German Train Attack

This tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for the recovery of all those in Germany on that train. A wolf in the past has represented a “lone wolf” attack.  However some reports are saying there are two attackers. My assumption that it was a derailment was wrong I should have asked  for more details.

Prediction 1-8-17

I had a visual of a black wolf with black eyes staring me down.

I had a visual of a train leaving the station, Spirit marked it. Then I heard the word “Germany”.

A train crash or train derailment is coming.


14 thoughts on “German Train Attack”

  1. Some media sources are saying the attacker was mentally unbalanced, that it wasn’t terrorism, but I think it’s way too soon to rule out anything. Either way, the prediction seemed to have meant this event. I hope everyone recovers okay.

    Any updates on the 0 9 5 7 prediction(s)? Are terror attacks still coming, or is there a chance they’ve fizzled out?

  2. Eric, third attack in Germany. First was axe, 2nd machete (might have those reversed). And the third just tonight at Hamburg Metro…tear gas injuring 6 and affecting 50.

    1. Hi Rhona, I was looking at that prediction as well. It is interesting that this prediction also contained the numbers 9:57. I was looking at it because there has been a terrible landslide of rubbish in Ethiopia and this prediction does mention Africa. The only thing I found that mentions Ethiopia is from Eric’s notes on 7/30/15 which reference passengers killed (airplane?) and the number 14 which is prominent in the most recent 3/13/17 predictions.

  3. Eric;
    I think I read in the UK pages that George Michael’s funeral will be on Sunday. I think that there is still a prediction somehow related to the funeral procession??

    (Sorry for posting this information in this thread – there are so many interrelated predictions/threads that I thought it was easiest to post the info here.)

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