Indonesia Earthquake Prediction


I had a visual of a long strip of land with a large land mass right above it. Then they showed an earthquake sign.

That implies Indonesia, Spirit has been debating this earthquake with the earthquake in the Philippines, its hard to believe that an earthquake could be so wide that it would affect both places, bottom line a large earthquake is coming for that region. — Eric




160 thoughts on “Indonesia Earthquake Prediction

  1. The first thing I thought of when I read this prediction was the Gaza Strip. Turkey is pretty big above it. I hope it won’t be too bad, wherever it hits.

  2. There has been a lot of EQ activity on the Chile/Argentina boarder with a 4.5 today. I am referencing to the following prediction because the bottom part of S. America is a lot like a strip of land with a larger mass of land above it.
    Notes on 2-23-15,” I had a visual of several ships and boats, they were enjoying their day of relaxation and fun when a massive wave swept in toppling the ships, crushing everything in its path. Spirit showed a man who was rescued and survived. In the vision he was recovering in a hospital bed, what a miracle.I had a visual of South AmericaI had a visual of 727. Which implies the 27th.”

    • hi Luna tic I think your onto it with the date 27thth …I posted on Philippines thread I got three flags from the singer about quake in Argentina ….the Aluetian Islands need to be watched too and that would trigger Japan ….I mentioned to Jules on that thread that a SWC posted about a dream they had of a super quake that affected Indonesia and P.N.G. all the way to Bali .
      As u said on that thread Swc if it was you who ever you are please post again and sirry I dont remember yiur name..
      thank Luna.tic

      • I had the dream a year ago. I was shown total devastation. New geanua to bali would be completely wiped out. I did see flames everywhere. Now when i had awoken i had to look on a world map because, i did not even know were bali was. I was shocked to see they’re acrossed from each other but, lengthy. I also had same type of dream and it turned out to be the earthquake in japan and the results of the nuclear disaster.

      • kelly hi ….thanks heaps for reposting your dream …….it is not beyond reality …your plugged into this one it seems …if you recieve anything else keep us posted any day dreams flashes or strange slightly dizzy feelings you may have especially when you think about it …if Bali or philippines signs turn up in shops or ads or media and you get that pang let us know
        blessings light praying with you….

      • Rhona, Kelly…Yes please keep us posted. Just an FYI…you know how I seem to get things through the cartoons Rhona? I know, seems weird to me to, anyway…I wasn’t going to mention but there was a “Little Foot” kids movie on and there happened to be this large earthquake after these meteors fell from the sky and Little Foot said to his grandpa something about the rocks causing the quake then, “That was no ordinary earthshake right Grandpa?”…”No it wasn’t Little Foot”, I immediately thought of Erics prediction. Maybe coincidence but it didn’t feel like it. Blessings You Two

      • Kelly Luna tic Jules 104 …going with it could be indonesia i researched the fault zones that could trigger each other in southeast Asia especially take notice of past 4 hrs activity
        SE Pacific Rise 4.9 depth 10klm
        Ceram Sea 4.9depth 40klm
        Iran Jay Indo 4.9depth 40klm
        New Ireland PNG 4.8 depth 80 klm
        Leyte Pilippines 4.9 depth 60klm
        Myanmar 9hrs ago 4.9 depth 97 klm

        map ted fault lines connecting Png and Indonesia

      • Hi Rhona, Kelly, Luna tic… I think Kelly’s plugged in like you said Rhona. I see a lot of 4.9 mag there. It seems like similar things have been happening all around the Pacific Ring…same magnitudes. Is that normal before a larger quake? I hope there are people in Indonesia/Bali who get on Eric’s site and they are paying attention. Praying they are.

      • Restiyantisabna, hi….
        Let me fill you in…SWC…stands for Spiritual Warrior Clan
        Clan… Is Gaelic for Children..
        Spirit being the ancients.
        It is something we call ourselves or designate as we recognize
        we are working together as a group..a team.,with a warriors heart..
        It is a shorthand name for the group….or members..
        Does that help? I hope I have explained my it properly…
        Anybody else jump in..

    • Hi Luna tic. I think there are islands beneath Chili and Argentina called the South Sandwhich Islands. I believe that’s them. It reminded me of this prediction. Though Eric said Indonesia/Philippines I think.

    • Hi Swampy thanks for the link ..geez that person sure is taking on alot of pain for the earth .gosh i get buzzes but thats full on will keep an eye on that ine but dont want to influence what i get from my guides I would be spinning out on info.
      Like who said what? where? when? was that me you or them hahaha ..Hope all is well in your world Swampy and if it is may it always be
      blessings to you and yours

      • Thanks, Rhona. That’s very kind of you. I understand you’re not wanting to get other influence too much from what you find helps guide you. I’m afraid I’m very much an infant in intuitiveness (or that is, tapping into it) of mine. I’ve only been more aware of mine (at least, understanding a little more) for about 10 years. Yes, all is well in my world, thanks. You and some other folks on this site are inspiration for me and I feel blessed. Blessings to you, too!

      • Saw that rhona. Ouch, and thanks for sharing the link, Swampy.

        I experienced headaches and nausea in days before the earthquakes occurred but unlike Charlotte King. Poor guy! I sympathize him. :/

      • Swampy I always lookforward to read your posts and enjoy your contributions…your a light worker and old soul too and holding the light as you do is a huge contribution to humanity and the planet…each flame adds to the fire to shine brighter as one light…

  3. Praying for San Francisco either earthquake or violence coming soon as Mother Mary said via Melbrake reblogged. Keep praying and be not afraid. I asked St. MICHAEL to be there when crisis happens.

    • Mother Mary mentioned about “the noise is silence and the water rise”. Sounds like tsunami may hit SF. :/ hope not and stay alert up to few months. I think she mentioned in May or June via melbrake’s reblog.

      Also it hit me as a reminder of the Bridge collapsed and many bodies floating in SF from Eric’s older prediction. Hopefully Star, Jules, SWC will find the thread.

      Praying it will be foiled. I hate when this happen…

  4. Kelly, Mary SWC, I was sick all day yesterday…a rarity, even my daughter’s were a bit shocked. A 5.1 near central Chile hit yesterday and a 6.0 off the coast of southern Chile today. I feel very wobbly.

      • Mary like Kelly and others I habe had dome vertigo over past few days and seeing we are close to Marianas sort of its no surprise i felt wobbly ..just thought i would let you know …felt nausia as well but it has settled somewhat after that 7.9 marianas …oh yeah my right arm felt a wobble leaning on the table the hour before quake and said ti family i just felt a.. tremor and it really wobbled .. still will keep you pisted of more how are you doing mary ..Kelly…
        blessings guys

  5. My parents will be in the Phillipines in March,I’m staying home this time since I had open heart surgery,heart valve replacement.Im hoping it’s not when they are there.

    • When you say “Next”eric , does that give you clues to a time frame? My premonitions are usually 6 to 8 months ahead if they are disasters. This one has been 10 months.

      • Hi Kelly. “Next” predictions are designed to predict the very next event with that topic. For instance “Next” was used for the German attacks, it happened over a week later but it was the ‘Next’ major attack. Unfortunately we are only on the first stage of this process. The second stage is to come back to the prediction with a countdown. We have been practicing the second stage, for instance we expecting a prediction today or tomorrow but we are not entirely clear which, however the earthquake is a possibility. Its a work in process.

  6. SWC its gone very quiet around the ring of fire …..
    the singer came through with Alaska
    so Alaskan Penninsula one to watch…
    blessing all

    • Rhona thanks for the updates. Just FYI, dutchsinse has a watch for N.CA up to Gorda Escarpment/Juan de Fuca. He said S. Oregon previously and Vancouver Island, but I think he’s including whole West Coast Oregon and Washington as possibility. As of the 27th he said watch still on over the next three days and hopefully a swarm and not 5.+mag. I need to check and see if any things been updated since yesterday. But agree there are areas which are to quiet.

      • Hi Jules 104 That must have been a sight to see ….It makes sense its space junk …wonder if Delta Aquarids will lead us into Brazil meteor srike that is still to happen yet…..oh Gee not sure about this one Delta Dawn just started playing
        flag or not? thats synchronistic at any rate …I will wait and see if there is another 2 flags could even relate to Mississippi Delta flags before that got…remember ..the gulf of Mexico Hurricane prediction …
        we will see ….

      • Hey Rhona. I had to look that up…”Delta Aquariids”. Very neat! I wonder if that could be it. Your Singer is pointing something out. Could be the Mississippi delta also. Let me know if you get any more flags. Blessings and hugs.

  7. Hello Eric and blessings to all. This quake prediction seems to line up with the vision I had about a year ago (I emailed to you all the details previously) regarding a massive quake that would take place in Taiwan. If you have the chance, please ask your guides and spirits if this is the one they are speaking of.

    • Star 48 hi ..yeah i saw that one maybe with Minahassa Peninsula being 400 odd klm under Phillipines( Mindanoa)(Davao) there could be a shallower one up that way..or if it moves west around Java …maybe even celebes sea…

  8. Jules 104 I also thought about Tabasco with Erics prediction about mud everywhere and how its opposite side of golf of Mexico …checked the weather there …so far it looks o.k…will definately keep you upto date on flags……..

    • Demeter33, hi
      it has been corrected to 212.4 km chance of major tsunami..
      Buoys show only inches…reported..
      The depth changes the dynamics…of what to look for..
      Shallower ones to follow? Or more scattered around the area, Japan,Philippines.,Indonesia.
      It was suggested that the depth could indicate an upwelling…which in turn could affect volcanos in Indonesia and surrounding areas..
      There is the chance that it could be a foreshock…
      We need to watch East coast of pacific..blessings..

  9. Just 75 minutes ago, 3 earthquakes hit Mariana Islands which is located north of Australia and south of Japan. It was magnitudes of 7.9, 7.9, and 7.7.

    Keep eyes opened.


  10. As for the 5.4 in Indonesia…I heard if there are no aftershocks within 12 hours afterward, then that bigger magnitude could be a foreshock. Anyone else heard that? That’s how it happened in the Fukushima event.

    • Swampy11, hi
      Is that the one that was around 128 .3 km deep?
      If so than yes,we would expect shallower —ones or one to happen..
      There is always a percentage of EQ that are foreshocks..
      So there is a window for stronger EQ ‘s

    • rodneyowens982,
      I would never criticize you! Sheesh…
      I am overjoyed that you .informed us…hope to hear more from you…

  11. No. It was 139.8 km. But, I noticed that 30 minutes later, the 7.7 in Mariana Islands hit. A 4.7 in Indonesia hit 12 hours after the 5.4. It was at 128.3 km. I doubt that rule would apply about the foreshock on my theory. I’m scratching my head on this one, since the Ring of Fire is popping like crazy. However, when a bunch of islands in the Pacific have one, they get a chain reaction with a swarm all around their area. This bunch consists of Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Tonga, Caroline Islands, and a few others. I think it includes PNG.

    • Swampy11, ( my opinion)
      The depths of the EQ make a differance..
      The axis slight shift could be aggravating the mantle uplift in that area…
      Therefore adding to the instability of the entire region,
      As you know 2011 EQ made a change to earth rotation …and added to wobble..
      ( always present ). Just enhanced it more..
      What are your thoughts that the entire region is being affected by mantle and core changes? Due to Pole shift and magnetic pole changes?

      • Star 48: You’ve got a point. That was really deep for being that big, too. I do believe the combination of the wobble could be affecting the mantle & core changes. And why wouldn’t that affect the pole changes, right? What do you think? I didn’t hear until recently there really has been long-term affects from that wobble. Do you believe the gravity and solar energy (which affects the magnetism like the aurora borealis) affects the land, too? That tsunami had a lot of water moving for distances. So, why wouldn’t that affect the land, too, if it made the earth wobble? So, in long-term, sure I’d think that magnetic changes would affect the poles.

    • Jules104, could you review my answer to restiyantisabna about meaning of SWC..,Please?
      I can get convoluted when I am tired..
      Oh by the way another stronger CME scheduled to hit Aug 2,,preliminary alert is G2..
      On top of the ones that we have going on now through Monday…
      Back to Back.,not good…EQ’s more….bigger,deeper?

      • Star48, that sounds wonderful! You are a great writer and speak from the heart. I hope you can rest up and get some sleep without any gremlins stirring up trouble. I am watching the ring of fire. I am praying for calm waters and stable earth. Mostly for Indonesia area. I worry more for them. I hope people are paying attention. 🙏🏻. Blessings to you SWC

      • Hi Star and Jules, I have monitored every 2 to 3 hours on earthquake activity. I wonder if there’s fracking in Nevada because there are 10 quakes from 2 to 2.3 magnitudes less than a day. Also still active swarm on CA as well as around Japan and Australia. Keep in mind that the volcano in Hawaii can cause frequent quakes. My worries is the Mt. HELEN may warm up cuz of frequent swarm in Nevada. I’m looking at the round area as what caused the quakes. Just keep eyes on next couple of days. I’ll keep you posted when I see any unusal quakes.

        Glad there’s no “bloody Sunday “.


      • Hi Mary. Yes there is fracking in Nevada. If you watch the dutchsinse live videos or forecasts for earthquakes he points them out all the time all over the US. It’s horrible I think there’s way to many, people got greedy. Thanks for monitoring. I’m glad no Bloody Sunday for US or CA anyway. Praying there won’t be. Blessings

  12. Jules104,
    no reply button under your comment..
    Yes, jules104 ,those are the two storms..they are discribed as waves in NOAA alert..
    I put it on Mexico Hurricane thread….we need to monitor….just in case..blessings…
    I am turning in..long day..,talk to you tomorrow! Sugar Plum Fairies…!

  13. Rhona, Jules104,
    Updating..deep EQ just today..
    North Sumatra,Indonesia – 4.8msg…134 km depth
    Sanda Strait—4.8 mag…143 km depth..

  14. Rhona,Jules104,
    more deep quakes all over…phenomenon is not abating.

    See. Fiji. –4.3–526km deep. South Fiji 509 km
    Chile–3.9mag-122km —-3.6mag-111km —3.6mag-110km
    Myanmar 5.1 – 140 km deep
    North Columbia- 3.5mag–148km
    And it continues there are more…yesterday, even Iran had deep one..

  15. Eric, SWC.
    I have been monitoring Indonesian EQ ‘s

    —5.0 magnitude…depth 49.0 km
    time…14:02:40 UTC
    75 km S of Biha, Indonesia
    Location 5.955o S 104.165oE
    —5.4 magnitude… Depth 186.5 km
    time …10:55:57UTC
    250 km WNW of Saumlaki
    Location. 6.870oS. 129.320oE
    —5.0 magnitude…Depth 35 km
    Southwest of Sumatra
    Location…5.978oS. 100.325oE

  16. Keep eyes on as there is frequent earthquakes in California today. The latest is 5.1 magnitude in 2 hours ago. It’s crazy swarm especially west coastal of USA and South America.

  17. SWC,
    Newest to oldest.
    4.4mag-135km SW of Leksula…442.1km deep
    4.4mag-86km SSW of Banda Aceh. 55.5 km deep
    4.9mag-49km NNW of Kota Ternate…109.8km deep
    4.6mag-Kepulauan Baratheon Daya….155.3km
    4.5mag–109km SE of Leksula….10km
    4.7 mag- 27km WSW of Lolak..268.1km deep

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  19. Multiple Earthquakes strike today. The largest – a 6.2 in Italy, (2) – 5.7 and (2) – 5.8 in Indonesia a 6.8 and 6.9 in Myanmar all within hours of each other. Multiple aftershocks, death tolls rising. This is also the anniversary of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 that devastated the ancient Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. My heart aches for the people of these nations.

    • Mine too Kim. Yes praying for all of these Nations and Peoples affected. Very sad. I bet there are going to be a lot of donation sites set up for these causes if not already in place. People needing many basic items. Everyone remember to give what you can. Blessings.

  20. SWC,
    EQ ‘s today…building up..

    4.7–mag… deep…..70 km WNW of Bakakantonggoh
    4.7–mag….-39.8km deep…129km SE of Murara Siberut
    4.8…mag. …51.8 Km deep…111 Km NNW of Kota Ternate.

    • Yikes. Also on dutchsinse lastnight he talked about Christchurch possibly being in the mix next for a bigger one. Not sure but…it was that and the PNG area. People in NZ may want to check out his 9/11 video on YouTube just in case.

    • On the 17th 2 more EQ’s happened
      4.2 mag- 62 km NW of Abepura..42.5 km Deep
      4.2 mag- 71 km. SSW of Krajan Tambakrejo..78.7 km deep.

  21. SWC,
    Sept 18 th -4 EQ’s.
    4.6 mag-109 k NNE ofTobelo..60 km deep
    5.5 mag-62km NNW of Jayapura…10 km deep
    4.6 mag-54 km NNW of Jayapura..10 km deep
    4.7 mag-60 km NNW of Jayapura..10 k deep
    Sept 19th -4 EQ ‘s
    4.2 mag-62 km NW of Abepura…42 km deep
    4.6 mag-18 km ENE of Onan Ganjang..10 k deep
    4.5 mag-21 Km ENE of Onan Ganjang..10 k deep
    4.9 mag-64 km NNW of Jayapura..12.4 km deep
    Sept 20 th–3 EQ’s
    4.7 mag- Kepulauan Barat Daya…158.1 km deep
    5.4 mag-214 km WNW of Abepura..10 km deep
    4.4 mag-62 km N of Jayapura..14.6 km deep
    Sept 21st–
    4.6 mag-17km S of Ngulung Wetan..59 km deep
    Sept 23–4 EQ
    5.1 mag-190 km NNW of Saumlaki..130.7 km deep
    4.8 mag-39 km E of Leof. ..l35.2 km deep
    4.9 mag-4 km NNE of Kupang.l.54.6 km deep
    5.2 mag-67 km NNW of Jayapura…10 k deep
    Sept 24-3 EQ
    5.6 mag-65 km N of Jayapura..10 km deep
    5.6 mag–76 km N of Jayapura..14.2 km deep
    5.0 mag-298 km WNW of Saunlaki..253 km deep
    4.8 mag -49 km N. Of Jayapura..31.4 km deep
    Sept 27th-3 EQ
    4.9 mag-193kmNW of Tobelo..57.9 km deep
    4.6 mag-161 km NE of Bitung..74.2 km deep
    4.7 mag-67 km NNW of Jayapura..10 km deep
    Sept 29th
    4.5 mag-38 km ENE of Jayapura..22.1 k deep
    Sept 30th-4 EQ
    4.7 mag-139km SSW of Tambakrejo..10 k deep.
    4.4 mag-172 km S of Ngulung Wetan…18.1 km deep
    4.7 mag-160 km S of Ngulung Wetan..43.9 km deep
    4.8 mag-198 km NWof Saumlaki..135.4 k deep
    Oct 2-
    4.5 mag-40 km NW of Jayapura…10 k deep
    Oct 3–3 EQ’s
    4.6 mag-136 km S of Ngulung Wetan…10 km deep
    5.1mag -34 km ESE of Parapat..15.7 km deep
    4.4mag-212 km WNW of Saumlaki..160.6 km deep
    Oct 4 th
    4.4mag-7 km ENE of Gelang..168.6 km deep
    Oct 5 th
    4.6 mag-200 km NE of Saumlaki..1318 km deep.

    • I agree Star48. It actually came up on my app as a 6.8 at first but then was added to the list differently. They are pretty spotty lately. Though I’d not want that job myself. But some are not even getting added to the list. And the Europeans and Germans will have them on their sites. So I’m sure what’s going on. There have been some pretty deep EQs lately that’s for sure. Thanks for the info.


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