Dilma Rousseff Impeached

This old prediction is complete.

Notes 8-12-15
“The president of Brazil
She took (stole) the money, she has it
Too many lies and secrets
The truth is coming out.
Massive protests demand her removal, her impeachment
Her demise inevitable.
A new cleaner process replaces the old one.
Oh how the mighty have fallen.” — Spirits Voice




525 thoughts on “Dilma Rousseff Impeached

  1. The new world system will replace these people and a group like senate will make decisions. It goes to show what happens to a country when one person can make or break them. Many more to come in south america plus other countries. Best system is similar to the uk were the party can change leadership at anytime

    • oh dear star 48 thats tough going
      …blast …😕
      wow looks like they may have to revise how quick some mountains could have formed .. floored ..thats incredible and they are baffled ..what a force ..my goodness c the seaweed on top .. i cant get over that ..
      thank you .

    • Rhona oh my. Are you saying this warning is from current from yesterday? Something funny going on here. I had this thought, well I hope if I pick this thread Fiji doesn’t start picking up weather systems. Didn’t that happen already once? I even wrote, do you think they will have another one? But erased it because I thought well that’s dumb it wouldn’t be the same one anyway right? This is funny, I was cracking up when I saw it. 😄😉

    • Star 48 sorry with late reply
      so happy Eric and spirit recieved a mention ….
      well done Eric ….

  2. Rhona, jules104,
    Nothing shows for Fiji in three day outlook…?
    However….terror…EQ….are possible….Jules your comments on other thread are chilling…
    San Diego.. Veterans Day…are all on the stage..

    • Star 48
      oh my goodness I love that
      scientists are coming along like snails ..
      perfect … and well said ..
      At least they will eventually arrive and we will be there to greet them

      • Oh well said. I was thinking, I guess better late than never, and it’s atleast a start for them. But yes be there to greet them. Thanks for the article Star48. Blessings for a great day.

    • It sounds like an energy field to me. Like when you get to close to the power lines or something. Like those big sub stations? Not sure if that’s the right word. Isn’t Taos, New Mexico one of those places that has those energy fields? Thanks for the link Star48

    • Star48, Rhona. Oops posted a reply to you Rhona on other thread. Sheesh. Been gone all day visiting daughter at University. Like my quiet life I decided. Not as young as I use to be. Oh my. I saw that big EQ in Western Australia. That’s pretty interesting. Oklahoma had a 5.3, then 2.0 in NJ/NY. Hope both of you had a great day. Will try and catch up. Blessings.

  3. Star 48 Jules 104
    thats actually two at 4.8 one at Tanami 200 odd miles from Halls creek as well second at Tanami is 20km deep …

  4. Star 48 Jules 104
    for interest
    Indonesia can have quakes and Australia doesnt usually respond
    but if we have them up north Indonesia responds because we are moving north plate movement
    it nudges them …sort of.. to speak..
    so i expect another quake pretty much between Aus and Indonesia soon …Timor sea perhaps .
    only guessing 😕

    • Rhona. That’s interesting. So I remember hearing Dutch say once something about how Australia wasn’t connected to….not sure what…a plate or something? Maybe like what you are talking about? It sounded like a good thing. I should have listened again. So maybe it’s just what you are saying here. Should be interesting what happens next.

  5. star 48 Jules 104 Russia flag this morning my time …
    hope all goes well for Election day for you two …and your loved ones

  6. jules 104 Star 48
    good question
    Im thinking earthquake. .that was the intuition with it
    Eric had a prediction quake for Russia . sorry will look it up
    the stans were mentioned .if Im remembering correctly..

    • Rona, Star48. Did either of you notice some really deep EQs recently? I was looking on my phone app earlier. I noticed Indonesia area, Alaska area and South America area had some pretty deep EQs. There may be more areas but its hard to see them from my phone app. Makes me wonder what’s coming. Going to check dutches site.

    • Star48, Rhona. Just saw this one. (Wondering now about Australia’s play into all of this Rhona.) Speaks to those deep EQs I noticed. Think there must have been even more after this video. I didn’t catch the time of it. Here it is. The deep EQs in West Pacific starts about at 6:00 minute time. Speaks about transfer over to East Pacific later. Worried about Japan/Tokyo. And Ryuko Islands area. That’s just me though. I still have that area in my mind. Here’s that link.

      • Jules 104 Star 48
        Thanks heaps Jules for Dutches update …wow I thought the plate movement was going to cause problems the signs were all there and ..I must be learning something …
        I like you ..looking at Japan maybe the big one eric warned of will come earlier than December 8 ..
        Im also thinking Sumatra ..
        I hope there is enough people listening to Dutch to get the word out …
        Take care on the East coast of uS ..
        it should be a noteworthy week ..
        love light and prayers to mother earth …

    • It says possibly due to construction but…with all of the plate movement going on over there it does make you wonder. That must have been pretty scarey if you were above the area as it happened. Blessings

  7. Star 48 that is huge
    south island …wonder if its been brought on by ground temors ..
    maybe our area to watch 😕

    • Rhona, Star48. I agree uh oh. Just looking at this. A bit worrying. It starts out about 14:40 for the West Pacific Plate. Speaks on Volcano blasts not just eruptions possible for Japan I think it is. Maybe more? I really think this is going to lead up to what Eric’s been predicting for Japan, CA, South America, Indonesia. Oh just thought about something. Here he’s talking about EQs not being put up. Siberia…Turkey previously I think. This is part 2. Maybe it’s a sort of timeline the Spirits gave. Sheesh that’s a lot of countries.

  8. Jules 104 thanks again for dutch and i agree wholheartedly its leading into Erics Japan Tsunami and dutch mentioned Tokyo too
    The volcanos o.k here we go ..its going to be a busy week …
    meteor impact maybe he said Siberia just recent ..oh..
    like he said we need that seizmic data ..
    it is weird when you see one and then it just disappears ..ghost earthquakes ..he says …
    he cracks me up no earthquake juice o.k. 😆😆😆

  9. jules 104 Star 48
    Tanaga volcano 64 ml from this quake ..magma maybe
    dutch mentioned area around his volcano …

  10. Jules 104 now thats interesting
    looks like Russia may have that high shallower one after all ..
    good reporting Jules 😆

    • Well now I’m wondering. There’s been a lot of 2. & 3. eqs today. Almost like swarms. That would be good I guess. Oh well. I’m kind of worried about this assassination prediction. Someone on the site pointed out the building Hillary will be celebrating in if she wins. It’s all glass, even the ceiling. Called The Javits Convention Center in NYC. Trump will be at the Hilton a few blocks away. I worry about the Lee Harvey Oswald connection to Russia. It sounds all very conspiratorial I know but hm… Praying whatever the election outcome it goes smoothly without violence of any kind.

      • jules 104 I read that this morning on the other thread I too pray it all goes without violence …maybe the prediction was a potential event that can be thwarted …

    • Rhona, Star48. Look at this depth in Argentina. And Central CA had a 3.6 after. Just feel something’s going on under the plates. Hope it’s not a bigger one for CA. Or anywhere. Oh 3.6 Iran just now. So that’s what I’ve been noticing all day. The same magnitudes all over just bouncing around. I guess that’s what happens though? I feel like it’s ping pong. Or what did you say Star48? Whack a mole? I need to see if Dutch has weighed in on anything.

    • Oh just sent you the same Rhona. Haha. But oh hope not. I just feel an on the edge of
      my seat and it’s not for the elections going on.

  11. Jules thats Funny …
    oh dear Donald ..I dont ynderstand how spirit got it wrong …
    blessi gs Jules
    this could lead to a Lea Harvey Oswald Moment I hope not ..

    • Rhona, Jules104,
      OMG. It is Trump/Pence!
      What a shock…I thought for sure spirit was correct…something changed..wow..
      My jaw dropped…

      • OMG is right Star48. I feel like I’m going to…do things I can’t make mention of on this site. 😬😮🙊. I’m still going to hold out hope. Spirits got to know something we don’t. Please, please, please. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

      • Star I say this with full conviction .
        something is very wrong with this result it not right too big a gap ..
        Australia is in shock ..not any respect here for Trump…
        we can only hope he can pull this together and lead in a honorable way …..
        I literally felt sick in the stomach .
        picking up on vibes for future ..
        prayers love and light to surround him …he will need it America will need it ….
        blessings …

    • Rhona I don’t understand it either. Hm. Unless there is something unforeseen which will be exposed to us in the future. I guess we will have to wait and see. Meanwhile, I read the Canadian Immigrations website crashed tonight. lol. But seriously it did. Too many Americans wanting info on Canada. 🌰👻🦃😬🙏🏻 Oh my what to do now. Canada’s a bit chilly this time of year. 🙃🙂🙃

      • a Jules 104. ..Yes Canada is a bit chilly Jules …
        Well this will certainly fill the newpapers for the next few years …
        oh my …
        My eldest son said something to me tonight
        “Mum at least he has no political
        payback obligations …he will make decisions based on their merits not who he owes what .”
        maybe something unencumbered about that .
        mind you Can only hope those decisions are correct and benificial in all aspects ..
        blessings Jules 😕

    • I agree on that Lee Harvey Oswald moment Rhona. I feel it would be from within. Let’s hope not. And that wouldn’t be a change over to Hillary but to Pence. So hmm. I hope this doesn’t empower the white supremist groups who’ve endorsed him. Our country will be in civil unrest if so. Ugh.

    • star thanks for CME Notice
      tongue in cheek .. ( maybe thats the reason for power outages in all those States today ..😕

    • Rhona, Star48, I’m just curious if either of you feel that something strange is happening here? Like a confusion, too many psychics saw him losing. And then Spirits prediction for the fall of Trump. Is that a prediction for the future then? I personally don’t think they could be that totally wrong all those times. I can’t help but feel this isn’t finished. And not just because I’m delusional and wanted another candidate. I feel we are all missing something even bigger here. Like we haven’t seen the bigger picture yet. I am curious whether Spirits said they totally got this wrong all the way through.

      • Jules104,
        I am still taking it all in..,waiting for more information…
        I remember reading a wave of energy was coming in to increase our vibrations…
        So I am in the position of not truly knowing….but we will have to wait and see..

      • Thanks Star48. I could use that energy wave. And by the looks of how some are behaving towards Eric and Spirits, on the site…they need it even more. 😔 It’s rather amazing to me how people lash out at others without thought or feelings it seems.
        I feel this is not the end of it though. I personally dont feel the Spirits and Eric got every one of the predictions wrong about Trump. What about “The Fall of Trump” from July I believe. Obviously this has not occurred. Is it for a future event then? (And if the tables were turned I’d be asking the same thing about Hillary.) Praying for calm, love, light and positive energy to surround the USA.

      • Jules 104 Star 48
        Im with you star im still taking it all in ..waiting for more info ..there is a great sense of a bubble of revelations coming in …
        I agree Jules I know you can defferenciate your facts and its not based on your desire …
        my guide like many others said Hillary …
        He has whispered some info to me but im not willing to share as it is
        to come out eventually …
        He said the clues are in Trumps own speaches …
        Hang on tight its going to get bumpy …
        as far as spirit getting it wrong
        they didnt in truth is what he is saying …
        Its the colors he says are wrong …
        I have no vested interest in this other than I believe Eric has no reason to wonder what happened ..human error is at fault …
        oh dear I hope its ok to write what im getting …Its not my country but I care about truth and justice …
        Maybe some would say im in denial too but im not feeling that emotion …
        blessings .

      • Rhona. Thanks for sharing with us. How strange you would mention this. My daughter said to me this am, because like you it just seems way off, and not because it’s just what we want…she said, well he’s been hinting at it all along Mom. It’s in the “Hidden Vote”, he constantly mentions. So I find what you are mentioning quiet interesting. Hm…lots to think about now. lol. 🙂🙃🙂 Blessings Rhona.

  12. Jules 104
    amazing your daughter mentioned
    too ..and thank you for sharing as well …I believe spirit will move for truth and if nothi g surfaces then that’s the course it is meant to take for greater growth
    Its not easy being light workers
    but we all come together and shine bright .. I was a little disturbed at some comments on the other thread but we all have our beliefs
    O.k. lets c what the next event requiring attention is ..😇😇😇
    love and light to you and yours …

    • I’m with you Rhona. Next event please. lol. Because yes the election was important but the worlds not ending now because Donald Trump has been elected. As Light Workers I feel we should start working together on the next event. I hope Eric is doing okay. I worry about the toll it all may take on him. Spreading healing energy and loving light to surround him and Spirits. Blessings Rhona.

  13. thanks Jules
    just watched Dutch …The Australian one will probably be Peterman Ranges or Tennant Creek
    I hope Peterman there is not much out there so would be safest place to hit …
    o.k. big time watch this week especially Alaska and west coast U.S. wonder if by chance there will be 7..7..7.. though thats not what spirit meant i dont think
    it could be …Im thinking higher …
    we will watch and send live and light to mother earth 💙🌏🌍🌎

    • Rhona, glad you watched it. I feel bad always adding his eq updates on Eric’s site. But there’s no way I could tell you it all! lol. I think he’s a one world order conspiracist (I’ve just recently realized), but oh well need to give credit where it’s due, he does know how to forecast these EQs scientifically pretty spot on. The 7, 7, 7, theory. That is a good point. I’ve always thought myself that there will be more than one at a time. And that would even match up somewhat to Spirits prediction of an eq that effects both sides somehow. Maybe it’s more than one. I noticed Dutch kept including Oregon in these next EQs. I think so. I agree on Alaska, it’s swarming or something. I worry about BC area too. I started to add all the areas I was worried about and just went with the whole Pacific Ring of Fire. There’s too many. Ugh. Well I think this has to do with the poles and magnetic reversal Eric mentioned. Surely that would effect the core and bring on all of these really deep EQs don’t you think? Yes praying for Mother Earth and for her healing power to be smooth. I have a feeling it can only be soooo smooth though. Hang onto your pants everybody.🌏 🤗😳😯🌎

    • Star 48 Jules 104
      another sink hole ? ..hmm 😕
      yeah the deap quakes just keep coming ..and the 6.2 one for Japan …its brewing …
      thanks for updates

    • That must have really been scarey. I can’t imagine but I have a feeling this is going to get worse all over the globe. Discplacement maybe? Not sure if that’s what you’d call it, but if the plates are moving it would only make sense…to me.

    • Rhona I saw that. I find it odd that we have had EQs in the 5s everywhere but off the US West Coast so far. It makes me wonder why, or if they just aren’t reporting it. Hm. I will look and see if Dutch has anything new.

      • oh woe Jules yes see what durch says …I wasnt aware you have had 5’s
        stay safe xx

      • Rhona, I’m not sure if you misspelled or not but just to clarify. Everywhere around the Pacific has been hit with 5. Eq or so…except the US West Coast. Or so they’d have us believe. Like Dutch says, the EQs stop at the CA border so somebody is not reporting them. Either that or we are about to get a big one. Which I don’t believe. Last week I noticed the volcanos and fracking drilling sites getting hit all up and down the west coast. The Yellowstone area got hit. Then Oklahoma got hit with the 5. And I thought that’s weird they always get hit after we do. Then Dutch is saying the same thing. So what I believe is happening is the USGS is just not reporting it. There’s no way it Has followed a certain way for years and all of a sudden it starts to skip over us. EQs don’t have any borders. Blessings Rhona

      • Rhona, Jules,
        First tsunami wave hit…draw was 2,5 meters..more and larger wars could happen
        Map: NZ government nation-wide map of tsunami threat levels shows all coastal areas affected; highest waves expected between Marlborough, Banks Peninsula – @NZcivildefence


  14. Jules do you mean musspelkex Dutch ..if so yes …
    also agree earthquakes dont have boarders
    I see Alaska has had 4 deep ines last few hrs
    2.1m 121 deep
    1.8m 132 deep
    3.9m 128 deep
    4.2m 138 deep
    Fiji 4.5m 526 deep did any of us mention that one or is it a different one ..
    thanks for checking Dutch Jules ..let us know .

  15. Star 48 Jules 104
    sorry didnt check posts before mentioning Fiji .c you two got that deep one …
    oops ..😊

  16. map actually shows two at depth ove 500 one 4.4 the other 5.0 and I dont believe it is different feeds ..could be though ..😕

  17. Star 48 Jules 104
    Argentina 6.2m 100 deep
    and 6.1m 151 deep two seperat locations ..will get feed when olits up and post ..not surprising after N.Z. one

  18. Star 48 Jules 104
    no im wrong sorry same quake registering two separate depths and 1 mag difference on feeds
    Argentina that is for ..
    😆 💖

    • I know Argentina had a 6.2 I think? But I’m sort of worried for them still just because Eric has named these certain areas in the past. It’s a hold onto your pants time. I worry a volcano could erupt somewhere and really do some damage also. Probably just m worrying. 😐

    • Wow thanks Rhona. You’ve been busy. I kept hearing my phone go off last not got for EQs and thought it’s really picking up. I am thinking this is not nearly the end. There’s been way to many deep EQs. And of course the only eq I see for Oregon is right on the border of CA more to the east. So I’m not sure why that’s happening other than the PNW USGS is not reporting them. Which to me is unethical and dangerous. Anyway, I hope everyone in New Zealand is okay. It looks like they are getting a lot of aftershocks now. That must feel terrible after a big one. Do you know what the tsunami height ended up being? I read they were warned for possible 16′ waves on the link you sent. Thanks for all of the updates by the way Rhona. Blessings

  19. Star 48 jules 104
    im adding this link that shows the Marlborougj fault system and the trough thats probably respisible for thes quake and the Australian plate boundary ..maybe the ausi plate has been shaking ip deep down after all …

    • Wow that’s a large area for road closures Star48. I am so thankful for the government there in NZ and their preparedness in the event of a tsunami. Kudos for them!

  20. Rhona, Jules104,
    You do know this proves —Supermoon theory., giant EQ..
    Oh and by the way…guess NZ cannot get a break…

    New storm is fast approaching New Zealand, bearing down on regions worst affected by powerful quake – NZ Herald


    • Yes I agree Star48. I thought of that last night when I was reading up on the super moon prior to this large eq. And I do believe N America will be coming up soon. Yikes.

      • jules104,Rhona,
        Coincidence the Supermoon is today? Look at EQ’s
        11.13.2016 Supermoon New Zealand
        03.19.2011 Full moon 7 days after Honshu earthquake
        02.27.2010 Full moon day after Chile 8.8
        12.26.2004 Full moon & max. high tide (Sumatra)
        10.14.1989 Full moon 3 days prior to SF Quake
        05.18.1980 Full moon 10 days after St. Helens
        03.27.1964 Full moon 1 day after/max high tide AK Quake
        08.13.1868 Full moon/Eclipse 5 days after Chile 9.0
        12.26.2004 Full moon & max. high tide (Sumatra)

        Side note
        closest and biggest Supermoon since 1948

      • So I remember hearing that we were going to have the Oregon king tides initiative where they take pics and document what the shores will look like in the future and it occurs from Nov 14-16. Does it occur for the whole Western US Coast then Star48? Um…just looked at your list again. So is San Francisco the only one where the full moon happened prior to the eq?

  21. Star48 Jules 104
    wow guys what alot of info ..
    poor N.Z. my heart goes out to them especially putting bad weather into the mix ..
    absolutely great research Star on super full moon quakes more than co incidence. ..
    I believe Dutches warning foe Aust is going to hit the Peterman Ranges or boarder of South Aust Northern Territory …maybe even Tennant Creek as I mentioned before ..
    Im hoping it doesnt waken that sleeping fault at Meckering West Australia …as we will feel it in Perth …keeping watch and prepared ……I hope there are no more deep quakes as Dutch said …
    but still feel more 7’s coming ..thats just my feeling …and next month is Eric and spirits warning for Japan …so its all systems go
    You take care on that west coast of yours Jules …im not feeling your at risk …but as Eric said to you ..probably will feel a shake …
    Not feeling antything in that respect for you Star ..
    singer gave Russia and Italy too last 24hrs ..so on par with Dutch …
    prayers love and light to mother earth 💙 🌏
    blessing you two

    • Thanks Rhona. I don’t really feel we will get a direct hit here but may be feeling the rumble soon. I pray that’s all anyway. I feel the deep EQs aren’t over yet. Maybe going around and around until it reaches up into the 7s on the West Coast eventually. If Japan gets hit I think that will transfer over somehow also. There really is some major unrest going on with the plates right now. I sure hope the Meckering fault doesnt awaken either.
      And yes Star48, that is some much appreciated research on all of those full/super moons. I have no doubt they are affecting the earth and causing EQs. Let’s see what happens today or tomorrow. I’m thinking something else for after Super moon. Hope not though. I can only hope that people start to realize that Mother Earth is in control and does not need us to survive. We need her. Blessings to you both.

      • Jules104,
        The information, I shared was correlated by a member of the Cascade range and Yellowstone site..(Kell Arellano )
        We are members- together..

  22. Star 48 Jules
    Cook strait has had some high 5’s
    When it starts creeping to the west via the strait .new Plymouth my come into the mix ..
    watch for it …

  23. Star 48 jules 104
    Star fantastic ….moon ..
    guys I have been loking at these N.Z. quakes and i check out this report and you will see Waverley has been centering some of these after shocks ..it a mere 92 ml from New Plymouth …Eric prediction is ringing loud to me and Australia ..I feel next big one for N.z just might be west side of north Island ..
    what do you think ?

    • Rhona I think you could be right. That looks like it’s been hitting on the West side over there. I hope they don’t get another big one. Sheesh. Things are picking up now I think. It seems like at night here it picks up with the EQs.

      • jules 104 Thats a giggle ..if i may giggle at a serious subject but its true you two go night night and it all starts …
        earthquake prevention ..Stay awKe lol 😆😆😆😉

    • star 48 well well well 😆 better if it had been years ago but at least its a step in the right direction …with hope …the horse has bolted memtality ..
      thank you for article …

    • Star 48 thats interesting Taurus has a great homely energy it seems really positive when dealt with awareness and good intentions ..
      thanks .

    • Oh yeah 200 miles is probably not very far geologically. Did he feel anything from that quake? Dutch keeps saying he expects one in Central Australia, but he posted early our am that Australia was getting quakes around the perimeter. Sending prayers and light to you and your hubby Rhona. 🙏🏻😇

      • thanks Jules 104 thats right dutch said Central Aus and thats around Perterman Ranges .. im expecting if he said perimeters
        Frazer island area
        south aust
        northwest west aus
        and Maquarie island as Star pointed out …
        maybe even some in New south Wales ..
        it will be interesting to see how this plate movement fans out because as you know this much activity is rare for us so something is going on down there ….
        I know 2 and 3 are not much to talk about but for us its like okay what are you suddenly up to country of mine ..😆😆

    • Yes Star48. I surely did. And my thought is that it’s coming back up north soon. I remember watching a video on Dutch and that’s what happened afterwards.

    • Star 48 yes I did and I took a mental note to keep it on check list
      ..0..I dont know why but when i saw mamoth lake a was a little …oh you again .hey …

  24. Star 48 Jules 104
    this article is saying there is only three days of water supply left in Kaikoura as the water tank split ..
    700 gave been fed at relief sight despite no electricity ..using gas …
    crayfish donated by resteraunts
    as they are all closed of course …
    praying it settles down enough for supplies evacution of tourists and regrouping efforts to go smoothly

    I know your up with all the info just thought would add ..

    • Rhona, Jules104,
      The US ship 75th anniversary -w/NZ diverted to assist stranded tourists.@900 individuals.,
      Choppers taking too long…. this afternoon only 130 so far..
      The banks cannot deliver money.to ATM machines..2 tons of water have brought in..

      • star 48 thats great they are getting the water and the ship should help enormously …it seems they are coping comendably under great stress …
        thanks for update just wish they could get a break from after shocks
        hopefully not forshocks …

    • Oh gosh that isn’t good. Hopefully they can fly to water in somehow. Glad they are able to at least get the tourists out of there who are stranded. The picture with the landslide over the road is the one picture I had seen and thought, wow how to fix that in any short amount of time. And now it sounds like it’s been raining also. I can imagine how that would feel being cut off as a Coastal city. I’m so glad and thankful everyone looks to be pulling together to feed and help others there Rhona. Hopefully they can get that road opened up and realigned soon. It must be scarey to still be getting so many large EQs afterwards. Glad those two ships are on the way to help out. Praying for some relief from the quakes.

    • I’m glad they are inspecting and getting people out of those buildings that are structurally unstable. They definetly don’t need any buildings falling down around innocent civilians after they’ve already been through so much. It sounds like quite the job though. Thanks for all of the links Rhona. Praying for NZ.

  25. Star 48 Jules Turangi north Island 200 odd km from new Plymouth has registered a 3.3 quake ..it is starting to migrate ..not unexpecyed with ount of aftershocks ..

    • Oh I see what you mean Rhona. 195 deep. Did you see the one I added for I believe it was Afghanistan yesterday? But it wasn’t too deep. Maybe this is going to be Eric’s “Stan”.

    • Rhona, Star48. Another one. Ndoi Island, Fiji. 5.5, 305 km deep. Plus one in Argentina. Need the info though.
      Sorry if it seems I’m not answering right away sometimes. I watch my two young grandkids all day and they have school, speech, play therapy, etc etc. Sometimes I don’t know which is on what day. lol. But at least they keep me busy. 🤗 Maybe I’m actually going backwards in time and getting younger. I wish! 💃🏼🙏🏻 Somehow I think not. Hahaha. 😄

  26. Jules 104
    no worries i have been whare you are now with grandies and it is a busy busy life ….I imagine you have heaps of happy moments ..
    Jules its great to say im youthing getting younger our cells will love gearing that 😆..
    Fiji at that depth mor for N.Z. transfer of energy …
    Alaska has had at least 6 low deep swarm of 1’sm to 3’Sm 100 TO 120 DEEP ..magma maybe on move
    3 deep ones 100 to 225 at 4 ‘s m
    Canada 4 deep ones 110 to 147 one 5.00m at 110km. others from 1’S TO 4’S …
    I counted about 13 deep quakes in 8 or so hours …around ring of fire …geesh somethings gotta give …

    • Jules 104 Star 48
      Lets note Colombia 113depth 3.1m
      and Chile 109depth 4.2
      in with all of those deep ones too ..

      • Oh my. Not good. Thanks for all of that info Rhona. It is much appreciated. 🤗 I agree, something’s got to give. There’s so much going on all over the globe right now. So many of these deep EQs. I saw those up in Alaska also. It could very well be a Volcano. Maybe it would relieve some of the pressure under the plate. That would maybe be good if it was way out in the middle of nowhere. Hopefully the USGS is just not reporting the EQs off the Coast here, or we are sitting in a silent zone. WA and OR both. I think it’s more likely that they are not reporting them though. Which is frustrating in itself. I’ll try and watch the updates for Dutch and see if there is anything new there. Praying Australia calms down.
        Glad you understand grandbabies and trying to have one single thought and actually finish that thought to the end. lol. One of these days right? Oh to have our bodies get younger and not older. That would be something. Haha. 🐣 Blessings for a great day there in Australia.

  27. Star 48 Jules 104
    I was just looking at map and if you look at silent zone the fulcrum is between Chile Argentina and Alaska Canada putting central west coast U..S . at risk ..
    at least that me trying to be a Dutch apprentice …😞

    • Rhona, Star48. I watched some of this guys forecasts once via FB. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of him before. Hes in Nova Scotia, autistic and has his own weather forecasting he does. He seems to be able to predict bad weather, EQs. Things like that. He warns people to be ready. Supposedly predicted the NZ eq. So I just noticed he has a prediction for Chilli. It’s pretty short. I can’t tell where in Chilli he names. Just thought it interesting. Here is that link.

      • well Jules 104 I believe him and its great to get all the warnings they can … thanks for link 👍
        rayers love and light to Chile and its people ..oh wow a tsumami too
        it will probably be a wide spread one Santiago he said and sounds like resonating aftershocks …

      • Me too Rhona. I think it’s great he’s doing this and I’m glad his parents have encouraged and supported him in it also. Oh Santiago. I couldn’t figure it out. Well I hope they watch his weather forecast. 😇 Praying it’s not to big of one.

  28. Star 48 Jules 104
    last hour
    Redoubt Volcano
    3m 127 deep
    1.3m 139 deep
    Cantwell 1.9m 126 deep its 379ml
    from Redoubt .so magma o would say …

    • Rhona, Star48. This is a good one. I had not heard about people in San Fran feeling movement the other day. It all makes sense though. I think NZ is also in the mix for another biggish one, maybe 7s. Made me think about someone’s comment on the Frankie McDonalds weather forecast saying he had predicted something for Wellington and another spot ,(I feel like I’m speaking another language sometimes because I haven’t heard of a lot of the locations you name or other people name. But I need to learn them.)…but he didn’t get it right. I thought at the time, well we will see won’t we. I really don’t like when people pick on others and especially the disabled. That’s how I found him on FB. People were bashing his disability and someone had started something like a, let’s see how many likes we can get for him. Hope that made sense. 😊 Anyway, there may be Volcano movement off of San Francisco (about at 11:00 minutes roughly) like what happened off of Oregon a little while ago. Also he talks about the cratons geographic center for North America.
      This is from my observations. There’s been a lot more movement in the Caribbean around Puerto Rico and that area. Did you notice that? I think the volcanos maybe? All of this makes me think about the V Spirits mentioned. Okay here is that link for Dutch. Blessings.

    • Rhona just saw you posted on Barbados. So funny.😊 I updated my phone finally about a month ago and the way it does my emails I have to scroll or I don’t see all of them. I really wish I could take back that update! I don’t like it at all. Ugh. But I guess we are on the same page as always. Blessings.

  29. Rhona, jules104,
    Just caught up. My iPad has been down 24 Hr iffy at best..having a problem with recharge..
    Just at 18 percent now..
    Will not be posting much until fixed..
    Blessings to you both..kept up good work.

    • Star48, did you have a vibrational energy shift? Something with your energy field I’m thinking. I don’t know about how that works but I bet if you had a garage door it would be opening and closing and all your lights would be blinking. TVs going off as you walk by etc. I’m giggling just thinking about it all. Seriously though I hope that recharges fast. You may need to leave the area. Hahaha. Oh my I need more coffee. Banda Sea just now. 6.0. Oh my, my lights are flickering. Hmm. Well that’s strange. Somebody up there is playing a joke on me. Praying for good recharge. Blessings Star48

  30. Jules 104 what a hoot your are laughing 😆😆 but you could be onto something there with energy
    Star 48 it could even be a local energy shift and draining power
    hope it works soon ..
    thanks Holes for reporting those deep one
    Banda sea at 6m
    wow if we do get that in a few days or week going up 2 mags shallow.. thats a biggy on its way putting it at 8 ..
    there were two deep ones Indonesia
    Argentina yes one was 271 deep …
    and like you said Canada two individual ones at 110 ..
    this is gearing up to a couple of biggies in next two weeks taking us close to Erics 8th of December date for Japan .
    which could be a tranfer quake from all the deep ones Canada etc …
    now this is just a thought
    maybe tsunami that hits Japan is from a quake elsewhere eg Aluesians or Canada ..maybe even Tiwaine. …

      • Jules 104 i replied but it disappeared
        thinking within 2 days is two months and maybe NZ quake is the one flagged ..being nov …
        or are you thinking another one seperate from N.Z….
        around 22nd …
        im also thinking Erics
        .spirits prediction
        “Now N.Z ..Australia
        may not all be quakes
        …though i c where Aust may be Terror given recent warning .

        but New Plymouth ..must be quake or you would think so …
        i may be over thinking

  31. jules Star 48 no no I wrote what i was thinking ..as i typed i thought i wonder when Italy will feel it again and meant to put Chile and Preu for Bolivia affecting them ..gad i dont write every thought i have haha could let out too many secrets ..😊😉
    I noticed Roul Island had 5.5 depth 10km
    Kermadec 5.6 38km
    those recent deep ones Fiji still could pop N.Z for higher mag again
    just visualising light and stability over there for them ..
    blessings you two

    • Star 48 ah ha it was only a matter of time that yhey discovered this and there are many more around ..at least they know now ..helps in preparedness as to what to expect ..again thank you for the info ..good find

    • Oh my Star48. I saw a headline this week and thought it was a joke. Wow don’t want to even take a boat into that area let alone swim or kayak! Sheesh that’s kind of strange.

    • Star 48 thats great news ..this is finally making them responsible and hopefully change this on a huge scale ..bravo to them ..
      its no way to live.. its bad enough in an earthquake prone zone ..let alone knowing its inevitable on a daily basis from fracking ..
      my thoughts and prayers are with them …hopefully some decent recomendations will be handed down to stop this method ….
      good luck Oklahoma😊

    • Oh yippee. It’s about time more people stood up to these big oil and gas corporations. I’m so tired of all the abuse that’s been going on to our planet. I do hope it brings it out into the open and sheds some light on it all. It’s a start anyway. Thanks for the info Star48

  32. Star 48 Jules 104
    while you were sleeping
    two minor ones Japan ..
    just found out my niece inlaw id heading for Japan tonight for 6 months ..prayers for her journey .
    i told her i will keep her posted ..

  33. Star 48 Jules 104 over night deep quakes
    Banda sea 5.2 260 deep
    indonesia 5.1 166 deep
    virgin isle 3.o 130 deep
    papua ng 4.7 153 deep
    Alaska 1.7 113 deep
    Looks like a 7 quake Around Indonesia could happen ..

  34. Jules 104 Star 48
    another two in same area philippines
    nw Saumalaki 5.1 166 deep
    sse sarangani 5.1 106 deep

  35. Hi me again
    noticed 10 deepish from moderate to very deep from Alaska to south West pacific in last 14hrs …
    so looks like another round to watch for …

    • Rhona you are so funny. That’s how I feel sometimes. 😉 I totally love all these updates though. I hope there’s not going to be another damaging eq. but they are adding up it seems. Thanks for all of the updates and info.

  36. Star 48 Jules104
    Im putting myself and guide out there with this one
    but they just gave me
    Off shore Valparaiso Chile off shore quake
    same area as 1906 quake …
    hope im getting this wrong
    I have asked singer to confirm
    will get back to you as soon as he does

  37. star 48 jules 104
    this link for Japan ehen you click on quakes it reveals they have occured in sections along the trench today ..indicating to me a slip is on its way ..
    what are your thoughts ?

    • Rhona, Star48. Just finished watching Dutch from this afternoon. He has a watch for Japan Taiwan/Philippine area. Said the whole West Pacific had gone silent. So I’d say you are right on Rhona.

    • Rhona, Jules 104,
      After looking..
      .I am in total agreement with you. The question is how big a slip? And it will be soon…

      • star 48 jules 104
        thanks for confirming. ..
        i believe Erics date may be sooner than the 8th of December …singer has implied he will play song just when therevis two three days to go
        my niece inlaw is over there too now Jules ..she just left to go over there last night ..

      • Rhona I feel the same but about the N CA eq. It makes me wonder what’s going on with the plates. Maybe it’s going to affect both sides. I keep thinking about the, after a gathering of Americans old post. Let us know when Singer confirms. I will be saying prayers for all of our family members over in Japan. Where is your niece in law going to be living?
        Also, this thought came to me yesterday. The old post for the black socks scattered all over? I believe it was for an attack. Could that be for our Black Friday shopping here in US?

    • Jules104 star 48
      seven other quakes lead to this one
      but i sure there is more to come an as singer said he will let me know i hope when the huge one is coming …
      look you can c previous quakes to this one oh dear

      praying sending love and light to japan ..

      • Star48 Jules 104 N.Z just had a 5
        4m some reporting 6m https://www.geonet.org.nz/quakes/region/newzealand/2016p881118
        Jules I wonder too about N Cal .
        I c where there could be a connection with your black Friday shopping Jules ..pray not ..so much going on and more to come ..
        yeh singers flag will be for the biggy in Japan 3 days warning or there about ..i will have to watch for flags …
        blessings Im feeling its very close like within next 3 to 5 days …

      • Rhona do you think Erics post with 7.39 could mean a 7.3 then a 9 later? Well the massive flooding hasn’t happened as far as I know but I need to look. Unless it’s for the Indonesian one? But Singer is saying there is a bigger one coming? I will try and keep watch also.

  38. Star 48 Jules
    anothdr 6.1 55 depth for north island N.Z
    some near 5 aftet sho kz for Namie Japan ..expected i guess ..I just ferl uneasy
    .. blessings you two ..

    • Rhona you aren’t the only one. Ive felt the same way. And it seems the Coast of Oregon isn’t getting any reports of EQs which I think is hogwash. I am wondering if they arent reporting due to something called the Jordan Cove LNG project big oil and gas is trying to get put into place. They are trying to get this going again. It failed once. It’s a major liquified natural gas pipeline with the terminal in Coos Bay/North Bend, Oregon. There is some sort of deadline in December. This would mainly supply Asia. A lot of environmentalist are against it in Oregon due to the earthquake zone and other obvious reasons. I figure if they don’t report them then it will almost look like they aren’t happening. I’ll look for some info on it.

      • Jules 104
        sorry for missing this post
        I have now caught up …
        Why would anyone tjink its acceptable in a high earth wuake zone and yes there there is reasons as you say not to report quakes ..Jules one day the all mighty dollar wont be dictating business deals as such ..The Emviornmentle pixies are growing up into future planning positions ..they come to the planet with innate love for her not aquired so these decisions in the furure to protect her and humanity will be like breathing to them ..
        will be praying and semding love and light to this pipline issue ..
        thanks Jules
        hugs 😊

    • jules 104 I dont think this is the quake spirit is warning of great flooding …i think the 9 could well be a follow up wuake ..that was merely a small fault quake the main trench slip has not occured and as we saw there were many wuakes down the legnth of the trench in last few days i think this is just the beginning warning sign if we look at it that way
      ..yes i think 7.3 was the first one ..
      I know singer will play somg beyond doubt if we are right ..maybe the energy has been eased pray for it send easement light..
      if i hear nothing from singer in 3 days its passed ..
      blessings Jules 😇🎶🎶🎶

      • Oh that’s a thought. The energy eased somewhat. I will be praying it’s so Rhona. Keep me updated on Singers songs. Teehee🤗 Blessings

      • Rhona I replied earlier but I don’t think it went through. Though we were basically saying the same thing. Short summary. I’ve felt uneasy and not really sure this is the one yet also. Blessings.

  39. Wow jules 104 thats confirmation to the max …singer kept saying its not over ..thank you for putting me on to that appreciate it ..
    will definitely be listening for flag …poor Japan …
    blessings ..hope your sleeping
    well I know its middle of night or early hours for you …😴😴😴😴

    • Rhona that is one of the EQs I got on my feed. This is weird. It almost looks to have been two different EQs because the USGS put on one as happening at 11:25 then I think the next happens at 11:38. The really weird part is that they are on two different sides of that island chain visibly not in the same spot. But when I look at the main feeds with USGS there is only one eq there.

      • Jules 104 i thought the same i think your right
        55km NW Atka Alaska 5.3 152km deep

        28km SW Atka Alaska 5.3 164km deep

      • Rhona also Dutch said the Japan eq is spreading out which is good for the area that was hit recently but that the north and south of that area should get hit with something note worthy. Guess we will see. Hoping it’s not the Indonesia area. Praying for a calm Planet. 🙏🏻🌏

  40. Jules 104 Star 48 there could well be an 8 m on its way this Bonin one being 5.7 and deep take it up 2m approx for shallower one to follow ..oh my its brewing …
    still nothing from singer yet ..

  41. hi me again ..looking at map it just might migrate south and Taiwan
    Philippines may feel the shallow one hmm at any rate its going to be a resonable size
    blessings keeping watch 😊

  42. Star 48 Jules 104
    just got Japan flag ” Pretty Guisha Girl ” just played …
    Steve Lawrence sings it ..
    if i get another i will post my heart is pounding …🎶🌏

    • Rhona so does that mean three days from the time you get a flag? Or you will get three flags? I thought you said three days previously. Praying for Japan.

      • Jules 104 Star 48
        yes usually i wait for 3 flags but this time singer motiined ine flag 2 to 3 days warning from quake event ..
        i just thought if i get another flag it is reinforcing iminency…
        I confess to being taken aback when it played it caught me off gaurd not listening or looking for it ..but thats the best way ..

  43. Star 48 Jules 104
    as a notation to flag
    Geishas are not found outside
    Hanamachi very much these days and its 45mls from Namie ..
    so thinking location is maybe within flag too

    • jules yes she is but I just found out she is near Kobe …
      she will be there a year ..
      she is a warm friendly hard working 23 year old
      I think you myself and Star are blessed and surrounded by some wonderf motivated enlightened
      young adults. .
      bless them ..

  44. Star 48 Jules 104
    Im second guessing this but you made me think
    im sure enough singer said within 2 or 3 days ..
    maybe its 2 weeks which would co incide with 8th Dec Eric and spirits time frame …

      • star 48 The only mildly comforting thought is they are ready and aware they know the strong possibility ….none the less i holding my breath i even heard lipping claireaudiently yesturday afternoon …we in perth are not far off Japan slip zone latitude ..so i believe physics of string theory may contribute to me hearing ..

      • Rhona, the sound ….would be unnerving….
        Remember sounds becoming amplified in water. Blessings….

  45. Star 48 yes 7.8 to 8 +
    i want to confirm it so have asked him to do so …will post as soon as i get it …

    • Rhona, Star48. Rhona what you are hearing and seeing seems to be matching up with the science. I don’t want to add video so as to confuse what info you are being given. This I believe would be for the 25th time frame. I’ve been stuck on the Ryukyu Island area for a while now not sure why really and that’s just me. It’s down south though. Also a mention for the fulcrum point between Taiwan and Philippines. That made me think of the two areas getting hit at once from Erics Spirits. Praying for Japan and the whole West Pacific. Let us know if you get any other info Rhona. Just a mention also invade it has any meaning for you. I heard the words “Dada” the other night. Clear as day. I don’t know why I’d hear that. It was a child’s voice for sure and not any I’ve heard. Just wanted to mention, feel the need for some reason. Blessings

      • Jules 104 sorry i just noticed this post …sometimes reply box puts them above or in an odd place ..
        Jules I can hardly believe you hesrd that dada …even writing it is sureal.
        Just today I was doing random words and Dada was one of them i wrote..
        Like you I knew it meant something ..just not sure what
        Now its even more notable..
        Clear as a bell you say a childs
        voice …
        There is a word in Japanese
        dada but im not sure if our dada is related to Japan …
        sorry Jules I will look it up again and post what it means
        I have goose bumps ..especially since you trusted to post what you heard 😇👌👏💖
        I will get back to you in a minute
        .if no reply box for this ..check the bottom of the thread box

      • Oh that does give me goose bumps. I felt sort of dumb posting it. Like huh, so? I just thought I’m going to post it because I know I should or need to. Things will come to light later. My grandkids don’t use that name so it was odd when I heard it in my head. For that matter anything like that is odd when I hear it in my head. Let me know what you find Rhona.
        Also there is a forecast for Vancouver, BC, it being in a silent zone. Reminds me of past predictions. Blessings

      • jules 104 one meaning is Who”s there”
        also a song in Japanes quite tecent

        Jules would your son in Japan know what it is mainly used for
        apart from that we may have to wait for clarity … its too odd we both get it for it to not be useful in someway .happy to share a word with you Jules

      • Rhona I will ask him. I think it’s odd there is s song from a Japanese band called Dada. Maybe Singers trying to confirm it’s Japan? All so very odd for me to hear that word. I think it’s night time there in Japan but will send a message and see if he knows anymore than we do. They have lots of Japanese friends so we will see. Yes happy to share a word with you. Blessings. 😊😇

      • Jules 104 I also found this its stRted in Tokyo and is going world wide
        Vancouver watch thanks Jules sending love and light there .You could be right about singer and he has tenderness for you Jules 😇

        he likes you and Star being open to him .
        and being suportive and
        his words
        blessings Jules

      • Jules 104 its a fashion store going global ….and on line
        Cristian Dada that is …

      • Rhona Oh my golly. I replied but it disappeared. So I’ll have another go. lol. That’s so sweet of Singer to tell you that. I am glad that he is there to support you on your journey also and to try and help humanity in any way he can. It seems funny that he’d be thanking us for our support. I hadn’t ever looked at it from that perspective. I just figured…well I don’t know what I figured. I’d better rethink the Spirit World I guess. Thanks for mentioning Rhona, that’s so very special for him to say.
        I looked up the Dada Records in Perth. That’s sort of strange isn’t it? Maybe time will show us more of what that is all about. I asked my son and he said he’d not heard that word used by the Japanese. I guess it could be the new shop but for some reason I don’t feel it is pointing to Tokyo. That is what was so weird about it. It totally didn’t make any sense to me why I’d hear that word. Hm. Yes a mystery word for now that we share. LOL Also Kathmandu had a 5.4 eq and BC had a 2.4. Hope that’s it. Blessings

      • Jules 104 forgot to mention there is oddly enough a long standing tecord compamy here in Perth Dada records ..
        we have our iwn little mystery word here jules …

      • Jules 104 thank you souch for asking your son ..yes some have said its not used often in Japan
        .but it will come to light
        .just wish is was now
        . not very good at waiting for these things
        Kathmandu ..ok another odd one
        Your gut is really honingbim to Vancouver Jules
        Funny you didnt think of you and Stars support for Sungers messages ..thats what makes you so special Jules you do things quite naturally without thinking …I love the nature of you and feel blessed to have you and Star iny Life 😇😉💞💞


      • Jules 104 Star 48
        5.2m. 158 deep
        4.8m. 206 deep
        4.7m. 161 deep
        possible shallow 6+ coming south of there …

  46. star 48 thanks for understanding
    i am still hearing like a hissing noise …like gas emissions …
    thats right amplifies in water ..forgot that…

    im o.k. its gentle even though often
    blessings to you too 😘

  47. Star the visions are coming along with emotions …it sounds like thunder …spirit just showed me a feather ..i think im to see this from high… like an eagle rise above ..so im not so entwinened ..
    Star there is a womans face she appears to be holding her breath ..
    good lord maybe im imagining this ..3 ..3 oclock
    this may all be nonsense but i have to write it …
    so sorry if this is wrong …
    Im feeling calm but sad
    maybe just thank spirit and send love and light …..
    prayers for this scene .

    thank you for letting me post this …

  48. sorry i know you have a storm warning but gee we are hot here
    i hope its not too bad for your thanks giving .😉😙

  49. Jules 104 Star 48
    cemi circle of deepish swinging clock wise Alaska Talkeetna 1.7 m 132deep …
    Columbia El Playon 4.4 151 deep
    Chile 4.4 116 deep .

      • Thanks Star48. I saw that. Both my daughter and my apps on cells went off. But I think it was also for a 3.2 off Eureka, CA. Not sure. Praying for El Salvador

      • Star 48 thank you and yes i think it is the third 7
        also maybe a west coast watch central CA now silent zone from Alaska to central America ..
        .tsunami threat for them passed now
        How is your weather ? 😕

    • Hi Star48, Rhona. Thanks for the info. Yes it seems the fives are going around. I’m really surprised that CA or any of the West Coast has not gotten anything bigger yet. Though my daughter and I thought we felt a rumble under our feet this afternoon. Who’d know if there was an eq since they aren’t reporting much of anything for Oregon it seems. I feel like I’m in a gigantic silent zone. 😬
      Star48, I hope you are staying warm up North there. I always loved the first snow fall of the season.
      Praying for any terror plans to be foiled tomorrow or the next day. 🙏🏻

  50. Jules 104 yes I just had a look at that second deep one for Fiji …not looking good for N.Z with that going on it most often than not travels down there …

    • That’s what I thought also Rhona. There were some deep ones up north of Japan in Russia and deep ones in Central America yesterday that I just noticed while looking. Just trying to get a sense of which areas are affecting other areas. Just minutes after the 7.2 eq off of El Salvadore there was one off the Gorda Escarpment. So per Dutch that plate is attached as it will transfer all the way up to Northern California. Thought that interesting it happened within maybe 10 minutes. Anyway, praying that NZ does not get any more damaging EQs and that you are having a wonderful weekend and are doing well with everything you are receiving from Spirit. Blessings Rhona.

  51. star 48 jules 104
    remember i mentioned Meckering
    here in West Aust where we have that substantial fault
    we just had a 1.6 at 16 km felt ..
    now this is the first time for a long time its actually registered anything …so tiny as she was its still a watch …

    • Rhona it looks like you had one at 1.5 yesterday in almost same spot, unless I’m mistaken. I’m surprised it was felt. But they were shallow. Have they had a big eq on the Meckering fault throughout our time? Did you feel that one also then?

      • Hi jules 104
        yes we have had a 6.9 there that did wite a bit of damage to surrounding towns and a few minor building facia damage in perth at that time ( 1968)
        yes we felt it …ots about 140iles from Perth and is a major fail line .. I think i posted photos before
        http://www.allshookup.org/swsz/history.htm not easy to recall all that we post is it ..so much info 😉😆😆

      • Wow the equiviant of 10 Hiroshima type atomic bombs. I sure hope it doesn’t get any bigger than those 1.s in magnitude. That looks as though it really made a mess of things in 68. Thanks for the info Rhona. And that next aerial view you posted. That’s amazing isnt it?

  52. star 48 jules 104
    posting again looks like disappeared first time
    5.2m 206 deep
    4.8m 158 deep
    4.7m. 161 deep
    this could result in a 6+ sth west of there maybe coral sea near Aus…

    • Oh I see what you mean Rhona. I sure hope it doesn’t trigger something bigger but you know how that’s been lately. So I see we had s 2.4 eq right off the Coast near me that the USGS did not post. And now a 4.9 further off the coast that they did post. Interesting. Well I didn’t feel a thing. I hope that’s good. :/

      • jules there was a 4.8 as well …so one at 4.9 and one 4.8 and the low one 2.4 …they are quite some time apart …

      • Rhona thanks for the info. Someone mentioned that it was a 5.1 when it first showed up. So maybe it was downgraded right away. I noticed they all line up from the Juan de fuca Fracture Zone coming in towards the land. I’m wondering what that means. The first one hit close to the coast then the second further out then the third sort of in between those two. Hopefully not a new fault line? Hm. San Francisco now just got a 2.8 eq. Praying that eq doesn’t happen anytime soon. 🙏🏻😇

  53. Jules 104 Star 48
    Canada several miles over boarder of Washington State ..
    2.2 170 deep
    3.4 186 deep
    2.4 147 deep
    Also Anatahan nth Mariana 4.6 358 deep ..
    and Off coast Honshu Japan 5.1
    sorry to hear about attack in Ohio as well ..prayers for victims …

  54. star 48 jules 104 forgot to mention it didnt play it came through an independent resource but same song ..He didnt want me to miss this one or even a chance of missing it …

    • Rhona,Star48…that sounds pretty right on with those deep EQs lately down by Fiji. Thanks for sharing that with us and tell Singer thank you also. I hope and pray there isn’t a bigger eq but it seems likely. And a tsunami. Blessings you two.

    • Gosh I saw it was near Darwin when I looked on the map. Hope all are well there though I’m sure there are frazzled nerves. There are so many deep EQs lately. I guess due to the magnetics reversal Spirit spoke about happening maybe?

      • Jules 104 Star 48Happy talk is playing on radio as i type this ..another flag from sunger
        3rd flag for same song ..thats never happened ..
        thought i would let you know ..

  55. Star 48 Jules 104
    Venuatu 4.7 129deep
    Figi 5.0 603 deeep again hmm
    Alaska 5.2 103 deep
    5.1 128 deep
    Calama Chile again 4.3 105 deep
    Canada couple baby ones under 2
    over 100 deep

    • Oh my again. It seems like a conveyor belt of deep EQs. I think we are already suppose to get two. Ore rounds do this adds on a third maybe? Hm. Really I feel like it’s just a matter of time before there is a big shallower one. Which reminds me. Dutch was forecasting a big one in the Solomon Island/Vanuatu area since it was a silent zone. He’d said 6.9-7.9 and maybe bigger now that there’s another deep one? Hope not. Hope he’s wrong. Thanks for the updates Rhona.

  56. Jules 104
    Dutch wont be wrong Jules if he says it does …thats quite a shake 7.9 if and when and that makes South Pacific flag spot on ..
    though the South Pacific is quite large and takes in Australia ..Philippines etc …
    but my money is on true sth Pacific
    Venuatu Fiji Tonga ..even N.Z.
    I am inclined to agree with the magnetic change affecting these deep ones its incredible …
    blessings you two ..
    Star where are you? are you having i pad trouble again ?
    or just boggwd down with other life stuff that is requiring your expertise 😆😆

    • Rhona thank you for the updates. Much appreciated. I wasn’t even thinking about the South Pacific when I relayed that info for the larger eq. So it does seem Singer is correct. I haven’t watched any updated videos but I will try today. There is so much going on it’s hard to keep up. I just feel something’s about to rupture somewhere. Pray and hope not but it feels like it’s building up to something much bigger. Stay safe. Blessings.
      Yes where are you Star48? Hope all is safe and well with you there and your just on a wonderful vaca. Blessings

  57. Jules 104 Star 48
    Afganistan just had a 4.6m 229 deep
    could affect
    Turkey silent zine between Greece and Afganistan
    or head sth east along fault to Napal
    or Tajikistan or one of stans ..

  58. Jules 104
    i. posting this again it didnt seem to go through
    im concerned about Star 48 I haven’t heard or seen a post from him in days. . . blessings, Star 48
    and come back soon

    • Rhona I was thinking on that last night also Rhona. I hope he’s just taking a break or something. Did you get a personal email from Eric once where you could email him or something? It’s not really like him to go silent. Praying he’s okay and no accidents or health issues. Maybe it’s that his computer or iPad has been compromised? Blessings

      • Jules 104 yes I Emailed him twice and no reply …he always answers me ..im quite concerned …
        i will try again soon ….

      • Rhona !jules104, alive..
        iPad misfunctioned…no internet access thru Safari..just resolved…
        Going through Major life challenges…
        It seems all issues are crumbling…or changing…keep your toes and fingers crossed…
        Hopefully…in the next 2 weeks….I will know a path
        Ps…praying…keep good thoughts for me…love you all.

      • Oh glad to hear from you Star48. Will be keeping my toes and fingers crossed, praying for you and for there to be a lighted path upon your way as you traverse these major life challenges right now. Thank You for the update. May blessings surround you and touch you as you go. 🙏🏻😇

      • Oh, well that’s odd isn’t it. I hope he’s just on s vacation or something. Let me know if you hear from him. Thanks for the update Rhona. Praying everything’s alright. 🙏🏻😇

  59. star 48 relieved your touching base …many prayers much light to surround all issues of concern for you and that they work out to your satisfaction and happiness .
    blessings thanks for break through communication was quite worried ..though i pad malfuction was the message …yay good to hear from you …😓😊😊👍

    • Thanks for the update Rhona. I hope and pray no big EQs or tsunamis over that way. Also glad to hear from Star48. Praying for him. 🙏🏻 🍀

      • Jules 104
        Oh my goodness I just daw tht its not a good one close to Timor and a higher 7 or 8 would be felt without doubt in Darwin N.T. Aust ….as Dutch has pointed out it could be 2 days to a week off ..hopefully a few 5′ might ease the stress …
        praying love and light ..

      • Jules104, Rhona…
        Very dangerous…will be watching…..first dusting of white today…( small hail). Hahah

      • Glad to have you back Star48. Yes that was deep and high in magnitude so I’d guess not good what follows. Perhaps we can hope for swarms but… How wonderful the first snow of the season. In CO we’d call the small snow pellets grauple. I hope you have a toasty fire to keep you warm. Praying that you are getting everything sorted out there.

  60. Star 48 yay Hi your back .
    welcome …so good …hope your getting things sorted and feeling inspired for your future ..
    we missed you heaps 😊😊😙
    Nearly time to bu ker down for winter …love the first snows ..even though it is a sign of whats ahead ..
    gail !ugh. .

  61. Star 48 jules 104
    maybe the higher one could manifest up north west to Aceh Sumatra area somewhere ..I guess we will c …it was sooo deep and high in mag …it is a concern for sure

  62. Jules 104 Star
    Thanks Jules for update on Aceh
    quake…hopefully thats the stress release one from the deep Banda sea one ….love and light to moter earth
    blessings to you and hope your festive season is coming together
    smoothly …😇🌲

    • I hope so too Rhona. Thank You, I have my decorations up inside and out. So that’s a start anyway. Hoping the same for you if you decorate. I love Christmas time. Need to get started on my Christmas cards now.
      Praying that Eric and Spirits test run goes well for you also, and all who are helping get it started. I had to chuckle…you are most assuredly and have been a bold and brave Spirit Warrior Woman. 😇😊. Blessings.

      • Jules 104. .We started decorating and woll finish off outside when hubby gets home in a couple of weeks …love it too im so into all the sparkles and glitter and live all the cmas songs ..
        Im so excited to do this with Eric and feel so lucky to Test out the first International call what an honour …oh wow ..wishes and dreams do come true …
        heeheeWarrior Women I will wear the title with smiles and humbleness …thank you Jules it makes me feel good …
        Im confident it will work for Eric …

      • Oh great Rhona. Glad you have begun. I know you must miss your hubby a lot. I will be praying for a fun time of decorating the outside together. Love to see the kids faces light up, don’t you? The grandkids helped decorate the tree. I thought it might fall over with everything being placed in one spot! lol. I just pulled out my old light up village houses and set up a little snow village for them next to their kitchen table where they eat. Needless to say I keep s lot of glue on hand. Hahaha. 🤗🎄👀. Oh the Christmas songs…I’ve been listening to them with the kids since October! Love the old Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, etc. Got them singing along. Some of the words don’t always turn out the same but…I think Santa may have been doing the laundry according to my four year old grandson in one of those songs. 😳🙈🎅🏻 Hohoho.
        Oh Rhona I’m so happy for you. You are so deserving of the Bold Warrior Woman title. I am very confident it will work out also for Eric. It’s just like leaps and bounds now. Praying we can alter the new attacks coming up for December. Blessings and Light Your Way.

  63. Jules 104 oh Jules I got goosebumps reading your message about gradchildren and the light up village …and doing laundry haha
    whats in a phrase as long as the melody is right …yeah we did our tree and hues what ours did fall over ..but that was nans mistake with the lights ..timber !!! lol so funny..im on my belly on floor unraveling twisted lights from trunk of tree …oh dear and i dont mean rudolph ..happy memories being made ..
    I do miss him terribly at times but each time is more valued and cherished than the last …he is home for xmas 5his year
    first tme in 5 years and last time for another 5 so we are having it at our house as last year …
    so this is a very thankful precious xmas …
    I cant express how joyed i am at having a reading …
    The attacks predicted for xmas and the bridge are well covered in my personal prayers and love and light
    May they be thwarted and peace prevail so all may enjoy happiness at this time thats so needed in this world
    god bless Jules you and yours ..🎍🎶🎶🎶🎹📀🌲🌲🌲🌰

    • Oh my Rhona. What a blast. I surely understand trees falling over. I use to tie mine down to the banister above so it would stay still and duct tape the tree stand to the floor. Too many memories put on it! Well I hope you get those lights untangled and don’t need rescuing yourself by the time it’s all over. Hohoho! How truely wonderful that your hubby gets to be home for Christmas this year and spend it with you and the whole family. I know that alone must be a very special gift for all of you.
      And a reading too! Blessings are being sent your way this Holiday Season and You more than deserve them all. Thank You for keeping us here in the US covered in your prayers surrounded by light and love. It is always very much appreciated. I hope and pray we can thwart these attacks also. Blessings Rhona 🙏🏻🎅🏻🎄

      • Jules 104 your welcome
        yes reading with Eric is all set cant wait and yes i agree and see so many blessings being sent my way its truely wonderful ..
        I just said to spirit today to open me to all the prayers and blessings being sent so i honour those sending them with gratitude. .
        oh my i can just imagine duck taping tree ..so smart …we grandparents make sure no accidents right .thats experience for you 😆😆😆

    • Me too. They have had their share and then some. Those poor people. I think after going through the last big tsunami, they must have been terrified. I would have been. Praying for all those who have lost loved onesand that all will be calm for them going forward.

    • That’s amazing isn’t it? I was thinking about this today. How interconnected we all are, even if it’s just by the earths plates, and fault lines, fractures. Mother Earth knows no boundaries. We are all one big global village. Some of us just haven’t realized it yet. Some day soon I hope. And praying that’s all from Sumatra to Australia Rhona.

    • Star48, Rhona. On it. Reported as 6.8 at first. I believe they have had more than one also. My daughter’s website is showing atleast 2 as mine is.

    • Yes it would Rhona. Wow good job to you and Singer. I’d almost forgotten. And Eric had a mention for the 8th also. I’m out and about. Can you tell me is there a tsunami? Praying for those in harms way. 🙏🏻

  64. Jules104 star 48
    there is more than one off nth California and just read it felt in San Francisco …I know you two are on to it …
    I believe spirit woke me so prayers for Solomons are and any responding quake
    also for nth California …
    take care …im awake and sending light and love

  65. jules no tsunami threat as of this time …
    yes it is the 8th for you .
    im not sure this is over for either one nth California or Solomons sth Pacific region …
    they woke me and said check quakes that was within 20 minutes of it occuring …

  66. Star48 Jules 104
    Eric ringing for reading in 10 minutes .. so excited ..hope it works
    fingers x I feel so honoured .😇😆

    • Rhona I’m so excited and happy for you. I know you are going to love Erics readings. I just love mine. He and Spirit are amazing! At grandsons School Christmas program, but will be thinking of you as he sings. Sending Love and Light.

      • jules 104 how lovely your there .went to my grand daughters 2 days ago its beatutiful to see and hear ..
        wow Eric is so lovely and peaceful very reassuring …I loved my reading and so happy it worked
        the Test worked yay 😆😆😆
        so easy and calming …
        all is well

      • Rhona glad the test and your reading went well. I agree very easy and calming. Eric and Spirit do a wonderful job. Happy that you were finally blessed with one.

  67. Jules 104 thanks it was great so blessed ..
    side note maybe Solomons quak3s are Kavachi Volcano 200 odd km from these quakes not sure
    oh and p.s.
    eric confirmed who singer is so im happy …😆😆😆😆😆😆thought i knew but needed to confirm

    • Rhona that’s so funny. I was thinking, I bet Singer came into that reading somewhere along the way. I’m so glad to hear it. I’m sure you are very happy and at peace now. Eric and his Spirits are wonderful. Blessings.

    • Rhona, Jules104,
      I agree with your concern…a great EQ is brewing…8 plus…
      Definately coming..,a nine?

      • star 48 jules 104
        I agree Star Im picking up as high as 9 very possibly. ..all i am sure of is a tsunami is a high potential ..
        again I will ask and see if singer gives heads up on location ..as im not convinced it will be Solomons it could be responsible though it may generate something somewhere else …im sure the song will differentiate between sth Pacific which I will interpret at this point as Solomons and then what ever else song plays will be location of tsunami… if one…
        thanks for spacewatch link ..I loved the mention of the group photo by bonsai tree …
        stay warm in my thoughts and prayers
        blessings Star 🎶🎶🌈🌞
        Jules 104 happy days 🌲🎁🎄

    • Hi Rhona, Star48. Thanks for the info. I saw that one pop up but didn’t check the depth on it. Must agree, very concerning. Theses quakes just keep coming for the Solomon Islands also. Poor people. Have either of you picked up anything on meteors? Just curious.

      • jules 104 I was thinking of a great xmas present for us ..😆❄❄💖🌲🎁🎄
        how about if its cool with Eric ..we swap contact details ..if you forward yours and he forwards to me and i forward mine for you we can have a chat ..
        I dont think he would mind ..
        what do you say shall we try .😆😆

      • Oh that sounds wonderful Rhona. What info do we swap? Emails and addresses and such? I am guessing phone calls are too expensive. Oh great it looks like Eric already said that its fine. So I email Eric the info and he forwards? This sounds like a wonderful Christmas present to ourselves. 🎼🎤”Merry Christmas to Me, Merry Christmas to You.”🎼🎤 I will send him an email soon then. Blessings Rhona. 🎄🎁🙏🏻

  68. Jules phone call not a problem for me my plan is free international calls ..no meter.. chat as long as i like unlimited ..especially to U.S.A.
    how good does this get ..yes email address ..phone number and address if you feel safe enough with that if not its cool Jules ..xxx
    talk soon 😆😆😆😆😆

    • Oh wow free international calls. That’s amazing Rhona. Okay, I will send another with my phone number also. I already sent the rest. So let me know if the number doesn’t show up.

      • o.k.Jules thanks thats great …will do …yeah not a bad plan hey and it inly costs me 30 or 60 aus $ a month ..good data allowance too and free national call within aust too ..im happy with it ..and its allowing us special moments to come …😊😊😇

    • Rhona what company do you have for your phone service? My landline is Charter Spectrum but I’m not sure if I have their International calling service included. I will check on that. And my cell is Verizon. I believe my cell is unlimited minutes. I was researching incoming call fees and got mixed answers. Some say you are charged an international hook up fee for receiving calls if you don’t have their international plan also and some say you aren’t. Do you know how that works? Let me figure out which number is best to call on then I’ll send that one to Eric for you. Just want to make sure the phone company won’t tack on charges here, and if so how to get around that. Let me know if you have any info on that.

      • Jules 104 im really happy they are not going to have another hearing on the pipeline yay. .and they drop the plans ..a win for celebrating
        Yes I recieved Erics email with your details and have emailed you
        ..hope you recieved ..
        side note
        remember we mention Aceh ?
        they have had a 5.1 downgraded to 4.9 thought they might respond to solomons ans Papua new Guinea. .
        its not over yet ..still sending lessening love and light ..

  69. ahi jules 104 im with a company called OPTUS .
    when i phoned them two days ago they assured me if I dial any mobile or landline is U.S.A.
    it is free and unlimited for me .
    I have used it recently and all went well no cgarge and spike a half hr ..
    Im not sure hiw it would work from your end with your providers if you tried to call ..so leave it to me to call ..
    once we email each other we can arrange a time to test …lol😆😆

    • Okay Rhona. I think I have your email address. Does it start with an I and it’s Gmail? I need to signup for a gmail account and get rid of my hotmail one. My daughter tells me they are better. Yes set up a test call. Have a wonderful day.

  70. Eric spirit thank you so very much
    it was talking to long lost family .. with Jules104 and Star 48
    blessings for bringing us together ..

    • Rhona, Jules104,
      I feel the same way …family….known forever…
      Eric /spirit included… How special us that!

      • Star48 just thought of this. Maybe we can chat or email sometime also. If you aren’t ready I understand though. No worries what so ever. But if so just let me or Rhona know. She has my info. She could just send it over to you. Hope you are staying warm and well up in N. Idaho. Blessings Always ☺️🙏🏻🎁

      • Jules104,
        Rhona has all my info…it is okay if she shares with you..,and of course I would love to have your info too..
        Just be ready for a big surprise !😳😃😇

      • Okay Star48. Hohoho! Big Surprise? Now you’ve got me curious. Well just be ready for my loony tooneys life! Ha. Merry Christmas to us! 🎤🎼🎄🎁. Okay I may wait till the weekend. But I’ll ask Rhona to forward my info. to you so we don’t have to bother Eric anymore. Poor guy. 😉🙈🌰 Blessings

  71. Star 48 Jules 104
    Alaska having small swarm of 1..2m deep over 115km
    Tajikistan….Afganistan are rumbling often …definately a watch for Chile as Argentina is having fair amount of movement …

  72. Star 48 jules 104
    this on off west Australian coast very close to coast is a spot that produced a large quaje many years ago above 6m I believe I woukd bly high pophave to look it up again .
    any way ..its only 126 ml from a coastal town of Geraldton .with a reasonably high population ..
    hoping that fault stays quiet ..
    also Columbia a deep 156km with a 4.5
    and Indonesia Timor sea vertually
    4.9m at 151 deep …
    so the deep ones are still spreading across the globe

    • Rhona, Star48. I’ve not seen one over on the West side so close before. Hopefully that’s it though. And I agree, those deep ones are still transferring around the globe. I haven’t been watching dutches site as much as I probably should. Just to keep an eye on things so I know what to expect being on the Southern Oregon Coast. Another one in Fiji just now at 5.1. Need to check the depth. It seems something’s about to break somewhere. Hope not.

  73. Jules 104 I believe so .but i lost all my notes when they fell in a bucket of water ..couldnt salvage ..
    Just listening to a flag from singer
    Bali Hi Sth Pacific …
    oh here we go again .light and love to mother earth ..
    I think thats the Imenant flag I was talking about earlier .. the possible 8+ and given whats going on would be possible ..just wish we could warn them …

      • jules 104i just read through predictions you posted and this on speaks of 1.30 …that could be 1st of January as spirit mentioned in a following one 27 or 30th as dates ..
        I still at a loss to V but it sounded like we wont know till the meteor strikes
        I think its starting to tie in with quake of size in Argentina ..the meteor will follow soon after …
        we need to work on location ..
        in Brazil again …

    • Rhona forgot to mention. So sorry about your notes. I’m sure you had many great things to pull from there. I really dislike when things like that happen. Also, I think Singer is probably right on this one. Just way too much going on with these deep EQs and so many of them. Praying not though. 🙏🏻

      • Jules 104
        /…forgot link for prediction that mentions 1.30 as maybe date first of january…

  74. Star48 Jules 104
    sorry its past midnight for you two
    but Mamoth lake is having a full blown swarm ..over last hour or so …
    sugar plumb fairies

    • Rhona,
      Mammoth is definately ,East of SF..
      The depths around 6 km…for the swarm…
      Sugar Plum Fairies to you too.

      • Star48, Rhona. Curious…Dutch has been showing how after the swarms occur down at Mammoth Lakes, they then gradually travel back up the coast of CA hitting the pumping operations or old volcanos, and then hit N California. Let’s see if that’s what happens. Though I may have the east and west areas mixed up. I need to watch one of the videos again. It seems like he showed how it would begin up North, travel down the east side of CA hitting the volcanos then swarm at Mammoth Lakes then travel back up the west side hitting pumping operations ending at N CA. Do either of you remember watching one of those forecasts? I’ll try to get it straight. It did involve western WY/MT Yellowstone area somewhere in there also. Like this is what to watch for sort of thing. Well I guess I’m a goner if I don’t get it figured out. Oh daughter just texted word “earthquakes”. Hm. Need to check.

    • Rhona, Star48. I see what you mean about 1-30 Rhona. I believe the meteor was suppose to have occurred already but, I just feel there is another one and the whole big rubber band breaking coming still. I remember Eric saying it was east at one time. Was there one after that he said Spirit was not sure if it was east or west also? Let’s hope it’s not both. I watched Dutch update last night. He said be on watch for upper 5, possibly 5.8-5.9 for N California Gorda Escarpment area and the British Columbia, Queen Charlotte area. Thought that interesting. Gave it 48 hours. No worries on what time you comment here for me Rhona. 😊

      • Hi Star48. Yes thought that was strange. Though after trying to keep up with dutches forecasts that was something I remembered him saying to watch for ahead of the N CA ones. He explains it in a few of the videos but as you can tell I am bad at articulating. lol. 😳 Also, the Parade of Lights. Did you see where they judge the ships from the Berkley Steam Ship? And supposedly best spot for viewing. Well I went to that site, saw the lift to the second floor is down alerting persons of handicap. That brought me to the Historic Ferry Building with clock tower in San Francisco known for its second floor. I just have a bad feeling about it and that whole area. The Embarcedero, I think it’s called. I’ll try and add a link. There was a big tado over the renovation for the second floor to be open to the public and in its original state. They also have their Parade of Lights. Not getting a good vibe from those events.

    • It absolutely does tie in. I was looking for that clock and those odd numbers this afternoon. Why am I not surprised you were already all over it. I believe this Ferry Building is down from the Pier 26 building which sits directly under the bay bridge. Just an odd feeling about that whole area. I noticed that the Parade of ships in San Diego is a contest and the ships/boats are judged. I wonder if they do the same in SanFrancisco.

      • Jules 104 Star 48
        I have been doi g dome thinking after Erics latest post ..tough its about BA Hijacking it brought my thoughts back to the bridge attack .
        remember the port attack prediction and spirit pointed to CA and Eric said he lives in San Diego.
        Im thinking though Merimar was mentioned it did say multiple attacks ..Ports …
        Sann Francisco being a port and the light boats competition ..in the prediction an explotiin on a boat and i was looking at the pylon depths ..maybe there is also a risk of bomb detination from underwater at the pylon level ..
        remember we all talked of divers ..certainly hard to see at night but wasy to slip into water from a contests boat at night and plant a bomb ..maybe both senarios are on the cards …
        Golden Gate pylons are only at a depth of 110 i think it said and Bay Bridge over 200 ..
        I wish we could get more from spitit on land or water for this attack on bridge …I should ask on current thread …here is port attack prediction for reference


      • Rhona I was thinking the same thing about both places getting hit. The pylons are something I hadn’t thought of. That would be difficult in that Bay Area though I think. The waters are pretty cold I bet and choppy a lot of the times. In the waters here I think it is, you will get hypothermia within 3 minutes. They’d need a wet suit for sure. But if they were all together planning something…What about just the boat itself having bombs on it that go off when crashed into the pylons. Oh wait, I saw the Spirits had made mention once to the spiders being a stone something or other. It reminded me of the dinosaur made of stone walking along the sidewalk that sat down on its belly. That had a plank and brace for impact along the shoreline. It also had a demon that jumps up out of the ground in the same prediction. I have also thought of the hijacked airplane being used on the bridge. The Spirits may have said a building is the target though. I need to check. That was the Papa Johns moment though. My daughter said that reminded her of football, which it had myself at first. There was something in Denver having to do with John Elway endorsing the pizza chain Papa Johns, doing commercials and the pizza was super cheap on Broncos home game nights. That was why we thought of it. Anyway a long story short, I looked up the Super Bowl LI (51) in 2017. It is played this coming year in Houston, TX on Feb 5 (25). Just thought that interesting. In America that would be considered an anniversary (sacred holiday)! 😳 Though I’d think Christmas was it for “25”. Hope you’re following. Oh I believe the plane which is a “Texan” plan, may be a BA departing TX also. So a plane from Texas. The 26 or 27 is the thing that’s tripping me up. I guess the spiders could just pick those dates. I suppose most people are home on XMas so would not be maximum impact. So another thing. I was watching a Hallmark cheesy X Mas movie tonight and in one part the fireman pretended to threaten someone with a code 777. I looked to see if it was real but I can’t find that exactly. Hm. Reminded me of the hotel prediction. If the bridge collapses it would probably need to be a pretty darn big explosive device. Okay I keep nodding off. I feel like you could be right though in some way or another Rhona. I will look more tomorrow. Yes put what you think it could be on the other page Rhona. You never know about it. Pixie dust to me. 😵😴💤

  75. Star 48 Jules
    This just came to me as intuition ..no flag …
    Sumatra …
    we will c ..
    just needed to post .
    peaceful night for the two of you 🎼🎶

  76. Jules good question maybe they do have a contest in SF like that…let us know what you find and i will search too ..
    Im the same have a feeling about that whole area ..

  77. Star 48
    oh wow good old Aus may be in for it after all
    Lets all go to Hawaii 😂😂😂
    Indonesia and most of the sth pacific ..massisve !
    orrr go help Santa …
    seriously that is more than a tad concerning ..
    Not sure about thanks for that one Star …yikes …

  78. Star 48 Jules 104
    ping ponging between Papua new Guinea And Solomons
    Solomons 5.5m at 100depth
    5.4 at 58depth ..
    sth Pacific is on a role ..map looks crazy ..so many anove 5 in that region ..

    • Rhona,
      am following..,.woke up…
      So much activity…looking for corresponding activity…opposite side of plates…
      Not good…
      All volcano area unsettled..Hawaii, Alaska…mammoth,looking for more info…

      • Star48, Rhona. I wanted to include this Dutch video. It’s pretty good. Yes transferring displacement over to East Pacific Star, and West of PNG and Tokyo/ Honshu area should be on high alert right now. There’s too much to tell so I thought I’d include the video link. I’ve just had a feeling after looking back through all of Eric’s older predictions that there is a larger eq along with or mixed into the terrorist attacks coming up. I could be wrong. Just a feeling I have.
        Star48, I hope you are staying warm up there in Northern Idaho. Sending light of warmth your way. 🔥☀️🙏🏻 Rhona hope all is well in the meow department. 🐱😇🙏🏻

      • That looks awfully chilly Star48. Reminds me of Colorado weather. Brrr. I hope you are staying warm enough up there. Keep me updated. Worried about those pipes too. Usually don’t notice any leaks until it warms up some. 😯☃️💨🌨❄️ 🙏🏻🔥🔥

  79. Jules 104 Star 48
    thanks Jules for Dutch video …oh wow so Japan is an absolute by sounds of it.. love and light for lessening of energy … 5 days ..if he is spot on thats..too close to xmas ..

    Meow is going to be fine ..😸

    energetic focused watch for west coast your side …will be keeping area in my radar ..

    once again if singer gives a flag i will post ..I have asked for just one flag if its something that has been discussed as pending…
    three flags if new or time is more distant …
    Yes Star 48 bundle up and stay warm …snow snow and more snow
    the wind will be chilly…..
    prayers live and light to you …😇😙😘
    blessings you two
    side note Eric mentioned a big cyclone up where hubby works …
    he didnt say if he would be in it ..but it seems he will not be ..
    He said this morning the warning is so severe they are doing river diversions …no always something they do ..
    but he will be home by time it hits …thank goodness or he may have not got home for xmas ..
    feel it for the guys that will be grounded closer to time …

    • Your welcome Rhona. I just had not watched in a few days and was like gee there is a lot going on here. And Japan yes. Hopefully dutch is wrong or it isn’t that big. Energetic focus much appreciated along with the flag warning from Singer. It does seem like it’s just a conveyor belt of deep EQs lately. They just keep going around, ping ponging back and fourth and then two large EQs within a short period of time down in S Pacific.
      So is there an actual cyclone warning at this time Rhona or Spirit gave you a warning for that? I’m sure they are correct. It does sound like the waters are just warm enough right now to cause havoc too. They are also predicting more than usual for that area this season. I sure hope your hubby is able to leave beforehand and make it home safe and sound. I will be sending prayers his way, and for the other workers there at the mine. No worries he will be home for XMas. I know you are so looking forward to that. Not to much longer. Yahoo! 💃🏼👀. Blessings

      • Jules 104 Star 48
        yahoo is right …
        there are no current warnings on the weather stations as yet ..but river flood warnings ..He said they have been put on alert for sometime this week coming.. thats why they are doing the diversions …I will ask him when he phones this afternoon …
        I have been looking at silent zones and Sumatra still comes up for me
        I will keep you informed ..
        wonder how singer would flag that area hmmm …im sure he will find a way I always know the flag it hits like a bolt …
        my real concern is with the bridge I cant rest till we get more info …
        What a great job one of SWC did informing all british news media with a readers news item…on Erics prediction for Hijacking …
        sorry didnt look for there name before i started posting this …
        I think thats wonderful hope someone listens ..they are going to be so wide open with all the strikes they are going to have ..not such good timing …I was thinking maybe spirit picked up on it before they even planned to use the opportunity …could have! ..
        well just finished last xmas pressie shop yay all done just more food and yummies to get now …nearly there …
        Joy to you both for next few days and may spirit help bring your wishes and needs to you on angels wings …

      • Rhona wanted to add this from Dutch. I saw it last night and thought of you. It’s around the 19:00 minute. Sumatra. I will reply to the rest in a bit. Sorry for delay. Blessings.

    • Wow saw that. That is great of them. I should email FBI/CIA again, though I think they are tired of hearing from me. 😳😉 lol Hopefully they watch Eric’s site since we are basically talking about terrorist a lot of the time. I would if I were them. They’d be wise too and I even told them so in the past. Hahaha. They are probably like, what in the world? Oh well figure they’ve heard it all right? 🤔😯

      • Though I am open to sharing with the government, the key according to the spirits is keeping people away from the areas. We still need to narrow it all down.

      • I think it is going to be more difficult to convince our government to act then individuals in arms way. However I would contact them all the same, Every bit helps. Maybe they know something we don’t?

      • I sent some info to the FBI. I agree they may know something we don’t or a piece of information from your predictions could be their missing puzzle piece. You just never know. I also sent info to the Media links speres2015 had added on the site. Maybe they’d do an interview. That definetly could be a way of getting the word out there. What about talk radio? That may be something also. I hope people are spreading the word via the internet and in person. Would love to stop the attacks. Blessings to You for all of your and Spirits hard work Eric.

    • Rhona, Star48… that was something I noticed yesterday. The deep EQs were ping ponging from South America and South Pacific area. Yes, that rubber band breaking is what I’m worried about. That and a Volcanic eruption due to the pressure. Hoping not.

  80. Star 48 Jules 104
    thank you both for info on Colima
    That was a decent display of power she demonstrated ..yes I hope its just a safety valve and it releases some built up pressure …
    “Colapse from behind “always comes to mind when we have an eruption like that .. “is it government or a mountain ” ..spirits voice ..
    Could be both .. (my thoughts )
    I See Aceh Sumatra had a 5.1 ..
    I guess the flag from singer was me mentioning it ..not huge but it did happen …

    • Hi Rhona. You could be right about the government and the mountain collapsing from behind. Time will tell. And hopefully nothing more for Sumatra, but pretty right on there even if it wasn’t too too big. Great job. 😊

    • Star48, I wish Eric could ask Spirit what that is. Did you hear the end? If there’s going to be a large eq brought on by this wave it’s going to hit by the 26th. This reminds me of everything being liquified from post. Its very unusual. I think maybe put the link on the normal thread? What do you think?

      • Jules104, which one? CA? I had also noticed that the area affected…more deep EQ area…

      • Star48, going with your original thoughts on the thread. Dec 9, 2016, Indonesia. See you over there. Hope all is well and warm thee for you. 🙏🏻

    • Star 48 Jules 104
      Thank you Star for video
      I can only say thank you mother earth for taking in the energy ..
      Yes I believe there will be big quakes from this microwave energy ..
      It reminds me though of a Kryon Lee Carol channelling that says we are going to be hit by these huge waves because we have entered a new part of galaxy..He does say there will be quakes but all in all the energy carries benificial energy for humanity to tap into .
      He also states scientists will be taken by surprise by this but reassure us it will herald good manifestation energy and eventually healing energy it carries info for advancement in numerous ways ..
      im not saying that is what it is but it might well be …
      Im still a concerned as it will no doubt cause waves of quakes …and other malfunctions ..
      Apart from hubby coming home today Now I understand why I didnt sleep hardly a wink last night I felt a surge of energy and im not in the least tired today ..
      Hope you dont think Im poopahing
      the severity of this it just ties in with what i have listen to from Kryon and he never gives a bum steer ..
      I hope Im right with feeling it will overall be a good thing .
      Mother earth will do with this what she knows she has to with the grids and portholes and the lattice …
      blessings ..

      • Rhona glad your hubby made it home safe and well. I remember watching that one Kryon channeling you sent that time. It was really good. Funny just last night I was on my kick of looking for the “it’s 3250 deep” again. And what I came up with was the NASA info on the Antila Galaxy I think it was and then a star in another constellation I think it was a star. Don’t remember the name. Then Star48 sent that Dutch video with the large energy wave coming in. And you are talking galaxy’s. Hm. 🤔🤓
        Also just now, 6.7 Solomon Islands. My guess due to the very, very deep EQ earlier in Fiji area. I didn’t see any tsunami warning but…

      • Star48, Rhona. Just wanted to add that depth for the prior 4.7 Fiji eq. before the 6.7 hit in Solomon Islands. Unreal! 586-597 depth! Wow. 😳 The energy wave?

  81. Maybe we should try another thread?
    How about Indonesia thread…
    Dec 9 ,2016

    Mary has one comment out of 4 comments. … on that thread

  82. yes Eric thank you
    J7les I dad post a response to which thread but it seems to have disappeared …
    Yes everything is wonderful for us today he arrived home safe and sound and is catching up on sleep
    He arrives sraight off a 12 hour night shift. .
    I prefer a more recent thread to keep the energy close to predictiins if that makes sense ?
    Let me know ..Indonesia is my go to if you agree you two ..
    enjoy the night…💖

    • Oh great so glad he made it home safe and is getting caught up on sleep. Okay the Indonesia thread it is then. Dec. 9, 2016. Star48, you must be synching with Rhona on the thread picking. Hope all is well and warm there for you.


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