Notes on 4-27-15

I had a visual of Spirit holding a gun, then holding 3 bullets. “3 , 3, 3”
“Evacuate the children.”
Subjects Eric Turkey, GOP,
It sounds like 3 people will be shot.  Spirit seems to be starting several new predictions at once. We have a lot to cover.

Here are links to donate for the earthquake disaster relief. Please help where you can. Please make a difference in someone’s life.

20 thoughts on “Notes on 4-27-15

  1. Direct address. Seems Very accurate. GOP is a region in istanbul or ankara. GaziOsmanPasa

  2. “Evacuate the children” … I think we’re seeing that right now … riots in Baltimore (4/27/15). Parents have been told to bring their children home from school.

  3. My heart goes out to the people in Baltimore. I know how I felt the morning after our worst night in Ferguson. It was utter heartbreak.

  4. What’s going on in Baltimore! ? What is this really about? I missed something that triggered the riot.

  5. China just said not to donate. Military is handling it. Requesting to support existing groups who are all ready there. Doctors without boarders would be one Of them. So make sure charity you support is there. Honestly I would look for a temple in the area as the monks and ladies know what they need to buy in that area. That would be the best along with the government. See if you can Google one or a couple

      1. Star48, Post 12-23-14, “The gun attack leads to legislation”, (visual of US flag drop). I was wondering if this could be part of it? Also on that Post it talks of multiple attacks, though I think its speaking of another prediction/incident maybe. Do you recall the Post where there is a rifle on the wall in the capital building and it talks about making the Republicans the scapegoat? Did that already happen? I hope there are no more of these types of incidents as in copy cats. Praying for all of the loved ones, family members, friends, community involved with this horrific act of violence and hate. Blessings

        1. Jules104,
          I know the post you are talking about..
          I should mention…I think( my opinion) that there is something bigger happening.-
          with religion being the focus…
          The pope just released his encyclical on climate change.,that is being attached.
          Than you have the incident in Charleston..( 5 year old hid.. Pretending to be dead..)
          You know what is being do e in the name of the prophet..
          Panhandlers are posing as Buddhist monks – which the Buddhists feel is disrespect as the panhandlers are wearing robes and are agressive in their money hunt.
          The robes are sacred to them..

          I mention this because a Buddhist monk just chopped another monk in CA.

          I will get back to you with the reference. Blessings

          1. I agree Star48. Something is changing. The paper the Pope put out on his position about climate change… It seems to me that a lot of Politicians and others came out against it right away. To me it was sort of like siding with big business, wealth, getting re-elected instead of God. That’s just my opinion though.

  6. Jules104, here is reference
    7-17-14. “
    The R of RNC is made a scape goat.. Democrats point the finger” I had a visual of a rifle on display in a large empty room. — A political US prediction

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