India Drought

This prediction is starting, very upsetting news. I do hope India makes some radical changes before it gets worse.

Predictions 5-3-16    “In India a great famine is coming, this year. One of the worst.” — Spirits Voice

Predictions 5-2-16   I had a visual I was standing on a desolate land with a dead tree off to the side. In front of me was a black horse that looked sickly and weak.

Please do not go directly to the worst case,  they are not predicting the end of the world in any way. I understand the biblical reference of the ‘black horse’ and the four horsemen, but note the source, these Spirits have a direct connection to the Heavens, and they know religion far greater than you or I could ever imagine, so using biblical references are very common for them. I believe the prediction is simply warning us that a great famine is coming.



43 thoughts on “India Drought

    • Thanks Star for the link. It breaks my heart. I can’t believe they waited in lines for hours to received the water and worth a gold. It used to be free. 😦

    • Thanks for sharing the link. Many have taken for granted to have water under the roofs. Praying for them to keep water from drying out in Myanmar and wherever they are in need of water.


  1. SWC, updated article…The roads are melting..So hot cellular phones do not work..
    Suicides. …terrible..”.
    “Meanwhile, suicide among farmers is on the rise thanks to the extreme environmental conditions. According to the Indian Express, 36 farmers in the drought-ridden region of Marathwada have committed suicide this past week alone.
    They reported that over the past four and a half months, the total figure of suicides has been put at 454. Officials said the collective total in the past 16 months has reached 1548.”

  2. SWC,
    – Bird Flu shows up after 8 yrs..Poultry will need to be killed..
    ( right in middle of drought..famine on horizon…). FYI next to Nigeria..
    H5N1 strain of bird flu virus reappears in Cameroon after 8-year absence, says government – AP

  3. SWC,
    Namibia drought…
    Sorry no link just text …
    NAMWATER has asked the agriculture minister to declare a hydrological drought after the current water-saving methods failed to curb wastage. This was revealed by NamWater’s manager for water supply in Khomas, Koos Theron on Friday when he took the media and interested citizens on a trip to the Von Bach and Swakoppoort dams. Theron said the water situation has deteriorated faster than anticipated, and minister John Mutorwa has been asked to declare a hydrological drought. This means NamWater will not be able to supply water from the three dams whose levels are critically low, and that for the first time ever, the water may not last until the next rainy season. According to Theron, NamWater recommended during a workshop about two weeks ago that all viable water supply sources as well as options like desalination and the transfer of water to the central area from the North be investigated. Theron said transfers from the Omatako and Swakoppoort dams will stop at the end of next month, and that by either March or May next year, the Swakoppoort Dam will run dry, while the Von Bach Dam could also be dry by December this year. NamWater warned that the country’s central area is using more water than what is available on a sustainable basis. The supply to the central area, which includes Windhoek, Okahandja and Karibib must be increased as soon as possible to avoid dire economic consequences, especially for Windhoek, Theron noted. Last week, NamWater announced that Windhoek households should use less than 90 litres per person per day.

  4. Eric,
    flooding Bridge Mumbai to Goa collapses..
    22 believed killed..
    An estimated 22 missing after British-era bridge collapses on Mumbai-Goa highway in western India, authorities say – Times of India, @CNNnews18

  5. Eric, SWC..
    .Adding to famine in Africa..if not resolved..

    UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development says farmers in West Africa need help after ebola or they could leave their farms, adding to food shortages – Reuters

  6. Eric, Africa..Sudan
    flip side of Drought..Land cannot handle water..
    Sudanese minister of interior says 76 people have died, thousands of homes destroyed after recent flooding – CCTV Africa

  7. Eric, SWC,
    India could break 56 year water distribution pact.

    Pakistan approaches World Bank over Indus Water treaty, amid reports that India could revoke the 56-year-old water-distribution pact – CNNnews18

  8. Eric, SWC,
    Legislators in Karnataka, India, agree to release Cauvery river water for irrigation to help its farmers save their standing crop with some of the water intended to flow to Tamil Nadu – India TV


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