Typhoon Hagupit

This prediction has happened however the south did not take the brunt of the storm. Spirit has verified that their timing is based more on the formation of the storm than when it hits landfall. It looks like the predicted storm that will hit Tabasco Mexico is on its way.




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  1. Eric, I did dream 7-21-16 about something happening to Mexico coming. I saw a panel on a wall for each country. The panel for Mexico was like an electric blue color with lights on it flashing with alarm bells going off.

  2. Rhona, Jules104,
    beginning of new (BC..)Rhona, Big fire Smake River ..7 states are in fire mode..I have not checked out British Columbia..
    There was a red alert regarding winds that ended in my neck of the woods around 9 pm this evening..
    This fire listed below just grew unbelievably..
    I think this is going to be a brutal fire season!
    Snake River Fire in Southeast Washington has grown to more than 11,000 acres – KXLY


    • Star 48 we saw an excert on our news not thinking it would spread so fast …
      What started it? Not liking it being so close to you …praying for rain…sending light and love …I will keep a close check ….
      aside singer appreciated the song Awsome….
      He gave a weird message that is for me anyhow
      Dark Island Florida …I was totally unaware there is such a place …
      Also 3 flags San Francisco…
      Take care ..sorry to hear Snake river area ……

    • Star48, You are much further north correct? Hopefully no fires in your immediate vicinity. There were some fires in the Olympic National Forest previously but I think they must have got them put out. I had noticed this big trail of smoke the other day moving along the coast, it was kind of weird how it hugged the coast line but moved south fast. I immediately new it was from a forest fire. To much experience with fires in Colorado I guess. I don’t know where that came from. Maybe the Olympic one? Checked the map for OR and WA fires. Seems yes they already are keeping everybody busy. Stay safe on your mountain Star. Blessings.

      • Jules104, I am okay.
        ..lots of fire all through PNW and beyond…luckily small amts of rain every once in a while keeps air clear.,
        Thunderstorms every once in a while …put I will be sure to let you know if impacted..

        The EQ’s started about 2 years ago. In this region…after being quiet since 1947,,
        There was a 6 point at that time…( I found out about 7 months ago)

        In my area last year there were 3 small ones 2 and 3 ..shook everyone here..some had not experienced one in thier lifetime..haha..
        I did not feel the one east of Spokane… about an hour drive from my location….

        But every location is heating up…I worry about you actually…you have two possible
        Events..EQ and Tsunami…I hope you move into safer territory..not that any area will not be impacted…

        Hint hint..https://youtu.be/4ab4KsgPEj4

      • Rhona Star48, I had noticed yesterday that there seemed to be a lot going on in Idaho. Is that normal Star? Yellowstone maybe?

      • Well the rain is good Star48. Just keep the lightening out of it. Never a dull moment right? Maybe a flag? Gosh Star I’m feeling uneasy about this Fleet Week Parade of Ships. I can’t find any schedule for which ships will be participating. Many I’m sure. But if sooner how to find which ships are in San Diego right now and nucleur? I am thinking it’s got to be one from the Operation Resolve strikes on ISIS. Ugh sorry wrong thread.

      • Jules104,
        maybe we should let Navy know..! Or St. least Stars and Stripes?
        They know the schedule ..
        On the other thread…someone mentioned Parade ground?
        Take a look… Meet you there..

      • Jules104,
        this could be just the beginning of the unrest!,,

        Just think…how big the area is that is venting….and what might be on the horizon..
        Or should I say, plate, mantle…

      • Star 48 Jules 104 I also have mentioned Sumatra several times……singer gave me Bali…I have been concerned fir Sumatra for some time…

      • Star48, Rhona…I remember that Rhona because I replied to one of your Sumatra mentions recently. I added Bali because I forgot to mention in my reply to you the other day. Tell your Singer to keep us posted. I noticed there are s lot of EQs in South America. Do you think it’s from the volcanos or vice versa?

  3. Jukes 104 yeah I think its from the volcanos ..
    Im mentioning this here as it came as a drop in vision from singer a few moments ago while emailing……
    A vision of the stars and stripes so yes Star 48 maybe its confirmation to contact them
    I have not revealed before but singer has implied his last life on planet earth was in the U.S.A. he has a great patriotic streak .thus my involvement to this degree

    • Rhona,
      I sent it via Facebook message to the Stars and Stripes..just now..
      .I am hoping it will get noticed and someone will followup..
      ,can you ask Ace if it was sent to the right contact?
      As there were varying Stars and Stripes …
      Otherwise we will have to ask someone else to try to get it to the right one..thx..

      • Good for you Star48! Do you think they’d do an interview with Eric? I just can’t imagine it but you never know. That would get a lot of attention for sure but I’m just worried it could get a lot of negative attention from the spiders also.

    • Thanks for sharing Rhona. Your Singer sounds very interesting and cheeky. ILOL. I think you are right about the Stars and Stripes. I wonder if they would even do an interview with Eric or if he’d want to. I dont know what the Military would think about that. I worry about Eric also being targeted though I know his Spirits are always around him. (I always think about him in that freezer putting things on ice making that phone call with a smirk on his face.) I think the FBI and CIA should be warned. I will try and post something on their sites. I hope they are reading his Predictions. I don’t do the social media stuff so I can’t tweet it or put it on my page, wall…(window, chair, rug or kitchen sink either!) whatever that is. Oh my right? πŸ˜³πŸ™„ I only use it to talk to my son and daughter in law in Japan. Blessings

      • Jules your funny thats you and me boh our carpets sinks etc are safe from.technology for the time being at least….
        I posted some info on Uss San Diego being in Pearl Harbor in 29th june..on Attack thread
        did you catch it Jules? just brainstorming ..u know any feeler out there is hopefully a lead…. this ones got us all on edge ..understandably….
        Sleep well

      • Jules104,
        in my experience..Newspaper people are jaded…
        I do not think they would do an interview…only after the fact…
        If you get my drift.. So Spirit knows that I did everything I can think of instead of waiting for somebody else to do something…
        This threat is too close to ignore or dismiss…
        It is one of those moments..”you with us or against us?”
        I am totally in spirits corner…
        I keep sticking my self out there….we only have a limited window…

        So ,I hope Ace could sort of check around to find out if it was the right site!

      • What about FBI or CIA? I did the Joseph Cochell??? something another Washington Guys email for Stars and Stripes Star. I agree we need to get the word out there no matter what. If it never happens let people say see told you so. That sounds wonderful to me.

      • Jules104, There is the Dept of Homeland Security?
        I clicked on the post and requested an email,
        …still have not received it in my box…so there is the San Diego paper, Los Angeles times..etc..
        I start a list.,
        Let’s post this line of thinking on the thread! So we can get help..

      • I agree. I was just cracking up over your last post Star48. I have to watch that video on my PC since this silly phone won’t let me play it. Okay lots more to send. Why’s it so quiet on this thread? Hello? Help! SOS! You know I think everyone else does FB, and all those normal social media sites. I hope so. Hope everybody is warning others.

      • Rhona Od seen that and thought it was finished but it goes through tomorrow the 4th August. And it is the 25th RIMPAC. Bells ringing. Here is the part on the 25th. I don’t like the idea of all those navy vessels in the same spot. Geezers. Oh and yes hi tech is very much safe from what I could do with it, which is nothing. Haha. I sent another email to Stars and Strips. Hope I did a good email. There are a lot of options.

      • Jules104, Rhona,
        It sounds like the three of us are never going to be thought of as a threat on sending emails,messenger,or Use any of the other sites! LOL
        The gang that couldn’t comes to mind…

        You know it reminds me of a song…I Am sure you will catch the idea..considering Rhona and I have received feathers…and Jules104 — soon one for you! The question which bird?

  4. Star 48 Jules 104
    Star Perfectly Placed
    Jules keep your eyes open its a feather on the way for you ……
    Great song love the group listened to a few of their songs …
    Thank You

  5. Rhona, jules104,
    🎢🎢🎢where are you? Where have you gone without meπŸŽΆπŸŽΆπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
    Busy day today…I woke up At 4:30 am…have not stopped excerpt to have lunch..
    I hope that our efforts bear fruit..πŸŽπŸ’πŸ“πŸŒlots and lots…
    I am interested in your thoughts and suggestions…going to make myself a pot of tea…

    • Hi Rhona, Star48. Yes I hope lots of fruit! The Parade of Athletes into Rio Stadium?? is tomorrow Rhona. Someone posted earlier. Hope all goes well. Star48, just listened to the song. Love It! Yes which bird. Hm

    • Rhona, Star48…I was looking up the Athletes entering the Rio Stadium. It says there are 555 US Athletes. I can’t find that 5 5 5 post from earlier. Do either of you remember it? Just seemed odd. Also there was a post with a black van parked by a bay with explosives prediction but I think we thought Boston. Could it be San Diego? Do you remember that one?

      • jules104, hi, I remember 555 I just cannot find it..must be tired
        I found 5-19-16. 4-1-16. 5-24-15
        But not the 555
        Th black van was a state shaped like Oregon only on East Coast..,
        But I will get you ref in a moment..,

    • Star 48 pour me a cup…..lol….i love a pot of tea …im going to di the same
      Jules picking up 555 for athletes seems like a suttle flag …I dont believe 555 was a prediction on its own ..as i said to Jules I have heaps of notes with it being meteor …
      I recall we mentioned Sao Paulo ..even researched v on naval ships will have to look up again notes are a mess ……getting more organised though to make x ref easier for future….

    • Jules 104 Gnight sugar plumb fairies …..
      will pick the 555 up later but that was meteor v prediction…..and yes 4-1-5..has brief mention Penn is in there too I see …maybe we are meant to x ref prediction events ..markers etc ..if the 555 is ciming through as a nudge for you…no stone unturned..right..
      Yeah I had a massive sleep in so liggung in late in morning for me…
      blessing you guys have covered so much even on Terror Attack thread …olympics posts….

      • Rhona I was thinking that the 555 was under the meteor prediction. Hm just seemed weird the number of US athletes 555.

      • Oh dear …Sorry Star got wires x thought Jules was you when read exhausted …how are you bearing up Jules ?
        Sugar plumb fairies to you too Star…
        nite nite….

      • Hi Rhona. Doing well. Lots of new ideas from the SWC today. Hopefully the word is being spread and authorities are paying attention. I think everyone’s a bit on edge worried about tomorrow and the Rio Olympics. Praying it goes well.

      • Jules 104 Remember we were researching hull numbers for ships or cvn’s and I think you wanted the singers input in Stars and Stripes ….Well I mentally ask for ship number and he said a suttle hint will come through …It did
        The song is so rediculous so he is either being cheeky or best one he could find
        Ernie….” and he drove the fastest milk cart in the west ” number 22 is where he was delivering milk…
        Oh dear it not funny ..but kinda is

      • Rhona oh wow. That would make sense wouldn’t it? I had to look that song up. I started watching the Benny Hill show when I was in Germany on the, I think they called it American Forces Network or something like that. There wasn’t much to choose from but that I found rather hilarious at the time. Haven’t watched it for a while now. I wonder if we can figure out where it’s at now. Wasn’t it in the RIMPAC exercise over in Hawaii? I’ll try and see. Is San Diego actually it’s home port then? Tell your cheeky Singer Thank You.

      • Rhona, Oh my 4 is in there! 4 is the key! The fourth ship..to be named San Diego!

      • Oh I read something like that also. That’s why we need multiple brains I missed it. Though which ship has a number 4 on it? Is it the Somerset the USS Boxer? I think they are related to the area also. But “you can see it” is what Spirit said right? I really wish we could narrow this down.

  6. Jules just a side note perhaps he is just confirming San Diego naval base …but odd we were wanting ships …and when the girl ..i think was drawing on remote viewing she drew an 8 and quicly mived her pen …so im thinking 8th for this predictiin or there about its a long shot …
    blessings lots of smiles for you.

    • I’m really leaning towards the ship and then Miramar for the Base? Especially since it was number 22. Though the ship could be like you said the areas name where the ship is at? There is the USS Midway Museum in San Diego. Floating target but Id guess they want to hit a new high tech ship. I am wondering though if the US ship is going to be somewhere in the Middle East and then the Base attacked in the US now. Or multiple things happening at once. Ugh. Someone added a link on Miramar receiving another threat. I think it was a note left somewhere. It does lead you to believe that they are trying to desensitize them, see how they respond etc.

      • Jles I agree with all you said ….I just feel so helpless in this in a physical way …but praying sending light ..Sorry Jules I feel like cussing them …but thats what they want emotional attack too…
        Still damn them…I hope bleach gets in there wash ….
        Happy laundering…good way to imagine the light drenching them….

      • Oh that’s a great idea Rhona. Bleach bleach and add some more bleach. Funny image right? I know I feel like I’m grasping at straws sometimes. I picked up 7-3-15 has a number 40 in it then the act brings out the horse of war. US? That was speaking about a man and a women. Then the black van, could be any one of their planned attacks. It was by the water. I hope the authorities are on their toes. Sheesh wouldn’t want to have to do their jobs. Blessings. Doing laundry in my mind. Whites! πŸ˜‰

      • Hi Jules yes San diego is its hime port …
        wow dudnt thunk about yiy watching Benny Hill
        I know he was young at 5 to watch it but if you knew my eldest son ( old old soul)
        he used ti sit on his childs rocking chair fair square infront of tv to watch it …he laughed so hard one night he rocked and fell off it on his back twisting to see screen and laughing his head off …glad you got it …but you usually do….

      • Oh my gosh. I’m sure your son is an old soul. I really liked the shows “Keeping Up Appearances” and “Are You Being Served?” That Hyacinth Bucket was so funny! Did you watch that one? I know a lot of Americans don’t get the British humor but I do. lol.

  7. Star 48 Jules 104
    It took a wee while but I asked the singer about the stars and stripes and he gave me
    apparently Cyrus Leyroy Baldridge was the Illustrator of Stars and Stripes ..
    so I guess he is saying correct outlet for notifying …Im not sure if they have a current illustrator or if someone in photographics might take us seriously …
    I asked him and he imediately responded with the name …no radio no song ..just said Leyroy…I didnt expect to find that name associated with Stars and Stripes
    Hope this helps…..
    onward and upward

      • Jules104, Rhona,
        Thank Ace for me! Thanks for confirmation..
        I did a little work…meditation etc..
        My message went nowhere…but Jules104, yours got through!
        Now we need more….to put it out there….did you see the posting from Bahrain ?

      • Star48…Posting from Bahrain? With the map for Bases? The 5th Fleet? I am really praying the higher ups watch Erics site. Yes need more FB walls, pages, kitchen sinks?

  8. Star 48 im thinking …what branch did you send to Stars and Stripes
    reason I ask
    cyrus Leyroy Baldbridge was a New Yorker and there from inception…
    maybe NewYorkers are a little more open to the message …routing ..i know but it might work..?

    • I went to website under my real name..
      Asked for email..filled out form , Plus request for written symbols..
      Never received email..
      So went to Facebook sent a sharing through message..
      When I looked up Stars and Stripes I could find Washington ,DC..
      And 2 other references.
      .when I got the sharing on FB filled out there was only 2 references not three
      Do I took a chance…
      Confusing I know..
      If I had received a clean email Seperate from Facebook it would have been easier to send..
      But I never got it.,

      • Star48, I’m not sure if I get it. I just clicked on the guys email address and it sent them an email as far as I know. lol. Should I not have done that?

      • Jules104,
        You went to the site? And had it sent directly to him? That is where I went wrong I filled out the form to send to me…so I could send through Facebook..back to back FB
        I make things complicated sometimes…πŸ˜¬πŸ˜„

      • Star48, almost missed this reply of yours. Oops. Yes I went to main page and clicked on the “contact us” at top of the page. Did I say you write and speak well like my older daughter? She over thinks to. Thats where you brainiacs need people like me. lol. I’m being silly Star48…somewhat. πŸ˜‰

      • Star48, I found the 7th Fleet. Take a look at the pics. So yes the 13th MEU is with the USS Boxer. I recall there was a post when Eric said Spirit showed him a box and he didn’t know why. Do you remember that post? I would say the ship attack would be in the Middle East or in the bay at San Diego but who knows.

      • Jules104,
        looks as if the 7 th prides itself on being everywhere!
        There is also USS Coronado !
        This one looks to be complicated..here we are trying to help…
        I sometimes feel am just getting more confused…

      • Star48, I feel the same way. Now I’m overthinking. Heehee. I’ve noticed the Coronado also. I just almost hate to put a specific one. I keep asking myself…Why would Spirit tell Eric he can see it? Because he can? So is that for a place or a ship, or a ship that’s named after a place? I think it’s got to be one of those if nothing else. Ugh. I totally get it. Arghh! I just hope there are those who know more than we do that are paying attention.

      • I saw that one also Star48. Which is weird because I wasn’t talking about that one but…I knew you’d see it also. There was one where it was an actual box. They just showed him a physical box and I remember him saying something like not knowing what that was for. Oh well. May be nothing, may have been a prelude to the other boxes.

      • Star 48 your a legend you are having so much tech trouble ….weird …I saw the DC address havent looked for NY but will …..

    • Rhona,Star48…Here is something on the Fifth Fleet. If you go down to Aug 22, you will see articles on the Eisenhower and then the Boxer and 13th MEU. The MEU is from the San Diego area and maybe the Boxer also? I think they work together. I keep coming up with the Eisenhower to. But really the USS San Diego? I wonder where it is now there are a lot of these Fleet Week type Parade of Ships going on around the country. One is in Seattle right now I believe. Just thinking of opportunistic persons thought waves. You know what with two stones. Hate two even say it. Ugh.

  9. Sar 48 yes I did see the Bahrain post more than raised an eyebrow…could hardly believe what I was reading …
    Thank you for bringing it on site…..you always catch stories I am glad we didnt miss….

    • I agree Rhona. Star doesn’t miss a beat. Star48 I don’t know how you do it all. I’d be exhausted. Much appreciated. But I have to say that I don’t want you to feel like you have to do all this keeping up Star48. I worry about you wearing yourself thin. So whatever you can or want to do is great. No pressure. Hope that came out right. I so much appreciate everything you do here. I’d think it would be hard to keep up with though and don’t want you to ever feel like you are letting anyone down if you feel like taking a break every once in a while. But…you have to let me and Rhona know first at least so we don’t worry! πŸ˜‰ LOL. Just want you rested, healthy and of sound mind. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ƒ

  10. Jules104,
    so the Boxer with a four designation…is now with the 7 th fleet? Not the 5 th..
    Do that zeros on the USS San Diego?

    • Star Jules
      do you remember the prediction that had 444 or was it 4444..I saw it yesturday I saw it on an older post and when looking at photos on Stars and stripes Boxer was in it ..synchronicity ?…

      • I can’t remember which one but can look for it. I saw that also Rhona. I remembered yesterday that I had posted about a dream a long time ago with the number four. It was a weird dream. There was a yellow triangle warning sign with the number four in it. Just like a flash of this but like it was real. I thought what was that about? I guess it could have been relating to something else.

      • Star48, Rhona. Could be it stands for attack. Did you see it said 1 444. Is that Erics 1? Can you post that prediction on the 3 Aug post also Star48. Just in case. Goose bumps.
        Oh North Atlantic Ocean EQ. Think it said 4.9. There was a bigger one in PNG also today. They pop up. Going to look.

    • Rhona, just sent it to my email box for reference later!
      There are 12 listed for the pacific alone!😳 Should keep me busy..

    • Oh gosh am I doing it wrong? I just clicked on the “Contact Us” at the top and hit the email to send it to. Maybe I should send to them all? I wonder if anyone reads the ones like that.

      • Jules 104 the Bahrain article would be common knowledge at Stars and Stripes so the prediction may be read in a more”feesable” light…and there are light workers everywhere …so here’ s hoping …if not they will sit up and take notice next time….not my best line…next time geeze not keen on that thought…
        Star great you put it to your email ….

      • Me neither. Keen on the next time thought. That’s what I’m afraid of though. Praying hoping for lots of light workers. And yes Star48, if you email someone’s going to sit up and take notice. You are a very good, most excellent speaker and writer. Like my daughter. Unlike myself. 😳

      • Rhona, Star48. Off subject but have you looked at the EQ page today? Lots of 5 EQs in Sumatra area and South Indian Ocean, PNG, now North Atlantic. Seems weird.

  11. Jules104,
    thanks for concern, I over did it yesterday, 15 hrs plus..
    Crashed…concern for today! Was up at around 1:30 am..searched for an hour..than slept for 4 more..woke up . ..today. ( 1st day if AV ..that period of misfortune remember?)

    So side note..a little levity…love the programs ..you mentioned.
    I also loved Faulty Towers, and Absolutely Fabulous!
    I understand John Cleese is starting his own You tube channel.. Need more laughs…πŸ˜‚

    • Oh my Star48. You’d better be careful to not overdo. Easier said than done I know. Yes I saw the link someone added for the Av mention. Very interesting. I hope we can thwart these terrorist. Praying for a shift like Spirit mentioned.
      The sitcoms you mentioned I haven’t seen but I think I may need to search them out. I agree we need laughs here in between right? I think the Singer somehow knew that also. LOL

    • I never realized what an issue this was until I moved to the Coast and the Veterinarian mentioned it. Then I started getting their advisories for the naturally occurring toxins in the waterways. Sheesh doesn’t make me ever want to swim in any open water again.

      • Jules104,
        Never had these issues not even close to what is going on now!
        We are talking –yrs..plus..
        Oh,my… It like a litany of all lakes and rivers in CA…,Utah, Canada,?
        The core or mantle heating up is all I can think of for it to be this extensive…all at the same time!
        I am shaken and upset to what extent this has developed …
        It is unbelievable…

      • Jules104, I would not trust bottled water…back to the beginning..spring water!

      • Right that was the Ugh. I don’t do or trust bottled water either. Yes a spring and hope it doesn’t change direction when the earth moves. Haha.
        Hey Star I was treat Hong the RV and looked up meteorites when they land. It said the impact would be symmetrical. I’ll add a link. I wouldn’t give it one thought but that Spirit has brought them up before. I think it would be smallish but even that would be bad.
        Oops got to get the link.

      • Jules104,
        look no further than Crater lake in your neck of the woods,
        I have been there and Meteor crater in Winslow,,
        YEP..after seeing that RV 3 person little video…pretty scary..

      • Jules104,
        is it terrible what is happening to those children and adults in Mynamar

        I have not told you about the natural anthrax outbreak ..the thousands of Reindeer that are dying and being putdown and the children and people..that have died from eating infected meat..
        There is the possibility that one day Reindeer will go the way of the dodo bird.,

      • Yes the 38 people mostly children who have died. I wonder what that is. Dark spots and lumps and vomitting blood. Wouldn’t that be from internal bleeding. A plague? I think it said they are testing so maybe keep an eye out on CDC to see if they ever say. Hope it’s not going to spread. Said they were in a remote area village I think. I can’t even imagine having that happen around you in a small village. Those poor people.

      • Jules104,
        for all we know it was put there during WW2.. We will probably never know the ” real story”
        The unfortunate problem…is here experiment? Or malicious intent?
        We will never know.. Interesting the Russian military is right there to help…?

      • Jules104,
        do you read French? I would love for someone to read that last update..since it is French..maybe there was a hint? Or something…?
        Side note just put kettle on for my tea…

      • No French here Star48. Sorry. Maybe we can find a site with translation. I did see where someone posted that it was a suitcase earlier. I think everyone’s on edge due to attacks. Glad they are on their toes though. Hope it’s not a trial run or something else.

      • Jules Starc48 so good to wake upto your conversations ….. I love alot of noise in the house and when husband is away for two weeks …too quiet….but greatful to live where we do…..
        Im thinking your right Star about the mantle warming the waters ….its areal worry……..I will have to catch up on your other links you two
        see a twister went though New Orleans …Im still getting muddy waters mississippi delta ……to cime yey and did you guys catch the Singers ref to Dark Island Florida …thats all he vgave but im saying Hurricane watch …sometimes he expects me ti read his mind ….

      • Oh my my. I deleted a minute ago on Rhonas. I had just said I think Florida is going to get a big hurricane this year…I thought better wait on that comment. Then I read yours Star48. Synchronicity

      • I saw that Rhona. Forgot to mention. Dark Island. Yes I think maybe a hurricane for them. I am at the play ground so will catch up in a bit. Need eyes on you know. Oh I found that hilarious…Singer expects you to read his mind sometimes. Just cracked me up considering.

      • Rhona,
        Hi ,there stranger! Teasing..Nothing has transpired in the serious vein…with the exception of Effiel Tower being evacuated..for hours.. Suspicious package..
        still monitoring..had an update after 2 hrs than silence…still monitoring..it is too quiet..

        Oh there was a pipeline blast in Iran…still feel something still happening today!

  12. Star 48 cant you hit translate in your settings in computer or tabket or downliad a translater app that allows you to highlight sectiins for translation
    I used to switch my old computer to Hebrew when doing my automatic writing from spirit years ago (prying Eyes security )
    Paris ….ok …..
    Jules you would live Absolutely fabulous ..its screening again here starting next week ..glad you guys get the British humor ….

      • Star 48 Jules 104
        Jules have fun at park …
        Star I just recalled last night about 7.30pm wst recieved a text message from singer via phsycic friend
        Lay Lady Lay……its not the lyrics its the title….Lady ref Paris attack…
        To me thats a difinative heads up …also have vague memory of being in Paris in dream last night …trying to recall ..it will come …oh protect the lourve ..this is possible distraction ..white lighting lourve …..

      • Rhona,
        I am on pins and needles….
        Tell Ace…understand … Just Moments..away. …waiting…holding my breath..
        I keep thinking..” Games cancelled ‘ remember?
        Now Paris..there have been 2 cars torched in front of Louve,
        A mob that torched a bus..than all the ” false alarms at the Tower…
        Somewhat following the script as what has been happening in San Diego…

        Planning,waiting,plotting, like spiders….

    • Rhona,
      memory issue! Next one I will get double…
      I am expecting one back ( iPad )–that I bought somebody.
      .to use…who has now passed..
      Than I will have two!
      I have over 500 bks, lots of music plus lots of apps that eat it up …
      You know I was married to a Brit? I had to have a British sense of humor!

      • Star im the same my memory is so choked with music …photos etc …but Im getting a tablet or i pad real soon …I miss my computer…
        Great you will totally get my sense of humor too but the Scots have an edge on the English …but you did say Brit ..haha love them all…..sons inlaws are Welsh and English ..my sisterinlaw is English …When my brother wears his kilt an Englush accent comes out of his mouth …we tease him constantly ..you would like my brother Andrew he is si funny….if you have jyst had yiur hair dine he will throw you in the pool..or a ladder in your stocking ..run ..he wilk rip them off … growing up with him was duck and run ….

    • Yes I bet there is something you can get for French translation Star48. Uh don’t ask me how to do that though. lol. But I’m sure it’s out there. πŸ€” Oh I’m going to need to watch some of this Absolutely Fabulous I think.

      • Thanks Jules happy we dont need a translater and understand each other …did you find a feather at the park ?..eyes down Jules its in its way…
        happy hunting..

      • Thanks Rhona. I will be on the look out. I am going to have to be quick if I’m walking with my younger daughter though. Maybe I’ll do the “look over there”, on her if I spot one coming up. Hahaha.

  13. Rhona, haha, I do understand having 3 brothers!
    Hahaha…loved every minute of mischief…, barrels of laughter, and jokes..

    • more sinkholes Global trend..
      south Indian ocean in last few hrs…5.5 after shocks likely…
      thanks star

    • star 48 jules 104
      colima had a nasty quake in 2003 they say there was no known dominant fault lines it was felt in Esemada ..Tecate…Mexicalli and Tijuana…..he cocas and Rive plates could come into play but so could Volcanic activity ..we are aeare of those rumbling deep chambers
      Mexicali had a minor 2.4 6-8-16 today yesturday ..
      they have noted energy usually trends Northward ….Colima Mexicalli Tijuana …
      swampy 11 was postulating his dream and felt it may have been earthquake related ..He said Mexico….
      If This area starts to react to this it could invite the Laguna salada fault in …Indiviso Fault 2010 25 km s of Guatamala victoria ..inturn Mexicalli quake also triggered Imperial Fault and 50 new faults were added to the area after this quake and because of northward trend it could trigger San Andreas and other faults they say…
      well enough from me
      just going to watch fir Tijuana SanDiego quake ….

      • Okay just got this Star48. So mix the last question. Wow this is one interesting volcano. Is this the one we were looking at for an earlier post on a city being effected? Tijuana that is interesting. Let us know what you see Star.

    • star 48 thanks have checked them all yesturday….
      Have great day you two
      did you catch the post link on threat of rocket attack on Singapore foiled…

      • Stsr48, Rhona…I recieved and read both of yours. That was wonderful they caught the terrorist and foiled the attack. Woohoo! I hope others are foiled also. Blessings You Two

    • Star48, that is a beautiful area. I sort of worry about the people up there though, or people who are moving in. And I only say this because I’ve lived around some of these types, think I still am. You have the genuine nut jobs and then the others like yourself with good intentions and brains. It’s the nut jobs that worry me. How do you feel about the area? From what I have read, heard, experienced…this region also has a lot of neo Nazi groups, though so does the one I’m in. (who’d have guessed.) Ugh. And outlaws living off grid, etc. So I’m curious what your take on the article was. My grandkids other family is from the Troy/Kalispell MT area… I’ll leave that one open. LOL. Anyway I’ve driven through your area a few times and believe it or not thought about moving there. But to close to the other family. Yikes. I think you do have a good chance of surviving if the grid goes down though. Seriously let me know what you think about the people up there near and around you Star48. I’m curious after reading the article. Blessings

      • Jules104,
        I finally get a chance to answer your question…
        Lots of backlog still slogging through…
        I had put aside the articles I had pulled for..the past few days…
        You know why..attacks on the near horizon..and pushing for that awareness.

        I will tell you I was guided here…when I first started looking for a residence…
        That is how I found out by accident..that Hayden Lake was the headquarters of the Arian Nation of many years… It is about 35 miles south. (I purposely did not look there anyway!..)when they were broken up by FBI, years ago.
        They scattered…as you know they are dispersed everywhere…even near you.

        I have been fortunate…to have not encountered any up near Sandpoint…- I am sure they are around…but they are not a threat..
        I have only had great experiences with people up here…

        When I read that article…I could not believe it…
        but..I guess it depends on your reference in life…I have only found , kind, generous,people up her..friendly, helpful..
        I love where I live…I am sure there are ” the types that you mentioned” but there are faraway.. More of the ” normal ones”. Lots of Mennonites up in Bonners Ferry..

        I can only say, you have to follow your gut and inner voice…I feel that you will be guided…where you should go…( still looking for the feather?

        Just to tease you…and make you smile I am going to add a link to a video..you hopefully will enjoy…

      • Star48, I’m glad you don’t have any problems near you. Remember Erics post of the neo Nazis return…I hate that thought. I know they are still around but what I think will start in Europe or already has, will only empower the ones here in the US. And yes they are here on my street! Ugh. Weird, strange people. I think the Idahoans migrated to my neighborhood. But…I love the video, it looks wonderful. I can see why you’d fit right in and love living there in that area. And yes your guide sent you to the right spot. I read your post earlier on how that all happened. Pretty darn neat! Blessings Star

  14. What did they find out about the rocket attack in Singapore? Was it from North Korea? I know NK was threatening a rocket attack on Japan. You never know what’s coming out of NK. I’m also finding it interesting about the many events in Mexico, between volcanoes and hurricanes. It is a big country, but that’s a lot of stuff at once, especially with such a fragile economy. By the way, I’m a she, but that’s OK. And Rhona, thanks for that info. I’ll need to keep tabs on that, too. I don’t know how much I’ll be on line for the next 2 weeks, but will make periodic attempts after Monday. My prayers for the light will continue.

    • Swampi11,
      hi I went to the store,etc, came back picked up thread?
      I have no idea of context..I cannot find the previous conversation…
      So I am going to jump in.,..the rocket attack planned for Singapore was by 6 Indonesians.
      What their agenda,,,terrorism,? It has to be completely revealed..they did not succeed.
      That is the key!
      Hope that helps?

    • oh Swampy swampy you.made my day …I just woke and started reading what i have missed over night ……when i said He I said out loud to myself what if He is a she I kid you not spirit said …She Rhona ..Did I Miss picking that up at some time?
      now I can say blessings lovely lady

      • Jules 104 I did catch that one off the Oregon coast ..thought to post it then became distracted …
        Thanks Star
        Jules noticed on attack thread you are preparing for grandsons birthday…
        Enjoy his day …I love birthdays …I really get into the day we arrived on the planet celebration …and all the wishes for a happy future life ….especially the little ones …
        Enjoy your family wishing peace and joy for the day….Hi to his Mom too…cant forget her joy and memories for the day ..

      • Thanks Rhona. We will celebrate it next Saturday but got to prep. Need to make the perfect dinosaur cake for my grandson. Complete with volcano! I know you and Star48 will appreciate that. lol. Yes celebrate life! The big “4”!

      • Jules104, laughing, laughing…
        A stratovolcano for sure! What was the old movie with the plateau of dinosaurs?
        I will have to look it up

        Side note spirit nudged me ..I was looking at a list someone sent me of the top 50 cocktail/ drinks in SF…when I saw the Buena Vista cafe..(the one that developed the Perfect Irish coffee in 1952.)
        Love that place..always stopped in to have a few…they serve 2000 plus a day..
        And I was pushed to get the recipe…( just in case?). It is no longer there?
        I do know…I have the recipe as of a few minutes ago…

      • That’s funny Star48. I went to a liquor store in this town today, (I haven’t been to a liquor store in ages…so funny I always feel clueless in them), but it wasn’t for me. My family flies in on Wednesday from the east coast and they had put in their orders. I don’t really do hard liquor, so yes I love Irish Coffee and so does my family. I’ve not made my own though so thank you for the recipe. Must try it…soon! Yum! LOL

      • Star48, hey wait…was that a nudge for San Francisco or that I need a drink!? LOL. Oh my… Either way I’m on it. Cracking myself up. πŸ™ƒπŸ™‚

      • Hi Jules ..our grand daughter is the 15th and another in 30th …fun month for us ….I have to mention this ..The singer chimed in with
        J.B. Thomas My Mama ..just as I finished my first post to you …and he insisted I give you a song with a hand full of roses..oh dear now he is singing Mama loved the roses ..oh its a medally of mama songs now …
        Cute or cheeky ..probably both …and Star he is tipping his hat to you nd bowing with it in his hand like a knight of the court would ..he thinks your Ace..

      • Oh that’s so funny Rhona. Tell your Singer Thank You and I will take those roses and that song! Heehee. Star48, you are the Ace! I love it! Hugs to you both. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸŒΉπŸŒΉ

      • Rhona I forgot to add…two in one month! Wow so a 15th year and a 30th year? Lots to celebrate. What joy! You are going to stay busy. Big hugs to all of you. πŸŽͺπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ

    • Star 48 we have been visiting the same sites …unfortunately here in perth we are so far south we will not see much if at all ..but you two enjoy when you catch it…and if we do have a chance o see something astronomically forecast its usually ..cloudy ..odd that it happens without fail just the time of year Iguess…
      thanks Star

    • Star48, Rhona.. My daughter keeps talking about this shower. It sounds fantastic but I just keep thinking of the meteor hitting in South America. Do either of you get any off feelings? I’m adding a link. Is it just me? Do either of you remember which planet it was Spirit said they had to keep an eye on? Was it Jupiter? I feel like I’m being somewhat silly but…when is the meteor that hits the land and when does the rubber band snap? Is it not happening anymore? That would be great!

      • Jules104, I found the movie..
        ..the Dinosaurs. Plus a rocket! On a plateau island..” Lost Continent….”

        (Could make a great cake..island ,plateau,volcano,Dino’s, oh and a rocket!)


        This movie really stuck to me since I was a kid…my brother was 9 yrs older than me..he took us to the movies every Saturday..( so my mother could have a breather..
        She thought he was taking us to Disney movies ha..

        I saw every syfy movie of the 50’s ..actually grew to like them…
        Not my brother..
        My mother never knew why my brother freaked —ran into the house…
        when he heard funny sounds…(Them,,). Of course my older brother helped with the sounds..
        I hid under the seats..for some of them..
        Except my favorite …even when it scared me to death was..
        ” This Island Earth”. And “Them”. Oh an a few others! The list grows!

      • Oh Star48, I just took a look. Your poor younger brother…scarred for life! Disney Movies they are not. lol. Oh I should be saying your poor Mother shouldn’t I? Heehee. Yes a cake with a volcano, a dinosaur…and a rocket is in order I think. So much fun. Thanks for sharing Star.

      • Jules 104 I will have to look it up ..I remember a planet ..believe it may have been Jupiter ..remember the meteor that hit the ocean off the coast of Brazil ..I have always liked to think it missed the land and was foiled …Power of Prayer maybe? My feelings for rubber band are ..its still to come…but the V and 555 still puzzle me…and when Eric asked ” where v in south America meteor” ..555 came in ..

      • Rhona I agree. The power of prayer! I am so praying it has missed, one little shift to change the unstable future right? Blessings

      • Jules 104 thanks fir the Aces link they were all so gentlemanly and honored each others skills and oh so young ….
        Thats is amazing knights of the sky…im sure there is info inuendo ..maybe the 3 of us flew together once …He does say (the Singer) there is a whole enterage of Aces with him and they sing of course non stop…maybe Ace refers to Ace records or
        Star it refers to his being on target ..yes
        Star the cake idea …is great…
        I can just see you under the chairs ..I had a goid laugh…
        Hey you two I think I have the flu ..so if my posts seem out if it ..they probably are
        Its mostly a head cold you know ..sinus ..etc been ti docs …It will pass was his advice ..yep lots of ginger tea vit c ..wish they would find a cure all for winter flus
        and viruses ..oh well Onward and Upward Swc warriors ..

      • Rhona definetly Ace records with all that singing going on. Okay got ya, on target. For sure when it comes to Star48! I sure hope you get feeling better. The flu bug ugh. It seems weird that it’s winter for you there down under. I forget. Well yes, drink lots of ginger and lemon tea and get lots of rest for healing your body. Blessings and healing energy your way Rhona.

      • Jules104, and Rhona,
        Here is the Four Aces…( don’t forget Eric)
        This is for the Ace the singer…

        Rhona could you ask,m
        (Can you confirm for me Spain,Portugal that I knew him?)

      • Star48, Rhona. Can you two look at this post and the posts from/within this main post and tell me if you see anything. I feel like my brain sees things that others aren’t seeing and I don’t want to put them out there if it has nothing to do with what’s going on now. So here is what I’m seeing. A lot of the 5, 7s. At one point Eric sees where there is a discrepancy with the Spirit says 5 and it happens on the 7th. The train pulls in slowly with a seven on it. The word New the Spirits say new tower but it will be foiled. It just seems weird that Spirit has been bringing up 5 and now 7. There are a lot more but my brain is in a spin. It’s that feeling I’m getting over the bombing the airplane the port. Not good. Here is that one post. Thanks and many Blessings

      • Jules194, strange day..
        Sorry for being not present for you!
        My nephew just popped the question to his love..just 2 minutes ago..she said yes,
        ( I knew he had his plan..had the families together for the potential celebration)

        I read your question and concern, give me a moment…

        If for any reason I do not get back to you ASAP..tremendous downpour, thunder and lightning storm…

      • Star48, no worries. I am out searching for Dino’s to put into of cake. lol. Hit jackpot. Needed little ones. Oh wow tell him Congrads!! So exciting!
        I just really don’t want to put things out there that aren’t relevant. Just wondering about all the 5 and 7s. Not sure 777 is plane. Had 4s, 5s, 6s, even now 7s? Maybe even 3s? Ugh. Blessings You Star!

      • Jules104,
        that Is an intriguing catch…
        777 would in my mind be the plane designation… The meaning of the numbers and sequencing has always been questioned..as we have gone along…

        Even spirit clarified what it meant if circled …or what sequence..

        I will go back and take a look…that should be fun!
        My eyes will probably cross with examples…but will attempt and write out what I find…

      • Jules104,
        , the triple 5’s. Each 5 represents an event announcement?
        The 7 is the flag of prediction? Or timeline..?
        Again mutiple events happening…back to back in sequence..like bunches?
        .than a delay until the next 5?
        So the 5 at the top of the last post is an acknowledgement..that a timeline with either mutiple events is going to ” unzip?”

      • Yes something else other than just Boeing 777. Now it could be a Boeing 777 but I feel there’s more to the numbers than just that. I feel as though I should go through and write it all down to see if I see anything in the predictions. Thanks Star48.
        Side note like you do lol…while looking up ships in port of San Diego the list for the commercial vessels had a lot of names of the ships that ended with “Ace”. Thought that was interesting.

      • Jules104, I know you have a lot on your plate…including mini dinosaurs!
        Since you are checking San Diego…
        Can you see if British Airways of any Britush carrier flies into San Diego?
        I know they go into LAX

        It has been a few. Cough cough few years when I worked At the airport..

        Could you see? If they do to Long Beach, John Wayne Or San Diego.
        I will check Oakland,I know they go into SFO San Francisco…( Virgin Atlantic) as well as ?

      • Star48, is there any other UK carriers besides British Airways? Is that a dumb question because I am not finding them. Also did you see that British Airways started flying into San Jose as of this year. Did Rhona mention that city. And yes they fly into San Francisco and San Diego pretty sure. Will check LA. Sure they do though. I was playing babies. 😳 I’m sort of the other parent. lol

      • Jules104, .
        I put it on hijacked thread about a spirit mentioning. ( did not mention whose spirit) just referenced flags..
        On the way to San Jose…also tagged Queen as singer mentioned..

        A plane is called Queen of the Skies..that goes into San Diego..

        Go to the thread and see..also found a Twitter acct for UK consul General..
        Andrew Whittaker looks friendly..
        .need someone to Twitter him to talk to Eric or look at post…

    • Star 48 he is say yes but it goes deaper his last life had porugeses links amongs many others ..but he has hinted you met in his last lifetime as well or were affilliated some how …he is very gaurded of his ID remember the energy is huge …are you getting ships in portugal …he is laughing ..he says we ..you an myself have a passion for tall ships ..am I getting him right ..he said we both knew him there …can you shed any light on that…

      • Rhona Star48, made a mention of tall ships to me the other day. Funny. I think he does have a passion for them. That’s so cool. Is Star still awake? I had better go to bed to. Blessings will have tea on tomorrow. Hope you feel much better then. Blessings.

      • Rhona,
        he is being very diplomatic…a diplomat….
        I have to mull this over….I had a inkling I knew his energy…
        We clicked so fast…
        .I am just catching some idea,…. court….

        that us why I asked for confirmation,,,now I have to process…
        I hope to have a dream / vision…
        and there is a song..
        setting sail/Muineira de Frexido…..

        We have know each other more than once…
        I am struggling with time period 1550- ? . .? I was a woman…
        He was a man…powerful, mischevious, gallant…Admiral?
        , no more than that….I am getting statesman….something to do with government …..navy…
        I hope I am following the right bread crumbs.. He has .big smile…charming…charismatic…

        I will process more and work tomorrow..I have this image in my head, longish hair, bronze…
        Tall ships for sure!,,
        I listen to Portuguese fado…I was in Lisbon…had an incredible meeting…. Entity from before…
        Knew , recognized the person without seeing their face…out if 100 plus people..connected and had mystical experiences too many to mention here…over 45 yrs..
        I better stop…
        I will wait for dream/ vision.,

  15. Rhona,
    please let Ace know…I bow to him as well…with a flourish..
    ..my hat with plumes in my hand..gracefully crossing my body…in salute…πŸ›‘βš”πŸ’–

    • Oh I meant to tell you both to look at the moon lastnight. I saw the planet next to it and had no idea it was Jupiter. I walked with my daughter at night and it was really beautiful. Thought Rhona and Star48 should see this. Strange again. Oh and almost home when my daughter spots a UFO. Second one since moving here. Other one was huge came from direction of the water. Looked exactly like the one we saw in Colorado before we left. Now I swear I’m not looney but there you have it. I still think it’s the government with new technology. Probably tmi. 😳

      • Jules104,,
        no they are real…have seen 2 one huge one..triangular shape..hardly moving so huge beyond comprehension, and low and slow..
        And another in broad daylight..saucer shape hovering for at least 10 minutes..
        There was one other that saw it next to me…he looked at me and I looked at him..
        I had no camera…so he and I waited until it went straight up. Shrugged our shoulders and continued on with our day.,
        Not —our planet vehicle ..dimensional?off planet? Something…
        Two differant times two differant craft..

      • Yes I get it Star. Huge! I saw one when I was young, before I knew what I was looking at. The ones that blend into the environment…almost…and hover no sound but you know somethings there. Funny thing is now when I think back on it, I dont really remember thinking to much of it. Hm. Then when I lived in Zwingenberg at night. Zipping around the night sky, to far away to see anything but what looked liked a star, only intelligent maneuvering. That’s the kind my daughter saw lastnight but closer. Then the huge one, my younger daughter and I were out chunkin pumpkins down a ravine behind the house for the animals since it was snowing. Quiet clear night then from the NW, next to the foothills, a huge V shaped craft flies low right over us. No sound at all. There was a Broncos game going on. I said hmm…everyone’s in watching or at the game. I reported that one. Then we get to Oregon in December. In January same looking craft flu right over the house coming from the west/ocean. My daughter had stepped out front to look at the stars and constellations, something she does a lot. Now that scared her since it was the same looking one from CO. But I can tell you I did not like that feeling what so ever seeing it in CO. Was afraid to walk the dog by myself at night after that. Now I rather like my planet Earth and no matter how many problems she has will stay right here thank you very much! πŸ‘½ LOL. No really though, my daughter brought up a good point…how many people are looking up ever? Imagine what we must miss flying by all the time if there’s no sound. Oh and just remembered. She said there was an orb or something over the arch in St Louis a day or so ago. All over the news. Couldn’t figure it out. I’ve yet to check it out. Did you hear about that Star? Okay long winded. Sorry.

    • Thanjs Star 48 for alk the links ..I have an interest in astrology ..but try not to put everyone in same basket..some souls have worked it very well and overcome negative traits and balanced themselves very well ..when I was 13 or 14 i decided I was not going to be all the negative atributes I read …
      I have cime to believe we all have a share of each sign in us and of course rising sign moon sign etc…I decided to declare to spirit at that tender age ..I am all that you help me to be ..teach me ti grow out of my births negative traits and lets rewite the blueprint ..brave and naivelt risky ..though in time I read the signs of old astrological influences rising and met them with a change of coarse..
      Thus does not mean I have discounted planetary influences on humanity’s experiences and challenges completely ..It indeed iften gives a heads up if say mercury in jupiter ..expect huge expansive events in communications f all sorts ..so if something us going to occur it can either bring all people in unity or the gap wil become humungous..yep so something big on horizen …and some good communications of a grand sort to celebrate ..
      My son and his son aling with myself diguss astronomy often and have a natural passion for it …He is quite the adept amateur..
      oh yeh Jules side note that the dates of grandies birthdays not their age ..did I not say it right ..yeh they will be 5 and 10…hmm…memories….
      Star the singer loved the theatrics and simultaniously brought through San Jose ..
      have arestful night you two

      • Bty im scorpio still a little secretive with a Libra rising .Capricorn moon..and a whole heap of spirit
        oh I nearly forgot
        Jules my husband and I saw several what liked like UFOs on mire than one occasion.over several.nights in 2011
        they decended then accended really quickly and it was just straight up whoosh ..my sound effects …we thought the same ” government”…maybe not ..
        To add to my story when i changed blueprint
        I had a dream of being in a space craft ..sitting on a stool infront of ..what would be 2016 computer …and the spirit if christ ..yes ..and he said write your own story ..hiw you want your life to be …
        I have in meditiin simetimes but I never finish or follow it through …
        Create your own reality comes to mind
        just thought I would finush this story lol.

  16. That’s so neat. It really all makes sense. I feel like yes we all need to write our own story each one of us. Mine long over due. You need to finish writing yours. And somehow I believe we are all here at this time in this place to help each other along the path. Hugs Rhona

  17. Star 48 Jules great to hear your stories .
    Star sime of the ones we saw were Triangles some like orbs ..I did get photos ..camera shop said they looked odd but they are not very difinituve shots.
    Im like your daughter Jules i loik up at the stars every night and say hello ..I love you…all that are listening ..It sounds crazy but its not dramatic ..just a matter of fact .. ..Im not scared at all I belueve when and if we meet our space brothers and sisters theyvwill.be as tall as vikings….and benevolent ..
    At least we all had someone with us for the experience..yeh im quite happy staying here too Jules ..
    Hope this makes you laugh
    Ine of my pots that is watered every day occasionaly has the water sucked out of it Nd the plants leaves are drooping ..
    Darn thirsty aliens I said to husband …It has happened alot in last year ..
    I just realised spirit is probably telling me Im dehydrated …i dont drink enough.and feel the effects simetimes ..
    Guess apoligues to aliens hahaha.

    • Rhona funny darn thirsty aliens. Ha I’m imagining yes what a funny picture. Telling their friends to stop by Rhonas flowers she keeps them all fed and watered nicely every day. Hahaha! Meant to add also on Stars aliens, that would be something to see…do you think they were debating whether to take you or leave you Star48? I never use to worry about aliens and still don’t. It was just a sort of shock like I could have reached up and touched it as it went by if I’d been in the tree tops. I think the worst is imagining if you just never came back, but I’m sure I’ve watched to many movies. I bet they’d bring me back right away! LOL.

  18. Jules104, Rhona, my iPad is drained need to charge..
    Turning in …Sugar Plum Fairies….talk to you in morning!

  19. Star 48
    Im going to lay out what I have on the singer or Ace as you have fondly dubbed him..
    He thanks you for the song as it is one of the sings he gave me when he and I first connected in communication and a psycic reader said he has a great love for me and we have shared many past lives and if I trace my ancestry I will find links ..
    Some of these links go back to Scotland and germany….
    It has been a 7 year journey of research and revelation..
    I have kept a diary of events ..communications ..material evidence ..and of course every song he has ever sent me.
    Admiral …yes
    He told me various ways..and through
    phsycic reader ..varies tangible flags that involved other witnesses ..if you can call them that…that he was alays at sea in one of our lives together and came hime to me as I was his wife and her name eas Anna Marie .
    U have a daughter whose middle name is Marie and he says the Marie links us even now ..so i guess he is happy with her name.haha this all came thriugh a phsycic .
    Yes I have found some Anna Maries but decided now is whats important and didnt feel I needed to pursue it..
    your questions
    Statesmen …yes
    Court…yes Queen
    Song setting sail ..confirmed
    More than one life shared you mean him and you ..Im not getting anything on that as I am finding it hard to move myself aside to explore this .

    My question to you…
    When you say clicked straight away do you mean you and the singer or you and I because of him?
    Im writing this bfore you wake and post your info …that way I wont get distracted from what you discovered..

    • Rhona, Star48, what amazing lives you both have lead. I am so glad you have found each other again. I am just an “infant” in all of this but I wanted to just add…when I was young people would ask me if I was from South America. I always thought that was strange, as I’m Caucasian. I do have Scottish-Irish, German and English roots of which I am aware of. And my daughters middle name is Marie also. Anyway really thought that was…different. I hope you have/had your dream Star48 and are able to shed more light on your past. Blessings you two and to Singer also! πŸ˜‡πŸ™πŸ»

      • Jules 104 thank you for being happy ..its always an amazing journey with spirit ..Imagine the two of us choosing Marie for our daughters middle names ..what a lovey surprise…It seems Star is taking some time to respond to my post .Oh well …patience is something I was blessed with …all in good time…
        Singer says Hi to you Jules …

      • Rhona yes that was funny on the Marie’s. I think Star48 has been busy all day trying to get the word out for the hijacking post. I just emailed the FAA for the San Diego area. I hope they get it. Star was trying to figure out Twitter. Sheesh, I don’t do that either. Praying everything is quiet tomorrow and people are getting the word out. I hope you are feeling much better today. Sending healing energy your way!

      • Jules 104,
        So many other issues have taken precedent…important ones…that need attention.
        I think I will let “a distant past life…” Unfold in its own time..

        It must have been like haha ” ships passing in the night!” Wait that could be taken 2 ways!
        Oh well.β˜ βš“οΈβ›΅οΈβ›΅οΈπŸ¬πŸ³βš”

  20. Rhonda, Jules104,

    Update on Anthrax threat..,,
    ,I hope Rudolph survives! Does not look group for Donner or BlitπŸŽ„πŸŽ„


    I can just now go back to normal duty..I have cajoled, pleaded ,begged..asked,invited,nudged, got down on blended knee…

    I am all out of steam…I hope spirit knows we the collective, have tried our best..
    Singer participation,a Rhona, Jules, Em, and a few others.
    Hopefully the Ghost readers will step up to the plate when WSHTF…..

    Wil, try to go back and fill in where I was supposed to comment..
    Need to eat something first…only took a 10 minute break…bushed..dragging my u know what..

    • Oh my golly Star48. You have some wonderful karma coming your way. You’ve worked your arse off! Please get nourishment and an Irish coffee for me! I emailed updates to FBI. CIA had kicked me off a while back. Guess to many emails. I think I’ll check again. See if I’m still blacklisted. πŸ˜³πŸ™„πŸ™πŸ»

      • Jules104,
        thought it was peculiar ..
        .I thought that /Rhona/singer mentioned it to watch.,maybe that is the reason?
        Something differant happening?
        We will have to wait and see..

    • Star 48 jules 104
      mighty cose to Dutch super Volcano
      Pot hole Glacier
      81.32.890N 119.481.02 E
      Dutch Volcano61.310374N 152.384987w
      magma making Glacier movement perhaps

  21. Jules104, I mentioned to someone that I thought the Olympics had some challenging things to deal with…I have a friend who has kept up to date with the troubles…
    If it was not so jaw dropping..it would almost be funny..
    However..the cyclist who feel and fractured thier spine. Or the gymnast that snapped a bone…in competition..not so funny..sleeping in tents on their beds..,visiting a bordello,M thinking it was a spa..that could be funny..I heard something today that made me chuckle..
    And believe me when I tried to surpress it and had hand over mouth…
    The Olympic security chief robbery…came close to upsetting my good intentions..
    What? Read…terrible.(..muffle ). Cough, cough…what?

    • Oh my gosh. The Olympic security chief himself. I’d say that’s a problem. Poor man. Right…chuckle, chuckle. (I feel bad for the athletes who will be swimming in the water.) After reading the linked article though, I am wondering if the issues have arisen due to bribing the police. It sounds as if it might be a common practice. There does seem to be a huge issue with crime there. It’s to bad because it looks beautiful.

      • Jules104,
        one of the cousins I helped through college..married a wonderful lady from Brazil..
        They have 2 beautiful children they just got back from a months trip to visit family.,
        , they said everyone down there is so excited, proud.
        ,it breaks my heart..to see so many problems like this…..keep good thoughts..blessings..

      • Oh nice, I hope your family had a wonderful visit with the extended family down there. I have never been to Brazil but can imagine parts of it are really beautiful with a beautiful culture and people.
        It does seem like you have those who are very proud the Olympics are there in Rio. Very understandable for sure! And at the same time the reality is for them or others that the money needs to be spent on infrastructure, education, etc. I do hope and pray that there will be monies brought in and spent on some of the things needed for those less fortunate there in Brazil. I think a lot of times the money gets put elsewhere though…like in people’s pockets. That is very sad.

    • Hey Star48, I noticed one over in the NE corner of MT lastnight also. Not sure when that one happened, yesterday sometime? I was watching the Dutch from a day or so ago. Calling for something around Vancouver area and Seattle, Oregon. We had that smallish one but that’s it.

      • Jules104,
        I am very aware of that post…I have been constantly posting comments on that thread!
        Because I think it is a very real timeline…and no this has not unfolded…
        Take a look at the comments posted ..( start St the bottom and go up)
        I have been thinking..maybe — spirit is nudging — notice me, notice me..πŸ€”πŸš¨πŸš©πŸš©πŸš©

      • Jules104, sorry I must be catching what a Rhona has!
        I just jumped on Dutchsinse, when I saw it on the wire…it was a medium size not near any population.,
        So I wanted to hear what he had to say.. Small fault..distant to volcanic fields..
        So not the one..we are waiting for..,,
        Oh well. Next time…just teasing be native CA.. 5 is yeah okay..no biggie..

      • Star48, I hope you feel better in the am. That’s funny about getting what Rhona has…I felt sick lastnight when turning in and thought…better not be getting what Rhona has. Prayers for your sattelite dish pole getting set up with no hitches involved. Sleep well πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ» + πŸ›  = πŸ“‘πŸ†™

  22. Jules104,
    upgraded to 5.1 mag..about 105 miles diagonally from Gorda Escarpment..
    So we are in the clear….
    We had a 4 something in OK? Need to check out the others…
    Have a splitting headache…going to crash early..
    Have Huge crew coming tomorrow to put a new pole for Direct TV..utility coming too 8 am..
    So got to get my game face ready….
    Hopefully they will be finished before 12 noon? I will let you know..
    Until tomorrow..Sugar Plum Faries

      • Hi Jules 104 star 48 this is a test post 5 of mine have disppeared ..if they turn up it will look like what is she doing.
        blessings .

      • Rhona I got this one. Mine were doing the same thing a while back. A couple times or still happens. Not sure why but a bit frustrating to have t rewrite I know. Having great fun with family though I miss my SWC already. πŸ˜‡πŸ™πŸ» Blessings

      • Rhona,
        at around 3-8 pm.
        I had no service on my cell service..had to reset, with ATT.
        Strange I have never had anything even close to that experience…
        So why do you think you have had them drop off the cliff?
        Carrier issues, site issues? . .?

  23. Star 48 Jules 104
    no more hugs for you two ..well at least not when im ill…blessings only…
    geeze all the way across the Pacific and across Aus .thank for sharing but you shouldnt have ..will keep my distance next time hahaha
    seriously hop your both o.k and have picked up ..especially your headache Star…and good luck with your pole instalation and all that goes with it today..
    blessings and good health to you both

    • Hi Rhona, yes thought that was hilarious also. I hope you are rid of your flu bug. Whatever mine was, it was also very, very short lived. I hope Stars is the same. Yes no more hugs while sick. Haha.

      • Rhona, Jules104,
        feel better today, (that body ache/ headache was not fun.)
        They are working on the pole this very moment..hope the thunder and lightning stays away..leaden skies…
        Keep you fingers crossed …

      • Star48, Rhona. I just wanted to let you know that my family will be visiting until the 17th…so I may slow down a bit in between. I will check in and try to keep up dated though may not be commenting as much as I’d like. Just want to keep you informed so as you don’t think I am being a hermit. Blessings You Two. 🌻🌷

      • Jules104,
        I will miss you….but you will be so busy, and having so much fun! And think of the cocktails !
        Have a great time..we will be here when you come bacπŸΎπŸ·πŸΉπŸŽ‰

  24. Star 48 i think its more a device problem rather than site or carrier …
    Its not been so problematic before..and you have had an unusual issue too..
    though one of the other ladies sandra i think had a posting gltch like our past ones

  25. Star 48 yes it reminds me of singers South pacific Flag
    now im waiting for New Zealand just on probabilities.

  26. Star 48
    Sundra strait 5.1 @ 68 depth
    5.0 @ 83
    5.3 @ 63
    sunda always makes me nervous proximity to Sumatra
    Fiji 5.8@103 depth

    • Rhona, Star48… How about 8-20-2015, North Korea Attacks South Korea for a back thread? I wish I could reply and comment here more but alas lots of family conversations and what not happening. Blessings. Hey also I think it’s 4-24-2016, but I was wondering about the 0 0 7,and the 1 for being San Diego. Could that represent the first IS a Attack? So the 7 7 7 is each a separate attack but this begins with 1 being the first 7 being San Diego?

      • Hi Jules enjoy yourself …
        I think your into it ..I could not.find the 007 every time i put it in the search box ..nothing found …i then a week apart as others have suggested ….
        north korea attack thread it is then …will c u there …after …

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