Baton Rouge Shooting

These tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for calm and healing in Louisiana from all sides.

Predictions on 12-9-15    Louisiana spelled out. Then I had a visual of a ‘target’ symbol. Then you saw a person loading a weapon.

Sounds like a Louisiana shooting spree.

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  1. Eric,
    another ref…for this could be?
    And they mention Belgium, and European wave in this post..

    .”Louisiana spelled out. Then I had a visual of a ‘target’ symbol. Then you saw a person loading a weapon.
    Sounds like a Louisiana shooting spree”

  2. Eric, Do the Spirits have any predictions about the RNC Convention in Cleveland, starting Monday? Also, are there race riots coming with more police at risk? protestors at risk? Everyone be sure to pray for peace. We are living in VERY interesting and seems like unsettled times. PLEASE pray for sanity, pray for peace and pray for everyone’s safety.

  3. Praying for all of the Police Officers who have been killed or harmed. Such a senseless situation. Praying for peace and calm. Even more worried about the Lou (Louvre) now.

  4. Eric, SWC,
    1 suspect dead…possible 2 others being sought..
    Still active..scene..
    See.More: Authorities confirm at least 2 officers killed in Baton Rouge; Mayor Kip Holden says 3 feared dead – The Advocate

    1. I heard it was still active Star48, but then the news was doubtful so I didn’t mention it. I hope they catch everyone responsible. Praying for all people of Louisiana and all Police Officers everywhere.
      Just a side note. Now how to know when exactly is the Louvre situation? Do we have more to go on that could give us a date? I don’t want to come off as unfeeling but there has been multiple police officers killed lately. There seemed to be a timeline from Spirits so when is this over and then the Louvre back on? Does that make sense?

      1. Jules104, my opinion…
        I believe the timelines are interweaving…
        As you would take a picture of a a room.
        You look and see one person, than notice another..when you look at that picture..
        I believe we are in the “timeline” room..

  5. Eric, SWC, update #2
    Officers..designation identified..
    East Baton Rouge Sheriff says Baton Rouge Police, East Baton Rouge deputies involved in shooting incident; scene is still active – @tjonesreporter

  6. Eric, SWC, update #3
    Police appear to be using a robot to check for explosives at Baton Rouge shooting scene; unclear if there’s a specific threat or just precaution, @SteveRHardy reports

  7. The problem is simple. The viel has lifted and world leaders nor the pope can speak about it which has kept us in chaos. It was to be onwards and upwards but others have kept the light down. Until a religious authority steps forward and explains this were in a bad situation. That’s the truth. Light workers need to be rewarded from a monetary side. Right now evil is leading the way. More police shootings so their is a total disrespect for law and order.

  8. Again!?

    The police were who in Turkey after Dallas shooting and now this in Baton Rouge. Is this the year for cops being shot at? Please ask Spirit if there’s more coming? I’m getting tired of hearing police being shot. 🙁

  9. Stop with the prayers, Eric. The police departments have brought this upon themselves by acting as an occupying army in minority neighborhoods and inflicting state sanctioned violence onto the poor. They have refused to see change made to their departments, so revolution is underway. If the police didn’t want this, then they should have allowed politicians to reform when they had the chance to do so. No sympathy from me or any of the spirits who guide my predictions. They had ample opportunity to avoid this violence. Now they have to live with the consequences of their own stubborn decision making.

    1. Liamofktn..hi
      wonderful advertisement of freedom …or freedom of religion, or freedom of speech,or compassion.
      Such an agressive entrance…too.. Promoting are you…?
      My what an interesting foray to come on someone else’s site and “lay down the law” umm..

      Appreciate your opinion…but your delivery needs work.

      1. No, this is just a statement of fact. Eric’s spirit guides have misled his readers on a number of occasions and this is one of those times where proper context is not being presented. I felt it was irresponsible not to say something in response. He’s getting his words from his guides and they are either being willfully deceitful and flat out ignorant. If you don’t take into consideration the context in which these shootings are happening, then you aren’t telling the whole story. This isn’t civil war or terrorism, this is a revolutionary conflict of the people (in this case, black and brown people) vs the state. One side has tried non violent protest and activism for decades and have been either painfully ignored or brutally repressed in response to the airing of their collective grievances. The underlying tensions have been boiling for years and now it’s spilled out into the open for all to see. Eric’s prayers aren’t going to bottle it back up because only one side has been willing to change, while the other uses their authority to block any changes from being made to them. In this scenario, violence against police is inevitable as their refusal to change invites these attacks. Until policing as a profession is abolished, this type of revolutionary action will continue. It’s not a promotion or validation of the murders, it’s simply saying what is fact and how we got tot his point in the first place. Delivery has nothing to do with it.

        1. Liamofktn
          You just proved my point..of your hostility..—
          ignorant,deceitful,irresponsible..prayers bottle up? WOW
          Where do you get these negative adjectives and thoughts..?
          Your making a lot of assumptions …that are incorrect –
          Your view..has been filtered by your guides…your attitude has been influenced by your own baggage…
          I feel positive energy from Eric’s guidance and spirit guides..and the fruit of his works..
          I cannot say the same from your critic of Erics guides or his intentions..

          1. I get these words and not “assumptions” from an understanding of history and a real look at reality. I have an empathy for the poor and oppressed in society. Just because you choose not to see them does not mean that they aren’t there. Telling them (in the form of my voice for them) to begone is simply trying to dismiss an underlying problem that lingers whether you want it to acknowledge it exists or not. Reality can sometimes be negative and in order to change the world for the better, the truth needs to be heard. Positive feelings can often make bliss as a form of complacency and ignorance to the struggle and hurt that many people have to endure every single day. If you choose to ignore this, then you are spiting the poor to which this state violence is directed at. That makes you a complicit actor and it’s not a becoming thing for a person who wants to spread positivity onto the world. My words are accurate and you’ll see that in good time. That’s all I have to say. Remember, you’re the one who responded to my initial post, not the other way around.

            1. Liamoktyn
              ,very negative,
              Very destructive,,Mr. Troll. Such great advice..such sweeping understanding..
              you are the final arbitrator…?
              judgement is not yours to give,,
              the mirror is close to your face..look hard.
              The words you use are reflected back at you..funny..isn’t it…ummm.

              Begone was for you…And your attitude..not for the poor or the brown or the black
              however you want to fight…you came into this aggressively ..that is all the splash you will get..

              You have no understanding or discernment…you can bray…all day..Blessings on your journey…

              1. I really didn’t want to say anything else, but this is a point I need to make. Not once did I lay any of my words with insults towards you personally. I never called you a “troll” or a sheep that “brays.” If you have to stoop that low, that’s when you need to be the one that looks in the mirror and not me. Something to consider as you lay into a high and mighty rant.

    2. Liamofktn, the problem I am seeing is that you are lumping all police departments into this us versus them mentality. And so anything else you wrote after that was moot for me.

      1. It’s not just about the individual departments, it’s about the elite interests that rely upon them for social control and validation of gross income inequality and racial segregation that American life has sustained. From their history as slave patrollers to their role in preventing challenges to evil status quo’s, the issue is about what policing represents in our society and not so much about individual actors. You can choose to ignore my words if you want, but that won’t change reality and it won’t stop the violence either. Prayer isn’t going to change anything. Only action will.

        1. Again liamofktn…all I am hearing from you is that police officers deserve to die, (not my thoughts for those SWC) We get the history of it all. But I feel that you are trying hard to come off as being very rational. It is not sounding very rational to me but flawed. You will not be winning me over with your history lesson. And your guides are not sounding very pure of energy either.

    3. Hi, liamofktn,

      Most police officers are just trying to protect people–yes, you always get some wackos out there who use too much force, but most cops don’t. Most just want to get through each day without hassle and return to their families. They’re just as tired of today’s stress and status-quo as everyone else is.

      Am I saying cops are always right? No, not at all. Am I saying minorities and poor people don’t suffer? No, there are still serious racial/economic issues that need to be worked out. Am I saying the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile weren’t tragic? No, it was awful that they died, and their families deserve all the support we can give them.

      But killing cops like this isn’t revolution…it’s murder, and Civil Rights Leaders throughout American history would be disgusted to know someone was ambushing cops and claiming it was justified. Martin Luther King Jr. was a wonderful, forward thinking man, and I’ve no doubt he’d have been one of the first people to step in and lead a prayer for the murdered cops in Dallas. He would’ve been ashamed of the man who killed those cops–and saddened that the killer wasted his life, when he could have protested civilly and made better progress.

      Please remember, cops aren’t an entity, they’re individuals with their own families and lives and beliefs. Some cops are racist, but it makes no sense to punish all of them for the few. That would be no different than in North Korea, how families of rule-breakers are put into concentration camps just for being related to the wrong person.

      The thing it boils down to is: everyone’s dissatisfied with the way things are…whether its terrorism, or the economy, or police-issues….there’s a lot of anger and fear right now among Americans. People don’t know what’s going to happen next, they’re all worried, they’re all scared about their families and the future. That’s why it’s crucial that everyone keep calm and think things through.

      Violence won’t help anyone, it’ll make things worse…I know it’s tempting to put people into categories, us and them, but I’ve found that never helps. There aren’t categories here, just people. All of them–cops, non-cops, whites, blacks, asians, males, females–are scared and trying to make sense of the craziness this world is going through. I know it’s a cliche, but we all really ARE in this crazy world together.

      1. Here’s the reality of the situation. The minute Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated in 1968 with potential collusion by the FBI was the minute it should have been clear to anyone who can face harsh reality that non violence was not going to solve this crisis. If the assassinations of other leaders since still didn’t, then it’s not something I can control. Imperial actors (meaning the state) are not going to stop oppressing people just because some roads are blocked and some demands are made. The state feels that they are above the rule of law and if the system works to protect them with no amenable solutions for oppressed people to seek change non violently, then violence is inevitable. It’s not good that violence is happening, but it’s a consequence of hundreds of years of oppressed communities marching with the same slogans and seeing their grievances ignored or repressed by the powers that be. Police, in this context, are agents of the state that uses the legal system to justify their murders of oppressed people and the state violence exacted towards them and other communities worldwide that are facing the same violence by the US government. It is not acceptable to tell oppressed groups that only the US has an exclusivity to violence and that they should just allow their pain to expressed peacefully. That is asking people to accept their oppression and potential death at the hands of the state. That is simply unacceptable.

        The reality of the situation is that a violent revolution will be the only thing that sees freedom come for these people. I empathize with police who have tried to change the system, but those who make genuine attempts don’t stay on the force for very long. That’s because the truth is the police are not there to protect anyone but themselves. The US supreme court ruled this two decades ago and they’ve been acting that way ever since. Prayers are not making things better because the thing that oppressed people are protesting against has no genuine interest in changing. They like their status quo and will kill anyone who tries to stand in the way of it. In this context, the violence against police who act as agents of the state will continue. It’s not a glorification on my end at all. It’s a simple statement of reality. If prayers were all it took to stop this blood shed, then MLK Jr would not have hit the graveyard as soon as he did. Eventually, the world needs to realize that beating a dead horse doesn’t bring it back to life. It’s a sad thing to say, but it’s also the truth, whether some want to hear it or not.

        If Eric’s spirit guides are not bringing these points up when talking about the murders we’re seeing, then it validates what I’ve said earlier. That’s why I had to point this out; to give people an understanding that simple prayer won’t heal wounds that one entity keeps ripping open for all of the world to see.

      2. Hi, liamofktn

        I’m aware that Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered, but that doesn’t mean nonviolence doesn’t work. Before he came along, minorities couldn’t legally vote or be in the same schools or hospitals as whites. That’s changed! Thanks to King, blacks can vote now, it’s illegal to ban someone from a school or hospital because of their skin color. He made drastic improvements. And there are a great many other civil-rights leaders who have helped bring us farther.
        Is there still work to do? Yes, we still have a lot to do! Racism is a problem that we are still trying to end, there’s no doubt of that. It doesn’t have to lead to bloodshed, though.

        When women weren’t allowed to vote, they protested civilly, the way most marchers did in Dallas before the gunfire started. These women were beaten, jailed, called horrible names, but they were able to get the right to vote without resorting to sniper-style shootings. Women still have a long way to go to be considered completely equal, but nonviolence has worked a lot better than violence would have. If women had rioted and sniper-shot men, we would’ve been labeled terrorists and wouldn’t have gotten anywhere. All that would have led to was death.

      3. All of those things you mentioned have nothing to do with what I was writing about. You also forget that for many of those events, violence was often employed. Suffragettes frequently used violence to advocate for their rights and they were labelled as terrorists at the time. There was also considerable violence leading up to the abolition of slavery (at least, in it’s most visible form) and civil rights (most of which were rolled back soon after they were implemented and saw collective repression come about as a result of their advocacy). None of those things is related to the issue of police violence and repression. The other major difference was the political system was willing to make changes after considerable pressure was exacted upon them while police departments have not only ignored such pressure, but further implemented means of repression in the efforts to silence their protesters. The two things are not in any way related. Sometimes, non-violence works. However, in this instance, it will not work and that’s just the way it is. It would be ideal for it not to be the case, but that’s just not the reality to which we are dealing with.

      4. Hi, liamofktn,
        I guess we disagree on a lot of points, and that’s fine; this is a democracy. I just don’t think that, in this case, violence will work. More can be accomplished with protests and media attention and communicating with government officials directly. David Brown, I think he’s the sheriff in Dallas, advised more people of all races to join the police forces, and help create change from within.

        It seems to me that many police departments have made an effort to change–the one in Dallas had been undergoing more changes to help improve things. David Brown had spearheaded many of those initiatives. I really believe that if everyone cools down and talks things out together, they can make things better.

        Things are awful and violent in this world today, there’s no question of that. But I really don’t think it has to be that way, people can change this! People can choose to look for other options; violence doesn’t have to be the last resort.

        Also, women’s suffrage did have a lot to do with repression. Back then police would be hired to arrest women on flimsy charges, and women were being repressed from speaking and writing and doing anything a man could do. Yes, some women were violent, but the nonviolence of most of them was what really pushed things forward. That situation and the one today have a lot of differences, but they’re the same in one way: nonviolent resistance opens more ears than violence does. And open ears make it easier for people to open their minds.

    4. Liamofktn- Very well said! Disagree with a few points such as prayer doesnt work but I get the gist of it. Years of oppressing the people via laws geared for the elitist. Straight from an episode of House of Cards! I see the police union in Ohio where reublican convention will be held is asking for gun free at convention. Uh? At a REPUBLICAN convention? ! Or is this an elitist request cloaked by police union? Governor says…um…nada. No Can do. That’s like a rapist saying on the day of his trial …ah yea um can you lift the current rape laws for today? Wholly smokes people. Open you eyes… between the lines. And for those that want to continue to fire away at Liamofktn…..consider where you are in terms of your job, benefits, food costs, medical coverage, college costs, housing…I could go on forever! Notice I didn’t mention perceived personal safety in this country.

      1. Thank you R2D2, you’re our only hope. 😉

        But in all seriousness, I appreciate the defense. Most of the commenters have been respectful, but some have crossed the line. Regardless, the main person whose eyes need to read this are Eric’s. He needs to start seeing that his spiritual guides have an agenda and he needs to ask for a more broad opinion from the spiritual world. There are others up there who will show him this. I don’t have to be the only one to drive home these points.

      2. Anyone who questions whether or not non violence revolutions work only need look at Jesus Christ. No revolution was greater and yet in his entire human revolution killed no one. It does work and works well.

      3. And if Jesus doesn’t work you have Prince Siddhartha, both were revolutionary figures and both of them taught peace, love, compassion, and they lived by their word and never hurt one single person the entire time they lived. Now look at their legacy, now look at their name, Non violence works.

  10. I don’t condone violence on any of the sides. Pray for the protestors so they are not hurt, pray for the police so they are not hurt. Let both of them see the others side. Open their hearts to love and understanding. Violence solves NOTHING, no matter who perpetuates it. OR WHY. Anger begets anger, hate begets hate. IT doesn’t matter WHO started it. This is why the world is why it is the way it is today, getting back at the other one, sometimes we just have to STOP. Letting vengeance rule so we kill each other. Letting EVIL win.

  11. liamofktn, those are interesting points though, no, I don’t think it is right to kill police and/or civilians. And hate spawns more hate and so it goes on! Its true we have a militarized society today. The people in Middle Eastern Countries have been fighting for centuries. In centuries has it solved anything? More children die on both sides. And it goes on and on, I just wish this wouldn’t..

  12. To Eric, (also all the other people who visit this site).
    I don’t mean to be a burden, but I feel this is important. After going through several of Eric’s specific posts on upcoming attacks, reading other people’s insight and thoughts on this website, and using my own intuition, I’ve come up with a timeline of when I believe some terrorist attacks will occur. As other people have suggested, I believe that an attack (or attempt at one) might occur on July 31st, at the San Fran Marathon on the Golden Gate Bridge. This correlates with Eric’s previous prediction of a bridge attack in the U.S.
    Secondly, I believe that the attack that Eric has foreseen on a military base in San Diego will occur one of two Thursdays (August 25th of November 24th). This is based on his complied posts on this potential attack found here: Also, these match with other psychics predicting that August and November will be bloody and dark months for our nation.
    Thirdly and most urgent, it is highly probable that another horrific attack will occur in Paris, France during the last few days of the Tour de France ( July the 18th thru the 22nd). Several of you have already said this, and I’m praying that God that we are all wrong.
    Unfortunately, I don’t think there is much we can do for international terror incidents, unless someone has a specific location and time. Please no one blame yourselves if we cannot prevent any of these horrific attacks. Evil has a way of manifesting no matter what we do. But we know that good and light always must and will prevail.
    I do believe that we can do something about the U.S. attacks by any means possible, especially warning event coordinates or authorities. I myself am not an adult yet and don’t have strong psychic insights and influence as some of you. But I am hoping to find the best way to contact the right people at the right time before the San Fran marathon in less than two weeks.
    Thank you if you read my rambling. I’m just wanted to get this out as quickly and productively as possible.

    1. Em, never ever a burden. This site is for all who are working towards helping humanity and working in the light…which includes you! Thank You For your thoughts on the attacks. I myself will be considering all input. Blessings

      1. Thanks so much! I really wish that I had the gifts that some of you guys have. All I really have to go on is my intuition, like the premonitions I had the night before the Orlando attacks, and also the horrific attack on Bastille Day. I’m also a firm believer in the pattern that all bad things come in threes.
        Definitley will be praying in the next going days for our country and the world.

      1. Em, thank you for putting so much thought and work into this. Thanks to everyone writing words of peace today.

  13. Donna B, SWC,
    here is that notice with picture..

    Photo: A man is handcuffed by Secret Service agents outside the Republican National Convention site; he reportedly tried to steal a gas mask from police officer – @HomaBash

  14. I hope this is an isolated incident. I pray that everyone that is in Cleveland stays safe!

  15. Donna, SWC,
    here is another reference…timeline? (Also Jupiter us a gas planet..)
    It is from 5-5-15
    “Eric we need to discuss.. the gas planet (Saturn?).. GOP.. Turkey”

    1. Gosh, that’s interesting & kinda confusing. Turkey and GOP? Maybe something bad will happen at the GOP convention. If you’re talking about 3 bad things in the last few days, Turkey was a terrible situation, 3 people police offers were just killed in Baton Rouge, so maybe something bad is going to happen at the RNC (the third)?
      I was thinking specifically about the waves of terror attacks, that Eric has talked about in threes: 3 attacks in the U.S., 3 terror attacks that form an alliance (France, U.S., U.K)
      France has experienced 3 attacks terror attacks, however the Nice attack was one man committing the killing (as far as we know). The two previous attacks in Jan 2015, and Nov 2015 were organized networks. So, I believe that one more intricate, organized and more horrific attack is coming to Paris in the coming days. I have a bad feeling about the 18th and the 22nd specifically.

  16. Em, Donna B, SWC,

    Excerpt from 4-27-15
    sorry posted before I was finished..

    “Here is the reference..
    visual of Spirit holding a gun, then holding 3 bullets. “3 , 3, 3”
    “Evacuate the children.”
    Subjects Eric Turkey, GOP,
    It sounds like 3 people will be shot. Spirit seems to be starting several new predictions at once. We have a lot to cover.”

    1. 3 is key 3. Need to look for the old post. This is strange because I also was looking at the “3” Officers killed in Baton Rouge earlier…my mind said 3 is key 3.

  17. Em, Donna B, Jules104, SWC ,
    Here is a reference post ..could line up with convention description?
    ” I had a visual of man with gun walk into a building with an awning above it, like a hotel.

    I had a visual I was walking through what looked like a school, I went into a theater or auditorium. It was dark, there were audience seats, and a stage in front.”

    1. Honestly, I don’t see that happening. Just checked: It’s at an arena, and security will be tight for sure. I mean, it’s possible that there are multiple venues. I’m absolutely sure that there will be riots and minor violence outside.

        1. Jules104,
          I think a gathering of Americans can be in Stadium,Arena, Auditorium ,etc.
          They have in common., flags, stage,platform,theatre like atmosphere..etc,
          Presidential contenders..
          It interchangeable as a visual..( my opinion)
          Side note. You asked 3 Is key, 3
          11-3-13..— Imminent threat
          9-21-13..—3 is the key,3
          9-13-13. —3 is the key,3
          9-12-13—-Gathering of Americans
          7-26-13—the key is 3 ( Cannot figure it out, comment by Eric)

          1. Thanks for gathering all that info Star48. I was charging my phone while sewing a “Volcano” for grandbabies dino play. I figure you can appreciate that. lol. I will look over all that you found but may have to wait till am. Getting a little worried about the RNC though. Hope all are safe and protests are peaceful. The DNC is coming up in Philadelphia. All I can think about is the North East and a bell view. Sheesh.

            1. Jules104,
              reminder about Penn reference..I will reference it tomorrow.l
              Good evening….

              1. Thanks Star48. Yes Penn. I’ve decided that it does no good to speak to those who are stuck in the lower self. Hmm… You know whom I speak of.

  18. Eric, jules104, SWC,

    Fireworks at Republican convention..happening now…
    Picture Photo: Fireworks show over Lake Erie during the Republican Convention welcome party in Cleveland – @GregDeeWeather

  19. ERIC, i would like to ask the arch angel of the west who is thoth by the way when will this madness end and when will the ignorance of christians,jews,muslims come to an end which stops this madness. This world needs to heal and its full of evil souls. mind of my mind and soul of my soul what is your solution oh holy one. You see everything.Its time to guide!

  20. I hate to break it to you Eric, but there’s significant questions about whether either of those figures ever existed. Both have been speculated to be fictional characters and, as such, their message can’t be taken seriously because they were never real to begin with. Even putting aside the question of whether either man ever actually walked among us, both were murdered by the state and their messages of non-violence died with them. Both empires to which they spoke out against ended up crumbling from sectarian violence and revolutionary war. Both Rome and the ancient Chinese empire fell at the hands of violence. To not understand this is to not understand reality. Non-violence is noble, but it doesn’t always work. History shows us this; God’s ultimate lesson book. As such, much like how those ancient empires fell, so too shall the United States exactly the same way. After all, it was founded by violence, preserved by violence and expanded by violence. Violence is in its DNA and its how we will see its reign end in our lifetime.

    1. Welcome Liamofktn,

      I’m impressed and thanks for sharing your perspective with us. Seems like you must be graduated from Ivy League university with excellent writing skills with your great thoughts. I respect if you don’t agree in prayer and wondering if you ever been to a church or not? If not ever been or raise in a church, I wonder if you ever sense 6th sense? Do you believe in God? How long have you been reading Eric’s prediction? I’m just curious about your background as where you coming from. Thanks for your interested in Eric’s prediction and share your viewpoints.

      Sleep well.


      1. I don’t really read them all that often. Occasionally I browse, but I do like to keep my predictions fresh so they don’t start to sound like other people’s posts. I’ve had one particular psychic attack the website I post on with these accusations and to try to temper the negative energy she sends us (real ones, not “criticism” as negative energy), I generally just go with my own gut intuition. In any event, when I saw this post earlier with the “pray for peace” mantra, in spite of the overwhelming amount of violence that came way before the police shootings, I felt that I needed to step in and say something. There was such a lack of awareness (at least from how I read it) about why this was happening and to simply dismiss what is causing the underlying problems with a “pray it away” message is like the Evangelical movement telling gay people to “pray the gay away” or to “pray” Cancer or AIDS away. Neither of those things is going to change reality. That’s how his initial post made me feel. As such, I needed to say something in response. Most of the comments I’ve received have been respectful, save for a few exceptions. However, to see Eric using Jesus as dismissive way to deflect from reality was something I also had to step in on. They don’t celebrate Easter because he turned into a bunny rabbit. He was martyred because he died by crucifixion at the hands of the Roman empire; an empire, by the way, that ultimately crumbled due to violence. It’s sad that it came to that point, but the Roman leaders brought it upon themselves. That’s why I needed to say something. I feel he’s very angry with me right now and I think my posts might get deleted soon. However, I don’t regret anything I’ve said and hope, when cooler heads prevail, that he’ll start to question more of what his spirits are telling him and to take a look at the world through an unfiltered lens. Thanks for your well wishes, Mary. Best to you as well.

        1. Liamofktn you have grossly misrepresented Eric, his Spirit Guides and this site. Perhaps this is why you have been recieved with such “negativity”?

      2. Good morning, Liamofktn,

        Please know that most of the SWC disagreed with your perspective in what we are doing as “praying.” We are 100% believers in the power of praying and they are very real. I wonder if you ever pray or have you pray? Are you a member of ISIL? Just wondering as I won’t be surprised if one of them communicate with us thru Eric’s blog. I’m interested to hear your thoughts and wondering where that came from. From the bottom line I have to smile knowing that Jesus is not a “bunny” celebrated Easter nor a Santa Claus celebrated Christmas. You can Google as why the bunny came to celebrate the Easter as well as the story behind Santa Claus. These are the fun traditions for children to participate and all dress up to remember how Jesus Christ died and rose to celebrate. God wouldn’t mind us and He would humor us as Jesus dressed up in white bunny costume. It’s a very healthy way to have close relationship with God and Jesus Christ as we all are one family of earth and heaven. As long as He wants us to love Him, Remember Him, Thanks Him and Love Him. These are very important to Him.

        When you mentioned of gay. It’s important that it’s not our place to judge people. It’s Jesus the one that be the judge. It’s important that we love our neighbors and enemies as we love ourselves. That’s one of the 12 commandments. (Yes, there are 10 and adding 2 others as mentioned in the bible.)

        So I’m just curious as are you a member of ISIL, as your belief as opposite from us? And do you believe in killing?



    2. Hi everyone,
      It definitely is clear we all have different opinions on things, but I really think everyone needs to take a breath here and calm down.

      Mary, it wasn’t that nice of you to ask if liamofktn is a member of ISIL; it seems as if you’re assuming the worst of someone for disagreeing. I don’t think he was condoning the violence, he was explaining why he didn’t believe prayer worked, citing examples in history. Everyone disagrees about religion and prayer and whether any of it works. But accusing each other like this; nothing will be solved by it. I know it’s frustrating when people argue with something very important to you, religion especially, but now more than ever we need to keep cool heads.

      Liamofktn, for what it’s worth, Eric isn’t saying prayer will automatically solve everything. He was talking about everyone trying to stay positive and try to work things out that way…using prayer as one of the ways to help change things, not the only way.

      I’m not sure what I, personally, believe about religion or prayer, it’s something that’s always been confusing for me, as I’ve had a hard life–but praying for peace certainly can’t hurt, (we need all the help we can get!) as long as everyone supplements it with peaceful actions like protests, communicating with government officials, talking to media, and doing good deeds.

      Will doing good deeds work all the time? No, of course not. But it’s worth a try.

      1. I’m sorry if I upset Sara as it was not my intention, but I had my reason suspected he might be a member of ISIL as I noticed he ditched a couple of questions and used the word “action ” as the connection. So its not surprising if he had the time to investigate psychic networks on behalf of ISIL organization. I did my investigation and came to conclusion answered my questions as why he find the time on networks. Please no hard feelings.

        Go in peace.

    3. Hi Mary,
      No hard feelings. I’m just advising everyone to stay calm, and not rush to conclusions about each other. Liamofktn has different opinions than you, but that doesn’t make him an ISIL member.

      Here’s an example of conclusions I’ve seen people jump to: I can’t even count the times I’ve heard Democrats call Republicans gun-crazy loons, or the number of times Republicans accused Democrats of being socialists. (I’m unaffiliated with either party, though there are some things I like and dislike about both.) Each side seems to be demonizing the other, and really all any of them want is peace, security, and justice. They really want the same thing, and have different ideas about how to get it.
      It’s important to have open, civil dialogue, or nothing will get better.

      1. Mary,
        I meant no harm.

        Anyway, everyone have a peaceful week…heaven knows we all need it.

  21. Mary, you have been rude to Liamofktn, and now Sara. I must say that I am quite surprised 🙁

    1. I don’t see how I was being rude by asking straight forward questions. Please accept my apologies. It’s nice to see some people coming out of the closet to reply. Have a blessed day.

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