Predictions 11-11-16

Thank you all so much for your support and well wishes. It was very heart warming. Thank you.

And now the Spirits have responded.

“Wait.. Wait”

The Spirits felt I need to wait till the dust settles. They imply something else is coming around the corner. However I personally can’t imagine any circumstance where the elections are reversed. Its important to just heed their advice and wait.

Then the next day the Conductor and I conversed : “So much unnecessary emotional  focus on this one event.. the sum of our work outweighs the one.   We have made mistakes in the past and we will make them in the future. Just to be clear the reason and purpose of our work is to help the individual, to help groups surrounded by tragedy, to help humanity. When we fail to help those seeking counsel, those in need, then we can have a conversation of concern.  But we feel we have.. and will..  help so many people. That’s the only thing that counts. Move on.. its time to get back to what we do.” – Macabe

The predictions:

“Get the generators out, get them on line.

There is an epic bombshell coming, other bombshells follow, the US politics continue.. disarray.. topsy turvy

Russia.. back door deals.. tape-taps.. the strain between the US and Russia mounts so bad that a new cold war is inevitable.” – Spirits Voice

I believe the first prediction implies a black out. The bombshell is expected in November and in some ways was implied in about 15 to 20 days. The final prediction sounds like something out of the 1950s.


114 thoughts on “Predictions 11-11-16

  1. Hey Eric, it’s great to see you posting again.

    I’m in UK, so i really don’t understand all the levels that y’all have to vote for a president, and when i saw this, i thought of you. I’ve been wondering if this is related to the catastrophic event (as i assume it would cause a meltdown if it happened) and may also allow the electionof Mrs Clinton to happen too?

    Bear in mind i have no agenda, just genuine interest in what’s going on in the world today.

    Much love to all, Mrs P

    • Wow, this is fantastic news Mrs. P.
      I got this link out to my many American friends. Maybe we can all do the same before it’s too late.
      I’ve also posted the link on numerous ‘comments’ sections of on line media outlets.

      • With every election there is a segment of the population that isn’t going to be happy. It does not mean the results were invalid or the side that “won” is not entitled to see their elected official get into office.

        To make such a concerted effort to overturn an election would be unprededented and unwise and a hell of a slippery slope, IMO.

        We have survived the other administrations, Dem and GOP, and we will survive this one too. This election is not the end of the world.

      • Francine in response to your reply to me, I meant my post in relation to Eric’s predictions, not the political outcome.
        My getting the link out to my American friends meant getting the Electoral College to review their decision. That’s Democracy. If the result were the same, or if it changed and put Hillary into the White House, is purely a political matter for US citizens.
        The ‘before it’s too late’ referred to Eric’s predictions.

    • Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. That ridiculous, arcaic electoral college needs to be abolished. Trump would not be President elect without it. Tonight’s news said he is working on putting together his cabinet. All three of his adult children will be given a position. Are you kidding? Talk about a conflict of interest, not to mention, unqualified. Trump looks like he got in way over his head.

      • Karben,

        Actually, there are some good reasons for the electoral vote. An opinion article on one news site (CNN? I forget) mentioned about the cities and how, if it were just the popular vote, candidates would be focusing entirely on cities, and rural votes wouldn’t count as much.
        And if the cities have more attention, then business interests and corporations would have a bigger influence than now…I don’t think I’m explaining it right. But you’re right, it’s a tough issue to resolve. I’m sure it’ll be up for debate.

    • Eric and all
      This site and forum has lost it’s direction we are supposed to be focused on preventing future disasters
      This has now become a witch hunt for our duly elected President Trump. The election is over folks, time to move on.

      • Agree, all credibility is out of the window, it is just a political platform to get Clinton back in the White House. Never mind democracy, and the ironic thing is, it has been facilitated by someone from the UK, probably from the same group who are trying to overturn the democratic vote for brexit. You have all been well and truly brainwashed. Sorry, but I’m out.

      • I do hope you reconsider, for the past 5 years we have been working towards one mission to alter tragedy through awareness, imagine if in a few months we elevate our work to giving you and others the key information. For instance what if we can give you the info on the next destructive earthquake, its location, its timing. With that information we can then warn those there. Lives could be saved, suffering could be avoided with a click of a button. We are on the edge of accomplishing that mission, but to throw it away for the miss mash of political opinions, left vs right would be unfortunate. The last major natural disastet was predicted, with florida. It had its flaws, flaws on certanty and we were off by one week, but the sum of the prediction was accurate. All i ask is that you consider the good that could be accomplished.

      • To you Pat and Maria, I think you’re misinterpreting the general comments as being of a political perspective rather than of psychic predictions and their accuracy.
        Most of the comments are relating to the original predictions Eric gave us and the fact that he even considered them wrong after the election. Though there will be a natural political sway from either side’s political perspective within those comments, the intention should not be read as swaying politics but the possibility that Eric’s predictions could still be on track.

      • I don think the intent is to overturn the election but to understand how the Spirits seemingly got this wrong. It seems they a e saying, they were not wrong and to stay tuned. Eric was not advocating one way or another. Your conclusion is unfair and inaccurate.

  2. It’s interesting….we had a reading the other day where you expressed to me the possibility of having Clairaudience, which was something I was suspecting anyway. And sure enough, as I start tuning in to THAT and tuning out he “noise” (complete disconnect from social media and the news for the past 2 days), as I was meditating and trying to connect with spirit, I got flashes of a heavy bolded arrow on its side pointing up and flashing. “Movement…up…not done”. Then i saw a french style carriage clock on the mantel of fire place that read 11:30. Not sure what that means, but it’s interesting that this is a message to you from Spirit, and my very own first (conscience) encounter with Spirit gave me a similar message that I am just now putting together. I’m starting to feel a lot of energy as well. I hope we are right friend….

  3. I hope the wait brings something good. I’m genuinely fearful of the future now, which is rare for me. I tend to not trust the media as much but trust me when I say that the racial tension is real. At least in the south. My little brothers are being bullied and being told “look it’s an immigrant, better start packing”, even though he told them he was born here. It’s not just happening to Hispanics, it’s occurring with other minorities. I believe everyone should be kind to each other because we’re all the same. I teach my brothers to respect everybody from all walks of life. I truly hope things get better. Do the spirits see anything good in the future pertaining to this matter?

  4. I am so hoping that the bombshell is good news. This country needs a boost after the bombshell of this presidency.

  5. I think the spirits’ “ultimate goal of alter(ing) the tragedies of tomorrow” was a great success. Because of their prediction we altered the disaster of a Hillary win. Although when thinking of the aftermath of the elections my guides said: ‘A turn for the worse’ whatever that might mean.

  6. Still a possibility obama does map of peace for middle east if he wants to. Go out with a bang. Something no president has ever done.

  7. Really interesting. The day of the election, I was one of the many believing that she was going to win by all the pundits and polls and messages. But it just did not feel right. Couple of odd things happened that made me question the status quo thinking, but then I went back to believing what everyone was saying. But, it was weird. The night before, I happened to see two books back to back – both Bill and Hillary’s Clinton’s biographies. I got a very interesting vibe. Like I could see them both with little serene smiles. I seriously doubt anything is going to be reversed, but I do wonder what is coming next…..
    (maybe they are now happy to be out of this politics mess….)

  8. Hi Eric
    I’m glad that you are back 🙂
    Some people that I know think that President Obama will declare Marshall Law in order to remain in power. Do the spirits see any of that happening?

    By the way, love your work please do not stop doing what you do with spirits. The mission has changed so many lives and has given so many opportunities for ppl who have these gifts to be more outspoken about it and not hide with fear of redicule. Thank you and the spirits for all that you do and for giving so many a VOICE! 💕

    • Hi Ana, . America under Martial Law has been promoted for years now. America is vast, it has a heavily armed population. The American military is spread out all over the world. The odds of Martial Law in the near future is unlikely. There are many different factions within the Military that oppose each other. Every member of the Military would have to go against the oath that they took and work to one boss and I just can’t see that happening.
      However if the protesters do not get off the streets there may be localised military intervention and curfews. It is for now a fluid situation.

    • Don’t believe that! He would not have the authority to do that just to hang on to power. As a officer in the US military I’m sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies both foreign and domestic. If a sitting president were to issue an unlawful order, I would be compiled to not obey that order and defend the constitution. We are not sworn to any one person, but to the idea of America, our constitution. The founders set the military up this way so no one man or political party could take control of the military and thus take over the country.

  9. Eric, regarding the generators, where did you sense this might take place?
    If the US, what type of region?

  10. That’s great to hear, Eric. Just because you were wrong doesn’t mean you lose your credibility. No person who sees future events can be 100% accurate, or they would be God.

    For people wondering, there is no way to reverse this election. Our government is based on a Constitution that works, and that has worked for 240 years. Yes, there is an electoral college on December 19th where the electors will cast their votes that will legally elect the president. The majority of them are Republican electors, who surely will vote and support their party’s candidate, as they have promised to do. There are more than 300 who will vote for Trump, at least 30 above the required 270. So, there is virtually no hope for Clinton. The only way that Trump would not be president in January was if he withdrew for various reasons, or if there is a legal impediment.
    The only rational thing to do now is to unite as Americans, and stop arguing about a decision that is set in stone. It’s beyond sad to see people my age rioting and disturbing the peace because they can’t accept that something didn’t go their way. They were virtually tearing my city apart last night.
    For those who are fearful for Trump presidency, remember that we have 3 branches of gov’t which have checks and balances on each other to prevent one from have complete power. Therefore, Donald Trump can’t be the dictator that some think he will be.
    Please just remember that the future belongs to those of us who look forward, not to the misfortunates of the past. Solidarity is the only way we are going to survive as a country and build a better world.
    God Bless,

    • Hi Em – thank you so much for your explanation, a lot makes sense to me now. I understand you have 4 levels of government & wasn’t sure if 1 person was voted to a position, if that person could be “overthrown” as such because their rival received more votes to another position.
      It’s all very confusing, i’m sorry if i come across as a bit of a dafty but i struggle sometimes to understand UK politics – and that’s what affects me daily!

      I follow all of Eric’s posts, and enjoy reading everyone’s comments, it helps mesee things from many different perspectives. Ultimately, i also understand the power of positive thinking, and will do what i can to help in whatever way is needed.

      Much love, Mrs P

    • Em I have seen some of the protests and the rage it must be very frightening to feel the energy being generated. It is the young people on the streets and your wisdom needs to be passed on. Try and influence your peers to get off the streets. If they don’t they will be ill prepared for what comes next what ever that may be. Stay safe.

    • Pretty sure today’s cabinet selection was a pretty strong message to USA. Now it is hard to hope for the best. How many clues to we need? This is not okay.

      • Please, oh please….Can we not move on from the hatred of the election and heal. So many have asked for election crud be left off of this page. I mean no ill-will. Pray for our Nation maybe? Pray for healing. The Lord is in control. Over the centuries, he has used Murderers, Thieves, Liars, and many other men of ill-will to do his works on Earth. Peace.

      • I agree, thanks Sheree, it doesn’t matter which side your on, lets get back to focusing on our mission. Change through awareness, remember we have the power to warn people of the next hurricane or earthquake, and altering tragedy. The Spirits and I are putting this all to the side and getting back to warning everyone of the next tragedy, and I really need your help in getting that word out there.

      • Well some people’s challenges are closest to home like all non white and Muslim people being harassed and attacked by Trump supporters at school, gas stations, and while mind their own business walking down the street. I guess if you aren’t in danger you can just continue to focus on possible earthquakes.

  11. Eric – Medium Danielle Egnew is in the exact same position as you are now – please see the first blog on her site below. Many people with your gift received very vivid and strong messages they felt they were meant to share with the public showing Hillary Clinton winning. She also got the number 62. Her post is a bit too long, but it’s very interesting. I don’t think you were wrong, something just shifted for various reasons, or something was changed….

    • Wow that link to the Danielle Egnew page is pretty amazing. It does make sense that the slient masses were just tired of being abused and hurt and decided to vote for trump as a F-you.

  12. I have never posted here, because I like to keep my opinions to myself, but I feel the need to say that these protests and the movement to have the electors vote for Hillary are sponsored by George Soros. He is upset because he lost the election. The Clintons were in bed with Soros. Podesta is Soros’ number two in command. It is very telling that Podesta is the one that came out on election night to “concede”. He is the power behind the scenes. Yes, there is lots of negative energy and anxiety running around…but instead of blaming Trump, look at the bigger picture. The NWO is no longer in power in the United States. They are fighting tooth and nail to regain their power. Secrets are being exposed – there is a huge power shift that is happening in our world. Yes, the next few months are going to be turbulent, but the outcome will be that Liberty prevails. The Clintons are corrupt. With all the millions of Americans praying for the best outcome in this election, don’t you think that if the Clinton’s were what was best for the US they would have won? Trump will stand up for America. That is why he was elected. My opinions are based upon a combination of my psychic abilities and old fashioned research. Don’t believe me about Soros and Podesta? Go read the Wikileaks or the Donald Reddit…they have done a ton of research into the connections.

    • wow, yankiegirl8554, your post is virtually what I was going to post myself. George Soros is stirring up tension in the UK against the brexit vote, he is a man who makes billions on the backs of countries disasters, he is an evil, evil man who has had his agenda turned upside down, with the vote in the UK and now with Trump, who cannot be bought, unlike Clinton. Now Italy and France are poised to make further problems for him. This is the man who brought Greece to its knees, he is also behind the BLM riots and demonstrations, wherever there is discord in the world George Soros is the man pulling the strings.

      • I studied the Greek Financial crises issue last summer. Know a lot of people there and a bit about it. I have never heard one word about Soros in this context. It’s much more complex than one person. No one person brought Greece to it’s knees. Multiple factors caused it.

  13. EM – Thank you I couldn’t have said that better.
    Donald Trump will be an amazing President if he does only half of what he promised. What is so terrible about Nationalism – protecting our borders, bringing back jobs to the United States and investing in our infrastructure?

  14. Eric I think a important point to make the way I feel about your email ,

    I think people should not consternate so much what was wrong…. but instead consternate on what you got right please take care of your self you are working hard to help people Priscilla

  15. Thank you for all you do. The spirits seemed to have erred in a great way. But their time frame and their existence is different from our time and space. I understand that. In quantum physics, there are many alternate universes. But to the spirits I say this: you all state that so much “unnecessary” emotional energy was focused on this one event. In stating this, the spirits do not understand that my personal survival is at stake with a Trump administration (healthcare, discrimination, immigration issues, etc). I am emotionally invested in this election because my survival and the survival of family and friends is at stake. Trump attracted the negative in many voters at others’ and my expense. This election is personal for me. He is not my president. He never will be. Why are the spirits so dismissive of my so called “unnecessary emotional energy?” They have no idea of my heart and life experience in this universe. Please ask them why are they so dismissive? Anyway, thank you for all you do. I realize that we are dealing with spirits that are aware of the many alternate universes other than our own. May the universe bless you for your work and trying to understand the spirits’ promptings and messages in our specific time, space and our present universe. A big hug from me. Appreciations!

  16. Eric,
    I know you probably can’t say what it is the spirits told you “wait…wait” about, but do you think it has anything to do with politics or something else entirely? Just curious.

  17. She Did Not win populer vote. He won the popular vote by just 500,000 votes. The People voted and he won fair and square.

  18. Through a different medium, spirits told me it is impossible to predict the future 100% of the time. In physics we understand that predicting the future 100% accurately could lead to a temporal paradox, which Nature forbids.

  19. Another psychic i follow said some time ago that the original presidential result will end up being reversed due to something being wrong. It sounds similar to your prediction Eric, bombshells, topsy turvy

    • Hey Tot, if you wouldn’t mind, could you post the name/site of the psychic? I’d love to read what they said.

    • I was curious as well and Googled a bit.
      Did not find Tot’s but found a very interesting read!
      Google: Kim Russo The Happy Medium 2016 Presidential Election.
      She posted about Nov 5th that the winner will not take office, that there will be a huge plot twist. Kim further states that she normally never posts world predictions, but her spirits requested her to post about this topic.
      Sorry I’m using my Kindle, so can not cut/paste the link.
      I am hesitant to post this, as I do not want to insight more political bashing, but it is a prediction on the topic of the election, that is similar to what Spirit is telling Eric.

  20. Very interesting about the generators. There is a very progressive person who has stated that, at some point, U.S. spies who are in Russia will cause a blackout on the East Coast to garner fear and usher in HRC as “the only one who has the experience to handle this.” He believes it will be blamed on Russia, and bring us very close to WWIII, toward which HRC is pushing. He believes that the powers that be, the Wall Street banks, the large corporations, etc. want her in to do their bidding. She did cheat Bernie Sanders out of his win — in the primaries and in the roll call vote. They will not allow a progressive who wants to disallow the TPP, jobs being sent overseas, taxes on companies who have left, $15.00 minimum wage, blocking the DAPL, etc., to win. I dismissed his black-out theory, and actually thought it was sort-of “tinfoil”. I have felt that there is something dark and sinister in the background of our political system, of which HRC is a part. Many progressives feel that she should never be in the White House, and that a Trump presidency will leave the door open for a progressive voice in four years, that if she won, we would have four years of a Republican worse than Trump, like Cruz. I, too, have felt that something may be in the background to end his election, that she will never give up. I wonder at the almost-desparate pushing her as a candidate by those who were historically, at least in words, much more liberal than she; and, also by the neo-conservatives who engineered the lies that led to the Iraq war, like Cheney, Wolfowitz, Kagan, the Bushes, etc. I can’t pretend to understand it all, but do have a feeling that it is not over, there are plans in the background. When I read your “generator” post, I thought that perhaps the East Coast blackout isn’t so “tinfoil” after all?

  21. Trump will be in office for the full four years and there will be nothing major happening this month.

    I also predict that he will get a second term.

  22. There is also the concern of Russia having tampered with the election. They hacked the DNC and were responsible for the emails that were released. There was also a private dedicated server between Russia and the Trump campaign. I’m not huge on conspiracy theories, but there is too much evidence that Russia was trying to sway this election. Just a thought that the two predictions concerning the possible election reversal and increased tensions with Russia are accurate and related. Peace and love to all.

  23. I understand concern América new president,but present: Venezuela’s situation is extremely serious, the people are kill hunger, the goverment tyrant does not apply solutions.What can do, any information to stop this? Retards.

    • Hi Conanbab,

      I think you meant to say “regards”. “Retards” is an insult, someone could misunderstand that!
      Not trying to be a grammar-correcter, but just wanted to nip in the bud any misunderstandings, especially with emotions running high. I know the G and T are close to each other on the keyboard; I make that mistake too.

  24. Suicide bombing (vest) in Afghanistan on US base killing 4 and wounding 14 or 18 (I’ve seen two different figures). This occurred during a Veteran’s day fun run on base in the early morning.
    Possible connections: “a gathering of Americans” , and “suicide mission….40” .This base is heavily guarded…..

  25. Eric. Thank you for all the hard work you put in. I am very grateful for this blog. I am very grateful for Spirit. How long would an EMF event last and would it be the whole US? Or abroad? Thanks again

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  27. In Europe.. each area( country) has the freedom to choose..and many parties!
    I have the intuition about all pieces of predictions and news together: Trump has had and has contacts and ties to Russia! ” Tapes”.. things come to the daylight! Maybe corruption. Trump has bisnes all around, ¨(feels he want to be a president to help his own bisnes!)
    Just in news: kyber attacks to 5 top Russian banks. Maybe some searching is going on!
    Russia needs Trump as a marionet for their politic purposes.

  28. What I can’t understand is how Spirit could be so wrong on such a major event. Sure, we can wait, but will it have any impact on Hillary Clinton, as predicted, would become the President of the USA in 2017?

  29. I have my own intuitions, but i also find lot of articles in net( from google) about the same. For instance article by Sean Colarotti: ” New report uncovers secret Trump server that repeatedly communicated with Russia..”
    You can try to remove things by cyber- hacking or try to get information..
    Cyberhacking to Russian banks started 8.11. And stronger than ever.
    If some strange facts will be found, it can change things.
    .. also somebody kidnapped Clinton´s private posts.. a weapon..
    but not more about this. I do not usually write abroad this way. Let´s see. Let be.

    • I googled “New report uncovers secret Trump server that repeatedly communicated with Russia..” and read a fairly extensive report Slate wrote on this subject. It concluded so:

      “What the scientists amassed wasn’t a smoking gun. It’s a suggestive body of evidence that doesn’t absolutely preclude alternative explanations.”

      are you reading these articles or just falling for headlines, Anita?

  30. Ps. Many shocking articles, also ” October surprise: ABC uncovers millions of payments from Russia to Trump” ( written by Colin Taylor.) Things which seem to be hidden to speak openly in media.
    It is also question about future of Russian neighbour counties and Baltic countries!

    • Snopes has debunked this as false. You really need to fact check the stories you are buying into, Anita.

      “. But while the report pointed to Trump’s dealings with Russian businessmen, it does not claim that government officials are funneling him money. Instead, it raises concerns that Trump will be swayed as president by his financial interests in Russia to the detriment of U.S. foreign policy — namely, lifting sanctions to ease the flow of money:”

      Bottom line, Trump was not doing business with the Russian government. He is in the hotel business, which is international.

  31. The electors are supposed to confirm the electoral votes on December 19th. The electors can choose to follow the popular vote and give the votes to Hillary. MD has already passed “law” that will allow that state’s electors to do so. There is a petition to all electors to do so.

  32. Hi, am new to this community.1) I cannot afford a generator. For how many days should we plan on a black out. 2) Also am very scared of the prospect of revolt, violence or uprising in the US if the election is reversed. Especially since I am a minority. I fear for what may happen. 3) My sense of feeling safe is at an all time low, fear for the future and would like to know when will things feel harmonious again here in America? Should I be focusing my attention and efforts on survival prep and skills rather than Thanksgiving or Christmas. Which saddens me.

    • Eric you predicted this NZ Earthquake a while back….living in Wellington i felt it, woke me up, knocked out the power, luckily in my area there is no damage, however some 200 miles from where i live there have been 2 fatalitys reported so far….yet only 18 hours ago spirit was telling me that “ill be home from work on monday”….spirit was right but didnt predict a huge earthquake would rattle our area

  33. Bombshells, starting… Trump´s children and Bannon( fasist – and ex-wife says Trump liked to read Hitler´s diaries!) to the top places to White house.. !
    Obama said Trump is not ideological.. means do not really understand deeply anything.. only takes care of his own bisness.. but you cannot work for your own investments and bisness( the whole world seems to be only the playing ground for him!) when you work for the country and whole world! All seems totally unbelievable. We really will miss Obama: also the thinker.
    We will face total chaos. Famous prophet from Bulgaria said long time ago”44th president of Usa will be african- american and he will be the last president of Usa.”

  34. Eric, have you seen those illuminati card game cards by Steve jackson? Your should check them out and mull them over with your guides. They are quite interesting.

      • My 9 year old son woke up this morning and told me he had bad dreams all night about something ruining Thanksgiving. He was upset and it is rare that he would say something like that. Hope it’s nothing.

  35. Hi Eric –

    Did you pick up direct information explicitly stating Hillary would be President or just that Trump would not? Could you have misinterpreted hearing that Trump will not be President for assuming that means Hillary will?

    I ask because of what I’ve been picking up on. I’ve just recently become truly aware that I have some intuitive abilities so I’m very new at understanding all of this– but I have been picking up a sense all along that it feel like neither of them would actually end up being President. I have heard a lot of out of the blue in the middle of random stuff or first thing in the morning whispers that “Trump will win”… BUT I have also had a deep sense (all along when I heard that) that either he won’t ever be sworn in (no idea why) or will not serve for very long if he is. It has just seemed like there will be some crazy thing that happened (again no idea what) before he got into office or shortly after that stopped him from serving or serving for long. There were a few times the energy seemed to briefly shift to Hillary’s favor to win but within a few days it kept going back to “Trump will win.” But I just didn’t once hear or feel “Trump will be President.” I have, however, picked up “Mike Pence will be President” a few times. I don’t know if that means now or distant future – or is symbolic of perhaps Trump being President in name only while Pence is really in charge?

    All this to say- I, too, though very inexperienced am picking up on something likely changing before inauguration — and I was feeling that months before the election. Everyone thought I was nuts when I kept saying “I think Trump will win.” And especially when I kept saying “But I feel like he may never actually be President.”

    I have also sensed some kind of larger violent attack related to the election (results). I think coming from angry people on the Trump side but could be very wrong on that. I saw two explosions from delivery trucks on opposite sides of a street (one brown and one white) and at least one sniper firing into a crowd. It was some kind of crowd and scared people running away. I have no idea if any of this could be symbolic though (two bombshells and then some precise other things to finish things off?), or if it’s literal? It also felt like the point of the attack would come from some group trying to help Trump somehow (in their mind) but it would actually backfire and help whoever actually becomes President. Or that it would be to stir up violence but backfire somehow or just change how things are going. Just some kind of breaking point in trajectory. But again all of this was stuff I was getting several weeks pre Election and with no timeline so I could have been overlaying everything Election related onto images I was seeing related to something else completely.

    No idea if any of this helps at all but seemed pertinent to share given everything and since I did at least pick up on a trump win for sure if nothing else (and I should note ALL of my logical mind was saying “no way, Hillary has this” – and it also wasn’t wishful thinking that he’d win. I’m new here. Hope this may contribute in some helpful way. I am scared about the attack images I saw.

  36. Eric, Spirit says, “Wait.. Wait” However, they got it wrong with Congress. Republicans will hold the majority in both houses. Will there be a change in the membership of Congress as well? I doubt that.

    • Thanks Manny, my hope is one day you and other fans will put a dent in the tragedies we predict, now more than ever i can see it as a possibility. In regards to the election i would encourage everyone to just wait it out, i must refocus on these attacks coming and we are going to need everyones help in altering them

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