Notes on 7-11-14

I had a visual that I was walking down a sidewalk and up ahead one of the blocks was completely cracked and broken. – It sounds like a major quake is coming “down the line”.

I had a visual I was on one side of the street and was waiting for the ‘walk’ sign to light up, then a bright beautiful white light glowed where the ‘walk’ sign should be. It was so bright that it lit up the night sky.

I had a visual of the north west United States.

93 was presented by Spirit.

I had a visual (twice) of a large US flag waving in the air – In the past that has represented a glowing proud moment for the US, usually very patriotic for instance the special forces operation against Osama Bin Laden had a waving flag.

I had a visual of a soccer ball rolling, then they implied I should look at our history of predictions, this is the only one that came to mind, please let me know if you can find another prediction that might have ties to the soccer ball, it wasn’t a very nice message:

Notes on 12-31-13
“It came, it came, the games have arrived!.. oh you’re in trouble.. cancelled.. disappointment as the dream is squashed.. terrorist ” I had a visual of red roses being cut down.

Eric’s Comments: We need some clarity, this set of predictions are vague,  they presented the US flag multiple times which implies it’s a prediction that will be happening  soon.

I would like to hear from you, my fans and friends. I have been studying the work of other psychics that have made predictions, but all of them are from other centuries. Does anyone know of predictions made here and now? Are there other psychic predictions that you have read from books or other sites that have been accurate? Please forward the psychics name and an accurate prediction they have made. Which of these psychics of today have the most accurate work?



69 thoughts on “Notes on 7-11-14

    • Thanks Les, that’s very nice of you to say. I am just curious to see the work of others who have similar work, but I have failed to find anyone that is accurate, most of what I have seen is unfortunately inaccurate and there is usually a radical religious slant to their work.

    • As we know to date, the most accurate psychic has been Edgar Cayce in this century. This was noted via The New York Times a few years back. He did predict “a black president would be our 44th president.” But he also predicted this same president would be the last US president. The national dream center is one but also the article here just published by the Washington Post has the link to what those of us who have experienced Near Death Experiences along with the visions we get afterwards. In that, you may find many stories of predictions that have been accurate.
      The scary thing sbout your current set of notes in the above is that you saw the bright light coming out of the ground as you were crossing the street. That you know the same earthquakes I saw in my own visions. Keep it coming and keep meditating. I am having a harder time with it. I’m trying.

  1. 1.) Betsey Lewis- Protests: “civil unrest and protests will break out in major cities worldwide in spring, including the U.S., Russia and China this spring and summer. Again in the Mideast and Egypt. Military and police will become aggressive and then violence erupts Blood will be spilled. People especially the youth of the world are tired of unemployment and low wages, and the tyrannical governments.” I find it interesting how she has posted “earth survival guides in case of a global catastrophe.

    2.) Christian Dion- “ISIS these people are completely MENTAL.They are planning an attack.
    That will make 9/11 look like a children’s tea party.In America.” I feel like he mostly focuses on celebrities instead of the important things going around the world.

    However, I think you are the most accurate and I especially love that you are always communicating with us!! Thank you so much Eric and spirits!!

  2. ““It came, it came, the games have arrived!” Common Wealth Games?

    The psychics I know that are dead on don’t do public predictions, just us talking about what we are seeing/feeling. But there are things we are waiting for, one major flooding in an asian country, likely Japan.

  3. Eric this may be nothing but the, Women’s Rugby World Cup 2014, starts on August 1st. The girls rugby team for England is called “Red Roses”. Just a thought. Also do you have any idea what the numbers 93 could signify? And could this walk sign message in any way be a personal message signifying a, “go ahead”, or something to do with yourself and Spirit and a next step or such?

  4. Darshini In Spirit has lots of videos online. She has all the weather, earthquakes and volcano predictions for each year. They are on Youtube. She is 98 percent accurate. The videos are of her pointing at each country with a small pointer explaining what is going to happen in each country. There are a few Darshini’s so you need to know the right one.

  5. Darshini also has a video explaining all the different types of psychic abilities. You can have more than one ability.

  6. There is also video explaining about your spirit guides and the levels above them and the different realms. We are all the same in the spirit road.

  7. R.J.
    If you are talking about Valiant’s predictions then you are mistaken. HE is one of the most grounded sermon anywhere!

    • actually he isn’t. reading his post he is far off and what I call a fear monger. And as an incarnate ET myself I can tell you his comments about aliens are utter crap. South America will not break apart, this world is actually got such an amazing future, but fear mongers like him are there for one reason, not only is he ungrounded but his predictions shoot out to help lower the vibrations .

      • agree with you RJ on the South America breaking apart. There is a big reason many famous people, including our past president Bush built massive estates in South America. It will probably be a place of retreat should America go into Civil War as everything in America seems to be heightened with two extreme sides “battling” it out. Many 1%ers have homes there now all throughout South America. Many wealthy are retiring down there. The rich know the inside scoop as they say. 😀

  8. I’m in the Northwest USA, Seattle specifically, so here goes my thoughts:
    A huge soccer match in Seattle between rivals Portland and Seattle begins at 7 o’clock on Sunday.
    “I had a visual that I was walking down a sidewalk and up ahead one of the blocks was completely cracked and broken.” – Seattle Sounders FC fans have a “March to the Match” along the cracked sidewalks downtown before the game.
    “93” -Sleepless in Seattle came out in 1993 and that movie still gets referenced all the time, especially with sports meme’s.
    “I had a visual of red roses being cut down.” – Portland’s nickname is the Rose City.

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  10. R.J.

    You have zero idea of HIS not her background do you? He is not a fear monger in any way, shape or form!! You are entitled to your own OPINION and it just that an opinion. Unless you actually know the background to HIS story then I wouldn’t be the one throwing rude comments about someone. It truly just is not a very nice thing to do!

    • People have referred to me as a fear monger, but I continue to make these predictions in the hopes to change the tragedy. I am familiar with the negative feedback and I would encourage everyone to look at the intentions of us psychics. Are the motives of that individual Nobel or self serving, you shouldn’t judge us by the message we receive, that’s like yelling at the mail man because of the mail you received.

  11. Hi Eric. I was trying to figure out this whole the games have arrived, soccer ball, red roses, terrorists prediction and looked up who will be entertaining at the closing ceremony, (which is actually before the game is played), of the World Cup tomorrow. Santana will be playing the official song of Brazil. There is a climbing red rose called “Santana”. The closing ceremony is before the game hence if a terrorist attack were to happen during that time, they actually would have to cancel the game, to be played. I just thought that the red roses and the Santana were rather coincidental. Hopefully all will go well tomorrow.

  12. Eric it’s the World Cup! I start to cry every time I read about the world cup for some reason. I’ve been filled with dread. I’m not psychic but get thoughts about things sometimes but only minor to do with my life. Read psychic Nikki from Toronto she predicted terror attacks at the World Cup. Hopefully they can stop it.

    • Hi lioness, I just looked her up, she really likes purple. I can’t find what she said about the world cup, can you please share with us exactly what she said or the site you heard it from, thanks.

  13. Hi Eric,just a thought the under 20 womans world soccer cup is being held in Canada from 5-24Aug with referance to soccer ball and quakes? Deborah

  14. Of the famous psychics, I think Joseph Tittel is pretty accurate. In my own personal life, I have someone I use here in New York, who is very good, but I will not give out her name. She still charges low rates! Also, Jeffrey Wands on Long Island is very good.

  15. Eric I’m so happy the World Cup was OK. This is what psychic Nikki predicted, I was wrong she didn’t say outright the World Cup only riots at a sports stadium in Brazil ( I recall they did have riots prior to the WC.)

    A famous sports person in the world of Formula One racers will pass.
    National Hockey League for women.
    Terrorist attack at a sports event.
    A Formula One crash involving more than 20 cars.

    Jack Brabham a F1 driver passed in May.

    Do your spirits send you these messages to warn you or get you to pray or alert potential help? I’ve wondered since my Mum was visited in hospital by a old psychic Nun sent there to check if she would survive by another Nun who was my Mothers friend. It’s obviously used by people in the church.

    • Thanks for the info, maybe it is just a simple sports game instead of something more worldly. To answer your question, both. I believe in the power of prayer. But from a purely logical sense, if I warn people of a coming storm and they leave, then the amount of tragedy would change.

  16. Hi eric and blessings everyone….i have glanced at other sites over the years but never resonated with any at all. Yours and spirits site is the only site i have entered a comment i have never been on face book or any other social media . I feel we make a huge difference here and any prediction that does not happen is to me an indication of it being changed or lessened.

      • I totally understand and love your integrity. Also some of the news reports for arthur and a lack of devistation and intensity for some expected events have experts perplexed and relieved. Only passing comments but it is a start….

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  21. I would like to hear from you, my fans and friends. I have been studying the work of other psychics that have made predictions, but all of them are from other centuries. Does anyone know of predictions made here and now? Are there other psychic predictions that you have read from books or other sites that have been accurate? Please forward the psychics name and an accurate prediction they have made. Which of these psychics of today have the most accurate work?


    After several searches on the net, I can say that you have an excellent success rate.
    I know for now, nobody, who have largely exceeded your ratio of success, moreover by taking the most accurate predictions.

    I want your predictions to become more and more precise.
    When they become very precise (date, place …) and constant.
    The possibilities will be immense.
    I picture, the beneficial power that its can imply in warning the right people. It will be great.

    Thank you, for your daily work of information.
    Exemplary work because useful , especially for the most detailed and precise predictions .


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