Notes on 7-17-14

“Also.. There will be a bombing in the bush(es).” — Spirits Voice

“Africa.. African leader” I had a visual of a group of individuals walking together, they were dressed in suits or very nice uniforms, but it was hard to tell because I only saw their backs . Then I saw a sword decapitate one of the leaders. It was a very gruesome visual.

“The R of RNC is made a scape goat.. Democrats point the finger” I had a visual of a rifle on display in a large empty room. — A political US prediction

“Netanyahu will unfortunately fall ill.” — They implied a surgery or heavy hospital presence.

I had a visual that I was in a factory or old building, a hazy glass ceiling window broke and came crashing down, then up above, standing on the roof of this building was a dark figure, staring down.

Eric’s Comments: Bush could be a reference to Australia, or literally a bush or brush. Some of you have figured out numerical messages in previous notes that might relate to the Malaysian plane that was shot down. I will present those number findings tomorrow and leave it open to discussion.





43 thoughts on “Notes on 7-17-14

  1. Eric, R of the RNC could be. .Reince ….
    Leading the Republican Party.. Obviously some fringe Wacko who happens to be a member (Republican) will use a rifle..for something horrendous. Empty room means to me that there was and will be no connection, Whatever the event , there is no deed that cannot be exploited for political reasons.. Even if the person is mentally ill..

  2. Eric, that last paragraph, has me a little creeped out..on the roof..dark figure..I can only come up with a obvious meanings related to a few older postings,which I do not even want to put out, to you or the universe.. (Rifle is the obvious clue)

    • I don’t think the rifle is connected to the dark figure. I have doubts on whether or not the dark figure is a world prediction or talking about something more personal. But it seemed looming.

      • Hi Eric, Star48. I’m with you. That dark figure on the roof creeped me out also! I will be praying and sending light and love to surround you Eric. The rifle and the RNC isn’t related to the assasination or attempt, of a leader is it? Also praying for all who had friends or family members on flight MH17, and for the first rescue workers on the scene. Such a tragedy.

      • Unfortunately you are probably right. I will be praying someone stops them before it happens. The world definitely needs everyone’s prayers right now.

  3. Eric, regarding the bush(es) in the post on 7-17-14 “Also.. There will be a bombing in the bush(es).” — Spirits Voice: I know that the Australian bush is the more popular country usage but the term “bush” is also used to refer to New Zealand, South Africa, Alaska and Canada as per this article

    • Thank you Ada. Honestly I am leaning towards an actual bush. Its also possible they are presenting a visual of how the plane was shot down. They had the Bus in the bush and its had the number 71 (17?) on it. The message was odd with that “Also” part. Why say Also?

      • Hi Eric and Ada. That was what I was thinking also. The “Buk”?? was amongst the bushes hidden from view. Praying for the World.

  4. Hi Eric,
    I really think you do very well in your predictions considering all the possibilities and variables involved in so many world events, I really admire your intention to create better outcomes. Thanks to you and also to Spirit for your combined dedication…it’s been comforting to me to know that Spirit is always here with us and always concerned about humanity having the best possible outcome for our collective future.

    • Yes thank you. That really does some up their intent. We are children in their presence and they are trying to guide us in a positive path. This blog and its purpose is just one more attempt at that.

  5. Hello eric,im probably off base but could “also there will be a bombing un the bush/s.” be linked to your Also comment about the crisis in Isreal and lemmonade being poured. Maybe the bush is a criptic “burning bush” type clue. There is a fair amount of bush around Isreal. It also could also connect to the hospitalizaton of Netanyahu….just a thought…..always in prayer for you, us and the world and its events…..

    • Hi Rhona, usually when they present God they use the words ‘Father’ or show lightning. They use lightning because that’s how they see Gods actions; powerful, unwavering, quick to arrive and quick to leave, and force that cannot be stopped.

      • Thanks eric,sorry how i wrote that didnt expain properly that i meant maybe they are giving the location of the bush explosion as Israel….and Netanyahu… much happening at the moment….blessings.

  6. Texas sending 1000 National Guard troops to the border just now. A shootout may ensue? My SD Cathedral has been going to the Mexico border all this week to bring food, clothing, books for the children stranded there. I am not able to go but those that do say you can feel the tension.

    • Hi Jon, I understand that the National Guard cannot directly intercede with anyone.
      They will be manning the drones ,helicopters, and giving back room support to the border guards.
      I feel a little more unsettled that this was an orchestrated event to help push comprehensive immigration reform. If it was, it looks like it is backfiring.
      All it will do is upset the American people who feel that things are out of their control.

      My concern is from my families experience (1920’s)prejudice can cause instability and violence.
      I am totally against this migration wave.
      It will impact the poor and the struggling people that are already here. They (poor and downtrodden )may fight the “new comers.” It happened before.
      And by not having an agreement in place. Will make everyone self righteous.
      Just my opinion.

      • To quote John Stewart: “Its why all of our ancestors came to this country, and were themselves originally unwelcome. Because thats the story of America. From Ben Franklin’s worry that Germans were ruining Pennsylvania, to our 19th Century 60 year ban who had just finished building our nation’s rail system, to our very real and justified concerns about the Irish, and their insatiable applying for jobs. We have always been a nation of immigrants who hate the newer immigrants.”

        My take is this. Its a bunch of white people running scared finally getting their karma for what our ancestors did for enslaving, beating, killing, murdering, raping, Africans, Native Americans and just about every race. The tables are finally turning. It is very frightening as the guns are drawn and so are the lines in the sand. It was not orchestrated as much as those countries these kids are running from have horrible gang crimes. I have been in some of those cities and seen it.

        Trust me on this. There will come a time, we all will be flocking in droves to the Mexican border as Global Warming will wipe out much of our crops. Extreme weather will grow in the North Causing freezes that will be deadly and the water will dry up as it is in the west. That the only refuge may be South America. I guarantee by that point, your grandchildren (and maybe even you and me) will want badly to get to fresh food and water as it runs out here. Those countries will remember how we treated them and we and our children will be tortured. So be cautious before claiming this American soil as your own. We slaughtered innocent lives for it. Unarmed Native Americans. Massacre. The planet and God have a way of righting those wrongs.

        The quicker I can get out of this country, the better. My family has been in this country since the early 1600s. I thought I would never say this, but I look forward to moving far away. There is a reason the massively wealthy are building estates in countries like Costa Rica, Belize and Argentina. They know a lot more than they let on about what the future holds for America. Some of us are lucky enough to see the future and have the means to get out before it gets nasty. I recommend you have an escape clause or a home far away. I have my passport, shots, dogs’ passport and shots all ready. I have never ever been a conspiracy person nor ever noticed what goes on behind the curtain. All I can say is America will not be America in 10 years or even less. I used to always think I would live in Chicago and be happy. Now I have a backpack packed and ready and live right near the Navy base here in SD.

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  8. Eric, regarding this line.
    .”“The R of RNC is made a scape goat.. Democrats point the finger” I had a visual of a rifle on display in a large empty room. — A political US prediction”

    Gun legislation proposed by GOP- Feinstein says she doubts they can reach agreement.

    Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., to introduce legislation to prevent terrorists from purchasing firearms – @BraddJaffy


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