Japan 7.3 Earthquake

This prediction has happened. Please pray for the safety of everyone in Japan. I made the mistake of assuming the numbers 7.39 represent time when in fact the 7.3 was the magnitude of the earthquake. Its unclear what 9 could mean. There are mixed reports on the size of the Tsunami waves, but from what I have heard so far its not massive.

Please share this post with others, hopefully we can get this prediction to those in Japan. If we share this prediction, making everyone aware, we can better prepare for the next Asian earthquake predicted. Imagine the positive impact we could make with the power to warn others what is about to happen.

Predictions 10-30-16    Japan.. Japan.. Japan.. 7. 39.. big one.. such a massive flood.” (Between December 6th-8th?)


30 thoughts on “Japan 7.3 Earthquake”

  1. Eric, the earthquake was first described as being magnitude 7.3, however the USGS later downgraded it to magnitude 6.9. Interesting that your original numbers were in this ball park, if slightly different. You had 6-8 from memory.

    1. That’s bizarre. Seen the patterns as the meteor crossed the sky before and during the quakes. A lot of mystery things we don’t know nor understand why it occurred that caused it.

  2. I monitored earthquake live map since 2013. Calif is not looking good. It’s the long process and due to have a big one anytime now to a year. Calif must be alert. First in NZ then traced down to Japan and going back n forth to Alaska. Then CA along the ring of fire. I fear for Eric prediction is right from his older posts. I wonder if it means in Dec. In older post mentioned of 2….2 Christmas lights. Loss 500 in other post in California. Something about Wednesday. We need to piece the puzzles of older posts that unfold.

    Pray for Japan and NZ be safe.

  3. Hi Eric,I am not so convinced this is the one,as the flooding
    has not been bad.Maybe this quake is a precursere to a bigger
    one- hope not.I live in Christchurch NZ we ate continuing
    To get aftershocks from Kaikora -not fun!!

  4. I am so very worried as it make me sick. It’s almost like walking on the egg shells and watch out it will crack. Californians maybe used to frequent smaller quakes but it’s in the process to create a big one on faults. It’s much worst than I observed few years ago. 500 will be loss…terrible.

    Praying for NZ and Japan to reduce the trembles. Deborah, I am praying for you and kiwis to be safe! ♡

    1. 7.3 is a large earthquake, but a magnitude 9 could be considered the big one with the massive flooding predicted. Scary thought.

      1. Karben, Hi…
        There is a theory that this EQ a foreshock…
        As it is following a pattern similar to 2011. —

        So keep your fingers crossed..

  5. Hi Eric, are you sure this prediction fits for this earthquake? Isn’t it still a future prediction? I live in Japan. On land it was felt as 5- at most, quite a shake, but not too much of a big deal, almost no damage. 90cm tsunami cannot be seen as floods … However there’s a fear for much bigger earthquake to occur.

  6. Hi, Eric! Are you sure the prediction fits for this earthquake? Isn’t it still a future prediction? I live in Japan. On land it was 5- at most, quite a tremble, but almost no damage or serious injuries reported. Tsunami 90cm cannot be seen as floods.
    However there’s a fear for bigger earthquake to come.

  7. Eric can you ask the conductor to please comment for the world in regards to leak at the japan plant still occuring. That’s a disaster. The rest is minor. Also time frame to fix issue. Thank you.

  8. Now I remember the older posts related with terrorism. Something about the colors hidden that overlooked and look up the sky …ashes fell. SWC, it’s in older posts about 2 years ago. I can’t find it. I was thinking about Macy’s parade. Hope nothing happen.

  9. Eric, I wanted to throw this out here in case something DOES happen.

    My own psychic analysis before I ever read this post (or any on this site for some time) point to an event occurring in the northeast United States. I’m fairly certain it’ll happen in Washington D.C. or New York City.

    The event approaching is devastating to not just the United States, but also the world. Someone very important is going to be assassinated, and this leads to a chain of events which will mark the beginning of the end of the United States.

    The only two people I can imagine who’s assassination would have such an effect, and in which the two areas I specified would be afflicted, are either Donald Trump or Barack Obama.

    I’m getting the impression it’s going to happen VERY soon. In fact, if nothing extraordinary happens in only the next few days I’ll be genuinely surprised.

    There’s much more that happens if the prediction comes true, but it’s pointless to elaborate upon if the assassination doesn’t occur first. If it does happen, however, I can give you more details on everything else I saw.

    Godspeed, friend.

      1. Sure thing, friend.

        I could be wrong as to what the event actually IS, regardless it will have dire consequences for the future. I’m certain civilization survives the domino effect of global collapse, although while it’s happening it’ll be hard for many to think otherwise.

  10. So there were two earth quakes in Japan this week, the second one on Thurs Aussie time was 6.5 I think.
    Then there was the NZ quake about the same magnitude on the same day or earlier.
    And today 25th (around 7.30am Aussie time) 7.2 quake struck of the coast of El Salvador. A tsunami warning has been called. Hurricane Otto has also struck that region as well and the devastation is being referred to here on our local news as extremely serious.
    And for what it’s worth, watch the moon cycles while we have the super moons. These next two weeks, with the new moon, will trigger more severe earth movements I believe. And the full moon will also stress already fragile fault lines. Pete

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