UK Man Plotted Trump Assassination

This could be the prediction related to Trump, however Spirit made it sound more dire.

Predictions 2-27-16    Spirit has clarified that the below predictions are not the fall of Trump but a threat of violence. They implied it was a threat against him and those around him, they also implied it would be fatal for those ‘around’. Its also possible that they are talking about violence in general, or a tone of violence.   If you have the means to warn him please do so. Though I may not agree with his politics, violence of any kind is never the answer.

I had a visual of a flyer laying on the ground with Donald Trumps picture. Rain was pouring down making the street and the picture soaked. Then the visual switched and I saw Trump speaking at a podium with small insects coming out of his mouth.

Rain symbolically represents sadness or troubling times. To me the fact that it was on the ground would imply someone disregarding his image, ‘throwing it down or throwing it away’.


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  1. anthony Avatar

    well its all about transformation! what a project he is! he can do it, he just needs spiritual help and guidance because his thoughts and words are attracting on a negative side of things. like flies to shit.! But if he was to appoligize and watch what comes out of his mouth and get his thoughts in alignment with god thats step 2. his time is running out. Same goes for hilary.Gods work starts with thought and words. Neither party is winning.

  2. Christophilos Avatar

    I think too much emphasis is put on political speak. AS I have gained in age and maturity, I don’t pay that much attention to what is said as I do to the history of the speaker. I may not like the language of the carpenter, but I will hire her/him over the smooth talk of another less talented.
    The con-man is adept at seductive speaking. And too many fall for it. Look at the political class we have currently elected.
    Hopefully, voters will take a good look at what the candidates have actually accomplished with their life and will not choose that one who merely was able to achieve various offices without accomplishing anything much other than that. How many actually researched Barack Obama by reading his books? How many actually took a look at his lack of accomplishments? How many are seduced by the concept of Socialism, yet ignore the history of it’s disasters? It was tried by the early Christian church Fathers and soon abandoned. It was tried by an early American colony and was abandoned due to it’s failure. Yet it still sounds attractive. It just doesn’t work because the variable of human nature is ignored.
    Again it comes down to “those who will not study history are doomed to repeat it!”

  3. gina edone Avatar
    gina edone

    I live in NJ and they arrested three individuals in the Holland Tunnel going into Manhattan NY: they were caught with handguns, riifles, ballistic vests and knifes. , they were stopped for a cracked windshield….Thank you spirit!!!

  4. anthony Avatar

    Let’s hope someone from trump campaign sees the amount of comments posted on his behalf. 2. It reminds me of the Christmas Story of the scrooge. Then was visited by an angel and he changed his way. Violence solves nothing. What’s important is how it started. By his words. So this is my application for campaign manager for both Clinton and trump. If your flock raises 1 billion for each of you what would you do with the money. Spend it on negative TV ads bashing each other. Here’s what I would do. Buy some farms with the cash and donate them to the school system to feed the kids. That should make the TV news. trump got free publicity from news stations and he should stick with that. Best of all is your using other people’s money. Your path is written in the stars. This formula would serve the Clinton campaign well. 2012 is all about letting go of the past. Forgiveness is key. Both sides are concentrating on the past. First one to apologize and raise there hand and say I was wrong probably wins. Confession. Onwards and upwards. Kill the ego. Magic happens. Nothing wrong in saying I screwed up. In fact it’s a blessing. All the demons leave. Nothing over your head. See book coming out against Clinton. Marriage was bad and now it’s good. That’s the story. Good look america. You need it.

  5. Donna Taylor Avatar

    News just breaking of a gunman opening fire at a cinema complex in Germany

  6. Yrla Avatar

    lone wolf, chairs fold up like in a theater…. gunman at a cinema in Germany… I just heard the news, don’t know any details yet, but instantly thought of the prediction with the chairs that fold up like in a theater…

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes and also the ‘now’ message. Thanks for the info.

  7. Carolyn Avatar

    Eric, there was an attack at a movie theatre near Frankfurt, Germany. People have been injured; I don’t know if anyone besides the shooter is dead.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the info.

  8. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,

    Trump–operative Roger Stone survives assassination attempt.

  9. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Security scare..
    UK 🇬🇧
    Protester Paraglider goes over Yrumps head..under noses of elite snipers..

  10. star48 Avatar

    Trump assasination plot foiled..Manila
    If that weren’t enough, Special Agent Gibson and her team learn that an ISIS operative is somewhere in downtown Manila, and is targeting President Trump. And 20 minutes before touchdown, the Secret Service still isn’t sure where the ISIS operative is. “What is going on proactively to track this guy down?” Special Agent Ragan is seen shouting into a phone. “I need an update. Now.”

    Special Agent Gibson and her fellow PIC agents soon track down the ISIS operative to Luneta Park, about a mile north of the president’s hotel, where the suspect is reportedly convening with “an associate.” They inform Special Agent Ragan, who then informs the Philippine National Police (PNP), whose officers swarm the park and apprehend the suspects. Crisis averted.

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