LA Train Crash

This prediction has happened. We are off by one day. I do hope for a speedy recovery of all those injured.

Predictions 9-3-16  I had a visual of a blue train rolling down the tracks, suddenly I felt a panic as it moved away.

“In 1 minute.. In 8  minutes” We are expecting a prediction Sunday the 4th or Monday the 5th


385 thoughts on “LA Train Crash

    • Holy crap, that’s scary and disturbing. These terror scares are becoming a daily occurence. This isn’t going to end any time soon.

      • Jules im confused this report says no tsunami threat have i got the right one?

      • Rhona no there wasn’t any. When it first happened they put it out there but then I think retracted said no warning for Hawaii. Not really sure how that works.

      • jules i repasted the tsunami message below and and it worked …they saying no threat…😕

      • Wonder where Star48 is. Hope he’s getting our comments. Oh New Zealand Dutch sort of squiggled all over as to watch for EQs and I just had one pop up as 5.9 EQ the Esperance Rock, NZ. Not sure if I spelled that right. Hope that’s all for them. Blessings

      • Rhona just got 5.0 EQ off N CA. Same time 4.6 off Gold Beach, Oregon. That’s south of me. Hope that’s it. Dutch forecast those also. The scientific community really needs to pay attention to him. Blessings

  1. Star 48 Jules 104 im here hope you two join me .😉😃
    Japan has been very quiet today
    hope its over for them …

    • Rhona, Star48. Sent to old thread video on Japan. Sorry. Dutch is worried to many large swarms. Sons in Ominawa for a few weeks now. Has forecast for North Okinawa. Warning him to be on look out. Here’s that video incase you didn’t get it. Blessings.

      • Jules 104 thank you for dutch video…😆here we are all ready to meet on new thread …
        jules prayers and light to your son and the area …
        I will post as i i have said even if i get 1 flag for Japan ..I too have been very uneasy for there for sometime now as you both know and that hasnt changed
        Poor dutch he is so victimized I wish they would back off and leave him be. . the bullies..
        safe keeping to you and your loved ones

      • Your welcome Rhona. He is usually right on with the EQ forecasts. I guess he’s a geophysicist? Guess that’s why he knows so much? Oh well. Gosh my son just told me he’s back from Okinawa and now onto Bali for a one week vacation. ______ Okay did you hear that silent scream? lol…but not really. Sheesh ugh ugh. I just told him to please have a tsunami plan in place as soon as he gets there. Like know where to run to. Him and his wife scuba dive too. I sure hope that Indonesia prediction doesn’t happen anytime soon.
        I agree, they need to stop messing with Dutch and his sites blogs etc. It only makes people wonder what they are hiding or who’s paying them off to cause him so much trouble. So he had another short forecast where he said that with all of these deep big EQs happening all over the globe we are looking at having an even bigger one soon that could involve atleast a three foot wave, as in storm surge type. That made me think of Erics Indonesia prediction. I really feel that off the Coast of Japan isn’t finished yet. Praying for peaceful calm waters…especially for Bali! 😁

  2. Star 48 Jules 104
    globalink using usgs feeds is not reporting latest 5.oo mag..depth 10km iszu japan in last 2 hrs
    amazing like you said star cant trust their reporting

      • Jules 104 oh wow so they are off to Bali ….I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers …a 3 ft wave surge can be quite disturbing ….
        yeah Indonesia. .we have waited for this one but here is hoping your son and his family stay safe no matter where they are …😇angels guide and keep them
        I will be watching Jules x😉

      • Thank You Rhona for keeping them in prayers. I didn’t want to really say anything to him since they’d go anyway. But I just mentioned it’s been really active, expecting a big one soon, and to have a plan for a tsunami as soon as you arrive just in case. He said he’d ask what plans they have there and hopefully when they scuba dive they’d be far enough out. It’s sort of like hm what to say when you know they won’t stay home. Feels like I’m ruining their holiday. Ugh. But better safe then sorry though. Atleast it’s now in the back of their minds somewhat. Blessings Rhona

  3. Jules104, Rhona,
    Lots of activity..whew..
    Here is the Oregon mentioned before.
    Preliminary magnitude 5.0 earthquake strikes off Oregon coast, about 94 miles west-southwest of Gold Beach (updated) – USGS

    • Hey Star48, Rhona. I was trying to figure out what was where lastnight. It’s hard to read them sometimes when they first pop up. One had said off NCA but was that the Gold Beach one then? Then yes Brookings, OR. Okay so when I watched the update for Dutch lastnight he was saying he was waiting on the EQ off Orego. Pretty amazing how he can do this. Whish other scientist would listen. And what’s next now doesn’t sound to good. And my son and daughter in law just left for Bali! Sheesh I’m getting gray hair just thinking about it. I told them to have a plan on where to go just in case.

      • Jules104,
        I will keep good thoughts and positive energy…for your loved ones..
        “Bali?” Oh…are they in that we are that stage — invincible mindset? .
        .grey hairs , I agree,

      • I was going to say that somewhat oblivious stage. Though I did try to enlighten some without totally ruining their vacation. Ugh. And yes gray hairs in abundance. I’m like just hurry up already. Thanks for thinking of them and keeping surrounded in positive energy. Blessings Star48.

    • None in mine either. But it is in Eugene, Oregons where my daughters attending University. Though they are replacing pipes in dorms now due to lead. Conveniently did not tell anyone until move in time. Sheesh. Oh well, atleast they are providing bottled water. Lots of it. And I shudder to think what’s in the bottled water these days.

      • Jules104, this was just released..
        .I thought you are living in shaded area..? In Oregon…? My mistake.,

      • No Star48, I’m living in the armpit of hades. No it’s Coos County, Coos Bay/North Bend, Oregon. Pretty but very depressed area I think. My 21 year old sent me this same link the other day. She had written the water board asking what the count of some chemical was in our water. That one started with a D. Diazone or something weird like that. Never got an answer. I think it’s what they used in the Pulp Mills here. Well one of these days I’ll be out of here. Just trying to look on the bright side of things. Hmm….well it’s pretty far out of the way and would any terrorist come here? It is considered a Port though. We get those humongous ships from China in the bay loading up wood chips and logs. And don’t think I haven’t noticed the big oil tanks right next to the Mill Casino where the ships load. Sheesh. Accident, or something, just waiting to happen. Anyhow. Glad you or I don’t have that in our water.

    • Wow a cancer survivor Star48. Glad you are here with us now. Yes anymore you definetly need to be careful what you are putting in your body. Prayers and Hugs 🙏🏻

      • Thx…I do not wish it on anyone…
        Luckily I am in an area that has a large following on organic foods and spring water..
        Lots of farmers markets…I even belong to a seed ,trade and barter group..!
        It is hard to go from city person to country person.,

  4. yes thats two for Japan today…further north but all part of same ridge …
    yes Star 48 Jules 104
    im a cancer survivor too …21 years ago now so happy to be here …your looking after yourself well Star 48
    blessings …

    • Wow both of you. So glad you are both here! What a journey you’ve been on. Star48, that is so great you are living the way you do. A seed trade and barter group. How neat. I try to get organic as much as possible. We have a lot of farmers markets here also. Apples that actually taste like apples. lol. What a concept. No actually my second refrigerator is full of apples my younger daughter picked from this apple tree by a church. It was surrounded by a briar patch. But she spent two days up in that tree getting as many apples as she could. It was hilarious. She picked a bunch of blackberries also. Got home and realized all organic blackberries have worms/maggots in them. Just a bit of protein. Well we soaked them in salt water and got rid of some. But they say just freeze them and they’ll come out. They are still in my freezer in ziplock bags. Oh my. I never knew that. Been eating them for years “organically”. Lots of huckleberries and blueberries to. I’d like to learn how to can food. My grandmother did it all the time. Didn’t look that hard. Some day maybe. Blessings and Hugs to both of You.

    • Oh thanks for that side note Star48. I told you my sons in Bali now right? Holiday. Yikes. Not a good time for holidays in Indonesia I’d say.

    • Star48, Rhona…have you noticed all the activity at Salton Sea ( Had to look this up since its tagged as Bombay Beach and Southern, CA). I think it’s swarming. There seems to be a lot of activity all over CA right now.

    • Thanks for the info Dtar48. That’s pretty interesting. So this is article is from 2012 then? And they did the seismic imaging already and found all that lava underneath right? I sure hope there’s no explosive activity happening any time soon but I wouldn’t doubt it.

  5. Star 48 interesting the last one ..I remember reading an article on their previous speculations now its making sense …
    they may well get that first hand study sooner than they think 😯

    • Oh wow yes I saw that earlier but had not seen it was emitting ash or they had cancelled any flights yet. I think they made it there right before this. I’m hoping they won’t get stuck there if they cancel flights during their return. I bet they wouldn’t mind though. Thanks for the update and reassurance Rhona. 😎⛱

    • Jules104,
      Between the EQ’s and the volcanos —lots of activity.
      your family will be fine I have been sending lots of positive energy. Blessings..

      • Thank You Star48! I believe in positive energy and feel it from You and Rhona always. I am not too worried but it’s always good to be prepared and to have a plan. Many Blessings. 🙏🏻

  6. Star 48 jules 104 sukiyaki just played ..
    thats a flag for Japan ….
    remember i said even if i get one flag i will let you know ..

    • I remember Rhona. Thank You. Praying for Japan and Indonesia. Weird on Dutch lastnight he had warnings for Southern California west of Salton Sea by the coast or on land. He made a statement about how it shouldn’t be but maybe mod 4 unles Northern CA got a big one. Though that strange because as far as I know he’s not forecasting a big one up North. So again it seemed his focus was more for Italy, Sumatra area I think, the PNG N Zealand area I believe. Not real sure where else. Sorry it’s hard to keep up with him. So hope none of these are too big where they do harm. Blessings. Thanks for flags.

    • Thanks Rhona. I tried to reply earlier and it went into some inbetween land I guess. lol. I sure hope Japan doesn’t get another big one but…Praying for wherever the EQs hit. 🙏🏻

  7. Reply
  8. Star 48 Jules 104 oh yes Star 48 it could well be its been noticed before …if i remember ..or at least postulated. ..thanks for the info it but not the fact it could go on for months I dont know I looked for Australia thread to put it on and which one Star not thinking right ..

      • Wmules104, update.
        3 terrorism at this time…
        I think it is 5-3-16 thread…(?) that is where I am putting info…

      • Oh funny I didn’t even notice that. lol. No worries. So my earlier “Dstar48” I should correct now? Oh my feeble fingers. 😳📲🔨. Okay seriously though I’m really glad there aren’t more deaths though I’m really sad to hear about the three so far and all those hurt. I pray the numbers do not go up. What horror that must have been for those people. 🙏🏻

      • Star48. I got a bad feeling about this. I hope it’s not terrorism, I know they are saying it’s not at this time. But can’t shake this feeling it’s somehow related to these US attacks. Could this be related to the second floor or bellview and whistle sound? There’s a prediction that talks about its more in NJ but it’s related to NY/NJ. Praying for all of these people involved in this crash.

  9. Rhona, jules104,
    Statement: NJ Transit on crash in Hoboken: At approximately 8:45 a.m., train #1614, a Pascack Valley line departure from Spring Valley operating to Hoboken, struck Hoboken Terminal building on track 5. Initial reports indicate multiple critical injuries. Rail service in/out of Hoboken is suspended due to the incident.’ – @byMikeDavis

    Side note….track 5

    • Oh thanks Star48. All of these 5s are getting a bit weird. Also, they are reporting more than 50 fire trucks responded. That makes me nervous. Like a distraction. Learning what their procedures are? Did they all come from NJ? Don’t they use a bridge? Sorry I’m probably overthinking this.

      • Jules104,
        What? As in physical body alive?
        Or his spirit -energy is present…
        I had a vision about 15 yrs ago and saw arrival. Tell you later…

      • Star48. Sorry for the delay. He was speaking in terms of physical. Did the conductor not survive? I believe it was a Congressman from NJ who said that but perhaps from another state. It was on CNN this am. Maybe he was given the wrong info? Sheesh.

      • Jules104,
        LOL, I thought you were talking about “McCabe” Eric’s Ancient Angelic contact.!

        Sources: Engineer aboard the NJ Transit train that crashed in the Hoboken, NJ, Terminal has no infractions, medical episodes or criminal history – NBC NY

      • Oh my Star48. That’s hilarious. Sorry I should have been more clear on the who. Well glad to hear he is alive. Hopefully he can answer questions and they can get to the bottom of what happened.

  10. Star 48 Jules 104. just rising to the news its on all stations here
    oh my a tradgedy that could have been averted…along with others in the past sorry to hear of the deaths and 200 casualties
    prayers live and light to families.

    • Yeah that’s not good. Though when watching dutchsinse lastnight he was talking about how volcanos can relieve pressure this maybe not such destructive EQs? Have you heard of that? Makes sense I suppose.

  11. wow both Ruapehu and Barujari…
    things are getting hot guys …the fact there is no siezmic activity at Ruapehu may only mean instantaneous explosion possible …
    oh my 😕

      • Star48 the rescuers are a special breed arent they surprised there is so many people up there
        …it wouldnt be me up there or i guess any of us 3 hey?😉

      • Rhona,
        you are right…not me..
        My brothers are the heroes
        Now retired, but still heroes…Firefighters,EMT’s, National Guard…Great fathers and family men .
        Also beautiful souls.

      • I read earlier that there were tourists who stayed up there to film or take pics of the eruption. Say what? I bet these rescuers want to knock some heads together after they get them all down. 🙄🤔. I agree though they are most definitely a special breed.

      • Jules104, Definately…
        Natural selection..all I can say is the dumbing down is really working..
        Saw a picture of a sign that said there was purchase limit of 15.
        On the sign it showed 3 hands! 15 fingers…
        to me that shows how crazy, it is now..

      • Yes there’s that natural selection thing going on for sure. I just can’t believe what some people do. Such as take pics next to Elk or Bison in Parks. Uhhhh… Hello??? Anybody in there? 🌰🤔😬🙏🏻

  12. Jules104,
    Strange…mentioning McCabe..”the Conductor”
    I just found out today is the feast of the Archangels..
    Sorry I did not know earlier…

    • Star48, Rhona. Can you take a look at Casey Latours comment on Christopher Columbus Day Parade coming up in October in Boston. I replied but not sure if it went. There are a lot of things I see from old predictions for North East US and Boston. Getting a bad feeling. Caseys post is on “Predictions 5-30-16” page. Also New England Patriots play on Sunday the 9th Oct. Bill Belichick head coach based in Boston Region, Gillette stadium. There’s a Parade and a Children’s Parade on that day for Fall Festival. Lots going on at Faneuil Marketplace/Hall. Pray nothing happens. Blessings.

  13. Star48 Jules 104
    reading your comments to each other about McCabe and the “Conductor ” makes me wonder if there might be some news coming from them soon through Eric
    hmm interesting guys …
    and yes Archangels feastday to us and them ..
    not to forgey Dutch a b day wish for him too ..may they acknowledge his work more in the next year or at least let him have free rein to do his thing ..freedom …blessings you two 😊😊

    • Rhona, funny you say that about dutchsinse. I bet Star48 saw this to. Did you Star? Maybe coincidence but Dutch said on his 9/29/16 video live stream LA put out a warning for an EQ yesterday, the same day he forecast for an upcoming one. Interesting I thought. Maybe a Happy Birthday to him gift from Spirit? You never know huh. Blessings.

    • That’s pretty interesting. I can’t even imagine Solar Wind speeds at 1.5 million mph. Did you notice this says it will be putting more pressure on earths magnetic field?

    • Star 48 thats one powerful energy field if i can call it that ..I have read a little on the van Allen belt but this info brings forward questions of affects on humans in certain locations going to re read it later
      thank you

    • No worries Star48, It gave me a chuckle. Atleast somebody else does the same thing. That darned auto correct. My daughter is always asking, “What’s that?” Then I have to go back and see what my phone, with a mind of it’s own texted.

    • Star 48 Jules 104
      yep so far we are good just blowing a freezing wind lots of rain
      inthe article Balcatta and Nollamarra are about 20 km fom where we are ..apparently there is more to come will keep you posted
      thanks for keeping check it feels good …its mostly our south west again …

  14. side note this weather is not our normal Spring weather …everything is so toppsy turvy these days ….

    • Rhona,
      Here is the latest info…apparently lines are down everywhere..

      More than 23,000 without power after strong winds batters Western Australia and downs power lines, trees – Perth Now

      • Star 48 Jules 104 I have posted Venuatu quake twice and nothing has turned up on the thread ..
        oh well
        5.1 mag 217 depth
        5.6mag 205 depth
        hmm Tonga and Venuatu going off that going to affect N.Z.
        thanks star 48 ..yes we have just recieved a warning all traffic lights out in Joondalup about 2km from us …our tree keep blowing parallel to ground it quite strong thats the saplings so far tge bigger ones are holding up

      • Wow that storm sounds strong. It reminds me of the weather we’d get in Arkansas during the tornado season. Sounds like two fronts hitting somewhere. Stay safe Rhona. Prayers to all in harms way.

      • I agree Rhona, Star48, Tonga and Vanuatu quakes are not good for New Zealand….and everything is really topsy turvy right now. Praying for a calm planet tonight, or today in Australia/NZ.

      • Rhona, Star48…I got a 538km for 5.3 EQ South of Fiji. I believe it’s your 5.6 Rhona but not sure. Maybe downgraded? But the depth way more than what you have so I’m not sure if that was changed also. 538km that’s deep. Two, now I’m a bit worried.

  15. meant to mention Fiji 5.8mag at 567km depth thats deep im wondering and will have to take dutches lead and look for silent zone for shallower one ..😕

    • Rhona, I was just posting that a bit ago. Hope you got it. I am replying from PC instead of phone. Mine said 5.3 at 538km though. Unless they are two different EQs. And those were my thoughts also, the shallow ones to come. Ugh… I agree :/ I’m going to go watch his update for today and turn in. That NW California one he keeps talking about is a bit to close for comfort. Stay safe and well .

    • I hope everyone got out okay. I wonder how big a blast it was. Think there’s more to come maybe? Praying that’s it. No dutchsinse update for today, unless I missed something.

    • Rhona you are just too sweet! May good karma always surround you. I am imagining you being surrounded by such bright light that we all need sunglasses while driving by your place. Blessings Always 🌟☀️ 🏡 🌟☀️🌈😎

      • yay now i will say what i intended
        your message brought great joy to me this morning it made me very happy was the first message i read this morning 😆💖💖 love and light right back at you and yours

      • Thanks Rhona. Sorry I was delayed. I am so glad I could bring some sunshine your way especially after all of the storms you’ve had there. I hope all of your family in the South are safe and well. I bet you have the cheeriest house on the street! I love imagining it. Makes me smile on the inside. lol. ☀️🌈😎 Light and love your way.

  16. Jules 104 trying to thank you. .so testing this post out ..tried 5 or6 times now its just this thread the other threads worked
    blessings to you

    • Rhona, no, I had not noticed that….
      Wonderful that you did! I am too scattered recently,
      Blessings ( be sure to say hello to Singer…)

      • jules 104 the singer has been sending heaps of flowers lately ..recently roses are red violets are ve i heard him right Jules blue ..and white heather ..
        he gives you a Blue bell and reminds you of fields of blue from when you were young he says ..have i got that right , Jules…

      • Rhona that’s funny. I always loved these big blue bell looking flowers in the PNW when I was growing up in Washington. I remember them from when we’d go camping at Mt Rainier. I’m not sure of their actual name. I just remember calling them, those blue bell flowers. So yes you got that right Rhona. Tell your Singer thanks! Wait, so I went and looked it up. I think they are called Scots Bluebells. And funny they grow in Scotland also. I’ve always had an attachment to Scotland, though I’ve never been there. I think I’ve mentioned I’m part Scotch/Irish before haven’t I? Anyway Thank You lovely lady. Many Blesings Your Way. Hugs 🌹☘🌻

  17. hi you two just got flag for Japan “Happy Talk” played its been a previous flag aling with Sukiyaki

    • Thanks for the heads up Rhona. My son and daughter in law are still in Bali. Not sure which place would be safer at this point. Japan or Bali. Yikes. Eric gave me some info during a reading once on my son though. He was helping out after some sort of natural disaster. Always wondering when that will occur. Just glad he’s still able to be helping, if you know what I mean. 😕🙏🏻

      • Jules 104 thats good news for you and your son yes im glad he will be safe and able to help out matter where that may be for him …its only natural to want our loved ones to be safe ..he would be a blessing in such circumstances. .😇
        thank you for letting me know
        blessings always.

      • Jules 104 oh thats great glad i heard him right
        yes i do remember your heritage as it stuck with me

        my parents and brothers and sisters are all from Scotland
        Im the only Ausi in our family lol😆..kindred spirits we are SWC..

      • Absolutely Kindred Spirits. 🌟🙏🏻🌈 Aussies are grand also. That just makes you even more special. 🙃🙂☺️ Blessings.

  18. Hi Star 48 jules 104
    I just got a flag for San Francisco Bay …played on radio as soonvas i asked ” Ride Captain Ride “on your mystery ship …

    • Rhona,
      go ahead a look for a differant thread to post..

      Something not to old …not many comments – so we do not bombard some poor SWC.

      Also at Sundown starts Jewish new Year (year 5777) Sunday through Tuesday. It is celebrated..

  19. ok here is the article i thought you may like to read its about Bodega Bay and a group of locals who stopped a nuclear plant being built in the 60’s
    bless them

    • Rhona, Star48…I read that when Bodega was first mentioned and thought, oh thank you, thank you no nucleur plant here! So glad! We surely don’t need that nightmare here. Nobody needs that anywhere. I do worry about the oil rigs off the Coast of Southern California though. I’m not sure if they have any up North. I’d sort of doubt it but… Praying for California.

      • Jules 104 i thought i recalled you mentioning it on the other thread.i ought to have checked ..i love it…
        yes quite rightly to worry about oil rig lots of earthquake swarms again tod.ay for CA…
        im turning in now …talk in the morn 😴😴😊

    • Star48, I think it is in this thread under Geology. There was an attempt to build a nucleur power plant there at Bodega Bay Head. But due to environmental concerns and I believe a fight the citizens put up they did not build one there. Thank God right?

      • Jules104,
        Thx for the link! Will read..
        Side note did you see? The 5 boats burning ? In WA? 5 again..
        Also today is Jewish New year celebrated until Tuesday year (5777)

      • I just read that and saw that also. I didn’t see the 5 in holiday at first but did later. That’s really weird don’t u think?

  20. Rhona, Jules104,

    Almost 1000 homes on Auckland’s North Shore are without electricity – NZ Herald

    Side note…fu my @180 comments…not many when we have had up to 400!
    But here are two other candidates for a differant thread.,8-8-16. Pakistan Hospital bombing or
    9-1-16 !

    • star 48 thank for concern but i agree i dont think its the thread …i m sure it was the clipboard paste on my phone playing up …
      i will try it out with another article soon .
      side note the wires coming down in Aucland ..lucky no one hurt …

    • Rhona, Jules104,
      yes the test went through…

      Let’s decide about a backup now …for the case, more problems or ?
      But hold off from pulling the trigger—

    • The post and link worked Rhona. Good article by the way. It’s so frustrating whenever you hear politicians talking about discussing strategies etc while so many people are suffering and dieing. Wasted time. Just send help now. Work for/in the here and now. Later is way too late. Argh. I guess these people won’t get it until something affects them in such a devastating way. Praying for the people of Alleppo and all of Syria. Blessings Rhona, Star48.

  21. yes star 48 jules 104 i think it was the paricular Bodega article woukdnt pick upnon clipbard properly 😯seems good now shall we just keep going here ..let me know you two what you think 😆

  22. Star48 Jules 104
    just an small observation
    noticed a small swarm of about 6 quakes near CobbCA and one near Winter so its moving a bit up neat SF Cobb is only about 60 odd km fom Bodega Bay .
    interesting to watch for

    • Rhona, Star48. I usually see a lot of Cobb, CA EQs. Though smaller usually. I’ve been seeing them for a while now. I just never matched it up to where it actually was. Thanks for pointing that out Rhona.

  23. Rhona, Jules104,
    I got this from Dutchsinse..about Van Allen Belt drained by NASA on a experiment that eventually went wrong..”Tether incident”

    If true It answers a lot of what we are experiencing…

    Should check with Eric/ spirit if true!

    • What the friggin dang nation is wrong with people Star48, Rhona? Removed a layer of the VanAllen Belt?! Thought it a grand idea?! What to say. I’m, well almost speechless, except I’m to angry. Holy cow! I sure hope this is either not true or they can get that thing down from there. Oh my oh my oh my. We should ask Eric if it’s true and if so how to fix it. You know it brings to mind the remote viewing video which was posted recently. Thanks for that info Star48. Sheesh.

    • Star 48 To say im appalled at the actions they have takennis an understatement. .sure the president would not approve such a tion if it were not safe …im concerned beyond words …this is exactly where disclosure of all kinds needs to be predominent in world science and experimentation ..of course their argument is the general populouses ingnorance and lack of intellect to understand
      whooy to that….
      My only consulative thought is the other band that formed above it it is natures or a benevolent forces way of protecting and compensating the stuff up …
      i do believe we are experiencing a direct influence from this and hopefully it will recfify sooner rather than later in the course of things joy to those affected in the interim. ..cods wallop and bolder dash to any of their excuses .
      thank you and thanks duchsinse ..

  24. Star48 Jules 104
    Star i can unnderstand and share your concern especially for the villages near by Pico Viejo Garachico all under 20 odd km from volcano …
    this may be the ” from behind ..The collapse of a structure a Mountain or is it an earthquak ”
    excert from 3-1-16
    oh wow if she blows its catestrophic ..and if an earthquake follows …Canary Iles are historically danaging in intensity when they do play up .
    prayers love and light to them …

      • Thanks for the link Star48. You should have been a Volconologist or Seismologist or Geologist. You clearly have a passion. But so do I, and Rhona also I bet. Too many rocks gathered all over the place. lol. Were you? I think you mentioned Journalism/Media? Anyway, those were some great videos. Love the time lapse and second one. I can’t even imagine the power and strength of Volcanos. Just a side note though. Canary, where the bird sits? And do you all remember the Jody Senkirk prediction for that area and something like what would be a volcano under the Ocean? This reminded me of that. I remember him warning the island people. Not sure if it was this exact spot though. I’d need to look at a map. Also, could this be related to an Edgar Cayce reading? I’m not an expert on his readings but I know you’ve mentioned him a lot Star48. Blessings.

    • Oh my. So the, “Tenerife Tourism Corporation”, states there are no worries, no imminent eruption, go back to what you were doing…taking care of the tourist whom we make all of our money from. Holy cow. Someone needs to educate the locals if not already. I had to go back and reread who said not to worry? Saw the word Corporation and thought oh that’s not good who is this Corporation? Then read, Tourism Corporation. Oh yeah well they wouldn’t be biased in their opinions or actions now would they. Hm. Praying for calm above and below the ocean. And that the islanders use their common sense and don’t just listen to the corporation.

    • Rhona,
      just saw that, i am watching too.
      Woke up 1/4 to 4am unsettled…I saw that Matthew made landfall on Haiti. ( I hope that it is,)
      Oregon , and 1 at Geysers ( near Cobb) so quiet….,,

      • Dutchsinse updated in early am. Short video. Tawain hit. EQ at Mt Hood evenly distributed down the west coast leading to Southern Cal EQ probability soon. He’s only calling for a 4.5 though. Not a big one. Just eye opener pics, chimneys fall possible. Which isn’t good either but better than a large one.

      • You mentioned you woke up Star48. Just curious, have either of you felt like you go to bed energized or like, well I can’t sleep now. Sort of feeling? Lately I end up not sleeping until 12:00 or 1:00! Ugh. I didn’t think anything of it until I wondered about all the mentions of EQs for CA and magnetic fields etc. Just wondering now how that relates to body energy. Just a coincidence? Hm. 🤔

  25. star was goung to mention you were up at a early hr …im hoping Haiti and its people are not going to recieve too much damage from floods etc …my heart is truley with them as is yours …
    yes it is a little quiet ..i find myself watching and waiting ..with light love and prayers thoughts are on the west coast CA …
    Remember to rest in the afternoon …keep your energies replenished 😊 we are all guilty of burning the candle at both ends at times ..

    • Jules 104 absolutely that happens to me frequently ..or waking ar 3am every morning
      Spirit does alot of work with us when we sleep and I believe we are most reseptive at those times
      Just as they say the body heals itself at night or the biorhythms are in play …less mind chatter from other sources at night
      i just say
      thank you spirit for healing me and making any adjustments i require …i love you and are happy to have you with me …
      sometimes i beleive we do pick up all types of energy from earth changes or events to come as we are more open and again the signel s are able to be picked up better in the wee hours 😆 less mundane stuff going on .
      I have always picked up flashes and insights while vacuuming its been like that for me since my late teens ….now thats odd 😲😅😅

      • Thanks Rhona. That’s funny about the vacuuming. I would always fall asleep when my mother vacuumed. I wonder if it’s because your sort of focused yet in a state of openness. It’s also like therapy to me sometimes. That and when I use to mow the lawn. I do some of my best contemplation during those times. Blessings

  26. star did you see Japan another 4.7 and a 5.5 in last 2hrs..
    this is the 5.5

  27. Rhona, Jules104,
    Could this contribute to your telephone problems? ( intermittent )
    Apparently this is not the only company affected .

    T-Mobile CEO John Legere says company currently ‘experiencing intermittent calling issues from 3rd party landline voice provider impacting all carriers’

    • star 48 i believe you could be right
      my husbands phone and our kids phones play up when they come here so there maybe interference of some sort …
      we dont have a land line so its not us but could be a nieghbour …
      there is a huge echo sometimes on the line as well ..
      remember our garage dooor remote was picking up interference too .we had to change everything over ..
      apparently it was picking up a signel from foxtel etc from a cheap imported modem from a neighbour its actually against Aust standards but you know people do shoofties…
      for the most part this new phone is pretty able to handle it ..being 4g
      i know when things are signel congested out there it flips to 3g and we can check our 4g tower for our providers area and sure enough the signel strength has dropped ..we talked with them about it and they have plans to add a couple more towers …
      thanks for bringing that up star😆

      • Hi you two thought i better explain
        Shooftie or shuftie
        its Aus slang for a quick action of deceit. …not being entirely honest ..sorry havent used the phrase for years myself …😕😊

      • Oh Rhona Thank You. lol. I was like hm…is that a typo, a word, hm hm hm. Shuftie. I love learning new slang words from other countries. Thanks for thinking about us here in the US. 🙂🙃☺️

      • Jules104,
        that fits.,the original “mama bell” ( ATT)had the landlines before the ” sisters “Verizon,Southwest Bell ,etc) we’re born..

        The Mama laid out the landlines and ocean cables.many other companies have used the “legacy”
        Equipment ..and upgrades, by many parties..who bought, own, or manage routes.
        Think of large overlays from all kind of vendors, Internet providers etc..

    • Hey wait. So they are saying it’s affecting all the different cell phone companies? And there is a third party line? From where I wonder. Hm. I haven’t noticed any problems really. I know Rhona has though. I wonder who she has.

  28. Star 48 very good article on sprites elves etc during space thunderstorms ..i recall reading aircraft witnessing something like this on rare occasions. .
    The more they discover the more there is to discover ..its infinite 😆 should keep us all busy for eons 😄😄😄😄

  29. star48 Jules 104 I usually wait for 3 flags but given the swarm in California
    just recieved “California dreaming”
    then hot on its heals Japan again
    a” A pretty Guisha girl ”
    i asked and its come in within 2hrs of asking …
    I noticed Rat Island had a 4.9 i think its fairly active around Alaska too thats been going on for days ….
    hope you are both sleeping well
    sugar plumb fairies 😘

    • Rhona. Thanks for the heads up on CA. I noticed Alaska has been fairly busy also. I wondered if anyone else did. Now I know. Makes me nervous for them up there.

  30. star 48 im wodering if maybe she is moving gently and gradually spreading the energy slowly I sure hope so …most are in the same co ordinates as the last big one Sendai …im stil feeling on edge with this one and its like it can go either way

    • Hi Rhona. I saw that. I think Star48 had posted it to Eric yesterday. Dutch actually had mentioned Tajikistan along with Pakistan prior to it happening. I posted it somewhere…I think. Have you noticed all the swarms going on in CA. Well I haven’t checked today but yesterday. Oregon even got hit. There looks to be quakes lining up in a row. And the Alaska area has been getting hit a lot. It just really makes me wonder. Star posted a bunch of 4 quakes happening all over. According to Dutch it’s sort of like you have 4s all over, 5s all over, 6s all over the globe, whichever mag, all at the same time. It will transfer out. I’m not sure if it’s building or what. Anyway, I hope Japan doesn’t have another big one. Some of the old predictions make mention of a Florida hurricane and a west coast tsunami around the same time period. I wonder if that will be for 2017. I know it was to have happened already I think in 2013/2014 (?). It just seems as though it repeats at times. And then there’s the quakes lining up along the Hurricanes path in the Caribbean. And the hurricane. I’m glad they are taking it seriously and having people evacuate. I have family in the Lake Mary, North Orlando area. They are staying put. If given a mandatory evacuation going to Destin with family members. (I saw Star48 mentioned he has family or friends in Orlando area also.) I just hope they don’t get too much water coming in through all of the rivers and lakes right near them. I think it’s the St Johns River right above them. It looked to connect up to Jacksonville area. I’m thinking storm surge being pushed into all those areas. Not looking forward to 2017s hurricane season that’s for sure. 😐 Blessings. Praying for Floridians. 🙏🏻💨

  31. Jules 104 Star 48
    😆morning from me and g afternoon to you..
    been out of loop a little looking after grandies for holidays .heaps of fun ..late late night ….
    Jules i totally agree with you
    when i looked up some old posts
    like 3-16-13
    excert ” october Florida Carolinas hurricaine” massive floods ..
    it goes way back to there and Mathew reminds me of this and 9-7-15 …..11-1-13 notes..
    yes and now a warning for 2017 …
    i see Taiwan had a 6 mag …dutch mentioned this …
    there seems no respite for some time ….
    Wishing yours and Stars family safe passage through this hurricain
    I heard this morning it is going to regain strength to over 200km hr winds …and i was very sus about Nicole forming to the east and wondered about interactions now being reported as a possibility. ..
    Its influence is massive …so praying and sending love and light
    my thoughts are with everyone in its path…
    blessings you two

    • Hi Rhona. It seems we were looking at the exact same older predictions. I hope this hurricane doesn’t do a 180 with Nicole and come back around and cross the state again. Ugh. That would be really bad. I have been reading and hearing about all the people who are staying and refuse to listen to the mandatory evacuations for places along the the Coast and on the islands. These people have been told this is going to be a historical hurricane and that they will more than likely die if they stay. One woman has her five children with her. One lady said she didn’t like the idea of bringing her dog to a shelter so she was staying. I’m thinking versus what, drowning? It’s really unbelievable. They just say they’ve been through hurricanes before. Ugh. I think someone should tell the adults if they want to stay fine but the children and the pets are leaving! It shouldn’t be allowed.
      Thanks for thinking of my family. They will more than likely be fine, but you never know. I’ve been through hurricanes on the east coast and I don’t like them much. Rather like being in a tornado for hours on end. Until you have the eye pass over which is eerie in itself. Hopefully all of the attention that has been given to being prepared, the evacuations, etc will save lives and make for less chaos after the storm moves out. I will be praying for all of Florida, the people who refused to evacuate the coastal areas and anyone else in harms way. Blessings Rhona.

    • Star 48 even though Taiwan had a 6 mag im still looking at a higher one for Japan above 5.5 anyways …
      thanks for update and as i said to Jules I hope your family stay safe in wake of mathew …

  32. jules 104 im incensed some mother would put her children in harms way let alone the recueres..
    its insane ….i have waited for the eye of a cyclone to pass to get a breather before the second onslaught ..but nothing like this. …
    i cant get this out of my mind ….im like a mother worrying about the kids ..if you get my drift….😯
    blessings jules

    • Me too Rhona. The kids and the poor pets that may as well be kids. Sheesh. I think it should be illeagal. Child endangerment. Well hopefully she changed her mind and moved her family inland. Her and the rest of those people who thought it would be just any other hurricane that’s come ashore and ignore the mandatory evacuation orders. Praying, praying for them. Blessings Rhona.

  33. Rhona,Jules104,
    Will send out good thoughts…and pray for the innocents…
    Hopefully the children will learn from this experience, and not do as their mother.

    Hopefully this will make people aware for the future !whopper next year!

    • I agree Star48. I just hope they are around to learn. I hope and pray even more the mother changed her mind along with all the rest of them. Yikes. The authorities have notified people that if you stay in these mandatory evacuation areas, there will be no rescues coming your way, you’re on your own during the hurricane. I don’t blame them, having to risk their own lives and it would really be impossible to do anything during this hurricane and storm surge. Maybe they all had an epiphany. We can only hope so! Let us know about your family Star48 and how they are doing when you find out anything. It may be a while though. There may be no cell coverage and no power. Praying for everyone’s safety and well being. Hoping this other Hurricane Nicole doesn’t join up afterwards and swing back around. I can only imagine 2017s. Blessings.

      • Jules 104 Star 48
        my thoughts still go out to rescuers even if they cannot go out during storm is the aftermath rescues of people trapped in dangerous situations as well .that they wouldnt have been in if they evacuated ..and look at the number of calls they have had from people saying they’re scared after their roofs have been ripped off …and wishing they hadnt stayed 😡😕oh dear and light to them they need extra thoughts and light for their unfortunate decision making …
        blessings to Florida ..and Carolinas
        I see Erics new prediction requires our focus no remain on this area with a quake coming in the back door elsewhere real soon …
        keep up the good work SWC

      • Mine too Rhona. I think it’s even hard for them knowing they aren’t able to go when they are needed. It’s what they do. Who they are. And the world is blessed with them. I do wish people made better decisions. I don’t quite understand that part.
        Prayers for Haiti also. They are saying 800 dead and they expect the numbers to go up since they have not been able to reach some areas. Praying for the ones who arrive to help and those who lost loved ones and those struggling in the aftermath. I hope the upcoming EQ doesn’t catch people off guard. Praying they’ve prepared as much as possible and that they read Erics site and everyone’s spreading the word.

    • Star 48 most beautiful song and intention inspiring i love it ..
      and in doing the numbers
      5 change
      7spirit and heaven
      777= 21=3
      3 catalyst
      so a catalyst for goodwill and a change in relationships with the energy of heavenly light and love
      92 y = 11
      11 a wink from spirit and the new energy of shift …
      apart from all that its very catchy as evident in the u tube hits and ..I will be singing it
      side note ..
      singer is singing it too 😆😚
      this one with sunglasses is from him to us 😎 he says
      thank you
      and Amen

    • Oh I love it Star48, Rhona. What wonderfully inspiring words and voices from all over the world coming together to spread Hope, Love , Light and Joy. Amen to that. Thanks Star48 for sharing. Blessings

    • Rhona I completely understand. I’ve had that happen before also. It’s like they just cut however they want to, not what you asked them to do. What the heck? But know this, you couldn’t look bad if she shaved it all off. I know that’s no consolation but it will grow. It’s just so frustrating I’m sure. You never know, maybe your hubby will just love it. I bet when it comes down to it he’d take you with green hair, purple freckles, and polka dot skin. Heehee. My older daughter came home last week with all of her long hair cut off the other day. I was sort of shocked but it grew on me and now I just love it. It is sort of a new fresh start for her I think and a passage into being a mommy now. Her new mommy look. I’m thinking this is your shedding the old and now you have a new elf sprite fairey look. I’m imagining driving down that road and past your oh so sunny bright elf sprite fairey house and saying there’s my fairey friend Rhona. I wish I were there to give you a big hug and tell you how beautiful and cute you look. But I know your family and hubby will soon enough. Hugs dear friend. And just think it’s growing even now. 🙆💇🌰🙄🙍👭🌈🦄☀️👑

      • oh Jules 104 im crying with your words sobbing actually means so much to me it vanity but so much has change about me in the last two years i dont feel like me .
        but you have given me the exact words i needed
        to hear ..I was looking at elf and fairy sightings on u tube last night ..
        and your right about my husband ..we are childhood sweethearts and been together since 16 …I have freckles and he says they are like stars of the universe on your face …sweet …
        i needed that its just been a tough couple of years for my body
        i didnt tell you guys but i had 4 blood clots as well as anurism .
        the clotscwere in my arms and shoulders from two canulas ..they call them provoked clots ..i had a virus and my body over reacted to the intravenous line ..rare they say but does happen .
        had heaps of tests and the say im clear of thrombiosis no gene for that thank god …
        if i didnt have clots they would never have found anurism and would have just gone to god in a flash if it burst so not my time yet
        Lots more fairying to do 😆😇😇
        I told the singer ..just wait i wil be there soon enough …besides it works better this way 😆😊
        thanks again i imagined that hug and it was delightful …
        yes everything you said is true even your daughters hair cut …
        yep i dont think they listen hairdressers….or a pic might help next time x

      • Ah I’m glad you feel better Rhona. That’s kinda funny you were just looking at fairy sightings. Because that’s just what I imagined you as. And it sounds like, that and Warrior Woman. Sheesh that’s a lot for ones body to go through and ones mind Rhona. I am so thankful that they found that anurism at the time though. Funny how those things work right? Little blessings in disguise. Definitely lots more fairying to do! Hugs 🤗

    • Sorry star48. I was about to ask you and Rhona what you thought of this old prediction and then not sure what happened. 💨 Do you think this “3 is your number, 3” could have to do with this trifecta? It also talks about how it’s not the big one but its big in how far reaching the damaging is. Then you added the deep EQs link. Also on one the older predictions I remember something about the “West Banks” and looking down at the bottom of the Bay Area for some odd reason. Also, do you know what happened with the dutchsinse live stream? I haven’t seen anything recently. I hope he didn’t get shutdown again. Poor guy. Blessings. Here that old prediction. I already put it on the other thread. Oh…what the heck is a papa johns moment? I asked but nobody has answered me and Google just can’t give me an actual answer. I don’t get it. Ugh. 🙄🌰

      • Jules104, papa John is a pizza company.–looking up motto…?
        3 is constantly coming up referencing US?
        He started again streaming since the 2nd. I just left the site..

      • Yeah but what would be considered a “Papa Johns Moment”? I get multiple meanings when I goggle it. From a gaffe, to binging, to not politically correct ruin your business type deal, to the owner found his old Camaro from younger days, to Payton Manning and his commercials. LOL. Trying to figure out what Spirit is referencing. Hm 🤔 🌰🌰🌰🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂😬😉

      • Jules 104 Hi I been doing a bit of research on Papa John moment
        It is the Pizza sposors for U.K. memorable moments in football
        Now when you couple that with the U.K. first F.A cup round on 5th of Nov 2016 and the plane reference invErics prediction ” they were told it was going to be used as a bomb ”
        if i am recalling it right
        The papa john bit maybe a ref to an airflight of a football side and spirit are calling it a papa john moment
        long shot but trying to work it out

      • Rhona that is the most I’ve seen on that. So a memorable, iconic, favorite moment in time sort of thing. Eric mentions in a comment that people may try to wrestle back control of the plane I believe. I think they realize what’s going on and divert a catastrophe maybe? I pray it’s so. Thanks for all of that research Rhona. Do you have any thoughts on what it could be about?

      • Jules 104 yes More research turned up an International Tournamment South Texas Youth Assn soccer
        it says unrestricted foreign teams and has dates through November 2016 to December etc
        I cant post a link as its a pdf
        But if you Google International Tournaments South Texas Youth Assn
        http://www.stx Internatiinal Tournament
        the schedule for games dates is listed..
        could be a thought …
        I also noticed Washington Post prints alot of soccer new ..
        i hope that link works …
        I will research alittle more on this train of thought …

  34. Star 48 Jules 104
    I know this is not the place to vent this .
    😢but i have just had a really bad hair cut ..
    it took me 8months to grow out the last one this hairdresser has just taken it back to where it was fore …its just so frystrating ..i said i easnt happy she took 2 inches more off than i asked..miss comunicatiin ..yes but it really has upset me ….
    her answer ..oh i can take off more and see if you like it ??,,😯
    sorry guys i phoned the family to vent but no one home and hubby away . he will hate it it up around my ears ..
    It will pass i will have to work with it and i should be sitting in gratitude ..wose things are going on in the world ..sorry for feeling this way .
    blessings …😊

      • Jules104,
        it’s okay…about wrong place.,

        Side note..
        A bad haircut…brought me to tears once..
        It took me a long time for me to get over was almost an act of abuse..( jealous?)
        He just did ,what he wanted…and was not remorseful.
        I realized that it was a power play..
        I would never —ever go back— this day, it still is like a ghost…

      • Oh my. Sorry that happened to you Star48. That is so wrong on so many levels. People never cease to amaze me. It’s so strange, I think, this whole jealousy thing people have. Rather sad little people in my opinion. I don’t think I would have gone back either. No matter what people like that do though, they will never have what you and Rhona both have. And that’s beautiful, unique, bright, loving compassionate Spirits. I think that’s why people like that are really jealous. They can never have what just comes natural for people like you two. Blessings Star48.

      • Jules104,
        That is a beautiful, thank you for the thought…but it takes someone who has exactly those characteristics – to say that.😍

      • jules 104 back to papa john ..
        oh dear then spirit does mention Washington and Texas in the prediction ..maybe who knows it could be seperate its is a boggler 😯😊

      • I hope it can be foiled. I really need to figure out how to get the word out about Ero s predictions but I don’t really know how all that stuff works. I don’t even do anything with my FB page. I think they’ve just added things they think may be about me and where I live. Funny. I just use it to keep in touch with my son. I need to become more high tech. 😳🤔

      • You don’t need to be savvy on a computer however its easier to promote. There are so many different options, alerting the media, printing it and putting it on a cork bird. I actually have a fan that runs a nail salon and she passes the posts to her customers.

      • Thanks Eric. I was actually wondering about having a paper with tabs you pull off at the bottom with your webpage address on them. Like people do when they want yard work, handy man, lawn mowing jobs, etc. And I could have some predictions at the top on the main page. I could do it in the library, grocery stores, City Hall. Places like that. If people just go to your page and see for themselves, I think they’d start talking about it and spreading the word. It’s old school but I think it might work. By the way, you are doing a great job as always. Thanks for all your dedication and hard work. Blessings.

  35. Star 48 thanks i feel better knowing you have experienced the bad hair blues …lol …yeah the hairdresser was our age and didnt smile and had a chip on her shoulder ..your right …nothing a couple of rollers didnt fix haha ha😊

  36. star 48 thank you ..I noticed that its
    north ..south and right in the middle over last couple of weeks so thats indicative of the a whole slip on the cards ..considering the clay and how easy it slides when it does move as they have said there are no rocks on the fault to lock up …
    slip fault is putting it mildly …
    id singer give me a flag i qill know its impending a big one least thats what i asked ..only give the flag if its major ..

  37. Jules 104 Star 48 Just caught up with news from overnight my time on Hurricane Mathew …Its merciful its been downgraded but the impact is just horrific. .over 900 deaths in Haiti and the older couple in their garage with the generator carbon monoxide deaths ..oh bless them ..and trees falling and killing people in vans etc that stayed …continued prayers love and light ..the flooding is overwhelming though expected .are your families o.k.
    blessings to all

    • Star48, Rhona. I just finished dutch’s YouTube. He stated Japan should be getting a bigger EQ. I think in 5s magnatitude? Did you see the one from the 9th? There may have been two from the 9th.

  38. jules 104 I posted a answaer above but it didnt seem to print ..
    so will attempt it again
    I researched a little and came up with
    South Texas Youth Soccer International Tournaments
    There are games all through November December etc with unrestricted Foreign teams
    it is a pdf with schedule so could not copy paste
    but if you google
    International Tournaments South Texas Youth Ass.
    http://www.stx internatiinal tournament
    all the dates are there
    also the Washington post has many articles on soccer so may have to research that side a bit more too
    hope that pasted o.k
    really odd clue but i feel it has to do with soccer planes heroic moment as you said …

  39. Jules 104 0third time trying to post this info on soccer in states
    South Texas Youth Soccer International Tournaments
    unrestricted Foreign teams playin Novermber December etc
    the schedule is a pdf and wouldnt copy
    but if you google Internatiinal Tournements South Texas Youth Assn.>International _Tournament
    also washington
    maybe barking up the wrong tree but the clue is very cryptic though i think your right about a hero type moment
    side note
    oh wow so dutch is expecting a 5 + thats confirmation …as i said i asked singer to flag when closer is hoping i dont miss it…
    thank you for letting me know Jules 😊

  40. Jules 104 seem to be having to post more than once again ..its only if i use my clipboard. .
    found this
    South Texas Soccer International Tournements
    unrestricted foreign teams
    the schedule is a pdf so doesnt copy and paste
    but if you google Internatiinal Tournements South Texas Youth Ass .
    http://www.stx >International _Tournament
    maybe a lead on prediction and as you said a hero miment on a plane
    also i wont paste it but Washington have a big soccer following
    side not wow so dutch mentiined 5+ for Japan ..
    i asked singer to let me know just before hope i dont miss it …😊

  41. Star48 Jules 104 i have been looking at flights from Heathrow to Dallas and Houston Texas and there is one on 27th and 18th October …not sure when a foreign team may fly in for the game schedules or where will try and match up times
    flights for those dates are BA 193 and BAW 193 they are 777 ‘s i think ..better double check ..

  42. Star48 Jules 104 yes they are Boeing 777-200 …i know this is a long shot but Eric did mention ” where football is normally played..” then the Papa Johns being soccer hero moment …
    this is a hard one to pinpoint times and dates …

      • oh o.k Eric that sounds plausible. ..he may be the hero and spirit nick named him papa John ..gee I hope this turns out positive for someone so brave ..will be praying love and light to John if it be cant hurt hey .thank you

      • Thanks Eric. And if so maybe even this John persons nickname? It reminds me of the nicknames they might give someone who is over others in the military. Guess it could be anything though. Football coach, teacher, religious leader, etc. Praying whatever they do works out well for everyone.

  43. Star 48 Jules 104 I realise Eric and spirit mentioned 278 and 787 on the 7.7.7. prediction if a plane hijacking and the 18th is marked and the number 27 ….
    there is also a flight Ba 195 on those dates To Houston … sorry if this is up the garden path so to speak ..but its a start i hope 😕😊

    • Rhona is that Ba 195 out of Heathrow? I will look. Wow lots to look up. Were you thinking of Washington State then? I was thinking Wash D.C. But only because Eric mentioned it previously. Here is that link for DC.
      Are you feeling like it’s going to be a soccer football game? I just think American football because of the Sun, Mon night football and two helmets clashing and football season here is such a big thing. Did that prediction happen? It didn’t right? There’s so much going on I can’t keep up. I am wondering about a British Air out of Texas to DC or Wash state. I think one from Heathrow would need to land on the East Coast then continue on. I was thinking the 18th, 27 also, but that’s not this week. I feel the EQ is coming up soon. I hope whoever is on that plane fights back and can get the plane down safely. I agree 😕

      • Jules 104 thanks for the info
        yes I was thinking DC and i went on the soccer path as it fits with British air ..and i know there are camps big time in North Texas .. ih you know one thought led to another ..and maybe the soccer is where american football is usually played …
        I also found out alot of British coaches fly in to couch the junior teams in Texas etc ..
        Eric just mentioned he thinks John is a name of person on the plane that rangles with the hijackers
        There are alot of British coaches called John it would need to be narrowed down ..i have tried researching news items for texas about soccor coaches or teams coming in ..yeah your right if its october 18th maybe its the coach flying in i hope not a team of juniors as that does happen ..They fly in to go to games and camp in the states especially Texas… I think the age was 12 to17 ….
        thanks for responding …maybe Mary could help what do you think Harvey might be able to sus things out she is in Dallas isnt she …
        There is a direct flight from Heathrow to Dallas. ..i think the flights i mentioned are direct …
        the Washington piece im not sure not going to speculate on that one just noticed they are into soccer
        big time too …
        more info will come im sure …if we are on correct oath spirit will highlight you would expect 😆

      • Rhona that’s weird I had not even thought about John being a Soccer Coach when I wrote that. Also meant to mention. I think Spirit said “when football is normally played” didn’t they not a where? I could be wrong. And then people were saying Sunday or Monday? But if it’s soccer I don’t know that when. Frankly I don’t know US football when. Except I always hear about Sunday then a “Monday night football”. What you are saying adds up. I will need to do research on this. Yes maybe Mary can help. I think Mary is Harvey’s wife? I’ll have to ask. She was using his account then made her own account maybe? That’s what I remember. Not sure which city she’s in there in TX. Which prediction do you think this one goes to? An attack with an airplane on DC or the bridge on the West Coast or NY or hotel/skyscraper. Could that be why that spider was on the top of the building Eric saw? From the sky? I always have wondered will they try and take out the New World Trade Center. Like again same place double whammy. I feel they won’t succeed if so. I worry about the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty also. Soccer is popular in Virginia also. Probably all over the East Coast area. I think my reply is all mixed up. lol. Just thinking outload. 😳

  44. hi jules 104 I had another look at the flights there are flights direct from Heathrow terminal 5 to Dallas from 11th october everday 13 ..14…through to 18th 20th .etc
    i will see if i can post a link ..

  45. Jules 104 im not answering in your reply box because i dont want the notification to wake you maybe
    yes im thinking prediction seeing Texas Plane used made me think it was a flight into Texas when I linked it to BA flights and football …geesh i hope im linki g my thoughts properly and communicating them in a understandable format ……yes maybe hijacking plane from landing in Texas. could end up being a fuel thing you know fly as far as they can to use the plane as you said ..but thats alot of miles ….
    i will do some mileage figures see what i come up with ..
    thanks so much for putting up with my thought path …

  46. Jules 104 yes assuming hijack the flight as it approaches American soil it would be washington DC or New York as target ….so it could be any of those we postulated previously ..Empire states etc ? …had to get my bearings …

    • Rhona I wanted to post this before I nod off. What I am thinking is when they say Texan plane, that means a BA departing Texas headed east. A Texan means that you are from Texas. The spiders if using a plane as a weapon/bomb, would want to make sure the flight was just fueled up to capacity. More fuel, more destruction. Maximum impact. I think it’s going to NYC possibly the 2nd floor prediction. Spirit says first it’s a bomb then no a weapon and then building. Can you look at all these posts and tell me what you think. I think it’s for the NE USA maybe.

  47. makes absolute sense Jules a Texan plane ….and yes your so right with it being fuelled up more destruction ..i admit that did cross my mind about the fuel .. yep im good with that ..good to get your input 😆😆😆 see how we all need each others veiws thanks Jules
    as star would say
    sugar plumb fairies in the morn 😴

  48. jules 104 so are you thinking British Air from Texas or is that probably a seperate plane incident . wouldnt surprise me seeing a co ordinated attack has been discussed ..multiple attacks yep Im with it ….
    the British one might be a totally different incident … thanks Jules

    • Rhona I am wondering about it being BA out of TX. As though that flight always back and fourth to from TX, to Heathrow? Diverts to DC or NY. Eric did say Washington and I’m assuming DC since he’d mentioned previously tourist sites. DC and NYC are not that far from each other really. I am wondering about more than one thing happening at a time. Either with planes or different attacks. I’m going to try and look some more today. Will let you know. Hope you had a most excellent fairey day. 😉

      • Jules 104 oh my goodness Office of congressional leadership …senate ..representatives screams target
        …and it fits with so many of the descriptions from spirit ….wasnt there one that mentioned the freedom attacked ..and flags lined up …nation addressed….
        Im asking for a dome of protection for capitol building …light and love there ..
        yes and capitol was mentioned ..
        Jules my heart genuinely goes out to America a its citizens your aĺl under so much pressure in so many ways …I wish you could all live without having to watch your backs all the time ..along with France and England …may your future return to peace joy and liberty in all forms …
        Im praying for you all ..😍💖

      • Thank You Rhona. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I know citizens here think about attacks but really I also think there are a lot who just go about their days sort of oblivious with their heads in the sand or in a bubble you might say. Not that it’s all you should dwell on but a little bit atleast. I think some people are of the idea that it couldn’t happen to us again or to them. Anyway, I am very thankful for all of your heartfelt prayers and words and feel the US is blessed to have people such as yourself.
        I never thought about those flags, but could be. I guess I’ve always thought in terms of different countries not different states. That was a great catch. Do you think there is any type of “bellview or bell view” nearby? I wonder if Eric can ask about that building. I did put that on the main thread just in case. I almost think it is going to be more than one event also. Like you mentioned an EQ on West Coast and then attack on the East Coast, maybe close together in days. Or just more than one attack. I hope anything they have planned can be thwarted. Blessings to You.

  49. Jules 104 we need a white board and detective hq …im all out of ideas …BA out of Texas ..yeah DC and N.Y close …good luck looking today keep me posted with your thoughts and contemplatiions …
    I had a glorious day in the garden was beautiful weather here with the promise of spring in the air ..its quite late for us ..most enjoyable ..and higher temps tomorrow around 80°
    may spirit guide your search
    im not turning in yet up another couple hrs …if i dont nod off ..😴😴🌘

      • Jules 104 still feel there is a big one coming for Japan…the movement around Alaska for a month or so has me worried for the whole belt around the far north north west northeast… Aluesians …..

      • I think you are right. Maybe a big one there is going to transfer over to us on east pacific. It just seems the magnitudes are getting bigger. Like started in 4s, now it’s moving around the Ring of Fire in 5s. Hm

    • Star 48 hello too I looked in early hrs this morning and again when i rose thoughts exactly …I said to myself i hope the release has been spread out over last couple of weeks …not so sure …
      thats all you guys need ..attacks all happening and a major quake to contend with all at the same time ..its just not fair …
      Im beginning to feel enough is enough give these guys a break …
      but your all strong in spirit
      Im watching closely

    • Star48, are you expected to get remnants from storm where you are at? I keep seeing snow for Idaho, Cascades, Rockies etc and mountain areas. Would that be you? Hope and pray it’s all calm your way.

  50. Jules 104 it sure is ..that one is probably the right movement silent zone from between philippines …and Tahiti the other day …

  51. oh gosh i meant Fiji ..not Tahiti ..
    getting my ii’s mixed 😆 uh oh is right hmm that might move to NZ or maybe Venuatu ..
    thanks Jules

  52. funny that i was visualising Fiji as i was writing its about the same time it was happening …wish i could hone in like that all the time
    😮hmm bit earlier would be great ..
    never know maybe new skill developing .. tongue in cheek. .

      • Jules104,Rhona,
        Lots of activity at redoubt volcano..also..and is it 3 or 4 volcanos erupting in Kamchatka..I have posted..on volcano updates?

      • Hi Star48, Rhona. Yes, that’s amazing all of these Volcanos are seeing movement. I think the plates are moving, have a lot of pressure, trying to release, breath out as You would say Rhona. Thanks for sending those updates and staying on top of things Star48. Blessings

    • Star48, Rhona. I noticed, after I was looking at my cell calander with dots on the days of the 24th and 27th Oct…that Eric mentions those days in his old posts for this Attacks Prediction. So I thought I’d look them up. The 24th is “United Nations Day” and a Jewish Holiday. Praying for rain for the Harvest? Reminded me of the old post about “the rain will pour”. Though probably nothing to do with that one. I just thought it strange those two days were marked as special. I need to find out about the 27th still. Here is a link for the 24th.

      • Jules 104 thats interesting ..given spirit are ancient it sounds reasonable as a marker for the date and praying for rain and pouring with rain sound the same too ..well researched ..a date to watch …I really enjoy your suggestions Jules makes sense to me 😊and how simple just clicking the date on your calander is just the kind of synchronistic nudges spirit gives ..hope the 27th comes up with some info we can x reference.

  53. sorry Jules I read your two posts bleary eyed from waking …after posting my reply i remembered as soon as i saw it.. your reference to the Navy Day ..
    could be a day to watch …your on fire Jules its flowing for you .
    As I said once before ..Its almost like all our emotions are the lacky band being stretched .never mind the earth quake …so much tension and anticipation. .
    blessings 😄

    • Hi Rhona,Star48. There was no reply box on previous comment so replying here. 😊 I think Eric has mentioned Spirits may use that phrase of raining for sadness/sad times, but it rang a bell so I just added. You never know.
      The Navy Day, I wonder if that coincides with the NY Fleet Week? Maybe it’s happened already? I need to check some more dates. I hope Eric can get some more info on what’s coming up next. Yes, more clues. Hopefully we can foil any plans the spiders have.

  54. Star48 no reply box so have to post here
    4 volcanoes Kamchatka ..looks like Eric and spirit might well be on the mark with quake in Russia given that amount of magma on the move is going to rebound on the plate and faults …must have a look and see what Stan is close …
    blessings 😊

  55. Star 48 Jules 104 i had a look and no im way off all the Russian stans are 6ooo miles on other side of country to these volcanoes …
    must be one of the regular Stans doing its thing …not related to volcano ..

  56. Star48, Rhona. South Coast Oregon and I believe N California are getting two wind storm events starting tomorrow. Hurricane force winds with possible gusts of 90 mph here. The worst on Saturday thru Sunday. Possible power outages, trees down, flood watch. I hope and pray it doesn’t get that bad. Hoping you don’t get any of the storm coming out of Seattle area Star48. (If I sent this twice sorry.). Blessings

  57. Jules 104 payers love and light
    take care both of you ..
    i will keep up to date on it
    thanks for heads up …
    will your area be o.k. jules ?

      • Thanks Rhona. The best weather forecast I’ve yet to receive. I hadn’t actually looked it up yet on my PC. And we seem to get Portland/Seattle weather forecast and not much else here. Much appreciated. 🙏🏻

      • jules just saw your reply for storm link
        your very welcome …was hoping i wasnt being presumptuous …💜👍

    • Hi Rhona. I’ve never really been through one of these “wind storm events” here, but can imagine we will lose power with downed trees. Lots of big trees around here with most power lines being old school above ground. I am right on the Coast so from what I can tell we are expected to get 60-90 mph wind gusts. Two events, the second being worse than the first. And of course all of the predictions come to mind with that. lol. I am wondering what Nicole will bring in the East. I hope they don’t get hammered again over there. Anyway, I’ve weathered tornados in Tornado Alley, hurricanes on the East Coast, blizzards in the Rockies…so this should be interesting? Really I think the bigger issue for the Coast will be trees coming down then losing power. We are right next to Highway 101. So it may have trees on it. Though I’d say people should be at home and not out driving. It looks like Washington is going to get hit bad up North. I hope Star48 doesn’t get those after affects. I am fine here though. I am prepared and it doesn’t get that cold so we don’t really need to worry about not having any heat. Not having any coffee or tea, now that’s another matter altogether. 😳 lol. I may need to get a propane tank for my BBQ just to heat water. Funny, my sister in Florida said she thought the same thing. Well I’m just being silly. But I wanted to just let you two know ahead of time incase you don’t hear any replies from me. It’s just due to saving battery power. Saying prayers for the PNW. 🙏🏻😇. Blessings Rhona

      • Jules 104 thanks so much for putting me in the know on your position with the storm 😊you sound like all that experience would make you a very handy person to have around under such circumstances. .
        yep the older we get the more we have under our belt
        Little Elvis went out on a cruise bout over to rottnest Island off our coast last week with his mom and partners family ..the time we had an unexpected change in weather ..
        it whipped up a storm and the boat was listi g to the portals from side to side …
        woulnt you know …my daughter said he stood and cried out “I want my nanna..”
        He said I thought i was going to die nan 😢😕😨 sorry couldnt help but have a laugh ..not infront of him but amongst ourselves …
        apparently it didnt frighten him for return journey which was much calmer ..
        I reassured him the skippers well and truly know how to handle such weather.
        but Jules ..No brainer the bad weather was a real possibility. .I dont know the decisions the young one make 😨😣
        my reason for amble is that experience of being older…😆
        cant put an old head on young shoulders hey?

      • Hi Rhona. Ah poor Little Elvis. That is rather funny that he called out for his Nana though. He trusts that his Nana will take care of, fix, and make it right no matter what it is. Nana’s have special magical powers. lol. 😇🤗 My grand babies have done the same thing. It sounds like you handled it wonderfully by explaining the skippers competence to him. Though I agree, sometimes the decisions made are not always the best. Ugh. Which brings me to my special magical powers and what I was doing lastnight. Stocking up on/finding the batteries, flashlights, candles, water, bread, pb&j, propane tank for my BBQ (coffee,tea😳), and ice for things that need to stay cold in case of power outages, bringing potential flying objects from outside into the garage. Filling bathtub with water. Charging phones, filling gas tank. What someone else was doing…oh everyone says “It’s no big deal, I wouldn’t worry about it.” Hahaha. I guess you just have to have been around that block a few times right? Oh well. Better prepared than not. Thank goodness for those special magical fairey powers. 🌟🦄🍄🍀

    • Rhona I thought I saw an EQ there lastnight when watching Dutch. My phone kept messing up though so couldn’t ask you about it. Maybe your feet were right then. Take care. Hope that’s it for you.

    • Star48, Rhona. Dutch YouTube 10-13-16. The one previous had some info also but this was short and interesting. Discussing upcoming N CA. EQ. The previous one discussed two upcoming EQs near NZ/Fiji area striker no on each side. Possible 6.5 to 7. Which may start the whole process over again but higher magnitude I think. It’s hard to follow but generally what he said. I’ll try to link other YouTube forecast. I just skip over parts that get long drawn out. 😳 Praying for NZ, N CA.

    • This is the 10-12-16 forecast. I drag and skip over certain areas. Very interesting in how it is leading up to a bigger EQ in N CA. This and the previous one I posted. Oh if only scientist and psychics would all get together the things they could accomplish. That reminds me of a Dr Suess book. 🤔 Still, Erics way ahead with his predictions. Here is the other link.

  58. Hi jules 104 Star 48 so funny about Volcano discovery virus warning ..had a giggle at the way duchsinse said it …
    looks like he is confirming spirit and Erics prediction ..just as well volcanos are releasing pressure …
    and he is confirming more for Japan and even mentioning Aluesians ….
    thanks for update Star….
    first thing i do is check your posts in theirning and Erics new post this morning ..looks like clock is ticking we will know soon ..prayers for all outcomes to be lessened and / or intercepted
    blessings take care.

  59. Jules 104 Star 48 thats not Bodego as Eric predicted. .
    Guess i was remembering some Swc posts brought up BorregoSprings bad ..i got them confused
    though we also mentioned Bodego bay CA …😆

  60. hello you two I have posted notifications on other threads to say we need to move to
    Train Derailment Thread .
    I hope you get this …


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