India Train Explosion

This prediction has happened. Please pray for those in India. There is mixed messages on whether or not its a terror attack or accident. If it is an attack then one of the four messages have happened. Does that mean the other 3 are around the corner?

Predictions 5-3-16


“In India a great famine is coming, this year. One of the worst.” — Spirits Voice

“A horrible train crash.”

I had a vision I was crossing multiple trains but one of them was completely black.

Predictions 3-5-17   I had a visual of  0 9 5 7, then spirit broke it down starting with 9 then 5 then 7. The message was followed by these four back to back messages:

I had a visual of the ground shaking violently, then I heard a very loud snapping noise.

I had a visual of Spirit slamming a box of Kosher salt

I had a visual of an airplane

I had a visual of a detonator, with someone’s hand on the trigger.

Predictions 9-3-16   I had a visual of a blue train rolling down the tracks, suddenly I felt a panic as it moved away.

Predictions 3-6-17   In other news: they showed ‘001’two predictions are about to happen, with a third the following day.

5 responses to “India Train Explosion”

  1. Joy Parks Avatar

    At first the authorities seemed to be leaning towards circuitry issues, then later on this story appeared with investigators switching to terrorism and mentioning the small of gunpowder.

  2. Sara Avatar

    Thank goodness no one was killed!

    It’s definitely looking like an attack, according to The Hindu, The Hindustan Times,and News World India….one terror suspect killed, at least 3 others arrested.
    The suspects are suspected (no pun intended) of being in a terror module in India that has ISIS links. It’s still too early to be sure, but that’s the most recent info.

  3. Sara Avatar

    Do you sense more attacks happening soon…was the one in India the start,do you think? If so, how long do we have until the next?

    It’s weird that most American media hasn’t talked about this (or BBC)! Only Indian stations/websites. After all, they are saying now that they think an ISIS cell did it; it amazes me more news stations aren’t talking about it–if nothing else, to warn people.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They have the plane listed with the rest of the group. If that earthquake happens soon then yes I am expecting the airplane hijacking. Right now we are waiting to see how this 0957 unfolds.

  4. Luna tic Avatar

    A train hit a large bus in Biloxi Mississippi yesterday. 4 dead/35 hurt.

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