Protest Becomes Violent at Trump Rally

This prediction has happened.

Predictions 4-15-16   “Security and safety replaced with violence.”

I had visual of an emblem with an elephant in the center, the emblem was red but then it faded to black.

The emblem sounds like the republican party, something again turns violent. But usually when something turns black its a very dark message. This is the second time they have implied a threat. The other prediction is below.

Predictions 2-27-16   Spirit has clarified that the below predictions are not the fall of Trump but a threat of violence. They implied it was a threat against him and those around him, they also implied it would be fatal for those ‘around’. Its also possible that they are talking about violence in general, or a tone of violence.   If you have the means to warn him please do so. Though I may not agree with his politics, violence of any kind is never the answer.

11 responses to “Protest Becomes Violent at Trump Rally”

  1. Christophilos Avatar

    What is happening is war between those of the Light and those of Dark Energy. You can make up your own mind as to which is which.

  2. myseventh Avatar

    This is probably only the beginning, the puppet masters are pushing back, they want their cheep labor and the profit from the drug running, while taking money from the rest of us through taxes, insurance premiums and such. They don’t want their gravy train to end so they will try to make it as rough as they can.
    It’s like pulling a festering splinter, it will hurt as you first pull, then a sharp pain when the skin breaks free, then relief and healing follows. We are just feeling the hurt from the initial pull and just hopping it doesn’t break where it had to be cut out.

  3. professorkemp Avatar

    This is just the tip of the iceberg I am sure. Wait till Cleveland. Trump had opened a door he cannot close.

    1. myseventh Avatar

      Judging by the size of the crowds, both pro and con it’s a door that needed to be opened. The air needs to be cleared and the topics addressed, otherwise they will fester and be much harder to deal with later.

  4. anthony Avatar

    Donald trump will win election. He needs to change his tone thou. A fallen angel is one who thinks he creates for its man ego that has lead many astray. He is not fallen yet. But its all about transformation in recognizing past mistakes and having the balls to raise your hand and say im sorry. I can see him apologizing for what he has done in the past on tv. forgive,release and let go.good luck Donald trump.

    1. Mary Avatar

      Trump will not win. He will step down due to illness later in time.

  5. star48 Avatar

    SWC, another round of violence…directed AT Trump.. Anaheim, CA
    (My opinion – they are providing fodder)

  6. star48 Avatar

    SWC, Fresno
    motorcade cars attacked..SService..Blasts through barricade to get away..blocked driveways too.
    Evasive action..

  7. star48 Avatar

    attacks on supporters / trump people and police still going on / Flag burning too.
    San Jose, CA.

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