Notes on 6-16-15

“The bad ones.. are in Vermont for a time.. down.. down in town.. garage/barn.. summer.”

I had a visual of a massive upscale house, it almost looked like a fancy hotel. The house had a barn or garage in the far background.

Spirit where in Vermont? “The south bucket.”

A new list of predictions is forming:

“I had a visual that they marked an area on a map and said “Pluto” then added later the word “Juno” both are historical Roman Gods? — I question if this is related to finding those in Vermont since it was presented on a map.

I had a visual of an area of downtown engulfed in smoke. There was several firefighter trucks.

I had a visual of a massive explosion.


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  1. Could this be a B & B or Ski resort/hotel that doesn’t get much business in the summer time? Maybe they have a barn that they keep plows/snow makers/equipment in? Also there is a potato called “green mountain potato”. A researcher from the University of Vermont named it in the 1800’s. There are mountains/forest area left of Wardsboro called Green Mountain National Forest.

  2. Eric, I would like to ask., Could this be meant to be put in new category?
    Juno ..,could it reference Juneau,Alaska.?. ..there are 2 fires in Alaska at this time, many acres and homes destroyed..Many displaced people.,


        Ra, the sun god, was the second to rule the world, according to the reign of the gods. Ra was a strong ruler but he feared anyone taking his throne. When he discovered that Nut was to have children, he was furious. He decreed, “Nut shall not give birth any day of the year.” At that time, the year was only 360 days. Nut spoke to Thoth(metatron), god of wisdom, and he had a plan. Thoth gambled with Khonsu, god of the moon, whose light rivalled that of Ra’s. Every time Khonsu lost, he had to give Thoth some of his moonlight. Khonsu lost so many times that Thoth had enough moonlight to make 5 extra days. 365 day calendar.

  3. Eric can you say whether this house/home/hotel was modern or like an older home? Wood/brick. what color etc? Farm land or mountains/forest area? Could it have been a resort bed and breakfast type of place or just someones big residence? There are many older farms/homes which have been turned into resorts and spas in that area of Vermont. Trying to eliminate some places.

      1. Good thought, Star48, I looked up and it doesn’t match the descriptions. Eric said it’s the massive upscale house that almost look like a fancy hotel with garage or barn in the back.

        My assumption is the place that is isolated town with that description of the house. If they had the vehicle, they’d hide it in a garage or in the back.

        The south bucket. South could be point to south of Vermont. BUCKET could be a name of street, town, resort, gas station, B & B inn, grocery name, anything goes by the name of bucket. I thought the town of Wells might describe like a bucket. Just brainstorming.

        I am hoping that someone will call the FBI to look into Vermont. It will be awhile till they are found. Escapees will be hard to locate cuz they spent a couple of years digging out of steel at nights. They are determined and dangerous. Hopefully, no hostages.

      2. CAUTIOUS!! If anyone read that live in Vermont, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t dare to check out the abandoned place looking out for them. Let the FBI do their jobs! If anyone is not trained to do the men hunt is put at risks. Just don’t and be smart to protect yourself. If anyone suspect it, then call the cops.

    1. I was wondering the same thing Star48. Did they take the water ways somehow. Less scent to be picked up on.

      1. Jules104, if you could look on Map Quest – you can see that it (water passes along the Adirondack Park Reserve) Bucket lane is on the east side of Green Mountain Reserve –near Dover.., Vermont..
        So it is close to small airport..Mount Snow Airport..
        Also positioned to go to sea coasts ..New England, NJ

        It is a location that could be positioned for many opportunities.

        1. I noticed that small airport earlier also Star48. There is a Pluto Lane, Nashua, NH and a Juneau Ave, Haverhill, MA. It is approximately 40 miles between the two. And approximately 100 miles from Dover to Pluto Lane, NH. I am not so sure about the names being streets though or even having to do with this. I was also thinking Pluto, God of the Underworld, and Juno, Goddess of Marriage and Childbirth. Stretching it but, a Resort that holds wedding venues and an old barn with a cellar?? I’m going to keep looking for clues.

          1. Jules104, Pluto was god of wealth, because mineral wealth was found underground, and because as a chthonic god Pluto ruled the deep earth that contained the seeds necessary for a bountiful harvest.[1]

    2. Star48, it could be but not sure if that the location. Can’t see the garage or barn behind the house. I suspected it’s the large size of garage or barn. It’s quite scary if it’s close by the elementary school. I doubt it cuz they avoided the town. It has to be an abandoned building to hide. Secondly, it close by the forest or mountain that easy to hide. Thirdly, did Jules mentioned of the nearby airport? Unless they know how to fly or kidnap the pilot to fly for them. That’s the gamble on escapees’ part. They’re very creative to think of any possibility to put at risk. It’s scary what in their mind frames.

  4. I did leave a tip on the NYPD tip hotline…just to take a look at the two posts. Maybe they can connect the dots better than we can. I can’t help but think it’s some sort of slang or saying for a certain area or farm/resort or something. I even thought about maple farm syrup buckets, dairy farm buckets etc. But more than likely it has to do with an area like the old “Bucketville” town. Also was thinking about the many old root cellars those areas have.

    1. Thanks very much. The bucket might be a reference to the shape of Bennington. As if pointing to the last region of Vermont. The area seemed more upscale then farm like, there was a lot of nature but it looked like a high income area.

      1. There are some old upscale larger homes in “Old Bennington”. They are mostly white older colonial looking homes with very large yards. A lot of them have their garages set off towards the back side of their homes. More than likely used for carriages in days gone by. I noticed a lot of the old resorts have the same type of old carriage barns to. There is an Inn called “Four Chimneys Inn”, in that same historic district. They have an old stone obelisk, Bennington Battle Monument, in the middle of the historic district also. There really are a lot of places for these two to hide out unfortunately. Though I think if they do go into those smaller towns they will stick out somewhat unless it is at night or they have outside help.

          1. I will try. I just got on google maps and added the little person where you can actually travel around the town and streets to get a feel for the area though. First is the “Four Chimneys Inn” link, then I will try and find pics for the houses. Also read that a lot of them are in the style of, “Greek Revival” architecture. I added one pic of a house for sale which actually has an old carriage barn behind it, but can’t seem to find a lot more. The best sense is to look through the area on google maps. I think it is a better representation.

    2. Thanks Jules! glad you did that. They are looking into the wrong place but I understand it’s the procedures they had to followed through.

      1. Hi Harvey. I just hope they find them before someone gets hurt. The good thing is they don’t want to draw any attention to themselves any sooner than they have to, the bad part is they are desperate and enjoy what they do. Hope the Authorities will think outside the box and listen to Eric and His Spirits.

    1. Rhona,
      how did you know?
      Oh that was funny,,,I needed a laugh.. I misposted something recently. Must be in the air..
      No problems.. 10 years is not enough. LOL

    2. Rhona, Star48…I agree…I think that was just what we needed! I was laughing so hard also. My younger daughter said what is that! I knew you would figure it out soon enough though Rhona. Blessings everyone : )

      1. Hi jules …yes i have spent the last 2 hours painting trying to get over the mistake..telling spirit ..not funny guys…so happy it made you all laugh …star 48 yeh i did pick up on your mispost..its good to be part if a team..blessings and joy x

    3. Rhona, Oh man…I cracked up! That’s a good one! It’d be nice to look younger and feel sexy! Perhaps have a date with the Spirits…. Lol…. that’s a thought. 😉

      1. Thanks Harvey im still having a giggle too….maybe spirit wanted us to laugh…they seem to use me that way…seriously my phone has a life of its own ..odd since i posted a post about being a grandmother and my after thought was all the wrinkles that go with that too…lol…blessings and stay safe…you and all on site…

  5. Saturn is the daughter of juno …saturn is a make of car…some of them in vermont…saturn autos is in vermont…pluto dark energy as we know ….there is a pluto car too…not saying saturn autos is not a reputable company…just looking for locations and pos leads….pluto rules scorpio….none of this may help but who knows…

    1. That’s a good thought, Rhona. I wonder if they had the car ready with change of clothes, cash, map, etc.

  6. I think they mean the prisoners who escaped recently may be hiding in vermont suggest someone inform the police, just read on cnn that the police have clues either vermont , canada or new york my hunch is vermont …………….. im sure they are in vermont!

      1. Jules104, Samantha. — a Wow that is not that far out of reality..
        Nor from Lake Champlain – interesting…

      1. Okay Eric, I have the idea what it might be looked like as the massive upscale house and looked like a fancy hotel. That’s the ideal place either for a residents living in or used it to serve as B & B inn. I am hoping none of them live there as the hostages. The Spirits didn’t mentioned the hostages, so hopefully that’s the plus. Again, my guess it could be abandoned. But it wouldn’t make sense when it fixed up as upscale and still being used to serve a purpose. It’s most likely the “upscale” house is either on a market or active. :/

        The only thing I could think of is the hotel called “The South Bucket ” but it’s not listed in Vermont. Somewhere it has to have the sign posted ” The South Bucket “. Or maybe it’s not what the Spirits meant.

        I suspected it HAS to be nearby a mountains or wooden area. It’s a very unknown town where not many people go there.

      2. Eric, I had another look at Samantha ‘ s link of the mansion inn. It fits the description from what describes as old, massive upscale and like fancy hotel. I wonder if there is a large garage or barn behind it? Or maybe the carriage barn.

        We’ll keep our eyes opened.

        1. Harvey, I just looked at the location-
          Sumner Mansion on Google Earth .. Huge area, forested and just a quess and this is only a quess..50 acres? There are outbuildings ..also buildings in the area. Even more Acerage.and other locations even a graveyard with forests around it.–scattered around the inn area..
          The closest lane are listed as 12. And 5. Off Interstate 91
          Near Hartland..

  7. If I just heard evening news correctly, authorities followed “trail” into Vermont then it went cold? Not sure I heard correctly but that would be interesting.

    1. Also might be worth looking for building we are looking for somwhere near uni or greek church….just a tought

    2. Hi Rhona. I am trying not to laugh because….it automatically takes you to a spot that says, “you are not logged in”. Maybe its just me. LOL But I know what you are talking about because I saw that also and the church. Check your link again. I think your Spirits are messing with you again. Blessings… :0

      1. thanks jules something is going on as i checked it before posting and sent it in a message…and my url paste doesnt change unless u repaste another link over the top…oh gee i cant beleive this ..its a wiki post on vermont state house..immm notttt game to try again..i will have a chat to the fellas as i call them ….maybe its time for a new phone or they just want to keep us laughing.. apparently you get further with joy in your heart…keep up the gteat work everyone

      2. Jules i just clicked on link from my former post on this site and it worked everything was fine…so a mystery to me…not sure why it said that for it working for everyone else would appreciate the feed back…Thank you so much all…

  8. I just wish I get more clues when the dogs last picked up the scents. Saw on the news that it was the trash bins at gas station? But Idk what town and how far from the prison? Does anyone know?

  9. Eric, I looked up the post of 1-10-15. It mentioned of the word “hotel”. Is this related with Vermont or it just past, the old prediction? I’m looking for another clue.

    What about the NJ prediction? Think they’d be arrested by dawn in NJ? Need to find which day of the previous post.

    1. could the shoot out at carolina be linked to the two prisoners who escaped one of them was lean probably they are over there just a thought

      1. How far is the church from prison? The milage distance? Good thought, Matilda! I think I may have read or heard the white boy confessed killing them in church. So sad.

  10. I can’t find the post but it had to do with laws (gun laws?) changing afterwards. And maybe a rifle hanging on a wall, and the Republicans were going to be blamed? To me it sounds sort of like what happened in Charleston, South Carolina with the nine killed during their Bible Study.

    1. Here it is from 12-23-14 “The gun attack leads to legislation” (I had a visual of the US flag drop to the ground) Could this be the shooting in SC?

    2. Oh yes, Jules!. I think i know what you are talking about. I remember that too. Let see if I can find it. Star48 is good at finding the older posts also. Hopefully he finds it.

        1. Sorry, Eric. I should have added that —that was the thread that she was looking for earlier..
          I do did not mean to infer that this was the one that was correct.,
          Will be careful to be more definitive…

  11. Wait! It just clicked me. What if they are under the tunnel ground for sewage or drainage? As they are familiar with the steel under ground pipe.

  12. Eric, I think you are referring the old fancy house that sounds like “Gone with the Wind”. It’s a huge place like fancy hotel. Might be hiding inside the large garage or barn in the back.

  13. Okay Eric, I am confused and lost about the “Pluto” and “Juno”. What is this about that the Spirits mentioned? What do you think it means in your opinion?

  14. now that they found the killer this is all something else to happen in the future, relieved they found the killer but still the two prisoners who escaped probably its them!

  15. im so surprised how come they are so smart to have escaped if they had links with isis what could they be linked too ie the new york prisoners, they must be planning something major then surely any thoughts on this it could be a major threat if they are not found a small beginning to something big.

    1. Hi Matilda. Did you hear the escapees had ties to ISIS somewhere? I haven’t heard that. I think they are only in this to escape and be free to do as they please. What I have read and heard is that they are both considered psychopaths. Psychopaths are considered to not have a conscience, no empathy, no remorse, no feelings of guilt. Here is an article on the condition of psychopathy. Doesn’t bode well for the normal human being with a soul if you ask me.

      1. Hi Jules
        I read it but you never know ……
        We have to wait n watch.
        I just pray the cops nab them soon they look very dangerous not good!

  16. Just a thought. Thinking back about the Post on 2-15-15, visual of the demon jumping up out of the ground, piece of paper with six written on it, clock hands on 6 where 4 should be. I looked back and saw that the prisoners did escape on either the 5th or 6th of June. They weren’t sure since it was during the night. Maybe it was at 4:00 am on the 6th? The demon…people have compared psychopaths to someone who has no soul. They definitely came up out of the ground. Could that Post be related to the prisoners who escaped?

  17. Eric, there is a program telling the story on a Channel ID
    Investigation Discovery…showing now ..
    Prison Break; Killers on the run.

  18. …Juno is also the name of the NASA’s spacecraft that is on its way to Jupiter


    “Like in Greek and Roman mythology, goddess Juno, able to peer through the clouds and reveal Jupiter’s true nature, theJunospacecraft will look beneath the clouds to better understand the planet’s structure and history”

    1. Jjmn86, yes —-it is ongoing thru 2016,,
      There is also Pluto observation on 7-14-15″””
      However the posting reference on the Gas Planet was Saturn..
      Did I miss a another reference?

  19. Okay Eric, I feel in my gut that they may be hiding in ” The South Bucket” which it could be the manhole somewhere in the south of Vermont. Cuz I read that they were spotted coming out of the manhole outside the prison late after 12:30am on June 6th. Few days later, the bloodhound dogs were at the gas station not far from the prison. I Forget the name of the city. Perhaps it may have gone into the manhole thru the tunnels of sewage or draining. That’s my thoughts. Very frustrated and tense looking for a clue. Please ask the Spirits if they are under ground?

    1. I meant the dogs with powerful scents that can pick up for miles. The last scent was at the gas station at the trash bins. Could be the manhole nearby.

      1. My guess if they are on feet without a vehicle. They can’t be far from the prison somewhere south in Vermont where the house as described where they came through the tunnels underground to the manholes. I don’t think it’s that far. However, it’s almost 2 weeks and they would keep going u less they feel okay in isolated place to rest, eat and sleep. Then continue on whatever they see the opportunity such as vehicle.

      1. Me too. Thanks Eric, for letting me know as they stole the car.

        Again, Eric. I think the prediction for “NJ..arrested. ..dawn” could be related with 2 escapees. I could be wrong. sigh….

        Also, thanks to Jules on the links for Inns. It’s very likely as it fits the house descriptions.

        I also wondered about Pluto as I saw the beautiful bright stars 3 in a row last night. It matched your predictions.

        Thanks Star48 and others for trying to keep eyes out for 2 escapees.

  20. yes harvey true i too feel they are at some place safe n sound may be close by also until they get a chance to escape again may be in disguise??????????? that lady was a jerk to have helped them but who knows so many loopholes are there this is an under hand escape for sure ………..

    1. Matilda, if you live in Vermont. It’s not my intention to upset anyone. The more clues the better to find the solutions. Sometimes, we may have overlooked and need to think reverse able and opposite as what if. I understand it’s frustrated and hoping they will get caught. It’s very unfortunate for a stereotype like a female employee working inside the men’s maximum prison. Just plain dumb. I’m hoping this will prevent it from happening again in future for a female working in male’s maximum prison. I used to volunteer in prison for the bible study and women are vulnerable to men. That’s the way it is. I’m a woman and freely to state my opinion about that situation. If any woman disagree with my comment. The question is what to do about that situation for a woman working inside the the men maximum prison that could be avoided. I don’t think woman employee or visitor should go alone with men inmate(s) at all. Men and women are two different species that desired to get a attention and satisfaction their emotional needs. We all do and we know that.

      I hope the sooner the better they get caught so someone will not be harm in any way.

      Stay vigilant and be safe. Blessings to all!

  21. Here’s another thought which is unusual about cutting the steel pipe inside the prison’s walls. It was stated that it had to be the professional to cut it opened or someone had good training to do that. It did not say if it was cut from the outside or from the inside the pipe. If it was cut from the inside then it’s likely someone helped them escaped.

  22. Define bucket: a deep, cylindrical vessel usually of metal, plastic or wood. It is more commonly used elsewhere, especially in the Midland and Southern US. It’s a synonym for “the bucket”, which means jail.

    Non – potable water typically refers to rivers, boreholes, rain tanks, dams, or water having to be that have access to no sanitation services (water – borne or otherwise) or the bucket system of sanitation.

      1. Eric,
        did Jjmn86 get back to you about Juno? It is set to see Jupiter, July 2016..
        I am sure jjmn86 will post information soon? Blessings..

  23. Thanks star 48 for the update..i found a Juno in Mcdowell county West Viginia and Pluto in Releigh county ..they are only 54 miles seems possible that these men could travel from Pensylvania to viginia in the time frame ..maybe even from vermont..i have included a link that if you type in pluto or juno it will give you a little info on these two places..i hope the link works…

  24. I tried the link and it worked so just type in the search box on top right corner above picture juno or pluto and scroll the list till you see mcdowell for juno and raleigh for pluto…my past history for links is haunting me…blessings to you all…

    1. Rhona, will do, I am sure the others will check it out too..
      Thanks for imput…. ( I cannot resist ). BOO.. LOL
      I love your spirit!

  25. Im only happy to help Jules …it is a very good site and it is very useful…wish they would recapture these guys …praying for a safe outcome for all…x

  26. Also, there’s the Juno Road, Virginia beach, VA.

    Juno Beach, Florida.

    Can anyone else add Juno such as street, town, beach in what state please. I don’t know if Pluto or Juno is related to escapees.

  27. The police have been narrowing down the area around a camping area in Vermont. The found prison-issued materials, a spoon with DNA, etc. in the area. So, it looks like they’re closing in to the escapees. A certain area is blocked off.

    1. I thought it was Vermont too but was confused. The cabin was in thick wooded for hunting where is very quiet place to hide. I think they mentioned the Mountain View. I’ll try it again to pinpoint where they were last seen. They can’t be that far.

      I also read that a person used to live in Friendship, NY that was in disbelief. It’s a 2,000 population and very unfriendly town. They’d notice anything out of odd immediately. In my opinion, They probably either heading or already in Vermont. Need to find the house nearby or not far from the Mountain View in Burlington.

      I thought I saw Richard Matt with a woman in her early 50’s and a teenager girl at Universal studios yesterday. Look like him but it’s hard to tell cuz they looked alike. I didn’t think it’d be him.

  28. Eric, Star48, Jules, did anyone mentioned of the Mountain View Manor?? It’s the perfect description as what the Spirits described. I can’t link it via my phone. I’m on vacation away from home. Type it up and see what you think. That’s the place where 2 escapees left the DNA that confirmed where they stayed at the “hunting” cabin. Mountain View Manor is not far from it.

      1. Hi Jules! That’s the one, Ardmore Mansion at Mountain View Manor. I realized later it was further about 6 hours drive. Did you see the picture in the back with large barn? It fits in the descriptions from the Spirits.

        I was pretty sure I may have seen Richard Matt with a woman in her 50’s with a teenager girl age about 15 at the Universal studios, last June 23rd. Two days later, I read updated on 2 escapees. It stated that the correction officer Palmer did a favor to mail the painting package to Fla, perhaps to his daughter but not sure who. I raised the question what if this is the guy I saw at the Universal studios. That’d be way freaky!

        1. Wow that would be freaky right. It’s a small world though and getting smaller by the day for those two. I saw an Inn called “Pitchers Inn” also in Warren, VT. I am not sure if it had a barn

  29. Eric, I wonder if Richard Matt is in Florida? I think I saw him with a woman in 50’s and a teenager girl around age 15 in Orlando 2 days ago.

    1. Ooopps! Sent to soon. I meant to say I don’t know if there was a barn or garage out in the back. It showed up as an advertisement on my computer which was odd and made me think of a “bucket”. Blessings.

  30. Hi everybody! This is in response to Erics post from 1/11/13 (interesting numerology uh friends?). Eric said… of bridge…..7:3….Friday. That’s one day before July 4th. 2015 which falls on Saturday! A terrorist act? 2 sinister acts? This isn’t referencing golden gate (yes I know eric you saw that with the pilot in France from a photo) and/or Boston?? “Black socks scattered all over”, July 4th celebration fireworks, stadium…ball game?? Fire trucks in downtown area….explosion. a gathering of folks celebrating. Terrorists would love to ruffle our tail feathers by choosing iconic spots or events–lady liberty, new years eve ball dropping…you get the picture. Anone want to comment or add?

    1. R2D2, great timing.,to bring us back to point..
      I think with the wave of attacks in 5 countries today..
      I would opine that We are next..
      4th if July or the weekend , Boston is the focus? According to Eric/spirits post?
      Coast to coast should be considered…

      1. I knew i could count on you Star48! There is no such thing as coincidences 😉 Sure makes sense uh? Erics prediction was an increase in these acts…Brace yourself world – the real spiritual battle begins! Think I mentioned awhile back a baseball game (another iconic American event) was playing on July 4th at Fenway Park. Let me tell you that is the last thing that city needs!!! Any city for that matter. Yes…I’ve been reading about multiple isis attacks today. Horrible.

        1. Let’s hope you are both wrong. 😦 Don’t mind saying I’m getting a little nervous looking at all those black socks and roses on the coffin during the Pastor/Senator from Charleston, South Carolinas Eulogy which is going on right now. President Obama should be speaking at any moment now. I’m sure it’s nothing…though can’t help but think of it all. Argh.

          1. Jules104, sorry missed the “black socks ” .. I am sorry I plan on missing O ‘s speech and singing…
            I feel it takes away from the victims..( my opinion)
            So the black socks relate to ? ( in design? )

  31. Harvey, are you going to mention seeing a man that matched Richard Matt’s description? You never know if it’s the info the investigators need. It is up to them to decide that, since it’s their job, not ours to decide if it is something. Now, I just heard on the radio Sweat is dead and Matt is still on the loose. I’d like to think just that one piece of info you have could save some lives, too.

    1. Swampy11, no I wouldn’t do this alone. I’ve sent few emails to I’m glad it wasn’t the guy I thought it was Matt in Orlando. Just heard they shot Matt and Sweat is on the run in thick wooded in Malone, NY. I can’t find anything that related to what Eric’s Spirits said such as described the house in Vermont and the word “The South Bucket “. I wonder if this is related to different prediction, not the 2 escapees. We’ll see. It made me a little uneasy when the correction officers were careless with their jobs and gave the screwdriver in exchanged for painting, etc. Now this is bothering me as how did they know it’s the cabin that belongs to the correction officers for hunting. Wow…that’s alot from the employees of the correctional prison to give away. And that’s not all. It costs a million dollar in tax a day searching out for the escapees.

  32. Hey guess what? Do any of you believe in signs? Just a moment ago, I was at the hotel’s swimming pool in Orlando, Fla. Found the yellow rubber duck. There was written in back tail said “Just look”. Then later I turned it over to bottom of the duck that was in writing said “Burlington, Vermont”.

    That’s weird. Eric’s team and I were trying to figure out where the 2 escapees might be around about a week ago. Is this a coincidence or what?

    1. That’s crazy! You poor thing….must of been freaked all over little rubber ducky. Supposedly they are closing in on the other escapee.

      1. Lol…I just thought it was freaky. Maybe Jules is right. Might want to take another look into Burlington, Vermont. Never know what the Spirits tried to tell us in their own ways.

        Jules, do you have any idea what to look into? Can anyone help? Think it has to do the the David Sweat ‘ s escaped? I wonder if the 2 escapees had been separated for awhile.

        All I know is “Look up” and “Burlington, Vermont”. Let’s try again.

        1. Opps I keep doing that. 😦 What I meant to say is…I hope we have no “The bad ones are in Vermont”, to look forward to. Hope Florida is nice for you and your family.

          1. I wondered that also Eric, Harvey. I feel bad that the other escapee had to die over all this. Sounds like he actually had a pretty good life there in prison…but better than another I suppose.

      1. Jules, it fits what the Spirits trying to tell Eric. But why that place “The South Bucket “? And it’s right in south Burlington, Vermont. Think it has to do with the escapee?

  33. Eric, could this prediction be related to the 11-12-14 prediction of your visual of a man on the run looking scared, sensed that he was being followed and the US officials were searching for him, he wobbled as if his leg was injured. At the time you wondered if it was an actual man hunt on US soil. I thought about the injured leg/feet maybe??.. after they said on the news that one of the escapees had left their boots behind in that cabin.

        1. Jules104, in hope I can keep my sense of humor…case in point..

          I started to get a cold drink at a drive thru…there was only one car in front if me…
          I waited. And waited. And waited..Waited …. I started to laugh. , and laugh..
          Thinking (if this is fast food , this country was in Trouble. ) Still belly laughing.. Finally it was my turn..I was actually laughing so hard that the people at the window looked at me in a strange way., they seemed to be in distress, so I told them, my thought. Laughing the whole time..
          ( In parenthesis U).. I was Still laughing.
          When the girl told me the car in front of me had been so nasty and angry plus mad,at them , that when I drove up and I was laughing so hard they were thrown for a loop.
          I stopped for a moment grinning and said see ;an Angel sent me to make you laugh …
          Than all three people started laughing..
          made me feel like I helped 3 people even in a little way..
          I drove off grinning like a fool…and they were still smiling..

          Have a great weekend Blessings! Share a smile….

          1. That’s hysterical Star48. It is funny how things just seem to work out sometimes. Sounds like those people needed a good laugh by the time you arrived. Good for You!

    1. Jules n Star48, you both are good investigators! Looking back for missing pieces of the older posts. The older post that the guy ran with injured leg and coming after him. It fits in pieces of the puzzles together. Sweat is on the run not knowing where he’s about. Eric, how did you find out the car was stolen cuz I can’t find anywhere in the news that none of the cars were not mentioned as stolen. The escapees ran on their feet up to 40 miles in 20 days.

      Thanks Jules as I’m having the best time ever at the nicest hotel with 5,000 youth from all over the nation. The event is YOUTH 2015.

      However, the yellow rubber duck is a mystery to me. Why? Cuz a lot of the youth has one to throw and toss it at the swimming pool. It was dark about 9:30pm, (the pool closed at 11pm) my daughter and I were looking for the folding chair to put down our personal items such as towel, shoes, etc. I found this poor yellow rubber duck on the ground out of no where. I picked it up and it’s cute as I’d like to keep it. Saw the word “Look up” on the back tail in black ink written. I didn’t turn it over until after I got out of the pool about an hour later. I looked at the duck stated “Look Up” then turned over the bottom. It was written in red ink “Burlington, Vermont”. I raised my eye brow. What is this? Freaky coincidence? Then I had to tell you okay this is what happened. Maybe the Spirits wanted me to tell you in another way with the same message?

      Eric, I don’t know if this is related to your previous post but is this what the Spirits trying to tell you about Burlington, Vermont?

      Conclusion on Richard Matt. My heart was sad for his lost life. It is his very soul that I was deeply sad. I sensed he surrender and ready to be shot cuz he would not wanted to go back to prison ever again. He chose that fate to end it that way. His choice was either die or keep hiding for freedom. I saw Jesus was with him that He forgave him before the bullet hit soul. Made me tears in my eyes. I sure hope he had his chance to ask Jesus as he accepted Him into his life. That’d free his soul from hell. I’m sorry as I didn’t mean to sound like preaching. Wanted to share what went through my vision of his last moment. Again, he was very sick as he may had pneumonia. He couldn’t help his coughing. He was sick and very tired. I can imagined Sweat is scared running with his injured leg as predicted. He may not be shot this time. He will be arrested as predicted by Eric’s Spirits. Pray for him and others as no harm comes in their ways.


      1. Star 48 your story is wonderful …so happy you brought joy and laugter to them they will remember it always..keep smiling..also very happy escapees are not a threat any longer..

  34. On another note, Eric, Star48 and Jules. The inmate Richard Matt nicknamed “Nick”. Did the Spirits mentioned the name of Nick? Just checking.

  35. Eric, everyone.. Sweat CAUGHT….shot. And taken to hospital..
    Now we have find out the where and why’s

    1. Star48, crazy! We’d never guess that was used to throw the dogs off the scents. I can see the Spirits had fun with us. 😉

    1. Really? Wow funny…the Juno Newspaper. That makes sense now. Spirits sense of humor I suppose. Blessings Rhona

      1. Crazy wild, I agreed! But what about Vermont and the South bucket? The Spirits are too advanced for me to figure it all out. It’s too complicated to figure it all out like Juno newspapers. It didn’t show up on internet. Jules, Star48, others and I TRIED. I had to laugh and shake my head in dismay. Maybe we’ll have to try harder next time. The Spirits are tough challenged. I like their sense of humors and styles. 😉


        1. I agree sometimes all the messages just give me a headache. But that’s why I share it with all of you. There have been several occasions where you figured out the message before I could.

      2. Thanks Eric. Now it makes sense as why you need all the helps you can get. It was a little annoyed at first then I realized that I need to see what the Spirits trying to tell us. They ARE very GOOD at it and its very complicated. Wow…it’s unbelievable crazy. I think the more we practice trying to figure out what it might be then we’d improved by solving the problems. My second thought was “Hey, Spirits…why can’t they keep it simple but very clever and sneaky ways”. They told the clues but for some reason they can’t tell a the simple clue or hint as they might get into trouble as what if it may jeopardize our future plans that is unfolding. It’s like it was suppose to be planned. It cannot be interrupt unless someone makes a choice that can be prevented from disaster. The only way is the power of prayers that can alter to peace. The Spirits are the messengers. I wonder if the Spirits pray also. Just my thought. Hope it helps what I’m trying to say. It’s kind of tricky but the Spirits couldn’t tell it all.

  36. Eric, I truly enjoyed it! It gives my brain to exercising my thinking. I love how the Spirits challenge my thinking style. The Spirits are full of surprises. Thanks for sharing with us. May God bless you all! 🙂

    1. Dearest Harvey youe love and compassion shine through your messages…and i agree with your reasons spirit cant be exact. You put it very clear and said it well…we will all just have to keep nutting it out or go nuts lol…eric thank you for we are all learning so much…

      1. To Eric,…that’s amazing. Their Own language. Thanks so much. That’s help me understand better. That’s Amazing!

  37. Eric, I know this seems out there, but could this prediction about where “the bad ones” are, be related to the massive man hunt and an assassin, or something else which happens? The prison escapees never were in Vermont.

  38. Eric,
    JUNO,is set to arrive @ July 4

    the Bad men reference could it be the terrorists?
    That have or are planning on attacking US?

    Video: NASA gives briefing as Juno spacecraft approaches July 4th arrival at Jupiter( Gas Plannet)

    1. That’s pretty strange. But stranger is I was thinking on the old post with Vermont and the wicked ones being in Vermont this am. I just was thinking when something happens in NY…we need to be paying attention to Vermont. I hadn’t thought of that in a while. Also I read in our local paper that there was more money spent recently on emergency disaster kits. Now there is enough for 1600 people I believe. Hmm, wonder what the others do. 🤔

      1. Jules104,
        with the “Juno” reference..( timelines?).and attacks coming..this post keeps rattling around to me..
        This is present in my mind..since June.,
        Side note..
        Rhona, tagged Philippines typhoon post as our new back channel..she was having trouble accessing Sumtra thread.,see you there!💐

        1. Star48 I hadn’t actually reread that post in a while until just now. I get it. All the Juno talk lately and now the sudden 7 million in emergency disaster funds and a mock disaster of numerous kinds. Hmm. Coincidence? What the heck is in Vermont? Found any geological faults we are not aware of? I just think Bernie Sanders and imagine him getting this stuff up to par but who knows.

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