Pakistan Battles Afghanistan

This prediction from April 3 is starting.

The Next War “Afghanistan.. Pakistan.. will go to war and since no one is stepping in, it will be bloody.”

The Facts on 5-31-14 by AP: “Pakistan launches Afghan airstrikes after attack. Taliban fighters attacked several Pakistani military posts along the Afghan border Saturday, sparking an hourslong gun battle that included Pakistan launching airstrikes into Afghanistan, authorities said. Pakistan said soldiers killed 16 militants, while Afghan officials said the airstrikes killed five civilians.” — Quoted by:

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  1. Ann Avatar

    “BREAKING: Heavy Clashes between Afghan National Army and Pakistan Army across Durand Line. Heavy Artillery used by both Armies” — via Pakistan Intelligentsia’s Twitter account on May 17, 2019

  2. Cody Avatar

    Pentagon Has Begun Preparing For Full Afghanistan Withdrawal
    US envoy for peace process says violence in Afghanistan is too high

    On Tuesday, a US official said that the Pentagon has begun planning for a full withdrawal from Afghanistan by the Spring of 2021, although the order to begin that withdrawal has not been given.

  3. Cody Avatar

    Afghanistan: Taliban flag raised above border crossing with Pakistan

  4. Sara Avatar

    “Pakistan’s Deadly Air Strikes Inside Afghanistan Increase Tensions With Taliban

    “The main source of friction is the Taliban’s unwillingness to crack down on the Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) militants, which has intensified attacks against Pakistani forces.”

    1. Sara Avatar

      “Pakistani Taliban (TTP) claimed 256 attacks in Pakistan from last September till today. TTP claimed 43 attacks in this month alone.”

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yep, thats most likely next. It will come out in the new list of predictions. “Two wars happening at the same time. In the desert.” OMG humanity

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