Notes on 5-5-15

“Close to the end of the month.. blackout, blackout.. in the east” — Spirits Voice

“An outbreak occurs all at once, plumbing is to blame.”

“China.. prison.. the death toll rising.”

“Eric we need to discuss.. the gas planet (Saturn?).. GOP.. Turkey”

Eric’s Comments: Congratulations to Carolyn Malone who accurately predicted the name of the new princess of Kate and William. You can see her prediction on Turkey Protest Turns Violent under the comment section.

I know we covered this before,  just a reminder:

Comments: I love how much our community has grown, wow how times have changed. I enjoy reading all of your comments, the back and forth that you guys have created and most of all your dedication to point out when you believe a prediction has happened. Some of you have asked why your comments have been erased but in truth I have to approve the majority of  all comments, when we just had a few messages approving it was simple, but now with our massive community it takes much longer for me to read and approve all the comments. There are only two instances were I erase comments, first if your trying to sell a product or your services, it has become common for other psychics to publicize their services, unfortunately if I allow this I believe we will lose sight of what we are trying to accomplish. The second reason would be too many obscenities.

Please also remember this site has fans from all over the world, the community of fans have grown in such massive droves, from Pakistan, the Philippines, Australia, Argentina, Malaysia, and South Africa just to name a few. With that said, please respect the beliefs and religions of other people. We are here to help the world, change the future and we are not interested in excluding anyone, this is a gift for all, and I can only hope that you are willing to be apart of that.

Recently I had to erase an entire thread that was bashing a specific religion, and I don’t want to be that guy who regulates your comments. Keep in mind I represent a spiritual force that does not differentiate between Muslim and Christian, black or white, Asian or American. Spirit wants very much to serve all humanity and I will continue to not only represent their word but state of mind.


109 thoughts on “Notes on 5-5-15

  1. Eric I thought the GOP..Turkey prediction happened already. Do you know why they would still be bringing it up? Also, there are four gas planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Could they be speaking in astrological terms of whats going on with Saturn? Also I for one appreciate the obscenity/religion bashing deletions, couldn’t agree more. I am always shocked on what certain people will write on blogs. Thanks for all the great work you do!

  2. Eric i have a important question for you hopefully the spirits can give insight or you can give your intake. My brother keeps mentioning martial law is comming soon with all the protest going on is this something we should be concerned about?

      • Yeah hes a governmental employee through airport system and im not sure if he tells me that because he knows it gets to me i was just hoping spirits would know

      • I think he’s messing with you Travis. Either that or it’s something “He” fears will happen. I’ve been hearing that’s going to happen for years now. I guess if it ever got that bad we may be wishing they would put it in place. But I have faith in humanity that Love for one another will prevail.

    • Travis,
      There are a ton of people who think martial law is going to happen because of a drill called Jade Helm that’s happening this summer….you can look it up. He may be talking about that.

  3. the ““An outbreak occurs all at once, plumbing is to blame.” makes me a little nervous….any idea what area of the world they were referring to?
    I also meant to ask about the older predictions of the American flag falling to the ground..the latest challenge trending on fb is of people to stand on the American flag here in America, not sure if it was connected to a past prediction. it stuck out to me because i know i had asked you something with that topic, and you had elaborated you come from a military family and it would be disgraceful for the American flag to hit the ground, which has been the latest opinion to most. i couldn’t find the prediction when i tried to search for it.
    one last thing…i seen you post about the videos you and spirit are thinking about making…i wish i could help but honestly i only know how to video and edit on the Microsoft editor program on my computer, nothing fancy. but i wanted to throw out a thought to you of maybe doing one of those videos with and artist that draws the picture out on a white board and it goes in fast motion. when i was watching a video on “potty training” i thought of this being a good way you to illustrate the actual visions. i don’t know if you know anyone that is a great artist or sketcher. i would think that would be a cheaper way of maybe doing it but honestly i have no idea what that would even cost. just a thought…:)

  4. I agree Eric, we are one community across the world. I pray one day people will realise we have only one God, no matter what name we choose or what religion we follow!

  5. I also agree Eric; well said. To the latest prediction – when the Spirits mention “the east” for the blackout do you have a sense of where? Eastern US or Eastern countries?

      • Hi Eric, I’m not that far away. Yesterday, I got the distinct message intuitively to prepare for an outage. Do you get the sense that this will be for hours,
        days, weeks? Pls ask spirit. Thanks for the heads up!

      • Joseph Tittel in his New Year’s psychic predictions indicated that NYC would be in a blackout condition – perhaps 3 times this year. He did not say when.

  6. Just in case. There is a huge H5N2 bird flu out break hitting Minnesota, Iowa and South Dakota right now with millions of Turkeys being culled. There was something to do with an emergency aid bill being passed for the farmers, with the Republicans and Democrats fighting over some extra things added into the bill they didn’t like. Also talking about possible turkey shortages during Thanksgiving time. The only thing that I could imagine might be important to Spirits about this would maybe be the highly pathogenic strain of the H5N2 bird flu, otherwise probably not it. Wanted to add just in case though.

    • While this bird flu is a divesting event for the individual farmers it hits, experts say it will not have an impact on the on the overall Turkey production or the human population. It will have a 3 to 5 year cycle.

  7. Hi Eric,
    I too want to congratulate the lady who named the royal princess also. I read that & when I heard it a few days later thought, wow, did she have prior knowledge or is she amazing! Thanks to all that are blessed with such a gift.

  8. Thank you for deleting the intolerance, Eric. It is my hope that sooner than later, people can evolve to appreciate ALL of humanity – it is our differences that are so beautiful, we are a tapestry of the loveliest design. That is the only way forward…if we keep allowing divisions to create tension, then war will rule rather than peace. Live and let live.

    One Love to all of my brothers and sisters around the world. I appreciate you. We are much better than this, so let’s live showing our highest ideals to our fellow men and women. Everyone has their struggles, and needs uplifting wherever possible.

  9. Might not be related, but having had Cryptosporidium along with a doctor I work with, this is HORRIBLE. I dont wish such an illness on anyone. Sooooo unpleasant. I’d rather have shingles again. I really hope no one else shows symptoms as it can be very contagious if you’re not careful, especially among children who are far more vulnerable.

      • Caused by contaminated fecal matter getting into food or water, or directly in your mouth. It cant be killed by chlorine or fluoride or the usual ways of filtering water supply. Its very common to have cryptosporidium and giardia outbreaks in rural towns, especially farming towns and less developed countries. They are parasites, not a bacterial or viral infection, but just as harmful. I was hospitalized for 2 days because the dehydration from the diarrhea was so bad (sorry for the TMI). The doctor and I were infected by a farm cat that literally sprayed us and the entire exam and ISO room with diarrhea. As gross as it sounds, it was kind of comical (you have to have a sense of humor about these things in that line of work…)

      • Lehayla,
        I wish you could have seen my face as I was reading your post.
        Emotions flew across my face-.horror,shock, interest , laughter..
        I am grateful for your story..I am sorry you had that experience.

        My heartful thanks for the information…and your open heart..

      • LOL I’m glad you laughed! Ask anyone in vet med and I promise you they will have tons of funny, gross, shocking stories to tell 🙂 people have no idea what we go through for their pets. Always 100% worth it.

    • Oh my..that’s horrible. Glad you got better. Thanks for letting us know.

      On different note: I was concerned about the milk. it was the second time that the milk go bad before it expired in few days. Strange.

      • Lehayla,

        I need to be still and read it through. Wow…unbelieveable sprayed and got sick. Did you both cleaned and washed hands afterwards? I wondered if that doesn’t make any difference? Must be frightened taking a risk which is rare.

      • We cleaned and washed the best you can. The cat was a feral farm cat and freaked out in the exam room- leading to the explosive diarrhea spraying everywhere as the cat tried to climb walls and get out. Its not to scary 🙂 I enjoyed working with the aggressives. The risk of getting sick or bit is just part of the job. The bigger picture is more important. They’re health is important not to just the animal but the family that brings them in. We all do our part to change the world in ways we know how 🙂

      • Oh my Lehayla…you are so brave!. I would be nervous especially with the claws that carries disinfection when puncture in skins. I’m very cautious with cats especially their claws. Again, glad you are better. Blessings!

    • Lehayla,
      I didn’t even know what Cryptosporidium was so I looked it up…..I hope you are feeling much better! I had the shingles twice and for someone to want that over Cryptosporidium must make it horrific. It really sounds aweful. I didn’t even know it was the leading cause of waterborne illness in the US too!! My thoughts are with you on a hopefully speedy recovery 🙂

      • Oh no I dont have it now! That was a few years ago when I worked in vet med. I’m a SAHM now lol My daughter was born with a cleft so I quit to focus on her and speech therapy. But thank you for the well wishes! I have a pretty tough immune system so I got over it quickly. I’m SO sorry you had shingles twice! My first outbreak was when I was 18months so I dont remember it. My little outbreak in high school was painful but not full body thankfully. I’m sure if I had it all over and not just my back, I’d have rather had the cryptosporidium (though the diarrhea was pretty awful).

  10. Recently I had many messages concerning a harbor town. In the first, I clearly saw a new real estate office that had once been flooded and still smelled of mold…the building was an old one that housed a factory beneath. Everyone was wearing gloves and masks so I think it was a food processing plant. The street was named Cecelia and the corner street was Ann. I hadn’t been able to decode most of what this meant, so I took notes and waited for more clues. Next night was a ton of fish tanks and people were trying to tend to the livestock…I was nudged to publicize these notes soon. The number 2 or word too kept coming up…too late, or 2 days. The town that I keep seeing is old, and grey. It has been snowed in several times and away from the water it backs up to a dense forest. It is in the U.S.
    I hope this fits into someone’s puzzle.

      • That’s my worries. Had dreams in 2012 just like what happened now in Oklahoma that has red mud color like but it was huge and bigger than that. The water rising was high like 10 feet something. The color is identical like in my dreams.

        On other note, I dreamed huge earthquakes about the same time I dreamed of flooding in 2012. I fear worst for California. I thought it might be New Madrid but if the Spirits pointed to north west (according to Eric). Then that could be it. Maybe Jules.might be right explain the Saturn passing btw earth and sun. It can affect the earth atmosphere. Just pray.

    • Velvetmaggot, it’s good to write down your dairy of dreams. The only thing I could think of its the dying fish around the world. It kept coming up in different places. We are losing the birds and fish almost everyday globally. It caused by the changing earth atmosphere.

  11. Eric, have a question and see if the Spirits are aware of the top secrets are behind the earthquakes doing. Why? I just found out about the EMP which its called electromagnetic pulse that can create a black out. Also, it made me wondering if the top secrets are creating the earthquakes prior to WW III. I even read about Putin may be behind the keys. I am not saying it is him but what if it’s possible. I feel something is up since recent earthquakes, tornados and flooded in Oklahoma City. I heard a big boom and roar in Dallas. It’s coincidence at the same time in tornadoes, flooded and small earthquakes along the central line in America. That’s weird. It can’t be natural weather made. Did you hear what I’m saying. I’m keep looking but I would like to hear from the Spirits if it’s all man made that caused earthquakes, tornados and flooded. EMP is scary that Russia has it that can black out the entire USA.

      • Aliens are expert at hiding and quickly before our eyes. They even live underseas, moon and other planets as well.

      • Star48, It’s been around the world heard unusal sounds without explanations. It made me wonder if the activities that vibrate the sounds just as the sounds that the fish can sense and hear in undersea. Just think of opposite that the outward that create a sound that deliver to the planets. Something that create the vibrate of sounds. I may not make any sense but it’s something that made a sound.

      • Harvey, you mean it is coming towards the earth? From outside our Galaxy?
        I just want to make sure I understand your thought..

      • Star48, it towards to earth from galaxy. It almost like a sound wave.

        Eric, I’m having a second thought. My guess is that all the earthquakes acting crazy at the same time with tornadoes and flooded along the central America line (TX, OK, KS, NE, etc) My guess it possible affected by the inner pole electromagnetic that may caused so many quakes around the globe. As well as affected the weather phenomenon. The northern pole rapidly decreased the glacier due to warming global. These last 5 years in California that the mountain top has no snow. It down to 5 % left of snow on mountains. Also, affected by pole swiftly. It may contribute increased earthquakes activities and unpredictable weather. Just my thoughts.

    • Russia is hardly the only ‘state’ to have such Emp abilities, many countries in the world have had these for many, many years.. and on another note because of your previous statements, you may wish to investigate in Alaska, as well as many places around the globe.

    • hi Harvey, I know what you mean about these sounds I live in England in a small village in hull and we have had really loud booms that have woke the whole village and town on several occasions. The last one happened a couple of months ago and the local airforce confirmed that no planes had gone over at the time as some people thought it was a sonic boom it was that loud. Very strange!

      • Hi SAM, It Sounds like from the under ground that caused sounds. It could be an earthquake even if it doesn’t document on earthquakes lives report. Some time it does not necessarily need to move or shake but can make a loud boom. Or it could be a sound caused by sounds wave toward the earth but it’s remain to be mystery unknown. Do you remember when that happened? Did it occurred day or night? Another thing, the top secrets are experts whatever it involved with UFO. Unfortunately and frustrated but it won’t be long for everyone to see and hear the truth. It will be landing someday for the world to see. But not to harm us but to teach us to protect our planet. Our planet is their “neighbor” home. The aliens are highly intelligent and harmless. But some can be mean but are we all humans? They are the same as we are. Someday, earth people will be friends with planets friends. They are “grey” just a different race. Very kind nature of people.

      • Sam, did the sounds came from north, south, east or west? Do you remember the time it occurred at nights? Did you felt boom in your home? Did it sound like roar or just a loud boom? Was it clear at night with no thunder or rain? Did it feel like something bang off the wall? Do you live nearby the fault? Did it occur before during and after Nepal quakes? Do you live nearby ocean, valley, mountains, etc? I know it’s a lot of question but it helps me to guess what it might be. You may want to keep it up in your dairy for documentation. Hopefully nothing seriously but it helps with yet to be unsolved mystery then realized that might have what caused the mystery sounds. Do not fear. I too hear “booms” a few times related with earthquakes even it doesn’t moved. I live in Dallas which is very rare lately. I assumed it affected globally.

        It documented that we had very unusal weather all over US from snow in NW, tornadoes and flooding in plains, unusual tornadoes in new places that rarely occurred, and hurricane in the east. It’s crazy all on same day. It affected by global warming and pole swift lately. It changing and affected the earth in many ways even volcanoes and large earthquakes. The course takes time and won’t be long till it back to normal. I honestly don’t how long but maybe the scientists may have a guess.

  12. Eric,
    I’m so glad that you stepped in and erased a thread that sounded to be aweful! This has always been a wonderful place to come with such great people. It’s sad that a few can cause so much havoc! No matter what any of our beliefs are we should ALWAYS respect the religious or spiritual beliefs of others. No one is going to agree with everyone 100% of the time….. but that doesn’t give anyone the right to degrade or demean anyone. What you and the spirits do is a great service to us all…..predicting and possibly changing horrible outcomes is why you started doing this site in the first place. I’m honored that the spirits care enough about us that they do all they do to get information to you to get out. We are ALL individual people with many differing views on many things….that doesn’t make any of us right over any other people. Just imagine what a much different world it would be if we could put our EGO aside and all care, love and help support each other rather then to break each other down. Eric is doing so much as it is that he shouldn’t have to “watch” out for ugly comments or rude people. We are all mature enough to handle ourselves in a polite manner even if we don’t agree…’s ok to agree to disagree. Thanks for all you and the spirits do Eric!

    • Star48, hi I wonder are you implying this to blackout in NY? I don’t think so. My gut tells me that it may be a trial test by blacking out in NY. Eventually the whole nation will be black out but I follow to Eric’s Spirits of the possibilities of when. It may will happen with EMP engaged in WW III.

      • Harvey, saying that this will contribute to the blackout.. If 1000 megawatts is not available..

  13. Hi Harvey, sorry so late to comment it happens last about two months ago it was in the middle of the night and seemed to be a loud boom from the sky it was from above. Living in the UK we don’t have earthquakes or very tiny ones. That’s all I can tell you I will try to find the link from the local paper as it was documented the next day.

      • maybe gas explosive? Is there any one messing around with weapon like canon involved in your nearby village? My guess it cold be the gas explosion, but need to investigate it further.

  14. Sam, Pls send the article and see if I may have any idea but it’d be helpful what is nearby your home. When you heard the boom, did you see any flash or quick light in sky? Do you have any pet( bird, cat, dog, horse, etc) that may rresponse to be scared or nervousness?

    • Thanks Star48! I just now saw your message. It’s intriguing me what the “hum” sounds came from. Think it came from heaven? Who knows. I always wondered if the government are involved into this mystery sounds. Could be but it’s out there and no one knows what or where it came from.

      Sam, please let us know if this what you heard in your village. It’s very interested.

    • That’s a good one! Never thought of metallic balloon can cause it. You have good eyes. Eric is fortunate to have you and Jules as loyal teammates to help out with answers. We always could use the power of prayers. It can make the difference in everyone lives.


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  16. Eric,
    regarding the Mention of the Gas Planet. Beyond Neptune
    ( Neptune is a Gas planet).
    Search narrows for Planet Nine along sprawling orbit of thousands of years
    French astronomers say they have used modelling to halve the area where theoretical new satellite, 10 times the mass of Earth..

    “Last month astronomers Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown predicted the existence of what they dubbed Planet Nine, about 10 times more massive than Earth.

    Its existence was predicted with mathematical modelling and computer simulations, and was said to exactly explain the strange clumping behaviour of a group of dwarf planets in the Kuiper Belt, a field of icy objects and debris beyond Neptune.


  17. Eric,
    in this post strange coincidence 5-5-15. ( 3 —5’s)

    IS this post also listing of events in timeline..?

    “Eric we need to discuss.. the gas planet (Saturn?).. GOP.. Turkey”
    (Turkey attack,Juno coming to Jupiter ,gas planet, GOP, gun issues)


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