Notes on 11-23-15

I had a visual again of an earthquake, I woke up to a room just shaking violently, I looked out my window to see a view that was not my own, power lines falling, people scrambling, buildings cracking. It was large.

We are determined to figure out a location and timeframe, or is it an existing prediction, San Francisco, New Zealand?  But it coming and soon. With the Nepal earthquake warnings its took 20 days then 2 days.

Another tie to the bird message could be Asia.




36 thoughts on “Notes on 11-23-15”

  1. This must be it. It’s Wednesday the 25th. 2 days from now. Be prepared just in case.

    Also wondering about the vision. Of the bird must be Thanksgiving holiday.

    1. Myself, I believe it must be new Zealand. I also had a premonition in March that from Bali to new geanua would be wiped out. Tsunami. Very scary.

    2. Okay Californians, buckle up unseat belts! Be ready and be prepared for today possibility. It’s very active and bubble up. Pray

      1. I’m also worried for Oklahoma and New Madrid. Just keep.eyes opened for the possibility big ones. :/

      1. I wonder the same. Or maybe 11-30 if nothing happen yet but it’s coming. Definitely coming… USA is bubble up all over in usual places. Crazy.

  2. FYI I had a dream a year or more ago and emailed you that I believe the quake will be in Iceland, below the bird outline (which you had predicted) on the upper northeast side of Iceland This I saw in a dream and still feel it will be in Iceland. Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2015 20:06:17 +0000 To:

  3. As I recall, the prediction included a bird with both very long beak and legs. If the bird refers to the “national bird” of a specific nation, would exclude Iceland whose bird is the Gyrfalcon. The national bird that really fits the description is Cambodia whose narional bird is the Giant Ibis.
    If it does not refer to an actual national bird, could be an oblique reference to something totally different.
    I thought this bird vision originally was on a totally different prediction than the San Francisco earthquake prediction.

  4. Just so you are aware of this different issue….in breaking news just now the U.S. has just issued a travel alert that will remain in effect until February 24, 2016.

    1. to be expected, things going on behind the scenes and the vibration increasing is causing those who are in control to need to spread fear and try to lower the vibration. Ignore the news, ignore these attempts to lower your vibrations.

      1. You know, you are absolutely right! I sense that the vibration rising cannot hold all of these negative, low energies; they must release.

  5. Although I don’t know if these are common in this area of the world, I did see an earthquake affecting China to a great extent. Instead of an earthquake directly causing the most casualties, though, I saw a tsunami caused by this earthquake hitting some towns along the chinese coast.

    I believe this will occur this month. Also, perhaps it will happen after the terrorist attack that I’ve been predicting for this month as well?

      1. Yes, saw that….be prepared for California and new zealand. Tomorrow is “Wednesday” and it’s full moon.

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