Next for Venezuela

“War is brewing.. South America in discord.”

“That fool of a leader in Venezuela is unwilling to curve his direction.. they will demand is removal.. there is a united front to oust the Venezuelan president.. war is brewing.” — Spirits Voice


“La guerra se está gestando .. América del Sur en la discordia.”

“Ese tonto de un líder en Venezuela no está dispuesto a curva de su dirección .. van a exigir la retirada se .. hay un frente unido para derrocar al presidente venezolano .. guerra se está gestando.”


70 thoughts on “Next for Venezuela

  1. Eric, is that all od South America will be in discord or just Venezuela? We live in Ecuador and see the crime rate increasing, especially targeting Expata. iS it time to leave for one’s own safety?

    • That is a question? It was a bit confusing, are they saying there are two wars brewing or just one? I will ask for clarity, the big news is a battle between leaders is coming for Venezuela.

      • Of course, the eternal war among government and opposition we live daily. I just pray this will unfold soon, for the good of its people, and yes, I think, from my soul, that we all have to run for safety, Venezuelans because I know first hand what’s going on, but Ecuador, Brazil, even Peru and Colombia I don’t see doing very well. If anyone has the means to leave for their own safety and their children, go for it.

  2. Praying for all who lost jobs and struggled to find food to survive. They are facing tough trails. 😦

  3. Opposition seats 3 lawmakers in defiance of Pres. Maduro Venezuelan citizens want a recall referendum on Maduro I have also included the links to Eric’s predictions on the assassination that happens in a hallway at 5 o’clock. Pres. Maduro has upset Cuba as well by reducing oil being sent there.,

    • Oh bless their souls. No need to torture the Turkey soldiers. Totally unnecessary. I think they need to have a different president with mercy. This is too harsh.

      It’s depressing. This is an act of war as what Pope Frances said earlier today. 😦 Pray for they remain to be strong and give them food and water in Jesus name.

  4. Eric, SWC, have put the last Two comments on wrong thread..,
    Should be Turkey…my mistake..

    • Eric, Lilimamo , Venezuela ….update..
      the decree about forced farm labor goes hand in hand with the previous article ( FT)
      about the army controlling food production, distribution, and the ports.,
      Clamping down with the army..

  5. Eric, SWC,
    Venezuela’s National Electoral Council says 1st step of recall referendum process was achieved with collection of enough signatures, despite nearly 11,000 signatures belonging to deceased persons – @telesurenglish

  6. Eric, this is dragging out..this off wire…
    Need 20 % ..signatures..
    Venenzuela elections council: Next recall referendum signature drive likely will be held in late October – Reuters
    Hope they can wait?

    • Yes, we can wait! We all can sign whenever and whatever they need in order to have new elections and a better leader, but under the government terms there’s no referendum possible this year. Eric, I really wonder what’s really gonna happen here. I see no hope with the current leadership, I don’t agree with government, and having deep doubts on opposition.
      Here’s a link for your better understanding:

  7. Eric, SWC,
    Venezuelan. Military profiting off Hunger..
    US looking to sanction .?
    The AP report published last month detailed a chain of dirty dealing by the military, including kickbacks to generals for food contracts and bribes to move food out of the port. Some of the food is purchased in the U.S. and some of the bribes passed through the U.S. banking system.
    Second excerpt..
    “When the military is profiting off of food distribution while the Venezuelan people increasingly starve, corruption has reached a new level of depravity that cannot go unnoticed”

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