Tropical Earl Triggers Landslides

The second part of this tragic prediction has happened.

Mexico Hurricane Prediction I had a visual of floods just consuming everything in its path. Everyone was stuck, unable to move from the locations of the damage.
“Flooding.. flooding.. waves.. lands turned to mud. The Hurricane causes extensive damage.
Around Tabasco.. South Mexico
July” – Spirits Voice

422 thoughts on “Tropical Earl Triggers Landslides

  1. Eric, SWC, update…#2
    Unfortunately more deaths 38

    Death toll in landslides, flooding jumps to 38 after Tropical Storm Earl sweeps Mexico’s eastern regions – BBC

  2. star 48 still no search box or format to mobile curser keeps flicking all over the place ..and comment box wont lock on
    might have to get a new phone !!…cant handle it..
    talk soon I hope

  3. star 48 time has been shifting again .this time my husband was with me
    Two hours appeared to warp within minutes TV and radio changing stations and freezing . Though these have happened to us before so we take it in our stride. Your power again Rhys of ..high energy around you maybe . Yes I wonder if Jules has had anything odd happen ..
    I tried to post the Georgia one but couldn’t get URL to transfer it even though I tried it with my Texas and it was fine .only wouldn’t work on site ..
    Do you not think that could be the George Georgia one Eric got from spirit..
    I have found a way to type without seeing comment box .I’m using swipe key pad and using predictive word choice in word option bar working a treat .at least I can comment though can’t post research results still won’t hold etc…
    Blessings and let. Know if you have any more electrical peons

    1. Rhona,
      time Windows have been unpredictable for me, I hope that Singer can help you gain some control. For me it seems to happen at odd times..( Alpha state?)
      I think to write everything down, even to what I was thinking up and too “the window “Is important.
      It is fascinating, but disconcerting
      It does seem to lend itself to more visions daytime, nighttime.
      Glad you had your husband with you..😃

      (At least I had a flashlight next to me, and my iPad and phone had just been charged..

      1. Star48, Rhona. I did have some weird things happen one night. I had a vision of this elderly man sitting at a smallish desk or table, with a notebook or news paper or something on it, that was pushed up against a wall in a corner…I think. He just turned and looked at me but I did not recognize the person. And I heard a dog bark (in my head), but it wasn’t my dog that passed recently. Didn’t sound like her. And something else I can’t remember right now. It was strange though since I hardly ever dream and it all happened over one nights period of time. But they weren’t like dreams. Just thought it was weird. It sounds like you two are going into different dimensions. Shifting in order to see into the future. Pretty neat.

  4. Star DC glad you had everything powered up and a torch handy .
    I had a dream last night the Indonesian quake was in the Bands sea .
    It had a map as Eric described only a circle around banda sea. I also heard the words Bands Sea ..
    We will just have to wait and see .yeah it was more a time shift than warp either way need to take notes
    Hope all else is well with you
    Take care

    1. star singer have sukiyaki two nights I think there is a much larger one for Japan in its way when it played I felt an urgency
      I’m still not getting a search box at too of thread so I can’t search for predictions properly .I tried husband phone and its the same on his phone when I log into the site ..hope it sorts out ..
      Have a great day

  5. Hi Star 48 Jules104 Star …I’m getting really worried about these bio hazards it’s just not making sense ..put in a really awkward day dealing with networks today I but the bullet and bought a new phone yep ..after asking all the right questions I got her home setting up was a night mare sun sizes different net work kicked and it’s a different carrier to mine I made some calls so I’m back to the point of sale in the morning shouldn’t be so hard.. But it’s nothing to what you have been through .I just way to get back on line properly ..oh well won’t be long now ..
    Still think Japan has not to come and st Georges Isle might trigger something in Argentina .Kipp in touch ..
    Blessings you.two

  6. Star 48 oh wow what a shame so much fear abounds ..but totally understandable on so many levels ..
    Love and light to Germany
    Got my new phone sorted just learning to navigate her now..having trouble re establishi g email …
    Blessingsto you and Jules 104

  7. Rhona, Jules104,
    Scottish group doing military training..Canoe expedition from Montreal to NY
    Arriving in NY at USS intrepid ( floating aircraft carrier) on Sept 10- to participate in 911 –
    15 th anniversary observance. Than going to Brooklyn for the site of a battle..
    I do not have a good feeling about the NY portion,,,

  8. Star 48 thanks update still looking at something bigger in Japan . …
    Also the Scottish canoers …there isa ring to that one especially if you are feeling it. .
    Wonder if singer will give a flag..the New yorkbit ..yes …
    Star as im typing I’m hearing girgling water going down drain and seeing the plug beigpulled from the bath .. ( sink hole perhaps. Or another lake draining ) something to do eith drains
    Have a good afternoon evening..

    1. Star48, Rhona…that is crazy! Vaporized metal? Make a small bomb by heating metal? All in the ionosphere? Wow how ridiculous. I can only imagine what the Spirit realm thinks of it. It actually made me think about the whole remote viewing video when you start thinking about it being a government experiment, vaporized metal etc. I find that a bit unnerving. Sheesh.

  9. Star 48 I agree not the best idea thats
    Surfaced this century …there is a delicatebalance in the way the solar winds and pulses enter our earth via nothern lights etc ..It never ceases to amaze me how somebranxhesof astronomy and science candoas the please .yet we canthave toimanycows inthe paddock creating gas.
    The magnetic field for birds ,sea animals etc its j could be disrupted .. The repercussions needtobe investigated and made public with these type of ideas …I see it as a public deicussion debate when they have the theoretical influences on our planet tabled and here is hopingin the future with a well informed populous such experimentation that effects humanity will be a matter ofpublicapproval..we are not a mob ofidiotsany longer that just trust andbelieve all they say….Here’s to all the young and up coming governments and scientists that have a genuine preservative love and heart forthe future of mankind and the planet.
    Here is hoping the feesability fails ..
    It hit a cord with me .Didn’t it?
    Hope I didnt go off track too much just over it all their bright spark ideas …
    Thanks for the article star

    1. Hey You Two, I didn’t know you were here. Oh my. I figured I’d just get the comments but I think I’d have to actually post something first now that I think about it. Sorry. I’m late. Ugh. Just looked for thread I was to go to because I saw this. Look below long land mass and Indonesia 6.0. Star I saw that Trinidad, CO. EQ. Did you notice that it is actually in New Mexico as the European sote suggests. Here’s the 6.0. Hope there’s no tsunami.

      1. jules104,
        Love the connection..
        Yep, real deep —setting up a larger –shallower one in the future..
        .I posted it in Indonesian EQ prediction thread.
        Side note…
        There is also a swarm continuing at Mammoth Lakes ( long valley) and I did notice NM site.

        1. Star48, Funny. All of the things I was thinking on you mentioned. Ha! Thanks. I worry about that shallower one. And the NM vs CO. Europe gets it right, US gets it wrong. Really? I’m kinda thinking like Rhona mentioned about Japan and bigger EQ. Hoping Mammoth Lakes area doesn’t cause problems. Like an unruly child! lol. So glad Rhona was able to get a new phone. Hope those wild fires in WA stay away from where your at. How’s that area of yours doing? Blessings.

  10. Jules104,
    I am glad Rhona hot new phone too!
    Regarding my situation…only had smoke smell in the air one day this week. So okay..

    Side note…I did some meditation about you…you will be having more visions…I asked and got a positive will be experiencing more gifts…
    I also asked about some others I got a huge yes, on Jon Blue…
    Thought you would like to know…found your feather yet?

  11. Glad to hear no fires in your immediate area Star48. Thank you for the good news. I sure could use some visions and gifts. lol. That’s funny.
    About the feather…I’m beginning to think all I’m going to find are rocks! My daughter just brought home two crow feathers. I’m going to keep looking though. My family visiting from Florida and Virginia said they noticed the lack of birds, squirrels & rabbits here on the coast. I wonder why that is. Maybe the wind, the amount of fir trees? But there’s plenty of berries and fruit. It gets pretty windy every day. I need to look that up. Well I am keeping my eyes open for my feather Stsr48. Blessings.

    1. Jules there were feathers all over the oval .. the kids were wearng them ..Red..Green..Blue ..Purple I thought about you and rainbow connection…Yeah your so right about the techo and new phone …and its ringing people random when i answer a call..touch screen too sensitive and im still navigating settings to adjust…lol so funny it called my daughters boyfriend while talking to my husband ..He thought I needed help being thoughtful ..I said nah my phone was trying to chat you up …my daughter thought hillarious…
      YES Indonesia is well on the radar in next week or so …Poor Italy it looks disastrous. .
      Remember you mentioned that volcano a couple of weeks back said you intuited something for around there…
      Blessings and thanks for healthy prayers they are working x

      1. Hi Rhona, that’s hilarious! Yes I think these cell phones have a mind of their own sometimes. My sister in Florida is always like “Did you butt dial me again?” What me?, must have been my phone. lol 😳 And watch that auto correct on the texting. Very cheeky things come out of there. Hahaha.
        That Italian EQ is just so sad and horrible. It almost seems as though they still are not getting all of the help they need. Praying it comes in droves soon and for those trapped under the rubble and for those who have already lost loved ones.
        That type A influenza sounds really bad. Just being down and sick for three months possibly, would be terrible. I am praying sending healing energy your way, hoping for a full recovery soon for you Rhona. Blessings Always

  12. Star 48 Jules 104
    HI Jules so good to see your comments ..many ssed you…having a new phone an is great guys
    Heaps of memory some features are missing
    I got usd to on old one . But thats just how it is …still love it…
    Remember the Bali flag …
    Well Nebe and Bali or on same Island Indonesia
    BALI 8.3405 s 115.082E
    NEBE 8.467 122.5
    You can almost draw a straight line between them on map …so im wondering if shallow one will move west toward Bali …but start in Ocean …Banda sea not ruled out ..
    Star 2 scottish flags so one more to go to confirm canoers and New York maybe a time flag for attack or terror …
    Jules two crow feathers for your daughter …bless her…its on its way for you a lack of birds will only make your find even more significant. ..
    The flu thats going around here has shut down a high school with 200 students affected and the health department says it can have you with symptoms for 3 months…Im doing better than those around me ..thanks to well wishes and prayers im sure …It is Influenza A ..
    Off to first of granchildrens sports carnivals today ..first of 3 for this week all different schools of course …
    Its freezing for us in Sunny Perth with 3 and 4 degrees its bitter cold and reminds me of Greely Colorado Jules without snow of coarse
    ..rugging up in the morning and peeling it all off by lunch …lol….
    Will catch up this afternoon for me and evening for you two
    Blessings you two hugs for each of you.

    1. Rhonda, stay warm, drink lots, and have fun!
      ( I had no idea it can last for 3 months!) Sounds terrible!

      Side note
      thanks for the heads up about the canoe expedition..

      1. That’s what I thought. Three months?! Oh geez. I hope it doesn’t go around here this winter. Hope you get feeling better soon Rhona. Blessings

    2. Rhona, Jules194
      Big EQ in Italy. 6.1. Felt all the way to Rome..extensive damage..posted already..

      1. STAR 48 my heart goes out to Amatrice and surrounding areas in Italy Absolutely devastating. .Not that this is important now ..but the singer didnt miss it ..
        Arivedeci Roma. .then two more from Dean Martin Cara mia …Little ole wine drinker me .about
        Two weeks ago when we mentioned volcano near Rome ..Jules was concerned…I just didnt get that feeling in my heart it was smoother and more matter of fact mabe its changed for me to a newer feeling yhat goes with on learning curve…
        Side note im drinking heaps feel seedy but better than others around me…
        Side note 2 Indonesia yes biggy on its way ..I agree too deep …

    3. Rhona, Star48…I think Indonesia will be soon now. I remember the Bali flag Rhona. Watching the news on the Italy 6.2 EQ. Those poor people. Praying for them. I’m so glad you were able to get a new phone Rhona. Trying to figure it all out is something else though. Haha. Me and technology. 😳 I didn’t know it got that cold in Perth. Brr..not missing that weather, or should I say that shoveling. Though I loved how the sun came out in CO and warmed and dried everything up after. Oh what fun Rhona, going to your grandkids Sports Carnivals. Three different schools too. You’d better get lots of rest in between. Have a great time and I hope you get feeling better. Blessings to You Both.

  13. Jules 104 Star perhaps Italy is the Central flag I received a few weeks ago for earthquake …
    It came in more than once… hmm.

    1. Rhona, Jules104,
      6.8 Burma/Myanmar …84 km deep..
      Stone temple damaged..
      Posted it on Myanmar thread..and current thread.,
      Side note…
      74 dead so far in Italy…

    1. Star48, Thanks for the link with info. What I see… is increasing activity going on. What do you think Star48,Rhona? The planet is so active right now it’s crazy trying to just keep up with it all. At the same time it’s really interesting, though a bit frightening not knowing what to expect.

      1. Hi guys three phones later and im back ..last 24 hrs have been one techo mess….
        All sorted now i believe…
        Still have to do all my set ups on this one…ugh
        Myanmar was a surprise…Star48….
        Blessings to you both hoping to be more present now…

        1. No worries Rhona. I completely understand the techno issues. Hope all is well. Just popped up 4.9 Fiji area. Blessings.

  14. Star 48 sinabung Sumatra thanks i would have missed it..catch up should be fun..
    Have a great day….

    1. Thanks Star48, I saw that one also. Pretty deep. I think that means more on the way. It’s really amazing how deep all of the EQs are.

      1. Thanks Rhona. I had just started looking. I bet that’s it maybe. I don’t think it’s the President Assassination one though do you two? That seems like it would be different. It would be great if it were though. And that was finished/foiled.

  15. Rhona,
    thank you so much..I was going crazy looking for it..
    I put it on the thread…hopefully it is what Spirit mentioned.
    ..Blessings to you and to Jules104, too.!😃

    1. Star 48 your welcome the get her in the car one stuck in my mind and has lingered for a long time….
      The article on s-wave detection is fantastic especially seeing as they didnt like conecting storm bombs to quakes before…a great move forward..

      1. Rhona,
        I was the one to ask about rh! Thanks for letting me know…,
        This was the only reply box.. open…

      1. Jules 104 I agree I hope it is the president one and thats it over…its vexing thinking someone would take a shot at Clintons or Obama ..not that a shot at anyone is ok ..right ….? But it would be good to know ….

      2. Jules 104 Yeah sorry thats me Rh dont know how it posted it without full name but i guess email address is enough doesnt matter to the format haha …
        I dont know how i missed replying to you…

    2. Star 48 second attempt .not sure if you got this one your welcome
      The ” get her in the car” one has been at the back of my mind for a long time and lingered there.
      The article on s-waves is fantastic. Especially since they didnt like linking storm bombs to earthquakes previously great new.

    1. Star48, I saw that one. I have been gone all day. Was just going to mention if you saw that. These bio hazards are concerning. I have seen more pop up in Oregon also. The people here act like its normal. Hm… Somethings underfoot literally. That WY EQ was pretty big. Sheesh. Waiting for a rubber band to break somewhere or unzip. Yikes.

    2. Star 48 Jules104 im not sure about these algae blooms all being accounted to climate change alone ..there is something more to this though im not sure what …the waters are warming maybe from subterranean activity…
      Lake shashta and as far away as N.Y with the bunker fish and mussels oh thats a remarkable increase ..then when you put canada into the mix it does seem like global warming …I wonder how much volcanic microscopic particles drifting can cause like a fall out affect ..just a thought…which in turn does create a mini climate change of its own …when we take into account the changes obviously through larger eruptions
      And the affects can last years …
      i dont know jyst thinking out loud…Its all very disturbing in its trend….
      Synchronicity kicked in ..while looking at dutch.’s video. ..
      “Rocky mountain high Colorado ” was playing
      Will let you know of other flags ..that was maybe not a three flagger given synchronization of video and song….it could be a lone flag…we will see ..right?
      Thanks for links enjoy your night

      1. Hi Rhona, Star48. I think you could be right Rhona. I think that subterranean activity and microscopic dust particles from all of the volcanic eruptions idea probably is contributing to the issues we are seeing pop up. It seems like there is just so much change going on right now with the planet. I sometimes feel like it’s a privilege to be alive experiencing it all. It’s like one of those things where you are able to look back and say I was alive during that time period when so and so happened. Maybe not us but our children and grand children will be able to say that. I hope and pray that we are raising future generations that will take care of our planet better and never allow things like what dutchsinse pointed out, the massive fracking operations going on next to the super volcano. Blessings You Two

    3. Rhona, Star48. Had to find a spot to put this. Just wanted to tell you this funny thing that happened tonight earlier. Well I went walking this evening with my daughter and walked by three feathers. The first one I was talking so much I didn’t think to pick it up. It was a crow feather. The second one I said to myself, hey I’m suppose to pick up that feather what’s wrong with me? It’s a crows feather also. Picked it up put it in my pocket. I get down the hill and see it fell out, I’m like sheesh I dropped it. Take three steps and find a morning doves feather. I’m like shwooee. Put that in my pocket. Get around the corner. Find it fell out too. I’m thinking gosh what to tell Rhona and Star48? Ay yi yi! I had three feathers given and lost all of them. I need a new jacket with deeper pockets. Argh! I did find a big old truck hitch though I had picked up. So maybe that means I’ll be moving soon? That was to big to put in my pocket so I carried it home. I told my daughter next time I’m bringing a bag! LOL.

      1. Hi Jules thats hilarious. .oh my unbelievable . What are we going to do with you ?
        Lets try and get the message in it ..
        Two crows and a dove ..
        Yep star and I are the crows and your the dove..haha teasing
        Maybe two older people and a child or younger person with a lost and found tone ..there was always a replacement for the lost one showing abundance. .
        I know you lost the last one but the pattern was established you will find another ..whats seem s lost is always replaced ..It was like a promise from spirit and there’s the number 3 a catalyst number some event wiĺl be the catalyst for something else being soft and gentle as a dove… peace over a situation …
        Weĺl hope it was ok to interpret it that way.
        Yes a bag next time Jules . .smiling 🐤 I still can’t believe it

        1. Oh my that’s a wonderful interpretation Rhona. It actually makes sense for what is going on in my life, grand kids life, daughters lives etc. There actually are things going on (catalysts) that I believe are blessings in disguise. I keep telling my older daughter that, because I know she can’t see it yet. Thank You for the wonderful words of wisdom. It just confirms to me that I’m not that far off. Now to find some more feathers. Star498 said there will be big flutter coming my way. lol, hope so. Blessings.

  16. Hi jules 104 Star 48 Papua Indonesia
    5.7 @ 50km
    Java 4.3 @ 84km both near Banda sea region …

    1. Rhona , looks like it is heating up….
      Strange as in the last two days…silent zones increasing…

  17. Star what is of note also is between the silent zones most quakes are 4.oo to 4.5 the odd one a little higher …its like low hum in vibration world wide…something is about to happen either planet or she is reacting to an up coming human event…I also had a lighthouse flag ..flashing light tower…it could be the ocean or a warning of some kind. .. if i get more i will post

    1. Just catching up with you two. Odd you mention something big about to happen. I feel the exact same way and always think about Spirits and Eric saying the rubber band breaks. Also just an odd thing. A few years ago my youngest daughter kept seeing and hearing a light house. She thought it was maybe on the eastern seaboard area of the US. She actually went and tried to find a sound associated with the type of lighthouse at that time. She was worried there was going to be a natural disaster there. Probably nothing but we haven’t figured out what that is yet. Blessings.

      1. Hi Jules wow thats amazing …myat have been an overpowering experience for your daughter … long ago was it Jules?
        She has a gift and is spiritual in nature ..I recall some of the stories of her you have recounted …It is your youngest daughter ?Right? Was she always in tune even as a child Jules ?
        I believe you referring to your daughters experieñce may be a flag for a light house coupled with what I recieved .
        Remember Eric mentioned a lighthouse fare while ago I wiĺ c if I can find …..I dont think it happened

        1. Rhona, Jules104, was it the posting about a light in PNW?
          Funny I was thinking about that this past week.

          1. Star48, I think hers was on the East Coast. But she didn’t really know. It was more of a “What the heck does that mean?”

        2. Hi Rhona. I think she actually did always have a gift though developed it more through meditation later in life and she’s always been an animal person if that makes any sense. I guess the light house came up maybe about a year and a half ago, now that I think about it. I do find it strange that you are getting a light house also. It could be a flag. Synchronicity? She was wondering if it was somewhere up near Maine or Canada I believe. Though I don’t really know what would be happening up there. Let me know if you get any other flags Rhona. There is a Bangor, Maine which is home to a submarine base? I need to look that up. It just sounds familiar. Hm.

    1. Hi Star48, Rhona. Sorry feel like I haven’t been present. Trying to get my daughter ready to go off to the University. Anyway I’m not sure if that light would actually be connected to a light house Star but you just never know. I was thinking, off subject, when you two were talking about Colorado after watching the dutchsinse EQ stream lastnight that Eric mentioned once there was something that happens in CO but he didn’t know what it was at that time. It was from a post this year. And wasn’t really a prediction but mentioned that Spirit had mentioned it. Anyway it just made me think about it when you guys mentioned CO.

      1. Hey Jules104 busy time for you…wishing your daughter all the very best for her future studies .
        i remember something about Eric mentioning Coloado as well …my guide did yes give me the flag and us talking about Greely and they registered a medium range quake i thing in the 4- range ..sometimes messages come through in coversation …dont they?…
        The light house one i remember was roughly at the time of aluesians quake back in 2014 i think …I recall us all serching for a lighthouse on a peninsula or something like it …I remember looking up around queen Charlotte island and Vancouver. .
        Do you or you Star 48 recall?…
        Hugs to you and yours…

        1. Rhona I meant to tell you Thank You for the well wishes on the University happenings. She will be going into her third year but it will be her first time at a big University and in a dorm, though it’s considered “off campus” University housing for older students, she is very excited. I am excited for her and very proud of her. Life has “happened” and slowed her studies somewhat but she’s an Honors student and deserves to go out and have some fun and be around kids her own age and just focus on studying and what not for once. You know? Star48 said he meditated and that there would be gifts coming my way. I’ll take this as a big one. Heehee. Blessings.

    2. Star48, no reply spot on your comment so posting here. Yes thanks, that was the post I was thinking about. The nightmare coming for Denver, CO. Wonder what that’s about. Natural or man made, terrorist attack maybe?

    1. Thanks for the link Star48. That’s strange. Curious what they will find. I wonder if it could be a natural toxin in the water around there like what’s been happening all over. Let me know if you ever hear what they find.

    2. Star48, Rhona did you get the latest EQ? Eiropean model had it at 6.8, USGS came out with 7.4, then maybe revised it? To a 6.9? I’m confused. I am beginning to think there are multiple quakes going on. The Lat and Longitude are all slightly different. Hardly but…

  18. Star 48 thanks for looking for lighthouse possible predictions ..unfortunatelt doesnt fit with what im looking for I said to Jules above comment was all of us search for piece of land with a light house back in 2014 if im correct ..i will keep searching …
    The quake is not far from crater lake – norse butte 304 mls hmm and 305 from San Francisco. ..maybe Hayward or SanAndreas ….wonder if ocean quake will happen soon maybe low 5 or 4 ..thoughts on this star?
    I heard something on news thisorning here about a survivor of jim Jones town ..I searched for info nothing could be found ..Do you have any info on it …
    Thanks and safe night….

    1. Rhona I looked and couldn’t find anything. There may have been something about a new book or an old book written but nothing else I could find. Wonder what that was you saw then. Let us know if you see it again. Blessings

  19. Oh the dogs thats weird I hope they find the cause soon seems even our pets are vunerable to the changing ways of bugs ( super bugs) hopefully nothing that can cross over to humans …

      1. Jules104,
        it is between South America and Africa..
        The USGS and European agency…have been having a interesting time with Magnitudes..
        I am wait To see the final magnitude..

        1. The last I saw Star48 was 7.1 for both. I haven’t checked it today though. Did you just send this today about 10:00am on Monday? Just curious. Making sure there’s not a lag on my end. Are you being affected by any of the wild fires happening? Did you get my update on the feathers? It must have been your meditation because there were three within one walks time. lol. Blessings 🙏🏻🌟🙂

          1. Jules104,
            Re: timing – yes, @10:10
            Re: wildfires….no thank God..
            Re: 3 feathers…I cracked up. funny…I told you spirit can be mischievous .
            the song 3 crows..went through my mind..when I read your story..
            .trailer hitch…how amazing. – what a flag for…
            Watch out for a flurry of feathers…hahaha…

            1. Oh that’s funny. I hadn’t even thought of the song part Star48. I was like are you kidding? I can’t even hold onto the feathers once I’ve found them? 🙄 Yes I’ll be looking for that mass migration of feathered friends coming my way.
              So glad there are no wild fires near you. That’s a relief I’m sure. Hope all is well there for you. Blessings

    1. Well that’s weird. USGS has that same quake at 7.4 mag. That’s a lot bigger than 6.8 EQ. North of Ascension Islands is off of North Africa? Hold on are those two separate EQs. Sheesh.

    1. Rhona just FYI; now the EMSC and USGS both changed to 7.1 EQ. Only difference is 18 depth European model and 10 km depth on US model.

  20. Jules 104 they just changed it back hahaha just saw your info text was going to let you know too…oh get it right guys what a dabacle. ..

  21. Star 48 the two registered that would be a doublet ?…thats strong activity.
    Side note. ..Etna has gone quiet.maybe nothing but could be that breath in …we will see.

    1. Star 48 yeah Etna Im recalling Jules memtioning her concern and tying it in as maybe intuitive on her part …Iceland hmm seems that area is determined to be noticed
      Erics recent prediction about storm…apparently the Kremlin is issuing a super storm warning for Atlantic An Swc posted on new prediction thread ..sorry should have checked members name …
      There are a few potentials for the prediction but im going for Florida and Gulf Mexico as to spirits indications ..Im still looking at
      DARK Island flag ..recall that star? Im sure you do you have a great mory !👏 Should be an interesting and busy two weeks coming
      Sending love and light to suspected areas ..the light knows where its needed .

    2. Only a 60-90 minute warning due to the ice cap then? Yikes! They make it sound like they could get everyone evacuated and so much done in that amount of time. Not sure that would happen here… 🙈

    1. Oh dear those poor people facing their livelihood loss .As he said it does freak people out .A really good advertising campaign that outlines the cause and lack of risk after it has cleared up would help enormously know information fact sheet to present and future clients ..backed by authories opinions …
      This is all just getting out of hand Star im getting really worried about what the sourse is …
      Would any of these contaminated water ways of recent fit any of spirits predictions ..maybe need to chase that up ..thoughts star?

      1. Rhona, Jules104,
        Lake Sammamish, Wash., beach closed after at least 15 children became sick after swimming – KIRO 7

        I think it is a couple of situations..

        1.magma heating water…?
        2.Because of the wide areas over states and Canada..I think there is something in the atmosphere..
        Being introduced or developing….?
        I looked for anything that fit..Water..desolate wasteland..came to mind..,
        Still looking..,21 St century horror Story?

        1. Star48, Rhona. Are most of these fish die offs or just all different things? Here is s link to what I get for advisories around here. If you go to the box on upper right there’s a bunch more things to look at. Bio toxins in mussels and razor clams, blue algae specific areas on maps etc. I was just playing around with it to see what it did and it actually shows a lot going on other than that girst page. Yikes! I just don’t even want to get into the water anymore. You never know.

      1. Jules 104 wow What a eyeopenner he is gone there is no one with his strategic brain to fill his shoes ..but random self motivated attacks will probably escalate from others …Al Adnani filled a more than vital roll…
        DID you read Dulaimi ‘s ..Abu Baghdadi’s ex wifes interview on that link .she left him after 3 months of marriage and is frantic to protect and educate their
        daughter without judgement of the family connections …So sad ..I find myself reading the truth between the lines .. she said she had no idea of his double life when they married ..when she found out she wanted nothing to do with it many more of the mothers are over it they dont want their children killed or raised wrong either…
        im hòping some of the paris victims families take comfort in their minds and spirit now
        Thank for the link

        1. Rhona yes I’d read that article on Dailama back when it first came out. Found it very interesting. Three months of marraige was enough for her I guess. I hope they can maybe change their identities and live in peace surrounded by love someday. Blessings

        1. Rhona I added that link a few ago also. So funny. Almost same as yours. lol. Poor Star48. I was thinking you’d get it also. Did you not get it? Also just saw on news. ISIS leader Adnani killed. ISIS vows revenge. Is he the #1 leader? Hm.

          1. Jules104,
            I believe he is co side red the talking mouth of ISIS…
            Not the real “head” of organization.

        1. My thoughts too Rhona. Also just an FYI I thought was weird. So this am on our local news, we get Seattle and Portland news also, they were talking about the 3.8 EQ in Anchorage, Alaska. People there and in Canada I believe, felt a pretty good rumble is what they said. I just never hear them talk about any of the EQs that happen so thought that was odd. I guess maybe that could be attributed to the depth and the rock type?

  22. Star intersting you said introduced suspicious of that too ..not comfortable at all with the trend…

  23. Star i found the water contamination one. . it was Flint Michigan. The prediction says ” black cups lined up” even though this prediction has passed it still could relate to the different bio hazzard water ways of recent ..each one being a black cup ..just a thought …

  24. Sory heres link

    1. Hi Star48, I never knew they had that big of an EQ there. Thanks for the link. Id say it would be a lot worse in this day and age with all of the urban growth there. Yikes.

    2. Star 48 yeah how intuitive you post this link ..i was wondering out loud about the West Viginia flag …
      Stiĺ to come maybe …I dont know if it will be sizable ..just notable. .
      Intraplate one can be monsters that crerp up out of nowhere makes me think this one was deepish and like they said verticle
      The mention of aftershocks is interesting still occuring they believe ..must be one due 130 years of movement tightning the rubber band perhaps. Intensity x oh my lord . One of same mag is just down right scary .

  25. Star 48 while reading your link and west virginia ref..a song about Kansas tornado came on and I felt physically sick ..
    Now this flag has confused me being an ausi i know only what i have read of the seasons and formations of tornados from hurricanes in the gulf .but Ivan came to mind and the tornado that formed in virginia in Sept ..
    But Kansas in Sept I dont know …can you give me some input on this flag … unless its just to expect tornados from 99L …help..
    Maybe i should ask for mire flags

    1. Star48 talk about synchronicity I all thejust finished reading that exact same link .than you so much for posting it though ..ok watc h and see …
      Popocatpeti..! its a constant watch for all these volcanos ..Still expecting one to blow just not sure where ..maybe icland 366 tremors
      Thanks again for your experience with it too in Arkansas
      Just going to check on 99L progress

      1. Rhona I must have missed something along the way, sorry but what is 99L? The Popocatptl Volcano is close to Mexico City isn’t it? Also have you or Star48 seen what’s been going on with the dutchsinse live stream on YouTube? It keeps getting shut down deleting all of his subscribers etc. Sheesh if people hadn’t been paying attention before they should now, are my thoughts. What are “they” so worried about and trying to hide? Hm. This is an eyebrow raiser. 🤔 Oh hey just thought of this…he is always pointing out the fracking, oil and gas operations going on right where the EQs are hitting.

  26. Jules 104 99L or9L is hurricane Hermine some said 99L confusing the issue lol…sorry..
    Hey yeah Popocatpeti is near mexico they have been told to stand by for possible evacuation. Mentioning dutch ..I dont do his site unless you guys post a link but i did give it a go yesturday and couldnt get on. ..the gas etc companies would not like him at all ..i admire him so much i swear if i win the lottery i wil give him a bonus …his work is so cutting edge that they should be intrigued with his work .usgs and others need to have more open minds and less ego especially when it comes to saving lives with the heads up ..he has stood on many a toe and they are screaming ouch often in history has this type of mindset presented itself ..prayers for dutch love and light too.

    1. Hi Rhona. Thanks for the clarity on 99L. I have a bad feeling about parts of Florida turning into a Katrina somewhat. Praying not. I agree on the Dutch issue. If those within the scientific community, who keep targeting Dutch, would just get out of the way of themselves…they might learn a thing or two, right? Really though, I am curious whether he could file something with the courts, (which would probably take years but…) He is basically harassed constantly. If nothing else it might bring things out into the open as to who is sensoring/harrassing him. Perhaps they’d think twice next time. It would take a lot of money but perhaps there is a group out there who would take on his cause for free. Just my thoughts. Okay onto looking for Stars Asian Shift. Blessings

  27. Jules104,Rhona
    I must be tired! I cannot find the Asian thread.,the one where terror is shifting to Asia..
    I have made posts on it cannot find it.! Can you help.
    ..I have a important link I have to post..about India..

    1. Star48 im stil looking but i found this one hope it helps or jogs your memory where the one your looking for is under

    2. Star48, Just wanted to let you know… I am looking for it. Haven’t found it yet though. I think it was around sometime the boy with the grape eyes showed up. I also remember Eric saying the leader looked more oriental maybe. (Asian?). Does that sound right about the timing?

    1. Star 48 do you mean maybe Abu Bagadadi demise ..9.57 being around 5th or so of Sept.Is that what you mean?

    1. Rhona, I put it. On two threads!
      11-8-15. And 8-23-16. And the follow ups tsunami evacuations plus train service..
      50 plus aftershocks…etc. also a video from Dutchsinse. With background info ..

    2. Thanks Rhona and Star48, for all of the updates. Star was on it as you were asleep Rhona. I am very thankful that they only had 30 cm wave surge heights. It could have been a lot worse. There was some more EQs up by Indonesia afterwards also. I feel it’s not over yet for them based on Spirits prediction. I hope everyone’s vigilant in those areas. And Star picked up PNW/N CA while meditating, so I’m watching also. It seems as though they have had a lot of activity in the Gorda Escarpment area lately. Not really sure how that would work out. It seems like it’s carrying over onto the land though. Just keeping watch. Praying for calm seas here. 😇 I need to look for Dutch’s latest news feed and see what’s expected as of this latest big one. I hope he has something up. Blessings

      1. Jules 104 yes Star was unto it when I was asleep I didnt notice daughter sent me a link at 6am i guess i was bleary eyed from sleep when i posted…😊😊 oh well better take more notice next time ..i feel like a righ ninny..

        1. Oh I think that sort of thing happens all the time. I do the same thing. I’d rather get more warnings then none. With all of the different time zones it’s hard to keep track also.

  28. Yeah I was going to do those threads …thats good you did …just sometimes people dont go back to them so i put it on recent hurricain thread ….

    1. Star 48 what a shame pollution through fertilazation run off …Its a real problem that has tragic consequences so often ..Our swan river here where we would swim freely with family 10 years ago was free of such polutants now we get warnings occasionally about swimming there ..this is the River that Perth is built on ..we havent had massive fish deaths and its usually upstream ..thank goodness it gets a flush out from the tides and our weather favours clean up …
      Did you catch phiĺippines blast in Davao killed 12 there not sure yet of motive..
      Sorry had a link but It didnt copy i wil try again..

      1. Rhona,
        Yes ,I was waiting to find out what or who was the target…
        And the death toll keeps going up…terrible..

    2. Sorry just catching up. That’s the first time I’d heard the algae blooms could be from fertilizer run off…but that makes sense. And the warming trend is more than likely why we are seeing so many pop up and the dead fish too. It’s really a shame what’s happening. Thanks for the info Star48.

      1. Jules104, Rhona,
        I put this on the New Zealand and Northern CA thread too.

        We just had the NZ one…now the CA one…

    1. O.k thats interesting a depth of 2.2 for off shore ..minutes after 3x over 2.5 to me thats a resounder ..the 5.2 …..Im keeping watch on this ..just wondering when spirit said NZ first then San Francisco….
      Do you two remember that prediction …Jules what about you can you recall ..did spirit say NZ would be big or moderate then SF..
      I will look ..if you find lwt me know

    1. Star48, Rhona…I just woke up and saw that. It’s really busy right now with EQs. Dutch just had to expect that in the area of TX,CO and OKs fracking and drilling spots last night. He’d better be careful. He’s making enemies in the oil and gas industries I think. Rhona I will look for those other predictions and let you know in a bit. Blessings

      1. Morning Jules 104 I think i found the one i was thinking of ..Eric says he is not sure which comes first …Maybe im thinking it was more specific but im mistaking.. And New Plymouth is still in the mix ..
        Dutch is so true to his method and they give him a hard time ..i was listening to his 2-9-16 forcasts and your right Jules ok had a 5.2 an hr after i watched….he is really up against it with all of them …its a shame because if they all came together and took it on board it would be awsome ..yes enemies in gas and oil amongst others
        Have a great day

        1. Rhona do you think then there will be big EQs in NZ and San Francisco in November like this prediction says at the bottom? I agree, I wish the Scientists would just get out of the way of their egos so we could have some progress in the EQ predicting department. Sheesh! People never cease to amaze me. I hope your having a great weekend. Blessings.

        1. Well I’d say somebody is atleast thinking about it and putting the two together. The problem I think they will have now is that the damage with super fractures has already been done probably, so now the area is sort of stuck with this happening over and over again. Maybe one of these days Dutch will be in charge. lol What are your thoughts Star48 on this being a reoccurring issue for the area now? I also hope that new predicted big EQ isn’t for my area. Yikes.

    2. Star 48 another one on target for dutch ….thanks for update …
      Blessings for your day

    3. Star48 Jules 104 at least they are starting to take some steps OCC and USGS Im surprised at the action they are taking good for them may it be revealing and reports are transparent …though thats to be seen …
      Jules Im feeling San Francisco area ..
      Though im asking for confirmation
      … Eric will have more soon too .
      Blessi gs guys thanks Star for the info would know otherwise ..

      1. Rhona, Star48. I agree, it’s a start, though I feel USGS is posturing somewhat. I’d bet the oil and gas are all over them to put it under the rug. I almost feel sorry for them…almost. I was thinking the same thing Rhona, San Francisco area. It’s never happened yet with the “over 500 loses” and there’s been a lot of mentions from Spirit on it. Either there or the Argentina/Brazil South America area?? Hope Eric can get it narrowed down. Blessings to you both.

      2. Rhona,
        In my meditation I got North CA too, early this morning @7:00am PST.,
        And remember we have W. Virginia,Tenn, after…

  29. Jules104, Rhona,
    USGS playing it political.

    USGS says it can’t currently conclude if Saturday’s 5.6 quake in Oklahoma was caused by ‘industrial-related, human activities;’ USGS says it will ‘continue to process seismic data in the following days and weeks that will help answer this question’

    1. Star48, All I hear from USGS is blah, blah, blah. Do you think they are getting money from the oil and gas companies? I find it hard to believe that they are that dumb…especially with all the info Dutch puts out there. Somebody has to be connecting the dots there in that organization. Hm…

  30. Star 48 jules
    Star thank you for your meditation
    …and reminding me of west virginia and Tennessee. …I haven’t received anything yet but know i wilĺ in the short term ..I agree its CA
    Jules yes the “500 losses and the 25 will be lost to this .”..comes to mind
    Keep you and yours safe guys light and love to you both and hoping most are prepared. ..

  31. STAR 48 JULES 104
    Thanks star for volcano updates
    Bardabunga always brings back memories of live web cam when she first erupted..
    Side note
    Its Freddie Mercury’s birthday today 5th Sept..
    Notes 12-16-14 .
    ” bagels in a box far north california terror ..Golden neck less and Freddie Murcury”
    Also 12-23-14
    “Ontario canada-France-England-NY go inside guns guns guns ..something about Italy but not entwined with these events ”
    Could Italy quake be a flag to these events .” Oranges in cups indicates not seperate but co ordinated”
    Thoughts you two are these on the cards soon .

    1. Rhona you could be on to something. With the Italy reference maybe it is a flag. Did you notice on that post underneath there was a 770, but Eric said it didn’t make sense. It shows it already happened though. Could it be related to the 777 and the 0 is a type of countdown or next? I’d noticed in the past there were other posts with 7s that didn’t seem to fit in. I should have written them down. It’s not yet the 5th for us here in the US. I hope and pray all is calm tomorrow.

      1. Jules 104 you might be right about the 777 and the 0 countdown ..
        I eas thinking how it wasnt the 5th your way yet ..its why I wanted to post it a day ahead …
        Prayers love and light over the prediction of co ordinated attacks matter when they try to manifest..
        The neck less bit for Freddie Mercury still puzzles me…
        Is it neck less as Eric wrote or miss pronounciation of neclace I tried to figure neck less to no avail ..
        Thanks Jules
        Stay safe always in my thoughts

          1. Star48, Rhona…I thought about that also. It’s a Monday. Also, Star have you been picking up on the asteroid, meteor prediction at all? Just wondered since I found some posts with EQ and meteors close together the other day and it made me think about whether it is still on the table. Rhona the necklace, Freddy Mercury…was that around the time Spirits were discussing ISIS using WMDs? Thanks for the kind words also. Blessings to both of you.

  32. Star 48 first of all Im really happy he was honored this way ….
    The part of the prediction that says golden neck less may be a simple reference to this event of the asteroid being named Freddiemercury a golden necklace of honor…..
    Thank you for the article .

  33. Jules 104 sorry for delay in replying. …The weapons of mass destruction are 8-21-15and amongst it is a reference to notes on warning turkey 9-24-14… thats about 8 months between the freddie mercury one and WMD one …

  34. Jules104, Rhona,
    2 EQ’s in Yosemite.2.7 and 2.9
    2 in Montana. 2.9, 3.3 in Saskatchewan..3.8
    One in Alabama 2.6
    One in Russia,6.3
    Lots of activity…

    1. Star48, Rhona hi. I was thinking the same thing. It is really active all over. I hope Eric can narrow down where the EQ will be. Blessings

    1. Rhona. I sure hope and pray all will be calm and peaceful for you there and in all of Australia. I like Star48s link for the future…and can’t wait to get rid of the evil on the planet. Sending light your way. 🙏🏻🌠

      1. Thanks Jules ..with so many lightworkers shining bright we cant fail to usher in a new humanity one day..and its great to be the pioneers and know we are helping set the stage for future generations I feel we are doing exactly what we came here to do. ..
        Amen …

  35. Star 48 thank you wonderfully channeled by him ..its definitely begun ..the shift as we call it …
    Love light and joy..

    1. Wow! Pretty talented. Star48, I have to admit at first I couldn’t help but laugh. Sorry, I have never seen anything like this before. What is that instrument she’s got in her mouth and playing all at the same time? She put a lot of energy into that. Sheesh I was wore out just from watching her. Anyway, after I got over the initial wow what the heck factor…I realized how very talented she is. I watched another women do the same on a video and she didn’t come close to what came out of this shamans mouth and lungs. Definite animal. All I got to say is WOW! Blessings

      1. Jules104,
        it is called a jaw harp and is a old rudimentary instrument
        Some people in the Mountain range in Tennesee and Kentucky call it a Jew harp..
        The origins are pretty scetchy– I have no idea how she came upon it…
        Time of Solomon?

        her sounds and process, does sound and look funny at first..( I laughed too)
        Than I understood —
        She is getting herself not a vibrational state…
        Some People do it by drums.and others by meditation /chanting..
        ..she is actually doing it through her bones…

        I was blown away with the amount of spirit animals…she has at her command..
        My form I have had success with is chanting.,(I think I would knock my teeth out or lacerate my tongue with the harp)

        1. Star48, Oh man good. I thought, I bet that was really immature of me to laugh at first, but the joke was on me right? Sheesh some sort of power being drawn forth. Thanks for all of the info. So very interesting. So she is doing what now through her bones? Drawing forth Spirit, energy, meditation? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all peoples and all nations could get together all at the same time with all of their different voices and instruments and bring forth this energy into the world here? Can you imagine that? I’m imagining Star48. Shwoo!
          So I have a question. There are times when I can listen to a song or even a certain pitch, tune, sort of like a singing bowl, and I feel real strong vibrations throughout my body. I always feel like it’s a form of healing energy or centering or something. What would that be? I suppose sort of like your chanting I think. I always liked the priests chanting. I found some online once and use to just listen to that sound and thought it was calming. Maybe I just need to try and meditate. I may need to leave my house to do that. lol. Thanks so much for sharing that video. Blessings

    2. STAR 48 WOW Nocked my socks off ..Im implored to meditate and draw the energies in and through mother earth … it conjured images of a reset. .the grids and magnetic fields a calling to join in ..and help heal nature ..very poweful
      What were you thinking
      Blessings and much thankfulness for bringing it to us 😆

      1. Rhona, Star48…I shared with my grand kids and they were awestruck as well. Then shared with my two daughters. Wow. This Shaman has an amazing amount of energy streaming forth. And the animal sounds she makes is unreal. Wow, wow, wow! I never knew people could do this any differently then the Native Americans here in North America. Now I’m just imaging all the different ways to draw forth energy and connect. My daughter has an ancient Tibetan singing bowl she uses and the sound is awesome, and a Native American Indian flute she’s taught herself to play. I know there are people who have many bowls they play at once. So now I am imagining all of the different ways to heal the planet and draw forth love and light to the earth and humanity. Star48 said he likes to chant. I always liked to listen to chanting. Imagine the whole earth full of the many different cultures of voices and instruments all at the same time. Wow again. What a sight and sound that would be right? Blessings

  36. Jules 104 no wonder your energy is so lovely your daughter bring in nature spirits and healings ..yes its such a magnificent thought all those sounds harmonising with nature its comforting and melds with spiritual family. ..i am to share it with my daughters …im sure they will feel as we do ..
    So unified

    1. That’s strange. Smells like sewage and burns your skin? I wonder if someone dumped something illegally, maybe a blue algae toxin or its some type of bird disease. Remember I mentioned some new bird disease from Asia I think. But that was for seagulls I believe. I hope they test the water and figure it out. It’s right next to two ball fields.

  37. Rhona, Jules104,
    USGS upgraded Oklahoma EQ to 5.8 mag now biggest

    Also upgraded EQ in 2011. Strange 5 years later to a 5.7…

    USGS upgrades weekend Oklahoma earthquake to 5.8 magnitude, making it the most powerful quake ever recorded in the state – AP

    1. Star48…That’s interesting. Based on revised data? I thought the possible explanation the Boak guy gave about water moving, transferring pressure etc etc was sort of goofy. I sort of feel like there must be a white elephant in the room because nobody wants to mention the Dutch man. lol. The least they could do was take into consideration his science and stop attacking him. Sheesh. Thanks for the info and article Star48.

    2. Star48 hmm they must have some level of concern to make this move in the upgrade brings my thoughts to movement west as dutch would say maybe around Tennessee or Even up into west virginia Arkansas ..the new madrid fault could be a watch …
      Do you think so?
      Love and light to Oklahoma and surrounding areas we have said before ..i hope people are paying attention…
      Side note
      The ducks dying goodness i hope they dont waste time finding out what is causing that …the guys skin wasnt burning without reason …
      Oh nearly forgot got 2 flags for Japan ..not surprising seeing as the activity off Berring Island

  38. Star 48 Jules it seems Klyuchevskoy volcano on Kamchatka peninsula is threatning eruption or possible eruption ..thats only 400 odd miles from Ostrova so could be magma movement quake around there which brings Japan in for a possible shake ..lets see…

    1. Rhona,
      I had wondered why so many EQ around there..great catch.,I missed t..

    2. Rhona. I think you may be right. Hope it’s not to big. Also yesterday Dutch was calling for a possible 6. in PNG.

        1. Sorry I’m late, had to turn in. Yes I think it was above the Darwin area? That area that dips in at the top of Australia. lol. I think I need a geography class. I thought well that would sort of act like a big funnel, not good. Also I meant to ask you if the EQ about a week ago in southern Australia over your way sort of, was felt in Perth? I think it was around a 5 EQ. Did you happen to notice that one? It was on land. I just hardly ever see them there. Is that normal? Also…Thank You for the compliment earlier, it meant a lot. Though I believe you are the Queen of the Lovely Ladies. Heehee. Blessings Rhona.

      1. jules I just saw your comment on Sept 8 …thank you …such a lovely complimentary thing to say …my hubby is a leo ..king of jungle 😂he thought it hillarious that you said i was queen ..thank you again truely kind words ..💖
        blessings always

    1. Star 48 Im in shock that one big arsenal of chemical weapons dont suppose that is what spirit was refering to in one of the many predictiins about chemical weapons ..did they mention north Ca..I will have a look im just thinking about it as im answering you you dont often miss much …so its nice to bring an update to you about klyuchevskoy volcano …it came about with a cross ref i thought just maybe volcanic in nature the swarm .

      The donnation of 400 acres at Yosemite is wonderful and so picturesque. .that makes me happy ..nice one…😆
      Returned land so to speak….
      Blessings for your evening

      1. Rhona, Star48…Sorry jumping in. I totally saw that and thought of you Rhona. Also did you see the EQ in the Ryuku Islands, South Japan. It reminded me of the old prediction. I think it may have been with the rocks on the beach post?? I just remember looking up that Ryuku Islands area and really focusing on that for some reason. That’s not the same area as Izu is it? I’d probably do better to go straight to the page and respond. When I just reply to emails on my phone I can’t look up anything else without losing my reply. Ugh. Anyway do you two have any like anxiousness as though something is going to happen any day now? Just curious. I saw something about the start of NFL football on…Monday maybe? Then there was the bowls of oranges at the Orange Restaraunt on Daniel Tigers Neighborhood. 🙄I’m not sure if it’s an EQ or an attack on US though or both. I just got the feeling like, it’s coming, it’s coming… Ugh.

  39. Rhona, Star48. There was a 6.1 or 6.7 EQ off McQuerie Island below NZ. One is European. The higher one is USGS. NZ just had a 5? EQ.

    1. Jules104,
      It was reported to the tsunami alert group as a 6.7
      Than USGS..has it listed as a 6.1…
      So will wait to review…maybe USGS will downgrade it so it is below 6!! Hahaha..

        1. Hi Star48, I can’t get that link to open up. Also did you see Córdoba, Argentina had a 5.6 EQ? And N Korea had an “explosion” which caused a 5.3 EQ. I think Dutch talked about that in the past. I think they are testing weapons which are causing big EQs.

      1. Hi Star I had trouble opening the link too..eventually it did though after about 7 goes lol😉 got it …
        Thanks for updates
        Sometimes Jules they are real stick in the muds

    2. Jules 104 Hi yes i do have a looming feeling of tradgedy …not sure what though…
      Izu Island and Ryuku are 14oo odd miles apart Izu is south and ryuku north …funny how some prediction stick in our minds like the rocks… shows the depth we take it on…
      Mcquarie Island just might shake things up a bit and we could see New Plymouth come up soon ..
      Always prayers to NZ …
      Blessings you two

  40. Rhona, Jules104,
    North Korean Nuclear test number 5
    Rocket lifted off today for asteroid…an Atlas V
    Lots of fives….even eq’s

    1. Oh no Star that sounds ominous. …
      Not a good feeling about that V and asteroid …yes lots of 5’s …feeling edgy with all of that going on ..
      Thank for bringing that to our attention …

      1. Rhona, Jules104,
        ..the volcano eruption we are waiting for will probably be a VEI 5…

      2. Rhona, Star48. I said the same thing. There’s that V. Ugh. And coming up on anniversary for 911. On Sunday? NFL just started or is getting ready to? The US attacks comes to mind. I sometimes wonder if there will be multiple things going on at once. Not just attacks. I remember a post about “bad timing”. Like an EQ, N Korea, Russia, US attacks… I hope and pray not. I did see this am where the one terrorist woman in France tried to ignite gas cylinders in her car outside of the Notredam Cathedral twice and couldn’t get it lit. Left in frustration. That seems to have been Spiritual intervention. Sending prayers all over the World. 😇🙏🏻

    2. I was reading your link on the other thread and noticed that also Star48, and the V. I just realized we are coming up on 9/11 anniversary. Maybe that’s my “it’s coming, it’s coming… feeling. Did you get that reply from me? Sometimes I put them on Rhonas comments section but meant for both of you. Blessings and Prayers Star.

  41. Star Jules 104 its all over the news
    He is such a nuisance to society. And thats being nice ..though i dont know why im being nice ..the guy is so out of it

    1. Totally agree. That’s being nice! lol. What a nut job. I feel like China will soon decide N Kores leader is just way to unstable even for them…and he’s their neighbor basically. I don’t think they can afford to keep him in power in their “sand box.”

    1. Hi Star48, Rhona. Yes lots of 5s. Thanks for the link Rhona. I knew about the VEI scale but there was so much more insight into everything in your piece. Really incredible. Where is the volcano is the question. Hm.

    2. Rhona, I woke up with the knowledge..
      I believe it is in Indonesia as spirit guided post..

      1. I agree Star48. And I know I keep saying this but, there has already been a lot of EQs for Indonesia area popping up on my iPhone alerts today. It’s amazing to me that within the brief time period of installing this EQ tsunami app alert…it already shows a pattern of when there is an EQ in one region another specific region follows up and back and forth over and over again. Does that make any sense? I guess what I am saying is how in the world did the USGS Scientists not see what dutchsinse saw a while ago?

  42. Star 48 what was i thinking or not thinking …yes vei 5 third 5 as 555 and a v with Atlas v …sorry iveasnt onto it straight away…yes you have something there.

    1. Oh I think so Star48, absolutely! I just sent you a comment sort of about this exact thing. I find it hard to believe they have not known what’s going on for a while now. Sheesh, what a disservice if they have. Why not just get ahead of it? Unless it has to do with big business and the oil and gas industries. I’d love to be a fly on the wall if you know what I mean. (There you go just popped up. An EQ off coast of Ecuador. Earlier EQs were all Indonesia this am.) Praying for some semblance of humility within the big wigs world. Ugh. Blessings Star48.

    2. Star 48 oh wow and i thought the flag for Kansas was wrong or flag for hurricane .. do you recall the flag guys ….
      Thanks star…

    1. Star48, that’s happened in Arkansas also. They blamed it on fireworks. Hm. I am sure it’s happened a few times there because it happened when I lived there a while back and as recent as 2014/2015. I wonder if it it was some sort of toxin they ingested then the cat ate the bird? Or the birds are just diseased and the cat ate the bird. Hm

    1. Thanks for the link Star48. That and NC. I wonder what else is out there. Do you think it could be a flag also then? I just feel like all these things are going to happen at once. Not sure what all but…I hope not.

    1. Thanks for the link Star48. This sounds amazing. I’m trying out the breathing right now, going to try in a proper calm setting tonight. Pretty neat the feeling you experience with this. Blessings

  43. Star 48 Jules 104 Im thinking the same Jules about everything unfolding all at once…
    The new madrid fault its on the cards for the delta areas …that one never leaves my conscienceness …im so expecting it with all the flags we have had..
    The birds star i am going to check on their findings something is really afoot there …
    Star i book marked the meditation ..thank you will be doing…
    Then the meteor shower its all coming together …..
    Im centering myself so as to be focused and calm for clarity of thought when it all does unfold …
    Blessings you two

    1. Rhona I hope not but… I talked to my son last week and asked him about storms etc. I’m glad he’s not right on the coast or in downtown Tokyo.
      Also I just noticed Northern Peru had a 6.1 and Tanzania had a 5.7. Not sure if that area has been active lately. Just wondering what’s next, hm. I’ll take a look see. Let us know if you get a third flag. Blessings

    1. Rhona I think Eric confirmed part of that feeling we are having with his new post today. Praying these are foiled. I guess I need to do more social online ?”stuff”? so I can get the word out.

      1. Jules 104 prayer love and light to your son in japan ….
        Try not to worry though our nature as moms finds that difficult ..
        Im sure the new prediction is indeed part of what we are feeling .im visualising light similtainiously surrounding all potentialities in Erics prediction. .I too hope thwarting through awareness can prevent these events …my thoughts are with you America ..
        God bless and keep you

        1. Thank You Rhona. I know it’s just a Moms job to worry I guess. My daughter who is 21 asked me today why I was touching and feeling everything in the store like paper towels toilet paper etc. what info is it I’m getting out of that? She was serious. I just laughed and told her it’s what Moms do, we get all sorts of magical info this way. I have been getting things for her dorm room. lol
          There are so many older predictions I feel the need to go through and look over now. I pray any planned attack can be thwarted. I hope all those who do social media sites are spreading the word. Praying those in positions of authority watch Erics site. Thank You for keeping us in your thoughts Rhona. I will be glad when tomorrow is over. 🙏🏻🙏🏻😇Blessings

  44. Jules 104 thats hilarious ..yes how about cleaning up all the crap.. jules a desire to get rid of it all …if it was only as easy as feeling and touching toilet paper and paper towels 😉
    I hope the messages from her dorm are happy peaceful energies 🙈🙉🙊…funny how we do hone in like that in areas where are kids are …yep mothers intuition its with us forever …
    Here is hoping we have thwarted events to celebrate ..🌈

    1. Hi Star48. Right weird. There is just a lot of EQ activity going on. I feel they just are bouncing off one another so quickly now. Did you see that I had commented on the Tanzania and Canadian EQ that day. Almost as if they were linked it seemed. Both strange ones during same time period. I need to go back and see how many hours inbetween them. Pretty sure it was on the same day. Though when I looked up Canada I thought probably due to fracking up there. Hm. I’ve been busy today so haven’t been watching the EQs today. Just noticed some Indonesian ones.

    2. Star 48 jules 104 how about all the silent zones world wide over last few hours as well its really quiet ..that breath in again
      Noticed heaps of 2s in Alaska over last week or so as well ….yeh Jules when i looked up Tanzania they said that area can be highly active or have long silent times ..

      1. Thanks for the Tanzania info Rhona. I just noticed we got an EQ off Oregon 3.4. Hope that’s it. 🙏🏻. Just about where the Gorda escarpment and Blanco fracture zone meet up. Pray there’s none for Northern Ca now.

  45. Jules me too hope that zone moves gently and bit by bit spreading the energy gradually for you …at least your paying attention …
    Sending love and light to Gorda and Blanco fracture zone ..cant hurt to do so hey😇
    Stay safe

  46. Jules104,Rhona,
    Electrical issues again…this time thousands too.
    Weather came through..still no electricity..since just before 5 coming to 11…
    Hate running around with flashlight that long…not able to comment all this time,
    My iPad is low..thought I tell you why I have been so quiet..,,
    Keep good thoughts..blessings.,flashlight in hand,

    1. Thanks for the update Star48. I hope you get the electrical issues cleared up there real soon. Stay safe and well. Blessings.

      1. Jules104,
        Egg on my face…apparently in my zeal to check breakers…I inadvertently turned off main breaker..had two utility trucks roll find that out.,
        Still have a red face…all they so graciously told me you could have had power an hour ago…mumble,mumble,mumble,
        Feel like a idiot…

        1. Oh sheesh Star48 😯😳🙄 That’s kind of funny. Hey though…I bet you are not the first one who’s done that. Atleast you tried and made an effort right? Anywho…glad it’s all taken care of. Also, I think there’s a reason for everything…you just haven’t seen it yet. Hm…😉

    2. Star 48 jules 104 Western Turkey is swarming over 20 tremors in last hour or so …mos t 3’s and 2’s

  47. Star 48 oh my …glad its all sorted …i did that once and fire brigade arrived sirens blazing because the light in master blew and had burn around fitting only slight …
    They stood on my bed and changed the light bulb…
    All the while neighbors in a tizz wondering if i was ok with fire in house …😨😲 i made a bad call …
    The things we do is funny im admitting to cracking up but im
    happy your ok with power on 😆

    1. Rhona, do you think this means something bigger coming then? I need to finish watching the 9/11 dutchsinse updates. He had a lot of info. Christchurch was in the mix for a possible big EQ also. And the PNG area. N Cali area. I need to go back and finish watching it. I agree with Star48, Turkey usually seems to get big ones. Praying not.

      1. Jules 104 yes i was feeling quite a large one possibly brewing in turkey ..I think i wil have a look at dutch 9-11 too and catch up ..especially if he has info on christchurch. .thanks for mentioning it …

    1. Star 48 thats a good one …we have a little confirmation there on the full moons …at least if an area has had swarms or indications of a possible big one more awareness on a spring tide is wise ..any tool to help. .will be watching out for this…

      1. Star48, Rhona. Pretty interesting. Makes sense really. I’ve also heard that heavy rains and flooding will cause EQs due to the extra pressure being put on the plates. Not sure how true that is but it kind of makes sense.

      1. Jules 104 just watch dutchsinse ..oh my im wondering if also NewPlymouth might come into the mix now ..its further north than Christchurch but only 512 mile between them …….hope they are aware over there in NZ ….he said pos 6.9 …😯

    1. Star 48 oh wow thats one for the books a new fault and shutting down the drilling …the proofs in the pudding…
      Thanks for the update on that im happy its being acknowledged.but concerned for more quakes due to past drilling oh dear…😕

    1. Thanks for the link Star48, that’s pretty amazing how they figured that out and all the info they are getting out of it. Oh 5.9 Mutata, Columbia just now.

    2. Star 48 brilliant minds thought to look at staligmites …amazing ..bless their research …

    1. star 48 wow thats a flag of the real kind ..near oakland and the bridge …funny because san Francisco played this morning between 8.30 and 9.30 am wst ..i will double check time of quake with my time ..didnt do it before responding will do it now ….

      1. star 48 and Jules 104 works out to 15 hrs difference. that would put the quake at 4.00pm tuesday 13th here …so flag maybe heads up of more to come ..Hayward fault hey 😯
        side ..just got flag for Japan again ..

    1. That’s amazing Rhona. I may move to Australia real soon. lol. I hope the second amnesty goes well. I wish Americans would wake up. I have a bad feeling about these gun predictions coming up. Thanks for the article, I didn’t know that had happened there. Do you remember an old post where Spirit/Eric mentioned something about what Australia does or becomes will be a beacon of how other countries should be? Not in those words but like that. This article reminds me of that. Blessings.

    1. Star48, I mentioned that when it first showed up. It showed as a 5.9 then they upgraded to 6.0. Pretty sure that was the same one. Let me know if you didn’t get that comment. I feel like somethings about to happen in the EQ/tsunami/volcano predictions area. Not sure where it’s happening first. Maybe the Indonesia area, or a procession? Do you have any thoughts Star?

      1. Jules104,
        sorry..missed your comment..yes, you did mention it!
        My apologies..

        Regarding hot zones…Indonesia, Philippines, CA. And do not forget NZ…
        Volcanos are active In all but CA right now if you forget Salton Sea.

  48. Star48 Jules 104 intersting note there has not been a quake registered anywhere I can find in 10 hrs.. wow thats som silent breath .

    1. Rhona,
      I had noticed how quiet it was ,
      through my meditation … I knew it is coming…

  49. star 48 its got me worrying how big it will be …thats what i just got too 24 hrs that all you got star other indication of where.
    neither have i ..will post if i do

  50. star 48 jules 104 its a full moon wed 16th taking note of spring tide coupled with silent period for quakes over 12 hrs …

    1. Star48, Rhona… Oh my gosh really? What in the heck? Are they totally crazy? Was this today in the afternoon or lastnight, and how do you do the UT? Is that the same as GMT? I got this ding ding ding on my EQ/tsunamis app lastnight that woke me up. I thought it sounded different so I looked but there was nothing for my area. I’ve just felt on edge lately. No wonder right, and the USGS is not helping! Geez. That man in charge of the PNWs USGS needs to be replaced if he is truely with holding EQ info to the public. Thanks for the info and link Star48.