Putin Involved in Hacking

Has this prediction started? It seems more conjecture than fact. But what Spirit predicts and what the news is reporting sounds very similar.

Predictions 12-12-16    “The first bombshell is coming soon.. Trump..  what starts off as a small issue grows and grows.. fraud.. fraud.. fraud.. back channel deals.. Zero then five”  — Spirits Voice

Previous prediction:

Predictions 11-11-16   Wait.. Wait”

There is an epic bombshell coming, other bombshells follow, the US politics continue.. disarray.. topsy turvy

Russia.. back door deals.. tape-taps.. the strain between the US and Russia mounts so bad that a new cold war is inevitable.” – Spirits Voice

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  1. I think this is, indeed, what was being referenced. The progressive left, including Soros and his minions, is determined to do whatever it takes to destablize our government and instill a sense of chaos. Most “liberals” don’t really see Soros for who and what he is, and certainly don’t see they are being manipulated. All of this, if he has his way, will increase his power and bottom line in some fashion. For Pete’s sake, he assisted in sending fellow Jews to the gas chamber during WWII, while masquarading as the Christian son of a Nazi officer. Ask the Spirits to confirm or deny he’s behind most of this. That will at least give us some sort of direction.

    1. Putting the political perspective aside, and I am an Australian living in Australia with no axe to grind, there had to be something wrong when at least 15 psychics I know, including Eric and myself, all were lead to believe by our Guidance that Clinton would win the election.
      That in itself should indicate that something needed investigating. Then added to this is the more material side where your many national security organisations, not just one, are questioning this matter.
      I think it is in the best interest of American democracy that this matter be thoroughly and independently investigated. And I think it bodes well if Trump supports this investigation.

      1. I find it amazing that you and every other psychic that predicted Clinton would win can not admit that you were wrong. You are no better than the liberal loonies that refuse to accept the results of a “free” and “fair” election. Your “vision” was influenced by your internal “reality” and not the truth. The truth is, the Democrats have been complicit in voter fraud on the American people for over 50 years. Proof, for those people that will say that I am wrong…look up Project Veritas videos on youtube. Democrats openly admit to busing poor, inner city African Americans around, having them vote more than once and PAYING the pastors to do so. It is all a racket and poor people are being abused in the process. Detroit, is just the tip of the iceberg. I find it embarrassing that that you would choose to believe 15 psychics instead of FACTS…and I am saying this as a psychic who has premonitions. Predictions change…timelines change. As a result, psychic predictions are NEVER 100% accurate. What is happening right now is a good thing. All the corruption that has been hidden behind closed doors is seeing the light. People are waking up and realizing that the ENTIRE system has been corrupted by evil. This needs to happen in order for the world to change. Why is it that EVERY prediction that is made is about the Election is interpreted as Trump being the one corrupt when Hillary is the one that has been in politics for 40 years, is responsible for the starts of several wars, funding ISIS, and the complete collapse of Libya and Syria?

      2. Your own Journalist, Julian Assange. Is responsible for the leaked information that everyone is all bent out shape over. I am very interested in hearing about what you see that is in store for the US. Thank You.

    2. raynbowgirl We are all psychic, it is the energy we draw that determines the quality of the information we receive. Reading your comment to me indicates that you are drawing from discontent, fear, anger, aggression, violence if necessary, ignorance and emotional imbalance…meaning you cannot see the other person’s perspective.
      At no point did I suggest Clinton over Trump. At no point did I involve the political aspect other than the prediction Eric posted.
      My suggestion is you increase meditation to a more regular level, and in doing so, trust your Guides with this matter.

    3. There is NO PROOF. As of this moment No proof has been brought forward. CIA Leaked non-information. CIA is not always truthful. Everyone Spies on EVERYONE. Since the dawn of time. This is nothing new. I for One. Can say no Russian corrupted my vote. Did it ever occur to anyone that the American People have had enough. The Clintons speak out of both sides of their mouths. Enough already. The Liberals are grasping at every dirty straw. Its embarrassing. Our own government killed JFK. Our own government is responsible for 911. Timelines have been changed. It takes time for everyone to catch up. I am tired of all the fighting. Our government is the problem not the Russians. CIA can make anything out of nothing. There are so many things they are doing that we do not know about that are worse than hacking.

      1. Lisa, take deep breath….why are you so angry? Looking at your responses to several members of Eric’s group, I find that your rhetoric is uncalled for. We are all fairly civil…just keep breathing.

      2. For far too long, and primarily since the end of WWII, the people of the US have believed their own propaganda. Movie after movie reflect this ‘America is the World’ hype while the rest of us, the real world, watched wondering why there were only certain countries deemed ‘enemies’.
        Have you ever seen a movie depicting Israel as being bad, for example?
        Ignorance has been America’s friend.
        I still get Americans asking how kangaroos negotiate traffic in the middle of Sydney.
        With open forums, many of which are infiltrated with distorted opinions dressed as facts, Americans are starting to question what they previously believed was sacrosanct.
        The mire, or maze, that the average American citizen now finds themselves in is causing the very energy that no one wants, the same energy that bought Hitler to power and bought about the French Revolution.
        And NO I am not saying Trump is a modern day Hitler.
        As I said in my reply to rainbowgirl, that you took offence to, by taking sides, be it pro or anti Trump, won’t bring about peace in the US.
        Peaceful and regular meditation, change of heart towards what we accept as fact in the media, and a more open attitude to the world OUTSIDE of the US hype is the only way a new America can emerge from this mess….and I don’t see that change happening under either Trump or Clinton.
        What I do ‘see’ psychically is frightening beyond speech.
        I truly wish you well.

      3. Linda I’m not angry your the one calling for treason. , . Pete. I have to say I agree with you in some of the things you said in your response. But I do find you condescending just the same. Hopefully all this will be over soon. I hope everyone can come together because it is the only thing that matters in the end. I wish everyone safe journeys through your lives.

    4. Soros supports democratic systems, Clinton.. not tolalitarism what Trump wants.
      But It is different with Rotchild and Rockefeller..

    1. I hope you are asking if trump will be ousted for treason..Russian hacking was well known for months…and trump knew about it…this wonderful country of ours is becoming a trump Putin show

      1. In the same token. Since You think Trump “KNEW”. Then why didn’t your president do something about it MONTHS AGO????? Open your eyes up a bit . Please. Where is your facts and proof that he knew. Your just going on what the news media has told you.

      1. I wonder why didn’t the Spirits say something about Russia behinds this as hacking even Clinton wins the election. Just wondering.

        Blessings and peace.

        1. Its a good question. I honestly don’t know. I would say unlike everyone here the Spirits don’t see the elections as important as say a terror attack or Hurricane. They would rather focus on those things.

  2. It seems all of the western governments are bent on accusing Russia of being involved in anything and everything that has not gone the way that powerful people who pull the strings of western puppet governments thought it would. There is a chance that the west will instigate a war with Russia which would be catastrophic to all of mankind. Wake up and stop falling for the propaganda being fed to you, please pray for peace all over this planet for your children and grandchildren.

    1. Praying for peace constantly….but there is so much evidence now it is impossible to ignore. Trump was in on this…he has committed treason….the entire inner group should be prosecuted

      1. What /Where is that evidence? The congressional hearing was canceled because they can’t get the CIA to produce “the evidence.”

      2. Or is that just what you have been told. You should believe everything the news media tells you because they are truthful and unbias all the time.

  3. That HRC would start WW III with Russia if elected and Soros is behind everything including the recent protests is known Fake news. I will wait and watch for the adequately documented, responsibly sourced news, whichever way or whatever it is. Peace.

    1. Go listen to Julian Assange. Interview. It was just posted. The things I learned made my heart sink.

  4. I wonder if it is possible that they will have a re vote?! If so, little wonder some seers see Obama still in office by feb 1st! It could be possible that if another election, Hillary could win.
    And…little wonder how you all first saw Hillary winning, then now Trump wins, Hillary could still win!

    Cold War?

    I wonder if all of this will lead to a hot war?! Like most of us will never see old age! 400 to 2000 missiles per side and away we all go!


  5. Ugh, I’m so tired of people claiming this is “fake news”! Thank you Eric for clarifying this. I honestly believe you weren’t wrong with your original prediction, just that there’s going to be a lot of extreme bumps in the way for her to get there. The question is (not for you, in general) whether or not Trump’s election win is going to be delegitimized, since I don’t believe it’s ever happened in our election history.
    I’m hoping we don’t see a Cold War, because that wouldn’t be good. But having someone who gets angry and rants on twitter is so much more than just that. :/ hope you’re doing well today Eric.

    1. You are correct A, this news is coming from the NSA Chief and outlets like Reuters, NPR, NBC etc… are reporting so it is going to be hard to deny (although some undoubtedly will) From Mother Jones: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/11/will-congress-investigate-russian-interference-2016-campaign, “On Tuesday, the director of the National Security Agency,Admiral Michael Rogers, was asked about the WikiLeaks release of hacked information during the campaign, and he said, “This was a conscious effort by a nation-state to attempt to achieve a specific effect.” He added, “This was not something that was done casually. This was not something that was done by chance. This was not a target that was selected purely arbitrarily.” This was a stunning statement that has echoed other remarks from senior US officials. He was saying that Russia directly intervened in the US election to obtain a desired end: presumably to undermine confidence in US elections or to elect Donald Trump—or both.

  6. I have no idea what to think about this…on one hand, the CIA say they have proof of Russian interference. On the other hand, the FBI said something about the evidence being too vague or that they’re not seeing tampering.

    Whatever happens, I hope both democrats and republicans will wait until real evidence one way or another is verified by all sides. Until we have more facts than hearsay, it’s pointless to argue over whether Russia interfered to help Trump, or if that could be a ploy by Obama’s administration.

    To be honest, politics have been so crazy the last few years, I wouldn’t be surprised whichever scenario it turns out to be! I just don’t have any trust in any political leaders now.

    Anyway, just wanted to add let’s not argue politics, let’s all see what proof is given and carefully consider it. The terror attack predictions worry me more than this one.

    1. It’s hard to believe Comey’s FBI, considering he was probably in cahoots with with Trump AND Putin as well. I’m gonna go with the CIA and pretty much every intel agency BUT the FBI!

  7. Just wondering how can they be blaming Trump when Obama apparently was briefed on Russian hacking as early as September 2016, and did nothing about it. Last I checked Obama is the president – not Trump.

    And besides, I think Mexican Nationals voting in a American presidential election is a much more serious problem.

      1. Please explain exactly how you think Trump committed treason. And yes, Mexican nationals are allowed to vote in Mexico. But only if they are legal American citizens are people of Mexican descent allowed to vote in the US.

    1. Chewdy: First off, Obama didn’t want to sway any voters or look biased. Basically he didn’t want to do what Comey did to Hillary. Second, the RNC knew exactly what was up in September, but decided to ignore it. Hillary made comments about it during one of the debates and Trump said (while talking over her) that she had no idea what she was talking about.
      Don’t blame Obama for something that the RNC conveniently ignored. They knew what was going on and decided to act like they didn’t. This is treason. End of story. Call it what it is.

  8. Hi Eric,
    Do you think this increasing morase over Russian Hacking and Trump will result in President Obama remaining in office longer than January 20? Or do you (the Spirits I mean) think that we will have new elections? I’m thinking new elections will happen and that perhaps Bernie Sanders might end up being president.

  9. I said earlier similar ideas about Russia. I live in scandinavia, we know facts! And are scared..
    If this was only the first news what´s next? What kind of plot and web! Trump´s family has business with Russia. Maybe Russia helped Trump to win and waits help from Trump, very simple..
    it seems just like that. Deals.

    1. Anita – If that’s the case (and it probably is) I hope the fraud is discovered sooner rather than later. Trump can not be trusted. If you know facts, let us know!

      1. You can read and follow news articles. I only know Russia wants more power in Europe and in the world and Russia has sanctions because of aggressions to Ukraine. Also Baltic countries are afraid of Russia..

    2. Trump has hotels in Russia as well as other countries. Not remotely the same thing as doing business with the Russian government.

  10. Ps. Trump was very aggressive in his campaig, and called Clinton ” criminal” ( emails were the weapon!)he was nervous because Russia demanded him to win! Russia can use him as their tool for their purposes. Tillerson has close contact to Putin, they both also win millions if Russia is free economically about punishments because of Ukraine.

  11. LOL We’re in a psychic web site, with Eric/ Spirits, and people still don’t believe!

  12. Eric do you think the mass power outage predictions you had at the same time as this initial Russia prediction could be Russia related? (ie a cyber attack related to all this heating up?).

    1. I believe they are unrelated. The power outage was a warning in which they hope the north east makes precautions so that ‘elderly’ lives aren’t lost during this massive cold front.

  13. What does the “Zero then five” mean?

    Also, it doesn’t seem likely that the new Cold War prediction can come true while Trump is in power.

    And I’d also like to thank Eric for not indulging in conspiracy theories. Quoting another blog on the paranormal (http://dailygrail.com/Conspiranoia/2016/12/Fake-News-and-the-Death-the-Original-Dream-the-Web),
    “The danger of allowing the idea of conspiracy to occupy your brain is that soon enough it will pull up a chair in the executive office and start issuing orders to purge itself of dissenting co-workers. Evidence that pulls down your favourite conspiracy theory is suddenly planted, or a false flag, or some other Machiavellian maneuver of the grand plan to pull the wool over your eyes.”
    Too often fans of things psychic get pulled down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theory.

    1. We are trying to keep an open mind, also just because they predicted this event in the news does not make it factual, they are only predicting what the news is reporting. I would encourage everyone to wait for more concrete facts. But with what the news is saying this prediction is unfolding. As for the numbers its a countdown, the first Zero is this news which happened about 3 days after the prediction was re-mentioned. We are expecting two other bombshells. The 5 could be seen as in about 5 days or more likely its is predicting a time frame of May. Its actually July for some reason that points to a topsy turvy event involving these specific predictions. Bottom line its in our best interest to ‘wait’ as they say.

      1. “…they are only predicting what the news is reporting”
        I think that’s what happened with the Clinton election prediction. Everyone in both campaigns and in the news believed Clinton would win (up until she didn’t), and that was what was seen, not the true future. Say you are sitting at one week before the election and look forward. If you accidentally looked at Nov. 7 instead of Nov. 9, you would have seen a Clinton victory. It seems that the “telescope” being used to view the future is very good at the “What?” but not very good at the “When?”.

        1. I don’t know if I would go that far. All I am saying is all of us should just wait and see how the facts (FACTS) unfold. Your right though timing is not a strength of mine.

      2. “About 5 days” from the Putin news is right around the electoral college vote (it’s Dec 19)- if you count the 15th that’s Day 5. I’m not anticipating something crazy happening that day but it is pretty relevant in this entire election.

  14. I liked when HRC’s running mate, Tim Kaine, basically said that he wasn’t in fear of having private statements leaked as he had nothing to hide. Because that is the biggest point.

    If she and her team hadn’t engaged in all the shenanigans and underhandedness that they had, then the release of the emails would have been no big deal. But the emails were real, HRC, Podesta and Brazile all acknowledged that they were, and it showed a serious lack of character, a and ethics in addition to arrogance and the disdainful way they treated people. Yet HRC, during the debates, tried to downplay it by saying the real issue is that she was hacked. No, the real issue and the real problem is that she had a lot to hide, she lied multiple times, and was negligent in multiple cases of handling classified material.

    Trump will take office in January. It isn’t going to be Hillary even if he doesn’t. After that, we’ll see.

  15. People, just listen to yourselves!! This is not he said, she said, or we did this and they did this!! This is a very serious matter indeed.

    1. Tot, I am in total agreement with you. No foreign government should EVER EVER have a say in our election. Both parties need to stop blaming others and get tough on this issue!

  16. Eric, I’m sorry this is off topic, but I have to mention this somewhere. I don’t know how this is for other people, but the video adverts that appear on each page are causing me huge problems, every few seconds the page keeps jumping back to the top to show the video, it’s very difficult to scroll down, as it quickly jumps back up to the top and I lose my place. Scroll down down down, find the place, it jumps to the top again. I can’t block them or avoid them. I know adverts pay for free sites and content, but this system is making it extremely difficult and time consuming to actually read and navigate the blog and comments, especially where there are a lot of comments. I don’t know if it’s just me, or is something you need to report.

  17. No wonder the spirits cannot give clear advice as to what is coming! There is so so much flux, so much surprises. Who is right?
    Even my own dreams have this problem. Why, I was told last month that I will die in a war.
    What does this mean? During the time of a war or IN a war?! But there is always a war going on somewhere, there is one right now this minute! In a war? I live in the USA. This would either mean nuclear war or maybe my coffee shop is terrorist bombed when I am in it!
    Did Putin and people actually sway the election? Does this count?

    I suspect that there is an over arch plan for humanity, but below this level are other spirit interest groups who have their own wishes and adgendas. Some of the over plan involves free will by us all here on earth.

    Far seers? The remote viewing people have been looking for their killshot, for years now.
    Others see Niburu hiding behind the sun and with hundreds of grainy videos to prove it.

    California has yet to fall into the sea, but I think catch was seeing the million year away pictures!

    I sympathize with anyone who receives a future prediction, now….

    Some of my Seeing friends are warned that very soon only the survivalists will survive!
    Even now, people are moving to the hills, to prepare….

    And the end times is always “on”, the world ends nearly once per week. But someday I myself think, that everyone will have the Surprise. And that our racial future is in the spirit world.
    Read THE KEEPERS OF RHE GARDEN by Delores canon. One of her subjects speaks of how every race graduates to live only in the spirit worlds with spirit laws, not natural laws, anymore.
    The new heaven, new earth…..etc…..


    1. I believe Jesus was a psychic trance medium. If you read the New Testament, especially the first writer Mark in this light, you begin to see just how advanced he was on the psychic plane.
      And there was one command of his that no one bothers to follow, which is the ace card for any of us doing psychic work….and that includes those reading the works of psychics:
      Fear Not, for I am with you even to the end of the world.
      I believe that was Spirit channelling through Jesus.

    1. New Video. WikiLeaks Julian Assange, New Interview released 12/20/2016 Mr. Assange. Talked about many topics. The Russian Hacking issue is the least of our worries. I could not sleep last night after watching this interview.

  18. Yes, it seems this fits with your prediction of a massive Trump-related scandal. This is only the beginning, however.

    While many psychics I’ve spoken to differ on HOW this will unfold, everyone seems to be in agreement that Trump will never take the oath of office, or his presidency will be extremely short. Whether this is due to the scandal or an assassination, no one’s certain.

    Also, I’m sorry if what I’m about to say distracts from the importance of your post, but I have to be inform the readers here regarding some statements I’ve made in recent weeks.

    Only a few days ago, I became extremely mentally unstable due to the anxiety brought on by my “New York bombing” prediction. I’ve only recently achieved a level of psychic accuracy that’s actually useful in the real world. This, however, means I’m very inexperienced with comprehending all this extrasensory information … to the point where it’s detrimental to my overall health. My visions are still susceptible to strong emotions, especially those which I’m afraid to acknowledge.

    You can, therefore, see how someone predicting an awful historical event can lose their sense of reason. A loss of reasoning tends to exaggerate information gathered clairvoyantly. If left to fester, the negativity can completely alter an otherwise perfectly accurate prediction. This is what has happened to me.

    I forced myself to ignore anything related to my predictions. If I hadn’t taken immediate action, I could’ve easily hurt myself or someone I love.

    Although things have greatly improved from three days ago, I’m afraid I’ll need more time to emotionally recover lest I experience this destructive negativity again.

    To conclude, I strongly believe something will prevent Trump becoming president, and a major terrorist attack will occur in the United States soon. However, other details I’ve described regarding these events may be greatly exaggerated or even false. I won’t try to clarify these details until I’m a hundred percent certain I can mentally handle them.

    Let this be a warning to anyone wanting to prevent future tragedies: NEVER obsess over a prediction. Even though you want all the details to prevent this event, the damage to your mental stability IS NOT worth it!

    I’ll be okay, don’t you worry. Just won’t be nearly as active on here as before until things are sorted out.

    Stay safe.

    1. Yes, your mental/physical health can be affected easily. If you felt like hurting yourself or someone else–seek therapy, or talk to a psychiatrist to prescribe medications to help stabilize your moods.

      Not trying to be bossy–but as someone who knows firsthand about suidice/anxiety/depression problems, getting professional help is critical. Especially when dealing with long-term stress–in this case, visions.

  19. Tillerson, the leader of Ezzo Mobil( the largest oil company in the world) has paid 18 million dollars for people who deny climate change!( Wikipedia) For Russia the oil is main product and Tillerson is close to Putin.

  20. If the other country hacked USA voted then it should be pause and investigate it. Otherwise start all over to be fair and do the right thing. For example: About a couple of years ago, the beauty pageant of Miss America was called as a winner by mistake and gave it to the right winner. Emcee apologize in awkward situation by his simple mistake. So the same goes for USA should redo the voting elections. Thanks a lot to Putin for being disrespect and dishonesty. Whoever does it doesn’t deserve respect. It’s inhumane and ill thing to do to any one. It’s not acceptable and of course Putin doesn’t care cuz he doesn’t have a heart. Very sad.

    Pray for peace on earth and for better leadership that cares for our planet.

    1. Anita, half the country does not support the president elect….yes, there are some stupid people out there…too bad we all have to pay for this

      1. I highly suggest you listen to Julian Assange. He will educate you on the facts about the DNC,Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. Clinton is responsible for Uranium going to Russia. She has more ties to Russia than you are aware of.

  21. Eric, I hate asking this while there are so many other horrible things going on in the world, but does spirit see anything being done to take care of this problem? The electoral college obviously doesn’t see it as an issue, but this is some worrisome stuff. We can’t have a president that’s in bed with Russia :/

      1. Check out Joni Patri. She is a Vedic Astrologer. She talks about exactly what you are trying to get out!.

  22. I beg everyone go check out Julian Assange. Interview. I am shocked at what was revealed. My heart sank at all of the information.

  23. Assage lies, he only wants to save himself( that Trump would get him free!)and is the agent of Russia!
    Terrible mess, as you can see from news. Trump lies, he knew about hacking, it was a deal.
    It helped him to win. I feel it strongly!
    He is dangerous as a president, a despot: do not listen nobody, not sciencemen about climate change, not CIA., not FBI, not political professionals, not UN, media, not the whole world. Only thinking his business( deals made with Russia, too.)He has no experience about politics, not even deeper values which a president should have: human values! Only because of hate and huge ego, he is against Obama´s intelligence – to destroy all good Obama made!

  24. ps. Trump has had business deals with Russia from 1987, also his sons has them.
    Trump´s wife is from Slovenia and her father was the leader of political party there, with strong contacts specially to Russia.
    It is not question only about politics but deals. Trump has the power now( even to become a dictator)..
    he can help Russia,they can use him. maybe Trump has something with which he can be blackmailed. I had this intuition already months ago.
    His victory is not honest and his presidency will be catasrophic! It will break also republican party – but this is the plan made by persons who want to destroy democratic values and systems, also in Europe! I think the predicton about chaos in the future, scandals in Usa´s politics will be true.

  25. Everyday there is something new about the pres elect. Why is he not stopped with more and more evidence surfacing. I am hoping he never takes the oath of office….if he does, we are doomed. Trump is a dangerous person…God help us all

  26. I will add my own two cents here, too.

    Back mNy months ago, the spirits were so sure Clinton would win. But I have seen where spirits often have their own biases! They were living on earth once and they came to afterlife with still their opinions, opinions not yet moderated by years of progressions upwards through the levels of spiritual growth. Even spirits can be biased!
    I feel the anger, pro and con, here in the comments. A hot button topic indeed.
    Either trump is our salvation from liberal lunacy, or that a young soul will be a bull in a China shop and will break everything unrepairibly! It is impossible for anyone to be unbiased! On anything, on everything! Perhaps only the ascended masters or the Representitive of the Christ, might be unbiased. But He might anger all of us as He might make a pronouncement that would upset every applecart, left and right!
    I expect this year will be very strange. If he even survives to be president!

    We may end up with either a very strange, for instance, medical insurance program, or else no insurance program at all, as there might only be radioactive ruins at Washington, DC!

    I have given up on reading the New York Times for politics news! Too too radical left trump hater.
    I have learned really well, now, that every single news source is biased.

    One bad sign for our immediate future, this is where those black kids, guys, kidnapped and tortured the poor white mental challenged kid and did it just for fun and they have no remorse at a All, so I read. They seemed to just need someone below them to belittle so that they could feel better about themselves. Our cities are being filled with young men like this, no skills, no futures, no culture, I fear the only good solution is to take all of these kids out of the ghettoes and to give a kid to each parent, in the middle class white culture, to raise. Then to ban any divorces where there are still children’s around and better yet, have no mother have a career if she has kids under 21 years old. To wit: immense social changes need to be made, centered adound spirituality and God! If not, the Animals will win out and will set our culture to be like them!

    So are the spirits biased and slanted? Probably.


  27. There is the warning made by psychic Vine, from Australia, in net.. he warned( got spiritual messages) about Trump already years ago.. that he will be a dictator like Hitler!
    Fashicm.. you can see that already now: Trump do not listen anybody!

  28. Ps. Here was the prediction ” Trump will fall.. all turn on him ” What does it mean?
    Look ” Donald Trump – Vine´s psychic prediction warning.”

  29. “Pompeo just backed up Trump’s request for Ukraine to investigate the discredited Ukraine DNC server conspiracy: ‘Anytime there is information that indicates that any country has messed with American elections we not only have a right but a duty to make sure we chase that down'”


    Reminder that the “Ukraine-did-it story” was concocted and peddled by Russia/Putin.

  30. “Washington Post: Barr’s handpicked prosecutor tells watchdog he doesn’t have evidence Russia probe was a setup”

    “The prosecutor chosen by Attorney General William Barr to examine how US agencies investigated President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign has said he cannot provide evidence to the Justice Department’s inspector general in support of a theory that the case was a setup, people familiar with the matter told The Washington Post.”


  31. ‘Putin’s chef’ surfaces, in writing, in Russian troll prosecution

    A Russian businessman known as “Putin’s chef” submitted a sworn affidavit to a U.S. court on Wednesday, insisting that one of his companies fighting criminal charges of interfering in the 2016 U.S. presidential election had fully complied with a judge’s order to turn over certain records.


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