I think one of your 2014 predications regarding Israel and a battle is starting to take shape. Israeli forces are fighting on the Syrian and Lebanese fronts now and tensions are escalating as soldiers on all three sides have been wounded. I don’t have a good feeling about the situation. It’s like another powder keg.

        1. Yes I agree I have been watching it too, it seems like a new powder keg. As for the earthquake we are waiting for the countdown to start, then get that clarity moment.

    1. I think it will be located off the coast of an island chain in relatively shallow waters. That’s what I saw in a meditation. Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone will be coming home. God Bless them.

  9. For everyone out there, I do have to approve all comments prior to its posting. I am always on the blog pushing the approve button, once in awhile I do fall behind. I assure you all comments are allowed, even if its the most vitriol, closed minded, troll like comment, some of you guys have seen them, I do allow it. I have only two types of comments that I “Trash”. Comments that are profane, and individuals trying to sell things (spam like) on this blog. I really do want this blog to be as interactive as possible, it is key to our goal of a community set on changing the outcomes of these predictions, and you are a vital part of that. Change through awareness must become a reality.

  10. Eric can you tell me if the Spirits have knowledge of ancient prophecies from different religions, the Bible, Torah, etc? Or if they might use any parts of them as clues for predictions? As in, would that be the type of references/ ancient world they lived in so they might be speaking in those terms ever, thinking we get it? Geez I hope those Spirits aren’t cracking up over my crazy question! LOL.

  11. Hi Eric! Love your site. My daughter and myself have gifts ourselves and find lately that we are having a trouble sleeping at night and just a bad feeling coming. I follow another man named Brian Ladd (Brian’s dreams) is his site. You should check it out and see what he says about the plane crash, and has pictures he draws. He also coincides with your predictions as well…I pray for this world!

  12. earthquake just went off in this region. does this name pop out.NICOBAR ISLANDS, INDIA
    asking for a sign from above.

  13. There will be an 8.9 quake hit Egypt. Time capsule found as a result. Hind quarter falls from sphinx. Reveals a door, tunnel leads to room in front of paws. No wealth found. Only a wealth of knowledge. Left by atlanteans. Brass plate on a tripod facing entrance with the names of the two scientists who first enter chamber. And the date they enter chamber engraved on it.One of them faints. Books made of metal.actual video footage of atlanteans found there. Great city found as a result.

  14. Eric, SWC,
    Ref::I had a visual of what looked like a map of Spain, but they made the map into a puzzle piece and put it right next to Israel. “In the west banks.. Israel.. Palestine.. Lebanon.. a massive earthquake.. damaging.. a big one for 2014”

    Earthquakes continuing…
    Defense Ministry calls emergency 🚨 meeting.

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